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B W m 7 H jI JL 1 1l. . B L-V
V "' ' ULiMW
N t "J I
eekly Banner
Wishers and Proprietors.
2, 1S77.
ell at fifty cents per
, Columbus, G:i.
LriAP.T, wlio was
it at the iassen:er
tead, aud at the
time i
ally, is in a
IX 13
ii the, fauf that
'ctsenger an-
Eiension of the
.some weeks
continues to
wake ii
cetly visits to
its patro
state thatV-al bill was
belli? wH&ed in both
houses olE?, and the
friends of vKia confident
of itspassaJMys Bayard,
JChristiaueyi and Gor
ftnm made iidHfc-3 in favor
- of the bill-H
JJVilson- BnJorcd
nTart was (rifflBBTor
murdbg in the IIMurt of1
Waltercouuty. The btate waa
represented byopnty Attorney
Booth, Oapr. ittc, Timl Wal
ler and GriiliiK? defense
was condiicteiLHj. P. 1T.
Swcaringcn piB al'd T.
S. Reese aud Koth of
the HempsteaiKrdict
oi "not uilty"'fcrcd.
The political VGal
veston is begin iHfctip'
and Will be boiliH'n
few days. TiVto
be for niunicipaJBXIie
Democracy' aVe ajHft-'
in? their organiz.ijKfe
tory to (he acliicKg
glorious victory ovcBf
Ward- meetings IBl
been held ahd -deletK
to iHK
rnary 1 3th for the SflSH
placing iu the fiel(BMCTB
Democratic ticket. SEflfl
u 7-; - H
TiiKKnrt'oK the 9mHHB
From tlit posters
about our city we ar
in tones not to be n:
stood, "beUld the it
eth." ffowjll writer 1,
aecorflin" to ihe Roys
tho lith of Feb. He
grand reception by alJ
loyal subjects, who wiil
etcdhb tlie Royal presel
thr arrival. It fo the sr
Eire of the Jving on
100 birth day of America!
dependence, toeeso
3iis Loyal subjects a- posib?
his court.
"BiOTnnp.-i.--i.A.w Sharper"
been confirmed as1 paymaster
the U. S. army, but he didn't
go tjirpiij on tlie fifct trial,
BrothcMiiW UlytseSarul
about a quart of "Robeson
county," eanig. to hi assistance.
They, Ulysses and the Robe
eon county. vWrpeusantfSeri
ntors a nVrce'lScfare, and Sliafp
was confirmed. A littlcmore
than a month, and the country
will be free from its first exclu
sively military J!rcsident, who,
wc opfncahil hope, will long be
its last. The first trial of that
r-ort of thing, has not been very
Ailffnained 3laily?) a de3
pera'doVnd liorse tliiet, who was
on his -way to jail under custody
of tho slierifi of Liberty county, i
was taken from that officer'bj a
crowd of twenty men or more,
and hanged.
Iiailv" liad a wife and two or
three children.,. He was-no
doubt a very bad man, and will
not be much missed. 'but it by
110 means follows that those who
volunteered to be his executioner-:,
are his converse, that is, are
good men. This unlawful way
of executing the law looks a
good deal liko Grant's proposed
mode ot presen ing the peace
fuhtimr irr it.
The large majority which this
bill received in the Senate of
the United States and in the
House ot .Representatives, is a
most encouraging feature of the
From the difficulties and com
plications thrown around the
question by the reckless conspir
ators, tjiis bill is perhaps the
best solution ot the dangerous
problem that could have been
devised by human agencies.
The. indorsement it is receiving
from .the press, as well as from
State legislatures, voluntary
associations and individuals dis
tinguished for their moderation
and calmness, at once stamps
the bill as embracing in its pro
visions much of the perfection ot
human wisdom. The country
sees in the law an escape from
the impediments thrown around
the presidential question by
those who have long flourished
on discord, and whose most
agreeable food was the strife en
gendered by party rancor and
bitter hatred.
The occupation of these pol-i
itical disorganizers is gone, and
the reign of reason and states
manship, we may all reasonably
hope, Vill assume fiway. 'ATorton
may at once furl the folds of the
bloody shirt ho has so long
flaunted in the' faces of the peo
ple, with shameful, lying au
dacity. The whole country 'feejs a
sense of relief in a consciousness
that tiie ugly eiond which threat
ened a dangerons storm, will be
xlispelled, and its forces' scattered
without producing any wrecks.
The bill is not yet a law, but
it is hardly possible that the
1'refident will venture on inter
posing his veto, though doubt
less he will be importuned to do
so by tlie bold conspirators who
have sought to elect the chief
j'esecutive.officerof the nation by
a bold stroke of fraud, and have
thus far acted on the assumption
that a lie, persistently adhered
to, is as good as the truth.
During a recent trip to Hous
ton, we heard but one sentiment
expressed on the subject, and
:hat was one of profound satis
action that the question was
kely to find a satisfactory solu-
d, aud that the "flower batery"
11 such a fair way of beins
ucked from the ugly brambles
lat snrrended tho complica-
idge Pleasants has been re-
ing threatening letters from
0 western desporadoctf, fell
11111 what severe penalties
will inflict on him, unless
once liberates some of
inprhoned companions in
If the authors ot these
threatening death to
Pleasants aud other?, can
arrested, we should say
the courts of the country
would make times not ery
J pleasant for them.
. Lieutenant Hall, now that
JIcNelly'a company has beeir
disbanded, has only a small f jrce
at his command, but with his
firmness and detcnniiiationj if
he should bu so fortunate asto
strike the trail of these .scoun
drels, he will make a dashing
effort to bring the guilty r;is
cals to weil merited punish
ment. If an accession to the force
the command of Lieut.
uld be necessary to in-
rrest ot western outlaw
sperate characters, the
of tha country should
out in tavor of
force being strength-
to a point that will
the people of Wes
ton Texas from danger, and re
lieve them from terror. The
question of what it is to cost the
State, is not to lie entertained
for a moment. The State owes
protection to all- her citizens,
and it it takes the last dollar in
the treasury to secure it, the
must appropriate it. Money
must not bo weighed iu the
balance agaimt the protection
and safely ot law abiding citi-
1 1ZM1.
seem e
The Senators and Repreenta-
;t.n fr. nnnnt lir. pWrnrnl vnfp
...:n 1 jV i.: f
win uu iiiuuuu uj iiii-ii iaj'ii-
.-. .. 1 ,i.. rt.. i.
Four of the five Justices of
.i. c .. f....f ,, 1
liiu kjni'iuiiit; vuuib iui- ihuuj
in the bill creating the Commis
sion. They are Miller, Strong,
Clifford and Field. These four
will to-day name the other jus
tice who is to act with them.
Tn the hall of the House of
Kcpresen ta 1 1 vcsjflfcgfcdny
the Preside!.
opens the
hands them
It there 1?
coantirff the
from which the:
turn, the Sena
separate and vote
tiou without
electoral vote
be rejected with
tive vote ot bo,
Where tlier
than one froij
titicates aud
on tlie case, sh
the commissi
decision will b(i
two houses. I
they may proof
dinary business
jive houses. Th
(catieu.in aipnaoo
tho count. Xo dc
uommission can De f
cscept by the conenrren'
ot the two houses.
It is but justice to t
veston ii ews to .say that tlie
above information is condensed
m.iinly from its columns.
It will be seen alter all that act
iug Vice President Ferry cuts
no great' figure in the count He
merely does what the constitu
tion says he should do opens
the votes, when they shall be
counted by tellers appointed by
the two houses, as has been the
practice since tho formation of
the govermnent. Mr. Ferry
docs not yet hold the destiny of
this country in his deft hands.
Houston. Jax. 28 1S77.
Among the citizens of Wash
ington county that I have met
here was Dr. J. W. Lockhart,
of CliAppcll Hill, who was on
his way to sec his sick graud
child, a sou of "Mr. La'ides, ot
the firm ot Wallis, Landes Ss Co.,
Strand, Galveston. Missing con
nection yesterday with tho Gal
veston train, he had to endure
the torturins suspense of laying
over twelve hours. Missing con
nection when on the way to the
sick bed of a relative is too bad.
Mr. T. W. -House, one of the
solid men of the State, assures
me that there is no throw off in
building the Narrow Gauge.
Work is now progressing and it
will be pushed through to com
pletion. It will cross the Brazos
near 'Crump's fern-. This will
be very welcome news to the
Baxkeu'b numerous friends' in
Austin county. It will be es
pecially gratifying to those of
our friends on the river, in the
prouuctive region Known as
liaccooa licmi, as wen avW -
T T 1 t
and Industry aiitfit affords mei
more than the ordinary pleasure
connected with making a good'
report, to be the medium ot
making the' announcement. ,
I had the pleasure, yesterday
morning ot meeting that well
preserved "-Texas" Teteran', Mr.
Thomas Cockran, at tlieyass'en
gcr depot in Hempstead, on his
way to Hearne?t,
I caUedsyesterday evening, on
J. W. StoiiefE-iq.late of Chap
pell Hill. His thousand and
one friends in Washington, I am
sure, will be glad to learn that
he occupies an enviable place in
his profession, both as a sound
lawyer and a man of sterling
integrity which is better than
everything else in this world,
and more to be prized.
Tlieodoio Tilton threatens to
invade Texas 011 a lecturing tour.
Tilton, with his brains, to ay
nothing of his "noblo head of
horns," and the odor they gave
him, will dr.o full huu(.
. Meceri HJitorj
! In attendJ
1 i
resort, one 1
1 ,nP tho a,
I in the styld
worn bv
has said. "tH
i'? s!
it? 1 ir-..
i 5'
flescnt style, if style it
can bo called, seems to indicate
that the more unlike the bon
net is to any other bonnet, the
near the wearer has approached
to the grace of perfection. I
hardly know, Messrs. Editors,
why I unertook this cominuni
tion, unless it is to tell the la
dies that thay would ,00k even
more attractive than they do, if
greater uniiormity in the style
of hats was adopted and practis
ed. Feater.
The Brejtiiaii Banner has'
sent a spectal correspondent to
Hempstead to examine the gong
at the City Hotel. After two
days examination he came to
the conclusion that it was a cir
cular saw. The old man did
not have bis eye-glasses with
him. Hemjistead Courier.
If the handsome youth, whose
"brilliant genius illuminates the
fascinating columns of the "Cok
rier" had aided his lynx-eyes
bv leather spectacles, to which
they were no doubt accustomed
hi his school-boy days, while
doing deserved penance on the
dunce block, he might have
seen that the B.vxsEa's allusion
to the "circular saw,-" and the
good cheer at the city hotel was
not by "a special correspon
dent," but by one of its editors.
Look again : and in the clas
sic vernacular of the street gam
ins, even your obtuse optics may
discover the nccssity of "licking
vour calf over."
Winter Lire in London.
Life in London begins and
ends Lite in the day. The very
-T -.1 lJJUII.
ipssing sweepers do not turn
utltil,l 10 o'clock, and no news
Qoftwouso the sleeniiifi: echoes ot
stredts at the uneaithly hour ot
S. Everything encourages a
inafi to I,ie in bed late of a
lijBrning. If he gets up at 9 he
will tumble over the housemaid's
ail iust outside the door, and
ven the cloth will not be laid
for breakfast. The great "West
Jtna" aoes not seem to be tairly
up and out till 3 or 4 in the
afternoon. Towards 6 the streets
are crowded, and Burlington
Arcade begins to put on its live
liest face. At S one goes to din
ner, and if there are more men
than ladies present, yon will get
away before 11:30. Thus, the
Londoner gets along with an in
finitesimal qnantitj ot daylight,
and it is lucky for him that he
is able to do so, for the Eky is
faiilen by togs aud vapors, and
until 0110 gets used to it, the
heavy and sombre air fills one
the '-blues," and gives rise to
dismal presentiments of - ap-pro-iching
evil. Cor. JV. 1'.
World. '
Frcit Trees. Gentlemen
wishing to plant fine fruit trees,
or ornamental shrubbery, can
hi-e a bill filled on advantage
mi terms, by calling at the
Ia:.nuk olfiir,
aro for the deir
(Hants oXi
Fmg are
, Can we
for our
Ul We
know t
people, of
In dene 11
Jot take it
amiss It
if, attention
te the pre'
Fon ot their
grave yarn
With few exceptions the
graves are in a wretched condi
tion. Here and there we find a
grave which seems to be re
membered by Ere faithful
heart and loving Kind, but the
majority ot the graves are hardly
distinguishable, and the ground
is covered with noisome weeds.
There is no QAjure and the
hogs root dowfFtlie mounds of
the new made crave below the
I level, which wjUcause deep
rcvines tn be washed through
the ground and threaten to lay
bare the remains ot the dead.
Should this be' in a Christian
community'? Have iot the
most of us hidden away in this
sacred spot some dear form
whose memory we cherish with
pious love?
Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid
Some heart onco frequent nith celestial
Hands thnt the rod of empire might
have swayed.
Or waked 1 1 ecctacy the loving lyre."
The language of inscription
means something, but the Ian-,
etiasre of flowers means more.
Our dead cannot speak ; with'
us, haopily, they are the silent
minority ; but it has been saidj
that there is no surer indication
of a people's refinement than
the tenderness and care expend
ed upon their place of burial. '
I suggest the formation of a
ladies' cemetery association in,
Independence whose object it
shall be to laise by subscription
the funds necessary to repair
and beautify "our city of the
dead" Let the breezes be soft
that blow among the tombs.
Dio Rivers.
Independence, Jan. 23, 1877.
"Dars a nigger here in dis
Frcednicntown what's been ow-
in nip fnr n slinfn nnrl n ner rtf.
taters, nigh onto a year. Welljj'
isoss, 1 went to tmd him yester
day and he was 'slfep in a troff
in de liorse lot. I waked him"
up, and sez I, 'William Henry,
I wants a settlement.' 'A what?'
scz he. 'A showin'," sez I. 'A
who?' sez he. 'Mbucy,' sez I;
'you licerd my horn.' 'Go way,
nigger,' sez he: 'dis is my hum
sted: I ain't in business no more;
I dun trade dat shote and dem
taters for dis here humsted, and
I ain't got no assets nuther.
Go way, you must be sick.
'Fore de Lord, I blecvc dat nig
rcr dun give me away.'" Dal
las Herald.
Mb. John Kiser and Miss
Jenny Wilson were married
Thursday evening the 25th in
stant, near Bellville, Austin
county. The Hon. J. P. Bell
perfoi med the rites. Wo con
gratulate tho young pair, and
tni't their future ma- be as fair
and unclouded as was the young
bride f-ice. when wo hut
sau her.
published lor
weeks, &c.
Chap. 112, Sec. lOi says: jo
order of sale ot real property
for the paymenT of Jlebts sljalL
be made unless a notice ot ap
plication therefor shall have
been published for four wpeks
successively in some newspaper,
&c. And Sec. lOS contiiiuus
that "where the land lies in an
other county besides the one, in
which the guardianship is-pond-ing,
the sale shall be advertised
in both counties.
Chap. 132, Sec. 14S. The
Guardian of a person of un
sound mind or habitual drunk
ard shall publish a notice for
tour successive weeks calling
upon all persons having claints
to prescntJfliem'ivitliin one year.
(jhap. 125, Sec. 5. Upon re
ceipt of tax rolls by collector
he shall advertise for four suc
cessive weeks that the rolls for
collection of taxes on nnrend
cred lands and real estate has
been placed in his hands and
that unless taxes are paid with
in thirty days after last publica
tion of said notice, he will pro
ceed to collect same as provided
by law for collection of delin
quent taxes.
Chap. 151, Sec. 0. The, col
lector of taxes is required to
publish ?n tlie" county newspa
per a description of all lands
whichhave not paid taxes; since
1S70, &c, that he will proceed
to sell, such lauds at court house,
door on iirst Tuesday of the
month, and Chap'. 152, 'Sec, 16
provides for same publication of
lands each yoarafter March 1st.
Chap. 164, Sec 27 Bays in all
cases where citation or othtr
process shall be sen ed by publi
cation in a newspaper, the offi
cer shairbe'furinshedlhe mouey
ior such service.'
And ,all publications in Dis
trict and Justices courts "as re
quired by previous laws.
WliT Do XouShaXe!,
For the better convenience of the
consumer, the, proprietors of Dr Sher
man VMalarifnge'is now put'np in "5
cent bottleBas rcll a $1 50, "as hereto
fore To those ,who are acquainted
with the Jlaiarifuge, it is not necersary
to say a word in its behalf But to
those who shnke in ijrnnranca of it, we
willVimply pay, try il. and addonr
testimony to tliouftnds" of .others that
it cured, ,you. No other aiedicine is
required, an it i9 a combined Tonic, Al
terativc, Cattarlic, rebrifuge, Chola-gognokandEirnl"-Perlodfc.'
tt neutrali
zesnriasmatic poisonTBpartfies and in-
lViirorate3 the blood, restores the Liver
land oilier diseeped organs to their nat
ural healthy condition, thereby thor
oughly eradicating tho direape. Tor
sale by K-ETLUIDf.
The TeopleWant Proof
Tlereis,no medicine prescribed by
physicians, or sold by Drugpists, that
carries enrh evidence of itsucceb and
superior virtue as jjosciike's glkman
SYnur for severe coughs, colds settled
on the breast, comsnmptiou, or any dis
ease of the throat ai.d lungs. A proof
of that fact is that any person afflicted,
can get a sample bottle for 10 cetts
and try its Fuperlor cfert beioro buying
tho regular size at 75 centi. It has
lately been introduced in this country
from Germany, and ils wonderful lures
are astonishing eeryone that npe it
Tun edoM s will relieve at r cae. Trv
it. Sold by ILK. I.ulm&Lo.
Tho Second Terra of the Sevontv.
Rr.it Session of this Institution will
open on Montltiy. Jniiiiaiy lt. 1S77
Tor all lutormAtion, nppir 10 the uu
dereiifiii;!. MUX C. .Mil.!. nil,
dtt,i7i!Awti Piesi teut.
1 1113 medicine PWTreajj
ed tnhave no equal 8 a liver
meilicine; OdH.iinmp; those
Southern roots and lierb3 which
an allwiae Providence has plac
ed in countries where Liver
Diseases mot prevail.
'"I have given your me'dicines a thor-,
ougTi trial, 'snd'ia no case has1 It failed
to give full VatUtacJipn.'! Ellen Mea
cham, ChattahSichee, Fla.
"From actual cxpertene Iv tha ess
of this medicine in mr practi, I have
boen.andam, Batifie3 to use and pre
scribe it as a purgativomedicine.' Dr
J. Mason.
"I bave uwd Dr. Simmons' Liver
Regulator in my family for Dyspepsia
and Sick Headache, and regard it'an
invaluable, remedy. It has not failed
to give relief inany'instance." Rev-F.
Ea-terling. '- ' -
''Simmons' Ljve, Regulatorj is cer
tainly n-snecifio for' that" class of com
plaints which it claims to-ciire " Itev
Dtvid Wills, President Oglethorpe Col
lege. octJJ wly
iw miti imam mma Jrtgr
3. M. Go's. B'ltos JIcFarland.
. - 1,
Brenham, Texas.
I. t
OiBre TJpxtairs in Allcorn building
Kear'BrocdlovE &Chadicks Bank, a
I. H. BOWEHS, -,
Atoriioy ivt. Iivcr,
yBurton,,Vasliinrton,co., Tex.
aki ''
Yi'iU practice -in tha District Courts
of Washington:, Lee, and Burleson coun
ties. ' '- " . '
July IG 1
Brenham ,-j,- Texas. 1 -
Will practice. iu'Wasbington and ad-
joining countjes, j jaulGdlmvJai
., 8. R.,E.D..,-j- 1;
Burton, - iTpxas.' ,1 .
Wilt practice in the . Dfstrlct, Coiinty.
and Justices Court. Prpmpt atfn.
lion given to ttii"colIection'of claims
mey26wly :
L.tt02T33.03r3-'n,t-XlI.-CTr J
Breutam.Texao1- " '
u. e. 'iuTiims, w. n. Eii.r'.t.Tfib'i.B.t
in Brenham. (JhujipeB Ulll.,
OiBce in Onfns" bjiriTngTl-'ast side
Court House Squar,
Brenham, - - - - Texas.
Prompt attention to collections, ex
amining land titles and paying taxes
for'uo'i residents.
J. T.Norns.M.I. L. B. Croat hM.D.
rhysiclaus and Surgeons.
Offer- their mf.-iii;iial services tq
Ihq cit:7elii of Brenham and vicinity,
Oihce'-Wood -S Co. Drug Store. '
May Utlf 1S74. 3m.
i dhak testAkd-s
Xew Limt.t,
(Weibusch'sold stand) Sandy St.
Horses boarded forSlO.COpcr
Routli. Single feed CJcls.
Buggies,. Carriages and Hacks for
Trarepnrtation furidshed to neigh
boring towns. i0T8diwtf
, - r. T ,,
S 1.?ji --ertt.i3A.ru&lC',Iui,'VI.
f Virginia, late cf Gonzales Texas.
Having attended a full Course of
Lecturei at the Baltimore Collegn of
Dental Surgery, and Inving had Bop-.-rfor
advantrges in Practice, feels as
sured that he can guarantee satisfaction
in every branch of his busim ss. Officii
over Wood's drug store. Brenham.
Te:IM- nc'J'TS
Matrass ESantiiactiu'er,
Brenham Texas.
Keeps constantly on hand Machine,
made Matrasses of all kinds, Tvhichho
is selling al moderate prices for d.ih.
' Call at (.'. Wittebergs, next door to R.
Hoffman, ahd examine my rnatrasrs
and prices, before purchaehing ilm.1
where, as I am makmg the best mat.
rass in the market.
septlOil 1 H. C. BARXKTT-
Blackfimith Q
and manufacturer of
Brenham. Texas.
CSSpecial attentier giveatotloMB
SnoEiKof general job work and rehir
ing. Terms lioerah Shop near May.
nan' Livorj Stable. June IS. '74.
Dealer in"
Paiicy Groceriesj Fruits, lNut,
Cigars and Tobaeeo,
Crockery,G lass and Queenswaro,
unaer unu&l Hotel,
Brenham, Texas.
Cash paid for butter, chickens, epgs
and domestic fruits. The Patronage of
the public solicited,
Oct. 3 tf
.Groceries and. Provisions,
Brenham, Texas.
A fall and complete Stack always na
hand, for sale at BOTTOM FIGURES
Give us a trial,
Oct8. 1S74.
Dealer in.
Watcdes, Clocks,
Jewelry, Specto
cles, Silver am
Plated Wire.
Brenham Texas.
Repairs dono on short notirjt and
'warranted. All Goods -Warranted nn
represented. rllnS-
Brenham, Texas.
Office over Grabers Jewelry Flore,
North East Corner of the Court llosso
Plates made on short notice. All op
cretions guaranteed. Terms earli.
. March 5, '75 3m
Foreign and Domestic Exchange,
l?ire Insurance Agent,
2fo.43 Brenliatn, Tcsas.
-rYTASHiXG rox hotel,
Cor.Tremont & Mtchanic Sts.Galvef ton.
This House is ceiitially located, rr n-
venient to busiiiess. and but lwt
bqnates, from Morgan's Line of
fcteamers, ard 110 block from
Union Depot.
Tilde nuurp-MsMd bv nr.y Hon in
VS rfjS' eW.
fat 9aeVJ
urt t n e: l

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