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The Weekly Banner
Kaltor, Ftfblislier and Proprietor.
Brenliaci, Thnrsday. July 1, 1897.
Germany declines to support
Turkey's claim to Thessaly.
Tom Watson,
aeitator, seems
the great Pop
to be afflicted
.-with a
'.running off at the
Five deaths have occurred in
Ttfew Orleans this week from heat,
and a large .number of prostra
tions are reported.
T o
The short wheat crop in some
. parts of Europe is almost certain
to cause an extra demand for
American wheat and flour.
l m
The Galveston News says:
"Secretary Sherman is not the
only great American statesman
-whose views changed as soon as
Jiegotinto anrjcfnce."
O -ft '
v Spain is threatened with an-
-other cabinet crisis and Captain
General Wevler is likely to be
-weighed in the balance and found
-wanting at any moment.
It is saioV that the members of
,-ihc sugar trust in .H-norica are
jeady to "put up' the stuff"
.-necessary to purchase Cuba,
provided Spain decides to sell.
During the present month the
department employes will try the
State's strong box for nearly half
' a.million in backi rations. Aus
tin has a temporary wave of
prosperity at any Tate.
Nobody ever thought that
bicycles would come into prom
inence in the navy department.
Our latest gun boat is called the
"Wheeling, and an exchange says
-"the Wheeling is good."
The postoffice department has
entered an order that' hereafter
..aU t postmarks must be legible.
An order requiring i that all ad
dresses be fashioned in the same
manner rwould greatly facilitate
the rapid handling otmail matter.
Gen. John B. Gordon was
rainanimouEly re-elected Com-
;mander-in-Chief of ihe United
Confederate Veterans at the
lIHashville.ireunion. The old vets
-would not listen to his resigna-
iion, believing him Ho bo the
fright manin the right place.
St. L0U5S has passed an ordi
inance requiring the "Western
Union Tetegr,aph company to
jlace all jfe wires underground
l-before. the .and of next year. A
;similar ordinance in Xfew York
city was not j complied with until
Hie .municipal authorities chop
ped, down thejpoles.
The Galveston Tribune says;
!PxosidentMc.Kinley has -paid a
-compliment toJBon. D. 337 Cul
berson in naming him as one of
Sie commisiaoners to codify the
criminal laws of the UJnited
.-States. JudgefiCulberson is one
.of the greatest Jawyers in con
gress and no jnan knows his
ability better than the president,
who. served in.Jthe house .-with.
Jhim. Tie position pays S5Q00 a
people of iFlorida are re
coveringtjnicely jfxam the loss tit
iheir orange orchards during the
vig ixeeze-,some wo years ago
4.nat loss is iiEjBlr to proifea
Messing in,-disguise, for the peo
"ple,havtt turned their attention, to
4ke,ra!sing;of garden tnlck and
rajn.and. tJaey find .the state iseo
-well .adapted to such products'
si-hat many formers jare making
anore, money -than tbav did with
"their oranges. They, have also-'
found that a quality jef tobaccol
equal toithat raised -ipsCuba can1
Jbe grown, all orer the estate and
the people are going into the
irork with enthusiasm.
The Banner is not exulting
over the fact that the Republi
cans are rapidly falling into dis
favor because of their failure to
bring prosperity and redeem
their oft repeated promises.
We could afford to endure for
awhile Republicanism if we
could see any change for the
better in the business conditions
of the country. But, as the
promised prosperity has not yet
arrived, and there is no im
mediate prospects of its coming;
with none of their promises re
deemed, it is the heighth of folly
to expect sensible men to again
be deceived by such silly and
demagogical promises. Nothing
but individual economy and the
readjustment of credits can bring
prosperity again, and jthat will
require time and patience. It is
the history of panics that they
come lightly once in about 10
years and severely about 20 years
apart, and the latter last about 5
years before a material and not
able improvement sets in.v Why
this is, the most learned and
careful students are unable to
fully explain, but it is pretty well
known that all things in nature
move in cycles, and the time will
probably come when these ap
parently inexorable laws of
nature will be better understood
than they now are. At present
the only men who claim to fully
understand them are those who
are notoriously ignorant on all
other things. But panics come
and go without regard to theories
or assertions. The one of 1873
lasted for about 5 years and then
the return to prosperity slowly
began and slowly progressed, al
though there was a high protec
tive tariff all the time and for
several years before and after,
These facts are fresh in the
memory of all old and middle
aged men. It was probably the
result of national sickness
brought on by an overstrain of
credit and other excesses, ex
actly analogous to illness brought
on the individual by over exer
tion and a violation of the laws
of health. The day to stop
and settle came again in 1893,
and in the natural order of things
the time for recuperation to com
mence is near at hand. That it
will come slowly no thoughtful
man doubts, but that it will"come
surely is just as certain. There
probably will be no boom but
rather a gradual betterment of
conditions until fairly prosperous
tures prevail. Many of the old
conditions have so changed that
it can hardly be expected that
any great boom wiQ be felt
The day for the surplus popula
tion to go west and grow up with
the country and thus relieve the-j
competition among the laboring
classes has largely passed, and
the world's competition in the
production of breadstuffs and
manufactured goods is daily and
hourly growing sharper. These
and a thousand other conditions
have materially changed, and if
the same conditions never repeat
themselves the same xesiilt can
not follow. But approximate
JEU mm
In order to reduce our
Large Stock, we have
decided to make one
Bip; Cut in all De
partments that will
reduce our Stock in a
Shoe Department.
AM Come and See For Yonrself.
Staple Department.
Dress Calico, will cut to 4e
Apron Gingbame, cut to 3ic
Dress Ginghams, cut to 5c
Lonsdale, Domestic cut to 5c
Best Brown Domestic cut to 4Jc
Good Brown Domestic cut to. . .3c
Outings, reduced to 6c
Good Cotton Stripes cut to ... . 4c
Mattress Ticking, cut to 4Jc
Good Jeans, only 10c
A Full Line of Ladles' Accor
deon Plated Skirts.
1 rench Organdies, wortli 20 cents
will ue cut to A cents per yard.
nf(( Tarda Imported Demlty. worth
COJKjKJ 15ccutt. will 1o cut to Scents per
Gut c!ioe Department is tli Largest in
tb City, compriain nil the late btjle
Colors in the late Coin nnd Needle Toe".
Onr stock or ChUdren Strap Sandles. has
no equal in the City.
Ladies' Black Tan Oxfords, cut
to 50c
Our S1.00 Ladies' Strap Sandal
cut to 75c
Our S1.00 Ladies' Oxford Ties,
cut to C9c
Onr S1.25 Ladies' Oxford Ties,
cutto 98c
Our $1.50 Ladies' 20th Century
Ties, cut to S1.25
Our S2 00 Ladies' Dongola Ox
fords, cut to $1.50
Our $2.50 Ladies' French Kids
cut to S1.98
(Our $3.00 Ladies' Ox Blood
Ties, cut to 2.4
Our $-1.00 Ladies' Black and
Ox Blood, cut to $2.98
Gent's Furnishing Depart
ment. Men's Negligee Shirts worth
90 centB only 50c
llenls Fancy Bosoms, worth $1
only 50c
Men's Undershirts, worth 50
cents only 25c
Men Fast Black Hose. only.. 5c
Men's Linen Collars, only 8c
Men's Bleached Drawers, only. 25c
Men's Working Shirts, worth 50
ennts only 25c
Men's French Balbriggan, worth
$1 only 50c
Men's Laundried Negligee
Shirts, only 25c
Men's Hemstitched Handker
chiefs', worth 10 cents at 5c
See our pretty line of Neckwear,
new and up-to-date.
Best Kid Gloves in the State
in all colors at Sl.oo
Kid Guantlets at ,5oc
Clothing Department.
Our Boy's Clothing Department is
the largest ever seen in Brenham.
"We have cut the Price on each
and every suit.
Mens' alNwool suits, were
Slo.oo, cut to S5.0D-
Mens' Black, Clay Worsted, cut
to G.co
Mens' Linen Suits, cut to ioo
Youths' Suite, were 88. cut to. 5.oo-
i Youths Suits, were Slo.oo, cut
to 7.50
Boy's all-wool Suits was $3.oo,
cut to 2.00
Boy's Nobby Suit was $4oo
cutto 2.9S
"White Goods Department.
looo yards Nansook cut to 3 cents
2ooo yards Figured Lawn,
now 3Jcents-
l,5oo yards Figured Dimity, "
cut to S cents
looo yards Figured Dimity,
cut to 8 cents
2ooo yards White Lawn cut
to v 5 cents
Colored Organdies cut to... 12 cents
White Organdies from 45
cents to $1.5o.
Muslin de Soi and Embroidered
Chiffon from 25 cents to $3.5o a
We will also make a Cut in Our Millinery Department. Agents for Butterick Patterns-
and all Publications. Don't miss this Cut bale it you are looking lor .bargains
our line. Respectfully Yours,
In Oregon there are 25,000
acres of prune orchards.
It cost Boston S108.875 last
year to care for its poor.
ijvery unmarried woman is
weak on the marrying question
In fifteen months the Standard
Oil Company has paid its owners
Each square inch of the human
skin contains no less than 3,500
perspiration pores.
No business can stand still; if
it does not improve, it goes back
ward. Germany has twenty-one uni
versities, with 1,920 professors
and 26,700 students.
The American Baptist year book
reports 27,257 ministers, 40,658
churches and 3,824,038 members.
The citizens of Portland. Me.,
have voted against giving women
representation on the school
The public debt of France is
itthe largest in the world, and
amounts to about $8,000,000.-
At a distance of seven miles
above the earth the air is so rare-
fied that no human beinc can
The torpedo fish sometimes
weighs eighty pounds, and a
single shock from this fish will
.guecses may be made, and the kai the strongest horse.
time-seems to be about due .for a
start for better times
433he new .board of supervisors
of .Maricm county has requested
the county officials to 3uy all
blanks, envelopes and letter
heads tfrom ,Marion Kunty
printers, and threaten to cut
foreign printing- bills until jthej
"will not want io d work for
Marion county. The resolution
cites that home printed lefcer
heads and home printed blants
may have no red sfreake around
for poor folks and the money is j 2S5So!d by Druggistr, Tsc
isept m circulation in jtfanon
county and not vaulted away in
the coffers of some city printing
company; that we would rather
ee a, home printer have S2 to buy
Ijyc.tei. Kime man to nave a
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach
itbo diseased portion ot the ear. There is
anyone way to cure Deafness, and that is
by tcont4utional remedies DeiftiM ic
caused by an inflamed condition of the
mupons Iking of the Eustachian Tube.
When thh Uxbe eets infiam d you have a
rambling sound r impeifect hearing, and
-ucuu ucuurciy cicsca ueainess is the re
sult, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and Ois tube restored to its norma
condition, hearmj; will be destroyed forever;
nine cises out qf ten aro caused bv catarrh.
vrfrxh s nothingdut an inflamed condition of
me mucous surmoes.
We willjivf One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Ocafnessfctused by catarrhjthat can
not be c ti by Hatl' Catarrh Cure. Send
lor circulars, free
t. 1, CHEXEV & CO.. Toledo. O.
traveling representative march in
with a half-dozen S2 knives to
giveaway. The Marion county
.board is evidently composed of a
solid, sensible lot of men. Hills
boro Journal.
If, as he claims. Gen. "Weyler
has succeeded in pacifying Cuba,
h should now try his powers of
pacification on the Spanish sen
A iSouth Carolina man has
forty acres of tea plants. The
shrubs are about three feet high
and planted in rows six feet
After all, the appearance of a
shirt waist depends largely upon
the girl or woman who is inside
if- '
Since the year 1380 the Paris
police have arrested as many as
29,000 children who were being
trained for begging a nd vice
Cotton picking will commence
atSkidmore next week.
Lavaca county is to have a
new 580,000 courthouse. v
Pure water appears to be a
scarce commodity at Austin.
Recent rains assure a tre
mendous corn crop' in Southwest
It is reported that 250 head
of cattle have died from charbon
in the Tacquard pasture, near
The old Aransas Pass rail
way depotin the suburbs of Hous
ton was burned Wednesday af
ternoon. McLennan county commis
sioners have adopted the plan of,
utilizing convict labor in improv
ing the county roads.
Although no election will
occur until November 1898 can
didates are already announcing
themselves for local offices at
The last of the legislative
solons have left Austin for their
homes and many of the hash
houses of that city have had to
close down in consequence.
Irion Clark, a young man
from Nacogdoches, was shot in
Dr. M. D. K. Taylor died in
Jefferson last Tuesday morning
after a lingering illness, aged 78
years. Dr. Taylor represented
Marion county a number of times
in the legislature, and was sever
al times speaker of the House;
and was always -considered a
superb presiding officer, being a
fine parliamentarian.
The San Antonio police de
partment has declared war
against fakirs and grafters, and
during the past few days a num
ber of suspicious characters have
been arrested and heavily fined
and sentenced to hard labor on
the streets. An influx of such
characters is expected about the
time of the interstate drill in
July, and from now on until the
close of the drill all persons with
out visible means of support will
be apprehended. The police are
determined to get rid of all sus
picious characters and give every
protection possible to the visitors.
Prohibition was defeated at
Cisco by 11 majority.
Land in Southwest Texas
continues in active demand at
fair prizes.
S. M. Jones has received
notification of his appointment as
The position that moat young
men of today are desirous of fill
ing is that of heir to some man of
President McKinlhy advo
cates an appropriation of 550,000
for starving Americans in Cuba,
but says nothing about th e starv;
ing Americans in tne unnea
Henderson last Tuesday night J postmaster at Kosse
and badly wounded by a negro, Hebrew Mary was fined 510
who has not yet been appre- in Galveston last Tuesday for
felling lottery tickets.
Colonel Uriah Lottis again
contemplating the building of
railroads in "West and East Texas.
A Corpus Christi mother has
given birth to a healthy-looking
baby weighing only two pounds.
Mr. A. Goldman, of Victoria,
has ordered a round bale system
of ginning cotton, costing about
Railroads propose construct
ing a big levee at El Paso which
will protect that city from future
The Sealey Rifles have or
dered new uniforms and expect
to recoive them in time for the
San Antonio drill.
The revival meeting which
has been in progress at Chries
man, Burleson county, for the
past 12 days closed last Sunday
night, resulting in fifteen con
A Fort "Worth special of June
ilst states that L. B. ImbodenJ
known as "Charley," was ar
rested this afternoon to answer
two indictments presented by the
grand jury charging forgery.
Mrs. Sarah Hahn has secured
a judgment against Blair Broth
ers, saloon men of Fort "Worth,
for S500, defendants having sold
her husband liquor after her
written protest had been filed
with them.
If the "advanced" woman
would pay less attention to .her
suffrage societies and more to
the society of her husband there
would be more happy home3.
The Garitty Rifles, of Cor
sicana, have gone into camp
where they will remain one week,
drilling twice a day in all com
pany movements and the manuel
Of arms. SO .IS fn hft in nanr?inoaa
jfortheSan Antonio drill.
Mr. Albert Beck was found
dead in a gin lot at "Weimar lasfe
Monday. Supposed to have been,
overcome by heat.
Negotiations are under way
having for its object the removal
of a cotton mill from Little Rock,
Arkansas, to Corsicana.
Moses Johnston, under in
dictment for the murder of Louis
Dougherty at Goldthwaite in.
1895, has been arrested and.
There are seven hundred
acres of land planted in tobacco-
in Montgomery county this yearr
and the yield is said t6 be very
Two negroes, "W. H. Mc
Connell and H. Collins, were con
victed in the U. S. Court afc
Dallas of robbing the postoffice
at Allen, in Collin county, off
5100 in small change and stamps,
Tough on the Girls.
An exchange expresses a few im
portant points of weakness in eome
women in this language :
A Pacific 0 unction belle is too
modest to be sympathetic. She can
not tolerate a fellow feelibg. i
A Tabor seminary girl refuses to
walk up a steep hill for fear her
breath will come in sort pants.
A Malvern women will not bathe
in the same room with (potatoes un
til bbe has picked their eyes out.
A Philadelphia!! is so modest that
she will not go to bed while a Christ
tian Observer is in the same.room.
A Hambug maid refuses to wear
a chatelaine watch chain attached to
her person, because the watch bn
Bay City has a young lady who is
so bashful that she refuses to eat at
the table where lettuce is served un
dressed. Bakers field has a young lady who
always goes without gloves because
she don't want any undressed kid&
about her.
An Emerson girl locks herself in
her room every time she bears a brass
band approaching. She vows she
will never look at a drum major who
parades in his bear Ekin.
Summer visitors are arriving
at Rockport, Ingleside and Cor
pus Christi in quest of pleasure
and recreation.
A sea turtle weighing one
thousand pounds was caught
nonr "Porf. T.nvnrr lnaf trost- n-nA
shipped to St. Louis.
There is a time in every man's
life when he wants nothing; on
earth so much as some woman tc
stroke his hair and say, "Poor
a .
New York may have some newr
social swells as soon as the son.
and daughter of Joseph Richard
son, late an eccentric contractor,
can finger the 510,000,000 each,
that has been left them bv" their
' 4
j i

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