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Farmers What Are You Doing
To TnE JiMe Mr editor will you al
loA me in your columns to write a few
lines as I have not written for some
Rosenthal s
Griffon Bran
will keep you warm and comfortable in all kinds of
winter weather and you comfort will be increased by
the knowledge of being properly fitted and stylishly
Our reputation is back of
2J1 3xmplerite
Editors aho Pkopkietors
Saturday Jan 261907
matin and Vale Sts Jefferson Texas
Entered at the FostOfflce at Jefferson Texas
aa secondclass mall matter
Copies OftheJEFFERSONjlMFLECUTE in wrap
pcrg ready forxnalllng can always be bad at the
office by single copies or the dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
ttbscribers until a definite order to
discontinue is received and all arrears
are paid in full
Advertising Bates
Locals 5c per line each insertion Locals
will run ono time only unless ordeicd to run
Display advertising cents per inch net sin
gle column each insertiontran of paper
Display advertlsincr 10 cents per inch single
column each insertion specified position
Carl ol thonls 25 cents ifnotexceeding 10
Bcsolutions of respect 75 cents
Obituaries 75 cents
The situation on the Pacific
coast is not bo much of a race
problem aB a labor problem
Have you paid your poll tax If
not the time is drawing near when
it will be too late Better attend
to it at once
A large number of congressmen
never appreciated how long the
railroads were until they rode on
them without passes
It is hard to frighten the true
American With the label on the
outside telling all the contents of a
package he will go on as cheerfully
eating as before
Millioniire Corey of Pittsburg
announces that he will take a three
years wedding trip He probably
thinks that his affairs will cease to
be a nine days scandal by that
Senator Foraker has never been
afraid tn be understood as the ene
my of the President but it is not
possible that he would willingly
have placed himself in a position
to be defended by SenatorTillman
On the principle that the older a
child is the more care he needs
the steel industry of this country
which is as great as all the other
steel industries of the world com
bined needs more protection than
an infant industrv
List of patents granted to Texas
inventors this week Reported by
C A Snow Co patent attor
neys Washington D C
Robert C Brookes Waelder
syringe Claud B Elliott and J T
Loggins Hempstead letter clasp
ing device Charles 0 Frrington
and T Watbon vicinal irrigator
Joseph T Grant El Paso gvme
William S Guthrie Terrell time
circuit closer Frank C Howe El
Paso scoop Nancy S A E My
era Holland bed Millard F New
som cross cut rake head Henry
S Pinkerton Juno valve Gusta
vus W Scbuessler Mason tele
phone sigual John E Sbutt Ga
nado gasket Frederick Tuebner
Dallas rail joint Welby D Weir
Winnesboro switchboard
For copy of any of above patents
send ten cents in postage stamps
with date of this paper to C A
Snow Co Washington D
Gooil for Cypress Bayou
The followiog telegram was re
ceived here from Hon Morn
Sbeppard on Tuesday
Cypress Bayou gets 810000 and
another examination Thi9 puts
Cypres River on list of live
This was good news for all who
are interested in our navigation
We see that the editor of tho
Cass County Sun is suing some of
his subscribers who are in arrears
three 3ears and over in the justice
court at Linden We think he is
right as a publisher ctnnot get
along unless he gets paid for his
When one reads the New York
and Newport Bociety columns of
the monkey dinners audthe pis co
tillions of the smart set one feelsa
sort of elation that at least Col
Mann of Town Topics was able to
humiliate them
This country eeems to he doing
so much business that it cirTtdo
it Witness the car famine which
seems to be pretty general not only
in the west hut throughout the
The Thaw trial is on now in
New York and the Irg dailies will
have all they need to fill pace for
the sensational reader
No man s respect for old age ex
tends to eggs
To investigate or not to investigate that is the qnestion
Whether it is nobler to conceal from the voters
The art of amassing an immense fortune
Or tell the truth and stop this in estimation
To quit to step down and out
No man to acquire the much coieted wealth
The heart aches for a thousand political loans
That a political life is heir to tis u consummation
Not devoutly to be wished To quit to stop
To borrow perchance to worry ah there is the rub
For in the quitting what dreams of the poor house may come
When I have severed my connection with million
I must give a pause There is the friendship
That makes a fortune for so a lone a life
For who would nol bear the whips and seorn of time
The oppressed peoples curses the poor mans contiinelly
The pangs of despised loe the laws delay
The insolence of the oppressed and the spurns
Hot politics merit the worthy borrow takes
When he himself bis fortune might make
With unsecured notes which no collateral bear
Or to grunt and sweat out a laborious life
But the dreaded something after an honest imesligatiour
The undiscovered testimony from what effect
Xo political aspirant could return to office puzzles the will
And makes me rather bear the ills I have
Then fly to others I know an investigation will bring
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all
a vWit to hit id home at Jeff < rson
in the piney woods section of Tex
as As late as 1871 Jefferson was
probably the best business point in
Texas That was before railroads
revolutioned business in Texas and
when cotton was hauled from Tar
rant county to Jefferson and sold
When the railroad came however
Jefferson declined but from what
Colonel Taylor says there are
blighter days ahead for the eist
while metropolis of East Texas
He Faid
There is plenty of money a
Jefferson and more is coming 5q
and I expect to hear of a genuiitftj
substantial boom in the old >
Lumber i now selling for S5 a
thousand in the treegrowing in the
woods and there is more activity
in the saw mill business thn I
ever knew
Besides this there is a move
ment to revive the iron industry
in Jefferson and Marion county
Memphis parlies are now on the
ground investigating the iro n plant
there and propose to take it over
and start up the business nfmak
ing pig iron and mtnufnclu ed iron
goods Years ago there was a
stove foundry near Jefferson oper
ated by a man named Kely who
wa successful in the business
miking stoves that sold all over
Texas He got his iron on top of
the ground near whpre the foundry
was located the face pf the coun
try being covered with buulders of
good rich iron ore aJid there is
plenty of iron in that section now
The Memphis parties are also
leasing all the land Uey can get
bold of including town lot for the
purpose of drilling for gT and oil
the belief being thit thit entire
saciion is rich in botti Should
oil and gas be discovered there as
I believe it will be and the iron
industry is started tir again old
Jefferson will boom agtin and once
more become the metropolis of
East Texas Being at the head of
navigation on Cjpress nayou fav
orahle freight rates wiL enable the
town to successfully oompete for
business with any market in Tex is
I feel that there is a iright future
for Jefferson
Colonel Taylor was at me tirne7
in the palmy days of the town
mayor of Jefferson and was a po
tent factor in building the east line
railroad to McKinney Ft Worth
Jan 17 We are having some
warm weather now
Miss Loubet Moseley Viiginia
Maxwell Wary McAdoo Mr
Lawrence Rramlett and myself
took diiner last Sunday with Mr
John Howard and family to meet
their brother Andy Howard from
Greenville S C Mr Howard
went to his brother Jeff Howard
Tuesday to spend a week
Sunday afternoon a good number
were out to preaching and also at
night to hear Bro Hamblen who
gav < us a fine sermon
There was a musical given at
Mr Frank Maxwells last night in
honor of Miss Loubet Moseley
our school tepcher on herbirthday
Her biother Postel was there
She received a few nice presents
Thirtysix joiiiig people were pu3
ent We all had a delightful time
until ten oclock then we bid good
night Tweetie Smith
Having sold my farm I am offer
ing for me cheap my mules and
buggy horse miik cows hogs
some corn fit hogs that I will
furnish to parties wanting same
dressed Will weigh from 90 to
00 pounds Also 90 bushels of
Peerless cotton seed the earliest
cotton grown extra long Ftaple
the kind to beat the boll weevil
with See me or write me on
route 2 six miles north of Jeffer
son H D Hall
We have had so many calls from
foreign advertisers and some sub
rcribers fur isue of Jimplecute of
Dec 29 1906 Will say that no
Jimp was issued on Dee 29th
We took holiday thit week and so
totifled all advertisers in issue of
Dec 22d and marked notice to
All the World
Is a stage and Ballards Snow Liniment
plays a most prominent part It has
no superior foi rheumatism stiff joints
cuts sprains anil all pains Buy it
try it and yon will always use it Any
body who has used Ballards Snow Lin
iment is a living proof of what it does
Buy a bottle 25c 50c and 100 Sold
by V J Sedberry
At the age of 21 most men are
too young to realize that they dont
know it all
How to Cure Chilblains
To enjoy freedom from chilblains
writes John Kemp East Otistield Me
I apply Bucklens Arnica Salve Have
also used it for salt rheum with excel
lent results Guaranteed to cure fever
sores indolent ulcers piles burns
wounds frost bites snd skin diseasess
25c at W J Sedberrys drug store
The faith that is forced down the
throat dors not drop into the heart
For Oter Sixty Tears
Mrs Wiislows Soothino Sirup has been
used for oer CO years by millions of mothers
for their Ibi drt while teething nith perfect
success ItsuotU s the child softens the gums
ullajs 11 pair cures wind colic and is Ine best
remulj for limrhoea It will rcliec the poor
little sufferer uu icditttely sold by llrugists
in every pan of the world Tivranflte cuts
a bottle Be sure and asW for Mrs W ii flows
Soottimc syrup and late uo other kind
No man ever knows just how
faithful he i till he gets under fire
They like the taste as wutl as mnple
sugar is what one mother wrote ol
Kennodys Lixative Cough syrup This
modern cough syrup is absolutely free
any opiate or narcotic Coutains Hon
ey Tar Conforms to the National Pure
Food and DiugLaw Sold b The J F
Crew Drug Co
K mun risis without being
knocked do n a few times
When the cold winds dry and crack
the skin a bcv of salve can save much
discomfort In but ing salelook for the
name on the bos to avoid imitations
and be sine 3 on get the original De
Witts Witch Hazel salve Sold bv The
J F Crow Drug Co
The highest justice includes the
wisest mercy
Girlhood and Scoffs Emulsion are
linked together
The girl who takes Scotts Emul
sion has plenty of rich red blood i she is
plump active and energetic
The reason is that at a period when a girls
digestion is wealc Scotts Emulsion
provides her with powerful nourishment in
easily digested form
It is a food that builds and keeps up a
giris strength
Education in Business
Iu the New Idea Womans Magazine
for January appears an interesting in
terview with a clever woman who has
worked up a unique business for her
self in the publishing world This
woman Miss May Langdon White is
conversant with the work of publishing
from beginning to end and finds guffici
ent occupation in giving sufficient occu
pation in giving assistance of various
kinds to 11 t r < and publishers gener
ally Mis Wh > i piedicalci tact and
education us the essentials to success in
the pubiihiog woild and indeed in
any liie of basinets I am inclined
to think she is quoted as 6aying
that Li inestiou of education is very
closely wiupped around the success of
women in btiMnes Possibly the ord
inary type of business woniau is ouly a
partial success Possibly we do not
know how many of us have been tried
aud found wanting in the qualities that
help men to surpass us But the ordi
nary typo of businesswoman is not well
educated I rather believe the ability
tn get an education usually carries
with it the force of character necessary
to succeed iu business The woman
who has sense enough to acquire an
education may In the majority of cases
Fe counted upon to use the same sense
in learning how to earn her living
The highly educated are frequently
said to be two impractical for every day
purposes I think such cases are the
Farm for Rent
Have a farm two miles we6t of
JelTerson good dwelling and out
houses Would like a man who
understands truck farming I will
funiih learn tools and seed and
g vi half 01 vi rent the place
Hv sfteet potatoes at my resi
dence tor caie Delivered to order
II Tsgwrrp Jeneruin Tex
C O Baker postmaster aud
merchant at Karnack sent the
Jimp folks a nice treat of back
bone paierib and sausage oner day
tins week and we sure are enjoy
ing hit treat He also sent his
friend Postmaster Hal Singleton
the oame and it is to be supposed
that we me both living high
through his generosity
Mothers who give their children Ken
nedys Lasntive Cough Syrup invariably
indorse it Childien like it because the
taste is so pleasant Contains Honey
and Tar it is the original Laxative
Cough fcjiup and is unrivaled for the
relief oj croup Drives the cold out
through tho bowels Conforms to the
National Pure Food and Drug Law
Sold by The J F Crow Drug Co
Cemus Report
Washington Jan 23 The cen
sus report issued to day shows that
12167873 bales of cotton counting
round bales as half bales have
been ginned from the growth of
1906 to Jan 16 1907 The num
ber of active ginneries this year is
Why Suffer from Rheumatism
Do you know that rheumatism pains
can be relieved If 3ou doubt this just
trt oDe int > lica n of Chamberlains
Pfin Barh i will make rest and
sleep p isaioie and that certainly means
a great de to any one afilicted with
rheumatism For sale by all druggists
Iikfpf the Lord busy snatch
ing us from dangers we are too
blind r see
O A 2 = 7 T3 S = j X J
Eeawths Y < > Hg9 lySBOOgM
The parrot appreciates music
more than other of ths ower crea
Womans lufugs In Distress
It quidciy relie es the pain nerv
oS 0BSneslrrta1lKy rniseraLlensss
Jgj fainting dizziness hot and cold
flashes weakness tired feeling etc
Cirdui will bring you safely through
tins dodging period and build
up year strength for the rest of your j
life Try it
You can get it at all druggists In
St00 bottles
yA Iiuffsrei writes Virginia RobionofEast
Vi on VJ until I took Cardui n ch curei
ijj iidrtlaew
fit supnsed my doctor who
A Splendid Compliment
Resolutions passed by the Texas
annual flonferenee at Tyler Tex
Dec 3 1906
Whereas The Tyler Commercial
College of Tyler Texas looks
carefully after the morals ol its
pupils und strives to develop
them in character as well as edu
cation and whereas it is the pol
icy of this church to foster Chris
tian education in private inetitu
tions as well as in our church
schools he it resolved that thi <
conference heartily endorse the
Christian work of that great insti
tution and commend the Christian
gentleman at its hehd
Thi is perhaps the first rnro
mercial chnul in the South to
merit the endorsement of a large
religiou 1 body While the tchool
is undenominational it pays spec
ial attention to charactei building
ind the moral surroundings of the
students The marvelous iiccpS
of this great institution i mainly
due to its Uo of the famous mod
ern Byrne Systems and its fend
ing it students away morally
strengthened instead of moral
Farm for Sale
Good farm 212 miles southwest from
Avinger Tex 97 12 acres land 35
acr s in cultivatien One fiveroom
house good well water one threeroom
tenant house new one store house 18x
32 feet with fixtures also one good jce
chest capacity 300 pounds ice with
stock of groceries All goes with place
Also have 500 Elberta peach trees 4 yrs
old 300 other standard variety 2 years
old 32 pear trees 40 apple trees 12
cherry trees 24 plum trees all 2 years
old 100 Concord grape vines 100 Her
bemout grape 25 other kinds All
young Also one acre in older orchard
of apples peaehes pears etc Have
strawberries raspberries blackberries
sufficient for family use Have good
land healtyi ideal place for poultry
farm Aiso sell with place one good
gentle horse and buggy one Jersey cow
and heifer calf one sow aud 6ix bhoats
one Poland China male five or six
bushels clay peas 10 bushels Spanish
peanuts and all farm tools Will take
1200 for everything Address
Chas Smith Avinger Texas
Well Bro Farmer lets try some
thing new this year as Mr Boll Weevil
has stepped iu here now and plenty of
tbem There is no use to try to head
them off only by planting something
else besides so much cotton Plant ev
erything you can use and a little to sell
So try and do so and dont depend on
cotton for a living
Well brothers there were several of
you did the same thisg I myself did
last week took two vr ihree days from
home on special vecrss and had to be
there on expenses and get nothing for
it O what a shame for men to be
taken up and carried off for two or
three days away irom their home and
family and uet no pay I think they
ought to have 100 per day at least
That would pay expenses As it is we
get nothing for our time unless we are
chosen as a juror Well the most of
us are poor farmers something the
world dont need of late in some
peoples eyes and at last the founda
tion of the world and the world cannot
do without us Let us so ou Our time
is coming Some day we know not
when we will all be judged alike
money or no money according to the
deeds done in the body and here on
earth I myself am a farmer by occu
pation a Baptist in belief a follower of
Christ not of the Pope of Koine I be
lieve in one Lord one faith one bap
tism one way to heaven and that way
is the right way Whatever jou are
dont take up with everything that
comes along and says my way is right
Remember the Book of Lite says that
not every man that saieth Lord Lord
entereth into the Kingdom u Heaven
but he that doeth the will of my Father
which is in Heaven I dont say that I
am right I am only trying to follow
the Bible
I have a good farm 10 miles east of
Jefiersin on R t D No 6 75 acres 41
in cultivation as good farming laud as
there is in East Texas high and
healthy made with two plows last sea
son about S00 worth of product I
have a good orchard two wells of
water one well of as good water as ever
was drank seven milch cows My tim
ber is ail oak have no pine timber
as good indicatioc of oil and gas as
there is in the county I have one
boared well which when I was drilling
it fried like frying meat two mules and
a good wagon and a good sized mare I
will sell all for cash I am not adver
Using for sale
Before I close I want to say a few
words concerning our road commission
ers I wonld like for some one to tell
me how they would like to be taken off
your road running through your land
that you had to pay for and right by
your door go two miles to work an
other and then have topnt in five days
and the one you was taken off of
worked two days only There is no
justice in such laws I think every man
ought to work thf same on public
roads Some one tell me if that is law
Many a man gambles with bis
reputation losing it in an effort to
secure a biggei one
The Joy
Of living is to have good health Use
Herbine and you will have bushels of
joy You need not be blue fretful and
have that bad taste in your mouth
Try a bottle of Herbine a positive cure
for all liver complaints Harrell
Austin Texas writes I have used
Herbine for over a year and find it a
fine regulator I gladly recommend it
ns a fine medicine for dyspepsir Sold
by W J Sedberry
Many a man feels that he couid
run the nation who cant even run
his own household
A Diary and Account Book for
2cts C A Snow Co patent
lawyers of Washington D C will
send on receipt of postage th ir
Diary for 1907 to inventors manu
facturers or patentees It contains
also decisions in patent cases und
other useful matter
Ignorance may find truth on its
doorstep that erudition vainly
seeks in the stars
Nearly every person who is subject to
attacks from the stomach suffers from
a morbid dread of a dietetic treatment
for relief that is threefourths starva
tion and onefourth toast and milk
On the other hand you can eat as you
please and digest the food by the aid of
a good digestant thus giving the tired
stomach equally as much rest Eat
w hat you please and take a little Kodol
For Indigestion after your meals It
digests what you eat Sold by The J F
Crow Drug Co
After making a strenuous effort
to get out of a rut a man finds
himself in a hole
Chamberlains Cough Remedy Benefits
a City Councilman or Kings
ton Jamaeia
Mr W OReilly Fogarty who is a
member of the city council at Kings
ton Jamaeia West Indies writes as
follows One bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy had good effect on a
cough that was giving me trouble and
I think I would have been more quick
ly relieved if I had continued the rem
edy That it was beneficial and quick
id relieving me thare is no doubt and it
is my intention to obtain another bol
tle For sale by all druggists
So he was elected after all
eaid the ordinary citizen
Easily replied the politician
There was so much mud flung
at him that I was sure that he
would be defeated
Yes but you see he came
down with lots of dust Judge
How to Avoid Appendlctls
Most victims of appendicitis are
those who are habitually constipated
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup cures
chronic constipation by stimulating the
liver and bowels and restores the natur
al action of the bowels Orino Laxative
Fruit Syrup does not nauseate or gripe
and is mild and pleasant to take Re
fuse substitutes J F Crow Drug Co
China has agreed to pay 840 000
to the United indemnity for Lien
Chow mnsiacre
Clear up the complexion cleanse thi
liver and tone the system Vou can
best do this by adoseof two of DeWitt b
Little Early Risers Safe reliable littfe
pills with a reputation The pills that
everyone knows Recommended by
The J F Crow Drug Co
A young man doepnt think se
riously about marriage until after
it happens
no matter how
baa the weather
You cannot
afford to be
without a
When you buy
I00K for the
A J TOwt Ca BOSTON us >
Makes Pain Go Away
Are you one of the ones who pay in
For your right of way through this
If so vou will find Hunts Lighrning
A friend which will aid you in the
To those who earn their own way by
their own labor accidents occur with
painfnl frequency Burns bruises cuts
and sprains are not strangers to the
man who wears corns on his bands A
better remedy for these troubles does
not exist than Hunts Lightning Oil
Maybe there is still hope for the
captains of industry J Pierpont
Morgan has just paid 25 000 for a
Wise Counsel From the South
I waut to give some valuable advice
to those who suffer with lame back aud
kidney trouble says J R Blanken
ship of Beck Tenn I have proved
to an absolute certainity that Electrie
Bitters will positively cure this distress
ing condition The first bottle gave me
great relief and after taking a few more
bottles I was completely cured so
completely that it becomes a pleasure
to recommend this great remedy Sold
under guarantee at W J Sedberrys
drug store Price 50c
A jury is a body of twelve men
selected to decide which of the
contestants has the best lawyer
Special Announcement Regarding the
National Pure Food and Drug law
We are pleased to announce thai Fo
leys Honey and Tar for coughs colds
and lung troubles is not affected by the
National Pure Food and Drug Law as
it contains no opiates or other harmful
drugs and we recommend it as a safe
remedy for children and adults J F
Crow Drug Co
Many a mans religion consibts
of reading the Bible while his wife
carries up the coal
The Right Xame
Mr August Sherpe the popular over
seer of the poor at Fort Madison la
sa t Dr Kings New Life Fills are
rightly named they act more agreeably
do more good and make one feel better
than auy othea laxative Guaranteed
to cure biliousness aud constipation
25c at W J Sedlierr drug store
Many a man takt though he
considered himslf chitf adiror to
the Almighty
Bein ths si W6 Ktii Yoa Hara Atop BflBgH
Blgrniiiro S7 >
1 hlklU Ill < HH
similating HieFcodandRcguia
ting ihcStoioacls andBovcs cr
Promotes DigC3tionCheerfitr
ness andlfeslConta ms neither
OpiuraMorpluns nor Mireral
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
lion Sour StomachDiarrrioca
Worms Convulsions Fevensh
ness and Loss OF SLEEP
Facsimile Signature of
iie Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
BHasreBa aiwqfriftg
The timeis comingil not already
hef when an incorrnptable public
servant will be considered by rainy
cli ver people as 11 crank nr fool
and bordering on lunacy Napnl
eon offered every inducement to
control men in the way of office
and employment and when they
Wt > uld not sell out he regarded
them as stark crazy Hopkins
County Echo
Cured of Lung Trouble
It is now eleven years since I had a
narrow escape from consumption
writes C O Floyd a leading business
man of KershawSC I had run down
in weight to 135 pounds and coughing
was constantbyth by day and by night
Finally I began taking Dr Kings New
Discovery and continued this for about
six months when my cough and lung
trouble were entirely gone and I wis re
stored to my normal weight 170
pounds Thousands of persons are
healed every year Guaranteed at W
J Sedbcrrysdrug store 50c aud 1 00
Trial bottle free
While everything maycome to
him who waiN it is a mighty uond
idea to net down ofl tin fence once
in a while ami scratch around a
life i H 1 n 1 wait
Carrie Nation
Certainly did smash a hole in the bar
rooms of Kansas but Ballards Hore
hound Syrup has smashed all records
as a cure for coughs bronchitis influ
enza and all pulmonary diseases T
C H Horton Kansas writes I
have never found a medicine that
would cure a cough so quickly as Bal
lards Horehound Syrup I have used
it for years Sold by W J Sedbeiry
Richard Croker the old Tarn
many chinf who is about to return
to New York is said to have had
an offer of 100000 for an auto
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Even when a fellow hasnt an
idea in his head he remonstrates
that there is plenty of room at the
Bad Stomach Troubles cured
Having been sick for the past two
years with a had stomach trouble a
friend gave me a dose of Chamberlains
Stomach and Liver Tablets They did
me so much good that I bought of
them and have used twelve bottles in
all Today I am well of a bad stomach
trouble Mrs John Lowe Cooper
Maine These tablets are for sale by
all druggists
Although the coal man was not
elfcttd tn anything he i gather
ing good things tight along
The Price or Peace
The terribto itching and smarting in
cident to certain skin diseases is al
most instantly allayed by applying
Chamberlains Salve Price 25 cents
For sale by all druggist
It is not very easy to b econom
icil without being regarded stingy
Salesmen wanted to look after our in
terest in Marion and adjacent counties
Salary or commission Address the
Harvey Oil Co Cleveland O jl2
To the Sheriff or any Constable of
Marion county greeting
You are hereby commanded to sum
mon Lizzie Washington by making
publication of this Citation once in
each week for four successive weeks
previous to the return day hereof in
the Jijiplecdtb the only paper pub
lished in Marion county Texas to ap
pear at the next regular term of the
District Court of Marion county to be
holden at the court house theieof in
Jefferson on the 2nd Monday in June
A D 1907 then and there to answer a
petition filed in said Court orr the 23rd
day of December 1904 in a suit num
bered on the docket of said Court No
7290 wherein William Washington ia
plaintiff and Lizzie Washington is de
fendant and said petition alleging
three years abandonment and adultiry
on the part of the defendant with
praver for decree of divorce
Herein fail not but have before said
Court at its aforesaid next regular
term this writ with your return
thereon showing how you executed the
same Witness Geo F Mosely Clerk of the
District Court of Marion county
Given nnder my hand and the seal of
said Court at office in Jefferson this
the 3rd day of January A D 1907
lUgSIJ Clerk District Court Marion Co
The Nashville Tenn American
is of the opinion that a man who
mortgages bis house to pay for his
automobile has wheels in bis head
This is the substance of whit that
paper says We wish says the
Brooklyn Eagle we had room for
the many wise words which it em
ploys to say just about that
Chamberlains Cousrh Remedy Is a Safe
Remedy for Children
In buying a cough medicine for cbil
ren never be afraid to buy Chamber
Iains Cough Remedy There ia no
danger from it and relief is always
sure to foliow It is intended especi
ally for couehs colds croup and
whooping cough and there is no better
medicine in the world for these diseases
It is not only a certain cure for croup
but when given as soon as the croupy
cough appears will prevent the attacs
Whooping cough isuotdangerous when
this remedy is given as directed It
contains no opium or other harmful
drugs and may be given as confidently
to a baby as to an adutj For sale by
all druggists
The Galveston Tribune thinks
that there ought to be some way
of compelling railroads to recog
nize the unwritten law against
two trains trying to passfach other
on the same track
Food dont digest Because the stom
ach lacks some one of the essentials di
gestants or the digestive juices are not
properly balanced Then too it is this
undicestfd food that causes sourness
aud painful indigestion Kodol For In
digestion should be nsed for relief Ko
dol is a solution of vegetable acids It
digests what you eat and corrects the
deficiencies of the digestion Kodol
couforma to the National Pure Food nnd
Drug Law Sold here by The J K Crow
Drug Co
Galveston News See that
potted chicken fiom Chicago is of
recent vintage and has the Mimp
How to Avoid Pneumonia
You can avoid pneumonia and other
serious results lrom a cold by taking
Foleys Honey and Tar It
stops the
cough and expels the cold from the sys
tem as it is mildly laxative Refute
auy but the genuine in the jellow nack
age JF Crow Drug Co
si Bttara rFaefeEgTrfirefE5g
VJLliiynUt J
No country in the world needs
good roads more than Texas
The air of exclusiveness that distinctive touch so
much desired in our Diamond Brand cress shoes is not
there by accident
Diamond Brand styles are designed by an officer of this
Company who has won his spurs as a master of footwear
Moreover Diamond Brand
Dress Shoes are made by
the best paid shoeworkmen of the highest grade leathers
They fit faultlessly snug up under the arch beautifully
and hold their shape

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