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5ur subsorib-
are all load-
The Christmas" tree at
until mania has boon postponed
Sylvester, the 3J.st inst.
came as a Christ
to , Mr. and Mrs.
essler, of Prairie Hill.
Levi Bouldin, charged with
Ihorse theft, has been surrendered
by his bondsmen and placed in
"JVheat and corn are going to
, laugh next spring at this late
sleet and snow storm in North
Eugene Cos, a well known
colofed' man, died Thursday
aughfc and was buried Friday
Among the many Christmas
editions gotten out by our ex
changes none are prettier than
the Christmas number of the
, Temple Mirror.
Brenham, Commandery, No. 16
"Knights Templar, will meet at
their Castle at 10:30 o'clock this
Q jaoriung and offer a number of
toasts to different Sir Knights.
leSLttSecond Regiment Band
wflLhalft an inspection at 2 p. m
today Vs The inspection will take
Sfcejaf the Band room and will
e h& conducted by Bandmaster
,3kel. ,
IN the Court of Civil Appeals
istGalveston a motion for a re
iiearing has been overruled in
the case of LouiseJ?ranke et al.,'
v. the Lone Star Brewing Co
appealed from this county. ,-
t -
These dull, gloomy, cold days
are not much like- the usual
bright, sunny December weather
that makes it a pleasure to live
irfthis'.'seetion during the winter
months, but the rains are past
uei, . ' ,
. Hev. E. "V7. Soloman, the new--Ijappointed
presiding elder of
4i"Srenham district will preach
at fiie Methodist church Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock. The
euarterly conference has been
"" Oue thanks are
ierks& Williams
.Dixie Saloon,, fo
sJd Kontuc
sa to
Sep them
Rice is
The majority of the members
of the First Baptist church are
in favor of calling Rev. R. C.
Pender, of Denison, to the pas
torate at this place and this will
.likely be done ef the first meet
ing of the church, so we are in
formed by one of the members.
"Your old comrade wishes
irourself nd family .aHappv
hristmasrid New Year" is the
ior of a card accompanying.tfa
Iral donation of sausage with
ih Senator H. Knittel re
ared the editor of the
kANT, the California
iwill hanc
The Festival Wa3 Not a Dry One Either
From a Weather Standpoint or
the Condition of the
Christmas, 1897, has passed
into history and the day that has
been in prospect so long must
now be viewed from a retro
spective standpoint. Its cele
bration fulfilled the brightest
prospects and most roseate
dreams of Young America who
find in Christmas a license to do
such things and to say such
things as is accorded on no other
occasion. What the day lacked
in eclat was made up by noise.
All day long the boys stood on
the corners discharging fireworks
and yelling like Indians. The
fact that every cannon cracker
which exploded in the muddy
street sprinkled some passing
pedestrian with mud cut no ice
with the boys, except to lend in
creased merriment. Several
damageless runaways resulted
from the incessant firing. Some
eye brows were singed, some
clothes scorched, some faces
powder burned. But none of
these minor drawbacks detract
ed one iota from the day's sport.
"With one or two exceptions all
business houses, saved the sa
loons, were hermetically sealed
for the day and the clerks and
employes given an opportunity
to spend the day as their tastes
and dispositions dictated.
At the different drinking
What Shall I Give I
Shoe horn.
Match box, solid silver.
Sllve key ring and chain
Solid silver pocket knife.
Hook marks.
Cigar boxes.
Tobacco box:
Bmoker'a set.
Stamp box.
Umbrella and cano marks in
eolid silver. gj
Hat marks. ( gj
Hhavrng-xacgs. ' m
. Pocket books. M
3carf holders. K
fens iu gold, silver and rubber ja
r holders. H
told silver and plated tooth- R
Dicks. K
lollar and cuff box. &
lujtache cunnud saucer. K
Tmbrellas and caues, with gold m
i silver and ivory handles. $
Ink stands In silver. K
old eye classes. . m
(old spectacles.
Kilver mounted suspenders. G
IClothes brushes, hat brushes.
Seal rings.
Armlets anti garters.
Tobacco, collar, cuff and cigar
Shaving brush.
Mustache combs.
Pocket knives.
Cigar cntter.
Cigar holder.
Cigarette holder.
Bicycle strap.
Pipes, silver trimmed.
places there were constant
throngs of merry Bacchanalian
revelers insisting on "filling
them up one more time all
around." Several scraps of
minor importance took place,
but the police force look holiday
along with the balance of the city
and allowed the revelers to enjoy
all the liberty contemplated by
the constitution so long as bare
fists were used and nothing
mpre disastrous than black eyes
resulted. The Banner knows
'ttell on the boys this
,n reduce the
and other
gregation in attendance was of
excellent proportions. The ser
vice throughout was impressive
ly beautiful, and conducted in
the following order: 7:30 a.m.
Holy Communion. 10:30 a. m.
Morning Prayer. Benedictus,
(Hopkins in G.) Christmas
Hymns with accompaniment and
Sermon: "The Angels Mes
sage." Among the few formal events
that characterized Christmas day
none were of a more agreeable
nature than that enjoyed by
the Knights Templar. In re
sponse to invitations from the
Eminent Commander J. T. Shel
by, quite a number of the
knights assembled at their castle
in the forenoon and spent a most
delightful hour proposing and
responding to toasts and passing
the compliments of the season.
Among the beautiful senti
ments expressed were the fol
lowing: To the Most Eminent Grand
Master of the United States, "W.
Ea"Rue Thomas response by Sir
Knight "W. A. Lockett.
To the Right Eminent Grand
Commander, State of Texas re
sponse by Sir Knight "W. A.
Brenham Commandejy No. 15
response by Sir Khight E.
Our Absent Sir Knights res
ponse by Sir Knight H. A. Cor
dray. Our Fraternal Dead--response
by Sir Knight E. "W. Tarrant.
In the afternoon the sun
emerged from his long obscurity
and the closing hours of the day
were as pleasant as brilliant
sunshine and bracing breezes
could make them.
A Georgetown Wedding of Interest to
Brenham Readers.
Monday afternoon at 4:30
o'clock at the residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. "W,
P. Dever, in this city Mr. John
J. Dimmitt and Miss Pearl Dever
were united in marriage by Rev.
I. G. Putman, pastor of the
Methodist church, in the pres
ence of the immediate relatives
and a few intimate friends of the
contracting parties. Shortly af
ter the ceremony the wedded
couple were driven to the train
for a trip to Monterey and other
points in old Mexico.
The groom is one of the best
and most favorably known young
men in the city, where he has a
host of friends, who wish him and
hi3 wife bon voyage in their
journey through life. Possessed
of an ample fortune, well educat
ed, kind and courteous to all, he
starts out in life with roseate
prospects. His fair bride is one
of the most beautiful young
ladies of this city and indeed of
the State, and she is as amiable
as she is pretty. Domestic in her
tastes and possessed of many ac
compusnments, sne would, oe a
fitting helpmate to any man.
The Sun's best wishes attend
them Georgetown Sun.
The bride, Miss Pearl Dever,
was born and reared at Inde
pendence, this county, and is a
sister of Mr. Attae Dever of this
city. She has been a frequent
visitor to Brenham, and has in
numerable friends here who will'
agree with the BANNER,'in agree
ing to the compliments of the
Georgetown contemparary. i
Uncle Alex Simon received a
telegram Christmas day tjiat a
fine girl had been found- in San
Antonio. Iiater advices are to
the effect that the youngster was
ristmas arrival atlthe resi-
&. Mrs-JPhsodore
3r Uncle
f A merry
f lady, her
failed to
the members
id Christmas
'nial pursuits.
The Legislature at its last ses
sion made an appropriation for
the purchase of the land upon
which the battle of San Jacinto
was fought and Texas independ
ence won. Now the owners of
that land, about 250 acres, want
such an extravagant price for it
that the committee appointed to
make the preliminarytLrrange-j
ments for the transfer of the
property to the State have given
up the negotiations in disgust.
Now there is a suggestion of
condemnation proceedings to ac
quire the property as the only
recourse remaining.
The San Jacinto battlefield oc
cupies a pretty position on Buf
falo bayou, says the San An
tonio Express, about twenty
miles below Houston, for a park,
a portion of it being covered by
large oaks which form a beauti
ful grove. The land is high and
dry, for the most part, and much
of it has never been cleared for
cultivation. The minimum price
at which it has been offered is
S25 an acre, 'but there are sever
al owners and some of them want
a higher price.
The land is situated in a part
of the coast country which has
attracted the attention of home
seekers in the last few years to
such an extent as to contribute
to its rapid settlement. Some of
the prairie land contiguous
which could have been pur
chased, for a song a few years
ago, now commands a fancy
price and its value must enhance
as the country settles up by the
small fruit and vegetable farm
ers. The opening up of the
Buffalo bayou channel, as con
templated by the Federal govern
ment for the passage of mer
chant vessels and all manner of
water craft, would enhance the
value of abutting land all the
way from the mouth of the
bayou to the head of navigation,
and seeking to acquire the land
the State should take these mat
ters into consideration. The
State should have the ground
and the owners should be al
lowed a fair price for it.
The ground on which the bat
tle of San Jacinto was fought
and wherein rest the mortal re
mains of men who bravely
fought for the independence of
Texas, should be sacred. It
should be inclosed and cared for
as the birth place of the liberties
which Texans now enjoy and no
time should be lost in securing
the property to the State with
that end in view. The State
should not be niggardly about a
matter of this sort.
With fair weather the incom
ing week will be the Gravest of
the gay and will more than atone
for the dearth of attraction on
Christmas day.
Brenham's stockings were ca
pacious and if Santa Claus had
been minded to drop in the Bren
ham and Brownsville route he
would have found plenty of
I ... A SUITABLE . . . I
..Christmas Present..
1 Brilliant Cook Stove.
A FINE Hcalinc
Dealers In rAINTS. OILS
fjQllttfir . S
3 33
The Krause-Stout theatrical
company are playing to appre
ciative audiences at the Temple
opera house.
The Katy railway company
has issued instructions to gate
men to eject passengers who re
fuse to show their tickets.
Willie Gilbert, aged 7 years,
died on a train near Texarkana
last week from the effects of a
piece of pecan hull lodging in his
throat, which choked him to
As district court opened at
Eastland on the morning of Dec.
20th, Will Webb and Hugh
Adams exchanged courtesies
with shotguns at 20 paces. No
damage done. Both in jail.
Chief Justice B. D. Tarlton,
of the court of civil appeals of the
second supreme judicial district,
states that he will be a candidate
for re-election next year. He
evidently believes in the truth of
the old adage : . "The early bird
catches the worm."
The 14-year-old son of Mr.
James Boulware, residing in the
eastern portion of Waller county,
was accidentally struck" on the
nose by a chip of wood axfew
days ago, causing death from
It is reported that gold in
paying quantities has been dis
covered in Gillespie, Llano, Ma
son and Uvalde counties.
Efforts are being made to
re -organize the Grange in Wil
liamson county as a farmer's co
operative association, avoiding
all connection with partisan pol
itics. Hon. L. L. Foster will man
age Maj. Sayers' campaign, as
sisted by E. M. Hause of Austin.
Assistant Attorney General
King reiterates his opinion that
county clerks are entitled to only
one'dollar for issuing marriage
A suit for 835,000 dam
ages ha been brought against
the Cotton Belt railway for
alleged violation of an adver
tising contract.
The supreme court decides
rthat the legislature has the pow
er tb invest recorders and mayors
with the powers of a peace officer
in incorporated cities.
A story that come3 from New
York smacks strongly of retrib
utive justice : "One of the ro
mantic young women who exhibit
fondness for criminals in the
jails and load them with flo ers
has come to grief. She married
an alleged murderer after the
jury set him free. A local
chronicle says : The honeymoon
lasted just long enough for hubby
to secure all her cash and jewels.
Then he began to play football
with her and finally left home
without leaving his address. All
she craves is arnica and a
Thtre is more Catarrh in this section cf
the country than all o'her diseases put to-geih-
r, and until the last few years was sup
posed to be incurable. For a great jmariy
years dot tors pionrunccd it a local disease,
and prescribed local remedies, and by con
timtlv failing to cure with local treatment.
pronounced it incurable. Science has proven
catarrh to bo a constitutional disease, and
theretore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrn Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Oheny & Co., Toledo, Ohio, U the only con
stitutional cure on the market It is taken
internally in doses from lO drops to a teas
poonful' It rets dirt-cily on the b'ood and
raucous surfaces of the system. Thev offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Send for circulars and testimonials.
Addres, F. J. CHENEY & C O.,
Toledo, O.
35SuSold by Druggists, 75c
The LaGrange Journal claims
that the present wage system in
vogue in the manufacturing cen
ters has all the vices of slavery
and none of its virtues, and if
continued must be proa active of
evil consequences of great mae-
! nitude. The best thought of the
country should be devoted to it,
if the aristocracy of wealth will
but permit it. But just so long
as it continues to inflict upon this
country the Hannas and Paines
of Ohio as it has done in the past,
just so long will we have an un
solved problem of danger in our
social organization.
Eat, drink and be merry will
be the ruling spirit throughout
the week. ""--,.
A Christmas Blaze.
The Christmas midnin
chimes of the town clj
mingled with the clarion
cents of the fire bell and cc
a general hurly burly amor
late revelers, it took some
to locate the ffre, and
found it was nothing
than an incipient bla
at Mr. Carter's West Mail
street residence which was easily
extinguished without the aid of
the department. Meantime four
gallant members of Connor Hose
Company split the mud wide
open in a vain effort to reach the
fire with their hose dart. They
pulled it from the station to the
intersection of North and .Sandy
streets and then abandoned it as
a bad job.
The weather the past week has
been of such a miserable charac
ter a "gentleman couldn't speak
of it p'roperly in the presence of
his wife," says Kalamity Bonner
in the Rockdale Reporter. ,
It will take several days 'of
sunshine to rid the streets of
slush and mud.
If there is any virtue in "red
paint" the city ought to be-a
bright vermilion by this time.
Some of the boys will have
most excellent reasons for
"swearing off" by the time- New
Year i-olls around.
The dancing fraternity held an
informal hop at Athletic hall
Christmas night. !
A new and useful device which every fam
ily will buy, is sold otJy through local
agents. Simple and strons; can be put up
anywhere; securely holds rope or wire; in
stant adjustment and removal of Hn; no
props needed. Sells on sight. Popular
WHERE. Exclusive territory Attrj'fcrive
terms. Premium and profii-sharing. Any
one may become ageiit Sample pairby
mail 25c
KELM XOTELTY CO . 528 iocnst St.
&32ttf sad beantifia tho hr.
Promote! ft luxuriant ffrcrwHu
ITerer Jils to Sestore Gny
Cent acaip dlieawj h bait i ulUeff.
8. 1L JITER'.
Office: Northeast Corner of tho Square.
Opposite Wralcelmann & Bohne.
BREXiiAir, Texas.
To the Editor : I have an absolute
remedy for Consumption. By its tody usa
thousands of hopeless cases have been already
permanently cured. So proof-positive am I
of its power that I consider It my duty to
smd too MtUs fas to those of your readers
who have Consurnption.Throat Bronchial or
Lung Trouble, jf they wilL write me their
express and postoffice address. Sincerely,
T. A. SLOCXnS,H.t SJ Pearl St, Sew Yorfc.
tf The Edttori&l and Bmiosai Mftsacsmont dt
uus jftper uBiruiM uos fo&eroas froposiuoa
University of Texas.
57 Instructors. 751 StudbnfB.
Worni n admitted to all DermrtrneBtfr
ToitusFbee. Total Jxkx3E
S1P0 to S250.
begins September 20: Entrance Xxamiha-A -tions
September 21; Matriculation tee Sic?
116 courses of study: University svstcm of
fnstruction and discipline; well equipped
sc entific Uboratorie: Library of 35,000 tol
umes; Y. M. C A.; Y. V. C. A; Hjmoa
sium; Athletic F.eld.
Teachers' Caarsss L eia is Perajaseat
Teachers' Certieate:. Sngiccerlas Ee
pirtasni Coafen Dejreo cf civil. Ea-
LAW DEPARTMENT: Session begins
Septembers;; Entrance Examinations Sep
tember 22; Matriculation lee, payable only
once, $3o. A two years course loads to de-
t' v' uKr uws ana entitles lolder to
praett-e in any court in Tfxn. Law stu
dents may pu.Tiue Academic courses with at
further charge.
at Galveston. Four jear course; F. ctilty
of twnty traintd spcohhsts; School of
Pharmacy: School of Naisirg (for women),
Matnculauon fee; pavsble once, $3o. Com
pleto equipment in nlrtciools. fcVsion be
gins October.ltAEntrmcs Examinations the
preceding week "
For Catalogues ofany Department, or for
Information, addtefs
'SSkT ?isoert VhBkS!
&v?ukJeoa grown are fiUM&l
&?rerrr,e Thebot
e.X" seed sow a lire Ferry's wfiftgM
f-s-erAT! e bost Mrtfd-J known are ffijjsjifi
fVvtry's. It puys to plantis
Pk Ask the denier for them. Send for J,
.JJ) ane ,et all that's good and SSM
S'SsTSsL now the latest and !stSX,
iffiite&ffZ the best. fft2
kw,$MD-K- FR''iY a C0"MS?
e - AUSTisr, Texas.

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