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Job Printing of
all kinds
at this Office
VOL 33
Truck Farmer Sermonizes
i < Vv Knnon Jmn
Sinco my taut letter many evontsand
Ullage havo taken placo A man burn
ed allvo in Dallas Mrs Nation has
smashed n few of these dens of hell
just the placo this poor tellow of Dallas
was burned In But at tlio Bamo time
our great christian nations England
and the United States are pumping
Christianity into tlio Boors and FHlllpl
noes with a Winchester Yes wo are
a great people getting up to snuff In
science and everything mean You
tell a hoy or girlhow they should do to
work save their money and not spend
it all in organs Pianos and a few line
clothes and begln to tell them that
clothes does not build a character
Hhyl they laugh at you tell you wo are
on a movo from where our Fathers were
Yes that is so for in their day wo hod
real missionaries but not armed with a
Winchester and a canteen of whiskoy
These are some of the Into fads and aro
about as good as most of them If
iji somebody dont head ubwe will butt our
brains out yet on this crazo of git up
and get Listen if you can stop and
aro not out of breath
j jV Tbitck Fahmkr
Congressman SheppardsRcply
Jftisi ngtiap 0 F6o 31001
lion V 8 Haywood Jefferson Texas
Deprsir Your letter of the 31st ul
timo received You make a strong ar
gument in favor of the improvement of
tho Lakes and Cypress Bayou to the
end that Jefferson majjJie onco more
rehabilitated as oneof tho great marts
of Texas I endorse every word you
say and I read your letterwith a great
deal of interest because t was In accord
with my judgment
I secured a provision in the general
rivers and harbors bill for a survey
along the line vj suggested to me 1
guesa it will goTtbrough the Senate
Trinity has a very favorable report
from tho engineer who made its survey
If wo can succeed In getting d favoroble
yvwrtn Thp
For St LfluJs fi icaoA
JfM irCJ
Mrs Nhtlon and hor saloon smashing
brlgado is no longer a local proposition
Sho has become a national incident
ntul her samo threatens to spread even
beyond the seas Tho Kansas lady and
the strenuous crusado of tho cohorts
under her leadshlp hare been treated
as a rare good joke by newspapers aud
others riot in tho saloon business in
Kansas But intho Sunflower state
tho lady Is no joke She is just about
as netlouB a proposition as ovor swoop
ed down upon the bleeding common
wealh And that there is a serious pur
pose In what Mrs Nation Is doing hor
Btlckutlvcness leaves no room for ques
tion Sho declares she hasstarted out
to discover whether or1 not tho joint
keeper has any status under tho Kan
sas law and she is going to make it
warm for them until they test the mat
tor in the courts So far the saloon
men havo nottaken up the ladys dell
and she is proceeding along her original
theory that any one has a right to
smash a saloon which has no legal ex
istence and which is entitled to no pro
tection under the law Sooner or later
the courts will no doubt decide tills
question In the meantime tho re
doubtable parrle is not inclined to let
tho saloonmenforget that she js abroad
in the land Hor joint smashing vol
catjq is in a state of active eruptionand
there isno telling in what rum selling
Kansas town the next bloody eruction
will occur Vorily tho Kansas saloon
man has fallen upon troublous times
andtlie Moses has not yet1 appeared to
lead him out os tho wilderness or the
Joshua to stop the buu while he puts
the Vntion to flight Galveston Tri
Brief and Book
A Specialty
NO 32
The school building aud Masonic hall
at Mario w ob destroyed by Are
The Rock Island contemplates
entering El Paeo by JJepi let
ThoMasopic temple atiToledo 0
was destroyed by flroTVrLoss about
While boring for oil In Freestone
County ft vein of firstclass lignite waB
struck K
Typographical union Mi 0 of New
York haB withdrawn Its boycott against
New York Sun
Jefferson Long a negrodied at Ma
con Ua Ho represented that district
oticoln congress
jfrank Woolloy nccidentlly shot and
fatally injured Alex Gldiho at Tyler
Both were boys undorlS ywars
Burglars secured 59 worth of
jewelry from an establishment ut
In a quarrel over dominoes
Israel James shot and tiled Luke
Blocker at Waco
A solid train load of horses do
Btined for South Allien passed
through Heurn recently j
Some tnlBcrennts cuYytie throats
of several cattle tho property of a
farm near Greenvine jt
Geo GouldliB the reported purchaser
of tho Texarkana Shroveplirt and Nat
chez a road 72 miles in bgtb
Steamer Montreal clearf from Now
Orleans for CapoTown with 1600 mules
for the British urmy in South Africa
The South Carolina houf e of repre
sentatives has passed a U appropria <
ting 200000 for Confederate pensions
The W O T V
of Cleveland O
has passed a resolution virtually np
proving the course of Mrs Carrie Nation
Two children were carrlj > d 150 yards
by Saturday js cyclone at Copperas Covo
and set down unhurt in a feather bed
Contracts havo been made by an
eastern Arm for the entire output from
ISO acres of cantclonpes around Bee
E V Middleton was allot and dan
gerously wounded by Charles Koper at
Sulphur Springs They wore partners
in business
J Egan telegraph operator
Securing Homes
The love of home and country is of
divlno origin It transforms man from
a condition of savagery to one of culture
and refinement There can bo no sta
blmi 68 of government ar society with
It is as necessary to mans hap
aSTiSGttas iSrjiru
done it shows the J possession of Hehad never visfted a ti
wli ts on bhermane c tFremi
necessary appropriation made in order
to secure navigation to Jefferson
With higli regard tbeg to remain
John L BmsrrAiiD
Kcllyvlllo News
Kellyvllle is booming every depart
ment of business is good
Tho plow factory has been turning
out from one to three hundred plows
per day for several weeks and yet there
is not twentyfive plows now in the
The above speaks woll for this land
of pine knots and spring water without
a doubt immigration is backing lack
into this timbered paradise
Tho smallpox is getting very close to
this placo The school Is somewhat in
danger tho girls aro scared almost to
death for fear they will get their pretty
faces marked
We would write more but old Stony
has been poking around and gathered
up some interesting items we will or
der him to run his weekly to Jefferson
by way of Linden
February 31001
A special from Fort Worth says
Curtis Bros and R A Morris of
Henrietta have purchased the
Ringo and Charco ranch proper
ty in Ouadaloupe county New
Mexico from A Strauss the con
sideration being 805000 On the
ranch aro 3000 horses Posses
sion was given at once
tbekno wJW v
One of the first man owes his
Swell Furniture
We aim to carry furniture of
solid strength and handsome
design Its worth the money
always and pays you back In
pleasure use and convenience
UerrcnsoN Texas
country on arriving at his majority is
obedience to her laws one of the first
duties he owes his family on assuming
tho relation of husband anil father is
the securing of a home All men should
obey their countrys laws and all men
can secure a home humble though it
may be yet a placo where under bis
own vino and fig tree the can feel that
life is worth living after all
There aro localities where homes of
broad and fertile acres can be securod
on most reasonable terms where the
products of tho soil rival in splendor
and magnificence tho Biblical lands
whero the lowing herds waving grain
ripening fruit and succulent vegetables
bring plenty health and happiness to
tho family
Ifyouhaveno placo you can call
Homo put yourself at onco in com
munication with Sam H Dixon Passen
ger Immigration Agent II E W
T Ry Houston Texas and ho will
furnish you information regarding a
section where homes can bo secured
which will meet all the requirements of
the most exacting
No Travelling Canvassers
We aro anthorized by the mana
ger to say to our readers and the
public that The Commoner W
J Bryans papor of Lincoln Neb
employ no traveling canvassers
So dont give your money to any
pretended traveling agent If you
want The Commoner subscribe
forit at this oiiicu as we club with
that paper
Thirty Thousand Troops
London Feb 6 The following
announcement haB been issued by
the war office
In view of the recent Boer ac
tivity in various directions the
government has decided in addi
tion to tho large forces recently
equipped locally in South Africa
to reinforce Lord Kitchener by
30000 mounted troop s beyond
those already landed in Cape
Its like Getting One Dollar for
Fifty Cents
to wear one of our fifty cents
shirts absolutely the prettiest
newest patterns to be found any
where and plenty of them sizes for
everybody Dont overlook our
new stock of Hats
A RirmsKi Son
died at Dallas
Tho International
tion comprising EI Paso
make a mineral exhibit
Comments From Tho Commoner
W J Bryan Editor
The Commonor enters tho news
paper field with an iflsuo of seven
ty fivo thousand
The latest reports from Mauila
are to tho offcotthat General Vora
city has uotyot assumed command
General Kitchener Is not in any
immediate need of n gartor What
he wants is a supply train that is
Boer immune
Bloodbought commerce may bo
profitable fora timo but tho vor
age will show a preponderance of
red ink entries
Sending captured Filipino lead
ers to Guam may necessitate an in
creased tinny in order to preserve
the pence in Guam
The KragJorgensen and Lee
Metford attachments of Chris
tian civilization appear to bo run
ning hot in their bearingSj
Tho trusts and corporations feel
umply able to provide al the in
como tax they need upon the in
comes of the consumors
Sinco tho redemption of Kan
sas it appears that lire is boing
used to cauteriBe some of the
bleeding wounds pf fifty yearsago
Nicaragua to Grant Concessions
Managua Niq Jan 15 Na
tive owners of coffee estates in this
republic declare that the conditions
in this country havo never been eo
favorable as now for tho United
States to get from Nicaragua almost
any concession desired as to the
Nicaragua canal route
The canal route in Nicaragua
they declare is now free from all
concessions or complications and
Nicaraguans are now more sorely
pressed for relief than eyer be
cause nf the greatly deranged con
dition of transportation ind the
rates lor conveyingtbe coffee crop
to Europe herphief point of ex
art p w
A jyJota
ig aBsocia
miners will
ftthe Buffalo
Jackeboro citizens ar < l engaged iin
raising a 25000 bonusj vto secure the
bulldiug of the Weatherford and Miner
al Wells road v
A meeting of the representatives
of the New York life insurance
company from 31 counties was
held at Houston
Robert D Todd formerly justice of
the supreme court of Louisiana died
attho liomo oT his daughter Mrs
Daniels in Brooklyn N Y
G D Hartson well known in elec
trical circles throughout Texas and
Illinois wbb caught in the shafting and
kiled at the Sovino mines Aft Mexico
Two persons perished and three
were fatally injured ina fire which
totally destroyed tho Exposition
hotel at Bingharapton N Y on
the fifth
Stevo Brodie of brij ge jumping
fame died at San AntUaio of con
sumption His remains were
taken to his home in New York
for bunai
Countess Castellano bap sold her in
terest in soveral valuable pieces of Now
York property to help relfevethe finan
cial difficulties of her husband Her
brother Edwin Gould is tho purchaser
A destructive tornado visited
north Texas points Saturday night
killing two persons near Blue
Prairie in Delta county and de
stroying much property
The Most lotcnt Pleading
for business that we o
the grado of Goods of
rer had are
such high
values that we are nqT offering at
sucij astonishingly low Prices The
offers are genuine or theywould
not bring and hold i ucli a vast
number of customers gv
In a lecture deliver
Sam Jones vigorous
the methods of Mrs Ni
loon wrecker
at Denton
ition the sa
Eight thousand dollars has been
raised for tho establishment of a
canning plantBt Gaim svillo
Blankets Blankets Slankeliltl
We have a few 1J
which goes in our clou
if you need a blanket t
save moneyjmake a be e line for
A RipiU
Frclxht Train Run Anar
Seattle WnBh Feb 7i < V
Northern PaciQo freight train ran
away while coming down a long
grado at WoBton atthe 6ummitot
the Cascades One man a brake
man named MaoDonald was in
stantly kilted and the engineer
Boyco was badly injured The >
train which wob fifteen carslit
length got away on account of
the air brakes to work properly at
tho top of the grade Thocars rnii
down at frightful speed uhlil a
sharp curve near tho bottom was
reached when the cars plunge
ovor tho bank MaoDonald wait
picked up dead anti several others
of the train crow were injured I
Henry lontscy Sentenced J
Georgetown KyFeb 5 Hon
ry E Youtsey was arraigned be
fore Circuit Judge Cantrill thisiaf
ternoon and sentenced to life im
Ho said
I am innocent I have
convicted by baso and infamjms
subordination ofperjury
No appeal will be taken anil tho
prisoner will be takeq to state
prison in a day or two
pr <
The Satisfactory Store
At present wo aro in themidst of
a clearance sale of all winter goods
of every description ihatiB broad
and sweeping and that offers mon
ey saving chancos of great import
ance to close buyerfl On many
items we voluntarily take a direct
loss figuring that its better to sell
at any price than to carry over for
noxt season Whdn we would
only have new good and would
not sell these
P EumiDdE
The Love
ronging frdm S1700 to Ja
These conditions it iIb pointed1
nor aritl u ther unds received at
ajve ojA HiUlPt n ju Jiar7 c
out aleojBxists in Costa Rico Sal
vador and Guatemala owing it is
alleged to the fight boing waged
between the Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company and the Panama
Railroad Company
For the accommodation of those de
siring to attend tho Mardi Gaas Festi
vities at New Orleans tho Texas
Pacific Railway Company from its sta
tions in Texas will Boll tickots on Fob
13th 14th 16th 10th 17th and 18th at
rate of one faro for the round trip
Tho tickets will bo limited to return
leaving Now Orloans as Into as March 1
In view of the recent inauguration of
chair car lino between Fort Worth
Dallas and New Orleans we feel that
our service is incompotable Tjiero is
no competing lino in position to offer
such favorable Inducements Our line
is the shortost one making the trip in
the shortest possible time and I trust
thoso advantages will be duly weighed
if you contemplate making tho trip
For further information write to Mr
H I Hughes Traveling Passenger
Agent Fort Worth Texas or to Mr E
P Turner Gonoral Passenger and Tick
et Agent Dallas Texas v
Carpets Mattings and Hues
We are making big reductions in
this department as Mr Ripinski
intends buying an extra largo stock
of Carpets anil Mattings We must
have room so this ineanB a big
saving Call and got our prices
before buying
A RiriNBKi Bov
The case of Joe Rhoa charged
with killing Dr John J Rankin
Jr resulted in a mistrial at Groes
Wo want room is juat what
Rosenfold Co means and you
will get bargains in evory depart
ment by buying now
Leaso of oil lands are being
made in Austin cotinty by tho Lucas
I have them on hand now
and will keep a full
stock all the time
Tho LOVE is tho best Wagon on the
market you will save money by buying
from ub
Call and see them
John Love
Austin Street Market
Aro in their New Shop
The uptoulnto Market
Has Large Drylir Refrigerator
Best Moats In City
Havo Tomatoes Onions Lottuco
and Radishs
Dressod CATFISH evory Friday
The OYSTERS I handle aro in
cans and much better than thoso
brought hero in buckets
Wo solicited your orders
Meat delivered any whore In the
city limits
Priona so
ankets left
ingsale So
nd want to
ki Bon
Seaboard National Bank
City National Bank
New York I American Exchange Bank
Dallas First National Bank
i A
Bt Louis

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