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NO. 35
Gurry & Simmons,
m touts,
JBrenham. Texas.
Office over Heber Stone's.Bank.
9000 acres on G. C.
& S. F. R. R. in Cole
man and Runnels coun
ties, all under fence 350
fcin cultivation, balance
in pasture, good water.
Mce $4 per acre, easy
Pterins. .
8000 acres two miles
rom Ballinger, all un-
ler fence, $6 per acre.
640 acres in Run-
ils county $3 per acre
640 acres in Run-
ils county $6 per acre.
640 acres 7 miles
)uth of Ballinger, $3
rer acre.
320 acres 5 miles
lesfof Ballinger, $2.50
ir acre.
1,280 acres 12 miles
)rtheast of Ballinger,
per acre.
(80 sections in Run
's, Concho, Coleman
id Coryell counties;
l sell in lots to suit.
64,000 acres in the
inties of Schleicher
Sutton counties,
i.25 per acre.
Ptftld&as cDdorM P. f . P. m a ipieccUd comtin atioa,
tad prMcrib it with rr.t itUctIoa for the com ct ill
fotroi ui tUni cf Pilmtrr. gconfltry 3 TiTtitry
6jJUU? bjpfatllko Rheumatic., baotnlott Dlctn tad
Eerai, Gluidolu Swelllngi, IlceniontStn, MalirU, cU
vTOUC ujcin tcu cv riuica au trtusnt-at, wann
Skm Dtwftut, Ecuisftf Cbronic tenule Ccmplnrtt, A&o
carUl Po'jon, TclUr, Soli Held, etc, etc
jr. i. r. ii powirnu iomc, ma m mciuim irptuirr
LaAIu koM mtiu it Mlitrafd and "whcii blood Im in.
itiUjii mldlT.
u tei-CT condition, dt to mtcilnnJ tmralarttlM. kt
1M 1 II I ,
rtcuiikrij M&enied ty ue wonat-nai tocic oca eioca
daasilxg t)ttoi cf P. P. P Prickly Aj&, Fok Root
and PotAUlCRL.
LC?2&IT BE03., Proprietors,
Druggists, LIppman'a Block, EAVAHHAH, QA,
' For Sale by J. TRISTRAM.
Saloon "Legal Tender,"
JOHN W. TEAGUE, Proprietor,
New Billiard Tables, Imported
"Wines, and Foreign Liquors. Every
thing first-class. Polite attention
to all.
Just received from English factory. Eu
rope, a large and good assortment of deco
rated and plain QUEEN 'S-WARE, consist
ing of dinner, tea and bed room sets. Will
sell separate pieces or in sets to suit.
In spite of the McKinley hill, we are sell
ing Eame at the same low price as heretofore.
Agents for the F. F. Hille Hamburg Hollow
Ground razor. Ttespectfully,
Knoop & Schawe.
Shackey Building, opposite Nat'l Bank,
I am now Eelling Groceries at as close fig
ures as any merchant in Brenham. Fay the
highest market price for Country Produce
Thankful for past favors, I solicit a continu
ation of the same. Free delivery in city.
Fresh Beer always on Tap.
Agent for the best
Chxu?n Dasher
Ever invented.
Lone Star; BreiiEi Company's
Select Bottled Beer,
C, HALENZA, Agent, Brenham.
Office at the Ice House.
Merchant Tailor
Northeast Corner Public Square,
Suits and garments made to order and
lit guaranteed
I now beg to inform the farmers of this
vicinity that I have leased the Brenham Oil
Mill Gins and will run same in connection
with nyr former plant and am now ready to
do all ginning promptly, supplying Bagging
and Ties. Will buy the seed or gin for
same. My price for ginning will meet all
competition. Your patronage is solicited.
Call and Eee. L. ZEISS.
Corn. Oats, Rye, Bran,
Hay, Bust Proot Texas Seed Oats,
SoedBarloy. All fresh goodB.
H. Fisher.
Ln'fiTI vivtlsiOl sPl
mil KSralritlsliilArll lit u 8
hailAiE tin th
1.1. "Malaria
The West Texas Teacher's
Association convened at Flatonio
Saturday with about 40 teachers
It is stated that the Fort Worth
Iron Works will engage in the man
ufacture of a newly patented ice
making machine.
Five houses were burned at
12 Monday night in Dallas just in
time to be added to the unparal-
lelled August record.
The city council of Elgin has
authorized the mayor to Advertise
for proposals for building a water
svstem to supply the city.
The Corsicana cotton compress
plant has been bought for 870,000
by H. Wood and J. iJ, Brown,
who will put it in operation.
A largo force of mechanics are
at work on the new Baptist church
at Abilene. The building will be
completed about the middle of No
vember. A waterworks company has
been organized at Hondo City, with
a capital stock of 85000. They will
commence work on a well and tank
at once.
J. E. Zebras, an Italian barber,
was found dead Monday on the
streets of Mexia. The coroner's
verdict was that he came to his
death by hard drinking.
Owen McGowen is under arrest
at Millican on suspicion of having
killed Mr. Cullen Knox. The sheriff
carried the prisoner to Palestine
during the trial, and an indignation
meeting was held and resolutions'
adopted asking the sheriff to pro
duce the prisoner.
Tun -TonTioi" rf Rnn Anfnnm
was robbed by three men. One
held a knife against his throat while
the other two went through his
house getting considerable money.
When he heard it jingling he en
deavored to rise, and the man who
held the knife cut him very badly.
Deputy Marshal Landy Folsoni
passed through Denison Monday,
having in charge two men charged
with burninc a sin in Chickasaw
Nation. The parties were captured
alter a long chase, in wnico one
horse was killed and one man slight
ly injured by coming in contact with
a barbed wire fence.
Joe Blain killed Clark Barber
at Logan's saloon in Gonzales Mon
day evening by shooting him twice
with a six shooter. Barber was un
armed. Ten shots went into the
floor. Blain has served a term in
the peniteutiary and has only been
out about a year. He was shot at
about a month ago. Blain was
arrested and is in jail.
N. O. McLeary of Medina
county went to San Antonio, was
t fleeced of S200 in a gambling house,
squealed and arrests followed. One
of the parties threatened to make a
sieve of McLeary, the other invited
detective Thomas Hughes to step
outside and indulge in a little gun
practice, but the bluff won't work
as the officer signified a willingness
to accommodate him.
William Hayes, a lad of 17
years of age, was beating his way on
the Houston and TesaB Central
railway. At a water tank, seven
miles south of McKinny, he crawled
under the car3 to avoid notice, but
in getting out was too slow and the
wheels ran over his heel and cut it
off. He was brought to McKinney
and cared for. He claims his rela
tives in Chicago are wealthy and
that he is a relative of ex-President
Hayes. His statement is corrobor
ated by circumstances and papers.
As the time is near at hand
when the farmer will house his corn,
we will state for the benefit of all
that before housing, put a few arm
fuls vermifuge weed in the bottom
of your cribs, something that grows
on almost every farm in the county,
and by so doing you will clear your
corn of weevils. "Don't say, "Well,
I don'fc believe it." Try it, as we
have done. It don't cost anything.
If it will, and you know it does, ex
pel vermin from the human stomach,
why not from corn. And a few
leaves of it will drive worms from
cabbage. Place a few leaves on
each plant and try it. Greenville
A Planters Experience.
"Ht plantation la in a malarial dis
trict, where fever ana atno prevailed.
I employ 100 hands i frequently naif
or them wore ilcU. I traa nearly oil
couraged nhen I began the ate of
Theresultwas raarvcllon.. My men
became stronir ami hoarty, anil i hava
nadnoiDriiuir iraautv aiu iu
pills, I would not fear to live in any
swamp." E. IUVAI Uayoa Snra, la.
Sold Everywhere.
Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, New York.
H H If
Stiff hats cause baldness.
The silver question will you lend
me a quarter?
A fool is wiser in his advice than a
wise man is in his actions.
It is always better to clothe the
naked truth in polite language.
About the easiest thing that peo
ple can do is to make themselves
A man's love for his sweetheart is
often neorly-two thirds jealousy of
some other fellow.
The good die young. That is not
the reason they die, but it is the
reason they were good.
One of the surest ways to be
wretched is to stop and consider
how happy you expected to be.
The older a man grows the wiser
he usually becomes, unless he hap
pens to marry a young wife.
Engaged couples may not average
larger than other people, yet they
are often distinguished by their
The world's remnant coutner is
very much crowded with people
who imagine they are style s in advance.
P. M. Henri Litsloff, the well
known musician and composer, is
James G. Biaine, Jr., will contest
the effort of his wife to obtain a
At Staunton, Ky., Marion Martin
shot and killed Constable Ben
Alexander Friday and surrendered.
Alexandor" s friends say it was mur
der. Benorts for the last year, in rela
tion to the railway mile service, show
that only one instance occurs, in
every 4,193 cases, of convict dis
tribution, j
According to a recent decision,!
the instance of tin plate niilrs, skilled
labor can be imported in all cases
where an industry is not hrmly
The largest salary drawn at
present by diplomatist, according to
foreign papers, is that of 860,000,
drawn by M. Waddington, irench
embassador in London.'
It is said that an oil well has re
cently been drilled in Hancock
County, Ohio, that will yield 40,000
barrels per' day. It is worked to
only a small part of its capacity.
United States Senator Stock
bridge says that hypochondria is
what is the matter with Secretary
Blame; but the Senator has the
knack of saying many fool things.
Senator Harris, of Tennessee,
is accounted the best parliamenta
rian in Congress. He is the oldest
living Congressman, and is liable to
stay in Senate as long as he desires.
Neither army nor gpvernment
employes in Guatemala havexbeen
paid for three months and there is a
scarcity of food and prices are high.
Smallpox is epidemic in Tegucigalpa.
A man's character is, what he
makes it, and no man can soil or
damage it. A man's character is
known only to himself and his God,
but his reputation is the common
property of the public, and few rep
utations get absolute justice at th9
hands of the public.
Dae to Sear SichtednesA
"My social blunders," said n near
lighted woman recently, "would fill a
book. Not long ago at an evening re
ception my hostess presented me to n
lady whom, having heard of before, 1
was specially pleased to know. We
talked together some time, and then
drifted apart. Later, in another room,
I saw standing near me a guest whose
features I thought I recognized, but
whose identity I could not place. As
she was disengaged, I approached her
in my blind way and said, 'Your face
is very familiar to me; where have I
met you before?' Imagine my conster
nation when she replied promptly and
with a justifiable curtness, 'Fifteen min
utes ago in the Iront drawing room.'
She was my just acquired acquaint
ance." Her Point of View in 2Jew York
Two Tilings.
Dancing Master I understand jon
want th'q young gentleman here taught
now to enter a drawing room, eh?
Paterfamilias (father of two pcpnlar
debutantes) Yes and wha to ;-?ave
it. llitrper's Bazar.
How Corean's Wear Tlielr Hair.
The Corean wears his hair plaited
down his back, it being considered un
holy to cut it or to even jvear it loosely
around the neck and s-houlders. After
he gets married, and not before, the
In nnMiiiii fiSo-k t- irn(T if ntirltA'l tin
, ""T. " n -;3
J on top of Ins head. To tell a married
Coiean that he had ought to wear his
hair down is equivalent to telling hiin
I that his wife is the better man of the
I two. St Louis Republic
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
,. , j&a&
A stock company has been
ganized to establish a tannery at
Dublin, a newly patented process to
be employed.
Old Puritan "Whiskey a genuine
article at Santa Fe Saloon.
It is reported from various
sources and sections that half the
cotton has been gathered in Au
gust. Save Money
by buyingyour homemade harness of
aw. Hess.
A suit is pending in the United
States supreme court for the United
States ownership of Greer county.
. . - m
Delmonico and Puritan whiskey
at.O. K. Saloon.
The new schoolhouse at La
donia is to have four school rooms
25x35 and an assembly-room 48x70.
1 m a 1
Old McBryar and old Forester
whiskey, at O. . Saloon.
Gov. Hogg notes with pleasure
the improvement for the suppres
sion of crime in southwest Texas.
At all hours day and night at
Santa Fe Saloon.
Peria, Hill county, has organ
ized a military company with a
membership of G3, rank and file.
Fresh Turnip Seeds,
Just received by
Bituminous coal has been dis
covered in Atascosa county by a
man digging a well.
Call on C. W. Hess.
and get your buggy ' harness at six
Goliad are advertising for bids
for the erection of a S10,000 school
1 iaM a aai ,
Best 5 cent Cigar in the city at the
Santa Fe Saloon.
Lubbock wants a drug store, a
shoe shop and a saddle and harness
Sugar Chill Cure is a safe and pleasant
remedy for Chills and Fever, perfectly taste
less. Sold on a guarantee. Don't fail to
try it at Dr. Joe. Drivers.
The contract for building a new
church at Kerrville was let Wednesday-
Abbott's Eat Indian Corn Faint
Eradicates corns, lunions and warts where
all other remedies fail.
Prof. Limbaugh's school build
ing at Abilene has been completed.
Worth Hundreds of Dollars.
My wife used only two bottles of "Moth
er's Friend" before her third confinement.
Says she would not bo without it tor hun
dreds of dollars. Hr.d not half as much trou
ble as before. Dock Miles, Lincoln parish,
La. Sold by all'druggists.
Laredo's artesian well is down
1400 feet add still going down.
Chase's Barley Malt Yhisky is stimulating
and nourishing'lo the consumptive, the old
and feeble. It is absolutely pure. Sold by
L. F. Grassmuck, Brenham, Texas.
A lumber mill is to be estab
lished near Livingston.
If you fee weak
and all worn out take
Itasca, Hill county, is boring
for artesian water.
One of the Good Things.
There is nothing 'just as good" as Creole
Female Tonic. Everv ladv who has civen
it & trial will tell you there is nothing like it
lor woman s peculiar ailments.
Crowell, Foard county, needs a
nounnjr mill.
Life ifc Worth Liting.
Creole Female Tonic makes the employ
ment of life possible, and make3 life worth
the living. Weak and sickly women find
new health and strength in its use.
I . .
! A new bank is being organized
1 at Terrell.
' Pin Your 1'nlth.
j Fin vour faith to Creole Female Tonic and
! you will never regret it. It is a remedy pe-
caliarly prepared for ladies.
I Goldthwaite wonts a roller mill.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
At Cleveland, Ohio, H. J. Collin,
a young stenographer, was shot and
killed by John Howell, father of the
girl he asked 'to marry.
A DIsGfrnretl Countenance.
Many people who would scarcely notice
an armless or legless man will instantly de
tect and remark on any blemish of the hu
man face and dive into all sorts of specula-' '
lions as to its cause and attendant circum
stances. If you doubt this assertion become
possessed of a discolored optic and noto how
much attention it will invite. A black eye
is cenerally avoidable,but blotches, pimples
aud other scrofulous and eruptive murks
steal upen us without warning and are fre-f
quently the first intimation of the fact that
our blood is goins; wrong. A prompt and
systematic use of P. P. P. (Pnckley Asb,
Poke Root and Potassium) will purify th
blood, cleanse the skin and give back to fho
face nature's familiar, ruddy signs cf health.
Get it of your druggist.
0 m
Pluck and plod, mingled with
tact and talent, backed by a laudable
desiro to excell succeeds almost as
well as succes itself.
The Greatest Strike.
Among the great strikes, that of Dr.
Miles in discovering his 2Jew Hear Cure
has proven itself to Tie one of the most im
portant. The demand for it has become as
tonishing. Already the treatment of heart
disease is being revolutionized, and many
unexpected cures effected. It soon relieves
short breath, fluttering, pains in side, arm,
shoulder, weak and hungry spells, oppres
sion, swelling ot ankles, smothering and
heart dropsy. Dr. Miles' book on Ueart and
Nervous Diseases, free. The unequaled.
New Heart Cure is sold and guaranteed by
Jo. Tristram, agent, also his Restorative
Nervine for headache, fits, sprees, hot
flashes, nervous chills, opium habit, etc
W- L. Buck, cashier of the First
national bank of Bardy, Delaware
county, Pa., was killed by a locomo
tive at Collingsdale.
Husbands too often permit wives, and
parents their children, to suffer from head- .'
ache, dizziness, neuralgia, sleeplessness, fits',
nervousness, when by the use of Dr. Miles'
Restorative Nervine such serious results,
could easily be prevented. Druggists every
where say it gives universal satisfaction, and
has an immense sale. Woodworth & Co.,
of Fort Wayne. Ind.; Snow & Co., of
Syracuse, N. jY.; J. C Wlf, Hillsdale,
Mich.; and hundreds of others say "It is the
greatest seller they ever knew." It contains
no opiates. Trial bottles and fine book on
Nervous Diseases, free at Jos. Tristram's
Drug Store.
The renewal of an eld quarrel near
Ionia City, ITo., caused "Vld Snod
grass to shoot and kill a neighbor
named Jennings.
Many Persons axe troten
down from overwork or household cares.
Brown's Iron Bitters rebuilds the
system! aids digestion, removes excess of bile, .
and cures malaria. Get the genuine.
At Lualas, on the Italianvfrontier,
a church was struck by lightning- '
during the service and three woman
were killed.
Jfor Over Titty 'Years
Mm. "Wixslows boOTirxso Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children while teething;
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the gams, allays all pain, cures wind
colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoeas
It will relieve the poor little sufferer imme
diate?y. Sold by druggists in. every parrt of
the world. Twentynve cents a bottle. Bo
sure and ask for Mrs. "Winslow's Soothing
Syrup," tnd take no other kind.
Eussia's exports of grain to Posen
amount to 1250 tons daily, and
other frontier towns are receiving
still more.
Miles' erve ami Xiiver Tills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, stomach and bowels through the
nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills
speedily cure biliousness, bad tacf e, torpid
liver, piles, constipation. Unequaled for
men, women, children. Smallest, mildest,
surest! 50 doses, 25 cts. Samples free, at
Jos. Tristram's drue store. '
Charles T. Dillingham, a New
York bookseller and publisher, has
made an assignment.
"Don't Kick If Yon are Sict."
Creole'Female Tonic makes tho weak wo
man strong and sends new blood bounding;
through tho veins, imparting new life ana
strength to the weakened rjarts.
It stimulates nature to its work with the
happiest effect. We commend it to suffer
ing women everywhere as a sovereign reme
dy for their peculiar ailments.
Hope is recommended for a good
many ills, and bo are some patent
m m
For Half a Century
Maguire's Benae Plant has been known as
the infallible remedy for cholera, diarrhrea,
dWntery and all bowel disea. Prieu 25
75 cents" per bottle, with' eprcssage paid
where bottles are ordered.
J. & C. Maguire, St. Loui-, Mo
m m m
The whole lite of a selfish man is
conspiracy against the rest o
humanity. x

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