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THE editor's Christmas is gen- Mea ond bare
erally what the delinquent sub- hungry child with bleeding feet
scribers make it. ' I Alone sat waiting there.
"nrspiTRthe fact that Christ
mas is here the roses are still in
bloom in grand old Southern
Even at this
early day the
ubiquitous candidate
is com-
mencing to feel the public pulse
.and to wonder "where he is at."
It is rumored in railway circles
that Mr. J. W. Dickerson of
Temple will retire from the posi-
-on of division superintendent
of the Santa Fe on Jan. 1st.
During the holidays is a good
time to remember the poor and
needy. Bear this in mind, and
also the scriptural declaration
that "He who giveth to the poor
lendeth to the Lord," or words
to this effect.
Mb. H. H. Gilly received a
shipment of 125 beeves from
"Walks "Wednesday. The cattle
were purchased from J. S. Dab
ney and will be wintered at this
Christmas is about here and the
small boy who has saved up a
few nickles with which to pur
chase fire-crackers and fire
works chuckles with fiendish glee
as he sings, "There's going to be
a not time in this good, this good
old town."
Amokg the guests from a dis
tance in attendance on the
Burns-Hughes nuptials yester
day were Miss Bessie Hughes, of
Houston; Miss Mamie Houston,
of Sealy; Misses Mamie and'
Daisy Burns, Mr. Max Roensch,
Mr. Harry Knox and Miss Mamie
Roensch, of Giddings.
The funeral of Mr. John S.
Norton, who died at Austin
Tuesday night, occurred at
Prairie Lea Cemetery Wednes
tay afternoon, ihe remains ar
riving on the 4:50 o'clock Cen
tra! train, accompanied by his
bereaved family and a number
of sympathizing friends. Rev.
George Lloyd
conducted the last
sad service.
This weather is destined to
load the trucks of all the south
"bound freights with the con
tingent of the tramp army that
jbitually seeks vthe shelter of
lider winter quarters. The
Is of municipal governments
i ail the southern cities will have
leu Hands lull dealing with
Ihese exodusters. There should
i food and shelter and a rock-
jpile at their service everywhere.
Sohetime ago Manager J. H.
Maddox, of the Brenham Manu
facturing company, was "caned"
ijy the employes of that institu
tion. He has been "playing for
'even" ever since and Christmas
veils opportunity came. Fri
day every workman in the estab
lishment from foreman to 'pren
Sce dined with the manager.
The banquet board was spread
in. the finishing room which was
-elaborately decorated for the oc
casion. Everyone who sat down
to the table on this felicitous oc
casion is ready to swear by
Manager Maddox that the feast
was one unexcelled in the annals
of Christmas.
An old Texan is credited with
the statement that "a man who
reEuses to drink eggnogg on
' 4Jhristmjs l,vin a blank diar."
standard the
in isrennam
plate glass
York Store
Fhe same
Ith a crash
ist Christ-
iid of the
?ery has re-
ld from the
Spartment for
Rs and equip-
jmpany cap-
FAntonio drill.
forwarded as
in be returned.
I Liu ..;!. ll-i .nf
All day amid tho surging throng
She'd wandered far and near
All day had sung a feoble song
That none had paused to hear.
Bat as sho sang she caught tho namo
Of Santa Claus, and how
On Christmas night he often came
To hungry children now.
And so she waited in the dark
For Santa Claus to come
Till in her breast the feeble spark
Of hope grew faint and numb.
She thought because she had no light J
He failed to bring nor share,
And crept at last into the night
To lead the good saint there.
And Christmas morning came, and lo!
Her dead face smiled, because
Amid a whirling drift of 'snow
Her little weary souU know
Had found its Santa Claus.
Bamett Holds up a Train for the
Benefit of Local Merchants.
"When the "Alligator Limited"
reached Brenham at 2:30 "Wed
nesday afternoon, four hours be
hind time, the passenger coaches
were well loaded with holiday
shoppers from Gay Hill,' Somer-
ville. Clay and other points. The
leaving time of the train is three
o'clock and Agent Barnett saw
at once that if those holiday
shoppers only staid in Brenham
half an hour Brenham merchants
would be the losers on many a
Christmas purchase. For the
benefit of the merchants as well
as the accommodation of the vis
itors he succeeded in having the
train held at this place until 4 :40
o'clock by securing permission
from headquarters. This looks
like a small favor at a casual
glance, but it netted the mer
chants of Brenham several hun
dred dollars in holiday trade
which would have been gone from
themselves and their heirs for
ever had that train gone out on
Ten Thousand Dollare in Improvements.
The Board of directors of the
LBrenhara Compress, Oil and
Manufacturing Company held a
special meeting "Wednesday af
ternoon to receive the report of
the electrical expert under whose
direction the 'new dynamo was
thoroughly tested a few days
ago. The report was in every
respect satisfactory. i!he new
dynamo and engine represent an
outlay of over S7,000 and together
with other improvements will
make over S10,000 that the com
pany has expended this fall in
improved facilities and apparatus.
The plant is now prepared to
furnish more light than Brenham
can possibly use, and Electrician
Eddy says he has been author
ized to string additional wires
wherever patronage demands.
Charged With Horse Stealing.
Some five weeks ago, on Nov.
21st, a horse belonging to Hum
phrey Hill, a colored farmer of
Graball, mysteriously disappear
ed from Fricke's wagon yard.
Nothing was beard of the missing
animal until "Wednesday last at
which time it turned up in the
possession of Levi Bouldin. The
horse was returned to its owner
and Bouldin given over to the
custody of the justice court
where a charge of horse theft
was preferred against him. He
resides at "Wesley, is fifteen years
old, and denies his guilt in toto.
Some Christmas Turkeys.
Mr. H. M. Lochridge, assistant
ticket and general baggage
agent at the Union depot, has
be8n imDortunine- his den.irtmfint
forborne time to supply the bag
gage room at this place' with a
new truck. Finally he went so
far as to offer the chief of the de
partment some Christmas tur
keys in exchange for the much
wanted truck. Thursday the
truck came and the same day the
turkeys were sent, preceded by
the following telegram : "Truck
in, turkeys out."
It is well to "remember the
poor with our prayers, but it is
better to supplement our prayers
with our pocket book.
Present appearanebs indicate
that the joyousness land good
cheer of the happy Christmas -
tide will be handicapped in out
ward expressions by the environ
ments of most unfavorable and
disagreeable weather, put while
the frowning elements cfcn damp
en the pomp and circumstance of
the festival, no meteriological
drawbacks can destroy the
Christmas spirit that is abroad in
the land. The elements that
gladden hearts, brighten lives
and better ,and bless mankind are
not lacking in any particular.
The execrable weather should
not be allowed to depress our
feelings nor destroy the smallest
portion of the joy and happiness
accruing from the holidays.
Drown dull care and lose sight of
the bad weather which can't be
helped. Reduce selfishness to a
minimum and contribute your
mite to the happiness of human
ity by joining in mutual ex
changes of love and good will.
"While making gifts to those near
and dear to you do not forget the
unfortunate and the improvident.
Remember even the beggar at
your gate.. Drop a few sunbeams
of kindly remembrance in their
lives ; lift up for a day the intol
erable weight of care and weari
ness that burden the poor;
remember that "in the
scope of love bounded by the
founder of Christianity all men
are brothers, all women are sis
ters, all children are the wards of
love." Christmas is the festival
of children. "Whoso would enjoy
it truly must be in heart even as
a little child Its ecstacies are in
self-forgetfulness, in the better
ment of others. Its highest cel
ebration is in helping our neigh
bors to be happy and thus shar
ing our happiness with them.
There is no happiness compara
ble to love, and the happiness
grows greater as the love em
braces more and more our fellow
beings. That is the best Christ
mas time in which one feels most
acutely the actuality of kinship
with all the world. It is the child
that is the real democrat, for, as
Emerson has it, he makes chil
dren of all the adults that gather
around him, levels them to his
own simplicity. The man who
has the1 child-heart is the man
whose interest in himself is most
merged into interest for his fellow-creatures.
Though one may
have felt sin and shame and sor
row he may assuage them all in
the promotion of the happiness of
others. Love is the only ano
dyne, and giving it out it returns
upon us as manifold as the
objects upon which it is bestowed.
That man who awakens the
Christmas spirit in the hearts
about him will find it subtly
stealing from them to his own,
and will, almost unknowing, find
bitter dispossessed by sweet, and
warmth usurping cold therein.
This world is very fair and char
ity makes it all the fairer when
its glow reminds us of "the long,
long night that death shall last."
Christmas feeling makes the most
of the now. It atones for the
after the deluge or the dark. It
is real life to live, if but for a
week, a day, a moment, in full
sympathy of helping with our
fellows. If we can make others
forget the past we may forget
our own. If we can but give to
others a little of the antidote of
kindliness for the poison of the
present we shall find our own
to-day less hopeless. And the
future is formed of the spirit that
animates to-day. The real feel
. . . . ...
mg or Uhristmas must blossom
into acts.
One Hundred Dollars Reward.
Stolen, Sunday night, from G.
"W. McNeese, Hubbard, Texas,
one sorrel horse, 14 1-2 hands
highball face, white hind feet,
shod all around, saddle and har
ness worked, 7 or 8 years old, in
good fix. The above reward
will be paid for thief by
G. W. McNeese,
Hubbard, Texas.
Harrison's for fireworks,
the price and take 'em.
A Scheme that is Growing Useful and
More than a year ago M. L.
KODDins, general passenger
agent of the Houston and Texas
Central, inaugurated a plan of
collecting statements from all of
the old employes of the company
of their railroad record, and, so
far, over 200 have, responded.
Among them are some old-timers,
who began working for the road
back in the 60's. In cases of
dispute touching a veteran's ser
vice Mr. Robbins serves as ar
bitrator, and his compilation is
regarded by the employes as be
ing history.
"When one of these men is
called from earthly labors a
notation is made upon the margin
of the page, stating that fact.
Captain McMillan, whp was so
long chief clerk to Vice President
Quinlan, was the first to suc
cumb. Next was Engineer Hicks,
who pulled the nay train ever
since Morgan took charge of the
road, and the third was Captain
"Tite" Johnson, whose death
was mentioned in the Post. The
record was taken from a shelf
yesterday and these words in
scribed on the page: "Died:
Hempstead, Texas, 6 p. m. Mon
day, December 20, 1897."
The record shows that Captain
"Tite" had been In the , Cen
tral's employ for nearly thirty
years. In November, 1867, he
went to work as clerk in the
freight office of the company at
Navasota, where he served one
year. For the next twenty-six
years he was agent at Navasota,
Hutchin, -McKinney, Sherman
and Hempstead. He was only
out of their , employ two years
during which time he traveled
for a Galveston mercantile house
Houston Post.
With Accustomed Regularity.
In contradistinction toa time
honored ciistom, the Banner will
appear this Christmas with its
accustomed regularity, and its
many readers may expect to re
ceive their favorite paper Sunday
morning just the- same as Jif
Christmas had not occurred. If
in perusing the columns of the
"old. reliable" tomorrow morning
its patrons find anything that
gives them pleasure and contrib
utes to an increase of their
unnstmas nappmess the man
agement and employes will feel
amply remunerated for having
labored 'while the majority of
mankind were frolicking. We
shall be glad to furnish a com
plete report of all formal and in
formal happenings incident to
the celebration of today and will
esteem it an especial favor to be
greatly appreciated if those giv
ing entertainments, parties, etc.,
will telephone us accounts of
such occurrences, and other
items that may be of .interest to
Christmas readers.
Christmas Greeting.
A merry Christmas to our
friends, our subscribers, qur city
and our country, individually
and collectively, and may you all
improve the festal occasion by
looking only-on the bright side
of life, forget the things that are
and everybody join in celebrating
the universal holiday. May every
man who contemplates an early
swearing off time also be willing
to swear that times were never
hard, or if they have been, will
not be so again. May one and
all not only be able to see a sil
ver lining to the clouds of adver
sity, but also we" sincerely trust
a "little blue sky" may be dis-
cernable in the clouds above us.
May every Christmas stocking
be taxed to its utmost capacity,
every home be filled with plenty,
and every heart with joy.
. && Oncr-tnli. Dlseaac.
There is no disease more uncertain in its
nature tlinn dyspepsia. Physicians say that
tbc Iviuptonis of no two cases agree. It is
theritore most difficult to make a correct
diastasis. No matter under 'what disguise
ilysujpsia attacks you. Browns' Iron Bitters
willfcure it. Invaluable in" all diseases of
the stomach, blood and nerves., For sale by,
R. E, luhn, Druggist.
Ralston's Breakfast Food at
IWehiieyer Bros.
Officers Elected.
At a meeting of Brenham
Council No. 365, American Le
gion of Honor, the following offi
cers were elected:
Geo. H. Wilson, commander.
Mrs. E. A. Baber, V. C.
A. C. H. Schweiss, secretary ,
Henry Cohn, Treasurer.
A. Seelhorst, warden.
J. R. Glenn, guide.
At a meeting of Mizpah Lodge
No. 123, Knights and Ladies of
Honor, the .following officers
were elected.
"W. A. Lockett, protector.
J. R. Williamson V. protector.
C. H. Carlisle, Treasurer.
Henry Cohn, secretary.
At a meeting of Alriber Eger
.Lodge, .No. 24U, Independent
Order B'nai-Brith, . the following
officers were elected : .
A. Simon, president.
Isaac Lewis, vice president.
H. Cohn, secretary.
B. Lewis, treasurer.
J. Schwartz, monitor. .
Ed. Newbouer, guide.
A TVonderfal Discovery.
The last quarter of a century records
many wonderful discoveries in medicine,
but none that have accomplished more for
humanity than" that sterling old remedy,
Browns' Iron Bitters. It seems to contain
the very elements of cood health, and neither
man, woman or child can tale it without
dem mg the greatest benefit. For sale by
R. E. Luhn, Sole Agent. '
Korfl & demons' Market the Prettiest
Place in own.
The most execrable weather
that has prevailed without abate
ment for more than a week has
greatly militated against the
elaborate displays and attractive
show windows usually in evi
dence at Christmas. "Very few
of the stores and shops have
made any attempt at display.
Conspicuous among the -few that
have is the enterprising firm of
Korff & demons. Their market
is by all odds" the most attractive
place from a standpoint of
Christmas appearances to be
found in the city. In fact their
display would be a credit to any
city anywhere. , Mr. Hugh C.
demons, junior member of the
firm, served an apprenticeship in
the celebrated French market at
New Orleans and must certainly
have been an aptpupil. His fine
Italian hand is plainly liscern
able in the display arrangements.
Dressed game cf ore. Jsscrip
tion, ducks, geese, tur
keys and etc., are hanging
around in artistic profusion.
Grinning 'possums, corpulent
ducks and.graceful turkeys hang
at ease from the twigs and bows
of evergreens, as natural as tho'
in tneir native woods, minus
skin and feathers. The only
arawDacK to toe hrm s enter
prise is the possibility that they
have overdone the market.
I write tbis" to let you know what
I would not do : 1 would not do
without Chamberlain's Pain Bairn
in my own house, if it coat S5.00
per bottle. It does all you recom
mend it to do' and more. J. II
Wallace, Wallaceville, Ga. Cham
berlain's Pain Balm is the best
household liniment in the world.
and invaluable for rheumatism,
lame back, sprains and bruises. Be
ready for emergencies by buying a
bottle at B. E, Luhn's drug store.
May Go Further and Fare Worse.
m tf ii ? , -
wu yeiiow niggers maae a
grand stand play around at the
Opera bar on Christmas day and
tried to holdup the bartender for
a drink from the "white" side of
the counter. They even went so
far as to introduce a double bar
rel shot gun by 'way of intimi
dation. The counter clerk stood
his ground and will prosecute the
Colorado maduro gentlemen for
aggravated assault and other
offences. In factthe impertinent
and officious negroes will do well
to escape with the payment of a
fine and may thank their stars,
it may ac, mat ineir sians aro
Taken up by H. J. Neinast,
Long Point, Texas, one brown
stag, 12 or 15 years old, brand
blotched, marked crop off left
ear, and overbitin riglfbear, ap
praised at S10. Estrada before
W. R. Ewing, justice "of the
peace, precinct No. 3, Washing
ton county.
O. A. Seward,
County Clerk.
ClUIStfiS LO.N'3 A3D."
All Presents Had to Go Into the Clrit-r' T
mas Stocking.
Robert J. Burdette in the?
Ladies' Home Journal tells in his
humorous ways how he remem-
bers the Christmas of lonn- ' "
years ago. k y
"Most of the Christmas presents:
in those days were designed by "
the manufacturer for the hang
ing stocking. Anything too big
to go into a stocking had to go
over to somebody's birthday. In
any family where there was:
more than one child the old re
liable "Noah's Ark" was always
looked for. We hailed with ex
clamations of- astonished ro-'
cognition Noah and Mrs. Noahr ?,
Messrs. and Mme. Shem, Ham.
and Japhet. There was no way
of telling the men and women,
apart. - They were exactly alike,
but the elephant and giraffe you
could distinguish at a glance, on.
account of the spots on the
giraffe. So also the dog and the
cow, because the cow was always
white and blue, while- the dog t
was invariably blue. Within 24
hours after the landing on Ararat
the baby wouldhave all the paint
sucked off Shem, Ham and the
hired man,-and the doctor would c
be sent for. a'
' "The red monkey climbiriga? v.
red stick was another "regular ?
Christmas visitor. He was high-r
ly esteemed as a light luncheon )
by the baby. It never deemed to ft ',
affect the infant unpleasantly td'v;
himself, that' is although the '
cloudy symphony of red ranct
blue about his innocent mouth;
was apt to make the beholder:
shiver. But it made the monkey
look sick. Then there was
man on the box, with a major- - ,
general's uniform, beating a," '
drum. You turned a crank, theSw
general lifted his stick high in.
the air? and something in the box
made a noise as mutli like a-
arum as a peal of thunder i$ like?
a piccolo. These things' as toys
were of no value, but as practical
useriu object lessons "they
were beyoiitl
itll pdee on the
minus side,"
A" Tennessee Idy, -2Irs. 3T. W
Towlo, of Philadelphia, Tfstmh, ba? i
been using Chamberlain's Cough
Bsmedy for her baby, wno is &nb-
ject to croup, and says of it: Since-i
has been threatened with" croiipfl
oyer so many times, but I wouittjP,
give him a (Jose of tho RemeayJ'
andit'prevonred his having it evere-i-
ume. frinnareos or motcers say
tne same, aoia ty it. i. jjuhn.
The school authorities afc"
Orange, N. J., have decided that;
the female teachers mudt remove
their short bicycle skirts while'in:
the schoolrooms. These gentle-
men sbould go further and, have
them.put on their long skirts.
Hall's tfreat Discovery. '
One small hofctlo of Hall's Great
Discovery cures all Kidney and
Bladder Troubles, removes grrveL
cure3 Diabetes, Seminal Emmiss&msr
Weak and Lame Backs, and alliif
refiularities of the Kidneys and
Bladder in bofch men aud women
Bogulates Bladder- Troubles m
children. If not sold, by your
druggist, will bo sent by mail oje
receipt of SI. Ono small boftloisJ
two months' treatment andgwill
cure any case above mentioned.-'
E. W. Hjux. Sole-Manufacturer,.
Sold by R. E Lubn,
Brenham, Texas.
Bbexhajt, Texa3, Sept, 7. '96..
After suffering several years wiihr
Kidney trouble and pain in tha"backT
and trying other remedies,. Hall's,
Great Discovery was the first and
only, medicine that gave mo relief.
Tours &c,
The Beevillo Picayune saysr
Mr. Wilhugh Wilkins, assistant
cashier of the Commercial Na
tional bank, left yesterday moni-
ing for Brenham, where he wIl
spend the holidays with friends
and relatives. i
The young Duke. of Marlbor
ough has vastly improved sirlco
his marriage.- and those -erolU
knew him in his salad days at
Cambridge aver that-the change
for the better is really

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