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The Weekly Banner
. ,3?rjlay, January 25, 1S7S.
J5DIT0RIAL .notes.
Ex Gov. Jajh.s R. Gkoomk
lrtsLeen elccfeil United States
Senator from Marylmnl.
Gov. Hubbard has perfected
,.. nrrangeracnts to keep Captain
J -lla'l's command in the field.
-Iowa, savs the Fort Dodge
mr,Tinin, is tliejirnud possessor of
-forty-sevon dei.uiltiug county
, treasurers.
Gov-. Gkak, of Iowa, was duly
-inaugurated at Des Moines.
..In his address he warmly urged
remonctizjtion and resumption.
Thk negroes Feein to prepon
derate in all the Southern pen
n?itentiarie3. Virginia has 1,163
convicts, of which 935 are nc-
Tite Banner doe3 not wish
"-to he profane, but it does seem
.as tliough tho newspapers were
liavins a h 1 ot a titna on the
licll question.
Coeneucs Taotkhbilt wants
thr dolhin ot his dady, mid
wants them bad. Dallat Com
.imercial. Who or what's "dady?"
Tun last caso against ex-Gov.
' Rulloek, of Georgia, has been
disponed of, resnlting in his ac
quittal. This ends all prosecu
tions against htm.
Gks. John S. AVn.uAjis has
been elected United states Sen
ator from Kentucky to succeed
'Thomas'O. McCrccry by vote
of 126 to 11 tor Boyd, Repub
j lican.
Dispatches from Rome give
a Jull and concise acconnt of
tho funeral obsequies of the de
ceased king, Victor "Einanuel,
. ..-which were" very imposing and
The passage of the pilver bill
and repeal of the resumption act
will have a tendency to knock
the stuffins out ot bankers and
speculators in gold, hence their
stubborn opposition to tho meas
ure. ' " Tna Marshall Herald enter
tains doubts as to tho propriety
ot Col. AV. W. Lang becoming
ax candidate for Governor, yet
admits that ha has u perfect
' "right to ran. Then turn him
loose and cle.ir the track.
CoHSionoitE Geo. X. Hollins
" die'd in Baltimore on the even
ing of the lSlh in.tnnt, aged 79
--,ycar3. lie commanded the
, ,Eloop-of--wriir Cyane, which "bom
barded Greytown,Nicaragna, in
1S5A, and Berved in the Confed
erate army during the late war.
Peace to his ashes 1
It is stated that in many of
the Northern States greac inter
est is manifested among me
chanics, tanners and laboring
men in regard to Texas, and it
. r u highly probable that the tide
"' ot emtnigration to the State
- this ywr will be greater than
' -v 'So far as we have seen the
noustoirlye is the only news
piper in Texas that docs not
heartily approve of and fully
endorse the masterly speech of
Senator Tool bees. In the eoti
inattun ot tho Age all the news
papers of the State are astray on
the financial question.
Thk famous $50,000 cow
which created so much talk ir.
this country a lew years ago,
has found a rival .in point of
proportionate pecuniary worth
in a $502 rooster, The English
Agricultural Gazette is respon
sible for the assertion that a
game cock was recently sold for
the above excessive price.
A jiecttso was held in New
York, at which the following
trades unions were represented:
Bricklayers, philters, machinists,
blacksmith1, ciispins and eigar
makers. Resolutions were
'" adopted asking that Congress at
once abolish the national banks
and pass the Bland Silver bill
"without nmendment. and also
repeal the resuinptiuu act.
Houston's Texas "Western
Railway is in much the same
condition as another railway
that the Hon ;ton papers delight
in poking tun at. The old
board ot directors of the T. W.
R. are waiting tor the new pur
chasers of the road to do some
thing, and the new purchasers
are waiting for the old board to
do something, so both ot them
arc waiting.
A meeting ot the Board of
Directors ot the Gulf, Colorado
and Santa Fe Railroad was
held in Galveston on Friday
evening. Several bids were
presented to construct the road
to Brenham and Beltou,one ot
which was incomplete, and at
tho request of tho party further
time was given, and the board
adjourned -to the call of the
A writek in the Ilonston Age
complains that railroad com
panies sell immigrant tickets to
pr'neipal points like Galveston,
Houston and Austin, and that
after the imirant arrives at
such place he is compelled to
pay regular local fare at the
rate of five cents a mile to
reach his ultimate destination.
This, the writer thinks, is
wrong, nnd aks that Texas
railroads remedy the evil.
TnE Ilouston Telegram, re
gards the passage ot the silver
bill as a forgone conclusion,
and remarks, by way ot paren
thesis, that srold has sunk to
101$ in New York, the lowest
point for many years, and this,
too, despite the hues and cries
of the moneyed oligarchy of the
North, who would have the
dear people believe that the
remouetizatinn of silver would
but result in a higher premium
for gold".
A Washington special to the
Galveston News, dated January
19th, ftatc3 that the Secretary
of War reports Confederate
army records -in 'print to the
end of 1871, and recommends
the publication ot all in posses
sion of the government entire,
and as rapidly as possible, so
that they may be made,nvailable
for general historical use. lie
a.-ks aii appropriation to con
tinue the arrangement of these
and of Federal records, and that
an oxtra number bo printed and
sold at a nominal price.
The VicksbnrgJTieraZef says:
There are several persons in
this city affected with" Texas
fever, and every day we have
calls tor papers from that State.
It thinks that all who contem
plate moving to Texas should
thoroughly inform themselves
of the situation and know ex
actly where and what they are
going to do when they get
here. Texas has plenty of room
for all comers, provided they
are ready and willing to work
on tarms. Adventurers and
idlers had better stay away.
As an evidence that adver
tising pays, it is stated on good
authority that Dr. Tutt, whose
pill ad. appears in the Banner
and nearly every other paper
in the State, paid tho newspa
pers over 100,000 for advertis
ing last year. He has, of course,
sold pills enough to pay for all
this, and has a handtome sur
plus. The idea of the enormous
quantity of pills that have been
swallowed, makes one feel a kind
of a weakness in the epigastric
The British Parliament mot
on Thursday. The Queen in her
message, says, the Russian suc
cesses convinced the Porte that
he should endeavor to bring the
war to a cloe. She will spare
no efiort to bring tho war to a
close. Hitherto, in the war,
neither ot the belligerents has
infringed the conditions on
which her neutrality is founded
and she willingly believes that
both are desirous to respect them
so tar as it is in their power.
She expresses thanks that the
famine in India is ended. Her
relations with all foreign powers
continue friendly.
A wink is as good a a nod to
a blind liorse. The Galveston
Civilian could print a better
Institute ot Learning fur the Blind.
"We have received the annual
report of Dr, Frank Rainey,
Superintendent of the Texas In
stitution of Learning tor the
Blind at Austin, for tho fiscal
year ending August 31, 1S77.
Dr. Ralnoy calls especial atten
tion to the fact that this insti
tution is not in any sense an
asylum, as the blind are not
received here simply to be taken
care ot by the State, but that
it is nothing more or less than
an "Institution of Learning" or
a "Free School tor the Blind,"
where these untortnnata? arc
educated at the public expense,
the same as seeing children are,
at the ordinary free schools. A
strong appeal is made in favor
of the blind, who are particu
larly helpless. At this institu
tion they are educated and
learned a trade or profession
by which they are made self
supporting. The buildings have been put
in a fair condition of repair.
The ordinary branches of a com
mon school education 'are
taught; also, music. The boys
are learned broom, pillow and
mattress making, the girls bead
work, tewing, cutting, etc. The
progress of the boys is wonder
ful as compared with the ad
vancement made in other
sc'iools. During the past ses
sion sixty-five pupils, twenty
eight males and thirty-seven
females, -were admitted. There
nre forty-five blind children of
suitable ages in the State, who
are not in school. The Legis
lature from an oversight failed
to make an appropriation to
enlarge the building?. The to
tal expense ot the institution
for the year was 516,921.99.
There are many interesting
features in the report.
Washington, Jan. ll.Sena'c
Howeot Wisconsin introduced
a bill to punish forcible obstruc
tion of inter-State commerce by
railroads. Refcred to the Judi
ciary Committee- This bill
grows ont of the strike troubles
ot last summer.
House. A bitl granting pen
sions to tho serviving officers,
soldiers and sailors of the Mex
ican, Creek. Florida and Bl.ick
Uawk wf rs was reported and
ordered printed.
Washington, Jan. 18. Senate
Unimportant business occ.ni
Sied the morning hour. Mr
atthevs' silver- bill was taken
up. Mr. Mcrriman, of North
Carolina, Fpoke in favor of it.
Mr. Maxey, of Texas, also spoke
in favorofthe bill. lie said he
would vote for the pending res
olution cheerfully, becauso he
oeiieved the weltarc ot the peo
ple imperatively demanded it.
Adjourned to Monday.
House. The political disa
bilities ot Charles L. Scott, ot
Alabama, were removed. An
hour was spent on private bills,
and eulogies were pronounced
on the late Senator Morion,
after which the House adjourned
to juonaay.
Ben Hii.i., ot Georsrin, having
come ont in opposition to the
silver bill, his constituents have
concluded it nothing but fair
that they should come ont in
opposition to him. The Savan
nah News, in referring to Mr.
Hill, says :
Not only have Mr. JJilPs pe
culiar financial viows, as ex
pressed in that interview, been
almost universally repudiated
by our people, but'leading Dem
ocrats have successfully contro
verted them in unanswerable
nrguments, while the prev?, with
scarcely an exception, bas re
pudiated his course on the silver
remonetizing question, Koine go
ing even so far as to invite him
to resign a position in which he
niisreprefcnts the sentiments
and opposes the true interests
not onfy of his own immediate
constituency, but ot the great
mas3 of the people of the coun
Wood & Low We take pleas
ure in calling attention to the
new ad. ot this firm, who keep
constantly on hand a large as -sortincnt
of sash, doors, blinds,
flooring, ee'ling, lumber, wagons
plows and agricnlturel imple
ments. Now is the time to get mar
ried, the Banner hasju-t re
ceived a fine lot of wedding
note paper and envelopes to
mutch, also neddiug cards.
TnriiCj- Satisfied.
A opdeial to the London
Slnnilar.l from Constantinople
says many rumors are current
m regard to the attitude ot the
Great Power. It is said tho
Grand Vizier assured the Ger
man Anib.i-fl.idor that the Porte
had determined to make peace
with Russia, leaving any power
which objected to the conditions
to settle the matter with Rus
sia. The instructions of the
TurkMi plenipotentiaries are
such as to make the conclusion
of an armistice absolutely cer-t-iin.
The Turkish press is en
joined to show the greatest mod
eration, and is enjoined from,
ntttacking the Czar.
An official account of the cap
ture of Shipka Pas states that
of the Pasha's, 2S0 officers, 25,
000 prisoners and SI guus were
captured. The Russian lo-s in
killed and wounded was 5,4Ci
TnE Marshall Harold adverts
to the fact that our present
judiciary system is very defec
tive. We have entirely too
many court, and their sessions
are too frequent. It is court
every mouth in the year, nnd
"sometimes every week. Courts
are expensive luxuries, besides
it takes valuable time from per
sons called upon to serve as
jurors. It was expected that
the last Legislature- would have
amended the law, but they neg
lected or failed to do so. The
Herald siys: "Let us see if a
more intellisrent and creditable
Legislature than the last cannot
be elected." Those are onr
Tnn Ilonston Age is ot the
opinion that it is not contrac
tion that is playing such sad
havoc in commercial circles,
and causing almost countless
failure, but it is rather inclined
to attribute it to a want of con
fidence, dishonesty' and rascali-
'ty. Very rarely does a busi
ness house close on account of
the stringency of the times. It
i? the dishonest3' of failing
debtors th.it does tho mischief.
This dishonesty begets a gen
eral waut of confidence on the
part ot monied men, and capi
tal is locked up. When the
rotten concerns have been de
strayed, when integrity is again
a general business quality, cap
ital will gain confidence, fail
ures will cease, and business
will revive.
Corn is a dull sale in Bas
trop at twenty-five cents a
bushels, says tho Advertiser.
This shows the disadvantage ot
not having railroad connections.
In Illinois, a State that has
more miles of railroad than any
other State in the Union, it is
doubtful whether corn is sold as
cheap as twenty-five cents a
bushel. Here in Texas we can
raise almost as much corn to the
aere as can be raised in Illi
nois Missouri, or yet they pro
duce corn as a paying crop, on
much about the same plan as
Tcxis farmers rainse cotton.
South America is a large con
sumer of corn. Large quantities
are sbipped from New York and
Baltimore, and there is no reasou
why we sii"nld not be able to
compete with the Northern
States in the production ot this
staple commodity.
A Special dispatch to the
Galveston JS'cics of the 22d
inst., says there was a largo and
influential meeting in favor of
the silver bill. Ahout a hun
dred members, mostly from the
West and South, were present.
Buckncr, of Missouri, presided,
and said the repeal of the re
sumption act and the remone
tizition of silver, together with
the destruction of tho national
bank, is a matter oi prime
The Williamson county
Sun is in a very bad way. It
wants to know where his cor
respondent, Florence, has gone.
Wc rather suspect that Flor
ence is all right, and it he will
only wait he will find out that
the "gal"' is sound.
Itseertis that all the inter
ior papers of Texas are hellhound.
" Tfce- V-Icburnc Tribu
dead. a
Gen. Rice Maxe
Lunar county, is dc
Waco "isTnakit!
preparation tor the i
Mai Fest.
iv new mntrar
tlic Trinity Tiinird, i
s-anized at Forth Wort
The Denison and
JTexas railway already ha;
miles of its rood
The Texas papers are be
ginning to find out that "oleo
margerine" is sold for butter.
. The Comanche CAiHsks.'
a leading question it wants to
know if you have had the
A lodge of the Knights oi
Honor, numbering thirty mem
bers, ha3 been organized at
. Local option in Bell county
was almost unanimously voted
down at the receut election on
that question.
Cars now run on the Dal
las nnd Wichita road as far as
Denton county. Work on the
road is progressing.
Over a thousand head of
beef cattle are being fattened
on the surplus corn in the hands
ot Bastrop county farmers.
A fire in Crockett destroy
ed Castleinan's dwelling and
jewelry store and Prowitt's livery-
stable. Loss about 5000.
Coppers are being paid out
for change by several retail
dealers in Galveston. The day
of car ticket currency is about
Coal has been discovered
near Decatur. Tho vein is five
feet thick and two hundred feet
wide. It is pronounced canncl
An ineffectual attempt
was made by the prisoners to
burn the McLennan connty
jail, at Waco, on Wednesday
They had a ball in Com
anche that proved a failure, be
cause there tv.is not tnough peo
ple there to make it interest
Tub Oakville, Live Oak conn
ty, Tribune, has suspended.
Messrs., F. H. Church & Co.,
the proprietors offer .the paper
for sale. ,
Georgetown is coming out.
Her city officials have just fined
a couple of colored females five
dollars cash on the charge of
The nonston Telegram re
ports the vargaries ot a mad
cat, which has bitten a number
of dogs and a small boy. The
cat was killed.
Auegro Vondoo doctor prac
ticed on a negro girl in San
Antonio until he killed her.
The grand jury will now prac
tice on the doctor.
The Austin Capital, nn
avowed greenback organ, fully
endorseas the speech of Senator
Vooihees, of Indiana, on the
silver bill. It doss not want to
inflate too much.
The Marlin. Hall hoists
the iame of Major Tom Ochil
tree, "the lied ifanger ot the
Rio Grande," tor Governor.
If gas will snffice to win the
race, Tom will fill the bill to' a
The Austin Statesman re
ports a list fight between Capt.
Lee Hall, of the frontier force,
and Capt. John Price, of
Rodriquez case notoriety. The
latter was very handsomely
The janitor of the Galves
ton court-house, says the News,
has discovered during his four
fears' experience, that utter a
young man has 6wept out a
lawyers office tor two years, he
can get his licenses as an attor
ney. After much trouble and
delays the Mexican murderer,
Cordova, has been turned over
to an American officer by the
Mexican authorities at Piedras
Ncgra. He i supposed to
have killed five or six persons in
Bexar county.
i .
ir-HP-TCTU in
Tiie" Indians are reported
nv-i)ci"- on another raiding cx-
i?nti throivh Mason and
Two men have
a lot of horses
fjom McKavett
tic Asylum
of Harris
mail, to
er insane
uraoie patient nan to
be discharged to makoVdom for
A daring burglary and safe
robbery was committed at Den
fsjOn on Tuesday. The cracks
men, , three in number, entered.
the Bank Exchange, and .with
a ppTke maul knocked the lock
ofl ot a Hall's patent safe. The
thieves secured several hundred
dollars worth ot plunder.
Mr. Paul Bremond, the
projector and proprietor of the
Uonton, East and West Texas
Narrow Gauge Railway, has jnt
returned from a trip East. Ha
feels much encouraged at the
prospects of his enterprise. He
reports heavy declines in the
price of railroad iron.
The Statesman says Aus
tin is filled with people want
ing to work at any' price, some
being so hard np that thev are
willing to work for their board.
In this county there is a great
scarcity of farm hands, they
being needed in the Indepen
dence, Washington and Long
Point neighborhoods, all large
fanning districts.
The Marlin Hall states that
Col. John D. .Logan, the veter
an Texas editor and founier of
the San Antonio Herald, is
lying qnite sick at the residence
ot his brother-in;law, Col. II. L.
Bennett, at Hog Island, this
connty. The journalist's sands
of life are fast passing away.
The Waco Examiner says
in regard to Durham cattle that
they do as well as native breeds.
It states as an instance that the
fifteen head owned by one gen
tleman have increased to fifty
odd, and not one, either of the
original herd, or its progeny,
have died.'
The Washington Star says
there is but little demand tor
silver. The Treasnry Depart
ment received but one order
for silver coin to-day, and that
from a Pennsylvania bank.
There has been paid out to date,
the 17th inst., 333,335,000, and
the orders are rapidly falling
The Bastrop Advertiser
says the Lone Star Mills sent a
number of wagons to adjoining
counties after wheat. Here in
Washington connty wc pay ont
thousands ot dollars every year
for flour. A Bastrop connty
man, who is unimpeachable,
says they can and do raise on
an average as mnch as twenty
six bushels of wheat to the
acre. This result has been
brought about by a fateful selec
tion of 3eed and proper care in
Tho Belton Journal com
plains of reckless shooting
aronud that town.
Marshall Herald: The
Texas Court of Appeals recent
ly decided that the statute ot
Texas prohibiting the intermar
riage ot whites and bj.icks is in
full force, and not affected by
the Constitutional amendments
and the Civjl Rights bill.
Vicf oria Advocate: The
people ol Refugio intend having
races at their town in April,
and have raised , purse ot 600
to induce horsemen to attend
The Konnan stallion
brought to the county a lew
years ago was recently sold for
$1,000 Considerable wheat
has been t'owa in Goliad connty
. . ..The newly elected adminis
tration will be expected to re
pair the streets ...A dance
was in progress ot J. J. Bon
ham's in Morale'. Mr. Prnss
asked a young lady 10 waits
with him. She declined, say
ing she was tired. PriisS im
mediately drcv his pistol, and
placing it at his he.ul fired, tho
body falling dead in the center
ot the room.... 39? votes were
polled at the city election....
Samples ot wheat grown in this
vicinity have been submitted to
several Northern miller., and
replies received stating that it
will, make a gojd quality of
Tlie Old Cemetery.
Breniiam, Jan. 19, 1873.
Editou Bakneij Have been
waiting -for some weeks to
finish work" on the "old grave
yard" before announcing the
facj. Sickness and other mis
foi tunes have kept me from
.finishing as early as I would
have done. On tho 13th ot
'December we enclosed the yard.
After doing this I lonnd that
otherviroprovements might be
made, and commenced clearing
off the "'yard"' of underbrush,
briars, etc.,rcm')ving old, tum
bledown "private yards."
Spent one wqek at this. Found
a great deal to do in the' way
of priming; trees, clearing off
briatv; in tact, in places almost
equivalent to clearing land in
Lwoodland. . There are still some
tnnds on hand, which we pro-'
pose at some time during the
year to expend on the yard,
improving the appearance "of it
as mueh-as possible. The look?
ot tho "old "grave-yard " will bo
yery much improved hv the nur
sery that will bo planted ou three
sides ot it by Mr. Wiebusch, he
having recently bought the land
adjoining the" grounds. Thns,
.Vou see, Mr. Editor, there will
be but one string, the Iront, ex
posed, and that 1 propose hav
ing whitewashed shortly. Re
spectfully submitted.
J. E. RrjCEEK.
A Card I have" this day re
ceived of F. A. Eagelke, agent
for the IJoyal Insurance Com
pany, nineteen hundred and
eighteen dollars and thirty-five
cents cash, in full payment for
loss by fire on my dwelling
house and furniture.
Brenham, 19, lS78.--d&wlt
"We call the attention of onr
readers to the advertisement of
Simmons' Liver Regulator,
which appears in to-day's paper.
Thi3 standard remedy does not
deserve to be classed with the
many patent nostrums so liber
ally advertised throughout the
connrry. It is one of the very
best preparations ot its kind iu
use; and is recommended by the
regular practitioners of medi
cine. It has a large sale in this
city, and can be found in ajl
our drug stores, a bottle or
package should be found in ev
ery family, as its judicious use
is almost certain to prevent a
a bilious attack, if taken when
he symptons first 6how theuw
selves." Purchasers should he
careful to see that they get the
genuine, manufactured only by
-J. H.Zeilin &r Co.. Philadelphia.
If yon want the best pictures
you ever had taken go to Callo
way's Gallery and you wHl be
Brenham. Texas'
I. B. McFariand. Bates JIcFarland,
il.ttornoyo-a t-Xja.-cu-,
Brenham. Texas.
OlEce Upstairs in Allcorn building
north aide of Pablic Square, jdelowtf
Seth Shepard. C. C. Garrett,
Brenham, Washington conny,Tex
SetU Shepard.
C. C. Garrett
JT- A. Rector.
Giddings, Lee county, Texas.
IT. B. Business for Lee connty
should lie sent to Giddiufrs office; for
Washington cuonty to the oIHch at
Br. nliam. jlySOdiwtf
J T Xorris, M D.
Rocky, Austin co.
Physicians and Sarscons.
OSers their Professional sorvices to
the citizens of Brenham and vicinity,
Oihoe Wood 4 Co. Drnsr Store.
Mar 14th 1874.3m
Surgeon and Physician.
Brenham, Texas.
Respectfully informs his old friends
of Brenham afd vicinitj, that hours
resumed practice. Ofliceat the Trump
pl er IIou. majiOd&wtf
Barber and Ilair-Drcsser,
Ant street, under tho Central House,
Brenliam, Texas.
Sharing, shampooninflr, dyinj; and
hair cutting done to order. Patronage
solicited. Jm 29l(
Pajnler and Whitcittsher,
Work done in (rood stylo and war-
laoted. WW-aIo fhrniah mufic for
1IN and parties at Jjl 00 a night; cldl
dreuN parties half price. Can be found
t JcPuuald V Auuipe house, ljji jjt.nui
NO.. 4
D. G-. SMITn,
Brenlnm. Txs.
All ordHr filled promptly at llrlnji
prices. Patlonao solicited.'
Baiter and Confettioher,
Hun Street, Brenliam. Teiis.
rt'ftler in Staple nnd Funi-v OrnorToi
lVitie.', Liqnors, LagflrBwr, lie. Hot
rori, tresli Cakes and Pira on hand at
all tun to.
flTflPP.TTfiCi . onr? TVvrrifr? r.
l""jy' """ J-iUWUUt,
Brehliara. Texas,
A fnll and complete Stack a warn on
hand, for Kale at BOTTOM FIUOHiU
Give u atrial,
Oct8. isnf
finis, Pistols aaii-Araiiili!,
and mannfactarer of
ire and Burglar Proof Safes,
Ant street, Brenliani, Texas.
Oaua. PUtoUnnd Site "re paired at
short 'notice. Iron do-r and wind-m-blinds
rondo to. order. All kinds n(
cartridges and ammunition k'pt nn
hand. October 10. '7-It.
Denier in
JFancy Groceries, .Fruits, 2uts,
Cigars nnd "Tobacco,
Croekery,Glass and Quecnswarc,
Under Central Hotel.
" Brenliam, Texas.
Cash paid for butter, clilck-niv egjrs
and domestic fruits. The Patronage of
the pnblic solicited.
Oct. 8 tf
Murphy & BroAYii,
House, Sign and Banner J?ain
ten; Plain andJJecorattva
PaperH angers.
Main St.) opposite Zaiss's Bakery.
Wepnaraiitee todo the-Cheaest anil
Best work, and would request patties
wanting anything in our line to exam
ine our work before , employing- auy
on?. We "also, manufacture to order
Show Window Shades. octSOJ&wJJra.
Confectioneries !
A full and complete assortment of
Candies, Nvtsj Toys, frpits, cc
inst received and for sale at bottom
nov28tf Kext to Gidding Bank.
and manufacturer of
Brenham. Texas-
X3S Special attention piven to Hoes
SiioEINO, general job work and repair
ing. Terms liberal. Shop n-r Slay,
nard's LiTery Stable. June IS. "74.
gkr..ajs:e -
Of the most superb stock of
Millinery Goods,
Of the latest styles ot Parisian pattern.
Hats and Bonnets, will take place ou
ESonday, the 5th inst.
Also & complete assortment of French
and American Sowers, and plumes of
the .latest dusigrn
Ladies are invited to call "and exam
ine. Respectfully,
Overnne hundred and thirty volumes
from. Ilie most eminent nnthnrs in tills
department of investigation have al.
ready been secured, and other will ba
added as they are issued. Wtks ot
Owen, Peebles, Brittan, Crowell. Davis.
Edmonds, Watson, and more than filly
other American writere, Instides many
English and French Scientist, areiiow
offered for the parual of tlm ci izir.s of
Brepbain fre of charge. Conditions to
thnsu not citizens -nrin ot book denes.
iled till its return
. . - .. .. t .
Library at tlit-ttortt
of J,
Harnesg Manufacturer,
Opppostte If ewboner's Store,
Bbeshasi, Texas.
SADDLES. Harness. Whips. Fpurs,
Glrtlis, Briilei. Wars, Humes,
Traces. Saddlo Bigs, &c, alymi
hand for sale. Upairiu a specialty.
All work warranted,
apiCtf A.STF.LZ1G.
Hemrst'eacU,: Texas
---.vc J"---ZZ,
. . j. r

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