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Former Governor Hlggins of New
York is critically 111 He may livefor
8 few days
Mrs Ed Schneider died Thursday at
her home In Cottonwood south of Se
guln Her clothes caughe fixe and she
was literally burned to death
Two cars loaded with cotton were
destroyed by fire on the siding at
Quarry a station on the Santa Fe
twelve miles north of Brenham
Xast week an auction sale of horses
and mules was held at San Angelo aad
about 200 head were disposed of to in
dividual parties
F P Loveless was arrested at Mid
1 lothian Tuesday night on a requisition
from the sheriff at Rome Ga on a
charge of forgery He was brought
to Waxabachle and placed in jail
Miss Julia Corcoran aged 19 years
who was sick for twenty days with
lockjaw caused by stepping on a rusty
nail died Thursday at her home in
Edgar Carter a negro son of Man
uel Carter of Sherman while stealing
a ride on a Houston and Texas Cen
tral freight train fell from the cars
and had a foot cut off
The state board of education has
purchased three issues of Mineral
Wells bonds all bearing D per cent in
terest and maturing in forty years
with an option for ten years
J C Davis the Santa Fe brakeman
injured in an accident at Cameron a
few days ago died of his injuries at
Temple Friday in the Santa Fe hos
Actual work of surveying the Corsl
canaPalestine Interurban was begun
Thursday when Chief Engineer Mc
Michael put a force of engineers to
work locating the lin
The Northern Texas Traction Com
pany which owns the Interurban be
tween Fort Worth and Dallas is as
sembling plans to build a line between
Fort Worth and Cleburne
The State of Texas through State
Treasurer Sam Sparks Thursday paid
interest due on bonds held by the
state moh the permanent school fund
amounting to G249750
The State of Texas has ceded to the
United States a tract of land on the
Trinity at the lines of Kaufman and
v Ellis Counties for use in constructing
and operating lock Izo C
The local committee has purchased
twenty acres of land one mile north
of McKinney to be used for the power
plant of the DallasSherman Interurban
electric railroad
Judge Lock McDanlel United Stales
Attorney for the Southern Dstrlct of
Texas has been chosen as the third
arbitrator in the Southern Pacific fire
mens arbitration committee The oth
ers W E Green and J R Norton
C A Swafford a brakeman on the
Frisco was run over and killed at
Sherman The train was pulling out
and it is supposed be attempted to
step on the pilot of the engine and
missed his footing
Gladys Newsome the 6yearold
daughter of Mr and Mrs Newsome of
Fort Worth died Friday morning as
the result of burns she received last
Wednesday The child was burning
grass when her clothing caught fire
Mrs T Williams of Frost took her
own life Friday nght with a pistol
Justice Carroll viewed the remains
his verdict being that the deceased
came to her death by her own hands
Mrs Williams leaves a husband and
six children
Albert S Johnson who was shot in
an altercation with W O Brown in the
St George Hotel Dallas last Tuesday
evening died st the St Pauls Sanita
rium at 123 oclock Thursday after
Two stranger worked an old game
on L B Moore a jeweler of Denison
and made away with a diamond ring
valued at 175 While examining rings
one of the men changed rings on the
jeweler leaving one valued at about
30 and carrying oft the 175 diamond
The muchtalked of Confederate
monument to be erected In the court
house square at Rusk is at last about
v to be an accomplished fact the con
tract having been awarded to Mr
Teah the noted San Antonio sculptor
The Marshall Gas Company which
has had a force of men busy for sev
eral days past unloading pipe to be
used in maiuing Marshall for the Hunt
erMcCormick people broke ground
Thursday and began laying pipe for
natural gas
The Federal botanical gardens In
Texas will be located on one hundred
acres of land tendered by the citizens
or Brmrniriiio lira miles from that
In the annual election of the Austin
Fire Insurance Company held recent
ly the Dallas contingent secured con
trol and will remove the general of
fices of the company to Dallas
Walter Jones a negro died sudden
ly at Fort Worth Wednesday and Jus
tice Brattons inquest was follew by a
verdict that death was due to an acci
dental overdose of morphine
The Sultan of Turkey has entrusted
to two German companies the electric
lighting of the several towns on the
Bosphorus French firms were com
petitors for the contract
Major Frank B Gordon late of the
Third United States Volunteers died
in Washington a few days since of
pneumonia He was the youngest son
of the last General John B Gordon
At Mart Robert Fourd a negro re
ceived a knife wound in the breast
from the effects of which de died al
most instantly A negress was ar
A tidal wave which devastated some
of the Dutch East Indian Islands
south of Achbn practically engulfed
the Island of Samlu with a population
of 1500 people
Mrs Stanford White for the mur
der of whose husband Harry K Thaw
Is now on trial In New York Is taking
iio interest In the trial and Is spend
ing her time In Cambridge Mass with
her son Lawrence
A negro some weeks ago madean
assault on a Mrs Graves of Green
wood Miss He was kept in jail and
guarded for safe keeping One morn
ing last week he was found hanging
to a trestle
Joe Conway collector for Freeman
Bros at Davis I T accidentally
killed tiimself Wednesday night in the
Arbuckle mountains Becoming ill he
lay down by the roadside and In re
moving his pistol from his pocket ac
cldentally discharged It with fatal re
Trains will be running under the
Hudson River by September 1 of thia
year The Hudson and Manhattan
Railway Company which is to operate
the McAdoo tube system under thi
North River from Hoboken N J to
Morton Street Manhattan made the
A O Slaughter one of Chicagos
pioneer brokers died in San Antonio
Tex a few days ago of heart disease
Mr Slaughter whs born in Scott coun
ty Ky in 1S40 When the Civil War
broke out he enlisted in the Confed
erate Army and attained the rank of
Philippe Buanua Varilla who at ort
time was minister of the Panama Re
rutlic to the United States delivered
an address before the British Socie >
of Arts in which he declared that
the high level canal would be a fail
ure because the Gatum dam the key
to the whole system was liable to dc
struct ion at any time
Returns from the election in the
TwentyEighth District to chose a
successor to Senator Hawkins who
resigned because he could not support
Senator Bailey for reelection are in
complete However the indications
are that Cunningham proBailey has
carried the District by a safe majority
C A Thompson of Sherman was
awarded a verdict of 18000 for dam
ages for personal injury against the
Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway
The Imperial Bank of Germany on
Tuesday reduced its discount rate
from 7 to 6 per cent
The temporary depot at Thurber
Junction burned to the ground Thurs
day night This building was erected
to accommodate patrons until the new
structure which is being built could
be finished
In a singlehanded combat at a
Southern Pacific camp eight miles
from Montecuma Sonora Mexico Bert
Bell an Arizona cowboy shot and
killed six Mexicans He killed three
each In two separate fights and es
Announcement ismade that the of
fice of chairman and chief engineer
of the Isthmian canal commissionwill
be combined and Sir Stevens the
present chief engineer will be given
the appointment
Martin Holbrook manager of the
Southern Express companys office at
Mobile Ala and F L Pickens In
charge of the depot office of the sama
company were arrested on charges of
circulating prize lists of the Honduras
A dispatch received from Norfolk
Va states that thex Leyland Line
steamer bound from Galveston to LiV
BVBRRl Wltk eireo of loll U5o <
Farmers CoOperative Union
Of America
Half of the cotton wasted on the
streets and around the cotton yards
would build a good warehouse at ev
ery town of any Importance In the
whole cotton belt
Today would be a good day to re
solve to cut down your cotton crop
about twentyfive per cent If all did
this the short crop would bring as
much as any fourteenmllllonbale
ci op would bring
Stand up for the organization and
all it represents If you are ashamed
of it get out or improve your morals
and understanding until you are fit for
the association of the leading farmers
who farm all over this country
Have some selfrespect and arrange
your place of business so as to inspire
the confidence of the moneyed man
In other words dont go round ped
dling out your cotton on the streets
to Tom Dick and Harry Sell it like
a business man to a business man
Have some sense
Several years ago the editor of the
Tarrant County Citizen offered to
make good on the offer to any farmer
in Tarrant County who would put half
as much labor and money into the
poultry business as he put into the
cotton business guaranteeing hm that
the poultry would make the most clear
money In other words poultry was
guaranteed to be worth twice as much
as the cotton as a business
The recent cold weather that swept
the Southwest caught thousands and
thousands of cattle and horses out
in the cold in more ways than one
and the suffering was intense When
one is heartless enough to look at the
financial side of the question only it
is a mighty poor proposition to let he
beasts suffer but viewed from the
broader point of humanitarianlsm it Is
Incomparably worse
There Isnt a particle of sence in
crying over something that only may
happen The best laid plans of men
an mice gang aft aglee and many of
the fearful things that could happen
to us often do not materialize The
way to get the good out of living is
to live now when skies are clear and
live in prospect when there is some
temporary trouble This is not hard
to do
These long nights should find the
farmer busy with many of the works
published and distributed free by both
the State and National Governments
He is paying for these publications
and he should have them If you are
not onto how to get them write your
Congressman and ask him to put you
next to all that the Government is
doing for the farmer in the printing
line Of course a great deal of the
stuff you will get is not exactly adapt
ed to your condition and environment
but if you exercise a little bit of com
mon sense the good you get out of
the Government publications is incal
Dont worry so much about the oth
er fellows business and his moral up
rightness as you do about your own
He may not be exactly square and it
is possible that at some times he seeks
to use the order for his own benefit
but it Is at all times meet to remember
tbat you are in the thing for what
itis worth to you If it were not
worth anything to you you would get
out at the diop of a hat and you
would do the dropping too The only
difference between you and the other
fellew is the motive but the ultimate
object is to be benefitted The high
minded man looks to an equitable ben
efit one that may be shared alike by
all while the other fellow Is looking
for the best end of the bargain even
at the expense of his brother
The two things that should have the
Immediate and careful attention of the
members of the Farmers Union aie
public road building and the public
schools There is no real prosperity
In a country which neglects the public
roads theie is no progress without
good highways there is none of the
teal enjoyment of life without them
The public schools are practically a
fraud under the piesent slipshod man
ner of management Many of them
are too small and the pay is too small
to tempt a man of worth or ambition
to accept them The building of good
roads would cause the consolidation of
the small weak schools into big and
solid institutions of sufficient import
ance to attract teachers of merit and
experience Painful though the admis
sion may be it is a fact that nine cut
of ten country teachers aie teaching
not as a profession but as a stepping
stone to something more attractive
How can one put real heart into a
work that is only temporary And
without heart in the work how can
really good and effective work be
Let us say again that it is necessary
for you to be able to truthfully advice
your nonmember neighbor to join the
Union To do this you should be re
ceiving some benefit from the organ
ization Not a merely sentimental
sort of benefit but a real dollar and
cents helpfulness to easier and hap
pier getting on In the world If you
have not received this sort of a benefit
your local Union is not coming up to
the standard that it should or else
you are a sorry sort of a member or
else both of these difficulties stand In
the way What Is the matter There
is no sense In a lot of people getting
together all in the same line of bus
iness without helpfulness coming out
of the gathering
What have you done to help Saman
tha with the poultry this year You
have seen the new plows and have
taken time to look at the new planters
and cultivators but what have you
done for the silent partner in your
business Dont get fidgety and al
low that somebody Is poking his nosa
Into your business That Is exactly
what you need unless you have done
the square thing by your patient but
most vigilant and hardworked silent
partner Fess up old man
Be awful careful to keep your af
fairs in hand so that you will not have
to go Into debt this year for anything
In flush times like we have been hav
ing for the past few years the debt
making habit is sure to grow and fast
en Itself upon the very fiber of our be
ings Shun debt as you would a
This is a good time to build up your
local Your neighbors are not rushed
with work and this Is a good time to
get their application Give em an
other chance anyhow
Better hold your local meeting regu
laily just once a month rather than
weekly meetings and halffailures Get
the ladies enlisted Arrange interest
ing programs and let none shirk their
The plan of the Farmers Union to
bring about a sensible and systematic
method of handling the cotton crop
has not yet been accomplished al
though gratifying progress has been
made toward the accomplishment of
that desirable end Every intelligent
nonmember has been impressed with
the great work being Inaugurated by
the Farmers Union
The merchants and bankers and
lawyers and doctors and preachers and
a large proportion of the farmers aro
always ready to approve the building
of elegant and expensive courthouses
for papsuckers and lawyers and the
constabulary to occupy but they Im
mediately become very conservative
when expenditures are suggested for
the improvement of country roads
particularly such neighborhood roads
as do not lead to their town
A bill has been introduced in the
lower house of the Texas Legislature
to require the registration of automo
biles limiting their speed to 18 miles
an liour on nubile rajfls nuii I muss
A warehouse at every market town
Truth and right will prevail Have
no fears
Build warehouses and change the
sj stem of marketing
The day of the street buyer Is gone
Not a bale of cotton should be sola
on the streets Get ready to market
In a sensible way
Make Union men by putting the Co
Operator Into the hands of your non
union neighbors It never fails to
Every time a warehouse or a grain
elevator is built we are that much
nearer that perfect that just and
equitable system of marketing Build
Let the cooperating producers of
America march together shoulder to
shoulder with a perfect understand
ing and the work for just and equit
able prices will soon be won
If there are any members of The
Farmers Union who see nothing but
politics in the organization and have
joined It for no other purpose they
should get out They are in the wrong
Get ready so that when the Nation
al Union again fixes the price we
will be able to maintain it We can
not have permanent success without
much preparation We must build
Are we going to continue a system
which means financial death to us
If we do we are not worth saving The
wav is now clear and nothing but
our Inaction can prevent our success
Yes the demagogue politician Is
abroad in the land He would trans
form this great industrial organization
Into a mere tail of some mans kite
This is an industrial organization Wo
must stay on the main track
Hold up the hands of your officials
It is an absolute crime to do otherwise
We can only succeed by building The
man who tears down should not be iu
a constructive organization We have
a great system to build Only builders
should apply
Enough cotton is wasted every year
to build all the warehouses we need
Why not get busy The way is now
clear Shall we stay in the old ruts
or anall ivg iralK in ihq ilnntT
Sunday School Lesson for Feb 31907
Specially Prepared for This Paper
obcooocoocoooococ < xxxxxxxu
verses 13
GOLDEN TEXT The salvation of
the righteous is of the Lord Psalm
TIME Acordlng to Ussher s chronol
ogy B C 234S but this calculation is re
garded as uncertain by many of the
most conservative scholars Very proba
bly It was earlier
PLACE The ark rested on some
height in tile mountainous region of
Ararat south of Armenia in the region
of the upper Euphrates The ark start
ed further down
1C56 years after Adam A considerable
population in the world quite well ad
vanced ir the arts of civilization The
world gro < vn wicked but a line of good
men running through it
2310 R V Isa 9 Ezek 1414 Matt
2137 Luke 1726 27 Heb lia 1 Pet
320 2 Pet 2b
Comment and Suggestive Thought
The Crisis of the Race We are told
In chapter G the depth of moral cor
ruption into which the majority of the
race had fallen The earth was filled
with violence And God saw
that the wickedness of man was great
in the earth and that every imagina
tion of the thoughts of his heart was
only evil continually
The Problem of the Ages What to
Do with Wicked Men This has been
the problem of every human govern
ment from the heads of a family to
emperors and autocrats It forms the
most difficult problem today
The Ark and the Deluge Noah was
the great grandson of Enoch and like
him walked with God He was a holy
virtuous pious man in a world ruin
ing Itself with wickedness His was
not merely a passive goodness He
was a preacher of righteousness 2
Pet 25 He was a prophet and re
former It Is not probable that he was
popular with men 1
The Beginning of the New Era
Vs 116 V 1 God remembered
Noah He never forgets his people
V 2 Fountains of the deep
rain from heaven The two
sources of the deluge
V 4 Ark rested In the seventh
month There were two starting
points of the year the Sacred in
April the Civil in September The
seventh month was either May or
V 5 Tenth month July or Jan
uary V 7 Sent forth a raven which
would feed on floating dead bodies
and return to the ark back and forth
Hence its return would be no test of
the state of the land
V 8 Sent forth a dove to get In
formJon The dove returned with
V 11 In her mouth was an olive
leaf One that had just put forth
fresh leaves That the olive tree is
found in Armenia is proved from
Strabo Dillmann
V 13 In the six hundredth and
first year Twelve lunar months
after Noah entered the ark
V 14 In the second month etc
Making in all 3G5 days
V 1C Go forth The work was
complete The old was ended and the
new race begun The world entered
upon a new era
Worship Gen 82022 The first
act of Noah was an act of worship
and religion He expressed his grati
tude his faith his consciousness of
sin and the infinite love of God which
had saved him
A Divine Promise in the Heavens
Gen 9817 God averted another
fear that the deluge might be repent
ed a fear which would haunt the
early race at every coming of the
fruitgiving rain a fear that would in
terfere not only with comfort but with
The Rainbow Token That gra
clous thing made up of tears and
light Coleridge The rainbow as a
sign of Gods promise is peculiarly ap
propriate and beautiful 1 It is
formed on the rain Itself the rain
which produced the flood 2 After
the appearance of an entire rainbow
as a rule no rain of long duration fol
lows Indeed the rainbow is a proof
that the storm Is partial not coverinr
the whole sky The sun of Gods
mercy Is shining on the rain 3 Th <
darker the storm the brighter th <
rainbow 4 As It lights up the dart
ground that just before was discharg
Ing itself in flashes of lightning it
gives us an idea of the victory of
Gods love over the black and fierj
wrath Delitzsch 5 It is just ic
its conformity to natural law that the
rainbow is a pledge that the order o
nature shall continue Denio C I
can be seen everywhere in all parts o
the earth it is all embracing li
shines on the evil and on the good
with its rays of warning and of hope
7 It is very beautiful and attractive
God gives a winning beauty to his an
gels to his messengers of mercy and
to his promises In order to attract
men and show his love S It forms
an arch wide as the storm and bind
ing earth and heaven God and man
together in peace There can be no
rainbow without the sun
Practical Points
God punishes men not because he
hates them but because he loves
them Sin is a far greater evil than
rmnishnient The flood that destroyed
New York Town Talk
Jewels Worth 50000010 Worn by Gotham Society Qneenj at Open
ing of Opera Season Women Unattended May Now Eat in WaV
dorfAitora Restaurant Other Interesting Notes
NEW YORK The opera season Is In full
swing and so is the gorgeous display of jewels by
New Yorks rich woman in and out of the 400
Every night at the Manhattan opera house where
Melba ascl the other stars are singing millions of
dollars of gems sparkle in the audience On the
first night of her appearance Mme Melba wore
500000 worth of jewelry and It Is estimated that
the women in the boxes carried 850000000 more
New York has become the great diamond
market of the world and within the last five years
the demand for the gems has Increased so enor
mously as to call attention to the fact that sev
eral New York families own collections which
rival the crown jewels of many reigning monarchs
Mrs Clarence Mackay has one sapphire which
alone Is valued at 150000 It Is fourtenths of an
inch In ftameter She also has diamonds that cost over 100000
Mrs J J Astor has a collection containing 135000 worth of diamonds
and sapphires It Includes a diamond crown worth 50000 a tiara of dia
monds and emeralds worth 530000 a necklace of the same jewels worth
25000 and a bowknot of rubles and emeralds worth 10000
Mrs George Gould has a collection of jewels which has been estimated
at 4S0000 of which20000 worth are rings One solitary ruby Is valued
at 7000 The most valuable piece is a diamond and ruby necklace worth
The Vanderbilt family owns r 4000000 worth of jewels Mrs Alfred
Gwynne Vanderbilt added about 100000 worth of diamonds to the family
collection Including a necklace valued at S0000
Mrs Harry Payne Whitney has two enormous diamond tiaras one val
ued at 40000 and five costly aigrets and comb worth 10000 The gem of
her collection is a necklace worth 3000
Mrs BradleyMartin has jewels valued at over 500000 some experts
claiming that it is the finest collection owned by any American woman The
most notable piece is a diamond breastplate which covers the front ot a low
cut bodice literally clothing the owner with jewels It is valued at 10000
A collection of tiara necklaces bracelets and pins of carefully matched stones
is valued at 200000
Tax books opened forpublic Inspection the
other day show that Andrew Carnegie again heads
the list as the heaviest payer of personal property
He did not object to the assessment of his per
sonal property at 5000000
But John D Rockefeller Jr submits to a
taxation on only 50000 worth of personality
Personality includes jewelry furniture paintings
stocks and bonds and everything rot taxed un
der the real estate law
In this same list It will be observed that
Alfred R M Goslin a fugitive from justice and
high finance swindler is assessed for 60000 or
10000 more than John D Rockefeller Jr Han
nah Ellas a negress who got G50000 from John
R Piatt Is requested to pay a tax on 71000 worth
of personality
The estate of Russell Sage is assessed at 2000000 quite an increase
over last year when Mr Sage was alive
William E Corey a comparative newcomer in the city who is now In
Europe to see Mabelle Gilman whom he is to marry has not taken the time
to swear off an assessment of 100000
All of the Vanderbilts total an assessment of 2800000 August Belmont
is let down with atax on 100000 His brother O H P Belmont is assessed
twice that much
Assessors could find only 30000 that Senator Chauncey M Depew should
pay a personalty tax on while JohtfW Gates who has no more of a home In
New York city than a suite at the Waldorf is assessed at 250000 Gates
is not In politics
J Pierpont Morgan is assessed at 400000 and John Jacob Astor at
100000 less
Among the assessments are William Rockefeller 350000 H H Rogers
300000 Alfred G Vanderbilt 250000 Cornelius Vanderbilt 150000
The total assessed value of real and personal property in the city as
figured by the assessors this year will bo about SS0521D570
i < M W < A WWWW
Gives His Rule of Life
The story that Edwin Markham the
poet says is his favorite one strongly
suggests the modern worldly Interpre
tation of the golden rule Do unto
others as they do unto you but do it
first Mr Markham evidently gath
ered the material for this story while
living near Prospect park Brooklyn
At any rate he told it In Brooklyn
It is as folllows
I have a great curiosity when I
meet strangers to learn their views of
life ana their ethical principles One
day I found a neighbor of mine who
is a gambler sitting on a bench in
the public square I sat down beside
him and in the cour o of our conver
sation asked
Neighbor Smith have you any set
rules by which you live
Yee I have cried Smith as he
brought his fist down on the seat with
a whack that aroused the suspicions
of the officer on the beat My main
rule is not to care a continental what
happens so It doesnt happen to
me Exchange
We offer the JimpIecMe and any
one of the following papers for
one year for price opposite name
Tcjcaa Jfc Pnciae
Vest Bound
No 1 Mall and Express S39 a m
So 3 Nlsht Express 401 a nu
o 5 Cannon Ball 155 p m
No 107 L G N Fast Mall 343 p m
Ernst Bound
No 2 Mail anl Express G17 p m
No 4 Nisht Express 145 a m
No 6 Cannon Ball 1 4 p ra
No 104 I U N Uxore33 309 a m
B T HAZARD Local Agent
Jefferson Texas
Hunt llmiuil
No 222 Mall anl Uxpre33 113 p m
No 224 Night Exnre < 3 414 a ra
Went Ilnunil
No 221 Mall and Kxpres3 250 p m
No 221 Nltht llxprcsa 125S a ra
M P OCONNOR Local Agent
Jeftersor Texas
Curch Directory
CHRIST CHURCH Sundar School at
10 a zn Morning Prajsr at 11 a m
Holy Communion First Sunday in
Guild meets every raonaay at 1 p ra
Kev Chat T Coerr Rsctor
PreachlnB at the Methodist Church ev
ery Sabbath by Rev A A Wagnon at
11 a m and 730 p m Sabbath School at
1000 a ra S l Schluter Superintend
ent Prayer meeting Thursday 730
p ra senior League Thursday 830 p
m Junior League Sunday I p m
Womans Home Missionary Society
first Monday in each month at S p m
Choir Saturday X n m
School every Sunday 10 oclock a m
Superlntendant J H Rowell Sr
Preaching first second and fourth
Sundays 11 oclock a m and 730 p
m by J B Lairls Pastor Prayer
meeting every Wednesday nljcht 7J0
m Ladles Aid Society meets every
onday 330 oclock p ra
every Sabbath at 11 a m and 7 30 p m prayer
service every Wed at 730 p m Rev R
R Rives Pastor Sabbath school at 91S a
at G W Brown Sopt
A windstorm ot almost
lorce did considerable damage In the
Wilson Springs community five miles
south of Taylor by overturning fodder
and cane stacks and scattering hay
and other provender broadcast over
the prairie south of the community
Waco people are already feeling the
results of the appriprlatlon to be giv
en the Brazos River by Congerss
Every real estate man as soon as the
news of the appropiiatlon reached
the city was on the run
A company is being ogaalzed In Dal
las for tne purpose of manufacturing
and marketing an electric mall box for
prlv vrsld JIT The box contains
an electric attachm r t which announ
ces the deposit of mall by a bell in
side of the house
Irene the 4yearold daughter ot Mr
and Mrs E L Setliss residing near
Donna Collin County was perhaps fa
tally burned a few days since The ac
cident was caused by the childs dress
catching fire
By the overwhelming majority of
S35000 votes against 90t00 as rep
resented by delegates the labor coun
ell of Belfast rejected the amendment
to the constitution the effect of whlcn
would have been to transform it into
Socialistic organization
Jolin 3aclc on an employe oC ine
loa urdertak ng firm at Fresno Cai
ifornia in a fit of jeaousj shot aul
hilled Susie Pearson in the presence
of her father Grant AV Pearson and
then shot himself through the head
falling dead In his tracks
The Eiffel Tower one of the memo
nes of the Paris Exposition of 1900
will become a permanent institution
as a result of the decision of the gov
ernment to use it as part of the army
wireless telegraph system
The prospect that gambling will be
sloped at the Casino at Nice is hailed
with delight by the authorities of
Monte Carlo who believe that the
gambling element will probably mi
grate thither and Hi en up a hitherto
dull season
Anthony R Bagnctto a painter
whose work is widely known through
his painting of the floats in the Res
procession of Mardi Gras carnivals at
New Orleans died In that City Wed
Kingston Jan 22 Two earthquake
shocks the heaviest since the ce
tructive ones of Jan 14 were felt
ere at 2 oclock this afternoon Sev
ral buildings were thrown dewn and
here was great alarm among the peo
ple No one was injured i
Comanche County is arranging to
build two more warehouses one at De
Leon and one at Hasse The meeting
Rt Comanche was an Inspiration to the
boys and all returned to their homes
esolved the Union shall and must sue
nl tortunes In cotton will continue to
be made and lost in a few minutes
with the producers the losers all the
time till the producers themselves
change the system of marketing by
building a new system They will not
change the system by law It must
and will bo done In an Industrial wa >
slsn aro tor today
The aril of Gods salvation Is large
enough for all who will enter The
door Is open Gods Invitations are
sent to ail
Men may help build the ark and
yet not themselves enter into it and
bj saved
On Chinese Railroad Lines
Eeforei the opening of the railway
to Paotingfu coal and other freight
from the south of Peking was brought
in on mules and camels and in ox
carts and wheelbarrows Even now
wheelbarrow ceolies come with a load
a distance of 450 li or about L50
miles according to the Engineering
The Belgian line is about 7GS miles
long and the section of it from Pe
king to Paotrsfu both of which are
in ChiLl province is about 150 kilo
meters It is constructed between
these two points both as to roadbed
and openings for a double track line
although only one track has been laid
It is of standard gauge six feet
eight and onehalf inches which the
Chinese authorities have wisely re
quired In all concessions for railways
in all parts of the empire with the
exception of the French line in the
south toward IndoChina
Through the flat country of the
rrth across which strong winds
ilow willows have been planted for
protection against drifting sand and
dust These are growing well To
Paotingfu and for 100 miles south of
it the roadbed now seems compact
and smooth riding A speed of 40
miles an hour is sometimes made be
tween stations The average how
ever is probably not more than 22
miles an hour as longer stops are
made at stations than in America
These Chinese carry huge bundles of
baggage and delays are frequent
Is compulsory between the ages of
S and 11 Three languages are
taught Japanese Chinese and Eng
Believes in Army Y M C A
Lord Roberts has interested him
self in the extension of the army
Y M C A s in Canada which he has
just indorsed in these words I con
sider that these associations are doing
a great service to the army that
their methods are thoroughly prac
tical and fully serve the purposes fcr
which they are devised namely to
afford the men an opportunity to oc
cupy their spare time reasonably and
I to their own advantage
Nation Being Educated
Ninetytwo per cent of the children
in Japan je in school Attendance
A Munificent Gift
A cable dispatch from South Amer
ica states that 20000 has been offered
the Young Mens Christian Associa
tion at Buenos Ayres to start a build
ing canvass
Womens Opportunities
No class of schools in the United
States is wholly closed to women and
as far as individual institutions are
concerned more of them exclude men
than women
Methodists of Canada
The Methodist church of Canada re
ports n increase of 25822 members
in the last quadrennium The pres
ent membership is 317717
Naturally a girl would rather be
beautiful than intellectual There are
more stupid men m the world than
blind ones
r w idea iijigazine
Sr S
You Can Easily Operate
This Typewriter
Dont worry
your corrcipoa
dent Dont write him
anything by hand
that takea h I m
time to make out
that may leave
him U doubt
that he cnt
And dont fill out legal papers or
eard memos or make out accounts on
hotel menus In your own handwriting
It looks bad reflects on your stand
ing makes poople think you cant af
ford a stenographer and Is sometime
You can write out your letters
make out an abstract fill In an in
surance policy enter your card mem
os make out your accounts or a hotel
menu or do any kind ot writing you
need on any kind size or thickness of
paper and spaco any way you want
T pGrVrifesB
Th Standard Visible Writer
Tou can write any of these thlnra
yourself If you dont happen to hav
a stenographer
For you can saslly learn with a lit
tle practice to write lust as rapidly
and as perfectly as an expert operator
on the OLIVER Because the OLIVKK
Is the simplified typewriter j nd you
can see every word you wrlto About
SO per cent more durable than any
other typewriter because it has about
80 per cent less wearing points than
most other typewriters
10 per cent easier to write with than
these other complicated Intricate ma
chines that require humorlns tech
nical knowledge Ion practice and
special skill to operate
Than machines which cannot be ad
justed to any special space with
which It Is Impossible to write ab
stracts insurance policies or oddsized
documents except you buy expensive
attachments requiring experts to op
erate You can adjust the OLIVER to
any reasotmnle space you can write
on anv reasonable size and thickness
of paper rlsht out to the very edge
without the aid of any expensive at
tachment or special skill and your
work will be neat appearing leslbla
and clear
For the OLIVER Is the typewriter
for the doctor the lawyer the insur
ance a cent the merchant the hotel
proprietor or any man who does hi
own wrltlnsr
Write us now for onr booklet on the
simplified features of the OLIVER
Wabash Ave nnd Monro St
Special Club
bing Offer
Every man should subscribe to hli
focal paper because from it he secures
a class of news and useful Information
that he can get nowhere else H
should however also subscribe to a
first class general newspaper Such
newspaper Is
The SemiWeekly News
Thousands of its readers proclaim 1
the best general newspaper in thu
world Its secret of success is that It
gives the farmer and his family Just
what they want In the way of a family
newapaper It furnishes all the news
of the world twice a week It has a
splendid page where the farmers wrlta
their practical experiences on tha
farm It Is like attending an Immense
farmers Institute It has pages spec
ially gotten up for the wife for tha
boys and for the glrl3 It glve3 the
latest market reports In short It
glve3 a combination of news and In
structive reading matter tbat can be
secured In no other way For s30
cash In advance we will send Thi
SemiWeekly News and
each for one year This meant
that you will get a total of 15G copies
Its a combination which cant bo beat
and you will securo your moneya
worth many Ume3 over Subscribe at
onco at tno Duner omco
imw VM gMfvTjL i r uanihttiana nifiw w < 4 a isma
Located in the Panhandle country constitute a vast
proportion of those who are out of debt possess an
abundance of nil that is necessary to comfort and easy
hours and own
Those who are not so fortunate sbould profit by past
experiences and recognize that these conditions arc pos
sible in
as nowhere else for the reason that no other section no7
Rcoiiy High Class Land at Low Prices
and that the agricultural and stockfarming possibilities
of this section are the equal of and in some respect3
better than three to five times higher priced property
located elsewhere In a word Many mrgnificent op
portunities are still open here to those possessing but
little money but prompt investigation and
are advisable as speculators bavo
itvestigated and are fast purchasing
with a knowledge of quickly devel
oping opportunities to sell toothers
at greatly increased prices
The Denver Road sells cheap ronnd
tnp ttefcets twice a wetk wln 6topOTor
piivU ge3 For tall Intomiticn wrto to
A A GLisaOjr a p A
rt Worth Texas
vnVrTri 7 rTJLri WM L wr
Is fast becoming the fruit
vegetable grain and cotton
country of the Southwest
It will pay yon to Investi
gate right now
Cen PaasongorAgonfr

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