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The Weekly Banner
Iriday; JlTarch -15, 1S78.
IIoskt is wanted tor .the Dot
Springs eaflerere.
... m
Peach trfces nro in lull bloom
In West Tennessee.
The situation of Europe is
still very mncli mixed.
The city of DeiiUon i8 to re
ceive $1,500 ot the Peabody
IwhI. - -
4,I Wast vou to tell mo the
facta' is a Kansas
The Court of Appeals 'has
decided that tlie doj? tax in
this Staie is constitutional.
J. Mad. TVbm i 6aid to
have gone mad. He prefers a
lunatic asylum to the'jwniteu-
Ovek one thousand people
have been left destitute by the
Hot Springs fire. As appeal is
j made for help.
A Majse preacher, aged 92
Tear?, has concluded to give up
tobacco r.a be tlnnksMt injures
his health. He has been a slave
to it for 78 years.
The Bajixee is nndei obliga
tions to Hon. D. C. Giddins
for a complete set of the De
partment reports accompanying
the President's message.
The Homo Savings Bank ot
Boston is '"busted," It owes its
depositor, $3,117,437. It owns
- a forge amonn t of real estate and
will ptobably pay in full.
. .
Tub State election in New
t -Hampshire goes Ilepnblican as
usual. Tlie Legislature will pro-
itabbjr stand 80 Republicans to
j5 .Dewecrats. The IJepubli-
. net tas is about 2QQ0.
- . .
" Cm. S. lL JRusski-l, of ITar--N
.-tJiftJ the newly appointed Oni-
d States llarsbal, tor the "Wes
tern District ot this State, is
Teryhighiy spoken of by the
THKjSAjntEB has received the
March number of. that standard
cultural journal, the South-
m Cvltivalor, published by "W.
I! Jones, Athens, Ga. It is
iwrv up to its usual standard of
Thk San Antonio Jixpress
.probably speaks from experien ce,
it says: lRine times out of
ten where you hear a man abns
ihff a newspaper, lor publish
ing1 something about him, take
" r it' for granted, the truth was
m i
Tns San Antonio JZcprcss
jwMishes an item from tho
Bakner as original editorial
sattcr. In this it displays very
Ked taste, brt proper credit
s r tjie item would not be ob-
" jjrrionable. Perhaps it was an
Jewish t.
vA WASHKOToa special to the
Galvesfon JVuw says Scott's
Texas Pacific bill meets with
more favor in the Senate than
in the House: A majority re
port favoring the Texas Pacific
bill will undoubtedly be made
to the Senate.
Gkx. O. O. Howabd, of
Freedmans' Bureau and Chief
Joseph fame, was in "Washing.
-T ton a few days ago in -a. differ-
r f wifroie. He is to appear bo-
tae-the -criminal court, where
jHit k pcadiog against litin for
Jberewrery ot certain sums of
money, in which it is alleged
be has defaulted.
Os Sunday lat during the
morning church honr Atlanta,
Ga., was visited by a very so-
rTre tornado. The Episcopal
ekmvli was blown down over
, h$ heads of the congregation;
-eighteen jersons were injured,
imt none fatally. A number of
other buildings were more or
-r damaged.
ijnsitK does not seem to be
wty laaterial diange in thesitu
atiHW Europe." Tho Czar is
'"pacrfieally inclined. Austria is
jdibsatisfietL. The London 'lime
contends, that Russia tnnst sub
mit to the peace conditions of
the Congress. Tfco great pow
ers did not invito her to make
war- Or give her permission to
replace? tho government of the
Tho tiretabaekers.
The greenback movement is
assuming shape in Grayson
county. The Dcnison Revs
Bays .the greenback men, or as
they, call themselves '"the 2a
tumids," will put out a separate
ticket in Grayson county, und
will t;ike advantage of any want
of harmony "n the Democratic
ranks. They hate signified a
determination to maintain a
separate organization, and have
manifested a poisistont hostility
to the Democratic party. This
is just exactly what might have
been expected ot them. It
seems that the Donisun and
Sherman grectibackers are the
first to take off tho mask. The
others will speedily follow suit.
It bthooves every true Demo
crat to stick tho closer to his
party, and maintain its organ
ization intact. We Itavo no
doubt but that it iUe "Nation
al" movement develops suffi
cient strength at the State
Greenback Convention, now be
ing held at Austin, an attempt
Will be mado to put a full
State ticket in tho field. Such
a ticket would, beyond any
doubt, be inimical to the inti-r-ests
of tlie Democracy. The
greenbacktrs will bear watch
ing. Political.
Thk Georgetown Sun indulges
in a disquifcitiou -on political
parties, and conclndes by saying:
'Many of our friends are mem
bers of Greenback clubs, but
wo suppose that few, if any of
them, dream oi the organization
ot a permanent political party
on thessnes which they pre
sent to tue country, m tins
we think the Sun will find
itself grievonsly mistaken. The
greenbackers, under the manip
ulation of Brick Pomcroy and
kindred spirits, are duing their
utmost to disrupt the Demo
cratic party in this country.
If they can accomplish nothing
sooner, they will, undoubtedly,
put a ticket iu the field for the
Presidential election in 18S0.
Just exactly what they want to
accomplish is unknown, oven to
Schlelchtr en the Silrer Bill.
Hok; G. Schleicher writes to
the San Antonio JOcpreta to say
-that the JKand silver bill wiFl
not bring any relief to the coun
try. The coinage under it is
limited; the silver dollar is a le
gal tender and says Mr. Schlei
cher, every one of them will bo
bought np and paid tor enstom
dues; paid out by the govern
ment, and again be bought up
and paid for customs; thus keep
ing the dollar moving in a circle
and out of the hands ot the pec,
pie. lie also.says: "Yon must
therefore not look for ranch re
lief now, even if that utall
coinage ranges, at
pretty high fignres." The let
ter concludes: "I hopo wo will
get np a true silver bill yet,
based upon correct principles
and then you will find me its
strong supporter."
Thk St. Louis Jtepuilican of
the 8th inst. contains a detailed
account of the burning of the
steamer City ot Chester, at the
.Memphis wbarf. Tho firo broke
out about 2 o'clock in the morn
ing, shortly after the boat had"
landed. The flumes spread very
rapidly and in order to save the
elevator, at which she was lay
ing, the lines were cnt and the
boat drifted out into tliu stream
with a iiumlwr of the crew and
passengers on board. Three
lives wcreJost.
TuuNavasotf. Tablet learns
than there will soon be in the
field a full compliment of Radi
pal candidates lor the different
county officers of Grimescounty.
It is also said that they will un
organized into clans Union
League fashion. The Tablet
thinks that by a thorough or
ganization ot tlie Democracy of
the county, and a county, con
vention which will 'nominate
men oJ undoubted integrity and
aKiity, the ticket can be elec
ted in spite of all opposition
The Bankfr is in receipt of
Col man's Rural World, a large
eight page p.iper, published at
St. Louis, and now iu its
thirtieth year. The J!vral
World is one of the oldebt ns
well as one ot the best agricul
tural papers in the Mississippi
valley. It is published weekly
at $2 pcr'ycar.
The Tno-Tulrtls Cule.
Tho question ot abrogating
the two thirds rule at the com
ing Democratic State conven
tion is still being discussed by
the State pre?s. Some few
papers favor it on the ground
that it has been n time honored
custom with the party. The
custom is very'liku that of go
ing to mill -with halt a bushel ot
corn in one end ot tho suck and
a stune in the other to balance
it. The time has evidently
passed when the two-thirds rule
should govern the action ot
conventions. The Democratic
doctrine that the majority rules
should be snbstitutod. A man
may be the choice ot a majority
oi the convention, and yet be
defeated by a very small minor
ity, who persistently refuse to"
vote with tho majority. Br
this means a popular candidate
may be defeated because ot his
inability to obtain the requisite
two-thirds vote. The Waco
Telephone and the Ruik Ob
terver, both sound Democratic
papers, say emphatically that
the necessity for tho two-thirds
rule has passed, and that the
first choice -ot the convention,
as expressed by tho majority
vote, should be the candidate
for Governor. It rests with the
convention itself to say whether
or not the two-thirds rule shall
For Liberia.
A special dispatch from
Charleston, S. C, to New York,
says the sailing ship Azor lus
left Boston tor the former city
loaded with provisions, farming
ntenidls, drygood. boots, shoes,
etc, the proierty of colored
people intending to take passage
for Liberia. Three hundred
and fifty men, women and chil
dren are quartered in Charles
ton nwai.ing their departure.
Thus, it 6eems the movement is
taking a tangible shape. TJioae
that aro.going consist of inde
pendent small farmers who havci
acquired the mentis by selling
out at a sacrifice and having
means to support themselves in
Liberia for six monts. It is
stated that fully one-half ol the
negroes In South Carolina are
anxiouato migrate,, and would
go it they had the means. A
stock company has been organ
ized. Every stockholder is en
titled to one passago when his
turn comes. At present there
are 30,000 shares, which sell at
$10 each. It is claimed that
35,000 colored people in the
South have invented in the en
terprise. TnE Dallas Commercial calls
attention to the defective col
lection laws of Texas. It cities
an instance in which two large
capitalists from Maryland who
visited the State with the in
tcntion of loaning money, and
after a couple of day investi
gation arrived at, tlie concln-
lion that they could not trust
their money on nny securities
which could be given. Until
the laws are amended capital
ists from other States will not
invest their money The Com
mercial says; "As long as money
cannot find security which will
stand the strain of legal pro
ceedings, it will not come here.
TnK Houston Telegram says
arrangements have been perfec
ted between a prominent St.
Louis merchant and the I. and
G. N.. Texas and Pacific and
Iron Mountain roads, for the
transportation of early-vegetables
from Houston to'NoShenT
markets at reduced rates. A
number ot rclrigerator cars are
being built. The shipment of
early vegetables from Southern
Texas, is as yet only in its in
fancy. A large and profitable
business will bo done in this
hue before many years.
Me. MiLulias written a let
ter to the Comanche CW pos
itively declining to allow his
name to Le used before the con
vention for Governor. It, how
ever, his friends desire it he
will be a candidate tor re-election
to Congress. The Belton
Journel says it will support
Mr. Mills, for re-election be
cause .it believes there is no one
in tho district who would so
ably lcpresent it iu "Washington.
. m m
L rnE matter of Crown Bow
en, convicted of murder iu Gon
zales county, the Couit of Ap
peal afihmed the death tentcntc.
The Chinese Famine.
Tit" the Northern province ot
China seventy milli-ms ot peo -pie
arc starving. Paulines hat c
occurcd 'in those, parts, but
none h.ivc ever been so wide
spread. The Seieniijic American savs
"during the pi-t two bundled
3 ears, the desert has been en
croaching upon Northern China,
the regions now afflicted under
going climatic changes almost
without paralled in the hNtory
of civilized countries. Wnter
courses have disappeared; mas
sive bridges now span river
beds whoic fl ol h.i o w.isted
every where can be found ei
denccot a former population one;
a dense ns that ot one bad South
China. Famines and civil wars
have greatly depleted tlie
popnlntiou, yet in the stricken
district there is still twice as
many people as there are in the
United States. Formerly the
dificicnces of Northern China
were supplied from tho Sonth
by way ot the grtnt canal, ex
tendingl650 miles trom Soochow
to Tientsin, on the Peiho, near,
Pekm. For a thonsand years
this was tho greatest artery of
commerce in the world: but it
!ot its feeders, and became tor
the most unnavigable, when the
Yangtse-Kiang shifted its chan
nels and found a new outlet
three hundred miles north ot
its old one.
Thus cut oft from its only source
ot relief in case of tailing crops,
with scanty means of internal
communication, and subject to a
government that has not the
energy to combat so dire an
evil, even if it had the power,
the stricken region nuut bear its
nffection as bet it may.
The Chinese government is
opjwsed to railroads and has
torn up the first and only line
of railway in that conntry.
Tho Texas Chrhtian Advo
cate says:
"As the cars stopped at Led
better we saw something which
we commend to the Drenham
BaiN.i:, and the voters ot
Washington county who defeat
ed prohibition. A young man
was lying- on tho platform in a
drnnken stupor."
Tho Brenlmm Bakjteh took
uo part in the election on pro
hibition. It was left entirely
with the voters themselves, and
was opprwod by some of the
prominent members ot the
United Friends ot Temperance.
There aro about 4,700 voters iu
the county. The total vote in
favor of it wa3 hardly one hun
dred out ot some twelve hun
dred votes polled, the other
thirty -five hundred voters in the
county taking no iuteret in it
whatever. "We are fully aware
ot the evils of intemperance, but
are by no means satisfied that
local option or prohibition is
the way to avert it. Wo do
not "propose to enter into a
discussion of the subject, but
would "call the Advocates
attention to the fact
that Ledbetter is in Fay
ette, not Washington county.
Tlie citizens of Washington
lounty aro as temperate, as
moral and as religious as those
of any other county in the broad
State ot Texas, and jut why the
Advocate should have singled
out the Uannee and Washing
ton county, as an example to
illsustrato the evil effects ot non
prohibition we are at a loss to
understand. In Galveston there
are, it ib estimated, not
than oighty public bar rooms, a
numbor ot -gambling houses as
open as tho bars and dens ot
prostitution by the score. Can
the Advocate do nothing to
abate tho oil of which it com
plains! The London Times publishes
statistics to bhow that while the
aggregate mass of crime in
cities is, of course, large, the
proportion of criminals to the
population is, it anything,
smaller than in towns and
rural district. In London the
proportion is 4 iu 10,000; in
Liverpool 11 to 10,000; in
Taunton, a small place, 17 in
Mits. Eu.rx Kvj.:fit, a na
tive ot li eland, died in Chica
go on Sunday List, bating at
tained tho remarkable age ot
106 j cars. She vs bom in
1772, and retained a rcm.irka
blo memory of the Napoleonic
wais, and also ot the Irish row
vlutiou c 'US,
Dallas now has a steam
camh factory.
Bunjlar- aro plying their
vocation in D.illas.
The Comanche Greenback
club h as forty members.
.- San Jjciuto day "nil I be
duly celebrated at Houston.
A temperance iuoenient
has been oiganizod at Marlin.
Eggs are selling at five
cents a dozen at Dnrango, Falls
The trees in the vicinity ot
Dallas are leafing out beauti
fully. Navasota has a crand
J Pnrim masquerade ball on the
I'Jth mst.
The small crjin crop iu
the weinily ot Schulenbuig arc
looking thrifty.
Beaumont shipped thirty
car lo-uls ot lumber the fiit
week in March.
A young man named Rob
ertson was banged by a mob in
Denton comity.
The Round Rock Ileadligld
has again donned its ulster or
patent ontside.
Home made bacon is sell
ing from wagons in Belton at
8 cents a pound.
The San Saba steam mill
arc now turning out an excel
lent quality of flour.
Hon. II. L. Ray, a prom
inent politician and member ot
the Dallas bar, is dead.
Tho grocery Btoro of Mr.
Elj.ili Binder, at Hoiuton, wu
buglarized the other night.
The crackor factory at
Sherman was burned on the
12th inst. Lois $25,000.
There arc now thirteen
cases fif small pox at Breuioud.
Three .deaths have secured.
J. R. Stark, manager of a
lumberyard near Crockett, was
shot while iu bod and killed.
. The Hempstead Messenger
reports that two new brick
stores arc to be put up at once,
The Columbus Citizen
notes larger quantities ot lum
ber going west-via tho Suiuet
Corn is up in many farms
in Colorado county. Cotton has
been planted by many, though
not g'cuerally.
Farming lands, improved
and unimproved, are selling in
Colorado county at from $3 to
10 per acre.
Pigeon-droppers arc ply
ing there vcoation in Dallas.
A countryman was plucked to
the tunc ot $20.
The Waco Mai Fest will
gi e a premium of J200 for ihe
best brass band and $100 tor
the second best.
The Galveston Jfeios ol tho
14th inst. contains account ot
five murders committed within
the last two days. -
The matrimonial market
in Colorado county is quoted as
being lenwrkably dull hard
timet-, you know
An organized band of hon.e
thcircs ara supposed to have
their bet dquartcrs in the vicin
ity ot Rouud Rock.
Four hundred Scandina
vian families are located iu
Bof.qnc county. They are ex
cellent and thrittv farmers.
, The Waco Mai Fest comes
ofl on the 8th and 9th ot May.
13 run ham will havu a Yolksfest
on the 10th and 11th of May.
A telcphouo has been erec
ted between the offioes of tho
mayor and chief ot police in
Dallas. It works like a charm.
D. R. Francis, county sur
veyor of Robertson county, has
been arrested on the charge of
being connected with the laud
Galveston's Greenback
Club held a meeting ou Sat
urday night, and appointed a
delezate to the vonvention at
Tho theatrical season at
Houston closed with the en
gagemement ot Frank Mayo,
which was" the least profitable
of any.
A correspondent of the
Gnlvcston 2ews gives a graphic
description of the boiling wolls
in the vicinity ot Sour Lake,
Hardin county.
A new brick storo 25xS0
feet is being elected in Uemp
btead. The Jfessenger thinks
much building will be done
the coming summer.
A fight ocenrred In Tom
Green county between Ameri
can and Mexican buffalo hun
ters. One Mexican was killed
and another wounded.
Tun Dallas Morning Call
speaking of two rustic Ethiopi
an youths who were anxious to
fight, says thoy woio endeavor
ing to "crawl each other's log."
Tho woik of coiistiuctwg
the cotter dam for the Brazos
bridge, will soon bo begun. The
Hempstead Messenger says the
work will be pished to completion.,
At Austin on "Wednesday,
Alderman Joseph Nallc staV
bed Alderman T. J. Marfcley.
killing liiiti iustuiitlv.
All the telegraph poles be
tween BVlfon and tound Hock
have been "planted". It now
only remains to stretch the wire.
The Moriiing Call say
hish rents will kill a town as
dead as Hou-ron, and that Dal
J.u is suffering from tho dis
ease. Society Yorwaert', of Dcn
iscm, have purchased a lot, mid
will nt once proceed :o erect the
necessary buildings tor a gym
nasinm. The Coltunbns Citisen says
the jirwcnt grand jnrv is'accus
cd ot being the worst looking set
of men which could re collected
together in tlie comity.
The Giddings ,J.onc Star
says crops reports are very
favorable from all parts of the
county. There will be a con
siderable diversity of crops.
Tho Chief want- to" know
if there is man in the United
States who has five"oi six thous
and dollars to invest in buil
ding a hotel in Comanche.
Tho Sehulcnbnrjj Argus
will this week be removed to
Flatonia. 13 miles west ol its
present location the nanio will
be changed to tho Flatonia Argut
Tlie Dallas Herald says
the gutter arc in a most filthy
condition mid demand imme
diate attention. There is no
donbt but Dallas is- a scented
The Telephone reports the
arrival in Waro of a woofr
mule and a frerdmnn The
mulo is an exact counterpart ot
Fremont's celebrated 'wooly
horsn "
A lady in Colorado coun
ty succeeded in capturing a
large chicken hawk as it wa in
the act of catching- a young
chicknn in her van!. She wrung
his hawkhip s neck.
A petition i iu circulation
in Giddin-rs asking the ISoard
of Alderman to aholi-di the office
ot mayor and (ilanhal and us
ing the sslaries paid them in
building firo cisterns.
Two yearn ago, say-3 the
Chief, Comanche county scrip
was dull sale at twentv-five
cents on the dollar. To-day it
is worth seventy-five to eighty
cents and bnt little offering.
A Mr. McKee residing
near Salado. B-jll countv. had a
.two yuar old child. It crawled
under tbe bed ami finding a
box of strychnine p'lls ate about
forty of them. Physicians were
calltd in, but the child died.
A neighboroood qnarref
tock place in Walker connty,
seven miles from Loveladv. re
sulting iu the killing of Hum
phries and Foster, and tho
wounding of ono Andrews.
Tho Comanche Chief has
not fully detcruuenod who it is for
in the Gubernational race, but
it ik certain tlmt it is not for
"Gbsbv Dick Hubbard, or Gard
ener Lang, or John Iroland."
In the District Court of
Falls county. Judge" Alexander
presiding, charged the grand
jury, laying special stress on the
growing practice of granting
continuances in criminal cases.
Thompson's variety show
ad. has been dropped from the
columns nf tho Dallas Commer
eial, and it is prejmriiig to re
new the war on Thompson in
particular and variety bhows in
A correspondent ol the Gal-
Teston j.Ync from Liberty say
the Walker and Black case was
called at Wnllfsvillo and con
tinued by the State. Applica
tion was made tor bail, but re
fused. Ed. Barantc; was 'ronght
to Hempstead on Monday last
and turned over to the jailer.
The stolen jewelry was recov
ered, but the stolen money had
all been spent, excepting "about
twenty dollars.
Mr. Helms of Comanche
connty draws big pern-ion regn
lxrly as a soldier ot the war ot
1812. He was in the battlo of
New Orleans. Mr Helms-is
hale and hoarty and ean do a
good days work yet.
The Marlin JSaUsyt there
are about 200 Tonkaway In
dians in bhackclford county,
who live in a halt civilized ai d
harmless condition upon their
own lalior and the charity of
the neighbors.
The Houston Telegram says
on Sunday last the bodies of
three dead negroes were found
in tho woods near the road be
tween Sandy Point and Chenan
go. The bodies were lull ot
bullet holes. An iuqncst was
held and indications seemed to
point to the tict that tho ne
groes were cattle thcives.
In Dallas some man with,
perhaps, less than a thimble lull
ol brains in his pranium, made
a negro boy, about five ears
old, drunk, thinking that he
was having much fun and at
tho same time time perpetrating
a huge joke on the small negro
Such a man should be whipped
about half to death with dog
Wood switcUc$t
Texas- has sent 613 convicts
to tbe penitentiary during the
hist ten months;' and they arc
yet gbiug every day. The
penal code needs' amendment.-
The Sun Saba iV&r says
several lircal option cases which
had betrtt pending in the Dis
trict Court. were trinslerro'lto-a
justice's court niidthe jiutice de
ciding that hu had no jurisdic
tion dissmi&icd them.
A gentleman residing in
Weimar bonght two cows of
high grade Alderney for S100.
The cow give trom three to
four gallons of milk each per
day. Fine cows are evidently
the cheapest in the long run.
rioro theives have been
raiding iu the neighborhood ot
Sehulcubiirg. The Argus sug
gests the organization in each
neighborhood of HK-ieties for the
detection, arrest and prosecu
tion ol horse and cattle '"hook
ers." Tni: Uazos Pilot (Bryan)
ciidoraea tho snggestion of the
grand jury of that county favor
ing the whipping-post. The
Jyilot sa.y: Anything would nt
picferablc to the present nncer
tain,dilatory and disastrondy ex
pensive mode ol punishing small
The trial of W. L. nawpe,
for the murder of A. G. Miller,
was commenced at Dallas, 0n
Friday lust. The cae excites
much interest and wiil proba
bly require a tnll weck'n trial as
a large nmiibcrct witnesses arc
to be examined.
TnE Schiileubnrg Argus says
Mr. Tom Scott and bis syco
phants scein. determined to force
Throckmorton to lie a candidate
for Governor at all hazards. Mr
Throckmorton has signified Lis
willingness to be sacrificed.
' Two 3lcLenusn connty
preachers bail a diflicnlty, and
.nicotine m tho road indulged
in "ensMn" btrR Thov were ar
rested and taken before a jus
tice; one was taxed $G0 for
trimmings and things; the other
was honorably discharged.
Tvuno is no longer correct
iu The nounlnng city ot Uciit
son. A raid was made by the
county authorities on the bank;
the hanker, and hu assistants
m well as a nnuilxTof kenoists
were captured. Keno fs a very
fine game especially for the
T. J. Davis, i now in the
San Saba county jail charged ol
assaulting a man with a
deadly weapon. Some time ago
he was tried for lunacy before
the connty Court, and declared
by the jury to be sane. He will
now lie tried again the issne
being whether ho is a criminal
or a lunatic.
' Fayr tte Colemnn, a depnty
sheriff ot Brazos county left
Bryan five, daya ago on horse
back for the purpose of serving
process in the connty. tie ii:u
not been heard trom since. Hi
horse was found with his over
coat tied to the saddle, having
six buckshot holds through it.
Foul play is inspected.
Beaumont Lumberman:
Judge Pedigo holds cpnrt in
Chambers county tbi3 week:
lie reports the district remarka
bly quiet: So tar as criminal
business is concerned tbere are
probably less than a dozen casas
a year in his district.
The Dallas Commercial is
opposed to tfi two-thirds rule
and favors a majority nomina
tion. It says that so far as ihe
canvass has progressed bnt two
candidates are prominently lc
fore the people v;zi Throck
morton and Ilonest Dick Hub
bard. The, Sn Saba News says:
'"One year .will soon havepas-ed
since local option was carried
in this county, and in all this
time the authorities, havo been
Jeggimr away to got convic
tions by reason of a violation
ot the law, but not a single case
has yet been gained.""
Georgetown Sun: Vacci
nation is now in style -..Fishing
tackle and "wurrnius" arc
in 'demand. ...Garden p'nnts
are coming np and chickens are
eating them down . Four or
five new families have located
here during tho past two months
. . . .Tho heel flies are alter tho
cattle.... Some miscteant enter
ed tho Easley school and tore
npthe estament and other books
Last Sunday tho .New York
Herald printed sixty columns
of advertisements. In referring
to tho fact tho Hvrald does not
consider th's an tvidenco of
good times or of reviving proi--
pentv, but ot the importance ot
making special efforts to do
business in a dull time. The
man who refuses to advertise
his business because business is
dnl! docs not understand the
real object and value of adver
tising. If times aro haid and
business goes slowly then it
must be pushed and urged, and
forced to go by advertising.
Houston Telegram.
CoxG.R.hsioxAi4 proceedings are
nt pressent devoid of public in
terest, Tho Pacific railroad
discus.-io,j. s stilt going on.
ConkUng's bill from, the-Committee
on Commerce, in lavorof
Bennett's porlar expedition was
yabcd witu,vu.t debate
the UfnabiieV Comenllon
Vfe nnrke the folIovviugC'snins
tnViry trom the Austin- Stater
The Iudepcifrfcnt GreentVaefc
Coiiventii-"! met iu Rcprlv-CnfJt- -tivo
Ill7 at 1 o'clix-k on .Tuts-.-.
day. About 40 delegates wero
pre-cnt, some tight or ten'bi'iiKj
colored. Twciiff of the defegrife"
nrc residents Of Travis codiilyi
W. 1L Kftfngefar, ot Wa-liingj
ton comity? was- elected' pertfW1
ncnt prwJdenf
A letter from Brick PomerbV
wus read. It et forth that tho
members: tii the Greenback par
ty had generally severed their
connection with lxtti pyfificstl ?
pai tin, and lie urge 1 tho p-artv
in Tex is to press forward xintlt
it came into control oi tho
State. '
A number of sixxchcs were
made In the evening a plat
form and a cart load of rcsojnv
tions TTcre adopted. The con
vention adjourned bine die hImiS
10 o'clock. .
lion. George McCormick is
spoken ot by the Colnmbus Ct- .
hen as a flcsrntblcaml eligible:
candidate for Attorney General
in f ensneing campaign- He
has made an efficient Assistant
Attorney General, in whicb ca
patityhcKnt present actirgv
and will !c a strong man it
placed lxforc the people. Com
anche L'hirf.
The Baxkkr wishes it- dis
tinctly understood that it will
favor no one eKe than the woun
ded, crippled and lacerated soldier-patriot.
Hannibal II. Boone,
tor this position, and to have -sufficient
faith in the "wisdom
ot tho next con vrnfioh to be
lieve that he will receive the -nomination
for re-election npo.n
the- first ballot, or bv acclama
TIkj Kavasota Ta7ht'mn
calls fort a few sjiring rh ten 3 -he
wants 'em on suliKcriptinas.
XSovr Advertisements'
: 1
Wotice to 2?az-3rtyersf
Xat Chnnai, '" ' '
Taiw tin riHil t-tmtr for Iiejc:i'
tsr-U 187-t. 1S75 n.i ISTT-wifl Iw,
lecdrtl m thr first 3t ol April !.
without cc!, iiftor which vlfeir ihi-tw
will xjriliYfly be no further HIaj-.
All (milts- wlm Iihto not piid thnr
Inxi-y for wod ywrii, n? req irsttn ti
come forward ami py tin- raiuii mi
niue o.U H. A. HAItVl.V,
-o!ltnrVrUim;tmj Cuunlr "
For Sale.
t-il one mil- aid a q-nrtrr'-a't
it UrruharK, wu!l iuipmTMl;"WiHid unit -wiiiiritrmlful;p!rn1iil
Inntiwr r?r
Mdnirr;0nf, jmnlnrtlTr 1L Will b
oM fiir-mi thinj cxnh, balance jwr'tt"
within "DO '! two Tr-irs Applr at
ihi BannU Omen. MurcliS f
1IKU owx woun.
Ms. II. It. Mitch.
IAUXi-'iitCTTpnil yrare I liatc got
nraiil vrry painful foot. I bad oiu vM
Irlati, Imt ifer ntiMn't cure me. ow ,1
baipheni ofTnurej;r!liirrria a laily who
ra !rk fr a 1 nig- lime, aiwl Lframr all well
frum Ttmr Vcjetine, awl I went ami tvnijrtit
mfftue IVriflo or ejcrtiner ami after I bail
netltineWfIe, th pain i-fl me, audit I
pan tohral, ami thi I btmctif-ime oltirr b t
tie, and mI take it vit. Jllatik x1 Tor tfaU -rnneil
and ymr-elf; and wlhina Ty s
MiOnrmav far nllrntion tIt. It liable
Infiltirbeauh. '
ta vre-tJ!aIUmore5trwt
Mn.II U. Stevkx.
In l7i your emetine va rrcnramendrd tr
m, and, jlrMinj ti the -frraistn of a
friend, L ron-ctitfU to trr It. At tbe time I
a-rtHrrhijr;fnm grner?! deMIrK audnrrT f
ott4 pnittatlin ecprtmlucrd Inr tmroilt
and lirrsularliibfN ltTrtndrTniitinjrii- 4
etfnff and curat! re ptvperlir-t rewd to afert
ray debilitated vttm frwra the tIrtU; ait I
undo ft rUient uel japMlv reroYered.
raining- more tlian iwnal beallSi and fro!
feillngv More then I tune not beI?a)ed to
to ToAecednemyTOOHtuiKiualinedindoe
meat,, ai lelng-a afe. su-e, and powerful
acratin promntln? healt't and retfjins" tho
wTWled-ytemtrt neTC-llfeandenereyr er
fineltheonlrmeiUrlne lu-;andailfnff ai
I lire 1 neTerexpect to find a better.
Ymirstrulr, W. H. tXRK,
iJOilonleiejr Street. Allegnanj, Venn.
TEdETrNE. . . .
DkabMd ThUUJo crtifVthtIharpo.nl
yiHir-inKI I-rriratHtnin niTrinMilT for;
i?Yral imin, and tiitok that for rrorul or
f aakrpn lliunornr Uhrunivl aiTrrtlon it
cannot Im eTcrllrd; and iw a Idrnx! puiftlrr
ami Fining nmlirine ills th brlthinj;lhaio
eTru.nl. arwtl Ilnve HwlaliiuwtPirrjtlUnjr. .
Iran rbrrrfullr rrcomaie nd It to auv one In.
tiMKlof nchamelfrine.
Yolinirwpwtfullr. ,?
iik. a. a. nrxsjioitrr. -
19 Hn-ell SSf ot.
WIIAT Is EF.Dnp. "
HOKTOXt Feb. 15, 1S7I , v ,
II. R. TFYEC. tl
I)raitM- AbnntoneyeareincelfoimdniT-i
elfln a feeble cnniHiIon from jreneral deblflO
ty. A effrline wa utmnjrl recinmeudrd tov
rocbv a friend wbnlod Iiefn lunch !eneilfte'I
livlHae. I iintcuredthe article, and. aftec
nInp cvrrd bottlei, win retoied tohealtb,
and diwoallnued iA tte. I ferlfuit conft-j
lent tliaMIteie I no medicine urfor toit
fur thoe complaints for irbirb It I- imperially
prepared, and vnnld fbeertnlly remnimem
Itthoeuho feel that tl er need jsoiuelliln-- to
reioieinenuopeneii nni'n.
Ieiiect Ail 1 1 rmir-.,
rinvof M. ret.euyill A Co.,,
Xo.lOStafeM , Eodtun.,
rTiiDLcwicK,Mjc,,Jan 17173.
II n.CTMio
DeiRin I harehaddyfpeiwIalnlUirorF
fitrm for tlto lvt ten Jerp, ind hive taen.
hundred ofdollarx north ofmedkineH wlth
outohtalnln? anv relief. In epteniber lit '"
I. ctimmenceil taklnj; the eceiin?a inr&,
nhbhttme my health ha rteaIH) ImpmTcI.
3I fioI Jtctrs well, and I hate painedflf-
teenpoundofdefh, TIierearArercralotbera "
In this plir 'atlnp eritne, ami al liars,
obtained relfc. 4tnrmlr; "
Orereer of Cinl Kooip IVrtinouy C6,4
Prt- pared liv
H,'K STEVCXS Bo'stoa, Mass -
Yegiline Sold by ajl finuqixt '
, H
-I I
- iJ
' 11
j f
- ui
1pJJllL, -, "

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