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NO 31
United States Representative Seeking
to Aid the Helpless Is Requested
to Desist
Kingston Jamaica Jan 21 Rear
Admiral Daviss mission of mercy to
stricken Kingston came to an abrupt
and painful conclusion Sunday In con
sequence of Governor Sweetenhams
objection to the presence of American
sailors engaged in the work of clear
ing the streets guarding property and
succoring the wounded and sick cul
minated In a letter to Admiral Davis
peremptorily requesting him to em
bark all parties which had been land
ed Admiral Davis was greatly shock
ed and pained and paid a formal visit
to Governor Sweetenham yesterday
informing him that the United States
battleships Missouri and Indiana and
the gunboat Yankton would said with
in the afternoon
To the Associated Press Admiral
Davis said that immediate compliance
with Governor Sweetenhams request
was the only course consistent wlth
the dignity of the United States
Friction between the Governor and
the Admiral began with the arrival of
the American war vessels when the
Governor objected to the firing of a
salute In his honor on the ground that
the citizens might mistake It for a
new earthquake He also declared
there was no necessity for American
aid and that his Government was fully
able to preserve order attend the
wounded and succor the homeless
Rear Admiral Davis however land
ed parties of bluejackets who patroll
ed the streets cleared the debris
razed ruins attended many of the
wounded and won highest praise from
citizens and military officers for excel
lent work
Japs Coming to Texas
Eagle Pass Two hundred and eigh
teen Japanese came Into the United
States Saturday from Japan They
have no particular destination Many
of them are dressed in fragments of
Jtpanese uniforms and many in full
uniforms and provided with fine army
coats All have a liberal supply of
funds In getting exchange they dis
played very little Meiican money but
had considerable Japanese money
clearly showing that they had not
been In Mexico very long
Promlnent Newspaper Man dead
San Antonio Frank Grice owner
and manager of the San Antonio Daily
Express died in the Hot Wells Sani
tarium after a linger illness of sev
eral weeks Mr Grtce was stricken
about a year ago and his life was de
spalre dof but he rallied and was a
short time seemingly restored to his
usual health About a month ago he
suffered a second attack and had not
been able to leave his bed since that
Bad Wreck near Brownwood
Brownwood A bad wreck occured
at 715 Sunday morning when a train
on the Frisco went in the ditch ten
miles north of Brownwood and four
miles south of the first station Dela
ware The train was making good
time and Is said to have been running
at thirty miles an hour when the rails
spread and all the coaches went in
the ditch except the Pullman Some
twenty persons were more or less se
riously Injured
Fifteen Victims of an Explosion
Indianapolis Ind A carload of dy
namite exploded in a Big Four train
eight miles out of Terre Haute Sat
urday night and it is reported that fif
teen persons were killed The ex
plosion took place at the instant a
Bit Four passenger train was passing
a sidetracked freight In which was the
car of dynamite A large section of
the freight train was smashed to
Cotton Growers Adjourn
Birmingham Ala The convention
of the Southern Cotton Growers Asso
ciation formally adjourned Saturday
afternoon President Harvie Jordan pre
afternoon President Harvie Jordan
presiding The officers elected for the
ensuing year were Harvie Jordan Ge
orgia president J C Hickey Texas
vice president Dr Will H Wood > Mis
slssippi secretary F H Hyatt South
Carolina treasurer B H Burnett Ar
kansas financial agent
Turkey Raisers Do Well
Waco From two to three carloads
of turkeys are being shipped out of
here every week now consigned chief
ly to Chicago These turkeys are
dressed and scores of negroes are find
ing work picking the fowls The de
mand seems to be steady and farmers
are making the raising of turkeys a
part of their business and are doing
well Turkeys too are fierce enemies
of boll weevils
A Boy and Much Property Burned
Wilmington Del Fire Saturday
evening licked up fortyfive finished
Pullman cars and resulted in the death
of one boy a property loss of abou
500000 The Pullman plant here Is
second in size of the Pullman plants
throughout the country The fire con
sumed one of the largest buildings
and only desperate work on the part
of the firemen saved the ten acres of
chops with their 150 cars
Governor Sends Message and Davidson
Produces Documents
Austin Tex Jan The main
event in the Legislature yesterday was
the appearance In the House of Attor
ney General Davidson with the docu
ments in his possession which are said
to show relations between Senator
Bailey and H Clay Pierce the Waters
Pierce Oil Company and the Standard
Oil Company The House did not in
spect the original documents The At
torney General left on file with the
House copies of such documents some
of them being photographs and the
members are to go to the Attorney
Generals office and Inspect the orig
inals any time they see fit The mat
ter was left In this shape after a long
debate as to what course the House
should pursue
After noon the House heard the mes
sage of Governor Campbell with an
evident show of Interest During the
reading of It the Attorney General waa
announced After the usual salu
tations and pronouncements Attorney
General Davidson and his special as
sistant Jewel P Lightfoot who did
the field work In the case against the
WatersPierce Oil Company came
slowly down the aisle the first bear
ing a manuscript and the second two
books They went to the chief clerks
desk took seats until the reading of
the Governors message was complet
ed The Speaker formally recognized
the presence of the Attorney General
and Attorney General Davidson an
nounced that In compliance with the
order of the House he begged leave to
submit a written response to the reso
lution passed Tuesday The clerk
then read the Attorney Generals re
ply profound silence being maintain
ed during the time
Erathltes Moved to Palo Pinto
Mineral Wells The county survey
ors that are now out surveying the
line between Palo Pinto Erath and
Eastland counties have so far gone
nearly to the southeast corner of this
county They survey through Thur
ber dividing that place and leaving
the Catholic Church the store and
tank and perhaps the largest part of
the town In Palo Pinto County This
adds conslerable taxable values to
Palo Pinto County that Erath has been
enjoying heretofore to the extent of
about 1000000
Dogs Mutilate a Boy
Sherman The tenyearold son ol
Oscar Cherry near Bells was nearly
killed by dogs The dogs had treed
a rabbit and the boy attempted to
help them and was attacked His arm
was lacerated to the bone and pieces
of his flesh torn off His screams
brought his father and uncle who res
cued him He would have been killed
id he not been rescued
Loved Well but Not Wisely
Steubenville Ohio Sheriff Voor
hees sent a telegram to the sheriff of
Clark Countyat Springfield Ohio to
place Frederick C Fairbanks son of
VicePresident Fairbanks under ar
rest He is under indictment by the
grand jury for perjury connecting him
with procuring a license to marry Hel
en Scott daughter of the millionaire
iron master James Scott of Pitts
Barn Burners at Work
Waco Many barns In the city and
some in the country have been burned
In the past few weeks leading to the
belief that the organization known as
the Barn Burners has again com
menced operations Severay boys got
to burning barns here a few years ago
and were finally arrested Officers
believe they are at it once more and
are keeping a sharp lookout for them
Prof J F Greer principal of one
of the Waco ward schools and one
of the best known educators In Texas
also being one of the proprietors of
the Lancaster Military Institute died
Monday night as a result of injuries
received in a runaway
M Sweeney general manager of the
Trinity and Brazos Valley has passed
over the line making the final trip
of Inspection before beginning opera
tion on January 2S
Got a 400 Ticker for Bravery
Palestine Leroy Trice on behalf
of the International and Great North
ern Railroad presented Engineer Bill
Lyne with a handsome watch chain
and charm for his brave efforts In sav
ing the St LouisMexican flyer from
destruction by fire Several days ago
the oil cap on an engine bursted
and the fireman jumped but Lyne
stayed with the engine threw on the
emergency brake and cut the oil off
The gift cost 400
A black leather pocketbook bearing
the name of Dr A Petten Mineola
and containing a number of valuable
papers and a check for 100 was picked
up on the streets of Dallas and turnea
over to the Chief of Police
There was a verdict of not guilty In
the case ofGeorge Norton tried In
the District Court of San Angelo for
the killing of a Mexican in San Angelo
on Jan 31 The jury was out but a
few minutes
The Trinity and Brazos Valley train
men are now standing Santa Fe exam
inations preparatory to the operation
of trains over the Santa Fes track
Into Fort Worth The first train Is to
make the through run on January 2S
The site for the new Federal build
ing at Denison has been selected at a
cost of 7500 leaving 77500 for the
The new State of Oklahoma Is hav
ing some trouble over race matters
in o proposed State Constitution
All the Flutter About Southeastern
and Southwestern Subtreasurles
Goes Up In the Air
Washington Jan 22 Mr Shaw who
is to be Secretary of the Treasury un
til March 4 says there Is no likell
hood that a subtreasury will be estab
lished In the Southwest soon
Mr Sheppard contemplating the in
traduction of a bill for the location of
the proposed subtreasury In his < Ms
trlct Inquired of the Secretary vhat
was the prospect of having one es
tablished anywhere In Texas and got
the reply stated
Mr Shaw also volunteered the In
information that the Southeastern
States would also suffer disappoint
ment In this respect
A bill has been introduced In the
House by Mr Burleson and in the Sen
ate by Senator Culberson denying the
right of the mails to those engaged
ir speculating In cotton and forbid
ding telegraph companies to transmit
Information used for this purpose The
bill is one drawn by Mr Burleson to
stop speculation in otton futures Of
course so far as It applies to tele
graph companies it applies only to In
terstate messages
It was said at the Postoffice Depart
ment jesterday afternoon that Mr
Livingstons application for a fraud
order against the New York Cotton
Fxchange would not be considered out
of Its turn It was Intimated that this
application will not be reached soon
The rivers and harbors bill will not
he reported before Wednesday and
possibly not until Thursday and all
the Texas items have been agreed to
except the proposition to extend the
Galveston channel up past the Rock
Island property The halt here Is due
to a matter of detail Mr Burgess de
clares there is an absolute interdiction
against giving out information as to
the items of the bill and therefore it
will probably not be possible to state
authoritatively what disposition has
been made of Texas projects until tha
bill is reported
Two Men Instantly Killed by Train
Fort Worth G A Ardrey aged fif
tyfour of Arlington and his brother
inlaw Tom Winso aged about forty
five of Arg > le were run down and in
stantly killed by a Texas and Pacific
freight train at Arlington at 10 oclock
Sunday morning Both men were walk
irg down the track when their atten
tion was attracted by a freight train
which was stalled and was making an
effort to move out of the yards They
slopped to watch the train and In so
doing they did not notice another
freight train which was backing to
wards them It struck both of them
and mangled their bodies beyond rec
Sanford Disaster Still a Mystery
Terre Haute Ind A revised list
of the dead and Injured from the
wreck of the Big Four passenger
train No 8 at Sandford Saturday
night shows twentyeight dead and
thirtytwo Injured Of the dead eigh
teen have been identified Railroad
officials and powder experts are atthe
scene investigating the cause of the
disaster The exploson is as yet as
much of a mystery as ver
There are two cases of smallpox
four miles east of Aubrey The fam
ily lately arrived from Gadsen Ala
A canning factory has been organ
ized at Dialvllle a station on the Cot
ton Belt some seven miles south of
The material has been placed on the
ground for the removal of the wooden
structure now occupied at dormitories
by the students of Austin College at
Railroads are practically at a stand
still in Oregon and Washington
caused by the inability of the com
panies to obtain fuel for locomotives
There was much genuine rejoicing
Monday when track laying on the
Brazos Valley Railroad was actually
completed into the city of Corslcana
The work will be pushed through tho
city and to the north
Plans have been made and options
have been secured on a plot of ground
near the Santa Fe passenger station
In Cleburne on which Is to be erect
ed a fiftyroom modern hotel building
It is understpod that the Harvey peo
ple are back of the project
Gus Bray while working with a
stump puller near Brownwood re
ceived injuries which may prove fa
Andy Bell a negro was struck by
a Kansas City Southern train and in
stantly killed at the Watts Crossing
Sundays His back was broken and
he had both of his legs crushed He
was 50 years old a was a good citizen
Never in the history of the city has
Chicago suffered from such a scourge
of scarlet fever and dyptheria as she
is now undergoing
The Gulf Pipe Line Company which
is surveying an airline route from
Tulsa to Beaumont has secured an op
tion on 100 acres of land at Powderly
twelve miles north of Paris which will
be made a station It being halfway
between Tulsa and Beaumont
It is said that the extension of the
Missouri Oklahoma and Gulf Rail
road to Denison Texas is now assur
ed There are two grading camps
pitched four and seven miles from
Dustin and the work is being pushed
Joe W Bailey Re = Electedj
The Man From Gainesville Lands the
Plum Receiving 19 Votes in Sen
ate and 89 In House
Austin Jan 23 After spending sev
eral hours in threshing over again the
oll ttraw the vote of the Houe awl
Senate was taken yesterday fc tfnil
3d Staffs Senator After the vo > e hid
b2en cast in the Senate the President
iuiunct > a
TIiitc are thirty members of the
Senate and out of the number Senator
J W Bailey has received 19 Gen W
L Cabell 1 Hon A W Terrell 1 and
exSenator Horace Chlton 1 vote and
there were present and not voting sev
en Senators and one absent and ex
eused Under the Constitution it re
quires a majority of all members of
thhe Senate to elect a United States
Senator Senator Bailey having re
ceived 19 votes the Chair declares him
to be duly and legally elected the Con
stitutional Senator from the State of
Scenes in the House were lively
as they had been during the whole
session At 24S the roll was orcred
to be called
ze McKenney Mears Mobley Moore
Murray Neblett Nibson of Kaufman
Nelson of Hopkins OBerne OBryan
ONeal Onion Orgain Pool Ralston
Ray Rayburn Rldgeway Robertson of
Erath Robertson of Bell Roos Sav
age of Bell Schlossman Shelby Sill
raan Sperry Stanford Stephenson
Stratlon Strickland Terrell of Mc
Lennan Terry Thomas of Fannin
Thomas of Tyler Wade Walter Wil
rneth Wilson Witherspoon Wolfe
Young 89
For Thomas M Campbell Messrs
Camp Robertson of Travis Smith For
John Wesley Logan Messrs Crawford
Trenckmann For J E Yantis Mess
grinstead Stratton For Robert Lee
Jhie Messrs James McGregor For
Cecil A Lyon Messrs Pierce War
ner For W J McDowell Mr Adkins
For Tom Connelly Mr Bartlett For
iD H Rogan Messrs Lea Beaty For
James KInbel Mr Bell of Lmestone
For R N Stafford Mr Blacock For
J Frank Onion Mr Brown of Whar
ton For Hamp Cook of Houston Har
ris County Br Browne of Harris For
J R Wiley Mr Cable For Charles K
Bell Mr Clements For Guy S Mc
The result was announced as 90 for
Bailey 35 scattering 7 present but not
voting and 1 absent A verification
being called for by Judge Duncan it
was found that Mr Crawford had im
properly been recorded as voting for
Bailey whereas he voted for J W Lo
gan The result was then announced
as S9 for Bailey 3G scattering 7 pres
ent but not voting and 1 absent
For J W Bailey Speaker Thomas
B Love Messrs Adams Alderdice
Austin Baker Ballinger Baskin Blan
ton Boggard Bowles Bowman Bra
ley Briggs Briscoe Bryant Canales
Carswell Chapman Clements Cobbs
Crockett Daniel Davis of Biazos Da
vis of El Pas > o Dais of Williamson
Dean Dodd Driggers Elkins Fowler
Fuller Gafford Gaines Geiptner Gra
ham Green Hamilton Henderson
Heslep Hume Kennedy King Kubena
Lane Love of Williamson Mclnerney
Mason McConnell McDonald McKen
Farland Mr Cocke For Dr J F
Peek Mr Cox Mor W J McMeans
Mr Crisp For T J Brown Mr
Curry For W L Bostick Mr Dun
can For J Felton Lane Mr Good
man For Tom M Drew Mr Holb
i housen For June Kimbel Mr Jack
son For William F Brown Mr Jen
kins For George T Jester Mr Jen
nings For Sam L Green Mr Kin
dred For Charles F Clint Mr Live
j ly For R R Gaines Mr Peeler For
I Perry Ray Mr Reedy For P F Dunn
Mr Savage of Nueces For S Priest
Wilson Mr Ten ell of Cherokee Pres
ent but not voting Messrs Bell of
Frestone Geisen Gilmore Johnson
McCallum Patten Thompson 7
J Absent Martin
I Resume For Ba ley S9 scattering
3G present but not voting 7 absent 1
The House and Senate will meet in
joinnt session this moming to confirm
I the vote
Rivers and Harbors Bill Is Liberal to
Washington Jan 23 These are the
Teas items in the rivers and harlois
bill authoritatively stated
Sabine Pass 300000 Galveston Har
bor 1000000 Galveston channel 150
000 Texas City Channel C0000 Aran
sas Pass 490000 mouth of the Brazoa
35000 Brazos Canal Galveston to
Brazos River 151000 Brazos Rive
velasco to Old Washington 75000
Brazos River completion of lock and
dam at Hidalgo Falls 225000 Turtle
Cove channel 123000 inland water
way from Aransas Pass to Matagorda
Bay including the Guadalupe River to
Victoria 148000 Buffalo Bajou 400
000 of which 50000 is for the restoia
tion of the channel fiom the head of
Long Bearch to the foot of Main
street Trinity River 375000 West
Galveston Bay and mouths of connect
ing streams Including Chocolate and
Bastrop Bayous 50000 Cypress Bay
ou 10000 Sulphur River 3G000 up
pe r Red River 100000
Shot in Hotel Lobby
Dallas Albert S Johnson a trav
eling salesman of the Rock Island
Plow Company was shot and critically
itjured Tuesday evening shortly after
C oclock in the lobby of the St Georg
Hotel W O Brown president of the
Drown Buggy Company was later ai
rested at his home on a warrant charg
ing assault with intent to murder His
bond was fixed at 1000 which ho
Atlanta Ga Jan 23 Between 500
and GOO members of the National
Farmers Un on gathered here yestei
day for theii fifth annual meeting
Most of the Southern State and sev
cal Northern and Western States are
presented The organization mini
1 era a million membeis throughout
the country gathered in various State
The first session which was held be
hind closed doors was presided over
bv President Chailes S Barrett of At
wior Georgia
Tne annual address or President
Barrett discussed at length the aini3
of the organization and the accom
ulishments from its organization five
vears ago The appointment of a
nge number of committees occupied
most of the day
With his arm and half his body pro
jecting through a window on the sec
ond floor of the Potter county jail
impaled on an iron bar which he and I
his fellowprisoners had sawed in two j
J Miller a laborer under sentence
for drunkenness was found dead Sun
day morning I
A flat car load of seventy bales of
compressed cotton from the Taylor
compress destned to Galveston was
destroyed by fire in the Katj yards
there Sunday
Abraham Boatman one of the oldest
fullbloods in the Choctaw Nation who
was about 90 vears of age and lived
half a mile east of Grant I T was
found dead in bed Sunday His wife
died five years ago and he has sinco
ben living alone
Ezra Brown a white man employed
by the Gibson Patton Construction
Company was struck by a Katy freight
tiiin one mile north of Caddo He
died soon after He was sitting on the
track when the train struck him
Mme Emma Eames the prima
donna dislocated a cartilage Jn her
right knee cap Monday night just be
fore she was to appear before an au
dience and will not be able to appear
for some time
At last after neglecting nearly all
other business for six weeks the Sen
ate disburdened Itself of the Browns
ville affair Tuesday The Foraker res
olution which calls for an investiga
tion without questioning the legality
of the justice of the Presidents act
was passed
The House
Speaker Cannon aM John Sharp
Williams unable to agree on commit
tee appointments
Representative Murphy of the
SLxteenth Missouri District Introduced
a resolution calling upon the Attorney
General to inform Congress what
steps taken to dissolve what is known
as the Harvester Trust and what has
been done looking to the prosecution
of the trust and its officers The
trust has stifled competition In Mis
souri and throughout the country
said Mr Murphy and it is time some
thing was done to give the people re
lief In my district there is not a
dollars difference to the price of
several leading machines
The president sent to congress a
message urging some action toward
remedying the situation caused by the
break in the Colorado river four miles
below tho International boundary line
in Mexicc and which threatens the
property of the Imperial valley of
The Senate
Senator Carmack of Tennessee In
speech declares President Roosevelts
discharge of negro troops was right
Senate committee in report de
clares Secretary Hitchcock acted with
authority in withdrawing public lands
secretary cites precedents in reply
When the legislative bill was taken
up Senator Gallinger who had
given notice of an amendment increas
ing the salaries of Senators and mem
bers of the House remarked that be
cause of the intention of some Senat
ors to make a point of order against
the amendment he should not present
it but rely on separate legislation to
accomplisi this purpose
f he ii6tee given by Senator Galling
er is take as an Indication that no
action to idise congressional salaries
will be successful at the present ses
sion The Senate Committees amend
ment striking out the House provision
increasing the salaries of the Vice
President Speaker of the House and
Cabinet members was agreed to
There will be an extra session of the
senate immediately after the adjourn
ment of the present congress for the
purpose of dealing with a new treaty
with Santo Domingo
Say It Would Reduce Lake Levels
Washington D C Chicagos ap
plication for permission to reverse the
current of the Calumet river in or
der to provide the city with a proper
system of sewerage met with opposi
tion at a hearing before Secretary
Taft The American Civic associa
tion and the Lake Carriers associa
tion contend that it would mean a
substantia reduction in the level from
tne head of Lake Michigan to the gulf
of St Lawrence Secretary Taft took
the matter under consideration
A Wild Man Recognized
Houston Tex A wild man cap
tured in the woods near Rosen
berg Tex has been recognized as
Roscoe Houghton who disappeared
from Fort Bend county Texas sev
eral years ago and was long since
mourned as dead He is the son of a
wealthy farmer and his disappear
ance was attributed to a love affair
Interrupts Telegraph Service and
Ties Up Cars
Chicago 111 The storm that has
been central in the southwest for
a number of days struck Chicago
Wednesday night beginning with
sleet and turning later to snow and
rain Telegraphic service south and
west of Chicago was Interrupted part
of the night
The sleet caused delays on the ele
vated roads but tho surface lines ex
perienced but little trouble because
of the ice cutters on the trolley
The heavens were lighted by brill
iant flashes of electricity as trains on
the elevated roads struggled against
the sleet A tnin coating of ice
formed over the third rail and the
flashes lesulted Only slow progress
Dyer Denies Theft
St Louis Mo David P Dver Jr
in trial in the United States dis
trict court on charge of embezzling
01500 from the subtreasury took
the witness gtand in his own behalf
Thursday morning He denied abso
lutely that he had between August
13 and October 5 last or a any other
time taken appropriated or converted
to his own use any sum of money be
longing to the United States
Gave Gotch a Hard Match
Minneapolis Minn Frank Gotch
of Iowa still letains the cham
pionship wrestling title of America
though Fred Beell of Wisconsin gave
him a hard match here Beell stayed
the limit 15 minutes and Gotch for
feited G0O and a big side bet Twice
Beell got Gotch to the floor Gotch
threw Beell twice to the mat but
failed to hold him
Lubormirskas Car Goes Into Ravine
in France
Paris France While touring be
tween Gagnes and Antibes last night
the automobile of Princess Lubormirs
ka who belongs to an ancient Polish
family with residence in Galicia Po
land and Paris went into a ravine
The princess is said to have suffered
injury One report sajs she was mor
tally injured and another that her in
juries are not serious
Dyers Case with Jury
St Louis Mo The case of Da
vid P Dyer Jr whose trial on a
charge fo embezzling 01500 from the
St Louis subtreasury began on Tues
day will go to the jury in the United
States district court this afternoon
Nipissing Reorganized
New York X Y A complete re
organization of the operating com
pany of the Nipissing Mining Co took
place at the directors meeting here
Samuel Newhouse was elected presi
Two men electrocuted wires pros
trated 100 factories darkened and
street car and train service impaired
as result of storm in fat Louis
Real estate dealer of Brownsville
Tex blmes army officers for riots
asserting they knew disturbances
were Impending
Ohio river Is above flood mark and
great devastation is expected to fol
low continuous rains throughout val
Ouster suit Instituted by Atty Gen
Hadley of Missouri Involves conten
tion that several railroads cannot con
trol express company
President W W Finley says South
ern Railway has invested 96000000
In Improvements for taking care of
Report of J P Morgans illness
causes slump In stocks Amalgamated
shows further weakness
During the consideration of the Dis
trict of Columbia bill notable speeches
were made by Representative Foster
of Vermont supporting the president
In his message on the Japanese situa
tion in California and by Representa
tive Sheppard of Texas who enthused
the democrats by a closelyprepared
address on politics and tne state of
the nation
The rainfall at St Louis for 4S hours
was 322 Inches
Folks antllobby bill may meet de
feat In Missouri legislature while tip
ping measure may win
Ouster suit Instituted by Atty Gen
Hadley of Missouri Involves conten
tion that several railroads can not con
trol express company
Estimates indicate that St Louis
real and personal property in 1907 will
exceed assessed valuation of halfbil
lion dollars
Wabash will go steadily on with
the work of doubletracking between
St Louis and Chicago and Toledo
At Bardwell Ky a rearend colli
sion between freight trains occurred
in which four men were killed and sev
eral injured Failuro to observt a
danger block signal is the alleged
While propped up In bed Gov War
ner of Michigan was sworn In for his
second term as chief executive of the
The FriscoRock Island lines have
arranged for the construction ol
docks and terminals at Galveston Tex
The Isthmian commission opened
bids from private contractors for the
completion of the Panama canal W
J Oliver of Knoxvlllel Tenn and An
son M Bangs of New York associat
ed together were the lowest bidders
G75 per centum upon the estimated
Atty Gen Hadley of Missouri re
fuses to bring suit to dissolve the
merger of the United Hallway Co and
the Suburban Co traction lines ir
St Louis believing that the consoli
d Ion was lawful
John Smiths confession of Cox mur
der implicating others creates sensa
tion in Jackson Ky
Sixteen girls and four youths are
burned to death in factory at Gels
polshetm Germany
Speed is Illinois legislatures cry
Speaker Jhurtleff determined that per
sonnel of committee shall be named
Heavy snowstorm in Kansas Okla
homa and southwest
The flow of cash from the interioi
to New York during the past weefc
has been heavy
Never in the history of the New
York money market has the demand
for capital been so heavy This de
mand coupled with the impossibility
of supplying It has stopped the loan
isg of funds for wild speculation
Of the 15000 bales of cotton sold in
Liverpool Friday 13300 were from
The French government It is ru
mored Intends to Introduce in the
chamber of deputies a measure provid
ing for a tax on incomes
Snow blockades will prevent the
extensive shipment of wheat from the
Dakotas until spring Then lake nav
igation will be open and Minneapolis
mills some of which are now closed
down for want of grain fear that the
weat will pass on t the east
Desperate Efforts to Save a Town
Pittsburg Jan 18 Eight dynamite
blasts having failed to break the Al
legheny river dam at Springdale
where the current has already swept
away ten houses and several buildings
of the Heidencamp mirror works One
more attempt will be made today and
if that fails a diver will be employed
to undertake the hazardous task ol
placing a ton of dynamite directly un
der the concrete wall of the dam
where Its explosion will be effective
Unless the stream is quickly diverted
by breaking the dam enormous prop
erty losses will be sustained and the
town may be swept away The value
of buildings and machinery already
destroyed is placed at 50000 while
ground has been dug out to a depth
of nearly 35 feet
Dispatches received from West
Virginia points say the Ohio river is
rising rapidly
Cuban Editor Is Beaten
Havana Cuba As a result of the
notoriety gained by the publication of
his name in connection with the raid
on a cockfight here last Sunday Col
Mentiota Liberal candidate for gov
ernor in Santa Clara province yester
day attacked and badly thrashed
Senor Coronado editor of La Dis
cusione Jose Miguel Gomezs organ
EI Rebelde prints the story of the at
tack on the editor and says he de
served It Jose Miguel Gomez was an
interested spectator at the cockfight
Horace E Hand Social Leader Goes
to Penitentiary
St Louis Mo Within 24 houra
after his arrest Horace E Hand a
member of the bar and conspicuous in
the social life of Klrkwood a suburb
and who for seven years was the con
fidential chief clerk of Judge Luman
F Parker chief counsel for the Frisco
railway system was taken to the peni
tentiary after pleading guilty to
forgery His forgeries are said to ag
gregate 15000
Congress Votes Itself a Salary It Was
not Elected to Get
Washington Jan 19 By a vote of
132 to 92 the House yesterday voted
that salaries of Senators Representa
tives and the Delegates from Porto
Rico Hawaii and Alaska bo increased
to 7500 per year after March4 1907
and fixing the salaries of the Vice
President Speaker and members of
the Cabinet at 10000
Mr Littauer of New York precipi
tated one of the most Interesting and
exciting episodes In the history of the
FiftyNinth Congress he moved to taks
the legislative executive and judicial
bill from the Speakers table as It
had passed tha Senate and to amend
the same by Inserting a provision In
creasing the salary of the VicePres
ident the Spsake of the House and
members of the Cabinet to 10000
each increase the salaries of Sena
tors Representatives In Congress Del
egates from the Territories and tho
Commissioner to 7500 per year Ev
ery Republican member was present
when Mr Littauer made his motion
but the prominent Democratic whips
sent out hurry calls for absent mem
bers and almost Instantly members
were on their feet to protest to a cut
anddried program for increasing sal
aries without a roll call
The only other action to be taken
with reference to this amendment Is
for the Senate to confirm It will not
again corns up in the House unless
the Senate should amend tho amend
In an hour or more after the House
had adopted this bill the committee re
turned it to the Senate for action by
that body hut the Senate went Into
executive session without taking It up
and the matter goes over until next
The Tidal Wave Buries Part of the
Burned City
New York Jan 10 A dispatch
from Kingston dated Thursday says
The streets of this city are now pa
trolled by1 American guards Admiral
Evans at the request of tho British
authorities landed a force of marines
from the battleships Missouri and In
Six hundred bodies have been re
covered and more are constantly be
ing found
Dynamite is being employed to clear
away the debris of shattered build
Norfolk Va The Cape Henry wire
less station received tho following
message after midnight bearing on
the Kingston disaster the message
having come from Guantanamo Cuba
having been overheard by wireless
from the steamer Colon The school
house at Kingston fell at the first
shock killing ninety children The
city of Kingston Is in bad shape and
is still smoldering with about 500 re
ported killed and Injured The chan
nel in the harbor of Kingston has
shifted This can not be vouched for
Havana Cuba Rear Admiral Ev
ans in a message to the Cruiser Co
lumbia here states that a huge tidal
wave has changed the coast line of
Jamaica leaving the entire south
side of Kingston under water No
bay Is reported left and the while
coast line Is rapidly sinking
J E Loyd an Italy merchant pur
chased a car load of chickens and tur
keys from the farmers Thursday anil
shipped it to New York City Friday
It wa3 tho fourth car of poultry
shipped from this place in the last
two months
Cannery for Omaha
Omaha Business men of Omaha
Tex and the farmers and truck grow
ers of the surrounding community
have taken stock in a joint stock com
pany to build a 5000 canning factory
at Omaha They held a meeting Fri
day and elected W M Wallace H B
Stevens and W W McCollum an exec
utive committee to secure a charter
and building site J A Law of Dal
las and T W Welch of this city pro
moted the affair
Great Texas Horse Dead
Dallas Electrlte Col Henry Ex
alls great trotting stallion died Fri
day at the Lomo Alto farm from acuta
Inflammation of the bowels Tho
horse was nineteen years old at the
time of his death He was the sire
of sixtysix trotters and pacers with
racing records ranging from 211 to
230 Opportunity considered he wa
one of the greatest trotting sires in
the country
A system Is on foot to Inaugurate
a system of waterworks for the towa
of Snyder Okla Including electric
lights at a cost of 25000
The HamburnAmerlcan steamship
Prinz Joachin left New York Satur
day carrying free all donations
presented for Jamaica
Importers of Swiss watches and
clocks have announced advances in
Trices varying from 5 to 15 per cent
on all except the highest grade time
Maurice Gombert who shot and
killed his wife at their home in Brun
ner a suburb of Houston was found
not guilty by a criminal court jury in
The Houston Chronicle has bought
the Houston Cotton Exchange four
story building and the Exchange will
erect a tenstory office building
The Catholics of Paris who own the
finest building lot In the city oa
Clarksville street are making arrange
ments to erect a new church as sooa
as the necessary funds are raised

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