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Established i860.
rnWUhcl ZfeUlr and TTttlclj-.
RAX1UK A IXVUI. riprtctor.
Jtsln at Subscription:
Dllr, one topjr one year,,. ,
'Wkly, onti copy one year, ..
9 00
"..' vlr,ltes of AdTertlelnSi
-TranttcntandLogal idvntlwrotnrt Insert
ed at $1,50 per tqnaro Tor lint Insertion, and
5 cents iwrscraaro foreacn subsequent lnscr-
Jtfsrrtare and ObYtnarv noticej, oxcttdlnr;
elghtlinej. naif prlco, EditorJM nollceaofH
-linrcST baslsu character, lOcents aline each
insertion , ,
.AnnmraresicnUttlll be Inserted at the liil
loMlttffnttM! .StaJcandDlstrl-roHce.,, 810;
Cooatv 9TJA; Product. $3. TTio money to
accompany the announcement. In ererj in
stance,. The island of Cyprus has been
formally taken possession ofby
- GreatBritain.
Spurgeos makes a summary
; disposal, of Bob..rngersoll thus:
l!M He is a grexm Avatermelot"
1 . . . r-wf
The Texas Teachers' conven-
i tion to be held at Mexia has
3cen postponed to August 6th.
The .La Grange Record is op
posed to public executions and
does not believe In capital pun
The negroes in South Caro
lina are abandoning the Repub
lican party, and going over to
the Democrats.
It is estimated by the Treas
ury department that there is
now" about j?:,ooq,ooo of coun
terfeit com In circulation.
.Dr. Lln'dermaK, the director
of the mint, advocates the Im-
mediate payment of the , inter
est in the public debt in silver.
The Montreal authorities pre
vented theparadc ofthe Orange
men on the 12th inst.,and thus
prevented a riot and bloodshed.
"Kellogg has been before the
Potter Investigation committee
.at Washington giving his opin
ioc?about Jlhe Louisiana affair.
AK'English. architect has "fig
"ured up ' that It "would cost at
the present time, nearly J?r5o,
ooo,ooo to -build tlic. great, pyr
amid. X.IEUT. Fremont was married
on board a steamer bound for
Liverpool, May 30th. The
bride was Miss Mary Anderson,
the actress.
The Galveston Afaar thinks
It is unkind in many of the
sTexas newspapers to make any
Jnqulry concerning Lang's sala
jvas Master ofthe Grange.
Tee first stagcof the Trans-
l r j - continental line which left Fort
c ,. Worth for Fort Yuma, was at
tacked by robbers near Gran
t, bury, and-thc passengers relicv-
- i ed of their wealth.
A Berlin dispatch of the 15th
says it Is expected that the offi
cial publication of the treaty of
peace will follow its ratification,
which will be effected within a
month from date of signing.
The document -will be printed
to-night and signed to-morrow.
Secretary Sherman has in
hand in ,tlte treasury 161,000,-
000 In actual gold coin. 121,
000,000 of which has been ac
cumulated since he became sec
retary, for the special purpose
of redeeming outstanding legal
"tender notes; He sa3's the coin
on hand is amply sufficient for
the purpose of resumption and
that he would make no further
sale of bonds- on this amount
The Colorado Citizen feels
satisfied that Jones can easily
be beat. It scorns that idea
that Hancock is the only man
who can beat him. Jt regards
G. Washington Jones as a dead
cock in the pit. His opposi
tion to conventions 'and Utopian
Greenback ideas have killed
him. It thinks either Shepard
or Hancock can defeat the colo
nel. -i- 1 . - - . 1
O.v Wednesday last Sethi
Shepard addressed a large audi
ence at Hiil.S Trairlc, Bastrop
cojnty. He discussed the fi
nancial question in an able man
ner. There were Greenbackers
present who seemed gratified
with the new phase in which
3, thk.qucstlGn was presented.
The Galveston News' report
' Siys Mr. Shepard made many
j-Tvarm friends.
The Statesman and Gazette
have undertaken to force the
nomination of Judge Hancock
for Congress by attempting to
create the impression that Jones
has developed so much strength
that no one but Hancock can
defeat him.
Their arguments arc based
on the letters of "N. A. T." to
the Arrnd the statements of;
"leading Democrats,"
names areTiot given.
In our opinion Shepard is
stronger than Hancock, and is
the most available candidate to
oppose Jones. In the first
:xplace, tlic- unanimity -with which
he has been endorsed by then
staunch Democracy of William
son, Lee, Burleson, Milam and
other counties, attests the hold
that Shepard has upon the peo
ple generally. If Hancock be
the most popular man and the
most available candidate, why
is it that the people have given
so little evidence of the fact
In the counties of Fayette
and Colorado it is claimed that
no one but Hancock can carry
the German vote, the most of
which, it is charged, was cast
for Jones at the last election.
While Hancock may be the first
choice of the-majority ofthe
Germans of those counties, it
does not follow that they will
oppose Shepard because Han
cock is not nominated. Even
the correspondents of the News
have ascertained that they will
not support Jones because of
his Irredeemable paper money
theories. We attended a bar
becue in Fayette county on the
4th, at which there was an im
mense concourse of -intelligent
Germans. Wc there" learned of
their general dissatisfaction
with Jones. The talk about
Jones' unionism in 1 861 giving
him strength is merest bosh.
Jones was a Union man, but in
stead of leiving the country
with Judge Hancock, he volun
tarily entered the Confederate
army as a Lieutenant Colonel
and served with distinction,
and he takes frequent occasion
to harp upon his millitary ser
vices whenever he has an audi
ence he thinks it will take with.
Shepard was in the Confeder
ate army too, for a while, but
was only eighteen years of age
when the war ended. His pub
lic career is well known to the
Germans of Austin, Fayette
and Washington counties; his
fidelity to the Union to-day,
and his devotion to the -whole
country is unquestioned. Sensible-Germans
are heartily sick of
the "bloody shirt." They do
not appreciate the patriotism of
those who condemn its waiving
by the opponents of Hancock to
excite the prejudices of a few 1
old secessionists, and yet, at
the same time, are eternally
waiving it themselves to rekindle
the prejudices of those who
may have espoused and suffer
ed for the Union during the
war. It is no compliment to
thier sense or thicr patriotism,
and they so consider it.
Again, if the sapient editors
of the Austin papers be correct
in believing that Judge Han
cock possesses this wonderful
influence over the Germans,
could he not, by taking the
stump, carry them for another
if nominated? Could he not
have carried them for Giddings
in 1S76 had he made an effort?
If he could, and yet failed to do
it, docs he deserve the support
of the Democracy ?
It has- been claimed by some,
with what show of truth wc do
not -pretend tp know, that a
great part of Jones' strength in
the last race was due to the
fact that he avowed revenge for
the defeat of Hancock as the
cause of his opposition to Gid
dings. It is feared that the
lukc-warmness of Hancock will
be used by those Democrats
who admired the course of
Shepard, who, after a defeat by
less than a majority of the con
vention, stumped the District
for the nominee and labored
specially among his own friends
to overcome their dissatisfac
tion at the result of the conven
tion. The friends of Hancock have
confined their observations to
the counties of Fayette and Col
orado, the latter of which has
always been regarded as a Re
publican county like Washing
ton. But how is it with the
strong Democratic counties of
Lcc, Burlcston, Milam, William'
son &c , where the Greenbackers
are showing their greatest
strength ?
The Democracy of these
counties are unanimous in their
greenback tendencies and be
lieve in the views of Vorhees,
Pendleton, Thunrian, and of
,Coke, as expressed in his late
great speech upon the repeal of
the resumption act These men
prefer to attain their objects in
side of the Democratic party if
they can; but they would re
quire nominees who are above
These Democrats believe
tliat the present financial distress
is traceable to the passage of
the resumption act.
In 1876 the Democratic party
in convention at St. Louis de
manded the repeal of this act.
But when a bill for that purpose
was called up in the House of
Representatives, John Hancock
voted with the Republican re
sumptionists. The Greenback Statesman
may have forgotten this, but
the greenback people have not,
and Jones will use it with tre
mendous effect in case of Han
cock's renomination.
In these counties Shepard has
his greatest personal strength.
In Bastrop county many Demo
crats have voted for Jones on
personal ground, so in these
counties many of those, who
have gone off with the extreme
Greenbackers in opposition
clubs, will, on the same grounds,
vote for.Shepard.
With all the information that
we can get, we regard Hancock
as the least available candidate
that could be thought of in the
convention; yet wc think, he
could beat Jones if nominated.
We are sure that Jones can be
beaten by, Shepard, Giddings,
Munson, Jack, Flourney and
many others.
It would seem that the man
who attends most closely to his
own business would make the
best officer, but it unfortunate
ly happens that few who arc
well employed in private life
are willing to give up theis own
affairs to attend to those ofthe
public. In this opinion the
Galveston News is correct. The
people in making selections of
candidates for county officers
will do well to avoid profession
al office seekers. There arc,
many of them in this county.
They have been so long before
the people that it is unnecessa
ry to name them ; they are well
known ; some af them have al
ready had their hands and head
in the public crib, while others
are exceedingly anxious to get
For. the information of the,
Houston Telegram the Bakser
states that it is in favor of Shep
ard for congress against the field
knowing as it does that, he is
the choice of the majority of
the -people. The Banner has
never advocated the claims of
Hancock, neither is it desirious
of creating a division in the par-ty-for
the purpose of letting in
an outsider like Wash Jones.
It is the so-called independent
press of Galveston and Austin
that is working for Hancock,
although it is apparent that
Shepard will have a majority in
the convention. The Telegram
may rest assured that either
Shepard or Hancock will beat
It is charged that the Green
back conventions in Texas sel
dom fail to adopt resolutions
cbndcmning the corruption in
the Democratic party, but they
never say a word against the
Republicans. The Greenback
clement has a leaning towards
Republicanis - m
Thinking and sane men men
of intelligence and sound gudg
ment are becoming heartily tijed
and disgusted with the manner
in which political canvasses
have heretofore been conduct
ed, and are clamorous for a
change or reform in this di
rection. More sober reasoning
and less of partisan prejudice
and littleness is what is wanted.
The discussion of men, meas
ures and principles should be
conducted with gentlemanly
courtesy ami decorum ; intoler
ant and slanderous discussions
should be done away with ; the
time has passed when any good
can be accomplished by such
debates. Of what really good
influence are the sheer asser
tions and exaggerated declama
tions of the political rostrum
when figures of speech and the
play of fancy is substituted for
straight-forward argument and
authentic historical data? Are
they not worse than useless?
Do they not occasion, instead
of remedy, public evils ? If so,
are they worthy of rational be
ings ? These ar questions that
should be answered, that a
speedy remedy may be applied
to the existing evil.
But, to approach the subject
more nearly, is there any honest,
sensible discussion during the
majority ofthe political contests
of the present day? Do we not
more frequently find in its stead
bold'asservations, a garbling or
suppression of facts, violent de
nunciation coupled with revolt
ing personal abuse? The
vast number of political speech
es made last year and this, with
a few honorable exceptions,
were such as we have describ
ed. Men have stood up before
crowds of people and, in an ef
fort to aaiuse them, said things
of which they would be utterly
ashamed in their private intima
cy. That such a procedure
should not be only tolerated,
but popular, is by no means
creditable to our masses.
We are, therefore, ofthe opin
ion there is infinite danger as
well as folly in the present, sys
tem of political canvassing for
the reason that it has a tenden
cy to demoralize public senti
ment, and facilitates blind vio
lence, and, we would suggest,
as a remedy, the calm, dispas
sionate discussion, both through
the press and on the rostrum,
of the political issues of the
day. A few journalists and
speakers, to their honor be it
said, endeavor to pursue this
only safe and sensible course,
but by far the greater number
prefer the worse?
The method adopted in the
southern States prior to the
war was by far the best. Op
posing candidates then spoke
from the same rostrum in cour
teous and gentlemanly debate;
nay, often traveled together,
put up at the same hotel, and
often occupied the same room.
Thus the most gentlemanly
tone was preserved ; the masses
were instructed in courtesy as
well as in facts, and when a pre
tender or falsifier appeared, he
was quickly exposed and held
up to the ridicule of the audi
ence. Had we such a system now
in operation, our public meet
ings would awaken a three-fold
interestand the crowds who at
tend them, instead of coming
together chiefly on a sort of a
boisterous frolic, would come
to listen and be convinced. As
it is, the speaker only reaches
those who are already of the
same opinion. In the other
case, his superior argument and
persuasive power would influnce
others, who had had entertain
ed contrary views.
Dennis Kearney, the working-man's
champion of Califor
nia, is going East in the interest
of his party, and says he will
make Ben Butler president of
these United States in 1S80.
Kearney is a San Francisco
drayman and is an illiterate
county commissioner:
The composition of our
missioners' Court is well kn
There are five commissionc;
one Democrat, one Ind
dent (elected by Repub
votes) and tuo Repub.
both colored men. The chiefU
business "of this court seems to J
be the issuing of countv serin.
In Frhni.irv last flip com
missioners court puDiisnca a n
nancial report, showing the
county's indebtedness to be
about j5i6,ooo and claiming
that there was more than
enough back taxes due and
collectable to pay it off. Not
withstanding this favorable
- t f ,.,,.
showing, the county's credit is
at an exceedingly low ebb.
Scrip issued against the general
fund is now slow sale at 70 to
75 cents on the dollar. Tax
payers should remember that
thecounty pays dollar for dol
lar for this scrip. If it is re
ceived for taxes it is the same
as money, that is, the county
takes it at par value. Buying
scrip has for a long time been
a regnlar business here. The
business is perfectly legitimate
and the purchasers 'ofthe scrip
are not in the least to blame. The
fault is with the management of
the county comniissioners.
They should regulate the ex
penditures of the county in
such a manner as to prevent an
over-issue of county scrip and
its consequent depreciation.
From the financial condition of
the county, as shown by the
published report, it would ap
pear to be only reasonable that
scrip should be maintained at
something like a reasonable
price. As it is at present the
county loses from twenty-five
to thirty cents on every dollar
of expenditure. This result is
brought about by bad manage
ment; it is not charged that the
commissioners' court has been
guilty of any dishonest practices;
the whole trouble is simply that
the commissioners are incom
petent to manage the financial
affairs of the county.
In making nominations for
commissioners thepeople should
put forward no man who is not
a good business man and a fair
financier. It is not necessary
that the commissioners should
be merchants; theie a?e farm
ers and professional men who
are fully competent to promote
the interest of the people.
It now costs the county be
tween S3600 and S3800 per an
num to support her paupers.
Scrip to that amount is issued,
but the paupers do not realize
more than the average price of
scrip for it, or, say from 70 to
80 cents on the dollar. A poor
or pauper farm should be pur
chased and the paupers main
tained on it. By this means
the county would reduce this
expense probably one-hilf.
County convicts could also be
The Georgetown Stm says
that many more counties have
instructed for Shepard than fai
Hancock and that Shepard is
the strongest man. It says
Hancock is now seeking the
Democratic nomination, while
it was apparent, not many w eeks
ago, that he was preparing the
way to run against the nominee.
The St, Louis Republican is
ofthe opinion that Redcmier,
who plead guilty to murder and
was sentenced by the court to
be hanged, was made to do so
by his attorney, who will en
deavor to have the sentence set
aside on the ground of insanity,
it being claimed that a sane
man would not plead guilty.
The White Man's parly in
Grimes county is in earnest
They have drawn the color line
and will adhere to it. White
Radicals will be permitted to
vote with the Democrats, but
arc respectfully invited to take
back scats when it comes to
holding office.
The Age and Telegram, of
Houston, are having a fine time
discussing the question of the
tax sale advertisc-ncnts.
SB--Thci graodH
j jLKii
j a v vjy
- I ministered
in Galveston.
Rev. S. A. King's residenco
at Waco, was burned qn rthe
1 ith inst Loss about $3500.
The Mason. News-Item of
fers as a premium for two new
subscribers, fourteen housecats.
Some speculative San An
tonians are wondering how Ire
land would lookTh Schleicher's
A gentleman living within
a few miles ef Dallas sold his
peach crop, on the trees, for one
dollar a bushel.
Williamson county will
h'old a Democratic convention
on the 23d of August to nomi
nate a county ticket.
The congressional conven
tion met at San Antonio on
Friday," but adjourned until Sat
urday after organizing.
The Vietoria Advocate of
the 6th inst says cotton pick
ing will begin in some parts of
the county next week.
The citizens of Hcarne
held a meeting in opposition to
the "city" ordinance requiring
them to work on the streets,
The police court ofthe city
of Denton had thirteen cases
last week. 2 with the trim
mings is the minimum charge.
Business in Belton is good for
the dull season and improve
ments are being made all the
time. Belton is not near finished.
Delegates to the Austin
convention have already begun
to arrive. Log rolling is now
and will be the order of the
Hempstead Messenger:
Cotton in the neighborhood of
San Felipe is materially damag
ed by wet weather. No
The Belton Journal aays:
"Be patient The telegraph
line, oX which so much has been
said, will be completed at an
early day."
The sedate LaGrangc Re
cord says Jim Jones, a colored
gentleman, got a fall that resul
ted in his death in 17 minutes.
Jones was hanged.
The Taylor Hotel at Go
liad was burned last week.
Four negro children aged from
three to five years were crema
ted in the kitchen.
A negro hackman was shot
and killed while waiting on his
hack outside of a house some
six miles from Corpus Christi.
It was a brutal murder.
A motion to abolish the
two-thirds rule in the San An
tonio convention met with no
favor. The strongest friends of
Mr. Schleicher opposed it
A citizens meeting at
Hempstead on Friday last
adopted resolutions to the effect
that the city government of that
town is expensive and unneces
sary. Texas newspapers arc stir
ring up county officials who
have been in the habit of send
ing to St. Louis and other towns
out ofthe State for their print
ing. The Georgetown Sun
thinks it wrong to put a sixteen
year old boy in jail for carrying
a pistol. It thinks the confis
cation ofthe pistol sufficient
4 The Denton Monitor says
time and trouble in answering
questions as to the whereabouts
of Sam Bass may be satisfacto
rily answered by a small card
inscribed "Damfino."
The Grand Lodge of the
Knights of Honor has just dos
ed itssessionat Palestine. Every
thing passed off pleasantly
The next session will take place
at Dallas on the third Tuesda3m
August 1879.
Ada Paddlcford, a young
lady residing in Coleman City,
deliberately drank a cup of
concentrated ley. She said to
her friends she wished to die.
The doctor says her recovery is
The shipment of vegeta
bles and fruit from Denison to
Kansas city and other points is
being vigorously prosecuted.
The Netos learns that the ship
pers arc well satisfied with their
Candidates in Austin
county are coming to the front
at a lively gait The Beacon
now has over a column of an
nouncements and announces
that it yet has room for many
to tJTR vrVtMffbtrs
Chicken "collar'" is prev
alent in Denton. The fowls are
"collared" while -in the roost.
"collarcr" has not been
or advertisements
and appearance of
are in circulation in
The', passed for
car ridesT"
The congressional conven
tion at San Antonio organized
en Saturday, beventeen bal
lots were taken without any ma
terial change, the last ballot was
Schleicher, 120; Ireland 85.
-Another midnight murder
has been committed in McLen
nan county. B. 0. Gambrcll,
who lived near Perry, was call
ed out of his house on Thursday
night and shot. No clue to the
On Thurkay the oth inschc ;t0-40.o .VeaVto
flear Penincton, Houston countv
lightning struck and knocked
down seven colored people who
were hoeing cotton, Ben O'Niel
was instantly killed and three
others seirously wounded.
Deputy Sheriff Rather, of.
Bell couuty, has arrested Jacob
Gunter and his son David, whom
it is alleged murdered Calvin
Bass, in Vernon Parish, La.
A reward of S500 is offered by
Gov. Nicholds for their appre-
The Mason Ne:es-Item in
forms its readers that it is not
responsible tor the assertions
of its correspondents ; that their
names will be furnished upon
application and that they arc at
liberty to shoot or punch them
as they may see fit.
Two little girls, aged re
spectivly 4 and 7 years were en
ticed into an ice cream saloon
in Dallas, kept by two Dagos
and were by them violated.
There is great excitement over
the matter, but the jail is well
The report of cotton worms
in Gonzales county is denied
by the Gonzales Inquirer. Four
teen cotton fields were examin
ed and no worms found, and in
one only was eggs found. More
cotton will be raised than can
be picked out.
A Mexican named DeVara
suicided in 'Dallas by hanebfj.
He. was the towrn dog catcher
ana also the motive power-. of
tne ttciald. s press. He was
married to an American woman
and his suicide is attributed to
A primary election was
held in Lavaca county: For
governor, Hubbard 740 ; Lang,
236; Throckmorton, 58. For
For congress, Shepard, 602
Hancock, 508. A full county
ticket was nominated. About
1300 votes were polled.
A Greenback club has
been organized in Houston.
I Col. Tracy was the chief gob
bler, lhe lelegram says that
Col. Westcott proposed joining
the club, but the second gob
bler or Secretary would not al
low him to do so.
San Antonio is entitled to
the palm as the beer drink
ing city of Texas. It is
estimated that 8000 gallons of
beer were drank in that city on
the 4th of July. This Is a little
over three pints of beer to each
man, woman and child.
From a statement publish
ed in the Galveston News it ap
pears that the number of Gran
ges in Texas has been reduced
from 1304 in August 1875, to
only 383, on'December 31,1877,
At the latter date the member
ship was 14,925 including female
The Navasota Tjile: says ' w;th tjie Democratic party of.. -e
heavy rams ofthe p.ist two I the star, nnrl th,- rnnwnt;nrt
the heavy rams ot the p.
weeks has damaged th potion
crop in the bottoms. The cot
ton is very large and fonrr; a
thick heavy
hade over the-
lower branches, which with the
wet weather causes the lowsr
bolls to rot and fall off.
The Houston Tilegjaft re
lates that a black negro named
Brennan, who is legally marri
ed to a white .voman, found her
riding in a wagon with another
negro blacker than himself, lie
raised a rumpus; was arrested
and fined $$ and tiimmmgs.
A countryman took a load
of corn to Dallas and because
he could not sell it at fifty cents
a bushel he got mad and driv
ing on the bridge, over the Trin
ity, he commenced thro ving the
corn into the river. The city
marshal persuaded hinto de
sist by threatening ta arrest
him fot insanity.
Thc local reporter; on the
Dallas papers struck a big bon
anza last week. A man appeal
ed in town with his fac: blark-
cd. The sunnosition is that he
was Bass or if he was not Bass
that he outfit to have been I
Bass. At any rate he fjr.nshed 1
the mater.ai for several sensa-1
rion locals. '
The Denton Maxifot says
Greenback or third party pi
pers arc springing up in differ
ent portions of the State fifcV
musorooms, whose existence,
wc predict, will be about as
Anegro la Austin county
stole a horse from another negro
on Saturday night By sunrise
the next morning the thief was
in jail; on Thursday he was con
victed by a jury and ivcn te,n
years in the penitentiary. "The
Bcllville Beacon says one such'
example is worth more than
a hundred lyncliings.
On Friday evening about
fifty corporation tak payers in
Hempstead held a meetings at
the courthouse and adopted
resolutions declaring trie corpor
ationa useless turdefi.f and that
the mayor and 5603 to .the city
marshal is an putrage. There is
a growing disposition' to do
away with "city governments"
in many Texas towns.
Richard Nelson, coloredr is
editor and proprietor ofthe, Gal
veston Spectator, Richard 'went,
to the market in Galveston car
rying with him the sum of ten
cents and a market basket.
He applied to. a butcher and'
had a piece of the jowl ofa beef
whacked off Mr' Nelson
thought the allowance of meat
was too small for the large sum
of money. Thebutcliercboked
Mr. Nelson. Nelson escaped
and after having had the butcher
arrested went to the Galveston
News office 'and reported his
trouble; thus he- got his name
and his difficulty with the butch-
cr before the public at one and- -the
same time. s '
The Navasota Zaplet has
this to say about Col Jones'
Chappell Hill harangue!
T. D. Cobbs, Esqh, Jno. H.
Athison, Robt Foster and Wnf.
Blackshcar attended the public
speaking at ChappelL Hjllon
Wednesday. Speeches were
made by Congressman Gid
dings and" Wash Jones. Green
back candidate for Congress.
Our delegation thinks Giddings
" got clean away with"- Jones,
knocked his Greenback doctrin
"higher than: a. kite, "he, could,
only rant a little about conven
tions being manipulated by 'lit
tle bob-tailed lawyers." Jones
is one of these bob-tailed law
yers -who has for a number of
years tried to get a nomination
from conventions and couldn't,
so now comes out as'a bob-tail-ed-Independent-Sreen,back
Radical candidate. Pie wants
office bad. "
The platform adoptcd'by the
Arkansas Democratic conven-'
tion on Saturday favors'the sub
stitution of United StatV treas
ury notes for national baiik,
bills and their being made full
legal tender save where a con-
tract specifies otherwise;! oppos
es further increase of the inter-t
est-bearihg debt; favors the
"equalization ofthe value, ofthe
greenback, silver and gold "dol
lar loran purposes, so that a
national dollar shall be a dollar
among all our people and in
eyery departmentofourgovern
ment;" demands the .unqualified
repeal-of the resumption act:
favors a subsidy for a Southern.
Pacific railroad ancTappropria-.
tions for the constructions of
levees on the Mississippi riveif
calls for a tarifTforrevenuconly;
invites immigration to,the state;"
indorses the fraud invest.gation
oy congress and declares that
the colored
I kails:!1 S nr- ?f1.n!lfirJ ?n tntroet-
recognizing the importance, of a
more harmonious feeling', em-
hrarrs tfip rrtinnrtnnifv nf.invlf-
ing the colored people to an ac
tive co-operation in furthering
common interest. This makes- a
pretty good platform. St.Iouis
The Austin Statesman harr
this to say of Mr. Chesley can
didate fiom this senatorial 'dis
trict: Judge Chesley was one .of
the ablest as well as one of the
most effective members of the
Fifteenth Legislature and he
should be chosen.
Here is a warning to busi
ness men. The Memphis Ava
lanche notices the inteicsting
and sufficient fact that of all the
bankrupts, who have lately filed
their application in the United
States clerk's office in that city,
none ever advertised their busi
ness. Direct cause and effect.
In fifty-six years that have
ehpsed since Mexico secured
her independence, not a single
President of that country .has
strveef out his term. .Et
,& - "v-

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