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The Weekly Banner
Friday, January 11, "1S7S.
Pkace propositions are still
being dtwnsed in England.
Tits Governor of Maine is op
poicd'to the p tssagcof the silver
Anothke attempt will be
made to tow Cleopitra's Needle,
now at.Fcrol, Spain to England.
Os Thursday the snow storm
extended to C.)r-ieana, Shrcye
por Vicksburg and Little
A DccnAKnsT dispttch sijs
there has been a suspension of
hostilities tor the present ut i
"More bnsiness failures are re-
ported,ih Cincinata, Nc,w York
Chiago, San I' r.mcico, Indiana
polis and Xcw Orleans.
Gen. Bkast Btrrmn is inquis
itive. He wants to know if a
woman has not as good a right
to practice I.w as .1 man.
TnE Four Counties at Rirh
innnd has bscn revived by J. E.
Kincji. Ttia a.neat six column
paper printed at home.
Col. .Hatch telegraphs from
321 Paso that peare' and confi
il 'Iicp are being restored.- Many
wbi fk'd arai returning home.
Osm.yn Pasua will be con-
- vcji'd to the town ot Rca-con,
cie hundred miles southeast ot
Moscow, where he will pas his
The Fort Worth Standard
bas been changed to a morning
p.ipcr.and now takes associated
press dispatches, giviug it quite
a city appearance.
Cor.. GinpiNGS was .called on
bv a number of the citizens of
Galveston, on Friday last. He
wus on Change !n that city tlu
rlng the day.
Some snakes, bull dogs and
an elephant, arc held at the
2few York custom-house, await
ing Secretary Sherman's d cis
ion as to their tariff.
Seko"e Zamacoxa, the accred
ited representative of Mexico, is
said to have been guilty of a
violation ot diplomatic Ptiquette
in going before the congrcssi, ual
The Washington Star say.
Senator Pattern contemplate
resigning on account ot ill
health. Should he do bO,jmd a
Democrat succeeds hiin, the
Senate will be evenly balanced.
The trial of Samuel P. Poland
barged with the mnrder of Jos
eph Shannon, at Houston, some
time last spring, was commenc
ed at tliat city on Thursday. A
motion for a new trial.war over
ruled. IsniCTMRSTS liave been found
again-t a number of the princi
pal officers of the defunct Char
ter Oak Life Insurance Compa
ny of Hartford. Ct, tor conspir
acy to defraud Jhe policyhol
ders of the company.
While a car was being loaded
with nitroglycerine at 2fegaun
nce, Mich., the mass exploded,
instantly killing seven inen-aud
demolishing the cir. The en
gine was thrown fifty feet and
broken to pieces.
Sesatou Patterson, as soon
as able to travel, is going to
Pennsylvania for health. lie
is quoted as saying that he don't
propose to pair with any Demo
eratic Senator, which is so much
the better forthwijiimocrats.
Gov. Rice, opas'achnsetts,
in his message tofe Legislature
says the contract to pay the 11.1
tional debt should be undeviat
ingly fulfilled.. He thinks that
the bonds should, 'be paid in
gold, and fully endorses Presi
dent Hayes' tiuancial policy.
Gen. Canales, of the Mexi
can army, gave a new year's
ball nfc Matamoras., A large
linmberut United States army
nnd navy.offiocrs were present.
The two nationalities harmo
nized as if no border questions
had eicr,oxi-led.
The Russians continue con
centrating on the plains ol Erzi
roum. Tlfe army which was to
cross the Shipka P.i'-s can do
nothing on account ot the
All the King Bees of the
Republican hive are as busy as
bees writing letters giving the
lie to Chandler statement.
Chandler seems to have raised a
.bor.iet's' nest.
The Waco Examiner thinks
if tanners would make up their
minds to keep ajLreguIar set ot
books during the yejfjjb.it'they
wiiuld be able to loot back upon
the year's transactions with
pletsure anil profit.
TnK Tennessee legislature
possed but one bill during the
two extra sessions, and that was
for the par diem Fiul mileage of
its members. Legislators as a
general thing, know how to take
care ot number one.
Tjik Army Register tor 1S7S
will show that there are 22SC
o'Jicera of all grades, or about
omc officer to every eight pri
vate.. The pay ot the officers
amounts to more than thatof all
the privates.
" Tub merchants, (linkers and
ot'iers, at the Board ot Trade
rooms in iNew York, beld a
meeting and parsed resolutions
antogonisticto the silver bill and
the repeal of the Resumption
Thk Board of Alderman of
Xew York have adopted a" reso
lution declaring that a greater
benefit conld be gained by the
city by the discharge of Win.
M. Tweed from imprisonment
t'lan by his longer imprison
ment: the city to secure such
property as he now pos-csses.
The Secretary of War will
not make public the names of
tite San Elizario commission ;
neither will be announce the
t:me of" its meeting for the rea
son that he intends to have the
investigation conducted solelv
for the iufonnatiou of the gov
ernment. Congressman' SrnLmcnrji will
have his part of the report on
the border qin-stion, consisting
ot documentary evident and
testimony which has already
been, taken, ready by the nest
meeting of the Ilonse Commit
tee on 'Foreign Affairs. A num
ber of persons will be present to
Col. S. B. Spencer, a Geor
gia school master, haJeen to
Texas and retnrned home dis-
girted. Col. S. was interview
ed by the Atlanta Constitution
with the avowed intention of
making such a showing as would
prc cut emigration from Geor
gia ' to' Texas. The Dallas
Tlercdd very ably defends this
Skxor Seamacooxa, special
representative of the Diaz gov
ernment, has bscn before Conk
ling's Mexican committee. He
has been endeavoring to con
vince tbem that Diaz w fully
able to protect international in
terests, lie is not so particular
about immediate recognition, as
he is about securing 6ome kind
of commercial relations between
Mexico and the United States.
A siLVhu money meeting w: s
Ueld at Bloomington, Ills., the
home of Senator Davis, who
was not present, but authorized
a friend to say that he was
heartily for the remonctization
of silver, and reinnincd away
from the meeting, lest his pre
sence and words might influence
its action. RepreBeiitative Tif
ton was present and strongly
advocated rcmonetiz-ition, ns
did all the other 6 eakers.
Gov. Carroll, in his message,
to the il.iryland Legislature,
says the policy of the adminis
tration towards the Southern
State-, has been 6ucb as to in
spire confidence nnd revive
prosperity, and that the same
wisdom brought to bear on the
.financial question would bring
forth cipital, renew ente-pfise
and give e-npluyment to tho
dormant industry of the comi
ty. Political platforms can be
ot no use' to the working man or
iurnieh him with" work.
It is really ot le-s importance
to woman and to the world that
her sphere be enlarged than
that the wor'c 'she. now do&
hould be justly appreciated!) the Gulfj Co'omdo and Santa
The ordinary domestic labor ot
women is underrated by mo-t
men, both as regards its impor
tance and ns to the demand
made by "it upon the laborers.
It is moie ex.ictimr upon
mind and heait and body than
any masculine work, and as re
gards its importance, that will
bedmitted when otliercom
mon, universal, essential bless
ings, such as air and water and
sunshine are intelligently reeog
niz d and enjoyed. That time
will come, and speedily, too.
As to. the educating influence
of women, certainly too much
cannot be said 111 their behalf.
'Faith in all things high' comes
easy to the children of a noble
mother; and men, as brothers,
s hisbi nds and actors in the
world, are essentially indebted
to sisters to wives and to to the
queens of society for thcis suc
cess in their various walks of
lit'. .
There is a perceptible, differ
ence between the male and fe
male mind, and tho results of
feminine mental ai tion are as
lirgely nnd'ns truly represented
in human progress as are those
of the masculine intelligence.
Any number of men, seperatcd
from female influence, would
degenerate as much in mind and
morals as in manners. Woman
is rather an inspirer of action
than an actor, so tar as the great
field of the world is concerned.
All that is attributed to man in
literature, in ait, in seinca and
in industry is as much indebted
to womanly influence as the
plant is to the ground for the
seed from which it grows.
Comparing society to a beau
tiful temple, the Bible -compar3
woman to tho polished corner
stone. This figure sngge'ts the
mistake that men often make
regarding their own work,
wheather of mind or heart, as
more important than that of the
ce ltler sex supposing her work
to be incidental and theirs'alone
essential. This is a great error ;
woman's work is less obtrusive
hat no less essential than that
of men, and when women se
enres, as worker and as center
of iuflncnee, a wide and purer
respect and sympathy from men,
very great ad vintages will ac
crue to individuals, to the fami
ly and to society.
Col. Schlficiii-e. A Wash
ington special to the Galveston
News says Col. Schleichers rs
port on Mexican affairs will be
the mo3t exhaustive document
on the subject ever submitted to
Congres. Mr. Schleicher will
deal mostly with the causes of
these roubles and the means
nessesary for their removal. The
protection of American citizens
who go to Mexico for the pur
pose of engaging in trade will
be strongly urged.
SECKETAEY'Evarts has been re
tained by the receiver of the
bankrupt Erie Railway as at
torney against the English bond
holder, for which he gets a fee
of $25,000. Tc is notconsidered
to be jnstthe thing for a leading
cabinet officer to engage as coun
sel against the citizens of a friei
dly power. Mr. Evarts should
have resigned before engaging in
an undertaking that does not
comport with his high official
position. If he were a private
citzens his action would not be
subj.-ct to criticism.
The .Marshall Herald pub
lishes Gov. Hubbard's letter to
the editor of the Palestine Ad
vocate in his own defense ot the
charge ot bribery. It says:
"It reads to us, as a frank,
straight-forward statement, and
taken in connection with hi,
high character and unblemi-hcd
reputation, as conclusive. The
charge seemed to us so unrea
sonable that wo paid but little
attention to the matter."'
The Mid-Day Rkvlli its ex
tend a cordial imitation to their
friends in the interior of the
State to visit Galve-ton and at
tend the approaching Maul!
Gras fortiitie.
A Galve-ton News reporter
has been out sounding a num
ber of prominent and wealthy
Galvostoni.ins on the subject oj
Fe 1 .il way The c inclusion ar
rived at is that tho 200,000
necessary to commence the work
ciu readily be raised. One gen
tleman has figured out that at
lea,t 8350,000 could bo sub
set ibej by gentlemen al undant
ly able to take that amount in
bonds. Col. Plournoy Jhinko
-thatritVtho rold was put" 'under
contract at once, the value of
teal estate in Galveston would
imiii -diately be increased fully
twenty-five pr cent. The''
News, in summing up, says :
" rhe'n'iroblem, as, 'defined by
tl esa itnesses, is a question of
ic.tt not can"
At this end of the line, we
are waiting tsell wh?t "will"
b done we have been told
what ''can" be done.
In Tennessee, a jury is said
once, to have played a game of
old sledge, to determine whether
or not the man on trial should
be banged, The game had pro
gresscd until it stood six and
six ; the deal was with the party
favoring acquittal ; the dealer
'flipped a jack," thus' winning
the game and saving the man's
life. The other day at Shaw
neetown, Illinois, a jury drew
straws to determine a man's
guilt ; they pulled and the man
was aeqnitted. The secret of
the jury room leaked out and a
new trial was granted.
A correspondent of the Den
ison jYeics, writing from Fort
Clark,, Dec. 2o, says he has just
returned from a trip through
Chihuahua -and Sonora. The
Diaz government is solid.
Trevino is on the Rio Grande
from Matamoro; to PJedros
Negras with 7000 men. and is
doing all he can to snppress
lawlessness en the border. There
are twenty-seven companies ot
U. S. troops at Fort Clark do
irg nothing.
From all ot which it appears,
that different men see things in
different lights.
According to the statement
of Wells, Fargo & Co., there
was brought into San Francisco
fiom the States and territories
west of the Mississippi and from
the western coast ot Mexico and
British Columbia, precious met
als to the amount of $9S,500,000,
ot which about one hilf was
silver. Of the silver 519,000,000
was shipped to China and India.
It is legarded as extremely un
likely that the people of this
country will h:te more silver
than they can manage lor a long
time to come.
A plentiful use ot cold wa
ter is needed by negroes in the
South if they do not w ish their
race to become extinct. Gal
vestun Visitor.
There are large quantities of
whiskey bionght to Texas which
13 technically known to the
trade as "nigger" whiskey. A
fluid ounce of it would kill a
large sized stump tailed yellow
dog, yet the average darkey can
drink it in unlimited quantities.
Perhaps if they were to Use a
little more water and a little less
whiskey they would live longer..
An old Canadian Ficnchman
residing in the American Pot
tom, some eight miles from St.
Louis, owns about one bundled
acres of swamp laud which be
turned into a. niu-krat farm,
bringing the mu-tkrats to stock
it from the northern part of the
bottom. His crop of rats this
year will be about 20,000 worth
10 cents a rat for their skins.
Mis. A. R. Mc Ooli.cm, for
some time past editor of the
Waco Examiner, leaes that pa
per to take an interest 111 the
Waco Daily Telephone. He is
an able newspaper man and has
the best wishes ot the Banni.r
tor the success of his new under
taking, though it has ery grave
doubts as to the ability of Waco
to support two daily papers.
Tin: Seidell Irwin Combina
tion filled an engagement at tho
Opera House, Jrlfcraon, on the
3d hist.
Tho .mttteJferaW jWkv,
fun at that map of777j&,
The net indebt
Travis cou n ty js $ 1 31
A nine inch sm
Dallas on Thnrad.iy.
were out in full foicc.
SI eigh riding and mi
hujv; ill.; .1 iiMi.irjrijv.
Worth on Fi iday Ta-t
The Hempstead Mesen
has a good wor.l to say I'Wiue
G. C.1mu5IURlwayi
- - A detachment of 'soldiers,
passed through Dallas on Thurs
day, cu route tor San Antonio.
.mw. .1 i..'H 11
Hempstead is iefc-tcd witfTf,
burglars. On Wednesday night
several attempts were made to
break into houses.
Tim McCarty, of thevRang-
ers, who was wcumieil 111 tne
discharge of 'his duty at Fort
McKavctt, is dead. - -
Tho Dallas bootblacks bavo
formed a trade-nnion, and if any
one of them shines 'em up for
five cents he is expelled.
The municipal election in
Houston is going to be a f 1 ee
thing, therowill be two working
men's ticketsand a regularDcm
ocratic ticket.
Meyer Brothers, Port
Worth merchants, are supposed
to have set fire to their store
and have been arrested on a
charge ot arson.
Djiiisou's city prisoners,
five men and two negro women,
are put to work on the streets.
City prisoners will bo made to
earn their board.
The ten inches of snow at
Dallas gave the boys and girls a
chance to enjoy sleigh riding,
aim me -smau ooys una an im
mense amuuut of fun wafting
snow balls.
Texas papers are now trot
ting out their big hogs. Dallas
is ahead so far, claiming a hog
that weighs 850 pounds. Den
ison follows suit with a shoat
that wiighed 565 net.
The fashion editor -of the
Fort Worth Standard confident
ly announces that "Women now
we.ir buttons all over them."
This is a good thing for the but
ton makers.
After an elaborate argu
ment the Noland case went to
the jury on Friday evening. At
midnight theyhad not agreed.
TI13 Houston papers contaiu full
accounts ot the trial.
Dallas has been visited by
a gang of bold burglars and
highway robbers. As a conse
quence several stores were bur
glarized and one or two men
knocked down and robbed.
Factories of various kinds
are being started in different
Texas towns. Comanche has a
steam sausage factory; Hemp
stead is about to h lve one, and
Fort Worth already h.is an
able-bodied shirt factory.
A man named Swiler, who
moved to Dallas county from
Missouri, bought a farm and
was doing well until his wife
took their two children, a team
and two hundred dollars and
Pnblisbing a newspaper in
Texas is not all glory. The
Richmond Four Counties was
literally froze out thrcs days last
week; no stove, no wood and no
glass in the windows. Notwith
standing these little draw backs
the paper came ont.
Henry Thurston, r Mis
sourian, now a 1 evident of Titus
.connty, Toxa, is seven feet six
inches tall, and is said to be one
ot tho tallest, if not the tallest
man in America, and that's how
he comes to get his name in the
At Austin, a Mrs. Charles
Miller, who is deranged, at
tempted to cut her throat, mak
ing a tearful gash. A doctor
sewed up the wound. She af
terwards "tore it open again, and
is now in a very critical condi
tion. The Galveston JYeiot con
tinues to interview le.ding citi
zens in regaul to the G., C. and
S. F. railioad. They all agree
that it is an ab-olulu necessity,
and that it should be built at
Th Weimar correspondent
tado Giliztn says the
lly and' the freed-
active prepara-
v Ulettc
irStandard sav-
230.0V0 buffalo hidvq, are
receive! iwiuu illy' at that pTlto,
which isiieadqu 11 ters for fitting
out bunting p irties.
The DeuTsoir D lily iT5r lute
been enlarged to a siv colnuiir
pjpsr ami is much improved in
appearance, this speaks well
lor D.'iiisonand we congratulate
the News 0:1 its onward prog
ress. A man was brought up before
the mayor ot Denison, on the
charge ot vagrancy. lie proved
th it he was cise keeper in a t.aro
bank and this, in the estimation
ot the jury, constituted a legiti
mate employment. They acquit-'
ted the bankers assistant.
A Victoria county larmer
has jast received a line lot of
young Durham cattle from Ken
tucky. Improved breeds of cat
tie are being brought to va'rions
portions ot the State and in a
tew y ears more the old fashioned
Texas longhorus will soon be
out ot style.
Two n'ogro men, well
known in Houston, named Gil
Smith and Jim Edwards, Ll
that city three weeks ago to go
bunting in Fort Bend county.
The othcrlaythcir dead bodies
were tonnd near a deserted
bouse on the Brazos. Foul play
is suspected.
The Colorado Citizen has
been presented with a bottle of
Mustang wine, prep ired from
the Mustang grape, which
r.i.fnT.3 iIimiii1imMit in flna confirm
of the State. The Citizen ven
tures tho opinion that this wine
in preferable to the best Port
when properly made.
The Jefferson Jimp 'very
complacently tells ot a Brazoria
county merchant coming all the
way to that town to buy goods
because he conld get them cheai -er
than in Galveston, notwith
standing the difference in
freights between the two points.
There is nothing in the world
like blowing ones own trumpet.
Mining prospects in Llano
county are begining to brighten
np C.ipt. Stephens, of Dallas
has bought the Owens mine with
C-40 acres of land and is to pay
$90,000 in cash for it. A gen
tleman who owns a mine and
ten acres of land near the town
of Llano has refused an offer of
$25,0"0 for it. Lauds are sell
ing briskly.
There was some little ex
citement in Dallas over a sup
posed mad horse. He had bit
ten several large peices of flesh
out ot his chest and was con
stantly snapping at everything
in reach. Seven horse doctors
were called, who decided the
horse was not mad. The city
Marshal ordered the -owners of
the horse to take him outside
of the city limits.
Giddings Zo'ie Star. Pork
is dull sale at four cents. . . .No
druuks orfights during the holi
days.... Mr Jesse Egger, just
down from San S.tha, reports
tho wheat wop as very promis
ing Dick Sanders and Ale
Thompson, in the custody of
Sheriff Brown and Constable
McClell.m arrived on Sunday
from Girard, La. The prison
ers now languish in the county
The Galveston JTe-tcs saj-s
a planter in good standing, wLo J
was in that city closing up his
year's business, made an appli
cation to his commission mer
chant for an advance. The
tnci chant inquired what kind of
supplies he wanted, and was
told'tha the money was wanted
to buy bread and meat. The
merchant declined, saying his
firm would make any le.isonable
advance tar the purpose of pur
chasing slock or implement-,
but would not extend ncc.minio-diitiou-
to planters who were too
short sighted or indolent to pro
duce their on provisions.
H!r ik..
' wBHiB '
-vm-itu xifv it on
-Owttor'aa.oys - . Iiatsr
Bn;nl:Rin. Tuxhh
I B. 'UeFirlnn-i. B itlMcFariand,
lAttornoys'a t-Xjn-cvx
UriMilmm, Tfxas.
Ofiei Upst-ori In Atlcnrn buiMing;
uurth sliluof l'nblic Scj'iare. jm-lSwlf
J T SorrU, it U. I, B Crratli, M D.
BrealiniM, Hocky. Aui-lln co.
Physicians and Surgeons
OSers their Profrasimil at-rvices to
tl.e citireiia of Urrnlinni and vicinitj,
Oflice JVood i: Co. Drui; Stum.
Stay 14th 1874. 3m
Surgeon and Physician.
Brenham, Texas.
Rennectfully informs lupoid -lends
of Brenliam nrd vicinity, that helim
r sumeil practice. Oliice" at ilm Crump
er House. uia20d&wtf
Mrs. C. McDOXALD, Proprietress
Opposite the Cotton Exchange.
Oysters, fish andgame inseason.
Meals at all hours. Hoard, -by the
day, wtek or month. sei&tf
Murphy & Brown,
House, Sign and Manner Fain-
ters; 1'lain and Decorative
Faper Hangers.
Main St., opposite Zcisa'a Bakery.
We guarantee to do the Cheapest and
Best work, and would reqnrst parties
wanting anything in our line to exam
ine our work before employing any
one. We also manufacture to order
Show Window Shades. octSOd&wJm
Manufacturer of
SteafflIipesJBoilBfi!1Sa Mills
Mm Oennnj and allkindsof Castinc&
mrl6Cm Houston, Texas.
A full and complete assortment of
Candies, Nuts3 Toys, Fruits, &c.
tust received and for sale at bottom
prices. FAUSTES'O KitEB,
novCStf Next to Giddings Bank.
Of the mo.st superb stock of
Millinery Goods,
Ot the latest styles of Parisian pattern
Hats and Bonnets, will take place on
ZVIcnday, the 15th inst.
Also a cnirplete assortment of French
and Americnn thiwers, and plumes of
the lalest design.
Ladies are invited to call and exam'
1 le. Respectfully,
Takes pleasure In announcing thathe
is now prepared to apply to ginB hia
new Patent Gin-Dress at reasonable
rates. My mode of dress is superior to
the briarpoint, or any other in use; in
asmuch as it iIms not nap, cleans the
seeds, makes a bettei sample and gins
I have also procured, at a heavy ex
pense, a njw patent '"gumming ma
chine," with whic'i I am ensbled to
repair i okn 0UTaiJ-sws, providing
new teeth and making them do as good
no.-k as a ne gin. Satisfaction guar
anteed iu eery instance. 1 am now
ready for business.
All orders sent to me at Hempstead
r leit at the Brenham Banner oflice
will receive prompt atti ntinn.
eeptSly T. B- OULESBV.
Barnes House,
Corner Main Street and Texas Avenue,
Houston, - - Texas,.
and furniihed with entire NEW
J. L. BIR.ES, Proprietor,
Late of UaOiinzton Restaurant,
Bryan, Texas.
The popular caterer, PHTER LOl
S1ILI.E. Stowanl.
Fine samplH roims, aud special at
leiiiu to iraellS commernsl gen
tkueu. uugol tf
Baker cml, Confectioner,
Main StreetBrenhain, Texar,
TWler in Staph and Fanrr Orncerf"
Wine', Iiiqnnrp. Lager BrtT, Acv 11-
ri.i.d, fresh Cakes and Pies on hai.d 1 1
r I). G. SMITH,
Brenhnm. TexfS.
All ordnra filled prnmptlyaHlfrtnj;
prices. Patronage bOliciud.- Si
-"-, Y-blST.";
:-- .-.-
Barbcr'and Ilair-Dresser,
Ant street, under tl. Central IIot,
Brrnham. Texas..
Shaving, ltamp"nning, dylrg ad
hair rutting -done to order. rjvlrnnj;i
wuiciiea. Jan 21 W
Dealer In
Fancy Groceries, J'ruits,"'-Xut'5J
Cigars and Tohacto",
Croekery,Glass and Queensrarc,
Under Central Hotel,
Hrrnham. Texas
Cash paid for butter, chickens. egf
and ilium s ic fruitu, .TJie Patroiiagu t f
tbe-jiublic solicited,
Oct. S tf
Groceries and 'ProvisioES,
Brenham, Ttxan. ,
A full and complete Start alwavs on
hand, for sale at BOTTOM FHJlJHKtf
forTHECASU. ' ' -
Give us a trial.
j -9
Gm, Pistols- aiiu Amiiiiiij,
and manufacturer of
Fire and BurglSr Proof Safes,
Ant street.'Brenham, Texas.
Guns, Pistols and Safes -rej aired at
short notice. Iron doors and window
blinds made to order." All kinds of
cartridges and ammunition kepi on
hand. Octnl)erJ9,'T-ly.
Blacksmith? ',
vand manufacturer of
t2?Spe.cial attention given to Uorps
"SnOEno, general job work and repair
ing. Terms liberal. Shop near Stay
nard's Livery Stable. u June 18." 74.
!. -W. GrEABEB,
Dealer in
Watches, Clocks.
Jewelry, JSpertr
cles. Silver an
Plated 'Ware.
"Brenham Texas, -
Repalra dono on short notice and
warrantee:. Alt Goods
warranted as
Jgfl. A. IIEALY,
Eartainff Implcaeitt?, Castings
Hoes, Chains, Iron, Steel,
Stove.Trimmlngs and Tln-ware, of al
kinds, Paints, Oils, VarnMies and win.
dowGIoss, Buggy and Wagon material
Bnbber Belting, from.lJ to 18 inches
wide. Packing of all-kinds, and all ar
ticles appertaining to the Hani ware
Feb. 1.1 Jx ain street. Brenham
Honse Furnishing GoodaP.imps of all
descriptions. Cooking and Healing
Swvis, in large variety.
Wrought Iron Pipe and Stiam Fit
tings cut and htted to order. -Roofiujr
and spouting done at almrt notice.
Thankful for tl.e liberal patronaga
bestoweil upon the old firm, e rispect
fully solicit a a ntinuance of the si.ine.
Brenham, July 2Gth. 1873.
It. tt&JPjmJLAJN,
Dealer In
Iril 8 tlf'i'
Gents'1 Eurmshtng Goods,
Ladies' and Misses
Hosiery, Hoods, Shawls; Robes
Jewelry, Silks,. Safins, ,,
Lawns, &c. & .
All of which will be sold al vi'rv rea
onable Pguret fornadyraelu Call ai d
nxauiine my bi"-k and i.ricie.
r? jrsjs, lKWSSk
H -J j-1
Kfl. -
- .-i--&fe-frSfr-

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