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Tile Weekly Banner
Elitors, Publishers and Proprietors.
Friday, April : : 20, 1S77.
Prison Napolean is just
twenty-one yesrs" old.
. -
Mus. Eked. Docolass is re
ported to bo quite black.
Gold. The price ol gold is
advancing again in the New
York market.
I T '
One reason wliy the Ameri
cans and Chinese will never
agree, is that they are the anti
podes ot each other.
;Nbw comes St. Louis and
claims a population of 500,000
eonls. This kinder .looks like
etretcliing things a little
n mm " ' '
Gaecia & Co., commission
merchants of Galveston, have
Injde jvn assignment, .N, B.
Yard becoming assignee.
' fc ' : r
Renatoe Blaine, wjio has so
persistently villified and mis
Vcpresented the people of the
Somli, is about to start 0:1 a
Southern tour.
The Bender Gundy who have
been arrested about a hundred
times, more or less, are once
mora in custody ot detectives.
Thev have bsen arrested about
as often as Charley Boss, has
been found.
Black Hills. Texas minors
in the Black llills are writing
back to their friends 'glowing
descriptions ot that country,
-which' is Having a tendency to
induce others to ."try their luck"
in that latitude. Better, stay
where they are" ," - .
It is stated that Commodore-
Morgan has paid the interest "on
the second mortgage Jionds on
the Central railroad, ara-niuting
.to 5120,000
There is no danger that the
Central will go into the hands
of a receiver sooir
2at. Q. Henderson, when at
home in Williamson county, is
a strict Temperance man and
a strong advocate of local option.
Hut, when he visits Austin
'which is semi-weekly lie im
bibes heavilv in the exhilcrat-
ing elisor of life, and returns
home huppy!
The Lexington correspondent
of the 'Qiddingit Urilune who
reported the murder of Mr. Sut--lon
in Lee or Williamson county,
made a mistake so fur as Sutton
U concerned. The man of that
name, recommended by J. E.
Martin is now in this part of
the country.
Many papers are diseasing
the injustice of taxing fanners'
tools and supplies. It may be
impolitic. "We rather think it
is, but the Legislature bad no
option in the matter. It is
made imperative on that body
to do so, by the constitution.
That part of the insirumcntmay
be amended, and no doubt will
be, at an early day.
The loss of lile by the Imni-i-ig
of the Southern Hotel at
St. Louis, is not as great as at
first supposed. Only the re
mains 01 two bodies have been
found in the ruins, and it is the
opinion of Mr. Shepherd, one
of die proprietor.-!, that not more
k than eight or ten lives were lost.
This is just eiaht or ten too
many, but still it is not so bad
as iiftv or more.
Fast TniE. Over the Joeky
Club Course at New Orleans,
last "Wednesday, B. "V. Craw
ford's racer George Quinan, woii
the three mile race, making it
in 5 : 40, whicii ia the second
best time ever made over that
Mr. Crawford, it is said, re
fused ten thousand dollars for
George Qninan, as fooii as the
race was over. George Qninan
is a Waller county raised Iiotsh
and is only 4 or 5 ycar old, we
The reign of the bloddy shirt
is about to terminate, and that
sansniuons flag will soon be
furled, never again in Am -rican
history to be unfurled, let ns
Lope, trust and believe. The
carnival of official robbery and
of licensed rHpaoiousness, .is
endal, and the rcutdrselcss
leeches that have desolated that
fair land, and have, turned her
most lertile fields into waste
places, have been compell
ed to take there sharp and hun
gry beak from outlier vitals. For
twelve years, official harpies,
-with appetites more unappeasa
ble that of the fabled vampire,
gorging their gluttonous stoni;
achs, and revelling in an un
checked carnival of theft, have
held rninons Bvay. After so
many weary years ot depleting
rapacity, it will require years of
slow convalescence for the State
to -acquire strength, and sound
health. But it is only a ques
tion ot time for her to assume
strength and vigor.
South Carolina is to be con
gratulated on her happy deliv
erance from the curse ot the
stranger, and the spoiler. And
we feel confident that the think
ing people of all sections and of
all parties, felicitate her on her
happy deliverance from the An
aconda toils of her oppressors.
The silver lining of hef prosper
ity will grow and brighten, un-until-in
a fovr years, she will be,
in material prosperity, the peer
of any ot her sister States.
Louis-ana, too, in good time
will be fully redeemed from" the
destroying grip of" her oppress
ors. Packard may may die
hard. He may make a convulsive
effort to drag the state down in
his last agouies, but inthis he
will fail, and hurt no one bnt
himself, and, perhaps, a few
besotted followers. "Beautiful
arc the feet upon the mountains
of him that bringeth glad tidings,
that bringeth glad tidings of
We clip the following resolu
tion, of a politicals character,
from the .New England Con
ference of the Methodist Church,
recently convened, at Boston.
Head it, and- note the spirit of
unforgiving fury that pervades
It. If anything could disgrace
the christain religioD, the reso
lntion and protest of these men,
animated by the spirit of satan,
rather than of the meek and
forgiving Nazarine, certainly
would. They stand more- in
need of christain prayer, than
'do the unregenerate, and we
snggest that special prayer bo
offered for them in all our
Resolved, That we protest
most earnestly against the action
of the new administration iu
makinir ternu with the chief ot
the Jvu-Klux instigator ot the
Hamburg massacre, M. C. Bnt
let; and still more earnestly do
we protest acaint the official re
cognition by the administration
ot'that arch-enemy of the re
public, who long since ought
to have been hung for treason,
Wade Hampton ot Soujh Caro
lina, and who, bj- thrests and
intimidation under the ven-
root of the White House, as
well as on railroad platforms
and in other public places, defies
the power of the government
and bullies the riesidcnt into
compliance with hia traitorous
and wicked usurpation.
Pnnchl brothers, lunch, but
"punch with caire."
A tranger came to Parson
Lacy's house the other day, rid
ing one horse and leading an
other. The Parson accused him
'of being a horse thief. The
stranger denied the mild im
peachment, and told him if
he would go .with him to Me
ridian, he could disprove the
Lacy, the elder went for his
gun, and the stranger lor his
horse, and seeing the gnn pre
sented at "him he dodged round
the corner of the house, where
he met Lacy's son, who shot the
stranger down, killing him dead
enough to require an inquest.
Mocal. 2sever ride one
horse and lead another, espe
c'ally in Hill county.
This aniversary, atfdnnd which
culminate so many glories of
which Texas- has just cause to
be proud, occurs next Saturday.
It is a day that should ever be
held in sacred remembrance by
those whoso lots have 'been cist
in a land wrested from misrule
by a little band of men, every
one of whom was a hero.
It is inspiring to obscure the
preparations that have been
made in various parts of the
State, to celebrate the day in
a becoming manner.
In onr own county, at Inde
pendence, than which a more
appropriate place could not
have been selcctcdthe day will
be marked by 'more than the
customary exhibition of patriot
ic display.
One of the attractive fcatnres
of the programme, is an oration
to be delivered by C. S. Rob
ertson, Esq. a young gentleman
of superior culture and high
mental attainments. With so
patriotic a theme as San Jacin
to, which is onr "Plymouth
Eck" and "Bunker Hill" roll
ed iuto one, to fire the htart o
the youthful orator, he will be
certiio to infuse jio small por
tion of the patriotic fervor that
will animate his own soul, iuto
the minds of his auditors.
We congratulate Mr. Bobert
son on the destinction confered
upon him by the citizens of In
dependence, which distinction
should bo appreciated all the
higher, when it is remembered
Lthat Baylor UNivERsm is his
Alma mater. To win new hon
ors under her shadon-. is an hon
or of which to be justly proud.
Look before too leap.
A cotemporary, evidently of
a religious turn of mind, in or
der to show what he knows
about the bible, goes into a
lengthy argument to prove the
probability of Jonah's having
been swallowed by a whsle, and
tells us that the whale ha a
very large throat. He also
gives a little of the history of
whales, and tells ns that in time.
of a storm, the maternal whale
will open her capacious mouth,
and take her tender offspring
"out ot the wet," unto the
chamber of her stomach, thus
demonstrating how easy a mat
ter it would have been for Jo
nah to have been cared for in
the same manner.
Another writer of infidel ten
dencies, who flourished three
fourths of a eeptury ago, bnt
whose works arc still extant,
went into a labored argument
on thesame subject, to prove
the converse of our modern
writer, and says the whale is a
fi-h that has a very small throat.
Kow we do not pretend to
determine which of these is
right.. But if either of them
had read the book of Jonah, he
might have saved himself some
labor on the "whale question"
so far as it relates to tho history
of Jonah, for in the English
version of the book supposed to
contain his history, the word
Jonah is not mentioned once.
m .
Wade Hampton is said to be
a remarkably economical Gov
ernor. He abhors anything'like
extravagance in official positions
and will not tolerate anything of
thokind in the administration of
the affairs of the stat'j ot South
Carolina. The last w;ssjon of
the legislature only cost 812,000
a contrast with the $200,000
spent for the republican legisla
tures. He has collected taes to
tLqgamonnt of $120,000 and
has on hand $80,0f0, after pay
ing all expenses except the sal
aries of connty officers and the
school fnnd. It is his purpose
to keep down expenses and let
the State get some marrow in
her bones for her new era ot
progress and prosperity.
CrNCiNfATi has tour hun
dred cigar makers, who turn out
annually, over one hundred mil
lions cigars.
The St. Louis Globe Democrat
wvs that in socreH's game of
cards, hearts are alwayb taken
bv diamonds.
Attend Chnrcli.
Be not alarmed patlcrit rcad
cr,be you gentle or the reverse.
There is no intention on our
part to inflict on you a lecture
about "moral duty," or' any
thing in that line. In all prob
ability tint has already been
done, until the subject is as
distasteful to you as "a twice
told tale, vexing the dull cars
of a drowsy man."'
What we started to say was
that it is Impossible for any
man to attend church, and hear
one of our educated ministers
discourse we have none other
in Brenham without deriving
benefit from the exercise, wheth
er he believes or disbelieves in
orthodox creeds. It is impossi
ble for an educated, well trained-mind
to talk half an hour
without saying something cer
tain to awaken new thoughts
among' men ot the best cultiva
yated intellects for his hears.
To the young, and those who
have not enjoyed the brightest
advantages of thorough culture
and an extensive course of read
ing, the opportunity of improv
ing themselves by attending the
discourses ot educated men, the
benefits are incalculable,
Taking this view of the sub
ject perhaps the lowest that
could be taken and there are
strong inducments for every oue
to attend church, which we
trust will be universally done
by the young gentlemen of
Brenham, this calm and heauti
sabbath morning.
TnE Seasons. With the ex
ception of a ftw northers
though they were not cold
enough to seriously damage anj
thing, the spring has been even
more beautiful than any of its
predecessors in this clime, where
spring is always lovely.
There has hardly been a day
sinee it opened, in which plan
tation work could not be car.
ricd on with pleasure and prof
it. The consequence of this is
that the farming interest barriug
the presence ot the grasshoppers
and they will soon leave,
never looked more encoura-ing-
With the close of the
week, a majority of the farmers
had plowed out their corn, and
nearly all ot them had finished
planting cotton. In fact we know
farmers, residing within two
inile9 ot the city, who had fin
ished ploughing out their corn
by the middle ot the week
which closed yesterday. All
this is encouraging, and ought
to close the months of grum
blers. Paper Mill. A Mr. En
glish - an experienced an prac
tical mechanic; is endevoring to
raise money enough by sub
scription at Austin to erect a
paper mill in or near that city.
The cost of erecting and plac
ing the mill in operation is es
timatcd at from fifteen to twen
ty thousand dollars. It seems
to us that a paper mill ought to
make money in Texa, and
would do it, if '. he publisher of
the State would extend the mill
their entire patronage.
Business is not quite so live
ly as onr mefchants would have
it to be, Bnt, the dull season
is f.ist closing in upon ns and
we can only bear and grin.
Yes, neighbor, bear with for
titude and true manliness, hut
tor. mercy's sake don't grin, for
it yon should, 3-011 would fright
en half the women and children
in tho city into spasms. In
their behalf, we beseech thee,
please don't grin.
Good advice to the Young.
Avoid all boasting, abue and
siang phrases; evil speaking and
oaths in conversation; depreciate
no man's qualities; accept hospi
talities of the humblest kind iu a
hearty and appreciative manner;
avoid giving offence, and if you
do offend, have the manliness to
apologize; infuse a- much ele
gance' as possible into join
thoughts as well as your actions,
and as yon avoid vulgarities,
you will incrca-ethe enjoyment
of life and grow in tho rc-pcet
ol others.
We reproduce the following
from the Longview iVeio Era,
cordially iudorsing its sugges
tions. The press "of Texas has
done more than any other call
ing or profession to ridvancc lier
material interest.
No greater mistake was ever
made by a people, than that of
neglecting to foster their news
papers by all legitimate means
in their power.
There are a number of l.iws
which the public good require,
and which the Legislature has
steadily refused to pass, because
it was throwing a small amount
of patronage into the hands of
the printers, who have helped
more largely than any other
class of professional men, to
make the prosperity all enjoj
"The legislation of Tea-s, in
regard to public printing, is a
disgrace to the State. .No oth
er State has pursued as nig
gardly a policy towards their
State journals as has the great
Lone Star State. Every spe
cies ot 'printing could be done
within her own bounds, and as
cheap as it is done elsewhere,
but, owing to the fact that our
legislators have failed to see the
importance of protecting their
home printing enterprises, one
house iu St. Louis has drawn
from the State not less than one
million dollars within the past
3 jor i years. The Legislature
of Alabama, seeing the impor
tance ot tostering her own
home printing establishments,
has passed a law prohibiting
State and county officers from
sending their orders out of the
State for printing.
Our legislators seems to have
rcguarded the printing interest
ot the State as one dangerous to
the public good, and, instead of
encouraging it, deem it their ho
ly duty to throw around it eve
ry possible restriction. We hope
the day is not very distant
when men of more liberal and
sensible views will be called to
legislate for us" Alexia Ledger.
The Supreme CourtJ now in
session at Austin has six hun
dred cases on the docket. Three
hundred case3 are filed at this
term. Not mora than two hun
dred can be tried. Thus the
number on the docket is cun
stantly increasing instead to
diminishing, Austin Stales
man. Yes, and the docket will contin
ue to inereaso as long as thecount
continues as it is nt present a
migratory sort of an institution.
Let the court be held at one
place, and tho time spent in
travel being devoted to business,
the dockets will gradually dim
inish. Oral arguments arc rare
ly made, and never indispensa
ble. Briefs arc the boys that do
tho talking. Let both the Su
preme and Appellate Courts
hold their sessions at the capital
of the State, and then thero will
be some hope of getting to the
end ot the dockets before the
winding of the last trumpet.
ill people never conic to
handle pistols with care. In its
issue of the 13th inst ,tho States
man telh of two brothers at
Leesville. playing with what
they supposed was an empty
pittol, when it fired, killing
one.' The same papur tells of
a man near Denton who poin
ted and snapped what ho sup
posed an empty pistol at an ac
quaintance who became offend
ed at the pleasantry. In order
to convince his friend, he cap
ed the pistol, held it to his tem
ple. Instead of snapping, it
fired, and there- was a dead
- Cotton. This article, took a
downward leap last week in the
Liverpool market. Political af
fairs -in Europe wear an ugly
look, and the prospect that pri
ces will rally at an early-day, is
anything but hopeful. But for
all this, we venture the predic
tion that the planters will not
lessen their production although
the certainty of low prices
sgfees them in the face. It is
not too late yet to diminish the
crop, and devote some of the
acreage intended for cotton, to
other farm products.
aces. The races commen
ces at Dallas out thesecond day
of June, under the nupiccs of
the Jocky Club. A lively nnd
intcrcsing time is anticipated.
About the oldest little draw
wo know of was played when
Joshua racd Jericho and the fcl
ows of the city wfchod they
hadn't stajcil iu.
APRIL 20, 1877,
She who Sleeps upon mr hertrl
Was tjic frt to win il;
She Uo driams upon riiy brbttti
Ever r2iis within it;
Sue who kicses ott mj lips
H'nkes the warmi-st blessing;
She who retn within my arms
Feels their closest presin.
Other days than thee f lull come,
Days that m-iy- Ins dreary;
Other hours shall grert us yeti
Hours that mav be Weary;
Still this heart shall be thy home.
Still this breast thr pillow.
Still those lips meet thine, as soft
As soft billow meeteth billow.
Sleep, then, on my happy heart,
Since thy lou hath won it;
fcreani, then, on mr lny;l brenet
None hut thou hath done it.
And when age our bloom Mia'l change
Willi its wintry weather,
Slav ve in the self same grave
Sleep and dream together.
The Bepublican candidate for
Governor of Bhode Island re
ceived only 500 nnjority. The
majority for Hayes in Novem
ber was over 4000.
"The grasshoppers lingereth
with us vet" savs the Brenham
"Banner. "We have known
many a school boy to get whal
loped for such grammar as that
Judge. Messenger.
And captain n was One of
the "whalloped," among the
many, it is to be inferred, from
the force with which the little
circumstance seems to be im
pressed on b js memory.
Stock Law. The attention of
persons oraauig stock is called o
the followiifg'section of the Stock
Law of 1876:
Sec. 42. Any party who shall
braMd or mark any cattle with
out first having recorded his
mark or brand shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and on
conviction shall be fined in. any
sum not less than twenty five
nor more than one hundred dol
lars for each animal so branded
or marked."
JHurderlrill Out.
A few years ago "August Flower,
was discovered to be a certain euro for
Dyspepsia and Liver complaint, a few
thin Dyspeptics made Miown to their
friends how easily and quickly they
had been cured by its use. The great
merits of Green's August Flower be
came heralded through the country by
one sufferer to another, until, without
advertising, its sale has become im
mense. Druggists in Every Town in the
United States are selling it. No per
son suffering with Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Convenes, Palpitation of
the Heart, Indigestion, low spirits, etc.,
can take three doses without relief. Go
to your Druggist, K. E. I.uhn & Co.,
of this city, and get a bottle fur 75
cents and try it. Sample bottles ten
cents. fel)2'77vly.
Whr Do Too Shake !
For the better convenience of the
consumer, the proprietors of Dr. Sher
man's Miilarifuge is now put up in 75
cent bottles as well as $1.59, as hereto
fore. To tho-ie who are acquainted
with the Maiarifujje, it is cot necersary
tisay a word in its behalf But to
those who shake in ignorancs of it, we
will simply say, try it. nnd add your
testimony to f hntfand3 of others that
it cured you. No other medicine is
required, as it is a combined Tonic, Al
terative, Cathartic Febrifuge, Chola
gogue and Anti-Periodic. It neutral!
zed miiumatic poison, purifies and in
vigorates tue blood, restores ihs Liver
and ether diseased organs to their nat
ural healthy condition, thereby thor
oughly eradicating the disease. For
sale by K. E. LUHN.
To the Public
I have taken cha'ge of Singers Sew
ing Machine Uo.V business In
Washington, Austin, Favette, and Bur
leson couuties. All parties owningThe
Singer can find machine supplies at
my office, under the Mclntyre house.
All parties wishing to purchase will
please call and examiue the Singer
machine at my office.
Tl.cS'nger Sewiug Machine Compa
ny bell more machines in .Tyear than
all the other first-class machine compa
nies cnmbiui d, which prfives beyond a
doubt that the Singer is the best in the
Machines sold on monthly payments.
I will also repair all kinds of ma
chines and warrant all work done to
give satisfaction or no pay.
1 want canvassers in all the counties
under my control, I will cive good in
ducements. Address all enmmuuica
liuns to S. O. WUIGU'C,
Agent for the Sincer Machine,
Brenhum, Washington (;,.,
jan27d&w8m Texas.
Earralng Implements, Castings
JIocs, Chains, Iron, Stcet,
Stoto Trimmings and Tin-ware, of al
Muds, Paints', Oils, Varnlsht s and win.
dow (lies. Buggy and Wagon material
Rubber Belting," from 1 to 13 inches
wiile, Paikingof all kinds, and all ar
tides appertaining to. the Hardware
Feb. II i ain street. Brenham
Prescription Free
Tns,OR the speedy cure of seminal
1 weakness, lost manhood, and all
disorders brought on by indiscretions
or execs. Any druggist has the in
gredients. Address
w. davidso:c & CO.,
8' Nassau St , Xen York.
Attorneys xtx Xia-co-
Brenham. Tesas
Attorney at Xin.'cc-,
Brenham, - - Tcaa.
Will practice in Washington and ad
ioiuiog comities. janlGMlmwSm
I. H. BOttEIlS,
Attornoy xvt Ijcl-cv,
Burton, Washington co., Tex.
ep 17
J. M. Gosh. Bates McFarlasd
Brenham, Texas.
Office Upstairs in Allcorn building
Near Breedlove & Cbadwiiks Bank.
n.K. wn.LtAJt3,
Br nham.
w. ii. Bnj.ijta.si.KA
Chappell HilL
Office in Onins building, Kust bide
Court House Square,
Brenham, - - - - Texas.
Prompt attention to collections, ex
amining laud titles and paying taxes
for non residents.
Will practice in the District Courts
of Washington, Lee, and Burleson coun
Okfictc upstairs over Gidding'sBank
July 10
S. It. ke.vad'a,
S.ttor3a.oy--.t-Xj.-cs3-, ;
Burton, Texas.
Will practice in the District, County
and Justices Courts, Prompt aiten
tiua given to the collection of claims
J. T.Norris.M.D. L.B. Crealh M.D.
Physicians and Surgeons
Offer their Professional services to
the citizens of Brenham and vicinity,
Olhce Wood 4 Co. Drug Store.
May 14th 1874, 3m
of Virginia, late of Gonzales Texas.
Having attended a full Course of
Lectures at tuo Baltimore College of
Dental Surgery, and having had supe
rior advantages in Practice, feels as
sured that he can guarantee satisfaction
in every branch of his business. Office
over Wood's drug store. Brenham,
Texa. no0'75
(EJaden's Brick Building,)
Corner Main and Douglass Streets,
Wholesale and Retail dealer in
Groceries and Provisions
Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Snuff
Powder, Shot, Caps. Paints,
Oik, Wooden-ware,- JVails,
Mope, Emsfies, Collars,
Haines, Traces, Jars,
Jxigsj Wines and
Sole Agent for the celebrated
"W. J. Lejip's Ceixbratkd
In quarts and pints, Superior to any
EJf" The, hiahest market price paid
for Cotton, Hides and other Country
producejjit iUarcu 1. 18.4-v.
House Furnishing Goods,- Pumps nf all
descriptions. Cooking and Heating;
Siov. s, in large variety.
wroffghi Iron Pipe and Steam Fit
tings tut and fitted to order. Roofing
ami spoutirtg done at short notice.
Thankful for the liberal patronage
bestowed npon the otd firm, e respect
fully solicit a continuance of the same.
Brenham. July 2Gth, 1873.
stray HTotice.
Taken up bv P. II. Barnhlll. and es
tra ed before T. O. Hym s, J. P. W. C ,
on "the 12th day of March, 1877. one
Ox, brTiwn and whits Jided, marked
crop and under ralf crop in each ear,
anrl upper bit in the right, brauded
JF iu a, circle , the JF connected, on tlie
One Cow, brown and vrhite pided,
marked split in each ear, branded on
the hip hut cannot be read, vutha calf
red and white.
All cppiaited at $23. nj-13
C0 PJA A MOSTn. Agents wan
fpj O J ted everywhere. Bimucss
Ii.ii..r.ib!e and first class. Particulars
sent free. Address J. WORTH .V Co.,
iit. Wis Mo-. maJJiwtf
HO 16
fiountj- Surveyor;
All orders left at the County Cleik'i
office, Breiihaiu, or addressed tnme-ai-Independence
will rtreivo prompt at
tention! . tnatSwtf
Bfehham. TcxaJ.
All Orders Oiled' protitplly at living
prices, l'utiounge solicited.-
BaJcer and Confectioner !f
Main Street, Brenham. Texas'.
Denier in Stapldand Fancy Groceries'
Wines, Liquors, Lager Beer, &c Hut
read, fresh Cakes audj Pies on hand at
all times.
Ant Btrect, under the Central House,
Brenham, Texas.
Shaving,- shampooningj flying" and
hair cutting-done to brder. Palrona-u
solicited. Jan.20df
BiiEXiuu, - - Texas
Brick in largo (juntities always oa
hand. Contracts for buildings taken
at living frices. Job work a" specialty.
jySy nCm
Mfatrass JftlanufectufeFf
Brenham Texas.
Eeepj constantly on hand ifatnine
made MatnuSe3 of all kinds, which 1
is selling at moderate prices for esh.
Call at V. Wittebergs, next door to B"i
Hoffman, and examine, my mslrases
and prices teforo pnfthasning else:
where, as I am making the best mat-"
raS3 in the market.
septlOtil fi-tilBARSETT.
Sllla Siacksmithf Mt
nnd manufacturer tit '
Brenham, Texas.
ES" Special attention givei SoTfoitss
SnOEiKO, general job work and f oiair
ing. Terms liberal. Shop near Mays
nard's Livery Stable. June 18. '74.
"O ELDRliJG'lJ & cd.,
Groceries and irovisionS,
Brenham, Texas. ..
A full and complete Stack alwaTB on
hand, for sale ot BOTTOM FIGURES
Give us a triai;
Oct3. 1874:
T3L. W GUtJBJEll-,
Dealer in
Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Specta
des,- Silter anr?
Plafed" Ware.
Brc"hhanT TeTnir
Repairs done on short notice and
warnnted. All Goods warranted ti
represented. vllnS
TJi A. ZS"(3ELE:E;
Foreign and Domestic Exchange7
Kro Insflfaiice .Agciif,
Xo.-3' Sfenhunf,- Texas.
Dealer ia
ff5 S. g& tf TS
Gents' jiirnlihtng GoodSj
Ladies and Misses
flosic-,- ifotfds) Siart-ls,lJot)OS
Jfewefry, Silks, Satins,
Lawns-, &c, &e.-
Alf of which -win bo sold atrrery Test
soaabVe grtre8 for ready cash. Call and!
jxaminejny stock and prices'.
Saddlery af CenfennfalfHccsf
fTfnE truderaigned, detWminM nol
JL to be outdone tit undersold, ia uovr
Saddles and Harness
af fetftrced prices, tfhll repairing' ra
dons at Centennial rales. 1 itm'alao
agent for
"Utinclq &mV Dar'ness Oilf
the best in use Shop oa Sandy street,
ill the Peuker btrildtng.- opposite Gabo?
Schwnrz, AH work cash on delivery
and warranted. .
4pr28Yly FictritW.-
B .-rx. JBMLf&
Vat Ss&G&l&m
lit t3f "iSBSSfe). IB

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