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Mfcgclable Pre patalionror As
slmilating ihcPoodandRcgula
ling the S toinachs andJBawcls of
iNMW WMIiffllftiSfii
Promotes DigealionChccrfur
nessandltestConlains neillicr
OpiumMorpliiie nor Miicral
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Rmpkui Scal
JiGaionnkfo ct +
imtetyreen navoK
Apetfccl Remedy forConslipa
Tion Sour StomachDiarrhoca
Worms Convulsions Fcverisn
ness and Loss of Sleep
Facsimile Signature of
Located in tho Panhan
dle Country constitute
a vast proportion of
those who are out of debt possess an abundance of all that is necessary
to comfort and easy hours and own
Those who are not so fortunate should profit by past experiences and
recognize that these conditions are possible in
as no whero else for the reason that no other section now offers
and that the Agricultural and Stockfarming possibilities of this section
are tho equal of and in some respects better than three to five times
higher priced property located elsewhere
In aword Many Hagnificient Opportunities are Btill open here to those
possessing but little money but prompt investigation and
are advisable as speculators have investigated
and are fast purchasing with a knowledge of
quickly developing opportunities to Boll to oth
ers at greatly increased prices
Sells cheap Round Trip ticketstwice a Week with
stopover privileges
For Full Information write to
A A GLISSON G P A Ft Woriti Texas
Brown Donton nnd Grayson Coun
ties Damaged
At Stonojr Joo Fosters Itcsldonco
2 TTns Blown Down Ruins Catch
Fire and Head ot Family
Fatally Burned
killing young livestock Soma of the
ball stones measured eight inches in
circumference Growing crops were
severely damaged
Dr Keating Dies
Clcburno May 2 Dr J R Keating
xmayor of this city died at 220
oclock Tuesday afternoon Ho was
seventyone years old Ho camo hero
In 1879 He was alderman and mayor
for a number of years and was also a
practicing physician ot ability
Dallas May 2 A tornado awopt
ovor parts of Brown Denton and
OrayBon counties lato Tuesday after
noon doing great damage to crops and
farm property Two persons are
known to have been killedand prob
ably tyo others
At the village of Cowan in Wise
county one house was destroyed and
Mrs Parks was killed Two other oc
cupants of tho house were so badlly
Injured that they may die
At Stoney in Denton county the
house of Joo Foster was blown down
on the family and the ruins took fire
Mrs Foster and the children crawled
out of the ruins safely but Mr Foster
was pinned down by heavy timbers
and before rescuers could get him out
with an axe he was so badly burned
that ho hied
At Sherman a Methodist church was
blown down and at Brownwood sever
al houses were partly wrecked
Will Advance One Hundred Million
Dollars to San Francisco
San Francisco May 2 Tho first
doflnito proposition for furnishing
money on a largo scale to San Francis
co for the purpose of rebuilding one
of the burned sections was made pub
lic Tuesday when it wns announced
tha a syndicate of Now York capital
ists had agreed to advance 9100000
000 Tho news came in a telegram re
ceived by W F Horry chief counsel
for tho Southern Pacific from Senator
Newlands of Nevada who has a large
interest in the burned Palace hotel
Senator Newlands stated that he had
submitted the plan to many financiers
nd that they had virtually consented
to supply the money on a bond and
mortgage basis The names of the
New York people are not given Tho
offer is under discussion by the local
finance committee
It was decided that tho citizens com
mittee would accept all offer s of aid
from forelgr countries This decision
was reached when a communication
Was received through Japanese offlcal
sources asking if tho citizens would
receive the contribution of 200000 yon
made by the emperor of Japan and
declined by tho united States govern
ment Tho finance committee hold
that San Francisco being essentially
a cosmopolitan city it was necessary
for it to care for many destitute for
eigners nnd that it would be proper
under these circumstances to accept
all outside tenders of assistance
Plain Lettuce Salid Make
the dressing with two tablespoon
fulei of oil one tablespoonful of
vinegar half a level teaspoon of
salt and a saltepoonful of pepper
Serve with crackers and grated
To Cure a Cold in One Hay
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
DruggiBts refund money if it fails to
cure EW Groves signature is on each
box 25c
One mans silence may be more
than another mans
Wesley Love has a Bermuda
onion farm near Laredo in which
he has 820000 invested Raising
onions is a profitable industry
Neglected colds make fat grave
yards Dr Woods Norway Pine Syrup
helps mon and women to a happy vigo
rous old age For sale by the J F Crow
Drug Co
Anger and worry do no work
that is worth doing A good work
man may worry and bo angry
Bewi tho A Klnl YW N Wways to
Why not stop this falling of your hair At this rate you will soon
be without any hair Just remember that Halls Hair Renewer
stops falling hair and makes hair grow ittffiTJoTteru1
Father Shermans Trip Will Be Just
to Resaca Ga
Washington May 2 The president
has directed the curtailment of the
movement of tho Twelfth cavalry as
escort to Rev Father Thomas S Sher
man son of General Sherman on a
march over part of the line of General
Shermans march to the sea Instead
the trip may be made from Fort Ogle
thorpe as far as Resaca which Is
within about fifty miles of Fort Ogle
thorpe when tho cavalry detachment
Is to return to the lattor place
Orders to this effect wore given fol
lowing tho rocolpt of a long distance
message from Brigadier General Du
vail commanding the department of
the Gulf by whose authority the de
tachment was ordered to accompany
ather Sherman and a conference on
tho subjoct between President Roose
velt and General Boll staff of the
Another report was that Mr Fos
ter was still alive at midnight Tuesday
night but could not recover
The tornado also visited Alvord
Johnson county Tho houso of Tud
Parker was wrecked nnd his mother
killed The rest of the family escap
ed Injury Several houBos wore blown
off their foundations The section
house was unroofed and tho depot
agont blown to tho ground
Growers and Manufacturers Hold First
Washington May 2 Tho first in
ternational conference of cotton grow
ers and cotton manufacturers began
a two days session hero Tuesday
A permanent organization was cf
fectad the following officers being
President James H McColl presi
dent of tho National Association of
Cotton Manufacturers
First Vice PreBldentrHarvIo Jor
dan president ot the Southern Cotton
Second Vico President R M Miller
president of the Amorlcan Cotton
Manufacturers association
Third Vlco President J W McCal
Hstor of the International Federation
Secretaries Richard Cheatham C
J Wooiibury and C B Bryant
President McColl opened the pro
ceedings by a brief address in which
he expressed the vlow that the meet
ing Would throw much light on the
probloms that confront tho cotton In
dustry in this country and at the same
time assist In a better understanding
among the representatives of tho sev
eral lntorosts Among these probloms
ho enumerated the question of an am
ple supply of cotton for the worlds
noeds the stability of price specula
tion the better handling of cotton and
tho accuracy of government crop re
The afternoon session was presided
over by Harvle Jordan who addressed
the conference on the cotton Industry
generally Ho gave credit to the spin
ners and manufacturers for Initiating
the conference and said thnt In con
sidering the returns between the grow
ers and spinners what evor affected
the cotton production would react dis
astrously upon tho spinning industry
and vice versa The growers and spin
ners he added had been strangers too
Tho south hesold was rapidly wak
ing up to the realization that at pres
ent and and ldeed for all time It con
trolled and can continue to control
the practical monopoly of tho worlds
cotton production Ho emphasized tho
facthowovor that there was no dispo
sition to abuse this monopoly or un
righteously take advantage of so splen
did an endowment But he asserted
that tho cotton growers of the south
would henceforth insist upon upon and
enforce the payment of a fair and
profitable price for cotton
The day ot producing cheap raw
cotton ho doclared at from 0 to 8
cents1 per pound Is passed
Speculating in cotton futures he re
garded as the greatest evil of modern
times It overrides he sold the will
of the manufacturers and subjects the
growers to a condition of helplesa
servitude well night bordering upon
Speculation should bo regulated nnd
minimized he contended and tho duty
of the Federal and state governments
was to enact needed reforms
The balance of the session was tak
en up with a discussion regarding tho
question of standard square bales and
for more careful ginning
Overiork Weakens
Your Kidneys
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers they fil
ter out the wasto or
Impurities In the blood
If they are sick or out
of order they fall to do
their work
Pains aches and rheu
matism come from ex1
cess ot uric acid In the
blood due to neglected
kidney trouble
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble because the heart is
overworking in pumping thick kldney
polsoned blood through veins and arteries
it used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to tho kidneys
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr Kilmers
SwampRoot tho great kidney remedy Is
soon realized It stands the highest for Its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and Is sold on Us merits
by all druggists In f If ty
cent and onedollar slzHSijli
es You may have a
sample bottle by mall iiomo ot sunj > iioot
free also pamphlet telling you how to find
out If you have kidney or bladder trouble
Mention this paper when writing Dr Kilmer
St Co Blnghamton N Y
Dont mako any mlstako but remem
ber tho name SwampRoot Dr Kil
mers SwmapRoot and tho address
Binghamton N Y on ovory hottlo
Effects of Embalming Fluid Difficult
Matter to Dotermlne
New York May 2 Export testimo
ny was heard Tuesday in tho hearing
of Albert T Patricks motion for a
new trial as to the effects of embalm
ing fluid In concealing evidence of
death by inhalation of chloroform Dr
Albert T WesBon a coroners physi
cian testified In Patricks behalf and
said that he had Injected embalming
fluid Into the bodies of twelve persons
before making an incision of tho
lungs and that ho was satisfied that
the fluid made entry into the lungs
and would make It difficult to deter
mine whether death had been caused
by breathing In an Irritant vapor chlo
roform included
and Rain Did Damage at Ard
more and Vicinity
Ardmore May 2 One of the sever
est wind and rainstorms in many years
visited this section Monday night do
ing damage In many parts of tho city
The Cathollo school was blown off Its
foundation and damaged The resi
dence occupied by Joe Mulllnoaux was
blown from Its foundation and Mrs
Mulllncaux Injured about the face and
arms by being thrown violently against
a well
f L n
f iprc
Rain Hall and Lightning Much In Evl
dsnee In Oklahoma
Guthrie May 2 A severe rain oloc
trlct hall and windstorm passed over
Oklahoma Monday night covering
practically the entire territory Hall
fell at Mulball and Perth in this coun
ty with such force as to penetrate
the roofs of even the biggest store
buildings ruining many dwellings and
Lady Was So Frightfully Injured Death
Is Almost Certain
Paris Tex May 2 Mrs James
Crow a young married woman was so
badly bitten by two bulldogs at tho
homo of her fatherlnlawj near Mays
Prairie that she will die One bruto
caught her in the trhoat and tho other
in a limb It was almost Imposslblo
to get the animals to relinquish tholr
hold Tho ladys sisterinlaw had
told tho dogs to get a stick and they
thought she had sicked them on Mrs
George A Harlow Fires Bullejt
Brain Dying Instantly
Houston May 2 Despondent ovor
financial matters George A Harlow
walked to the roar hall of his residence
and fired a bullet Into his brain dy
ing instantly He was sixty years old
and leaves a widow and two children
Mr Harlow was a stockholder In
tho Interstate Building and Loan asso
ciation which liquidated Monday ho
receiving but a few hundred dollars in
Tho passage of the free alcohol
bill is demanded by farmers and
manufacturers becauBo tboy want
to use the product in the arts but
the politicians and the standpat
ter are fearful that the effect of
passing such a measuro might
prove an entering wedge for gen
eral tariff revision and thrre seems °
to be a disposition to Gght it on
that ground Denatured alcohol
extracted from vegetables and re
fuBO molasses would bo cheaper
than kerosine and gasoline apd
could be used for all the purposes
for which those products are now
UBed Such being tbo oase why
should it be denied to the people
even though its use might cut
down the enormous profits of wood
alcohol manufacturers and the
Standard Oil Company If con
gress refuses free denatured alco
hol under the circumstances the t
people will know where to place
the responsibilty San Antonio
Not ir as Rich as Rockefeller
If yon bad all tho wealth of Rocke
feller tho Btandard Oil magnate you
could not buy at better medicine for
bowel complaints than Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
Tho most eminent physician can not
prescribe a bettor preparation for colic
and diarrhoea both for children and
adults Tho uniform success of this
remedy has shown it to be superior to >
all others It never fails and when re
duced with wator and aweotenod isi
Eloasant to take Every family should
e supplied with it Sold by all drug
Dam tho Constitution iBthe
remarks attributed to Governor
Gooding of Idaho when informed
that his treatment of indicted labor
loaders was in direct violatiem of
the constitution of the United
States The use of such language
by tbo Chief Executive of any State
ought to result in his immediate
removal A Governor who dams
the constitution ho has sworn to
support is a publio ingrato and a
nuisance Brenbam Banner
Postmaster Robbed
G W Fouts postmastor at Riverton
Ia noarly lost his lifo and was robbed
of all comfort according to his letter
which says For 20 years I had chron
ic liver complaint which led to such a
severe case of jaundice that oven my
finger nails turned yollowwhon my doe
tor prescribed Electric Bitters which
cured mo and have kept mo well for
elovon years Sure cure for biliousness
neuralgia weakness and all stomach
liyor kidnoy and bladder derange
ments A wonderful tonic At all drug
giet 50 conts
Tbo attorney general of Wiscon
sin is collecting evidonce for tbo
purpose of annulling the Standard
Oil trusts charter in that state
Why take adozen things to cure that
cough Kennedys Laxative Honey and
Tar allays tho congestion slops that
tickling drives tho cold out through
your bowels Sold by the J F Crow
Drup Co
It is unchrietion to find fault
with anything that makes men bet
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