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17- El !E3 3ESL1LB TT
vol. xix
ffO 10'
- t- 5,?:
The Weekly Banner
n. 51 CEIMMOH.
E lltnrs, Publishers and Proprietors.
Friday, May : : 11, 1877.
FitOsT wis visible at 'Marshal
hnrFTexarkana on tbe morning
of the thirtieth of April." t '
. .
IIiss Scuunz, who is a Wash
ington belle, has brown hair and
largo "brown eye.
. m mm .
It h said that ex-Gov. Noyes,
of Ohio, lias received the ap
pointment ot 'minister to France.
- i
TnE wheat crop in the neigh
borhood of Fort Worth is said
to be tbe finest ever raised in
Tarront county.
. mm-
The cattle drive this Spring
from Western Texas will be
about 150,000 head against
250,000 Lead last season.
Majob Eldkidge and lady,
spiritualistic lecturers, have ar
rived at xV'ustin, where, they are
to give a series of lectures.
Wiiex a man is said to be
Simon pnre, it is not to be un
derstood that it is intended to
compare him Simon Cameron:-
A terrible wife -murder was
recently committed in Milled?;e
rille, Georgia, bva man nam
ed Shaw, who is now in jail.
Faumees are ' leaving north
western Towa in great numbers,
the soil of fifteen counties be
ing alive with the inchoate
The question of levying a tax
in tho.St.itc of Louisiana in aid
of the Sew Orleans Pacific
Railroad, is to bo submitted to a
popular vote of tbe people.
LrNew York, last week, the
Paducab. aud llcmphis Eail
road was sold under foreclosure
of fird mortgage bonds or
105,000 dollars.
TnEYictoria .Advocate very
truthfully re narks that the slx
ghooter, ready loaded, in the
pocket of the young mau, is the
coward's incentive to violence
and murder.
FEKGirr. rates on tbe Sunset
Route are so high that many ot
the San Antonio merchants are
having their goods sbippd via
Cnerp and theuce to San Anto
nio ly or carts..
. mm. m
Gis House Bukned. Tho
gin-house of Mr. A. G Dabney,
residing on Kentucky Jlidge,
was struck J)y-Jiglitenning night
before last, and burned. Two
lmggie3, a wagon, plow gear
and other farming implements
were bnrned at the 63tne time.
31k. R. A. Van Hobs, editor
and proprietor of the Coreicana
Observer, died at his residence
in that place, on Thursday eve
ning last. Ho -was a' genial
gentleman and an excellent
newspaper man. Peace to Lis
i m m
The Philadelphia 'Record,
thinks it preposterous to sup
pose that the Southern Demo
crats would'vote for a Republi
can speaker in the next Con
gress out of gratitude for the
Hayes policy concerning South
ern affairs.
The Globe hotel, the great
centennial caravansary, which
cost 200,000, was sold at pub
lic auction in Philadelphia yes
terday, and was knocked down
at 83,475. The irame building
containing the greatest 6oda
fountain in the world, and
which cost $12,000, brought
only 5175.
-TnE Daily Galvestcnian is
becoming a great favorite with
the people 6f Brenhntn, and its
circulation Jn Washington coun
ty is rapidly increasing. It is
a lire paper and merits a
general patronage throughout
the State. The 'Democracy of
Dan-McGaryj its editor, ia si
s vwpvra, aud unquestioned.
In 183G Mrs. Harrington,
owning the league of land where
.Brenham stands, made a deed
of gitt to 200 acres of land to her
danghteryLydia Lee, and .Marga
ret Lee, her grand daughter.
One half of the tract was spec
ified to be held in trust by Ab
ner Lee for his daughter Mar
garet, and that he was to have
a life interest in it, and at his
death was to revert to her. In
1843, when Texas was a Ee
public, Ab. Lee petitioned the
Probate Court to order a parti
tion of the land. The Court
appointed Commissioners and
the partition was made; the east
one half of the tract .adjoining
the Walker league, being set
apart for the old lady, and the
west half towards the courthouse
for Margaret. As soon as the
land was divided, Mrs. "Lee,
joined by her husband, execut
ed n deed to B. R. Thomas for
100 acres, her share. Ab. Lee,
guardian for his minor daugh
ter, then petitioned the Probate
Court, "supported by the affida
vits of three good and lawful
citizens," as the proceedings
read, for an order of Bale of the
100 acres belonging to his. daugh
ter. The Court granted the
petition after complying to all
the forms of the law, and it was
sold at the courthouse door to
the highest bidder for cash in
hand. The clerk of the Court
then made the deed to the pur
chaser, and it has been in the
hands of his legal assignees ever
Ab. Loo died a few weeks ago
and now the attorneys for Mar
garet, now grown with t-cvcral
children, claims the 100 acre
tract on the ground that the title
did not lie in her until after her
father's death, and that the pro
ceedings ot the Probato Court
were illegal aud theroforo void.
This is the hitch. Did tho
Conrt have power to order the
sale for Margaret's share? - The
tract is 16G6 varas long, nearly
a railo, but only 337J wide. It
corners a little over a mile from
the courthouse, near the Inde
pendence road, N. W. from the
city. Tho east lino runs near
tho colored school house at
Camptown, and the South-west
corner is iu the middle of the
colored grave yard not far
from the oil works. The most
of the residents on tho tract are
industrious colored men, who
have built comfortable bonscn,
"but the majority hold warranty
deeds from responsible old citi
zens, who will have to defend
their titles.
The wiiolo tract lies about
half a mile East and Northeast
of the courthouse. Mrs. Stamp's
old homestead is near the "West
line, and all of Wiley Hubert's
laud close to the East lino.
Theodore Stamps, Kavanaugh a
place, Butler's and Baker's
houses, about ten acres of the
West side of Hinschbcrg'; field,
and all the houses laying with
in the 337f varas mentioned aio
in the claim, heing about forty
dctendonts. It also takes about
20 acres belonging to J. D.
Giddings on tbe North side of
the Independence road. Hirsch
berg holds a warranty deed from
C. E. Brtedlove, and several
others from prominent mem
bers of tho barof this county,
and they will doubtless contest
the claim to the best of their
ability. We will aw it further
movements. F. W. Chandler
of Austin, is the c'aimanta at
torney. Gen. Banks thinks tho ac
tion of President Hayes in re
gard to tbe South Carolina and
Louisiana controversies not in-'
consistent with the interests of
the Republican party; that tho
course of events had placed the
party in relation to those States
in a wrong position, and it was
therefore necessary to withdraw
from the attitnde ill which the
GovernmentlJadTwen placed.
Tee Austin Leader 'says the
fonr prisoners brought in from
Webb county last Thursday are
the most villainous looking set
of ruffians wo haro seen for a
ooon's age.
Every one of any reflection
would be apt to come to the
conclusion, after bestowing a
little thought on the suhjeet,
that the being, end and aim ot
life was. happiness, even if he
had not. been told so by the old
English writer. Happiness is
one thiug coveted by all the
wise and the simple, the learn
ed and the ignorant. It is one
of the leading objects of every
man's and of every woman's
ambition. When it is conceded
that this a common platform on
which all mankind stand, is it
not inexpieably strange that we
are so parsimonius about extend
ing a little aid to the happiues
of each other.?
A homily on what constitutes
happiness, is not what we start
ed to write About. But we
must say that many men aye
and women too kick out of
their paths almost daily that
which is capable of conferring
rational gratification. Amid
the active duties, of life, there
is scarcely a day passes in which
every one with the least pai-ri-fice,
caanotcontribute something
either by a kind word'or a small
act, to the advancement or grat
ificationand consequent by the
happiness of others.
If a p.irty were to start on
the overland route, to C.iliforni.i
to-morrow, would it not be bet
ter to assist one another, rather
than throw impediment, iu the
way of each othtr? Would not
he be considered a despicable
churl, who would fail to contri
bute as much as an encouraging-
"word to his weary and perhaps
overburdened fellow travelbr?
Well, we are all travelling, if
not to California, at any rate to
some goal, a pacific coast let lis
hope, and often need the aid
and comfort of an encouraging
word and a kind net. These
coat the giver nothing. And
3et they are like mercy, twice
1)lcssed, blessing him that gives
as well as" him that takes.
There is a picture ot Jndgp
R. E. B. Batlok iu the law office
of Breedlove & Ewing, painted
by H. A. McArdle, whose painr"
ing of "Lee at TnE Wildee
ness," is the admiration of all
who have enjoyed the pleasnre of
seeing it. Tne picture of Judge.
Baylor, which has been ordered
by the members ot the Bren
hara Bar, is intended to be
placed in the courthousejvjiere
those who knew the original
will at a glance recogniz3 the
manly, intellectual lineaments
of one, who in life wai the de
served object of their profound
admiration. As a work of art,
the picture would place" its au
thor. Mr. McArdle in the front
rank of artists, even it he. had
not achieved th it distinct ion by
numbers ot other triumphs in
his professional career.
Wo learn that it is contem
plated by the Breuham Bar,
many of whom profited by his
wise instruction, to have a pic
ture Tot Judge E. T. Wheeler
executed by the same artist, and
placed in thecourthouse, where
the two pictures will be sin or
nament to 'he temple of justice
and an honor to those whose
grateful recollections of the
originals, havj prompted the
thoughtful and considerate de
sign, which r-fhets credit on
the liviug as well as tho dead.
Haed Times are -beginning
to be seriously felt by the news
paper fraternity, aud some of
our interior exchanges have
found . it nee -sary fo cnrtall
theirdimensious somewhat.
Tho Victoria A dvocate and La
Grange Record, both Leretofore
thirty two column papers, -have
reduced to twenty-eight coliim"!.
It takes money and, a good deal
of it too, to run a newspaper;
and, unless the "kale feed" can
bo had, newspaper men will
have a rough time of it "bridg
ing over" the dull season.
The fireiilen's celebration nt
Marshall was a brilliant aflair,
over thr e thisand persons be
ing present an 1 participating i-i
tho festivities.
Wc alluded some time ago
to the fine opening there was
for doing an act of justice to
the South by the refunding of
this nnjnst and illegal tax. It
this money is refunded, and it
certainly should be, if justice is
meted out, the sum that wonld
come to Texas would he at least
seventeen million dollars. The
tax was colle -ted on the crops
of 1865, 'G6, '07 and '68. The
tax for two of these years was
15.00 a bale. For. the remaining
two years, the tax was ten dol
laisabale. For the four years
named, the crop of Texas would
each year average 350,000 baies,
and the average tax would be
twelve dol'ar3 and a half per
bale. This would make the
snng little sum of 517,500,000.
As it is not likely that this
sum can ever reach the pock
ets of those from whom it was
filched, and to whom it right
fully belongs, it placed ir the
State treasury, it would at a
bound, relieve the over-taxed
people from a burden under
which they are groaning, and
provide such a school fund as
would place the means ot edu
cation iu the bands of every
child, white or black, iu the
We hope that Southern Con
gressmen will not let the matter
rest, until justice is done their
constituents, on this question.
Love and Suicide. A Ger
man named T, Weiss, in the em
ploy of a farmer named Ger
loft, residing three miles east
of Cypress, proposed marriage
to his employer's daughter, to
whom he hud been paying atten
tion, for some time, and was re
jected. "Let every thing go to
the devil." was his reckless re
ply. Early in the morning
Miss Gerlolf wis awakened by
a fearful blow struck her by
Weiss' with a piece of iron, A
struggle ensued, and Weiss af
tnr leaving her for dead, went
to his room above stairs. Miss
G. recovered aud went to a
neighbor's for assistance. Sev
eral men went to the house,
where they found Weibs in his
bed, saturated with blood, where
he had attempted suicide by
first shooting himself in the fore
head with a revolver, and as
that did not finish the job, he
made two cuts at his throat.
He w-as not dead, but it was
impossible, for him to survive.
Miss Geriofi's wounds are not
fatal, and she will speedily re
cover. Her fither and mother
were absent at Houston.
State Fair. The eighth an
nual State Fair opens at Hous
ton, Tuesday the 22d instant,
and continue five days. We
alluded to this once before, but
there is no harm to mention it
again, especially as we see in
the papers that there will be
many exhibitors from abroad,
who will show fine stock, among
other things. We know that
many of our people will attend,
and we know some in our coun
ty and in Austin, who have
stock worth exhibiting, and
which would stand a chance. for
a blue ribbon. There will be
an immense concourse of peo
ple assembled from every direc
tion, and visitors may confident
ly count on a pleasant time.
Let Washington comity have a
large delegation.
Beiguam Touso, the great
Mormon chief is in trouble
again. The United States Gor
rnment, it is said, is about to en
ter prosecution against him for
complicity in tho Mountain
Meadow Massacre. The dying
confessions of Stephen D.vLee,
accused Eiighain ot being im
plicated in the slaughter, and
ther' is no doubt but that suffi
cient proot cm be obtained to
convict, if the case is pioperly
worked up, especially if Brig
ham's various iiianiaVin-law
and Ann Eliza are placed upon
the witness, stand.
PnxsYLVANit elects, in Xo
veinber, a Supreme Com t Judge,
who i to serve for a term of
twenty-one years,
Democeats, stand to your col
ors I Never since the formation
of any paity on this continent
has there been witnessed such
tests as the Democratic party
has been placed under for the
past twelve years, and yet she
stands. Time has certainly left
the impress ot its iron hee) up
on her most vital principles.
Here and there- disintegration
and confusion hav worked infi
delity in its most corrupt foim.
Among the chosen leaders in
times of sorest need her princi
ples have been abandoned the
glittering gewgaws of office and
the flattering"" allurements of
proud ambition have clondei!
the wisdom of some of our trust
ed standard bearers, and anon
tho escutcheon ot your once
grand old party has been de
filed by the incontinency and
corruption of passing events.
But the heal of the despot no
louger pollutes your civil rights
his yoke no longer galls our
necks his boasted balance of
power, the black vote, has prov
en a sword m the hands of a
David to be turned unsparingly
upon the arrogant and lordly
dictators. By the black vote
alone we, the' South, haven rep
resentation of thirty additional
votes iu congre, whereas un
der the ante helium, or slaving
"three fifths" rule, we would
have now only eighteen. Then
it is clearly onr duty to protect
the negro in his vote. Ave feel
assured that our gallant con-
gr ssman elect the Hon. D. C.
Gidding, our present standard
bearer, will demean himself in
the coming contest as he ever
has in th past, tor
'injure dftedi that cannnt pamaway.
And his the name that cannot wither'."'
Hi SpAtf ola.
Another Killing. At Groes
beckx as we learn from the Gal
veston News, about 9 o'clock,
the morning ot the 5th inst., a
crowd of disguised armed men
took the keys from the jailor of
Limestone county, and forced
the jail, shooting and killing
Wade Trammel, brother of the
notorious Merrick Trammel.
They also shot and killed anoth
er negro, Tom Reed, a so called
preacher. They wonnded one
Harry Conoly, and mortally
wounded Hog "Willis, both ne
Willis was one of the murder
ers of Mr. Applewhite, an in
offensive old man who was shot
down and murdered like a dog,
some years ago. A colored boj',
confined for obstructing the
railroad, has disappeared, and is
rot to be found. He probably
escaped while the shooting was
going on.
The best of fasiB fast asleep.
Ex. v
That may do very well for
occasional employment, but tor
steady work we would prefer to
hold a belle fast. Hempstead
Both are good enough in their
ivay, and as you have got ahead
ot -us Captain oi. the belle ques
tson, we will have to compro
mise on a good break-fast.
At Giddings, on Friday eve
ning last, a difficulty occurred
between Mr. Hugh McKeown
and Sheriff J. M. Brown, in
which the former was shot and
instantly killed. It was the sad
termination of an old feud, and
is much regretted by the entire
The city of Hempstead is out
of delit. What other corpora
tion in Texas can make the
same showing? Courier.
Why Brenham, of course.
She does not owe a nickle, and
has money in her Treasury bo
sides. TiiEPresident issued his proc
lamation the 5th inst., conven
ing congress in extra session
the 15th of October. So the
congressmen will not have to
swelter in the national eapitol
dnringjdog days.
A terrible rain aud hail
storm passed over Rio Grande
City the 5th instant. It must
have been fearful, as one mule
was killfd, and hundreds of
dead sheep strewed tho plains.
The Dallas Commercial o.iys
the wheat in that section, storiesJ
oi devastation oy grasshopper?
to the contrary notwithstand
ing, never looked nioie prom
ising. The Philadelphia Union
Hanking-Company b?3 busted.
"WmsKEr bloom" is the lat
est name applied to the 'red
noses" ot local option reformers.
The Courier states that gam
blers are thick in Hempstead
too thick to be either useful cr
The Courier represents corn
as being waist high iu Waller
county, while. the cotton crop is
The People Wnut Proof
There is no medicine prescribed bj
physicians, or gold by Druggists, that
carries such evidence ot its success and
superior virtue as boscuel's okrman
syiidp for sovere coughs, colds settled
on tho breast, comaumption, or any dis
ease nl the throat aud lungs. A prool
of that fact is that any person afH.cted
can get a sample bottle for 10 cent
and try its superior effect before buying
the regular size at 75 cents. Ithaa
Intely been Introduced iu this country
from Germany, and irs Wonderful cures
am astonishing everyone that use it.
Thrcedones Bill relieve any ca?e. Try
it. Sold bv H. K. Luhn & Co , Hren
ham, Tcins. fcb2'77wly
A Sample Bottle Free
If yon are troubled with Headache
dullncs, incapacity to keep tho mind on
any subject, dizzy, sleepy, or nervous
feelinps, gloomy furebodings, irratabil
ty of temper, or a bad taste in the
mouth, unsteady -appetite, choking sen
sation in tho throat, pain iu tho side or
about the "boulders' coldnef s of el t rem .
iiies, etc, or in fact any pymtoms of
Liver complaint, biliousness, coustipa
tion of the bowels, or dyspepsia, go to
jourdrugii.it R. E. Luhn and get a
bottle of Dr. Sherman's Prickly Ash.
Bitters. No spirit is ustd in thrir
manufacture except a pule article of
ti uami uin. i.adii-8 in particular
will llnd them peculiarly adapted to
their wants in all ages and conditions
of life. The lable tells all they con-
consequently phyeicans do not
to prescribe them, bample
bott'e for trial free.
Keugular size $1
Honse Furnishing Goods, Pumps of all
decriptions. Cooking aud lleatin
Siovrs, in large variety.
wrought Iron Pipe and Steam Fit
tings cnt and fitted to order. Roofiug
and spouting doue at short notice.
TlianKtnl lor tLe liberal patronage
Deytnwea upon the old arm, we n spect
fully s ilicit a continuance of the same.
- Brenlmn. July 2Gth, 1873.
1W A- ra'-
Earmlng Implements, Castings
Jloes, Chains, Iron, Steel,
Stove Trimmings and Tin-ware, ofal
kinds. Paints, O.ls, Varnibhes and win,
dow (lias. Buggy and Wagon material
Rubber Beltiug, from t; to IS inchea
uide, Packing of all kin Is, and all ar
idea appertaining to tbe Hardware
Feb 1 l ain street. Brenham
Estray Notice.
Taken up by J. S. Lauderdale, and
estniyed before T. O. Hyues, J. P.,
Precinct No. 3, Washington county, on
ih"28ihdayof March, A. P. 1877, two
horses debcribed na follows, to wit: One
a L'ray hnre about ten years, branded
(55) on the li-ft shoulder, and about 15
and 1 2 handi high; The other a sorrell
with a star in his face and about Un
vears old, about 13 1'ands high, has
be n advertisen (19). for hi brand, but it
is k blured that the brand is not redi
ble. but looks like E. P. Both valued
at $45 00. apr28w4t
Taken up bv P. H Barnhiil, and es
traj ed before T O. Hvni s, J. P. W. C ,
on the 12th day of Mreb, 1877, one
Ox, brown and whits pided, marked
crop nnd under half crop iu each ear,
nnd upper bit in the right, "branded
.IF in acirclo.the JF connected, on the
One Cow, brown and white pided,
mnrkeil spilt in each ear. branded on
the hip but cannot be read, with a call
rod nnd white.
All appraised at $23. apl3
has assumed and will continue tho
business of her late husband, C Witte
borg, at the old stand on Main street as
Such as Besteads, Wardrobes, Sofas,
lounges. Chairs, Eureaua, and in fact
every article desired by housekeepers.
TjNDEHTAKINO will continue to re.
reive i rfyupt attention. Also, Metalic
Burial Cases and Collin Trimmings on
hind at all tims.
J Those knowing themselves in
debt to tlie estate will please calt and
pay at once and save trouble. Those
having ctainis will please present them
to me for farment.
May 1st. 1S78. diwtf
Illustrated Priced Catalogue.
Fifiy pages S00 illustrations, with
rXbcriptiois cf thousands of the best
flower and vegetables in the rorld,
and the way to grow tUern nil for a
tnocent postage stampv Printed iu
Uerninn nnd English.
Vick's Floral Guide, Quarterly,25
c'nt8a year
Vick'i Flower and- "Vegetable Garden
50 ceutH in paper; in elegant chith cot
ors,$10O. Address .
J axes Tick, Roclwttcr, X. T.
Breuham, Texas.
Will practire la Washington and ad
joinitij! counties. janlCdluiw3ra
J.M.Gost. Bates McFarland
Brenham. Texas.
Office Upstairs in Allcorn building
Near Breedlove & Chadwicks Bank.
Burton, - Texas
Will practice in the District, County
and Justices Court. Prompt aiteu
tion given to the collection of claims
Attorn.07 at Xj.cc?
Burton, Washington en., Tex.
Brenhnm. Texas
Will practice In the District Courts
of Washington, Lee, and Durleson couu
Office np stairs over Gidding's Bank
July 1G
J. T. Norris, M. D. L. B. Creath M. D.
Physicians and Surgeons
Offer their Professional services to
tLe citizens of Brenham and vicinity
Ortius Wood 4 Co. Drug Store.
May 14tli 1874, Sm
of Virginia, late of Gonzales Texas.
Having attended a full Course of
Lectures nt the Baltimore College of
Dental Surgery, and having lind sup
rior advantages In Practice, feels as
sured that he can guarantee satisfaction
in every branch of his business. Office
over Wood's drug store. Breuham,
(Kladen's Brick Building,)
Corner Main and Dottglass Streets,
"Wholesale nnd.Retail dealer in
Groceries and Provisions
Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, SnuJ
Powder, Shot, Caps, Paints,
Oils, Wooden-ware, Kails,
Rope, Brushes, Collars,
Dames, Traces, Jart,
Jugs, Wines and
Sole Agent for the celebrated
W. J. Xejip's Celebrated
In quarts and pints, Superior to any
EST The hiohest market price paid
for Cotton, Hides and other Countrr
produce. March 1, 1874-y. "
Cor. Sandy and St. Charles Stg.
BuEN-riA, Texas,
SADDLES, Harness. Whips, Spurs,
Girths, Bridle.", Collars, Hames,
Tra.es. Saddle Bags, &a, always on
hand for sale. Repairing a. specialty.
All work warranted.
Also owner for one half of Wash
ington co, of the "Missouri Patent Bee
Hive," comprising that portion lying
North of the Central Railroad. Farm
rights, with oe biver $10.00.
apr6tf ' A. STELZIG.
To the Public.
I have taken chs'ge of Singers Sew
ing Machine Co.'t business in
Washington, Austin, Fayette, aad Bur
leson counties. All parties owning the
Singer can find machine supplies at
my office, under the McTnty re house.
All parties wis' ing to punhase "Will
please call and examine the Singer
machine at my office.
Tho Singer Sewing Machine Compa
ny sell more machines in a year than
all the other first-class machine compa
nies enmbiued. which- proves beyond a
doubt that the Singer ia the best in the
Machines sold on monthly payments,
I wilt also repair all kinds of ma
chines u1 warrant all work done to
give satisfaction or no pay.
I want canvassers fu all the cnnnlles
undVr my control,. I will give good In
ducements. Address all communica
tion to S.O. WRIGHT,
Agent for the Sincer Machine,
Brenham, Washington Co.,
jan27diw3m Texas.
QQ F?r A BIOSTHj Agents wan
)JtjJ ted everywhere. Business
hounraole abd first claii. Particulars
sent free. AMren J, WORTH & Co.,
St. I.onis Mo, u.ar31Tt
CotJnfJ" StlrteJ"of
All orders left It tbb County Clsii '
office, Benham. of addressed to me af
Independence will receive prompt at
tention. majSwtf
D. G. SiflTH,-
Efennatn. Texa""
All orders filled promptly at living?
prices. Patronage solicited.
wiLr,TAT.r mss,
Baker and Confectioner,
Main Street, Brennattt, Texas',
DeaterftStapIe and Fancy gfocerirfri
Wines, Liquors, Lager Beer, ic Hot
read, fresh Cakesaud Pies on hand at
all tirtle
Bar&er'atu! Hair-Dresser,
Ant strojt, under tLo Central Hous;
Brenham, Texas.
Shaving", snampoonfngv lylr.g and
hair cutting done to order. Fatmnsge
solicited, ItaZMl
Bkkshait, - - Texas.
Brick, in Targe quantities always on
nana, vontraels; for building taken
at living fiices. Job Work-asprcialty,
. jy23 wCm
lilatrass I XtKanK&eirer,
Brenham Texas.
Keep constantly on hand Machina
made Matrasses of all kinds, w hich ho
is selling at widerate piicea for cash.
Call at C. IVittcbrrgs, next door to.
Hoffman, and examine my matrassa
and prices before pnrchashing else
where, as I am malting tbe beat mat.
rass in the market.
aeptlOtJI H. aBAlttTETT.
Blacksmith fsOl
- . -,-s-r
and manufacturer of u t
Brenham, Texas. j
tST Special attention gh en to-HoBit
Siioeiso, general job work and repair '
ing. Terms liberal. Shop near May! "
nara a uvery Biauie, vune 18, 74. g.
wnoi.irsA.LE isn -nxrTLBiuixka in
Groceries and Provisions, ;
Brenham, Texas,
A fall and complete S'tack always ost
hand, for sale at BOTTOM FIGURE:
Give as a. trial,
Oc. 1874,
Dealer in
Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Spects j
cles, Silver an
Plated Ware.
Brenham Texas.
Repairs dono on ' short notitn!l
warranted. All Good . warranted 5 .
ForeIgand DoBcstle Excfar'ge,
Ere Insurance Agent,
lSTo.43- BrentJamTexM,.
Sealer ia
fey?&? k
Gents' Furnishing GoodsK
Ladles' and Mrraes
Hostery, Hoods, Shairli, ReBw,
Jewelry, Sills, Satins,- "
All of wnieu wfll be soWaJ rery rf
senable figures for ready cash; Call and!
bxamfne my sfoci and prices-. " ,
Just Keceive3j -
& Fresh Supply
CSPLadlos winning- to- Bdora.f Hslr-p
"Pera Cranium" will call! and examine?
thotm splendid. Parisian Pattern JIt
and Bonnets, of the verylarest style.
Prices moderate to suit tie tlmav
By Sensing- .t Cn ,at cost to rie enr
signntent. "5- So. I KirBv itrnr
ers, a $00 00. J3". 3 H Inch Iron 'Jit. Te
Mitchell U'ajron., a ?30.C6 r
TcrniaiL aiatlfrvti"
A 3AA2.
er. -ri

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