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Tr i T ri ir BiT iViTiiri IiTnM iinintuwfjii ffrT
Job Printing of
all kinds
at this Office
Brief and Book
A Specialty
VOL 38
NO 4i5
arranged for your SUMMER SUIT youd
better let us hear from you
There are so many good points in our Clothes
this season that really you cant afford to miss
The line embraces everything thats new in
single and double searges and worsteads The
Furnishings Shirts Underwear Hosiery
Neckwear and Straw Hats
Crawford Shoes
are stylesetters satisfactionbreeders comfort
promulgators They have the brands and earmarks
that bespeak New York and London ideas
No wonders our customers are men who are
fastidious as to the detaits of dress yet are sega
cious enough to save the 700 or 800 they would
pay extra for a custom Shoe no better You have
probably tried many different makes of Shoes
We are pretty sure however that when you
try the CRAWFORD your experimenting in other
directions will immediately cease
We have the last styles
350 and 400
Not seeing anything from our little
berg in some time I will send in a few
Farmers are all busy with their crops
with a bright prospect of a good crop
Little Inez Pruitt has been quite sick
but am glad to say ebo is improving
Mrs J D Akins who has been on
the sick list is spending a few days with
her parents Mr and Mrs W K Davis
of Lockett
Mrs T N Duncan has been quite
sicK but is improving
Soyeral of the young folks of Comet
attended the danco given at Mr Sam
Lemmons last Friday night and all re
port a grand time
Mr E T Walker of Nearne La is
spending a few days with friends and
relatives in our littlB berg
Mr B L Hinos of Linden was a
pleasant visitor in Comet laBt Friday
and Saturday
Messrs King and Moseley of Lodi
were pleasant visitors in Comet Satur
day evening
Mr John Smith spent a few days in
Woodlawn last week Last fifth Sun
day evening Rev Hamblin of Kollyvillo
preached an interesting sermon at
Halls school house which was highly
appreciated Rev J S Lewis of Jeffer
son will preach the second Sunday
evening at the schoolhouse Everybody
aro invited to come out and hear a good
Misses Annie and Stella Woods en
tertained a few friendB at their homo
last Saturday evening in honor of their
friend Miss Anna Lee Henderson of
Linden who has just closed her school
at New ProBpect At 1030 wo wero in
vited by the hostess to tho dining room
where dainty refreshments were served
Those who participated in this enjoy
able affair were Mlstes Anna Lee Hen
derson Sabo Jackson Rena Dell Hale
Minnie Sanders Lucille Smith Lenora
aud Annie May Dugan Annie and Stel
la Woods Messrs B L Hines E T
Walker Horace Smith Hilpry Akins
0 A Preston Will Dugan Jack Smith
Haskell Davis
Will cltee for tbia time Success to
the Jimp and its many reader Pamst
Subscribe for the Jimp
for 1906
Moores Chapel Dots
Wellas this is such a beautiful morn
ing in May I will write a dot or too
Mr Johnie Carwile wife and mother
came over Saturday eve and spent the
night with her daughter Mrs Sallie
Grubbs A singing was had about 830
and the following wero present Lau
rence Bramlett Luther Grubbs Misses
Ollie Subber Rosle and Ollie Grubbs
Vircinia Maxwell Tweetie Smith Alice
and Lena Subber and Moore McAdoo
Ivy Pruitt Clyde Mas well Horace and
William Subber The small crowd had
a very good singing and a pleasant time
Sunday morning it was raining bo
there was no preaching or Sunday
School that day but still there was
some traveling around
Mr Maxoy Brantley Bet up with his
cousin Mr Beloto Saturday night who
baa been quite sick but is some better
Mr and Mrs H A Smith spent the
day with their daughter Mrs Lula
Maxwell Monday
Misses Rosy Grubbs Virginia Max
well and Tweetio Smith made a short
call on Mr a Walter Smith Monday eve
Thoo will bo preaching and Sunday
School at Moores Chapel Sunday I
hope it will be a beautiful day and a
large crowd will attend So come out
and hear one more fine sermon from
Bro Hamblen So come every body
Gujss Who
Summer Dress Goods
We have them in lawns dimi
ties organdies light weight wool
goods etc in newand dainty
patterns Dont fail to see our line
before purchasing
The Fire Company need a hoBn
cart to put their new 300 feet of
hose on The merchants and busi
ness men are asked to help them
get the cart The following have
contributed amount opposite their
Excelsior Hotel 2 50
Jimplecutb 2 60
Joe Embler of Henderson and
Louis Katz of Waco were visitors
at the Eberstadt home Sunday
Truck and Fruit Business
Dear Editors For 30 years wo have
carefully watched tho untiring offortB
and unceasing cnorgy of tho JiMrxixuTE
in trying to got your people out of tho
old ruts and on higher plaipos of pros
perity and if you wero adtuatcd by tho
success you havo mado you would have
rungoff long ago and said as one of old
Tboy aro joined to their idols
Twentyflvo or thirtyi years ago at
Lodi we begun tho trucking and fruit
business a thing hardly known or
thought of in Texas a pioneer and all
alone in tho business We tried in vain
to show It to ourpeoplo Wo wrote to
n commission merchant at St Louis
P M KiloyA Co telling them what
wo wore trying to do They sent us a
lot o f pamphlets showing tbo prices of
different products at tho different sea
sons of tho year express and freight
charges etc I distributed these among
our people trying to get up n concert of
action with oui people but they could
not see it and they dont bco it yet
You have as fine landfc for the busi
ness as any county in Tetas and your
opportunities for hiring help to gather
fruit berries etc 1b aBugood as you
could askfor With your opportunities
for shipping all together makes it nn
ideal place for tho fruit and trucking
business which has long passed the ex
perimental stage It would do your
people good to get out and goand see
what other localities are doing with no
better opportunities than they Go to
Smith county and travel from Troupe
N W by Tyler Lindalo and all of thess
shipping points which are every 5 or 6
miles at this time of tho jyoar and on
through peach season In 1905 Smith
county shipped out 125 solid car loads
of strawberries dewberries blackber
ries grapes peaches plums tomatoes
etc The county and the people are
growing rich lands have advanced from
300 to 5000 per acre and prices still
soaring upwards Not only in Smith
county is this tbo case but in all sec
tions in East Texas where they have
the people who have the j t up and get
about them are prospering
Last year we had the pleasure of trav
eling nearly all over the fruit belt of
East and North Texas by private con
veyance While traveling we bad the
pleasure of stopping with our old Ma
rion county friend and neighbor Jeff
Gafford living four miles south of Sul
phur Springs who was a pioneer in the
peach business in his section He put
out 1000 Elberta peach trees and about
his first good crop he got about 1400
for his peaches Land there was worth
then about 300 per acre and in two
years time advanced to 25 and now is
selling at 50 per acre The fruit busi
ness is what has done it and such is
the caso everywhere where tho people
have taken hold of tho business with
system energy and coqperation Ma
rion county can do tho same
Fruit men aro fast learning that the
most successful way to handle a crop is
to have a canncr ship as long as you
got fancy pi ices then go to using your
Marion county has some as noble
people in it as lbero is in Texas and if
they get out on these lines and orgauize
and stick together as hundreds of oth
er communities are doing This is
practically nothing but common sense
and elbow grease is needed to make
Marion county bloom as the roeo and
her people as prosperous as any people
in Texas D S Warner
Antelope Gap Texas
Liberty Dots
May 9 Crops are looking fine
and the farmers nre busy plowing
and chopping their cotton
Mr and Mrs Moss from Neame
La aro visiting tho Liberty neigh
borhood We are pleased to havo
them with us
There was quite n good crowd in
from tho country Wednesday trad
ing at Jefferson
Miss Mary Halo is spending the
latter part of the week with her
sister Mrs Trudie Scott
L M Hale is liaving all of the
Irish potatoes he could wish for
Wonpeh Who
Magic All Healing Liniment
The Best Liniment on Earth
Good for Man or Beast
It does not Sting Blister nor Burn
Very sootlilng and Healing Come and
get a bottle Price 26cts at
ses Peruna In His Own
Family as a Catarrh
W HONEY ExTroasuror of
tho Stato of Wisconsin is a man of
vldo acquaintance and oxtouslvo ox
lie has used Poruna in his own family
vitli tho most gratifying rosults
Ho gives It unqualified ondorocmont
a an efficacious catarrh remedy
It Is just such tostimony as this whlcli
ias given Poruna Buch a high standard
u tho estimation of tho American
Thorp Is no posslblo way to gainsay
iich frank and gonulno tostimony
The only way to account for such tos
Imony is tho fact that Poruna roally
loes what is claimed for it
Because it relieves catarrh it clonrs
n tho way for Nature
PERUNA B to reassort her
The Etcllalilc swayovorthophy
Biological forces of
Catarrh Remedy
tho body and thus
Wd tho systom of a groat many dlftoront
ilironlo diseases
Catarrh is tho stronghold of lingorinir
UscascB Onco rid tho systom of catarrh
uul it Is very difficult indeed for disoaso
ro linger vory long
rollowcd Dr liartmons Advice
Mr John O Nelson Dayton Tonn
goologUt and mining onglnoor wlillo a
Captain in tho P6doral Army during
tho Civil War contracted a caso of rheu
This malady waB constant and per
sistent Inducing tho devolopment of
other ailments which also bocamo
clnonic After taking a course of
Poruna Oapt Nolsou writes
Having boon painfully aulictod with
chronic rhoumatism and tho adjunctive
complications for many years and after
having received many gonorol and
special treatments with only tomporary
1 relief I road your scientific treatise on
catarrhal diseases
At my request you proscribed for
mo a sposial courso of tho Poruna reme
dies which I closely followed and am
happy to report that my rhoumatism
and complicated ailments < tro subdued
and I fcol young again at tho ago of
sixtynlno yoars
Reason will accept your classifica
tion of catarrhal diseases as scientific
and true and the Peruna remedies as
a standard treatment for tliem
I thank you heartily for your skilled
and logical ndvlce
Other Remedies Failed
Peruna Efficacious
Hon Geo W Honey National Chap
lain TJ V TJ ExChaplain 4th Wiscon
sin Cavalry ExTreasurer Stato of Wte
consln and ExQuartermastor Goncrnl
Stato of Texas G A It writes from
1700Pirst St N W Washington DO
as follows
I cannot too highly recommtnd
your preparation tor tho relief of
ctrrlial troubles In their various
Some members of my own fam
ily have used It with most gratify
Ing results
When other remedies failed
Peruna proved most efficacious and
1 cheerfully certify to Its curative
A L nowitt J T West Berlin Vt
wr ltos
I am happy to bo ablo to wrlto yon
this lotter in relation to what your
Poruna has dono for my family
Whon I brought tho first bottle
home I found my wifo and daughter
both bIcJc my wlfo with Indigestion
and my daughter with a sovero cold
They woro both cured
1 am willing to htao that TVronii
tnlccn In tho lipirtunlng > vlll
worst cold 11 84 1 m hnm
A bridge force and steam pile
drives are at work here on the M
K T railway bridge that cross
es Big Cypress The company
will put in a Steele span
28stamp photos for 25o GilleB
pies Studio
Tho Jimp Peoplo thought they
had the first mess of new Irish po
tatoeB but find that Alderman E
S Hooper had his first mess on
same day Tuesday
It is still cold up to Friday morn
Having secured tho Agency for the
ducts who aro Manufacturers of the
famous peaje mi and premjm
which is beyond question the finest
Flour milled in this country Beg
to say that we now have this Moul
in stock and will b glad to have a
trial order from yo
This Flour is 4oo well known to
need comment but wo just want to
say that it is now as it has been for
tho last SIXTEEN YEARS enjoying
tho reputation of being SUPERIOR
to any Flour on tho market
If you will try a sack you will bo
agreeably surprised
P S This Flour can also be had at the
Gilt Edge Grocery
r l

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