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A Most Terrific Explosion Brings
Death and Destruction to Fay
etteville Coal Mine
Charleston W Va Jan SO The
Stewart mine near Fayetteville explod
ed yesterday afternoon bringing a ter
rible death to the eighty or more who
were at work more than ten hundred
feet below the surface There 13 no
chance that any of the men will be
taken out alive for it is thought that
the terrific force of the explosion
snuffed out the r Ivcs Instantly It
will not be possible for the rescuers
to reach the bottom of the shaft un
til within forty eight hours
The disaster Is perhaps the worst
in the number of killed U the history
of this State
Most of the men were Americans
and many of them were married and
had large families There were a doz
en or more negroes and fifteen or
more aliens
The rescue work was commenced
as soon as the wrecked parts of the
shaft house could be repaired About
two hours after the explosion three
men were lowered Into the shaft In
an Improvised bucket Before de
scending sixty feet two of the men
were overcome by the foul air and
the third was barely able to give the
signal to their comrades at the top
AH other attempts were abandoned
for tie time and the work of purify
ing the air in the shaft was com
menced Air was supplied to the
mine by several large fans but the
mechanism was damaged and the fans
weer idle for about two hours The
fans have been started again and if
the men were not all killed by the
force of the explosion It may be that
they will have a chance to survive
Partial Returns Indicate af Pro Major
ity of 428 Votes
Paris Tex Jan 30 Returns from
the local option election held In this
county yesterday received up to 10
oclock last night give the pros a ma
jortiy of 428 There are six small
box yet to hear from which are ex
pected to increase the majority slight
ly The election was the most hotly
contested ever held In the county and
was the first local optior cmpaign
in which the antis stumped the coun
ty A number of speakers from differ
ent parts of the State spoke through
the county for both sides Tworyears
ago last August the county wrnt pro
by a little more than 300 Prohibi
tion was prevented from going Into
effect by injunction proceedings until
last April
Hundreds or Miners Suffer Horrlbls
Saarbuck Rhenish Prussia Jan 29
A firedamp explosion occurred yes
terday morning in the Reden Coal
Mine at St JohannontheSaar oppo
site Saarbuck and caused the loss
of 150 to 200 lives The Reden mine
is owned by the Prussian Government
Up to G oclock yesterday evening
seventyseven bodies had been brought
to the surface and fiftys x corpses
were known to be still underground
Only fifty live men up to that time had
been brought out and of these the
doctors say thirtyfive will surely die
as they are frightfully injured by be
ing hurled against the walls of the
galleries by the force of the explo
sion An official report given out says
the number of dead cannot exceed 160
Immediately after the explosion res
cue workers were hurried from all the
adjacent mines and boldly entered the
Reden shaft in great numbers The
work of rescue had been greatly ham
pered by the gases resulting from the
explosion and the fierce fire that
broke out immediately afterward Dur
ing the afternoon the efforts to get
to the entombed miners had to be sus
pended for these reasons and tht res
cuers had to be ordered out of the
The disaster occurred 2300 feet un
der the ground and a mile and a quar
ter from the foot of the shaft tl Is
the greatest mine disaster ever known
In this region About COO men entered
the mine for the day shift but about
100 of them escaped through tre Bild
stock shaft which communicates with
the Reden mine underground
At a late hour last night it was said
that it was unknown how many work
men are still in the mine and reports
are conflicting The entrance to the
the galleries underground Is blocked
by dead horses
Heartrending scenes are witnessed
among the thousands of persons many
of them members of the families of
the entombed men who are gathered
about the month of the shaft Most
of the bodies that have ben brought
to the surface are mangled beyond
Govsrnor Names Military Staff
Austin Governor Campbell Tues
day afternoon announced the appoint
in ent of all but two of his personal
military staff Those named thus far
to wear handsome unifores and be
called Colonel are John T Bonner of
Tjler W C Sullivan San Antonio
ohn L Peeler Austin W A Williams
Greenville John M Adams of Fort
Worth and Lee J Rountree of George
Brazos Valley Connected
Cleburne The Santa Fe and Trin
ity and Brazos Valley tracks have been
joined in this city The last spike was
driven Saturday and the first train
went over the road Sunday The Trin
ity and Brazos Valley road uses the
Santa Fes tracks to the northern lim
its of the city and then uses Its own
track for several blocks running par
allel to the main line of the Santa Fe
A loss of 250000 was caused by
Thursday nights fire In the plant and
warehouse of Old 7G distilling com
pany at Newport Ky which was final
ly brought under control
So the Report Goes and Affairs Are
In Such a Muddle He Cant Set
Things Square
Kingston Jan 28 It is understood
that Governor Sweetenham tendered
his resignation to Lord Elgin Secre
tary of the Colonies a few days since
In consequence of the Admiral Davis
incident and his inability to solve the
problem created by the earthquake
Saturday Gov Sweetenham visited
the temporary offices of the Municipal
Council and Informed the Vice Chair
man who is acting in the absence of
Mayor Taft who is injured that the
Government had decided to relieve the
people of Kingston from all rates and
taxes for a period of fifteen months be
ginning the first day of January This
announcement has been received with
gratification by the residents of the
city who will be encouraged to start
the work of rebuilding as early as
Archbishop Nuttall declares that in
addition to the generous contributions
from the United States and Canada
and elsewhere it Is absolutely neces
sary to obtain an imperial grant and a
large Imperial loan to rebuild Kings
ton more particularly in view of the
attitude of the British fire insurance
companies who have disclaimed all re
sponsibility for loss sustained during
the fire and earthquake
Will Be a Big Meeting
Dallas The Woodmen of the World
of Dallas County have commenced ac
tive preparations for the reception and
entertainment of their members who
will meet in biennial convention com
mencing March 11 and remaining in
session for four or five days This H
to be one of the largest conventions
ever held in the city of Dallas and
will be the largest fraternal conven
tion ever held in the State
Fierce Blowout in Louisiana
Lafayette La The most terrific
blowout in any oil field even surpass
ing the Jennings and Batson districts
occurred Saturday night in the Ance
La Butte field The force of the gas
was so great that rocks larger than a
mans fist were thrown half a mile
from the derrick A perfect shower of
rocks and sand lasted for over four
hours Tons of sand buried all the
machinery with the well 15 feet deep
A Blizzard 500 Miles Wide Doing Bus
iness Here
Fort Worth Tex Jan 2C Reports
here by the Southwestern Telegraph
and Telephone Company Indicate that
a blizzard is raging across a territory
500 miles in width The blizzard ex
tends from Oklahoma City where sleet
is falling thence in a southwesterly di
rection across the table lands of the
Panhandle to Big Springs about 300
miles west of this city on the Texas
and Pacific where it is bitterly cold
with a combined sleet and snowstorm
in progress accompanied by a stIT
Western Union telegraph service
has been interrupted beyond Vernon
which is 1D0 miles up the Denver Road
northwest of that city but the long
distance telephone offices here ob
tained connection with Wichita Falls
and Paducah last night
At Wichita Falls the temperature
was below the freezing point and snow
was falling At Paducah it was also
Intensely cold and was snowing
At Davis I T north of this city
the thermometer registered 20V de
gres above zero last night
At Oklahoma City about 300 miles
in the same direction it was sleeting
At Big Springs 300 miles west of
this city and fully 500 miles southwest
of Oklahoma city which is the most
remote point from which a report was
received the temperature was very
low and snow was falling
At Abilene almost 100 mills this
side of Big Springs almost similar
conditions prevailed
No report was received from Ama
nllo or fiom the heart of the Pan
handle on account of interrupted fa
cilities Wichita Falls was the fur
thest point that could be reached last
last night by telephone
Meager reports late last night are
to the effect that it is intensely cold
throughout the Panhandle and that
snow was falling over a wide stretch of
that country
Seattle and Tacoma Seize the Trade
New York Seventyfive per cent
of the Alaska trade has been lost to
San Francisco by the earthquake and
diverted to Seattle and Tacoma ac
cording to the statements of Benja
min J Crocker collector of internal
revenue for Washington and Alaska
When everything was ruined in San
Francisco trade naturally sought the
more northerly ports and there is no
reason why It should ever be enticed
The 2c passenger fare bill has
passed the Arkansas Senate with only
one dissenting vote The bill applies
on all railroads over eighty miles In
length The measure now goes to the
Governor for his approval
Cotton Mill and Education
Bonham The directors of the Bon
ham Cotton Mills have purchased a
plot of ground in the icinity of the
factory and will erect thereon a
school building in which a kindergar
ten class will be taught The children
of the mill employes only will be eli
gible to attend and no charge will ba
riade for tuition The employes are
highly pleased with this move on the
lifit of the company
Fatal Train Wreck
South McAlester I T A fatal
wreck occurred on the Katy Tuesday
afternoon at 1225 one half mile south
cf Crowder City when the second sec
tion of Train No 404 a northbound
fast stock train crashed Into a local
train running between Crowder City
and Chambers Ed Hearndon fireman
on the southbouud train was fatally
injured and W B McCarver engineer
on the southbound train will probab
ly die
It Is stated on the authority of Chief
Engineer Busch that the Delaware
Lackawanna and Washington railway
will electrify its lines between Morris
town and New York city upon the
completion of the McAddo and Bergin
Hill tunnels
Col L A Duffan Dies Suddenly
Ennis Col Lawrence A Duffan for
nineteen years superintendent of the
Houston and Teas Central Railroad
died at his home in Ennis at C15 p m
Monday Col Duffan had been in
feeble health for some time but
seemed as well as usual He went to
his office in the afternoon to attend
to some correspondence and while
there was stricken and taken to his
home where he died
Death from the Firepot
Houston To charcoal fumes eman
ating from a brazier kept burning all
Saturday night is attributed the death
of Lizzie Harrlss a negro servant in
the home of Mir Osborne Her re
mains were found in bed Sunday morn
ing with a charcoal burner in the cen
ter of the room and the opinion is
that she slept all night with the fire
burning and thus inhaled the fumes
Will Brandon Shot and Killed
Dallas Will Brandon was shot and
killed about midnight on Saturday in
Lancaster One shot in the neck pro
duced instant death Two companions
with Brandon whence was shot were
unharmed On a warrant charging
murder Buck Waters was brought to
Dallas Sunday afternoon and lodged
in the county jail He was arrested
and brought to this city by Constable
Carrick Lowery of Lancaster
The famous prison of St Lazarre
one of the historic landmarks of Paris
is about to be torn down and will give
way to fine open squares and com
modious dwellings
Cushing Suffers Severely
Nacogdoches Two blocks of busi
ness houses were destroyed by fire at
Cushing a prosperous town located in
the northwestern part of Nacogdoch
es County Sunday morning the loss
being estimated at 40000 The losses
are as follows J M Russell Son
general merchandise loss 13000 in
surance 73000 J M Williamson gen
eral merchandise loss G000 insur
ance 1500 John Erwin general mer
chandise loss 5000 insurance 2
000 Belk McCrary general mer
chandise loss 3000 insurance 1000
R L Ransom drugs loss 2500 no in
surance Riis Pharmacy loss 2000
no insurance E Nawter saddles and
harness partial loss no insurance
Childress Gladdens barber shop
Gages restaurant Dr Carikers office
and the postoffice were saved Eleven
buildings were destroyed all frame
As Dutch Murdock indicted on four
capital charges was being carried
from jail to the court house In Fort
Worth for trial he knocked Deputy
Sheriff Wood down and escaped Af
ter an hours chase through the streets
and country he was recaptured
Rev Bird aged 73 years minister
of the Christian Church dropped dead
of heart disease while In a school
house Tour miles from Pond Creek
Ok Sunday He leaves two sons at
Pond Creek
The comptroller of the currency has
issued a call for a statement of the
condition of all national banks at the
close of business on January 2G
There were 417573 emigrants from
Italy in 1D0G 2S7090 went to the
1nited States 111S1S to Argentine
and 13143 to Brazil
The college building of the East
Texas Normal School at Commerce
was destroyed by fire Monday Loss
nbout 20000 covered by insurance
JLt will be rebuilt at once
Carnegies Offer Accepted
Washington The supervisory com
mittee of the International Bureau of
American Republics has adopted a
resolution accepting Andrew Carneg
ies gift of 750000 for the erection of
a permanent home for the bureau in
this city The resolution Is subject
to the approval of the governing board
which will meet Wednesday to ac
cept the offer and to extend a vote
of thanks to Mr Carnegie
The Imports of Argentina for 100C
aggregate 209070521 in gold an in
crease of C4000000 The exports
amounted to 292530029 a decrease
og 30590012 The decrease in ex
ports was largely livestock wool and
Ellen Bush an aged negro servant
woman in the employ of Mrs Mattio
Caruth of Dallas died Sunday Aunt
Eilen as she was familiarly called
is beliet ed to have been at the time of
her death 110 years old
Hon William Jennings Bryan is do
ing California at this time at beauti
ful San Jose
Charlie Lee a negro was run over
at Denison Sunday sight by a Frisco
jards freight engine and literally
ground to pieces He conducted a
farm near Colbert I T
Four men were killed and sixteen
others seriously injured Monday as a
result of the explosion of an ice ma
chine filled with ammonia fumes in
the power house of Armosr Co
Congressman Chandler on Free Seeds
Washington Mr Chandler of Miss
issippi led the fight for free seeds
In the House and charged that the
Item in the present bill was the work
of a lobby composed of seed men of
the country and effective newspaper
work He sad that he could not go
back and look his dear old farmer
friends in the face after the Increase
In the salaries of the Congressmen if
seeds were not to be had
J M Forwood of Taylor Saturday
brought in a hog of the Poland China
breed from Doc Davis of Coupland that
weighed 7G5 pounds the largest hog
ever marketed in Taylor for which
Mr Davis received 45 90
Morgan to Break Loose Again
Washington There is reason to be
lieve that a determined effort is about
to be made to bring about an investi
gation of the Panama Canal Commis
sion in the Senate Senator Morgan
who has been absent from the Senate
fcr a week is said to have put lira
self into retirement the better to pie
pale the charges Whetreh his charges
involve malfeasance is not Known
it Is known though that he wil
charge gross if not wanton extrava
Negro School Breaks Dirt for Library
Marshall Ground was broken a few
days ago for the library at Wiley Uni
versity The new building will be
70x40 feet square two stories high
built of pressed brick and stone trim
mings on a concrete foundation The
upper floor will be used as an assem
bly room and the library and reading
room will be on the ground floor An
drew Carnegie gave the university
15000 to build the building if they
would equip and maintain it
New House Bills
2 Austin Tex House bills were intro
duced as follows
By Mr Gaines Quieting title to
certain Comanche county lands
By Mr Jennings To compel hotels
and boarding houses located In build
ings more than two stories high to
provide means of escape In case of
By Messrs Murray and Crisp Creat
ing a board of veterinarian examiners
for Texas
By Mr Fuller Providing for cer
tain medical studies in the public
schools of the State
By Messrs Terrell Cherokee and
Alderdice Creating a State Text
Book Board
By Mr Savage Bell Relating to
suits for the collection of delinquent
taxes and the pleading of the statute
of limitation in connection therewith
By Mr Camp Joint resolution pro
viding for 25 cents tax levy for school
New Incorporations
2 Austin Tex Charters of the fol
lowing corporations were filed in the
Secreatry of States office
S B Howard Manufacturing Com
pany of Fort Worth capital stick 30
000 Incorporators S B Howard C
C Howard and E B McClellan all of
Bonham W A Schaffer of Fort
Pioneer Mercantile Company of
Memphis Hall county capital stock
30000 Incorporators W M Fore B
F Denny and J A Bradford all of
Nacogdoches Tobacco Growing Com
pany of Nacogdoches capital stock
G500 Incorporators E A Blount D
K Cason of Nacogdoches and William
Tausig of Chicago
Hunters Nickel Store of Abilene
and Merkel capital stock 10000 In
corporators C D Hunter T T Hun
ter and Miss Ida Kelly all ot Abilene
HigginbothamCurrie Company of
Ballinger capital stock 100000 In
corporators R W Higginbotham J
F Currle Joe Wilmeth Scott H Mack
C A Doose J N Adams and W E
Leader Clothing Company of Dallas
capital stock 10000 Incorporators
M Wachenheim of St Louis A Mul
ler and Simon Wertheimer of Dallas
The Byrd Cattle Company of Carri
zo Springs filed an amendment to its
charter increasing its capital stock
from 100000 to 150000
in the Senate this morning as follows
By Hudspeth Amending Article S41
Penal Code relating to burglary by
providing that the partial entrance of
the body into a house shall consti
tute burglary
By Hudspeth Amending Article 723
Code of Criminal Procedure relating
to new trials by providing that the
misdirection of the jury or improper
evidence admitted or some excluded
shall be reviewed by the higher court
and a new trial granted only if there
be a miscarriage of justice
By Hudsputh Amending Article 770
Code of Criminal Procedure relating
to witnesses testifying in their own
behalf by changing the article so as
to permit such testimony and provid
ing where there are two accused and
there is a severance the witnesses
shall testify only in their own behalf
By Barrett A constitutional amend
ment proposing to permit counties and
districts to vote a special school tax
New Corporations
4 Austin Tex Charters or the follow
ing corporations were filed today in
the Secretary of States office
John Griffith Company of Flores
ville capital stock 40000 Incor
porators John Griffith W H Mitch
ell and W C Bruff all ot Floresville
Citizens State Bank of Memphis
capital stock 30000 Incorporators
J A Bradford B F Denny W J
Wilson J G Montgomery R F King
and S S Montgomery all of Memphis
Shamrock State Bank of Shamroclc
Wheeler county capital stock 10000
Incorporators E H Small C I Hol
den I T Sewell of Sherman J S
Coleman of Dozier and J L Johnson
of Fort Worth
Cope Lumber Company of Pittsburg
Camp county capital stock 10000
Incorporators G W Cope P W
Thorsell and R A Cope all of Pitts
The Executors Conservative Estimate
Gives 75000000 as Total
Value of Estate
5 Austin Tex ExAttorney General
M M Crane of Dallas appeared before
the investigation committees today
Col J H Ransom of Boulder Colo
has sent a formal request to the city
council of San Angelo for a street rail
way franchise He agrees to build
one mile the first year three the sec
ond and four the third
Claude L Witherspoon and Arthur
C Godair the largest producers in the
Corsicana field are authority for the
statement that Fort Worth and Dallas
will have natural gas for cooking and
heating purposes inside of a year
IA telephone report from Buchannon
W Va says twelve men were killed
by an explosion in the Michael mine of
the Pennsylvania Consolidated Coal
Company Two bodies hpe been
found The cause of the explosion is
not known
The demand for teachers during De
cember and January has been remark
able Besides numerous calls for
teachers in minor positions there have
been calls for an unusually large num
ber of principals and special teachers
in the larger high schools of the state
The San Angelo Waterworks Com
pany will soon install a pump with a
capacity of 3000000 gallons of ater
daily the demands from the rapid
growth of the city being such as to
require better machinery
Nearly Fatal Mistake
Dallas At an early hour Friday
morning two brothers who conduct i
store together mistook each other for
burglars having arrived separately at
the place of business The police were
summoned and while the outside broth
er was attempting to enter the stoie
the inside one attacked him A shot
fired by one of the policeman to sep
arate them struck one of the mistaken
combatants inflicting a slight wound
in the side
3 Austin Tex A measure so framed
as to provide against discrimination by
employers against the emplojed has
been introduced by Representative Mc
Gregor of Harris county
The bill is aimed at the blacklist
and seeks to provide for the forfeiture
of charters in the event such a record
is maintained by any corporation If
it becomes a law the attorney general
upon his own motion may bring suit
or institute quo warranto proceedings
to the end designated
A fine of 1000 is likewise suggested
as a penalty for the maintenance of the
black list A jail sentence for those
engaged in keeping such a record up
on which it is sought to place the ban
of the law is also offered as suitable
to meet the situation
The bill is entitled An Act to Pro
hibit Discriminaton aganst persons
hibit Discrimination against pisons
the black list bill
New House Bills
A bill was introduced Tuesday by
Strickland of Anderson for a tax on
inheritances It is a very exhaustive
document and provides that no final
account of any administration shall De
allowed unless taxes have been pad
Another bill and a very Imp iriant
one has been introduced designed to
protect the employer It specifies that
where an employe is paid in advance
for labor and he wilfully declines or
refuses to carry out the terms of the
contract such person shall be fined not
less than 10 nor more than 100 The
bill was introduced by Senator Fnds
puth who hails from the Ves = tern bor
ders of the state
The establishment of an agricultural
experiment station neir LI Paso for
experimenting in dry and arid farm
ing is contemplated in the bill intro
duced by Senator Hudspeth Monday
Railway legislation calculated to
bring down upon Austin a galaxy of
lobbyists is contemplated A bill has
been framed for introduction in which
the reduction of the passenger rate
from 3 to 2 cents a mile is provided
The early offering of the measure by
Senator Brachfield is expected
New House Bills
Tex House bills
H E Agar a well known citizen
and exState Representative of In
diana was drowned in the Wabash
river by falling from a steamboat He
was known as the corn king
Admiral Beranger former minister
of marine of the Madrid Government
died recently His death was due to
heart disease
A ten per cent increase of wages
for machiue blacksmiths on the Texas
and Pacific has been secured the con
tract being signed at Marshall
Some time in March a State Conven
tion of Ladies of the Maccabees of the
World will be held in Dallas
S E Perry of Marshall shipped
twenty game cocks to Monterey Mex
Saturday for which he received 750
each before they were shipped
The Buckeye Transit Company has
presented a petition asking for a fran
chise through the streets of Waco to
the city hall square This is the com
pany that is to construct an interur
oan railway line from Waco to Mar
lin and Temple
New Bills in the Senate
4 Austin Tex Bills were introduced
Prohibits the C O D Business
5 Austin Tex The Liquor Traffic
Committee of the House reported fa
vorably on Thompsons bill providing
that any person firm or corporation
who should receive and deliver liquors
for cash on delivery should pay an an
nual tax of 5000 to the State 2500
to the county and 25000 to the city
unless package is accompanied by orig
inal order
5 Austin
By Wade and Patton To incorpor
ate the Grandview independent school
By Dean Amendment making it a
penalty punishable by fine of from 100
to 500 and imprisonment in the coun
ty jail of from twenty to sixty days
for any one convicted of selling giving
away or bartering questions tobe used
in any public teachers examination for
certificate to teach
By Love of Dallas Bell of Freestone
and McConnell To create a bureau ot
Inspection and supervision of county
By Grinstead Providing for the de
struction of chattel mortgages filed
with county clerk after five years from
By Grinstead Making receivers of
all corporations liable for injuries
causing death where said injuries
would make liable the owners or pro
prietors of said corporation
By Duncan Providing that where
an employe of a common carrier cor
poration is injured the fact of his con
tributory negligence where it is slight
in comparison to the gross negligence
of other employes concerned in the ac
cident shall not bar recovery of dam
By Wade and Roos Making an es
cape or attempt to escape from cus
tody punishable by imprisonment of
from two to five years
By Terrell of McLennan Graham
Lively and Bialock Defining a short
term convict as one sentenced to five
years or less providing for the work
ing of State Penitentiary convicts on
county roads and prohibiting any form
of leasing them out otherwise Pro
viding that the State shall provide all
camping requisites and guards at its
own expense and that counties shall
furnish medicine and maintenance
By Silliman Robertson of Erath and
Adkins Providing that notes and Hens
given on real estate be subject to coun
ty taxation and providing that the pay
er or payee be both held liable for pay
ment of said taxes
By Pool Providing for the incorpor
ate of companies to conduct apiary
By Cobbs Providing that practice
before a master in chancery on which
a report is bi ought in shall be Con
sidered as in courts of equity
Rio Janeiro The proposal of the
state of Rio Grande to issue a rregn
loan has been abandoned
I H Kempner Buys Ranch
2 Wichita Falls Tex I H Kempner
of Galveston has purchased from Dale
Bros the Dale ranch of 14000 acres
twelve miles east of this place con
sideration being 224000 o r 16 per
acre The property will be cut up into
160acre tracts and sold to settlers
New Senate Bills
5 Austin Tex Bills were introduced
iu the Senate this morning as follows
By Glasscock Repealing Art S04
Penal Code that it will not conflict
with Art 805 as amended by the last
legislature providing for the punish
ment of those hunting on the inclosed
land of another
By Skinner Requiring railroads to
construct connecting tracks where
they intersect or the lines approach
within one mile and empowering the
Railroad Commission to regulate and
require connecting or transfer tracks
where lines are contiguous for a mile
or less
Knee Broken in Runaway
3 Taylor Tex Sunday afternoon a
fractuous horse driven by Howard Tur
ner and Cecil Barton took fright and
ran away Young Barton was thrown
from the buggy and sustained a brok
en knee
Railroad Improving Streets
6 Marlin Tex While improving its
track the International Railroad Com
pany is making needed improvements
to portions of Ward and Falls streets
Cuero Cabbage Shipments
G Cuero Tex Two cars of cabbage
from local truckers were shipped Fri
day Charles Schaeffer shipped a car
of beef cattle to Houston
Montevideo Uruguay A plague ot
locusts in the Salto dislct h s laid
waste the plantations there Farmers
are emigrating to Argentina
Tokio News has reached lere that
AsamaYama volcano in tlie island of
Hondo has been in active eruption
since last Fiday
Chicago 111 Marshall Fields vast
wealth was set forth in detail late
Thursday when an inventory of his
estate was filed In probate court The
par value of numerous stocks and
bonds were given and huge realty
holdings were enumerated In the lat
ter classification there was no attempt
to even estimate values In spite of
the fact that the merchant occupied a
first rank as owner of real estate in
Chicago and was possessed of large
landed property elsewhere especially
in Npw York City the bulk of his
richces lonsisted of securities which
represented investments not only in
Chicago but also from the eastern to
the western crast of America and
some in foreign countries
In the executors extremely conser
vative estimate of 75000000 as the
total value of the Field estate the per
sonal property is placed at 50000
000 The par value of the stock arfd
bonds is given but no statement is
made showing the present cash value
of these securities The investments
are generally among those classed as
gilt edged and the securities gener
ally have a far higher market value
thaa the par figures would Indicate
In some cases the market value of the
stock is five times as great as the par
value and estimates of total wealth
place it all the way frfom 100000000
to 150000000 An examination or
the securities shows that Mr Field
was interested In a multiplicity of s
ineses banks railroads in this and
other countries telephones telegraph
companies and bond and mortgage
concerns in fact almost anything in
an industrial line and that he was a
veritable railroad prince
Twenty Soldiers Killed While Indians
Carry Off Their Dead
El Paso Texas Reports have been
received here of a desperate battle be
tween Yaqul Indians and Mexican
troops which occurred Wednesday in
the mountain district southeast ot
Guaymas state of Sonora Mex
Twenty Mexicans were killed and a
number wounded The Yaquis were
defeated with considerable loss but
as they took both their dead and
wounded with them when retreating
it Is not known how many were killed
North Dakota Is Buried Under a Great
White Blanket
St Paul Minn North Dakota
is covered with snow of an un
precedented depth Whole communi
ties are isolated and every railroad
in the state is at the mercy of the ele
ments Not a train from North Da
kota has arrived here for three days
and the officials have no definite idea
when traffic will be resumed The
blizzard was the worst the northwest
has known in half a century In the
mountain districts monstrous snow
slides have covered the tracks 50 to
70 feet deep
Chicago Has a Marked Increase in
Diphtheria However
Chicago 111 The combined ot
forts of the health department build
ing department and state factory In
spectors office showed results yester
day in a marked decrease of the num
ber of scarlet fever cases reported
This result however was accompanied
by the greatest number of new cases
of diphtheria reported In any day of
the epidemic as well as an Increase
in the actual number of deaths trom
contagious diseases
Federal Indictments in Utah
Salt Lake City Utah The federal
grand jury which has been inves
tigating alleged coal and timber land
frauds has made its final report
returning a number of indictments
One indictment is against Don C
Robinson one of the oldest coal pros
pectors in the state and another is
against Edwin W Senior a land at
torney They are charged with con
spiring to secure coal lands from the
government by fraud
Another Japanese Treaty Claim
Honolulu Hawaii Japanese Consul
MIki Saito is credited with the state
ment that proposed local legislation
limiting issuance of saloon licenses
to citizens of the United States is
a violation ot the Jrpanese treaty
Relief Work May Cease
New York N Y In the light of
news from Kingston it Is possible
that the committee will decide to re
call the shipments made and return to
contributors such funds and other
gifts as have been received
Cuban Editor Is Beaten
Havana Cuba As a result of the
notoriety gained by the publication of
his name In connection with the raid
on a cockfight here last Sunday Col
Mentiota Liberal candidate for gov
ernor in Santa Clara province yester
day attacked and badly thrashed
Senor Coronado editor of La Dis
cusionc Jose Miguel Gomezs or an
El Rebelde prints the story ot the at
tack on the editor and says he de
served It Jose Miguel Gomez was an
interested spectator at the cockfight
Horace E Hand Social Leader Goes
to Penitentiary
St Louis Mo Within 24 hours
after his arrest Horace E Hand a
member of the bar and conspicuous In
the social life of Kirkwood a suburb
and who for seven years was the con
fidential chief clerk of Judge Luman
F Parker chiet counsel for the Frisco
railway system was taken t > the peni
tentiary after pleading guilty to
forgery His forgeries are said to ag
gregate 15000
The House
After a spirited debate in which
many members participated the house
by a practically unanimous viva voce
vote reduced the number ot pension
agencies throughout the country from
eighteen to one which shall be located
in the pension office in this city
The plan of the appropriations com
mittee was to have the number re
duced from eighteen to nine This
plan was as objectionable to most
members as that which finally carried
Kansas representatives and members
from other states expressed confidence
tonight that the senate will authorize
certainly nine it not all of the agen
cies no77 in operation
The fighc came ovfer an amendment
offered by Representative Dalzell of
Pennsylvania who had announced his
intention of fighting the programme ot
the committee which Involved the con
solidation of the Pittsburg pension
agency with that at Philadelphia Mr
Dalzells amendment provided for the
continuance of all of the agencies Rep
resentative Gardner of Michigan who
had charge of the pension bill on the
floor could hardly wait until the
amendment nad been read before of
fering a substitute cutting out all ot
the agencies except that at Washing
The house passed 380 private pen
sion bills The question ot the frea
distribution of garden seed occupied
a portion of the day
The Louse of representatives vcC5d
to abolish all the pension agen
cies throughout the country 18 in
number and centralize the payment ot
pensions in the city of Washington
This action was taken on the pension
appropriation bill after spirited op
position on the part ot tho3e having
pension agencies In their states
The pension appropriation bill car
rying 13S000000 in round numbers
was passed
The committee on military affairs
decided to make a favorable report on
a bill permitting the wives of enlist
ed men to be buried in the same grave
with their husbands In national ceme
teries This measure was strongly
urged for several years by Mrs Tan
The Senate
Resolutions to check naval officers
from lighting a fire under senators
id iLCuibtre to compel the enact
ment of the naval personnel bill
at this session were present
ed in the senate by Mr Hale
and after causing a snappy debate
of short duration went over for fu
ture consideration Mr Haies reso
lutions cite the presidents order foi
bidding government employes to lob
by and directs an inquiry by the
becretary of the navy to ascertain
whether the order is being violated
The latter part of the day was devoted
to the disposition of pension bills
According to plans the new battle
ship provided for in the naval ap
propriation bill is to be a sister ship
of the monster authorized by congress
last year which the bill required
bhould be a firstclass battleship car
rying as heavy armor and as powerful
armament as any existing vessel ot
Its class to have the highest practi
cable speed and greatest practical
radius of action The cost of the two
battleships is estimated at 10000000
The exact and detailed extent To
which child labor is employed in the
United States Is set forth In a bulletin
issuod by the census bureau The sta
tistics presented are for 1900 and re
late to the employment of children a3
bread winners of whom 1730000 In
round numbers between the ages of
10 and 15 were so employed
Minnesota AttorneyGeneral Begins
Proceedings Against Manitoba
St Paul Minn AttorneyGeneral
Young Friday began mandamus
proceedings in the supreme court
to compel the St Paul Minneapolis
Manitoba Railroad Co to show causa
why its charter should not be forfeit
This company formerly known a3
the Minnesota Pacific Co is really
the parent company of the Great
Northern Railway Co and the Great
Northern is joined in this issue aa it
is the owner of the Manitoba com
panys stock
Gave Gotch a Hard Matcn
Minneapolis Minn Frank Gotch
of Iowa still retains the cham
pionship wrestling title ot America
though Fred Beell ot Wisconsin gave
him a hard match here Beell stayed
the limit 15 minutes and Gotch for
feited C00 and a big sido bet Twlco
Beell got Gotch to the floor Gotch
threw Beell twice to the mat but
failed to hold him
Money Stringency In England
London Eng The light supplies
of money In the market have forced
borrowers to apply to the Bank of
England The money stringency Is
causing a shading of values in the
case ot British securities
Jap Squadron Forced Back Home
Tokio Japan The training squa
dron which sailed for Honolulu on
January 13 is now returning to Yoko3
uka The squadron encountered a
severe storm lasting three days The
masts of the vessels were broken and
other damage was sustained
Bad Fire at Philiipsburg Kas
Philllpsburg Kas Thiee large bus
iness houses hero were entirely de
stroyed by fire causing a loss cstimat
d at 100000 The principal losers
ire Gebhardt Son dry goods and J
Q Royce state bank commissioner
owner of the plant of tha Dispatch
Will Carry Fast Mail
Omaha Xeb The Omaha postoffice
has been notified by the govern
ment that from and after January
21 the Reck Island will carry fast mall
between Omaha and Chicago
1i i
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