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VOL 89
Rosenthal s
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subscribers until a definite order to
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Guild meets every Monday at 3 p m
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Preaching at the Methodist Church every
Sabbath by Rev A A Wagnon at 11 a m and
730pm8abbath School 1000 amL SSchlutcr
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Sabbath at 11 a m and 730 pm prayer service
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G W Browu
Dr Felix Adler says that the
desire to accumulate money is a
foim of insanity Its a mad
world my master
Chicago is having an epidemic
of disease from drinking milk
One never of these distressing con
ditions in Milwaukee
Dont be content to settle
down be a dangerous woman is
the advice given to a class of col
lege girls by the President of the
institution Still all girls cannot
be summer girls
ExChairman Shonts of the
Panama Canal Commission is
making speeches in the West tell
ing how the canal should be dug
If be had waited ft few years and
told how the canal wa dug the in
formation would be more satisfy
There members
are several
Congress who were opposed to an
increase of salary but it is not
likely that any of them will refuse
to accept it The millionaire Sen
ators are always referring to the
salary as mere bagatelle but
there is far
so no record of one
them handing it back
Griffon Brand Clothing
will keep you warm and comfortable in all kinds of
winter weather and you comfort will be increased by
HHrkaovfledge of being properly fitted and stjdishly
Our reputation is back of
tte ixaztxiz
Editors ano Proprietors
Saturday Feb 81907
Austin and Vale Ste Jefferson Texas
Entered at the PostOffice at Jefferson Texas
ai secondclass mall matter
Copies of the J kfferson Jimflecute in wrap
pen ready formalllng can always be had at the
omce by tingle copies or the dozen
Washington is watching with
much interest the working out of a
distinctively new idea in public af
fairs This is the Peoples Lobby
a nonpartisan organization de
signed to foster a wider knowledge
of national legislation and to in
dorse or oppose such bills as affect
the general welfare of the people
The ba ic idea is that if the
people know the facts on legisla
live matters public opinion will
find such vide expression thai it
cannot be disregarded Channels
of publicity are not lacking The
Peoples Lobby has the support of
a large number of leading news
papers and of such publications as
Success Colliers and
An important branch of the
work of the organization is the
careful compiling of the public
secord of every Senatoi and Repre
sentative The people have a
right to know from an unprejudiced
source what their hgislators are
doing The influences brought to
bear on members of Congress will
also be examined into this means
a history af the third house
the secret lobbyists who are so
successful in influencing legislation
for the benefit of the special in
terests which employ them
The plan seems broad enough
aud practical enough to augur
great good if intelligently carried
into effect The personnel of the
governing committee and of the
men in charge of the bureau in
Washington wouldseem to prom
ise this result and the willingness
of the people to endorse the pro
ject and to support it with their
subscriptions is attested by hund
reds of communications received
from every state in the union and
from Panama Hawaii and the
Philippine Islands Enthusiastic
letters are still being received
daily and the organization con
tinues to make its appeal foi sub
scriptions for any amount from SI
Henry Beach Needham whose
experience as a journalist in Wash
ington led him to suggest the for
raation of the Peoples Lobby is
the Secretary in charge of the
Washington bureau located in the
Munspy building
In this issue we gwe the recnm
mendations pased by the Texas
Good Roads association held in
Waco the past month Good
roads is the main isun now and
should be taken up by every land
owner and business man in the
state Improve the public high
ways and your towns will reap the
It appears that the trouble with
the Freuch at Panami and the de
lays so far since the Americans es
sayed the role of canal diggers has
been the absence of the Missouri
mule Now that the animal h to
be given a chance we m look for
the dirt flv
The Chicago American rses to
ask When automobiles become
so common that everybody can af
ford them whit then The an
wer is easy Instead of being run
over you will be run into
Sheppard Thrills the House
dazzling oratorical outburst
marked the close of the proceed
ings in the House of Representa
tives yesterday the performer be
ing the young Texas prodigy Rep
resenative Morris Sheppard wboBe
masterful handling of almost in
comprehensible figures when deal
ing with tariff and protection was
only equalled by his brilliant pow
er as a fancy sketch artist of the
peerless order
The theme of his declaration
waa the amazing vitality of the
Democratic party and the impati
ence of the Republican party
clothed with almost unlimited and
apparently unending power
What a picture it presents said
Sheppard unable to accomplish
anything except Democratic or
nonpartisan measure The Re
publican party swollen with the
spoils of office corpulent wine of
power distended with the dropsy
of corruption drags it3 huge body
over the halls of legislation help
leBS among the trophies of the
past powerless before the prob
lems and responsibilities of the fu
ture while its coward lips wail
Ill stand pat but another term
for dry rot
Of President Roosevelt Shep
pard said The monarchial im
pulses of the President are seen in
his efforts to regulate everything
from the size of our families to the
manner of our spelling He has
piled Pel ton on Ossa Taft on
Cuba Root on South America and
Rooeevelt on Webster The
American people have a lesson in
simplified spelling in store for
him It proposes to teach him to
spell Preeident Br y a n
SheppardB peroration waa intro
duced with a story about Sam
Jones the famous Southern morol
ist In defense and promulgation
of Democratic principles he
said we need a special enthusi
asm like that which an old colored
deacon prayed might be given to
Sam Jones from on high Oh
Lord he said gib Brudder Jones
de eye ob de eagle dat he may see
pin from afnr Glue his ear to
the gospel telephone and connect
him wid de central skies Lum
inate his brow wid a brightness
dat 11 make de fires ob hell look
liko a taller candle Nail his
hands to de gospel plow Bow his
head in some lonesome valley
where prayer is much wonted to
be made Noint him all over wid
de kerosene oil of Dy salvation
and set him afire
And then he concluded With
an enthusiasm that cannot die let
us gather beneath the stainless
standard of the stainless leader
who in a recent private journey
around the globe was honored of
the nations bb perhaps no other
private citizen of any country was
ever honored before whose every
heart beat is a throb of brother
hood whose soul is illumed with
the love of man whose arm is tire
less in the peoples cause
Throughout his remarkable ef
fort Sheppard was frequently ap
plauded and at the conclusion of
his speech he received a flattering
ovation from his Democratic asso
ciates Washington D C Her
aid January 17
Chicago school teachers want to
return to the use of the rod in the
public schools It has always
been a question whether it was
most cruel to the children to use
the rod or to deny the teachers the
teachers the privilege of using it
Speaker Cannon eays there will
be no currency legislation this
year The Speaker is not the
seventh son of a seventh son but
when he prophesies there is no
use for any one else to make
guesses about it
The United States will have to
contribute a great deal of money to
dam the Colorado river but the
people on its banks have been
damming it for nothing all these
Sidney Troubles Attack Jefferson
Men and Women Old and
Young Alike
Kidney ills seize young and old alike
Quickly come and little warning give
Children suffer in their early years
Cant control the kidney secretions
Girls are languid nervous suffer pain
Women worry cant do daily work
Robust men have lame aching backs
Old lolks weak rheumatic lame
Endure distressing uriny ills
The cure for man womanorfor child
Is to cure the cause the kidneys
Doans Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys
Cure all the varied forms ofkindey
Jefferson testimony guarantees every
L G Goodman proprietor of restau
rant at Lafayette and Walnut sts Jef
ferson Texas says For several years
my wife suffered with kidney trouble
She had a dull grinding pain in the
small of the back oxtendiug at times to
the very top of her head The kidney
secretions were irregular and of au un
healthy appearance She was feeling so
bad that she told me to go to the doc
tor aud it just happened at that time
thatan advertisement of Doans Kidney
PiIIb attracted my attention aud we sent
to JF Crow Drug Cos store for a box
Mrs Goodman began using them and
the treatment so effectively rid her of
the trouble that I have never heard her
complain of her back or kidneys since
She feels better in eveiy way than she
has for years
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FosterMUburn Co Unffalo K
Y sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
What the W C T TJ is Doing
At least we are trying It is something
to try to do good is it not And we have
the comfort of knowing that it is only
the effort that God aekes for the suc
cess belongs to Him
Once a week we have met together to
plan the best we know how in order to
do the best we could The W C T U
is an organized hody of women from all
denominationsbanded together to work
for God Its departments include Mis
sion work Mothers meetings Sabbath
School workSabbath observance Social
purity mercy Antigambling educa
tional and press Department and oth
ers Our president Mrs Haywood is a
woman of unfailing energy and to her
efforts our success is due Mrs M
Jones is superintendent of the mission
department Only the recipientskuows
of the clothing given away of the poor
women made glad by nice dinners of
money given for wood of flowers sent
to cheer the desolate The W C T TJ
women are so noted for their charities
that a case of need is always reported
to them but it is hard to get them to
report what they do Once a month
Mothers meetings are heldwhere ideas
are exchauged articles are written by
mothers competent to advise and ar
ticles read from Mothers magazines
The mothers subscribe for magazines to
help them and everything that can be
instructive is used to make the home a
power for good At the railroad sta
tions are boxes made by Mr J N
Thomas and every week a committee is
appointep to fill these with religious lit
erature for free distribution Literature
is also taken to the jail and sometimes
flowers Miss AliceEmmert has charge
of the educational department She
has been having her pupils write essays
on the Evil Effects of Alcohol The
best of these essays are to be published
in the Jimpmcute Mrs Benefield is
our competent press superintendent
We all know how faithfully and how
well her work has been done
Believing that the Bible is Gods rule
to guide man and woman we devote
part of our weekly meetings to studying
it Believing that prayer is the greatest
means we have to gain strength to work
for God we emphasize the importance
of morning aud evening prayer and of
observing silent moments for morning
consecration We also take magazines
to help us to understand our daily Bible
Our greatest success has been the es
tablishment of our Y Mrs D M Smith
is superintendent of that department
With the assistanca of Mrs Singleton
they have erganized a Y with 25 mem
bers Only think of it Twentyfive
young people in our town working for
temperanceaud purity To Mrs Mose
ley and Miss Daisy Hughes of Atlanta
also credit is due for aiding in this
noble work
Constantly we are being told that we
are accomplishing nothing for temper
ance We think that intoxicating liquor
causes most of the unhappineBs in this
world that it breeds poverty and crime
that it always curses and degradestbat
it robs its victims of miud of morals of
affection of will of heart of salvation
that with increasing power it is hurling
people into hell multitudes of people
every dry We think that the only safe
ty from this great evil is in total absti
nence But the majority of our town
think differently Until we can per
suade others to believe as we do we are
not strong enough to rid our homes of
tbis monstrous evil Therefore our
greatest effort now is to educate When
Jericho was to be taken the people
marched around the city every day for
seven days It seemed a very useless
thing to do But that was necessary be
fore the angel broke down the walls so
so they could enter and fight We are
marching around Jefferson now The
angel will come to open a way for us to
fight and to overcome the giants of
evil that hold dominion
A story was once told of five wise vir
gins who kept their lamps filled with
oil ready for service Our aim is to be
like them On the sea coastwhere there
is great danger of Bhip wrecklight hous
es are erected It is said that many
birds misunderstanding these lights
fly against them They do not hurt the
lights bnt they destroy themselves
We have set up our light house Do
you think it useless Do you want the
light put out I warn you not to fly
against it Was it your boy who went
staggering home that night Or did not
come at all Was it you who bowed your
face upon your armswhile you felt your
heart break from the greatert sorrow of
your life Was it you who sent up to
God a great cry for help If it was not
you it was some other woman Did I
say some other woman How many
other women right here in Jefferson
God help tbem We too would like to
help tbem Do you think we ought not
to try I wish you could have heard the
pitiful wailing of that wife whose hus
band was shot down in a saloon not
long ago I wish you could he awake
all night with her cries echoing in your
ears as I did Only think of eight mills
in this town grinding day and night
manufacturing lost souls the souls of
my loved ones and of yours perhaps
Dojou want us to put out our light
Years agothe WCTUdisbanded Sup
pose its members had persevered Sup
pose that with faith in God and in
themselves they had worked on until
they had gained the victory Can you
think of any wrecked lives that might
have been strong good men today Can
pou think of any graves that might
have been left undue to dav Do you
want us to quit trying We will not
We can not for God is moving us
Perhaps we will rescue your boy or
your girl Would you not like to help
us Donotdelay While we are begging
for reinforcements somebodys darlings
are going down in the wreck
Mrs H C Taylor
Neglected Colds Threaten Lire
From the Chicao Tribune Dont
trifle with a cold is good advice for
prudent men and women It may be
vital in case of a child Proper food
good ventilation and dry warm cloth
ing are the proper safeguards against
colds If thsy are maintained through
the changeable weatberof autumn win
ter and spring the chances of a sur
prise from ordinary colds will be
But ths ordinary light cold will become
6evere if neglected and well estab
lished ripe cold is to the germs of dipth
theria what honey is to the bee The
greatest menace to the child life at tbis
season of the year is the neglected
cold Whether it is child adult
a or
the cold slight or severe the very best
treatment that can be adopted is to
give Chamberlains Cough Remedy It
is safe and sure The great popularity
and immense sale of this
has been attained by its remarkable
cures of this ailment A cold never re
sults in pneumonia when it is given
For sale by all druggists
It appears that Mi = s Simonton
who is reported to be studying the
language of monkeys is not in
Congo but is establish in Paris If
she doe n it get into the right s °
therein which to pursue hersludiee
she might go to Newport
Extensive Ones Discovered to Get
Chinamen Into Texas
Of Information on the Subject and
a Party Who Has Duly Dele
gated Secured Some Sur
prising Testimony
EI Paso Feb 4 Returning from a
trip of investigation at Mexican ports
and along the border between the
United States and Mexico Marcus
Brauns stated Sunday that he had
found extensive thoroughly organized
and wholesale schemes for smuggling
Chinese into this counry The Inves
tigation was taken for the personal
Information of President Roosevelt
Mr Ttrauns declined to give details as
to his conclusions and discoveries He
did state however that one remedy
would be to have mounted riders in
sufficient numbers to patrol the bor
8o Declares Garvan In Referring to
Thaw Killing White
New York Feb 4 The Thaw trial
is now on the jury having been re
tained as completed Friday
In his opening address to the jury
Attorney Garvan said that Thaws act
was deliberate premeditated and In
tentional murder He walked up to
the architect when he had determined
to kill him wheeled and faced him and
thenfired a bullet into his brain
Stanford White was dead the prose
cutor said but Thaw determined to
make his death sure He fired the
second and third time and then in a
cool manner faced the audience with
a jesture which assured all who saw
him that the man had accomplished
what he had Intended Consequently
there wa3 no panic Thaw flushed
vivid red as Mr GarVan In a loud voice
called his name
Before the prosecution began the in
troduction of its evidence District At
torney Jerome secured from the court
and with the consent of Thaws coun
sel an order that all witnesses except
experts should be excluded from the
It became known from the first that
Mrs William Thaw the prisoners
mother would take the stand in her
sons behalf and will probably tell
some of the escapades of his youth
The woman hesitated for a moment
then arose and left She was followed
by Mrs Harry K Thaw and Miss May
MacKenzIe Thaw seemed depressed
as his mother and wife walked by
His wife is expected to be his most
important witness The prisoner
thought exception might be made In
case of his mother and wife but his
lawyers advised them to leave with the
Woman and Two Children Dead and
Another In Terrible Fix
Grand Rapids Mich Feb 4 A
woman and two children were found
frozen to death Sunday afternoon in
an upstairs tenement here with a
third child in an adjoining room bad
ly frozen but alive The dead are
Emma K Livingston single aged
Alfred Livingston aged seven
Lincoln B Livingston aged three
Badly frozen Helen Livingston
aged ten
Miss Jennie Livingston called at the
residence to pay a visit and found
her sister Miss Emma Livingston and
one child dead in bead one child dead
on the floor and Helen in the adjoin
ing room badly flozen
None of the family had been seen
since Thursday when two of the chill
dren attended school The children
lived with Miss Livingston who was
the raunt It is supposed that after
they retired Thursday night they be
came partially asphyxiated by coal
gas and the fire dying out they were
frozen to death
Helen Livingston has tuth hands
and feet frozen but the physicians
hope to save her life
Severest Weather In Twenty Years
Recorded In Montana
Billings Feb 4 The severest bliz
zard that has visited Montana within
twenty years is raging over eastern
Montana Snow is falling fast and
now covers the ground to a depth of
nearl yone foot
Men who have lived here for many
years say that conditions are worse
than at any time since 1886 at which
time sheep died by the thousands
Well Known Educator Slain on Street
at Bastrop
Bastrop Tex Feb 2 Colonel
C Edmonds superintendent of the Bas
trop city schools was killed Friday on
the streets of Bastrop He had been
superintendent for a number of years
R A Brooks attorney and assistant
postmaster is charged with the kill
Colonel Edmonds was formerly a res
ident of Greenville where his wife was
visiting their two married daughters
when the tragedy occurred Another
daughter resides here He was about
fortyfive years old
The cause of the killing is unknown
Two bullets entered his body
Strangled to Death
Cameron Tex Feb 2 The little
son of John Newton was found under
porch either strangled or choked to
death in a swing
Tom Moore Dies
Houston Feb 4 Tom Moore who
Ihot himself in the head died
A Household Necessity
I would almost as soon think of
ning my farm without implements as
without Hunts Lightninc Oil Of all
the liniments I have everused for both
man ami beast it is the quickest in ac
tion and results For burns and fresh
cuts it is absolutely wonderful I
gard it as a household necessity Yours
truly S Harrison Kosciusko Miss
The Llano Times suggests that
it is now in order for the legisla
ture to make a change in the Texas
flag Remove the star to the up
per right hand and place in the
center an oil can
Matters That Have Coma to Past thi
Past Few Days
Cuba has a number of smallpox
Dallas postal receipts for January
were 4596305
Several earthquake shocks ara re
ported in Australia
Employes of twenty London music
halls went on strike
Feb 14 a good roads convention will
be held at Clarksville Tex
Population of Seymour Tex has in
creased 25 per cent past year
Law making gambling a fslony goes
into effect in Arizona April 1
San Antonio Knights of Pythias will
erect a 25000 castle hall
First Congregational church of Mus
catine la burned The loss is 75000
Seymour Tex is to have a com
press ice factory and cold storage
The revolt In Salvador has been
quelled The ringleaders have been
While switching at Klefer I T C
A Bushnell a Frisco brakeman was
Newton Burdg who was a member
of Quantrells band is dead at Double
Springs I T
Beaver County Oklahoma Melon
Growers association received for last
crop 1189451
In attempting to cross in front of
a Shreveport street car Jim Ford a
negro was killed
Five ineffectual shots were fired at
Ed Berryman of San Marcos Tex An
arrest was made
St Lous has been given one more
year to construct a bridge across the
Mississippi river
Isaac M Hutchinson one of the most
prominent American residents of Mex
ico died at San Antono
Captain W K Dickson a prominent
citizen of Lone Star Tex Is dead
aged seventy years
Dr J W Talbott one of Texar
kanas earliest settlers died after an
operation for cancer
Jack Ellis was shot to death at Nava
sota Tex W R Royall surrendered
Tragedy took place at latters home
A train went through a bridge near
Nordlna N C Engineer Constable
and Fireman Riggan lost their lives
By the accidental discharge of his
shotgun Albert Townes a boy was
shot and killed near Gonzales Tex
Ardmore Carpenters union gave a
banquet to the contractors all of
whom have signed the advanced scale
Rev Harry T Moore of Champaign
111 haB accepted the rectorship of St
Matthews Episcopal cathedral Dal
James Fllshman an aged man leap
ed to death from a thirdstory win
dow of the county insane asylum near
Bishop Stang of the Roman Catho
lic diocese of Fall River Mass has
passed away For many years he was
a missionary
Rev Grant Bodwell recently pastor
of the Seventh Day Adventlst church
at Dallas was drowned in the Gila
river in Arizona
By the derailing of a Rock Island
train near Weatherford Okla J F
Shannon and another man name un
known were killed
The wife of Senator Gallinger of
New Hampshire was taken suddenly
111 in a Washington theater and ex
pired in a few minutes
A locomotive jumped the track near
Lexington Ky Flagman Cooley was
killed and Engineer Mcpherson and
Fireman Sheets fatally hurt
An explosion of giant powder and
dynamite twentyfive miles south of
Terre Haute Ind caused the death of
one man and serious injury of six
W R Woody a marine who es
caped from jail at Charleston S C
where he was awaiting trial on charge
of murdering Miss Lillian Reeves was
arrested at Dallas Tex Saturday
Pleas Love a Pullman porter was
arrested at Seguln Tex charged with
intent by verbal action to criminally
assault Miss Grace Ramsberg en
route from Washington to Los An
Dick Milam Killed Son Shot and Two
Other Men Seriously Wounded
Winnsboro Tex Feb 4 Amos and
difficulty on a street Dick Milam was
killed W A Milam a Dallas fireman
who came here to attend his sisters
wedding badly shot and Chief of Po
lice Wofford and his brother John
perhaps mortally wounded
Young Milam Monday at Noon Was
Nearing Deaths Door
Winnsboro Tex Feb 5 Amos and
John Wofford shot in the encounter
here Saturday in which R O Milam
lost his life and the latters son W A
Milam was fatally shot died Monday
morning At noon Monday it was stat
ed young Milam would not live many
It Is to Finance the Panama Canal
Contract of W J Oliver
Albany N Y Feb 5 Te Panama
Construction company Incorporated to
finance the Panama contract bid for
by W J Oliver of Knoxville Tenn
has filed articles of incorporation with
the secretary of state The capital au
thorized is 5000000 The company
will begin business with 1000000
By VIca Voce Vote
Washington Feb 5 House adopted
the BurlesonLlvlnston New York Cot
ton Exchange investigation resolution
by viva voce vote
Banner Poll Tax City
San Antonio Feb 5 By nearly
1000 San Antonio claims to lead all
other Texas cities in number of poll
tax receipts
Ferry Seeds
are not an experi
ment bit t ith proper cultiJ
vationttey assure success
from the start Users have no
doubts at pantlng nor disap
pointments at harvest Get
for biggest surest best crops
nt all dealers lamousforover
50years 1007 Seed Annnal
free on request
Detroit Mich
El Paso Feb 2 Immigrant Inspect
ors here following the statement of
Commissioner Sargent gave an inter
esting account of how Inspector Sera
phic upon whose report Mr Sargents
statement was based acquired bis
knowledge of the methods pursued by
Assyrians In gaining entrance to the
United States through this port Dis
guised as an Assyrian Inpector Sera
phic visited all the ports along the
border spending more than a week In
the latter part of December here He
mingled with the Assyrians as they
came up through Mexico and applied
for admission Into the United States
at the local bureau He accompanied
Assyrians who were debarred on ac
count of trachoma and learned that
after taking treatment in Juarez for a
month by an El Paso physcian they
were given certificates thit they were
cured and such certflicates were ac
cepted by the surgeon at this port
The inspector knowing the disease
could not be cured In that length of
time investigated still further with
the result that the examining surgeon
at the port was dismised from service
Since that time one other surgeon has
been on duty at the El Paso port and
the Assyrian immigration has dropped
oft until it amounts to practically
nothing Only one Assyrian applied
for admission Thursday and one Fri
On Favors Salt the Other Suggests
to Hold For Ten Years
Guthrie Feb 2 Two reports were
submitted Saturday by the committee
on school lands the minority being for
the sale under regulation by the legis
lature and the majority that sections
for colleges and those for common
schools shall not be sold for ten years
and then only on a majority vote of
the electors of the state Both reports
were referred because of a contention
over which was the majority one
Only one sectionwas adopted Satur
day morning la committee of the
whole It provides that trusts and
monopolies shall be treated as crimi
nals and prohibited
R L Wiliams Introduced a proposi
tion prohibiting bucket shops
Legal Phase Is Taken Up by the Con
stitutional Convention
Guthrie Feb 5 The Oklahoma con
stitutional convention began the elev
enth week of Its session by taking up
the legal phase of the oil industry A
resolution providing that the laws of
Oklahoma affecting the oil regions
shall not extend over Indian Territory
was introduced by Delegate Haskell
ot Muskogee No action was taken
There Is little hope for the woman
suirage movement A roll of the del
egates showed 24 for and 28 against
the measure with four doubtful The
status of the absent members can only
be presumed but the antl leaders say
the proposed plank will never be
Arthur P McKellop Passes Away In
That City
Muskogee Feb 4 Artuhr jf Mc
Kellop president of Oklahoma and In
dian Territory AntleHorse Thief as
sociation and banker died here Fri
day night Mr McKellop was the com
piler of the Creek laws and one of
the signers of the treaties with the
government He had been active in
Creek politics for twentyfive years
At the time of his death he was presi
dent of the Alamo Savings bank
Production Estimated at Over Five
Million Cubic Feet Dally
Lawton Okla Feb 4 RIcbert No
3 drilled by the Whitewater Oil and
Gas company of Gotebo Is one of
the largest gas wells In Oklahoma and
probably the heaviest gas producer
tor its depth 400 feet in the middle
continental field The drillers and ex
perienced gas men conservatively es
timate the production at 5000000 to
6000000 cubic feet dally
Train Held Up and Determined Men
Helped Themselves
Guthrie Feb 5 A Midland Valley
freight train was held up at Foraker
in the Osage nation and a party of
determined men climbed into the ten
der and without ceremony unloaded
nearly all the coal into vehicles The
residents of Foraker had been without
coal for weeks and the fuel scarcity
had reached a critical stage
Worst of Winter Rrevalled In Indian
Territory Sunday
Ardmore Feb 4 The worst sleet
of the season prevailed in this sec
tion Sunday
At Oklahoma City Sunday night the
thermometer registered 15 degrees
above zero There is suffering among
the poor
Patriotic School Children
Tishomingo I T Feb 4 School
children here have presented to Pres
ident Murray of the Constitutional con
vention 18 with which to pay for
the permanent journals of the con
Noted Cherokee Dead
Tahlequah I T Feb 5 Hon Ridge
Paschal one of the best known Chero
kee Indians died Monday He former
ly lived in Austin Tex where he was
wel known to old residents
Badly Burned
Enid Okla Feb 5 Mrs Linneborn
proprietress of a steam bath house
was severely burned about the face
and neck by an explosion of a gaso
line lamp at the bath house
For Over Sixty Years
Mrs Witsiow8 SOOTHINQ Sybup has been
used for over 60 years by millions of motheri
for their children while teething with perfect
success It soothes the child softens the Bums
allays all pain cures wind colic and is lhe be
remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor
little HUfferer immediately Sold by DniRffisti
in every part of the world Twentyfive cents
a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs Winslow
Soothing Syrup and take uo other kind
Farm and Ranch makes the pre
diction that Fhould lurnbpr con
tinue to advance in price the man
who buys land for a new home
1916 will be forced to live in eitb <
a dug out a tepee or a concrete
NO 83
of all kinds
Job Office
OverWork Weakens
Your Kidneys
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers they fil
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood
If they are sick or out
of order they fall to do
their work
Pams aches andrheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
blood due to neglected
kidney trouble
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble because the heart Is
overworking in pumping thick kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys The mild
and the extraordinary eftect of Dr Kilmers
SwampRoot the great kidney remedy is
soon realized It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
all in
by druggists fifty
cent and oredollar siz
es JYou may have a
sample bottle by mail
< rampRoat
free also pamphlet telling you how to find
out If you have kidney or bladder trouble
Mention this paper when writing Dr Kilmer
St Co Binghamton N Y
Dont make any mistake but remem
ber the name SwampRoot Dr Kil
mers SwmapRoot and the address
Binghamton N Y on every bottle
Recommendations Adopted by Texas
Good Roads Association at the An
nual Meeting Held in Waco
1st That the Texas State Good
Roads Association through its
presidant appoint five members to
present in person to his excellency
Governor Tom L Campbell also
to the honorable members of the
Thirtieth Legislature or by a com
mittee of the Thirtieth Legislature
appointed for that purpose and
urge the recommendation and pas
sage of suitable laws to enforce the
action of the body
2d That there be created tha
office of State Highway Commis
sioner who shall be a practical
road builder and civil engineer
competent to advise as to manner
and material for building roads
hiB duties to be defined by legisla
tive action
3d That the Legislature repeal
the law abolishing the five dayB
labor a now required substituting
therefor a road tax to be paid in
4th We recommend the repeal
of the convict contract system and
that all available convicts and jail
prisoners be compelled to prepare
material for roads or work in their
actual construction and further
that the system of employing con
victs in the mechanical and other
industrial departments of the State
be discontinued where they come
in contact and in competition with
honest labor
5th That suitable laws bo
pasted carrying out the provisions
of the constitution giving precincts
or ppecial political diviMons of any
county the right to issue bonds for
the permanent improvement of tho
public roads in that particular
county That such law be known
as the Local Option Good Roada
6h That a constitutional
amendment be submitted to the
qualified voters for Texas author
izing the Legislature to make ap
propriations for permanent road
building Respectfully submitted
S P Brooks
Chairman Resolutions Committee
it Out
says many a doctor to his
lady patients because he
doesnt know of any medi
cine that will cure female
troubles except the sur
geons knife
That such a medicine
exists howeverisproved by
thousands of cures made by
Cures Womb
It has saved the lives of many
weak sick women and rescued oth
ers from a lifetime of chronic sick
ness It will cure you If you will
only give it a chance Try it
Sold by all druggists and deal
ers in 100 bottles
I vore a supporter for four
years to keep up my aomb
writes Mrs S J Chrisman of
MannsvilleNY My doctor said
no medicine would help me After
taking Cardui 1 gave up my sup
porter and ara now well
drawios orphotoforeipert Kirch mad free report
I ree aorice how to obuln patent trade Tnnrfris
copyrightsetc N ALU COUNTRIES
Business direct with Washington lares tine
money and often the patent
Patent and Infringement Practice Excliulvely
Write or come to 113 it
013 Hlnta Stmt opp TnlUd gutM riUct oae

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