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Brenham weekly banner. [volume] (Brenham, Tex.) 1877-1907, March 01, 1878, Image 1

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This Veekl j-;Bhnrier
Brians, "M&noli lt 1S78..
A.'RKyournojr is now raging
, ,in San Domingo:
The jilver bill "us amended
fey the Senate p-u-d; tlie. House: !
, . . i s ' M
-Caxaujl andSew:v,1it!Kln(
1i Leeii. visited bj.stbcbig'geat
flood pnTifcord.
X- KcintE :' orTVisa .race,
lioe$ are now in tlie fijld-jn ,
tlie old'-Sta'tcs.
auceleJjredlut'eW .Orleans '
and H&rUGi!i)'4nr '1 '
v-&s "".
E-Xowso- sends-a - represent,
latlveio;tliV 'rtoR9 ' ff-J
1.7 atfdal'-vavfc:' S!io?iek3 jjf
fiirtnqnakea liavaJaeealreqiieiit.
Xiik' fjaivcstsnr -Fwtor has
suspcti.asd.o'eini; Inp'rgcd with
. tho'CrSlt-ftiton. JoiirAtd(of Com-r
tneree. ., .u ---
yrnKCiHanipsl'iil Gfecn-
hickBHwSll'M3ii-liald i conrcti'
'tfS).anJ 'no'jilnate aStat5 tick
h ?.!! "
r KW .Bjmoajft, tUft.i'ceii t
raid,:on',liell.lia.pnj.ycl a failure
The solution oCtucijqDwtion is
W: TLuADlafc of Jeffer1-
&$ 'bftfc ilJJit 'A'dSfin. IiftoJ
"('. tiVtH iininKni iif 'ilia 7VM
....,...... ... . -.. . ;--
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.S -. .. . 'r.. '
- a3- , m .-
1&MLnixi$i:Diar ' b'a!" . throa
the mstriimentality ot "Biwriarck,
'len'fitfallyj3i6seii.-jvsthe place
of iMflfereBceio settle -the East
. .-.-., c - "
iern qaestipn.fc
.ft1 K 1 'r-
c The Galveston' "Hews- Bivs rt
js.' in TOoeipt ;pr"a' imass; ot corres-
'pndeircp :fyorirtg' divers' perr
ocraticfitatj tiokta t -
,' '-. "''
,The RaHs-UortluTfeci is in
taviirof aXeglslative amend-
iiient .mjniiTiig. the publication:
ot all SIierifE;ales.'' "Th' idea-
js.a good' bnelior newfipapers.
DispiTCiira are being eent!
from "London -to -liow tliat
Ameriewn securities are declining
in value. This is done in view!
ot the passage of the silver-bill.
" - ' " '
Advice? frvy.n the City of;
- , Mexico to 'the 17ih .ihsU- arettj
f." ilieeffeet that.mncUidisappoirit-r
,. in cu tj is,tiI t sat A . hnoi-recog-
nition of the' Diaz "ovprnmeut.
vTirsCireuit cerk otSt, Louis
f iiiaslwcome "crooked."., ile is
chsifged.wltir a'dCfalc'aiiim '6f
trpmS40.0QQ.tqJ.eOjgOQ, and
has .Jjeenuspwdeijfcoui otScc.
iS,friE v'Ia
The home olDmiel Webster,
built in .1728. was recently de-
J(ft'rpycd, by fire. 'Mr, ebster
- .made many additions to it-, tand
at the-time of ltsdustriicUon it
contamed'SO ro'bmlr
Tud'hist re'vised.lrst'Of' the1
fngUivesfrom justic iti '.Texas
luaxcs a Jjook .pt Ciii- .pages,
tive'r four tl7onA$jd 'panics are
in tbebnbkand many counties
are yci.tp,b2,bear jfroip
TnK suspended J'irstr .Nation
al BanKbf Kransas'CityJsays the
S. &'fixprest, owes considerable
money To stock men iu Western
Texas.. , It will be several
months before a dividend is de
clarcd. JTjiKJJeislaturgrfitiKsntucKi
lias passed a law providing for
the establishmcht ot the7 whip-ping-pojt
JpF tTieiyes5" jvlioieal
lessthaii the Valdtfol ftliT." We
thinlc the next- legislator of,
TexaF wc-uld'dofavcll'tO'pass'a
... .-.licai ?j.iix
similar i;i
etill enmijies. the "attdntion of
the Cal'dweirjEaj?.' It'is'oiiiyi
a questipn';of tinie. -ThcbuilH
ins .ot. ."tho road xis. a -certainty,
ilie unccrtuintj ofjli'nnfnn life
renders... jt-yejjjjy tliat
pomel)oily wiH, bo dead-before
:the road is completed: T
It it now about to bceorasa
thoritjr member ofjho Iwp
of Repreent!ititc,,and.- Sana -
tors iu Congrcflr hare, to Tpto
contrary to the, well known
Tvillpf'their jonjtjUnsnta. Mr.
Lamar of Sliwuippi,, rotel,
directly iu oppuitipnVtio',tbG In-
strnctious or the ielaturo of
hia Stute: Mr..j5chjejyherrtL ot,
tlii State, Toted contrary to the
.expresied opiuion .oL the people
of bi congrevsioUai diltrirt.
It is not dontited' that both pen-.
tlecnau were uonest m tnetr
convictions,. laa ' Rapubljcaa
itoautry, here, t the mjynritr
rufea, it certainly loOk a
thoiigh-a decent 'respect fi.r'flio
wHl of"' the ''people should be
bbiurved. In thi9,co3nXetioa'it
has Wen. gujrgeste'dtliat'Rcpre-l
sentAtires in Xoiigreg thdujd
rctura to tLeircousUtupiits alter
each session, anditroui miriglln
witli Ih'a pet-p'fe gather trcikia
spiratidlr torrtp(ub1i"ct "duy-.,
'itho'uf imj.iugiunJheijiqnejty
of purpese of .tIifis,repwjenU:-
tives whu-,Trteiu'ras.iWBy tha,
coimwrfes With thif5OWii0Tip.Tf. ,
' Ii' A4l...rA 4t 1rft f..
' tue peopie beim'oi.uaturdl y. ,
:..'..' . .r.iirr. -- i-; -v .
disposed) to thiiiJbst-v.th'e at-
m'ns'pHere' bt, Wushtugtou it
; it T, -a '
-'UV tVv -!''
The SlUInj; if hu!Baai!e
The.5faJtos.iJfoi con tains a
?nuu -account ot the Raudle'-'
Parker'd;ffiUltT?J An old-toed
f xisted between the parties,-.
,Theyi.inetpiLtbe(.waitj borough
Jatc in Bryan on. J'tiesday ldnt.!
,,r . 5..,
ClUt UIIU J., Vil. illKAUIUlir AMU
hir'lL Z':i '...
pnartHed- were i six-fsbnoters by.
the RandlesJ atid-' Jishoqtfj.
and a doubIe-b2rre(fFh,ot gujj,
by tle; other patieAcat.
fittsen, shot in ali-rW,er8 fired.
.As is tlready knowji-Rush Ran-.
die was killed. Ac6bu"nfi are'.
- - ... .
1 very conflicting Ahe -grand,
fu'rj ol Brazos county u jiow'ln"
..session, investigating the. fatter.
fTJic San An.vtuo.vETPre of
t recent date conUitifi'ail' editorial,
article upon theperajcioui
it that some pnblirofjcert
of-carryiiw' aru.ia. i ais.ao the
opinion ot the BkxiKsr;i the
cause of many' '"difSciiltie and
killings. Men, ' youug""oUe, at
that are.in thaJibits-,ot goinz
about our city, atUiiiht;armd'
... !.... ;.t.i.l. ti..-..m - J.-.K'
luiiic'icciu, - a iic' uuji&ctjucrucp
is' that" many nnn'eceisaryshoef
"mdfs occur. .It" -(he "lawk ivero
' ...i..i ...V ... iir,T.'--.4l
pu uijiriiucu lu.iL wja .suaficc-
ted of carrring-pistoU could be
'taken in by the 'ofliJer's ot the1
law, the cyjl rbuldin.,ji- -great
measure-be doneajfay-w.itb. ' !
' MWByi-r mSw
in a. SteLouM paneiiJthiit the
doctors are. about toTollow in
the foot steps of tliO'Tetair grb--ceVa"
and' laniflbnk, 'A!systemaf "
ic pnlilication xif black lists has-
hoeii inaugurated'.,,-.. These Hit's
pire sent roundf hd.3p,ctorsi'
-landlords-and grocers:- Ther
contain nbtliiHaliut t'lic, naniVi;
of the rccaleirtr'ant" debtors:
Tradesmen-are Iwund to 'protect
themserves' . IrqiCnjtuortaVj
anu clirouic dead-beat?;
t . . , t f t.
The Galveston iVW of Sun
day, contains spcciar""dispatch'es'1
r from Houston st&nnjr'that. aq
cjpn.'ssiirnin an.auen-was at-tafked-liym'asKed.rpb'b'ers!:
express messerij'cr was'- eompef-
le'd'jp admit, thtimen-.-and un
lock his, safe rter;--iliarS anrd
unci aciento. , ,, - .,"
The Darxhr doesnotwish to
be! considered r asj,ii.i .(ho leatt,
caption?, but Trifen. itrTreceives
xclianges tliat are? whofy illcg-
;lbl(5j',it!3 "annWihV'rii one
pnper excliangcs with another
it is presnmcableHjiatltiJoes so
for the purpose of being read.
The Bas.veu in tTfis pa'ragfapli
has ascertain" pap aynuaw;, the'
other papers with which'it has tlie
pleasure of an'cxcliauge, are of
Henry 'HridgesT,5nlia3'Miltpn.,
ParkerJ" ve're:,'en'jS2tflIf'l.om pqe.
tnut'c, r.ol refecrd tP-. " "
sewspamJhs.1- . "
The.ro;ka,ii)it!iB sniflU citr-pf.
- J Brenham becn-made) scrpral nt
tempts to .gnrf. -new papers,
1 The. rnfnbcr of pap?w that liayc
b:cn .started, in every prosper
on town and xci.ty,; notjonly ,o
Texas, bnt in evcrvu other pros
rperoiu ijjate in tho Union, i
abiolatelj a'tppishinjj. , The
iact.U that properon,5 town?
hare, been prareyar.da. for news -
papers.. The Mwspapgr bilsi-
neM, like every .other bnsines is
one peculiar. ,io useii. a man
.lannig ur niioiiij.iiii-iu.Biai i.
or cliv is nttch fabocMis nnder
tho delusion tbat lie kfior?
more aboot it than tie men
who have'beon-'Talsctr practical -printoM,
and Wnpm atlilitJon to;
K.iTJnjr oerto'd years ofMapprcn
'licesliip' ti',tb"b Casino-1 h.iyp
made it a life time .occupation.
ExDinonce has proved; m al-
'rnoit' every 'hity iK fhirconntry,
'that raany'vetitnr'ca ln-tbis line,
lift nlttitwtwleverycity in the
fSonthofhny sizior importance,
jbatone-iOf-twoidaiiy, papers arc
devenrable toiclevofltfcantniisera-
11 o' exrstanceiTi.n . -tJ 5
Jiam'thotD.AiLX. BAxscaMias for
two full years .strjngglodt for 'an
jiCXJtaniCe, jlij, liard; .work -on
,t.he Pjart.ef.h&eduors-and pnli-
,lishqr itf has ranag4..4;o per
,pt.tnata its, existeiiofr.iH.ad it not'
proved rpying.inyistn.ieiit t its..
panucauon woma jpng since
have ceased. t , ,..
The" reading of a hundred and
uiij or uto unuuroo, excnanjies
J.' , 3 "l " fjiHjT. , '.
hr ' t r 'v1 j ' ,i-i;'jj
CTery uj inroiTi po lime laoor
and by ihe 'time a'' rnan gets,
through -wttn . them he .ia not
only sick but tired of ctws
lilm6 "evi'ry "pajierpubllshcd
in the United Ktite.t is ft snm-
m a f r -b t; ' m neral'n'e w -il h at'ik f
the9'va1ns'tli TfaTTieeV pub'
Ifshe'd lif eVeryTotrer'diry ia-pe'With'tner-'-'eicept'iftii
"Home News!' almost evpryj;
.paper. . aifreflex ofJthc daily
nes ot4 th' tfrldV? which ?ij
,nor oannectediby wire::,-1
Tmi.. paTin!r teller, of the
Bank cl IforthiAmerjicSjlin nie.
v;iij ui noxr ,i ors, seems, ov a
iTstematic sfealinar. to Tiavc'snc-
"ceeded In defrauding1 tlfe. h-J'ulC
.out of be large sum of 2S3
V"u. luu lencs 111 ennui; ca-
over ten or twelve
o t rtfci-. : cr 1
year, "and now the qnestioii
arises, is batik"book-keepnig o"
MV value, whatever? Tbn (r-
aniiriers appbhited',tb' look 'into
no WAtiui u&a (lie luuunill".
repoj-t: , -' r
If a 'sjnffle'o'ne'of "the trui
loot hV.rt' earii'estly ind'Ttit'clii-
ihive.beon. eorreetediand 'the
niortunate .tellers embozxle
ment might .harp beeu ehecked'':
la time. r.
; - i -.. it-' hi
' ' '1 '-r1 i ' '-l ""-.- I'.'
. A Isuiibkk of Hortliwestcai
manufacturers au:l business mmc
have lately-h'eeh making a tour;
of Te-iasl Tl.ey recently" " "p-J
' ed'through Houston 'on ' their,
' w'ay'liome. "A Tikcram'fepor-
ter interviewed, Jbem and is.
'ifiiw"' 'nitisfiedtfial ''e're ' many
uwv irtii-;zai .iV!i'tv'r'. "
uitjo uuuaiuu niu ucuuilio h
min'utac'f unrig'1 city. "iPsb it
wiir'add to' tht5'-gorib'ral"prosper
itj'offire-Stafe.1"" 7er' " '
'- Tmwt NatiiMlal Agricultural
Congress, In session '"at! Washin-J
jngton.s passed a r'cs6lti'ti5n to.
theeffeet that the-' goverifment,
ought to controlo--inteistate
commerce and thatConrresi be
Lacked to itako some. action in re
gard tO'it,. TJie main, object
sought to be accomplished is
ippi riTer.t .. -i.i
i " j . . 'jztt-, i
. A yt.jismsaTon special, jto the
Galvcgtpn-Tifnj says nn, rder
has-been issued snspending, the
coinage of traded .dpjlars. apd .
directing tlie mints to be put
in order for a large amonnt1 of
work. Etocv utterance of the
President bbiiils'to a'ye'o; If
Vetoed it wilt 3eVWnlT"bftpaS-
.-,.'.. , ... .. -'. .. !r J.J
yea over uje veto.
- Tire Waco JSzamimr publish
ed Senator .Coke's speech on the
Sently donrs.i dutj-.-imtbo ex- Cpmancho . Qkitfmj tha
!J'U-V?e'ge'neral" supervision, die .l''W60 T? Vki'W
laxity 'of the manasteineiit'niitjliti .'iW-J"!)0" O"?. are. -
silvcT bill in' till l:
:-Victri county is out' of
'ira'skcd itfcn aro on the"
road ncar'GoIiad.
Go'ni pfafitii) is brisk in
Colorado county. '
' Comanche coiinty only
entertains 12 jail bird?:
Mr. L. P.Russcll ha retired
, "from the Comanche Chief.
' The town of Weimar now
contains a handwme park,
vi',l Js jjobd and kites' flv
awav-.oaf in Uomaache coiin-
15'irtd Tom ha? been de-.
li.chti'iiK the mize'ns..oi Colum
bus. " ..
Os Thursday lat. Hemp-. I
stcait receives! llircq, .bjilus ot-
Accnrain", to thff Victoria
Aavvoaate gambling -a iu vokuo
in Goliad.
TnaTaveltfi county Record
proivHeVto roduco. thu .prico.of
advertismpr. .
it H ?-!..: n!. - -r
Ppach and pliijnj-reesgro
in blooni in .the neigji'jprhood
ui uuiuuiuiia
'rh'oiocifl Option "question
vs'si.".-,.'.-i-.t ri.v wi.'i
is now being uiscussea. in
w v.-:.l.".-' .... :.. .
lesoir county.
, -,iOites to Spring" are. not'
. , ..,. .
in ucmantf at tlic.
office .of the
c.ru'i; "'"
vu:uh;ii:uu jj
i"V .
rlvangarpQ courts are now
lashionable.in our, neiKhbonns
city ot nempsje,a(djv , , ,r
,. - The .Aantiu Gazette re-
ports a cock, tizlnV, near thp
j-iowLiur luaaziue in mai cir.,
One ot tho Austin , papers J
.accuses, theptleptjpaving used
.tlm wprjj.i'aud,'' jBJe.yen times iu
Tim Afnnniun.2iilLxtfT)tCl
-las wjns to,kijp,w whatis
jt ii rocKmoncn , a, cauu mate ion
n, .-,.' . .. , . ' ifc..
la, i! goyernorl ,
' '..,. J. - . . :v
J. no Liangertield. Manner
is tho latwt vfctiin ot ivory
rwh"eat.' It ha's been lurnii-lied '
with';a sainp)e
A lively, skjnjijsh ovnred
nearFoit "Vprth, som'e'foriy
slibts were flred bat fortunately;
no one was killed.
" the. boys .of- Richmond,,
J;ort isend county, ate accused
"of 'misbehavior iu ehurch.iTbey
'It. T.ii'u.w2'ii:.' a"'' '
auuuiu kiiuiv oiiner.
V. '-" JjM -. tsi-
The smallpox scare at Bre-
inond is now said by ,GaIyes-
' . rf''A1 . ;t-r .:-. . , r"
ton Aeics correspondent to have,
,.. ;.::,' f.i .1 .M 1- J'"'l
been grosslv exaggerated.
Sin'i,,intonio ; fliaintainsi
volunteer -firo cpnipnnies ybt.
tho City. Council objects 'to
PO'ing.aQP fortber benefit. -
iicu- lu.it.ijiiii iiuienciin
?.-, i ..-: -. -, ,
.-nsThcff Hour.- Counties, 'at
Richmond, .wantsiR.boy tollearh
ilje jprjnting. trade.- It would
r prefcrybne fwJiOi.waiitB to "work
M ,i$9Uv - . ; -
.-The'" "GalVestdn1-' 'Green-,
hacker3;-a're' goirfg1 ' to ta'ke a
hand 'in tlie 'cdmiiiif election' for.
Aldarlneur -Thoy propose npni,,
inatingaudidatesj..-..-!!! i .
Ennishas' "ius'f'bad i!" fin;.'
tlestr6yingtvo frame bifdingsJ,
ono- ofirfthema'.Btiible. ThP
charred remain? ot'ii -man1 waf1
found iin the'lnttee.-ii"u -a f.i
A wat out on the frontier,:
'the newiJapernheriTcut thcii;,
-own wood ahdbuild -their. dwii
fires., Tho.tMasojin Wews-Jtem
lias- had its.Tixeistolc'n.ri-!i
The body of a wfii'o infant i
was-: found Vnma '. branch near
Hempstead? '-.It "wa-'inoiiested.
by. a-coroilors jury and a.vcr-.
diet ol infanticide returned.
The Hempstead Messengers,
flunks tho . prospect tor thisi
Prism oid til railroad" aro now
-gooiT. TliO;compauay-is asking.
bids'fohaul UliC1 in)ir-for- the
first five miles of road v
-The H6uston TJ-egram of
the'22d savs a ifnmber ofyouii"
gentlemen froth that city pro-
"poSo'd ccleliranng the, AVasIiing-
ton s birth-day; by a grand
bear'hnnt all along -the-line of
.-Bremond's .railway ..
,-rThe municipal election at
uaivcsiou is rapiaiy assuming
ponderous proportions many
.parties have been nominated
for position as aldermai).
The Wapo, Examiner con.
tainsrjthe advertisempnt of Lone
Star distillery proposing to buy
an iinliinitcdriuantity ol grain'.
So Ions as the consumption of
distilled spirits coptiu'ues it is
probably well enough to patron
iz3"lfom'e mann'facf'urcj.
'CIiiff: 'Thfde (Iruo:mars,.to:
'each' m't-rchants'havc been jn
town'thfs week, .-::. -
i'.jAII-. tt this ,in. '4tha'city of
Comaneho.-. -.j ,' : s
Jy regard itq,thcf.shopjtipg ot Jack'
Puiicivatf,D.ajIiitifJjT the 'wo
mau IlattipvDuncan it-appears
tliat statements cqnflictif Dun
can say that the, shooting 'was'
unintentional. -Tlicwoman says'
that she intended to. kill lierself
and even went so far as- to'
make tho attempt.
L The ITouston Age of the "23d"
inst. gives a Klowins account of
t)ie Harris countr .school lands
and sets fqr,th tha many advati"-'
Ltages of those, at HocklyMn'
riarns couniy, ox nineu iious
noi is 'uhti. countp reeaS Thesoi
ianysiaro,'now5 says, iheul ,. lor
sale at?oiic3alIamindra half per;
5icre:f,'bt-. - 'r :'r.'
"NostpsI InfiUiienc&M Dal-.
Fla3? ahirblfifces,liftsin'nI'fiVbr-of
fTT-r'prRirfV.4lnrflTiTrPltl-ft Q- ai?i(
n AMiUMi,'Vii."-Wuv, . aww
&f- votft; waBjjitakp, oit local
moiuiis iu ui ji i;iciiu uiaiiiriir
"atfirday-l-iakt it'Va? ueibated
y-'lakt it wa? uelbated
by 27 to'6;a.Tlle!Bisioiiians H&J;
clard thC)Ua.Wra;iarce'. H. "At.
Jlxpreni i,M. ; i . . . .
Richmond Fmir Goilntiesr
The .sensation article, in' the"
iionsron Aaegram or me. AOn,
Vtatiligl that ,there'hadt been
.threeifinnrders'wmiiiitfed In"
Q?tJJ.einUcotrntyiiisjiHji mis
take. , Uae.:rBASHEii?f made- a
un ot tne, i
this corection
'ft ft w l i. f
. CoTlCTKD AOAIX. - Witt
Uank, colorecl, wus convicted
at tho term of this-'District
Court held,. a,.yearagot and Benf-
tenced to.tne penitentiajy out
iihuu hid ci'uiiye iroui uieixmniy
'jair. ' Tutfay'h"e,passb(f thniUgli
I HrimTkCf i.nHl.-itli rrtiillif Tici
L'.Oners'iseiiti to HuritavilTe. . from
JJrenham, and .waa' jecflgnized
nvMr. isrwtpng. It e,vas con
victed the last time under the
naihe of' Hetiry Williams, and;
tor -stealing' ' 'piur'ot-rpxen. -,
llepigsfcqul Messenger
AVXn.Ptipe.tJiatquite-a iarge
.number of onr Stte.uexchanges
t...ut luu auutitiiiu ui iiiu inw-'
thirds r'n'le fn'th'e'State iiomina-
..'- !'. '"fs,r:i.fii'. -;u .- .-.-!
:nn'ii'eoti vention-, 'rhile'we do. not,
.Tcmeml)er..':to ihave tound one
that.ha.exprc?scd.r,itselt -in f'avui-
:of rctjuning.jt. S. A. Express.
' Tins jus 'a "mistake:, the "Marliu.
.Mb.: G.uowxgs's .speech onjtKe'
jilver bill was. InlLpf.fitatistical
tacts, gi vlii'g the'elearest possible
k.Ulli;pLlUIJ J. UIU lll-Uwocllv 1U1
tltO'V'ehibnetizSfioTi'bf silver in a
country, which-producos' it. Iiij
tactthe-spcoch ot Mr. .Giddpig.
cqnstitutes a vacfe tnecum pf in
for'niatiou ,on the currency' ques-'
"tion, which the Btudent of polit-
!-.iciil econinny will read with in-
'finite- satistaction. Oill four
days afterwards Mr; Johea, ot
Nevada .pronounced a pec'dji
bi'i theame ' subject. al wlpe.h..
uie leunung oi me age' anu
country," as itafilf.ts questions
Jjit D;ia.iiqs, was eplate,d.andjCon
(lenswi. with va .degr,cj ot4 pavjil'-'W-iJ calf the Jittee'tioffof bu;j
TKt?' '
fqieich isiasT logical) aB full of
choice chaDfer iiithe best -books
dcVbtbu "tojhc difciissioii of
uuu&iiuna oi pouiieai .evuiiuiiiy.
It lsroi'ily5' tie be1 -rigrctted th.it
tlie cputracted. pages of, a news
,p!fper, printed in a "pent; up
:&tiea;'"'wiir not"adf5itof' the
locallpnbltcatibri oftthese speech
c.- Austin: Statesman. -
U -' ' ,- ;' i.
It.epenistJiti, Lincoln is not:
vet fjirgotten". . Thc.Waslun'gton
iSar'has 'the following: "Lw-
ools" i3 the' p'rbpOscd name ot
tlie" How territory-to be formed 1
o.ntiqftlja, Black Hills .seotiou of
Dakjita and Wyomiiig. , .
"A TRc-Mrr paying "taxnaver '
"is "the 'noblest'-citizeii 'of 'thehi
all.--y. A. Juxprest.'
. . Suppose, ,a uiajican'.t ,pay Jus.
taxes, theu,what? -... i ,--i '
.ifypa wantjtiio bes(t pictures 1.
you ever nau iaKeugo.io,v.;ajiOt
way's Gallery aud yoti will-lib
ie anu learning ana .
anal -speeeHgsl'T'i
The fiillowuig,. is said to .bs.
i ..
an iintailing cura for ?ma'I)os,
liavins: never failed wlien tiiken
i.n.tiine. It is' aW.saTd to be a
cure tor.fcarlet.tever., ,T.he par- j
ty who g.iyo it publicity.-ssvs it-
counties would coiiinel their I
physicians to Use this there
-would ,b9 no. need of pest b."uir
os. ,lt isJiarmless when taken'
by a well iierson.
Snrplfatb of rihc'onc grain;'j
loxiriovc, iingmuis;, one" grain;
half a teaspooniul ot sugar, i
mix with two tablespoon tills of
water. Take a spoonful every
Jiourr-. -Either disease wilt diila'p-i
ninriin .-tvuplvp. hnnp Vm n
I diild. smaller dose, according to
; .T,hk,Baoi.wahd flAnrr.oi'TnK
jArASEE. the Jipanese
habit ot reversing " everthi'ng it
we niav regard our way oi ao
jng. as the prpper ;wa'y,, is very
curjoQs, and in-some, ot jt 'da
fails, very interesting.. ' 'Mr:
Griffiths, in hli i w'rt -pd' .Jap
anese, .discnssc9'it thni: "'A.n.-i
other-man is.plaiiingj, Hemulis
the. plane towards 3iiuJ, 1 1 n'
ii,e"'a lilaelcsmith at work. Ha
pulh the bellows witir'h1sret.
while -ho IsihoH ing andlit'muiei;-
il!Rawith botlijiand. ,H.frhnasey
eral.iron. in .tEa.fLre.tnd. keebi
h'is diniier pot liolliii!; withf ".the?
rvabicu.iiui.-, ins irnoie miuur use
the peuerarinn'boYorsrhTm, seetua
iq getjtheir living -in tlw .fiard-
jWare.line. The. cooper hojds, 'his"
tubs with his loci. 'a of thamsit"
down while" they work.." .Rer
thap's thatlis,an jmmrtalit diffr-r
..eij.ee Jbetw,pen, s Lurqpean and,
things contrariwise to the JaWi
anest? Are we upside- do.wn,.pr.;
war3, ' The-liries4 in bilr "books
cross the nage-Jike:.crawlish,
I instead, o.f gpiiigt downward
urooeriy. jlii a jHu:ince stuoie
we flnd'fhe horseVflarik 'vhere
wclookiforhis-hcad. Jafiaifese
tcrew3.'2iScrew- the others way.
llicir Jocks uirustj to, the left,
purs to the right. The baby
toys of tut? Aryan race squeak
when squetztd; the Turuoniau
gitncraCks -emit, noise when iml
.l:d.anai;k. A.Caucasian, .to -in-
- t 'l ' - I ll' , T
jure uiscpemv, kiiis iiiinza tiap,-.,
anese kilU lii.uself! ' Wlilcli race
:'u Itf). han.Jed! Which -Ijas ; (liS
negative? "Which., the "positive
of truth! Wliafis trSth:"Vhab
is'ddwii! What is upF' . , ,
Ucmembcf Th&; -:
Now is the. ti-j) p of year, for Pin-a
rrintla" faiig( 'Frrera Consln, CoMi;
andf fatal teniilt or1ytiSpnii'tinn W'
.Consumptjon .arid, atlji-r j7 liroat anil
.I.ung distisc, . BiacberaI.(lenuan"S.vr-
upjLM ieon,ufeu in iiua DemuDnriiooa
for the pstrTroor tLren jean, "without
a finetivfaBiirt to' cure. '-'If Ton h.ive
not upd this rnedicinn Toniyelgo to
lyoHrdri)il!itB'Bi HiiHn'& Co., and
.a. .blpi.pt, jfi jWimderfujWiecetif
aruong 'tiU t'uVioitfersl Three donea
avillrjellt-verrttlie worst caa. If yon
( have no taith in any medicine, just buy
aijnipie "b-mlrt'of Bi'iifcliee Urrman,
bvrui) ror-JOo'Dtnauatrrit. Kauaiar
size ottle 7.1 wnti. Dju't ng lect a
cuance to save.vo cents.
'The Breaded Csushifiptlr-n.
3roepa ,in npnd n,UD.5Ti(ree,.tUo did
Lcoii8eqpence otaaing on.ee too often
PneE-lected' a trflinc, ooTcF bffy'tbVa
iinwelcnrao' vmtoi by u.vng Partem
Qinger.Tpilo n Jhe firnt appearnnca
of a Cough, Cold or Sure Throat, and
yoo will escape the darjtrer. The is no
coroequal t Vt.aiiSifa powerful ae-,
lion oi tlie niuctjfls nrfarei of the
thrnat and linCT, removijs all BorenraV
arid tnriaainiatioo-thi'refrom; Vndpr;(
tecta thu feeble from Cou5umntwh.
'Equally vaTuaote as a corrective , tn
tuouanns oi jauifca who auuer.uiuoiu
iui.erieJlrom lunctional derangement
will urat'efiilly ki)prtciate'Hs'inrh:ort.
hr it cirt-f, entlru relief from Painflil
-Peri.idfl and eaiablinheS thrt'n'ealtlilul
.rejiulorltyof the (jl'tarbed function's
Hlhy frmn y mr drnfcit;-ir.'K.-Iiulin.
.V(.Vih:$l,UO bytr.' orasampltfboitln
at to crnta and try its merits. d.tir
; r ,. - t '-. :
.reaaeiwro.tnie aavemseroeni or
Sininions! Ljrer Regitlator",'
w'liicirappearsXn to day's' paper.
'lllis" staiidard'rtiicdy'"doe3 not'
ideaerve tp 'be classed with the,
.uiany.patent .po3,truras so liber
ajjy advertised throughout tlie
conijtrj. Ii is, one of' the very
Best prepa rations' ot sfs'kiiid in
Liife; and is recommended, by the
, rcgujr j Mctitioiiep (of.jnedi
cine. 'It Inis a largo ?ale in this
i.j.j."i.rj'',s.., 'iBr,-v,j"r .'it
buy'drflg 8t0rj a" bottle or
paffcago should be fonnd.irf ev
ery, family,. as its iudiciom use'
a .ahnQst. certaiii , to prevent a.
:t unions atcacK ii taice-.i wnen
he symptons firsf'sliPw theni-
- selves." Purchasers ,'shanld be
paretni to sea that they .get the
f'eniiine, manufactured only by
. H:Zilin,& 'Co'., Philatlelpliia.-
-"''TriB Baxxkb acknowledges
the' receipt of a bean'tituly prin-i
-ted pamphlet entitled "The Fall
ot the .Alamo -by CapK. R. M.
Porter, , U. S. A." be'ng a re-
rrrint. from- tho Magazine m
jAracrican- juistorv, January
187S. ;.-,-
nii HQiiiij:. yiicDiLa. uunu bii
bis work the other stands up'
it!'' TTCKv Jlsf Mt -'thailwe :do-
juey(, Aiieyr q-m .aji-ppr, penr
m'anship ""crab ' writing?' be11
ftnip ' B9v "Mww 5 'erritlc linL-ii-
aieu-'sciuom tiiniK. ot the
(inreaio-ereni of death untilTtlie
shad'o-w ..falls, across vtheir own
path, hiding, forever from their
eyes'" tlie traces of "the loved
'dues "whose living" smiles were
the. sunlight of their, existence.
Ueath.ia the great antagonist of
Hfe, and tho,qolil thought of,. the
tonib'is tlie skeleton of all feas'ts.
'We "do tiot want' to.go -thrbuh
'the dark 'valTejg 'kullough its
pasSHgaslitnayiead 'tb-' paradise,.
and, vith Charles Lamb, we do
not, want,, tp. lip down, in th'fr'
muddy. .grays,, even .with kings':
.tnd-prih'ees for our bedlctlows.,
But the fiat bf fiature' is lnex-,
orable. .There U'nb appeal of
relief, frotnthc great'law winch
dooms, u? (p.. dust. We flour
ish and we.fa3e as the leaves of
the foiest,'anU the fibw'er that
blooms and withers in a day is
not. a frailer houe tibon Hie.
-iii mo. migiuiesc'v. moiiarcu.
.that ever shook, the, -earth with
'Ills footsteps. Gcneratioii8",of
.1 1 .'' .. . !
men appehr and, vanish "as the
grassland the counties multi
tude that throngs, tha wbHd to-t
day. wlrto-morrow disappear-.
assthefootetQps,.on the sbore."
In the beautiful drama ot Ton,
the- instinct 6t- inimortalitv. so
eloquently, utterediby thedeatli
VTevoted Greeks, jinds a; deep
;responsa m every thoughtful
soul; -When "abbut to yield hia
joung existence! as a; Bacrifice4to
fate,, his. bejoyed -Clemantho
.asks if thcy.shall.not meet again,
10 wuicii ne replies; "l have
asked tha? question pf the hills'
that) look- eternal of thd! clear
streams that flow forever pf
Tt'fV 5""-"-"- ." ""iVa '
azure , lny , raised spirit hath
Walk d in glory. " All. were
ifnmb 'Buf '"while T Wze unon
till) lttllWv 4X...A Tl.nl' .!.!. U-KljA
is -6inethingtiri the -love that
rmanjtles .througli ,lt3jbeauty that
"cannot wliollylperisb.. We shall-
-,;. "-
thatt Ineet 1h' tlio Uui whore.
, .. .Bprisgjsoternnt. . t '
Where dark iieds aB.'er..,'."aSlh, nnri-.
" iorrow feor rain: ' " ' .
yiiers,tl fioweri uo'tr faden ia.that
(Jimp, ever verbal.
We"Bball meet, and oo'rv'pirtiaK ,be,
, eer'aic. ,
Kbcelhbeou, , -
Let'remonetixa -hashw .
- jCariuatttre3,w8re of -Italiau.
ontrin.' ' ' ' '
'if'Y, -s : v,- -?. ".
, i-ever striKO. ,a. i,tnous:ache
iiT& ' .
'paneiike ."With
1492'grainsop it.-" t
j-Satan-willdiereitfter-bq swell
ed; jyitba Httle-jW -& " -.
x: Letaimake-adduble; standard
o.diediaiiplea. h t
. j Xliatcver: is... hiayj,Jfe. 'right,
liut it demands explanation1., -
L The swallows. ..ot, -srtmmep
conie with the rniufc julep sea-,'
sort.. ' .
" .'.$
AJynch haugjng in Binsas
shows 'that westward heinp-ire
takes its way. '
, . . j
'Regularfiee'liiuehers do "not
put in appsarancj' until the J
eleventh hpnf of tho day:
",'Contiimed- shgVr-!"nia'king in
-veriiidut is, sapping the very,,
iouuuuuoiit.or mapie trees. .
An" btlitbr "iibpej-hl pleas-
Surest bf -jjnrlsprestinV World 'will
f)bej ."continued- inoffr uextj'
tfo get W straight stdiy from-a.n.-'6yewitpe3s-.it
-must .appear
that the witness. fis ,riot:cro3a-i
.It.is said tlutpawsiare sp con-!.
structed that giff.,ninu knows-
takinV-S'idat' ill T-Hur'ii:n Betr
tcrbe --a deacon' aifd',pass' it
"iH-nnnrl:" v '"-' ' " .
r-" r : ! '.W4 , - ,-...
!,. ,.Tn4K dourt at,New. ,Or'earis in.
the.returniiig board ..case, over-
ruleL..tJietijnptin for ,x new-
iriai in tup ivuaerson case. -
i ' Isp Doubt or'fr'. Portraits of
friend and' relatiVesr Wall ages
we're-and are.desirable, lint be-.
tore the days qt iiaugareoty-pe,
,and .subsf.queutly of, Photo
graphy, the prices of pictures
Wefc i'o high for any but the
ridlr-to indulge in that has all
been changed by. the develop
ment -of- 'photography to its
presept state.pl excelleuce.aiid
file, cbeaprfess of its,.prodiictSj'
tliu.s placing, tho much dcredj
,liknes'es of nnr parent. 'sisterV
Brotlteri' children" arid friends,
within the reach of everyone.
"Wq all; recognize the -fact 'tliat
when wo want' pictures' taken',
wc waxx.tiib, best, tney can
01111? be dbfiilneil in Rrpiiluim
-itt' rtobcrtson & Co. gallery, op
Garpex Si-fia)3. Mr. J". Si
Norton' has on hand a fine lot
of Landreth's f rth garden seeds,
which he is sellidg' at. reduced
figure.-. -
.Twenty.-fire cents will iter for
i a'gooil mjuare'nieal at" the .Phor.
rn'v-"?M!rmi4i'iit - "tf-i1
, B'fRaharu.'Teri,
P. -BVA-J. r. 3wEl2isaE
BrenliiiDf-TefiC- s
-OOefa. Altai' butfdlnff, Evt ;i
of Public j:.are fA,,. 1873 tr."
'V- ' ' ' lf
'i,tB.3rcPi'fUa.t:"? Bite? JfeFurisai'
- ifcF4KU.S'D & -MeirAfiLAXD. .
Drenliftia, iexus.
Office BpntalW'tii Atlsorn ialMtni;
nortli si.! ot VitiU Sajiiro, .JaelSwvf
Seth Shepata. C. Ci OarretV
she?ahd 't Gint?frrf
Bre aUam, WisUIntoatoW, Tx, "
'- -sLu: ZL .41
S .- - - s
SetLSIiepard. '"" LC.QiiTt.tf
" Stsi. Rector. " "
' OiddiBffs,Leacouniy;'K?V
N.BJ Btulneaa rTn"-JJp- ,r,rtr,
sliourdb;, (wut-tc- -OlddfttjM oSee"ii'
WnstiiiionJeonutyrio-'tLisi iBte iij
Br.ntiaiu.-- ' -.HbSQdxmi
JK jri!f,cd Mi.D.,. .
-Bronhanr; Texas.
-. 'BepifuUyr"ni'orni.vh'i"oM'f:te..J
ofBronhauj.ad VIciuifvi thit-'be h-aV
resumed' pratfllctfr 0fljce"at'ili5 Cntmf-J
plorjloiiaer- - - " s'ninv20dw.i
3 T Sofrls, M;Bv,
liocty.Aastla o,
A -" v M"1 ..
, Offers their. Professional 'services t
tirejCltittuRof Brenlum add i-icialv'
Offltfe'VopdiCo-DriiffStoro. s,
'.' .lfnr-r4tri'.l'874.'Soiv
rbexhaM: ?ARi ,
D. G. SMITHY- ""
T - .' ,
Brenham. 'Tsait
, 1,1 ... " 'Tt?c
. All ordera filled, prompt) jTat litis
prieej. Patronxg .olieltedii . i' "
. - - . t 1 -. -j.. fy rf
violi2m?eissj; -
.Bake? iahdMmfJ?r,
Main Street,JBrenham,"Tiy "
,nnea,,LiquqrsiIia,.rB!V5&c Hot
rcd( fresh Cakes aria;Pie oa haBiTat.
n wncar
WliOLESAlE AJiO flET.V tjkink Ijf
-Vfl- .
Irr -.; i.'-.ir2,ULi.j "'V-r -ucqceries
, flnd. Jjoyisicmii'
"BrnamVXcl "
A-fall and esmrjlets at.ft-hlti-.vi i.
ihnndforsald at BOTTOJ'liFlUdkHtl
.forrTH.B.CASBJl.l;; .-.."-"ri" -Glru'uYa
tri.I. '"
L If i T. -V ty . tJilSi-UW. J
i - (j&tfFgcfrqxisi??,
" (5f 'Jt'i'V' ' ""''..'JS"
,The'n$eAjcnedbeg.leat io'fitforai"
their trienda and thepubllcthat' th.r?
hW OBfherUiBaker-i nd- CTSfectioa
erv m thiscfiy' and solicit a-ahara'-if
ucir 'patrona&e.- yv .Vread.rcaiei
ulaetdred'tb order?" . . " "
i 'SlXjAjf & 6Tfd.,Pmnrfi',o.
E. e .oi ' r .
jM?- Wff-Z.
Faney,Grocaricaj; Er'uifsuis, .
Cigars audiTpbaccd,
" rnder. Cenirel'HptoT; j. "
. .' ?1g,,',,"JrtXM-
Caah paid for butter. r'b'ieVnnfLegss
acd doroMtrcfriitts. TU. Pafroaagn-aJL-i
the.uuhlie solicited.- V "
"Wh;. SCHTJRfi,TBElt$-
-Jt IJ- - WJ, -
ario"msnu'felfarer of.
- T '
'rirenhamTisr '
"3TSpeciat a'ttbnSofi jiirff'tSHoa'S
SnOEtso, genefaljjoliSrork'.and re;vlr
IttStt TeriniLllberal; -hop'iirar Jlav."
nard's Llfrr'ifltable rt "June JS. T4,
qr - -- a -
i-,1- ,. - .
Ci.: ..
.J0pri0'i'? SewbonerV tfwrtf
Q ADDLES. Dainens.- vlfhlp,- ff'at '
C nlrthe, Brl Be. Collar. Hie
Triire. Saddle Bass, &eC alvayii'.ir
hand for.aale- B-paliiiig-, a'npectalty.
All work warranted;""" - - t .
aorOtf -'''- - itSTEUSIO.
i -- .-..-'
' ;

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