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, . The Weekly Banner
Friday, Eubruary 1, 1878.
'.,; ' Bilcd coon and cabbage."
v Il.xi. is yet in the way of the
9 .
,.' Tire Uornea arog is i le name
r- .
of a paper in .Shelby couuty,
.'One bv one tliefo?es Fall.' The
Houston Age becotnea an even
ing paper.
The Hempstead Messenger
man is having a liunp fun over
mock marriage.
IIkkk comes our triend ot
, the Waco Telephone and asks
.a "waist" question.
Axd now comes the old Gal
. yeston Civilian, and wants to
know something about hell.
J Tiib San Matwo . Free Press
U offjred for sale bythe proprie
tor, Mr. T. BL. Julian. He offers
a bargain.
The Gcrmins propose a via
' orous interference with the
"English settlement ottlio Turcu
Jlussian war.
-"Tiik Texas cattle law of Mis
souri has lieeu declared nncqn
fititntional by the United States
Supreme Court.
Thk-Popb is getting worse.
II o has been sick fcr the lat
joar or two, but cannot make
up his mind to die.
The nunc of onr friend." Jos.
D. Sayers, is suggested for lieu
tenant governor, and seems to
. bo fully appjoved.
Tue London Times does not
approve of the term . or peace
that has"' been made for the
Turks aud Russians.
" 'IltJ-SuV'teruis harc'been fiHly
agreed to 'on the part of the
Turks without any advice on
the part of the Russians.
A negro was sentenced to the
penitentiary from Pittafield,
Massachusetts, for life for com
mitting an assault upon a lady.
Tkxas border troubles continne"
to. trouble the Congressional
committee on Foreign rclttions.
Tertimony is still being taken.
RicirxcNn, Va., is now erjoy
ing a "sensation over a default
ing State Treasurer. The au
thorities seem to have the best
ot him.
Tnc worst case of wit that
Las come under the observation
of the BiN'irEtt tor many a day,
13 the calling by an ox-driver, of
bis oxen, asses.
All the young rascals who
are likely tq be -Invostigated by
the committees in Washington
are offered protection by the
Somk of Senator Blaine's ad
mirers psikl him the very hand
some cutnpliincnt of deeoratihg
. Ills desk in the Senate chamber
with a fine boqutt.
To Snow the small amount of
Iegistatiou before Congress it V?
stated on good authority that
there are-onTy two thousand bills
before that respectable body.
First clasi laborers are now
hiring at $60 to S0 per year in
Alabama. In slave times a
flegro man who was anything of
St field hand was worth from
$150 to $200 a year. -
Herb we come with more
fan thrown at Secretary Schurz
of the Indian Bureau. A
Washington city paper says that
he bis been run away with, and
not had his linen injured.
It appears that Hill and La
mar voted, against the silver
bill in the Senate, in this re
spect it is apparent that they
have, made a sad mistake. The
popular opinion favors the bill.
It appears from news at
headquarters that there is still
a Freedmcns Bureau hospital
"'in operation at Washington
city, but the newspaper report
ers are entirely excluded from
getting any items.
J5F" Top can get better pho
tograph likeni ssenaj Robertson
& Co. gallery than 'at any other
' -gallory ir. the city.
The Galveston Visitor k a,
lively and entertaining news
paper containing.; fair amount
of Texas items dUhed Jip iu a
style that Is Wasteful to the read
cr, j
Thk TjUrcoTtussian war -appears
to be about ofer. Russia
is to have everything its own
way.- England is completely
hnaten out and is .now willimr to
let' Russia ,make her. own terms.
Ifow comes Senator McDon
aid. of Indiana,- who sets itrthcj
seat lately ojcjnjpsnyjtiie
.worst i
the South, O. P. Morton, our
bitterest enemy, and introduces
a bill in the Senate asking the
establishment of a mint at In
dianapolis. Somk of our Milam onnty
friends have been very badly
taken in by trying to save a
little tohac."o tax. It teems
from a Rockdale dispatch to the
Galveston ZTnot tint the boys
up that way have le:n chewing
a little illicit tobacco.
.dT a meeting of the Senate
Comraitee on Foreign Affairs, a
tew days ago, professor Welles
Williams, a gentleman who has
paed many years in Cliinn,
spoke in favor of Chinese iini
gratioo to this country. Tic is
said to have taken a missionary
view of the question.
Aoais we come to the front
with a favorable report of the
progress of the Gulf, Colorado
and Santa Fe Railway. Mr.
Kopperl says that the road is
bound to be bnilt, aud that the
subscription will aud must be
made and paid. Galvestou is
bound to build the road.
Osk ot our representatives in
Congress says that tlie demand
for American goods in China is
practically unlimited. The ar
ticles particularly UEcd are cot
ton goods, of the commonest
-TOake,ueh'as drills, jeans and
lower grade ot shirting, goods
that arc needed and worn by
the laboring classes ot that
densely populated country.
There is but little doubt that
so soon as cotton manufactories
are established in the south
where our staple product can
be inaScinlo saleable goods and
disposed of we will then have
pro-perous times; but hardly
before then.
Silver Bill FagM-ft the Senate.
Senator Matthcws's
nay the public debt
bill to
ot the
United States In silver coin of
412 J grains to the dollar ot stan
dard silver, was passed on Fri
day by a vote of 43 to 22.
Here is the roll of honor:
Yeas Allison, Armstrong,
Bailey, Beck, t Booth, Bruce.
Cameron of Pa.,. Cameron, of
Wis., Chaffee. Coke, Conover,
Dcvis .t III., Davis of W. Va.,
Dcnm, Dorscy, Eusti, Ferry,
Gordon, Grover, Hereford.
Howe, Johnston, Jones of Fla..
Jones ot Nevada, Kirk wood,
McCreery,. McDonald, McMil
lan, Matthews, Maxey, Merri
mon, Morgan, Oglesby, Plumb,
Ransom, baulsltury, Saunders,
Spencer, Teller, Thurmaii, Yoor
hee, Wallace, Witlers 43.
Nays Anthony, Barniim,
Bayard, Blaine, Burusidc,
Chribtiancy, Gonkling, Dawes,
Eaton, Edmund. Hamlin, Ker
nan, Lamar, McPlierson, Mitch
ell, Morrill, Paddock. Randolph,
Rollins, Jsargcnt, Wadleigh and
WiiiJom 22.
Tlie Fort Worth Standard
says the African race, lacks the
energy of the white man. He
will not work-and do the same
amount of labor in a day. It
he canjinake an ordinary living
of corn bread and bacon in a
day's labor, he lcels perfectly
satisfied. As to a lack of en
erZ' wo think ho is a little
wanting. Our friends and fellow-citizen,
the colored mani
is compelled. to he a hewer of
wood and a drawer of water.
Things are getting entirely
too cheap in Texes. Dcnisqn
has had two nickel saloons, aild
they tailing to pay their town
license, were both yanked in
and fluid by the Mayor. To
prove that nickel saloons were
a good thing, they both paid
"Biled conn and cabbage." .
jrarnaft!lc ttiqnrtte.
Tho Austin S'atesmdn has
rea'd1 the' prt ot Texas many
and manya jlccturo on imper
sonal journalism, yet it takes
especial and particular, delight
in referring to certain editors by
name,-In its issue of Friday last
it.pay,"U-complimeats to the
Dallas Mefald, and also the
Bonbam!-$ic man, mention
' log Wie.ditprs, ot-.buth papers
by name. The day. and time in
which personal jornalismex.
isted Jiaai"pnsseLat Jea9tjwith
?"brJtltvards7hmwEpaperpefejSdingTo any
btanding. lo , tlie ordinary
reader ot a newspaper it makes
but 'little or no difference
whether Brown, Jones or Rob
inson edits a paper. It a news
paper cannot stanb on its own
merits, it had, perhaps, much
better suspend. Who in Texas
knows or cares' who is the editor
ot the New York Herald, the
Sun, the WorM, the Tribune, or
the Boston Post, and the hun
dreds of influential ppers in
the United Stutes. It, in the
estimation of this paper, has
ceased to interest the readers of
it win) may be the editor. News
papers established on a solid
basis last not for a day, but for
years, and many years beyond
the ordinary lifetime ot a man.
TheTIartford Courant, a year or
two ago, celebrated the hnndreth
anniversary of its existance.
The 'ordinary experience of man
kind certainly teaches us that
the readers of a paper of that
age who read the earliest num
bers have long since passed out
ot existance, and in addition to
that, -their memories are uu
honored and unsung.
The St. Louis Itcpnbllcan,
one of the best authorities on
farming in tlie West, says that
.farming is the best and safest
occupation in the western coun
try. The farmers imagine they
alone would be the sufferers
from tho stringency of the times.
ThUaeeras to" have been an en
tire mistake. The Bepnblican
.ays, speaking ot fanners, that
they must think differently as
they look to the cities now and
see the toppling of old. firms,
and the crash ot banks, insur -aneo.
companies, railroad com
panies and manufacturing
houses that have fallen before
the storm. This paper has
withstood all the financial crNis
that have swept over the Missis
sippi Valley, and it is now con
vinced that farming i the best
and only reliable thing for the
mass of the peoplo :o be at.
The havoc is greatest in those
cities whcrc'wealth and luxury
made the most ostentasious dis
play. What were supposed to
be colla6alfortiinps were swallow
ed np iu a minute. During the
year 1877 there was 8,872
commercials failures, involvipg
liabilities of 8190,669,000; and
during the four years lrom 1874
to 1S76 inclusive there weie31,
534 failures, with aggregate
liabilities ot 873S,085,00".
Mns. Gaines' Claim against
be remembered that about two
weeks ago Mayor Kane referred
to City Solictor Findlay a com
munication from a Washington
attorney claiming that some of
the property Sold by the city at
New Oi leans on account of the
Mc Donogh bequests, is claimed
by tlie well known Mrs. Myra
Clark Gaines as part ot the
property to which she has
come in jxisaesoiou by the de
cision of the Supreme court
about one year ago. Mr. J,
Proctor Morse is the attorney
rcfered to Mr. Gaines thought
that Baltimore would be reluc
tant to do her justice, and she
therefore sent her attorney, Mr.
W. II. Wilder, to make an im
mediate settlement with the
city. Air. Wildej was at the
mayors- oflice yesterday. Mr.
Wilder stated that the courts
decided that the property sold
by the ci'y was obtained by
John Mc 'Donogh under a fraud
ulent deed, and that it is val
ued at $75,000. Mrs. Gaines'
claim, with interest, for $10,000.
she is willing to compromise
$50.000 Bltlmore American.
Pkacii and Honey I Old
peach and 1'reeli honry at Hirrch-beru'fc.
HallDaiis Jfath. n hitler Acquitted.
Special to the BOJKXR.J
IlKMPSTEAn, Jan. 26, 1S78.
The cae of Hall Davis and
Nathan Whitley, charged with
the murder of a German in
Austin county, about two years
ago, was tried here this week on-i
a change of 'venue. Tlio ver
dict was "not guilty."
JSetting of. Caies on Civ Docket.
"wAt a meeting of the Har As
sociation, held at the office of
Giddings & Morriss, on the 24th
day of January, 1878, it was
agreed to set all jnry casus lor
the sixth week, as follows:
Mosr.AT, Feb 11.
.ri227. Wliitaker vs. Xewman.
5JS7. Lundon va. H.ST. O. R. R.
Tcesdvt, Fra 12.
5105 Fink v. InMiranceOo.
5172. Dyi r v. Healy
Wkdxesiuv, FkD. 13.
5350 Hodge, D.xlart & Co. vt. Bron-
B35I. Herrrn Bron. vn. Brnnenkent.'
5395 Hatfi-M tn.Hntfirld.
54GG. flendwrenn vs. Hatfield.
Tiiuiipdiy, Feu. 14.
5.175 Willi &Bm. vk. Whitman.
5470. Bariu-11 b. Williams.
Fhidat. Fiat. 15.
5377. Caranl-ll v. Br-fdlove.
5405. -Chad wick vs. Frlder.
Saturdvt, Fib. 10.
5448 Bncklry vs. Fw-nrinppr.
54U). NiclioN va. Inurance Co,
Cases tt for tlie srventh week, ivnd
to bo tried by the Court as follows:
Monday, Feb IS.
4098 Hudson va. Nrwmsn.
50S8 lVch v. Bnt!-tt& Bisett.
5474" H- nders n vs. Hatfield.
Tuksday, Fsb. 1!.
4908 H- & T. C. R. It. Co. vs. Bind
ing. 452 Pfeffercorn vs Ke'rr.
Wednfsdw, Feb. 20.
5090 Davis va Uarrett.
5404. S-lmi-key vs. Ayers.
Thursday, Feb. 21.
6277. Fi-clicr v Lizowitz.
5430 SMtinanvs Hirschbrrg.
FitinAY, Fl.B. 23.
5178 -Waidwell v.. Matrhett.
5420. Ii-irketi va. Cruzir r.
S tbbdat, Feb. 23:
All divprc caess tet for this day.
5"47. Fmith vs. Smith. .
5348 Hensey vs. Hen&ey. . , . -
6.H9. Roks vs. Ro.m.
5412 Newman vs Xawman.
5413 Bradford vs. Bradford.
5416. Washington Vg. Washington.
5423. William, vs. Williams.
542S Thorahill vs. Thoruhill.
5444, Moore v. JI-ore.
54-i3Po.ll vs. Powell.
6454. Paiki r vs. Patker
54111 .Wagoner vs. Waconer.
5182 Stevenson v. SteveLton.
5 '68. "wlev vs. Wiw-ley.
54G4. WMiu'ni-. r. William.
54G5. (1 raves ys. Grave.
5478. Biadford vs. Bradford.
The following cases are left on'call:
4053 Campbell vs. Gentry
4733. Campbell vs. Norman.
478. Atkinson vs. Davidsun.
41195 Tiebijf vs Hughes.
59S Moore vs M.iore..
5319. City of Breau&m vs. Slater
and wita
5400 Smith vs Evans.
5411. btoues vs Sniitb.
5421.- Csrt' r v. Harbtrnian & War
34 17. (1'ddinjrs vs Kramer.
5i.)8. Jackson vs. Wilkin.
544.1 ni vs. Kannle.
54(10 Maj fie td vs. dates.
5471. (lentry vs. BrtntJldter.
547rf Clark va. Cuiry.
The following cas.es are continoed:
45')0 Robertson v. Felder.
4601 Turn vs. Tom.
49.2ft Haim s "t Stone vi. Hammond.
5135. Bonoc Brothers vs. Bailey &
5178 Anderson vs. H. & T. C- R. R.
5209 Melntyro vs. Low.
52-35. Bmk vs. Bank.
54.i Cirolton vs. Mclntyre.
54113 Simtli is. Wilkiii.
5477 lrleton vs. Calloway.
5179 Barnlull vs. Heirs, of Barn
kil. JOHN SATLES, President.
BATEiM'FAitLAND, Secretary.
Remember This.
Now is the time of jear for Pnnn.
lunula. Lung Fever, Coughs, Colds,
and fatal ."-emits ot predisposition bi
Consumption and other I hroatand
Lung disease. BoKcn.e,& (icriiiaii,Sr.
up has '.een useil iu this neichboriiood
for the past two or three yearn without
a kingie failure to cure. If yon hive
not Uhetl this niedicino yourself, jjo to
your druggist, R. E Lull n &. C3 and
ask lilm of its wonderful success
among his cutotner8. Three dose
will relieve tlie worst cast'. If jou
have no faith in any medicine, just bu
a sample bottle of Boscliee'a German
Syrup fur 10 c-nts and try It. Regular
-use ottle 75 cent. Don't neglect a
chance to save 75 cents
The Dreaded Consnmptli'ii.
Creeps in upon u unawares. Ilia Fad
ctnsequnce of having once t.o often
neglected a tr'fling cold. Defy this
unwelcoino viritot by using Par'.er's
Ginger Tonic on the first appearance
of a "ough. Cold or Sure Throat, and
you will escape the danger. TUe is no
cure equal to it, and its powerful ac
tion on th mucous surfaces of the
throat and lungs, removes all soreness
and inrl uuuiali.jp therefrom, and pro
lect the feeble from Consumption.
Kquall) valuablo as a corrective, the
thousand of ladit-s who suffer untold
mi-eries from tunctional derangements
will gratefully appreciate its conrort.
rs ir gives entire relief from Painhil
l'vri'Klsand establishes the lieullhlul
regularity of the disturbed functions.
Buy fmui yjur druggist, R K. Lu'in
& Co, a $1.00 ho'tlo or a sample Untie
at 15 cents and trr its merits. d.W
Closing out entire tall and
winter goods, blanket, shawls,
clothing flannels, etc., to make
room for spriti"; goo.I., at J).
V. B!ooib.irh"c.
Day laborers
two dollars per d!
- Charlvarians
ble an,
- favette d
healthy condition,- h
797.61 in tne treasnry
JThesLasrango Record asks
the names of all deafand dunilj
persons in the county,
- It seems that Dallas s a'80
plentifully supplied with can
didates for city officers.
The Denison News Bays
that on Wednesday last fifty
bales of cotton were received.
Among other aspirants for
I Gubernatorial houors, the name
of Sir. Kopperl, of Galveston,
is announced.
The Hempstead Messenger
reports the killing of Tom Bell
an old and highly respected cit
zen of Waller county.
County candidates are be
coining as plentiful as grains
of sand on the sea beach. This
connty is no exception.
B. C. Craft, editor of the
Lnling Commerci'd, died on the
25sh inst. at Luling. lie was
quite an elderly gentleman.
The Telegram of Houston
claims that that city has no less
than forty tramps camped in
the calaboose ol that "place.
The Mcxia Ledger says
the LaGrange Record was the
worse case 'of printing that it
has seen in a long time.
The Austin Gazette says
that Austin is 'about completed.
We had hoped that the capital
ot the State was 'till a grow-
The bridge across the Bra
zos river at Washington has
been completed, consequently a
"considerableamount oloiew trade
will go to Navasota.
We iniixt say that Col.
Openheimer, ot Victoria, is tl c
best advertiser in the interior of
Texa. If ho does not do a good
business, it is certainly not his
King Fisher has by his
long confinement lost much flesh
and now has a very haggard
appearance. Ho has been taken
to Medina on a vrit of habeas,
corpus. r
A man named Bates, who
had been assistant -postmaster at
Granbury. Hood connty was rc
cantly captured by means ot a
decoy letter containing a $20
marked bill.
Tho La Grange Record
says now is the time to plant an
early crop ot Irish potatoes.
There has been m-iny thousand
bushels of them sold for seed in
Brenham this season.
'llio Dallas Herald has an
article under the caption of
"Hooking Hog,,, it has been a
prevalent opinion in this part
of the world that hog- could
-not be taken in with hooks.
Victoria connty is now the
happy possessor of en eleven
hundred dollar 6afe, all the way
from New York city, and better
than that they' have money of
their own to put into that safe.
The Dallas Commercial
learns that everybody in Fort
Worth is in favor of Throck
tnoi ton for Governor. The Dal
las papers are doing some hard
work for their favorite candi
date. Tramps are still flocking
into "Dallas, thq Herald says
thev seek the .surbrubs of the'
city and insist upon the ladies
feeding them while the gentle
men are down town attending
to business.
Heiecomes the Waco Tele
phone with the biggest drink
story that we know of in the
entiro State ot Texas. It is
very moderate in its demand,
surely, claiming 5.900 drinking
saloons in the town of Waco.
A Fort Worth loke says
that whi'e he wa6 runniug
around looking for things, prin
cipally 'chickens; he came upon
a scene that was 'calculated to
demoralize a chicken thief. This
kind T1 a storv is rather thin.
aro 'es
ITVt k
-'i ull.ui.ilcMlHHHHHHHHHHHHr1'
tV P'
drummer drooped intol
was put through a
half a column
explain. The
was taken
hen shot at
run was the
Such is life. Here is "Big
Foot'VWallace, who has been
celebrated in every dime novel
inxiJie United States, settled
Ldown in the neighborhood of
It 83.11 Antonio as a farmer, with--oufao'mneh
as even. 40 "acres
"and a mule. '
The Fort Worth Sandard.
says that meri are takon up for
carrying concealed weapons and
fined by the city authorties.
The justices of the peace then
inflict a second fine sim
ply for the purpose of collecting
costs. The multiplicity of courts
in Texas makes the trimmings
the object without trimmings
the courts could not be run.
Notwithstanding the fact
that the Galveston Civilian has
been one of tlie most foremost
papers in that city to defend
Sclim Kinker, the deceassd
county treasnrer7 it says in its
issue of the 22d inst., that his
bold men has made a compro
mise with the county nutliori
ties on a basis ot $3,000. This
looks as thongh" there was a cer
tain amount ot erookedness
The 'Wago ' Jixaminer re-
.ports the appearance 111 that
town of a crazy man, who last
year made his appearance in
Brenham. He has a mania for
climbing trees, and preaching
sermons to such people as he can
induce to listen at him. When
here he was run out of town.
There is but little .doubt the
Waco preacher, is the same man
that was here. How' he" has
managed to eke out an existence
is a mystery.,
The city of Anderson now
boasts of. three schools. What
other city or 337$ inhabitants
can do as much? Navasoia
No Doubt of rr. Portraits of
friends and relatives in all ages
were and are desirable, but be
fore the days of Daugareotype,
and subsequently ol Photo
graphy, 4the prices, Qt pictures
were tpo high for any but the
rich to indu'ge in that has ,al'
beejj changed by the develop
ment of photography to its
present state of excellenbe and
the cheapness of its products,
thus placing the much desired
likenesses of our parents, sisters,
brothers, children and friends
within the reach of every-one.
We all recognize the fact that
when we want pictures taken,
we wakt Tns best, tney can
only be obtained iu Brenham
at Itobertson & Go. gallery, op
posite Mrs. Schwarz's millinery
"We call the attention of our
readers to tho advertisement ot
Simmons' Liver Regulator,
which appears in to day's paper.
This standard remedy does not
deserve to be classed with the
many patent nostrums so liber
ally advertised throughout the
country. It is one of the very
best preparations ot its kind in
use; and i recommended by' the
regular j ractitioners of medi
cine. It has a largo sale in this
city, and caii bo - found in all
our drug stores, a bottle or
package should be found in ev
ery family, as its judiciou use
:s almost certain to prevent a
a bilious attack, if taken when
he symptons first show them
selves." Purchasers should be
careful to see .that they get the
genuine, manufactured only by
J. H.Zsilin & Co.. Philadelphia.
The Bank ke is now prepared
to do job work at miraculously
low "pricps, having just received
a large lot of new' type, find
stationery, especially adapted
for wedding, invitations 'and
fancy work.
Mb. Calloway is taking bet
ter pictures than was ever taken
iu Brenham.
Square meals for 25 cents at
the rheuix Bcstaurant.
5Cotton Seed Wanted.
Highest cash price paid for same'
delivered at uiy warehonse.'
dw3ui J. A..W1LKISS. ,-t
For the cheapest imd ' best
selected stock of Dry floods, go
to .Newboucr Bros, new dry
goods palace 0:1 Main street.
Ji'ST received full and com
plete assortment ot embroider
ies, laces, silk 'handkerchief
fuhucs, ties, gloves, corsets,
notions ot every description,
sold very cheap, at D. W.
7?vnTTr-rrnr. 2rrtil
-.....'WW.Air.,. .a.rvu, C- I Hill U
meals for 25 cents at'thc Phehix
IlEGAnnLEss of cost for the'
nest thirty days - Newbouer
Bros, will sell tujeir. .immense
stock ot goods' at a great re
duction on former prices-Come
aud convince yourself that we
sell-cheapfic Tlffil-tlroBieapest?
Billiards. Hirschberg's el
egant billiard saloon is free for
the use of his customers.
Twenty-five cent3 will pavfor
a good square meal at the Phe
nix Bestanrant.
Eveettiiiso reduced to bard
pan prices. You will save
money by purchasing dry goods,
boot, shoes, clothing, hats, caps,
dress goods, etc., at D. W.
HiBspuBEBo keeps the only
first-class saloon in the city.
He sells none but the purest
and second hand, with and with
out tops, for sale at Park's Liv
ery and sale stable.
Gbkat sacrifice, , Jji-it re
ceiver'250set collars and enfis,
at 10 dents a se"t; worth 50
centsvfltiNflwbouer- Btos'., new
dry goods palace on Main street,
next door to Eldridge.
Newbouer Beos.
1 . 1 '
Hibschbekg'b mixologist, Tal
bot, is au fait in preparing
seasonable drinks.
Evebybodz uses it. The best
iu the country. E. Anhenser
& Co.'s Bottled Beer. D. W.
Bloombargh', sole agen, Bren
ham. '
Just received K-fnll mid com-,
plettline in-Jadies, misses and
children's Shoes. Mens', youths'
and hoys' Boots and Shoes 6old
at 'remarkable low figures, at
D. W. Bloombargh's.
Ir you want the best pictures
you ever had taken go to Callo
way's Gallery and you will be
AttornoyB - at -Xia
Brenbatn, Texas'
1. 3. McFarland, Bates JlcFarland
A,ttornoyB-a l-Xia-ccr,
Brenham, Texas.
Office Upstairs in Allcnrn bnlldlnjr
north bide of Public Square, jut-lowtf
Seth Shepaid. C. C. GarrrttT
A,ttorneyaataaT ,
Brenham, Washington coun'y, Tex.
Seth Shepard. C C. Garrett
N. A. Rector.
Giddings, Lee connty, Texas.
K. 1). Business for Lee county
should be sent to GiddinRS office; for
Washington county to tlie- race, nt
Brmbam. jly2Udwtf
Surgeon and Physician
Brenham, Texas.
Respectfully informs his old f-iends
of Brenham and vicinity, that lie his
resumed practice. Office at the Crump
pi er House. may20d&wtt
J T Korri, M D.
Rocky,-. Austin co.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offers their Pjufrssftnal services to
the citizens of Brenham .and vicinity,
Orace Wood 4 Co. DrueSfW.
- May Hlh 1874. 3m
Earning Implements, Castings
Hoesx Chains, Iron, Steel,
Stove Trimrcinps and Tin-war, ofal
kinds. Paints, O.la, Tarnishes arid win.
doir Olrfcs, Boggy and Waijnu material
Itnbber Belting, from 1 to IS in die
wide. Parking of all kinr'g, and all ar
tisles appertaining to the Hardware
Feb. 1,1 .v ain street. Brenham
promptly at this otSfe. .1
'Maker and Confectioner,
Main Street, Brenham. Texas. -"
Ponlar in Staple and Fancy ftmcrrjot
Wines; Liquors, Lajjer Beer. &c Ht
fvni, .frej.li Cakes and J?hn. on luutd at
all times.
DrenhamT. Tfjras.
AH orders filled promptly at ifrlajj
prfee JUuoaigb soIicTteuV
"K-. n. Feb.l2"c
Barber and Hair-I)rcsser,
Ant street, under tLe Central House,
Brenham. Tux...
Sliavlnjt, hampnonin, dyfnjf and
hair suiting done to order, ratmnagt,
solicited. ' Jan .29dt
Groceries and ProTisions,
Brrhbam, Texas,
A tall and complete Stack alnsvs on
hand, for sale at, BOTTOM, FIGURES
Give us a trial;
Oct8, 1874.
Murphy $ Brown,
House, Sign'anilDanne?'Pain-
tersj Plain and Decorative
Paper Hangers.
Main St., opposite Zeiss' Eatery.
Weg-uaraiiteu to do the Cheapest anil
Beat work, and would request paiuea
wantiDg anything In our line-to exam-ine-jOnr
work, before employing any
oo. We, also mannfactnrn to order
Shotr Window1 Shades. octS0d&w3iu
jyjfRS. D. PETERS,
laler' in
Fancy Groceries, iFrnits, Xntj,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Crockery-jGlassand Qnecnswarc,
Under Central Hotel,
Brrutiaro, Texas.
Caslrpahl'for butter.-rhicki ns, epirs
and r'omestrc fruits.. The Patronage of
the public solicited,
tfl . Blacksmith Q
and manufacturer of
Brenham. Texas.
"Special attention jriveri toHnnss
SuOElso, general job work ai'd re air
Inir. Terms liberal. Shop .near Jfay
ntrd's Livery Stable. June 18; '74.
Gins, Pistols ul linfflticB,
and manufacturer or
Fire and Burglar Proof Pafes,
Ant-Street, BtenhamTexaK
Gnns, Pistols and Safes-Te.aired at
shoit notice, . Iron donrv and wiiidir
blind made to- order. AH kinds of
can ridges, and ammunition kept uu
hand. .. . October"19. 17-Iy.
Oppposite Newbrraer's Store,
Brkjtiiau, Teias:
SADDLES, Harness, TVhips. Spur,
Girths, Bridles, Collars, Ham,
Traces. Saddle Bags', Sic.. alaysiu
hand tor sale. Repairing a, specialty.
All work warranted. .
srrutf. ' ' ".A..STE1.ZIG.
House FitrnlshlnirGoods, P..mps ot a 1
descriptionR, .Cooking and Heating
Stoves injarge variety.
wronglit lrorftPipe and Steam Fit
ilngs cat and Stlrd to order. Rw6ug
and spouting done at short notice.
Thankful for the liberal patronage,
bestowed opou'the old firm. i trr ect
fuly solicit a'enntlnuanee'of the in.t.
Brenhsm.'Jnly S6th. I8T3.
t . j Dealer la
6ew' furnishing Goods,
Ltdies'and Muses
Husierj, Hood3, SLawls, R0I105
Jewelry, Silks, Satins,
Lawns, Src, itc.
All of which will bwsuld at vtry re
sonable figures for ready cash. Cull d
biamij,e tuy ctoik u-J iukle.

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