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Brenham weekly banner. [volume] (Brenham, Tex.) 1877-1907, March 08, 1878, Image 1

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The JVeekly Banner
'te' -tow
nr uanki.v & letjx.
Erular, March - - ,8 1S7S..
"""D3,nfiREarot"tJ,,?P hnndrcil
vacwit liorisS; in Dm Moines,
Itiwa. " A ban Hiowing and an
evidence of.bard times.
. i '.
'. ""Tub,.-Austin Gazette ''an-
,,1ioiihcea itself as unequivocally
,'Jn'fCvorotnlib retention of the
1 Xtwo-tiiirds ' rule in. nominating
conventions. .
: . .
. '.uTnK''Astiii Statesman .say.
tlioiRwiqiaperS expect o get
aoniVuetfy a without Ppb-
stepcronsnes . alter -the. drum,-,.
iiiihg'systent 55 abolished. . . : -
- ,'-i)x "Tuesday morning snow
. cpnmienced tallijig at, Kansas
Oitynnd coutifitud all day. On
" . rJClmnaday inortiiu'g, this locality
., . VasjyUiffd by a wliite'frtVtt
i . , -.i ..I i '
.THK.frigatd Constitntion. ot,
:- "revolutionary fame; and of (which-
eveiypphool -boy has jead, has'
.again been fitted foj- sea- Sllg
lately sailed with a .cargo' jif .
, -American productions for, cxhi-
' bition at tha'l'aris show.
'. Tirev llnikOherver says that
lion. John H. (yO'igan will be a
candidate tor re-election and
that, nobody else is wantqdiiU
ll strict. The rest pr:'tlic
Sfafe,' Bays' the 'Statesman, will J
, ue wen pieaseun ne, remains in
statu qvo. ".'.',-' i
'. vT,Tr-dirttiapi)lilait minth a
. i'llijohrkeeppr .struck 'a disur
derlycnstoiiier.rtwoV blows" im'
f iicvface 'witli- bis fist, one tilPw
lioin;r on . the cheek aiid the
other on the temple. Tlic.Jtian
Funbto .the floor; and died iu a
?'ite,w.miuntes. . Thk Rational Convention of
..ot- Greenba'ck'crs nnaniinonsly
passed Ppmeroy's resolution, de
claring that no man could be a
Grecnbacker- and a Democrat
or , Republican, too. It' this"
proposition be true, the Grecn-
SCaeicersMntrekaT sliould .define.
their position; . .,
.AKRall.thatlws b.ccn said I
fgainstNcw Uninpsjiirc it mjisf'
. JbisJuJifal'ljyjfSlntei to live in.
Dnring-the year 1877 eighty
persons twenty-six men and
fifty .fon.ii jvomeii who.were'over
- ninety years ot age-'dird.- Oiie'
,.j'ndy was 105 yesrs and 5 months
old and two others, a 'man and
woman were over one hundred.
iT-is 'astonishing how a news
item will sometimes grow. ' A
few daysagq he..BssKE stated
tliafover JtOOOIbarrels of Irish
pptatoesTfor'seed bad been sold
in Brerilmni 'this" season. !Ncw
Jtho Colorado. Citfzen, usually a
very circumspect' paper' publi.-h-es
an item stating that over
50,000 barrels hadl)Den sold.
Perhap ' it was only the acci
dental addition of an ''O". The
difference' in quantity is, how
ever, very perceptible.
Ex-Si'jtatos Bex Wade, of
Ohio, died at his home at Ji-fi.'
crson iu that State on the 2d'
instv During the hii;li carnival '
of Kadical ' supremacy Ben'
"Wade was ono of'the shiiifng
"lights and n leailcr ot the parly
-that-ruled the South with the
.iron heel of despotism. He was,
howevar; not'the-equarof Mpr-
i ton; .old Zack ChaniHer,' Blaine
.aiid ofhetdisfingurslicd meuibers
. " T41E La Grange i?ow:is,in
favor ot the wliipjiing-postias
thesnrest, safest; simplest, most
expeditious. and least expensive
nieansof dealing-with'petty crini
i'n'als. The Bas.ver hits for
some tiui been an advocato-ot
tins primitive ni-do of dealing
with this pestiferous e1as ot of
fenders -Tho next Ligis'atiire
should revive the whipping-post.
It has.for years been' found cf-
' leative in the little State of
Delaware, and in "Virginia it has
becu.rjayiced witji the most sal
utars effect.. V"ery recent
KeiituekV' lias, re-enacted the
lJ r - -
The annnal statement pi the
connty finances -. -.appears, t..jn.r
another- cohmm, and would
have been .lioticed a day or two,,
ago but for tlie press of oher,
matter. By tetereuce ;to ;the,
staten ent-it will be seen that
ithe conntv indebtedness, qn
January. 1, lS77v was ?3Q,
359.59; ofl-this., amoulit SU-
CQl.4 has.b.een . paid, leaviifg
.the .net. indebtedness of v the
county on,.. January 1, 187S,
.Cnsylering, tlie,
strni5ency, pt
the. ,times,. we
think the jpiiptjptiHiiissfoii,- j
: ' . ,ij. "
ck iiayo,,uone,ww!HJl,n.(pay yg
pfl so largoapainqunt, of llie
dobt. In -less- than two years
the connty should" be' ciitir'ely
frbe f ronrrdebtvot cveTy descrip
tion and: have ai liaiidsome"6Hfc'
, qHji;
plos in the 4 trcasury.Mln,'ihe'
items ofexpoilditnro.iitwilbe
seen that it co't- SS.COtTS' to'
niaintain" the, paui'eRj'jnry 'sc'r-'
vices' c65t3,'056.:56: v,l'lifeWis-
cellaiieous expanses. forjljie year
foot up'-l 'Ji4,39.!j,t;ipphiding.
all salaries, keening conntyd
prisoncr,aijdt(Itlc roinj minar
items, incident tPi-lKp machinery
!ot'thb county government. Tlie-
svatemeat'isiiows rnat 'tncrewas.
in ' tlBT c'omVryrb'aat the
......... h ..
eii'I ot tlc tiscal year i,aua la.
. ' V -r.ri Iil5.n iflti ''-
the.icountj,juilge.tha.t)ie. thjks.
1 iif i nil iivw 1. iiiraunr iiiiiiiiiii.
he wiJl:,be.hblcto" collect 'about
S20.000 on tTid'tax"""Tdlls 'j'or
1877-. -Should -he be able to
idh so tlle'counfy! wSHMic ip ja
. in1ose'roHiw,coTi'(fi?iqn?1 ' .l3unng
S - "i . . (,jiib.!i-iii..nd "'?
uie.iuqsi oifjasi; ycarcMjiiutj;
net drawn;. 011 'theigcHcral luuu
has been 'at H'-'discon"nt-'of from
not' less than lo per cent, and
as much-as.S5,p;r cent. JL Ins
is , an eviii.viii-ii jiuuuiti uy au
means be( ivoidi(dit Jii' conse
quence ofthedepreeiuted valde
Of 'tlie "scrip, iVa?iic3! doiujr
work fiirthe'' coTfiiy"afd com1-
pelledtcTiiifgb.extra 'prices or
lose vcrj.heavily. In 6a"sti$
where, ;,the.' compcnsAtion'Tis
fixed by - htfir the -lbss is still:
more severely ielt.-Soi far as'
jve are ablet to s6e;tho oiilypar
.ties, benefitted by cIo,w- priced
scrip are thd epeciilatocs'therpin;
' The county .has Qvcntpatly,. ,tq ,
,pay .dopar' forrlollarj.Jpr evpry.
piece of -Scrip i.-sned,, Injoycry.
I. . - . ,i-u m.7 t. '3
instance- 111 wiiich sen.., s,
Tssned to 'pay'delits contracted,.
by tlie coiiiity tliat should be
paid 111 casli, the county, pr;
rather the 'tlie' tax payerV'pf
th3;c'oiiufy.' loe' ihctli"fioreiicc:'
The" "question npw arises,'
would it not be .belter . for the'
Cominrs'sioners ' to issue hort
bonds, say payable iii two years,
to meet current exoeuses and
pay all indebtedness' iu casli.
The interest on ' the bonds
would cerfainlv co-it th'acouuty
less than jlie disconht oii-tlic
ecrip.. Issuing ri a,njticipatian
.bonds is, not, by ijny iiejiup,(ii"-
currin new .indebtedness'. It, is
a scheme that has. been Afre-j
quently reported to, andj so far
as onr knowledge 'goes,, lias
always been tonhd-td work wiill.
The Silver Bill Vase o.tt the, Veto.
On the 2Stji ulf., toe Picsi
dent's message veto'rii''the silver
bill was laid before . the House
"by the speaker. With"6ntqia
cussion, the .House proqcctleu to'
vote, aiid.th'c Tre's'ult was: Yas,
ISO: nays, 73. 'Tn fluT So'nafc'
,111c vote was: leas, -io-viiay,
19.-, - Nq'bflywa?., perhaps, more
.mianimo'usly,p,as5ed)Over a veto.
' T"i " v
"Tni: Austin , Statesman says
the Georgetown railway' is a
certaiufy,land calls' upon the,
citizens' of "Aiistni tbsee that
the coinicction is jiuuic, at that
place instead ot at some other
point. Accordirigito the States
man the citizen's' of 'Austin arc
chiefly characterized by a lack
of enterprise.
Tun aiiiOoTMnercial cpn.
faiii6 an Vditorial'Vn'whcat rais
ingin Northern Texiusand toshow
how profitable it is cites Rii,iii
stauce wherc"oncrhafl raised a
crop of 1800 bushels o 1 sixt'
acre.-, realizing njoney, enough
to pay for the land. It saj-s as
compared with cotton, wheat is
thetiio-st' profitable'' as well as
the'most efcrtain crop.
Burleson Comity
. . ..DewnviJle.Tuas, Feb. 3i, 1878.
" EditotsB.vNKElt.-
.Having ' recently removed
from, voiir.qounty. tO'wliat,i-oiiie
"ot. iny . former acquaintance
miiriit lenn one 01 ine leiuoie,
cornors oftirTesoii'j'T ahi ii6w'
very pleasalitly. located at f Iit3
little Vil!asitiD.ciivjlle,-anii)iig
the.2?otci Cutters," so called..
Before 'leaving" WnshingUiii
co'iYntyJ however, 1 lialWluTpio
vantioir t'o 'subscribe" for the
.JJannkkv. which ilinsibecciuie, a
very wclome visitor.Jicrc, and is
not only read p3 myseit out 1
passed arrnmd until qiiitc'worn
on'fc. ' " " .'-
.. ,Deanyillp.isypt,a young y.il-J
lasc.iustiiiow im .its. int.-iney,
, but'its prosiiects ,for the. future
'is 'sitWttkr'tm' tlie sonth' side of
.'SniaV ntnnio lrllirie. Iten 1 miles
west of.GaUtwell; apdiioi)ytiiipiit
- . 1. .' 1 .
to as line bodies ot tinilier as
whilerjini extensrvclprairic lrom
iug fa.jaway jQ.the .cast and
.westj'turnishcan amnio supply
of past' u'rage-' tor Pattlei horses,
In mvidnillioh 'tin's. is Ji eonnr
Ltrv. verr.ninch overlooked liy"
i-.c.il .'.l'' i ' . - - j ? -it
enterprising laruiers-au.u .inters
m the' soil' "iren'erallv:" and 6ne."
'I'stiu'Vure;: thaf haslfebnisa'dly
anisreprcsenfed iu -point -ot mor-
vnritts from bliuJc liof .wallow
to a light, gray sandy.Ioam,o.it:
'!taTn'Titg-,1Vn'ofe b fesT'gra.yel.
,jitiocc;is!pj).al,lyv a. tew I ines
: quitC3..;rowing .unun it. . This
laiiu isverj i-;uy in uuititiiii;,
ad"vilf- vfcTd'nVf tRF ordinary
year Mroih jppeiliaitt!toi. fluec.
loutlis balcsf coroii,(pil froth
els of .corn ner acre. 1 lie potato
grows'well 'in this Voil,aiid .14 a'
feuroi .isrop! f ?proerl3' ciJlf.i-.
uvatedjt, -Jjiitr-jheipoiiclu Uottoms,"
,tliQ,streaiiis is bv fa.r the; niat
productive land we hiiye., jfijie
sitir'7?'al-,bTafif, 'all'nviAl. aiyl,
consiilered intschaiL-tilde; and' it'
is l(e,lieyqd to.,bo betjte,ad;ipted
for the cnltivai()iit, ijt snprir
cane, than any tnucf iii "this pur-,
.tion of -Texas.- .These jpeach
.covered witli a, dciisc.Krowth of
v;iid peach (iieneu tfip'namc),'
tlie ffuif of'wliieli i excellent
!frtr'.1tn " ' 1. "' ' .
-t-larminri.:is-- not-eirned- on
f o, s.ucltai.oxtept: as.iiii . jij great
mTiiiv other nlnns. lint is rnn-
fc-..:--.-.fc - .-.r. i:---.-r-i. r-T "Li-r
r.i, :'- H. t.i II. ..t M ' -j '
iuiy iiiiproving; n,iu uiu uayjs,.
.iiotiar uistautT wneuit win rc-
ce iC aUetiuiiSs
elsewhere .'".' .
'The'greatcst olijec'fipii anj
'one J,fcaii''liaVbl,Bg!iiist ,'tlus
contltyi'is Mthp ( watcf, ''wllicli is
foba.riniiicnil. .ch'ara'iSter. -W ifrpst1
iiistajicpsjindiitp, tljospppt ae'--
cusrouieu 10 nriiiKiuii. 11, ,,lin-.
iilcasant to the taste, bu ; alter,
' t.. :. i.:i.. 41.S - '.:.' U'
-.lSlll ,IU IW llim,j41jn W! IIS III
--l.'' ' ..' " ii-.i' -1 .1.. 2 i 1
wear awavi. Most .ot,,tuu wells
liave more" or less of thistPiil-
"1 j--
ph U ry 'taste, 't finu'gii ' lli'e wat er
i1 gcnehilly ciiiiMilereil-lieahh v..
tJT early everV-'farnily'-js''profl(refl1
wit-li a. gooa uiiifergrouud -tas"-..tcrn.
. .. .''..'; !
"Society is much betted .here,'
t '-:.:. ? i,r. .tf.3.t.7r.!i J:il..i
Lii.iu hum ucen iTjpreseuieu, anu
the'morality of the-'1 people can
hardly be;stirpassedli Wo have,'
two churches. near bv Melius
"dis!' a'ncf' Baptist and pi vine.
' sericesncarly ' etery tabbafh'
iW-e liaye-aisp; 11 .jjooilcltoor tn
npcation, .taugiit ty,rU. ii.
,init)i. late of Austin cpnqty, ,
'with about 'thirty'five btudents
inatfendiiVce? "" " '"'.'"
'Local; op'tion' is -in 'full force
hero, and; thoscof uislwho'oiice
.judulgedi often, .fpelj'jliqw sad
to my lieart "are the scenes of
'JlirSenbergV ' happy home,''2.
'f.whfe'ir;!fonJ rtc6l lection ..pre;.
scuts. them to view.'"' , ,
,. .,( j ,yV,iLi.iAsri
m -'t: '
-T t '-''C6rrcctIon.i r"
!26th, lie,Blafcs''fliMt I safdiin mv
remarks' at a1' citizens meeting
"Tluitl was willing to siiy'tli.tL
the 'old party 'wiiich had eon-n-bllcd
'this cdtfntry'7 hh.ree
fo tilth's of ithof-eentwry Jot iiiir
.national indcpCMdence-had' bb
901110 too. corrupt, for the is'oiis
of flic sires of the parfyj", -Jle
should ha'veVaidrtliaV Isaid,''!,
was'ifot 'w'llliitg' to "snv1tlie old
jparty had, became toa.cpiTiiiit,
xstc;' I.lease make, the borrciHi
Ur.f::' t' -i...i.i 1. " i.vr.?.i"l
lliaf no preenback' chili was"or-
, ganszed, inbr-is it probablb there
wjll I0 one,,as tliq Dcnjoeratlj-
over 11 ro oaj not iavor a, uisor
"gan'izafion of the Democratic
party. I 'write' this "ilo with
any ddirc for 1113' niniio to 'ap
pear bl ypur-papcr.-betiire tlie
public, Cut simply to correct a
mistake aiid to pnr myself and
the people here ri-jtif. ' There
arc some good citizens here who
are in favor of organizing 'a
greenback club, .but I, do not
think they are iu the majority.
J. M. WiLt.i.uia.
,r.,., Ij.p,i'.cjUiii7C,qi.Marclr4-.t
'Editors. JSannerTii . ''Difj
Kivera"' coniniunusiwiin of'the
Tlie rnrkcr-Kan JIc Case.
We learn the "fullow'irig par
ticnlaro from Hie-Brazos'-P'oJ of
Mah-hlst: " - ' ,
The jtranJ-jnry Avas rc-cm-pauclcd
and.oii Satnrday return
ed two indictments, one against
r llciivy Hodge aiid Milton Par
ker tor the murder, ot 'Kn-ili
, ..lll.vllVr '.4lll- A. V
n.lrl M-.t -0..:,..; T (
tor .assault with 111-
tent' to ninrJer. flic parties
were arrested on Monday, and
appeared Jlefaic Judiro Ford, jp
the .District court. IlaudlejErave.
bond for his appearance. Ilodges'
and Tarkcr a'p'plietf tor' liail
which was Tefusdd. The" ease
-w:w.at..pn.cei set ;foritrial; wl'ieii
called the .(State .answered1 "nit
ready, and moved fo.r a coutiifn-'
Unc6"bri' tlie'grouiTd : of abse.ico
ot witnesses!' The " motion Wis
sustained ,when defendautVs coun
sel "aveuot.ice that, they would
at .ouc aj);ly for a writ of
'habeas ctirpus. Tlie"applicatip'n
was granted; and the .witnesses,
Jorjbofh fsides were , sworn and
put. tinder. rule. The State is'
'rcp'r&ehte'd bv'cSunty att'ohley,
Cent; IloiiUersoii1, "and Mai. Ben."
Bassftt .and j-Svtli Sncnliardfof '
.Jireplia'ii., The defendants by-
Messrs. Davis, Bell &Taliafc7ro
ilUU UlllllU .1. O. 1JUUUII
1 Til ei Hemp-ttcad' Iless'piger.
fays ' Alta ' TCista is n'ow' re:uy
fjir the. liepeptioji; of, pupils but
iioie apnlyj..Bjmie..cnlori;d(ypntlfe'
.arjhi.jilj.pndiab.ijy, qiitireJy
too b'nsy in the fields to .think o'i'
wastinj' time in acquinii!j a nn-;
,'i' 1 1 ' ' '
shed education. ' - "
" ;:'J V" ' '' .
TiVr '-Mexia Ledger ' thinks
th-U Mr. Throckmorfdh it"' he"
iknows when' he-is iwoII ofF, had
I bctturirctain-hiff ireod'fat . easv
posifioii iii'l-CoiigreJ-s with the
chairmanship jofJ'tlio great Ba-j
cifio.ItailWay Committee,; tlianj
to t!iku,thJrchance ot..ii-.unning
for -anioflice He hasalrcady filled
and made; nothihg.'i.dh Tlie
.ujuitttfyohpiteersvthe opiipoti
that Mr. lhrockinorton knows
which '"side his bread . isdnittcr-
" The Colorado Citizen speak
ing of Maj. Boone, th6" present
Attoi ncy -Getieral, 'says' "he has
made a' faithful' aiid effi'jient.qt
ficcivand if h6 so desires will, be
jsure of' re-elec.tioni Itsaj's it
hldertlOod that JT.j.MBoene,
would' n'"t bo! a- candidate' 'for-
,re-electipn. The.Navasota Tdb
Jetlio Msij'ir's home paper wa3
the first to suggest,., his. iiain'e,
.and we, presiiuie! it done, so ad-'
yisedly. , .
i'" : ttit'" :
' The "Victoria Advocaesays
a conide'r';tble1'ainount 'of to-
'D'accb will' be planted in this
county this year. "It-has., al
ways grown- successfully; .and.
Mine: iguiitleniftt'i ciititemplates-
planting fi.ve.acres, r-Tdbacco.
has also, been Riicces-'fuljy Jais,r
cl, in ;'smajl W3iy,iii"Wasliing-
tton county foe home consump-,
tion. ,Wc Jjaye heard .of liopno;
so far vhojut(iids trying' a crop.
If any. one raises a .crop-the
Bansek would . be pleased .to
hear of its' progress and the re
sult. TiiK-Frankfort JTeomin, one
of ;the. oldest. and most conserv
ative papers, published in the
interior ot Kentucky, strongly
favors -the whipping-postl "It
saj-'s: '- ' " K 1 ' '
' Barbaric and brutal' as jit "ap
pears, if- mnsr-lle admitfe'dthat
it need-never.be enforced if in
dividuals prefer to live Inm-
'cstly. ' " '
A Tbasiij .Mukderku. Micli
ac Mbrplrr.a ti-aujp, who 'last
fall waiitouiy'f-liotViii'd k'ijled iii.
the highway WiUiain -Apiletou,
an old inmate of the Sailors',
home in,Qniiiey,.Mass., because
lie" refused to give li?iu half a
dollar, has pleaded guilty ot
murder "in the second riegice,
and has.beeu senteliced to the
State prison ior life. .
Nigger Shootkbs. The Jef-
torsou tfimj)-, relates an iijcidcnt
wherein the villianous toy,
known as a, f'niggcri shooter,'
was used as. a weapon' iof; de-.
feuse. .It ajipcars that two
young men,, both white) had a
difficulty., One slruct the
othi-r. Tho strikec then drew
a "nigger shooter," and firing
at his assai!antv Fcnta bullet,
which buried itself in his check.'
Tlie services of a physician were
required to dig the bullet ouf.
Tub Banwei: is under obliga
tions to" Hon. S. B. .Ma-iny-for
Congictsional' favors.
STASH srsws.
The Ronnd Rock .and "Bel
ton Telegraph line is being rap
idly built.
. Quo bale of cotton .was re
ceived in Hempstead on Fri
day last. '
Extensive, preparations .are
beingmadq at ,Waco. tor the.
coming !Mai-Festi.. ""
Tile Waco Ecimitier ' 6t
J Sunday cqntiiin.t a tour column'!
.speech.on thelocal gas questioni
: The' town of La Grange' is
,'p,q't!of tlpbtaji'd ;.fia3.'sif62.0f in'
themanus'Of the-city, treasurer.
The nearro' boy '-who had
the'siiiall pox at "Waco '.is now
conyale-jcenti and,, the .scare, . is
about over.- -, ' -
"Tnk 'Comanche- Chief says
Waco liad .her., annual fire; ttlipr
houBetf;w,cqt- down.and the itjrft
"companies were putted up.
:,A citizen .of Austin coun-f
1 ty,, residing nearBuckhorn, has
sold a lot of co"ii-fed-'cattlo for
three cents a pound' gross.
tThe-' Tablet sa'!'. there. is
rnot'probably' a' railroad town
in ' tlicf Stale tliit is more quiet.
and '.orderly. than Kavasota.
, "'' " - ",' r
lipeilcf trees'tirCin-partia),
bloom, and lilu'ni frees 'in i'ul
pioom , in, iuariou, . county.
Fears.pf .frost are entertained..
' .Ilorsc thieves '"'arc'' oper-!
ating.inAustni icquhy'.' They
have visited, -snccessfplly. - the-
'.iieighhbrhiiodj of Welcome -and
Bell'evilleV- ' " ,'
- ..Ik...!; if. 1
ji 'ii unsophisticated pair"
tour froiii' 'Terrell1. "They liad
.1.-. l - .( Hti.il :..:
not a cent of money nor any
bss;isi-'"T; ,', T ". ..,
-'i'Trifci'Gafesvillo' Stin says
local opf ion having been defeat-,
ed in ryelle' Coco tin ty it .will
not take so many' prescriptious
. tQ supply the, demand., , ,
. Tlie 'Waeoites" refused to
stand ouo dollar and, a half-"for
Admission, to .tho": theatre. A"
very lew worcablc tostand "tne
raise.' .-)-'- ' -v ' '"
..... . :,rp
,, A negro named Isaac Beall
has, been, arresttd. and jailed at
Dalhis on a .charge.pf .having
beaten and drowned rhis wife.
Jeplonsy again. ,. ,.
.Joe W. Hill is-no w sole-proprietorr,o(-
thoi Comanche
Chief w -He has been' connected
witlt-tho paper ior .tjio past fpir
years .-.- r
Tne'Coloi-'a'do- Citizen .has.
juAfcPininenced its 'sixteenth
volume. Uii-Jer"'"its' ' :prcsent
Tjatiag&ncnt -if '"is a -first-class,
a'rtd neivsy "court ty' paper; ,
' dayman FlVeirsafTex'as"
veteran, and ono ot the lierocs
of SanjJacinto.dicd, on tlie 24th'
otJcl)ruary;att.Iiis ,farm, ab'ont1
.nine piilesfrom Austin. ')' '
A'petrifie'd rabbit-' was.ng"
up in Dallas.- It -was found,
about eight feet from the. sur
face' ot th'e earth", 'arid was wedg
cd'in'beiweeir'two rocks.
According to' the ' Ledger,
Alexia is almost as q'nret as.G.oJd
smithB 'Dcserted'YijIage." ..The
only incident' worthy ,of notpf
was the appea'ranco of ,-yi insur
ance nianC
ijn. the yicinity . pf Deni-
son the industrious, tramps. are
.now looking for a j b to pick
cotton. 'They always-want some
kind of work thcy-cap't gefi'
- The:Donison Herald says
it is positively and emphatically
'in favor of Dallas as the inost
suitable place for holding the
Democratic State Convention.
Tramps are numerous in
tho yicinety 0 Columbus. Re
cently ten. were found ina box
car.'.' They 'W,ere doing- their
leiel best to '.'beat the railroad."
' Tnn Scuin T-imcs says that
fifty five Texas papers have al-
L ready announced their prefer'
ence for Judge Ireland for Governor-
This we take it is a
''slight" exaggeration.
.The Colorado Gitisen dis
courses on "Hard Times" and
comes to the 'conclusion that
they are superinduced by the
extravagance ot the people, lnauy
ot whom ' live: -beyond their
It is estimated that one
hundred thousand ,horses .have
been 'sfolen'iu Texas within the
last" three years' '-and ' 'this ac
counts for the -antipathy- ot the
'peoble to horse, thieves.
"Vket little cotton" is arriving
at Columbus. TlieCitiseti thinks
that not' over a 1080 bales
are now in the hands of'the
'planters' and 'that'not ovfer 7000'
bales will be sliiprteil tiiis'season.
, The latest. coal oil explo-
,siqn .occurred, at-(a farm near
.Dallas. .It was caused, by shak-
inga lajnp in which tlicrc was
v.e,ry,t.ji.ttIeoil. , A -young lady 1
, came, very, near Josmg ,Jier.
iife '.. ' . " ' . ,
' r . , ...;.'
,. .rrrThe JJenispn ; ,iV?i say
the remains ;of(..,an upkhownj
,ujan .were fonnd in- the, woods
near,. Limestone .Gap. Scarce
iy,.a,.ij.'l'i? qbit. thcskr-leton
was .lelf. Jit is presumed, he
was murdered-
The Grissom.:innrder! trial
has been concluded at Houston.
The'jury'a'ite'r'beiiig out about
tfiye. honrsretiiriied a,-ycrdctnf-J
gniUy,Ofj!nurder,.in tliq.hrst.de'
gree. J.ndge.v-pokoverru
mption for a new trial. ,
.-Vodrem J...Hoii3ton,, ja soti.
: plfiain onstfjn, and.klissUiir-'
xie.Glcim Unrne'l,. danghter-'Pf
Major, rnrnqll,-wero, m.arrjedaf
.Au-itiuon tho 2Stl ult. ' The"
Austin papera,,givc. elaborate'
uescrjptious. ,ph tho , .weddingj
which wa.s abrtlliapt affair.-- "
.-Tlie- Dallas;. Morning Call
;conj'aip3(a,g.omewhat sensational."
'article,.irtlwhiph ib-y,9aii) tliat
'ainev?' and relj&ioiis.spciety tj'ls
been-oi'gatiizjd. i,OitUiilere sire
pot'ia'dmitte'd. " -;Tlioc cerehlonics
arejsaid toriyal.thoseloKd negro
tdamp meeting!: .
- The tiew'mctliodistchnrcli
dedicated' 'afc -DenUon1 Sunday
last,-is n' model ihonse:of wor-sliips-
The cost ;ot -tho clinycli,
including .the"-ljouie and tnr-
nislnng.j', is aboitb' $G,20O, TJuj
building alone cost1 a littleover
?5,200. 'The church. is.ah lorna
motit to the city. '
. ; The Austin- Gazette ' ?svs:
,i et may iiuu it ueeussai y 10.
1. t',.i,,': t ' " ' !.'-' -.
.publish the pames of a number
V , ,'. r :, ' r..: r --. . . .
.01 uoys wuo cany pistols .111
. ' . i. j -. '" .1... '
their po.ckets: It is a practtca-
fli.it mhs't'lie slopped"."- Ifitlies
publication of tlfe'iiames wonld-
abatfitJiisuteprehensible , jirac
.tice, theyshpuld be pnblisjied.
., (Gryilizations rapjdly.ex
tendiug westward. Iu the far,
west-county. of Tom Green, and
in .tho town, ot , Beuficklin..a.
t: -:i ..' ' llf.
.lp-e.wcry has, been establishcU
JL lie. .Alason. iv ws-ltem has
sampled the' beer, and pro
nounces it. equal to the best.
aim i,ouis mnuuiacture. . -
... ' . .- rr." 1 '
A. yoang wo.man named rAfin
Stephens .. livjng, near' , Bdld
:ceitly.. g:)ye; birth- to. a child
which slip afterwards killed:In"
cousequent-e of ..her' precarious
situhtion, .it was imposible toi
remove her to-tl'B Waco iaiL,
It,.isli.kelyt .that, she; will never
be tried ,byauy human tribunal;-
-' ii. If- any" 'one' ddubli that
Texas is'fapidly being " settled
up, hit hinV m'arIctiic7progress
of Vc3te'rii' Texas'. Two years
anocivilizati6nv' Hvas nnkubwn
in Kimble coltnty. Jo day
Jnnctiiin City: the 'connty seat,
is-a thriving "villager TIihust-
ands- of "cattle , .and" .sheep- are
now grazing upon the slopes
and broad valleys.
of Brazos county .have purcha3.
cd n farm.ot.sometlniig.over one
hundred ,acres,-. lying- a few
miles.portb Pf Bryan, for .the
purpose ot establishing p. county
or popr farm, as a- home for;
pappera arid indigent persons'.'
This, is a .highly . commendable
and, .progressive step. -
The great ''HipTIieatron"
isihe name of some kind of a
side show that has' been "doing"
the towns along the Sunset
route: ' The 'A'rgus'inv it passed
through Schulcn'b'iirr bnt did
not stop. The .outfit consisted
of about seventeen vehicles
draws -by .oxen. -There were
some twenty five men and wo
m n 'connected with the lay
out. It 'is a huuib'u:.
'-rniv'ItTeicsJItem correspon
dent at Benfrtcklan, Tom
Greene county, says he has
just returned "from tlie 'buffalo
range, where ho 16nnd"veryfew
buffalo. They have nearly all
-been killed or left Tcxa3. TJie.
huiifers are disgust cd,. and most
-of thcin -have quit the busi
ness. Yery few have.- made
qxpenses, and nqn&.inade any
money this searon.
rllearnp . . Courier: Busi
ness at Ilearno.is .not so.bad biit
that it migli't be worse., .'.The
tramps co'me in' 'nndihiished
numbers.-. .-.J.- TJ Newman,' "a
well.iknowii..tnerchait "of Ihis
place whodisappcard .last week,
.died at Little Rock Ark.,
. .Ilnntsvilleit.om; Jhc Bap
tist church alUoontown, lexiis,.
not lpiis since" expeilcil forty-?
eightbf its members.' -The next1
Sunday th'eserforfy:eisht formed
h themselves- into a (ihiirch, and
txpejled.- .the remainder, and
took possession of tlie church
records. . ",' ,
. A .lemon, -measnrin" lk
inches Tn eirentrifereii'cb was ex-,
liibifed ra' lie GalvestbifCottoif :
Exeliann-ei 'It was 'grown at
.theJ-esidencp, of? Judge 'Bal-
tinger,ipt.- tliatcity..on a. tree
now laden .yritb iiat(ire fruit-;
Kt-eeh ' fruit, 'serin? aiid bloouisy
-ir.. '.- i-..v .. jr.-.-.
an uv-uut) nine. J.i-ew3.. ,j
lJ La 'Grange, H'ecnrdi fwo
ybnt'ig meii frbnl Cts'ierri'hy the
.name of' Smfth" 'anil Borriri'je?'
..went to. Round, Top to: a dabee;
enjiiyeq tiieiiis.elyes.untij, alirrat
1 o'clock and ", left, . stealing, a,
goip'hoi-se frpitj a negro. jN'ot
beiiij ade'nts"'iii: tlie "art of .horse
.stealing they" were-soon; "taken
.in... -pjio is,ugged;i. the 'other
out.on bo'ud.. 1. ,.,,
Hempstead Mcxsinaer: Last
;,weck- Mr... Sehelluianj of! Post
.Oak. JBoint,;.-near the..JVustiif
.ana -ooiprauo line.-soiu a nun
,'tlrea head of "corn-fed cattle iu'
the city-of- Breuhairi-a't'SJJceiits'1
a ponita'gross-j-.' . . 1 heJ"corpnexis
jury in .tlie .Jqlm. Billlingslea,
case,. returned a y.erdje.fr that; he,
came' to his death from' wounds
inflicted ' with a stick: in thfo
hands' 6f Tiom Garrett, a negro,
atGhappell Rill onJebruiiry 3,'
,1878.. Garrett is in jail at
Brenham. . ...
Victoria Advocate Wild'
turkeys are plentftul on '-the'
Lavaca, "ii'eai- Morales. ...An.
'unsuccessful1 afteiribt at iaii
breaking was-'niide. .As nsnaf,
si piece.-sot;. paw; .wasylouncl
.Several business. liouses, of this
city contemplate retiring from
business bard tymes, .. Charles-ran'd''-IIohiy
Ciirsner; oil their"
'farm, "near sVicroriai fast yean
raised "cloven -acre of ribbon,
canCjvyhi.eJi,. .produced thirty
two barrels of syrup. 'TJiey
-soldvinost T6f it; At -fifty cents-a
gallon.'.niiaking, ,tlie irpgceds'of
rlthe. eleven acres .S.G40.' Owing
fp the drouglit, the crop was'
shortf. " . ,
i (o DpuimpF ir -Portrait, s of
frieiida.an'd.rglafjves ii al ages
were aiid KreTdesirjible) butrbV
fore"fhe diiyi 6't Da'ugareotype,.
and- subsequently- ' 61 Photo-
lraphy, "the prices' of pictures.
were ,,iop .,ingn ior,a!iy3Qnt Tne
.rich to indulge jn that has all
ucen cuangeu oy iiio ueyeipp-,
nient "of " pirdtography1 to its
present' state .'of '!oxcellenco!'and
the cheapness of its produets,
thus,placiig.the .linieli, desired
likenesses.of ourparents, sisterii, ,
brothers, children and friends
within 'the'' rehcli'bf 'every one.
We all-reeogniz3 "tho. fact'that'
when we.iwjint- pictnres ;taielr,
jve, wAsxTni,,BfaTj. tney can
only be , obtained in Urenliani
ii't Ribdrtson'&'-Cb. 'gallery,. Pp-posite-
Mrs. -'Sch warz'd'iniliincry
bazar. . : : i- - ,L-
.Now fa tlie Utile of year for-IJn"
tuuuia,. uui.g- c.c, ;, VX'i'ffl
unajaiRi tu.niis,,oi prepisposmon to
.Consumption and ntlivr Throat1- aDd
..1 ii .x.J" ,-. , J ,''iv" :
Lutiif ,usc:;sl'. HiifchPHS (Jertuan'Bjr-
'hp'liaa' I'cen'uscd n?trii's'bfigh'&orfiood
for tlie'past two or-tlireoyears without
a single failure Jpruti .If yon bjve
ti-t u.ed this medicine yourself, R"lo
jimr dnigufst, K. E Xulin & Co., ann
ask hint of jta . wonilerful success
umonjr liis customers."' Three dosei
will ruli.ivi tbe worst case. If "you
hare no.laitb ia any medicine, just bu
a sample Ii'ittle of lloscbee's Uernian
Syrn)i for 10 crnts and try it. Keular
?izd ottle 75 cents. Don't neg.lect a
chance to save 75 cents.
Tlie'-Preailcil Coiisiimpllsn.
Creeps in .upon iwniiawarei;the sad
consequence of having ones too Often
neglected ar trilling .cold. Dfy this
nnwelcoino. Tinitm by using Ijirter's
(lintjer Tonic on the' Brat appearance
6f'a(,'ough,Xi)ld or' Bore Throat, and
von will escape the dan'irer. The is 'm
,Cttre qual tn it, and its pqwerfal ac
tion on Ills uuruu.-t duiii t-n ill mc
throat and luuus,. removes all soreneste
an4 intlsmtnation thi-refrom, and pro
tects the feeble from '(Vifuraption.
lCqitally valuable as 11 corrective, the
th'mandaof ladies who sutler ut.told
mieiics'Ironi luncilonal deraujienien-s
will jrrntefully appreciate its cnm.'orta.
usiiglves" entire relief from Pjinfnl
PerifidH and establishes, the Imhbtul
rHiruliirity of the disturbed functions
Biiy.from yittr druggist, It. E. Lnhn"
"s Co ,11 -JllOO bo'tlu .lira sample tolth
at 15 cnts and tri- its lueiits. d&w
Brenham. Tt-ins'1'
..... .... ,-.. ... ....:.:;r
""P., D.4&JrT.,SWEAR!NOEK,
. Brenliahi,-Txa
OtSrn in -SbliMt'a boTramir.J!aLiW.j
orpnbliQ-'quarB. . '."JFebiSI'lSTS tr."
n : : ,'i a .
.1. BMcrIaniI, r Jfete Afcfarland
: - ' 'Brentialii; "eiix
btac&VVztaih' fflcirn"&utidlt,ir
north bliteof PubtltquaW;' jui-15wtf
C'd, Garrett,
- ;i 'r. .!
t-'i-.J.':-'-" .a--;.! tra!
' n-i. vvlliiaJxJ-JXl'it
liiaffl, WialffiiBtb'n'couux, Tex.
j. ,.1
Seth Sliepanl-. c. C. Oairett
N. IS. Business for; Lp - county
slioiildbsepito Ci'ddiirRn oflicB; Ue
WaRhiDgtou count; to tbe tiflice rt
Br.-nbam. '-'- ' 'HySOdiwtf
- , t
Snrgc6n.and iysfcian.
-, 'Brcsjbanif-Taxaa.
'ffpj-i'Ct'faliy''inYa'rins;!his old t-ienfa
r-Brenlmla'axiT vicilittyT'tb'at Iiebrn-
rvsumed nraeiiea. .OBini'it'ilnrfmnn.i
Jiror House; ' ' "niavSOdiwr,!
JTKorirs,MD. liUCfraVi.MD
Breubai, , Boekr,Autin ;
DBS! NORMS' ,fe;c1iEA.TIl.
, Thyslcfans a'ild .SargebHS.
pfe'rs'their Professional Services o
'e,':Itla!UsorBrenliani and'Vicinitr, "
Office, Wood, & Co. Drag Store,
' "i!arl4th".iS74i1Sia-
5'J Ii'. T
THE. ."oT;n"l?RSJ-NEqDESlBK3
to Jta form tbe citizens of Bren
ham tbnt'lie will reaiove to llrenbam
within tllir7'days,"whA1B.Ii;4proi)oi'M
to locate and erica'sriTin ilif practimot
bis j.rS'ession DKNTIiTRY-. Will'
guarantee all work entrusted to' him,
and will, work at liyiDjKraUst.
feb23 tf A. L., JONE31-
. ' l t
RBhiniAM- Cards.
" ' " '-vVILLIi '25EISS,
BaTcermd Confectioner,
Ifain Street, Brenb.am", Texai.
I)nler In Staple and "Fancy !flroeeria
.ITines, Xlquors,Jlagei:-B:tr,-&cr Hot
rosd, I re-h,Cakea, and Piea on band at
ail times.' 'jwh.'- " t
TiEEDRIDaE frCO.', f
-P" . v,. -. -' .,
Orocerieir ani Revisions,
- . - .Brpnhatn; Teiar.1
..'- .,, i, . '.-.
A. JaU.and camplete Stack .alwars na
hand, forsale'at BO'lTOifFIUdKEd
forTIIE.CASH. r, sM '
Qlve us a trial,tt
JLH -s.t,.---i. -
i ASD -
; - CONFEGTIONiJt.7, t
Main Street,'Brenliain,. Texas";,
The'nnde'rsfsrned beg'teave'to Inform
tlieh; iriends.andr'the public .jbat tbay
haveopened aBakerr and,Confecti.n.
err'in this 'diV"an(l solicit' & sham i.f
their patronage. . "Frrah brttad. cakes
...... .... an. najD JU uauu, V.U1UT inn,,
alactarrd toontor. T .
SLOAN-& .OTTOProprietors.
Feb. 5 13788m," '
". ' ' it! ".-
Dealer .iti
-Fancy Groceries,-' Frdilis, Nuts,
Cigars and -Tobacco,
iGxockei-y,(l la?? and Queensware,
u Under CenfraLHoteI,
Brenham, T?xas.
'tasli'pafd for batierj "fhick'-ns,. ejjni
'and. domestis fmits2 ."-The Patronagq of
the' public solicited,
'Oct-atf - "-.,
, i,, .. .S.. m ..1 ...i...-i.
Blacksmith, $&"
and manufacturer oT
Brenham. Texas.
" '.- ,: "
t'S'pe.cial attention given tn IIOH8R
SnoKiso.-general job work' aiid re airing.-
Terms liberal. Shopnear Jlay
nard's Livirr'Stable. ' , June 1874.
-., p . .
Harness Manufaotorep
Oppposlte Kewboner's Store.
BuKNnAjr, Tcsas.
SADDLES, Harness. IVhips, Spurs
Girths, Bridles, Collars, Ilamcs
Traces. Saddle Hags, fee, -aloaysdd
band for sale. BepairiBg'a specialty
A 1 vroik warranted. -.. '. "

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