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we make
for them We tell them all
about Ayers Cherry Pectoral
and they prescribe it for
coughs colds bronchitis con
sumption They trust it Then
you can afford to trust it
Ask your own doctor
The best kind of a testimonial
Sold for over sixty years
AUo zunulfcctarers of jl
no secrets
the forzanlss of all our medicines
Pectoral In breaking up a cold
xt xmlztixz <
Editors and Proprietors
Austin and Vale Sts Jefferson Texas
as secondclass mail matter
p ers ready for mailing can always be had at the
office by single copies or the dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
subscribers until a definite order to
discontinue is received and all arrears
are paid in fall
Something interesting coming
to light when the Waters Pierce
Oil Co case come to trial Watch
and see
applicable to this section from No
yember let to March let Birds
do not mate much before the first
of April
A ripe peach grown out in the
orchard is reported from Jackson
ville for January Texas is a
great State and wont be beat at
We have received the NaraViBa
Eegister Vol 1 No 1 published
at NaraVisa New Mexico by
Crain Stebbins We will be
glad to place it on our exchange
Ground hog day was clear which
means that we will have six weeks
yet of winter to face It turned
off cold on that day and gave us
some of the coldest weather we
have yet had
If the monied men of Jefferson
will only come forward and join
hands a large cotton factory can be
had No better investment can bo
made Every mill in the State is
a handsome paying proposition
Alabama is proud of Senator
Morgan because he has been in the
Senate of the United States forty
yenra and is still a poor man In
this instance poverty is an honor
HoneBt poverty is preferable to
dishoneBt riches
If witness Gruets testimony
proves true that the money Sena
tor Bailey borrowed from Pierce
waB paid by being charged to profit
and loss what will the investigat
ingcommittee say Then what will
the honest people think
The National Tribune Washing
ton D C in giving a list of
United States Senators serving
corporations give only two South
em Democrats Martin of Virginia
and Bailey of Texas Aldricb of
Rhode Island heads the list
The Legislature has a bill pend
ing making it a felony for trespass
on timber lands It is to be
hoped the bill includesthose who
pell timber when they have no
shadow of title to it What is the
moral difference in appropriating
50 worth of some one elses tim
ber and appropriating a horse
worth that much The bill cannot
become a law too quick
When the President made such
stubborn fight to give Charleston a
negro official the good people of
Ohio never objected to said ap
pointmentnor did they do anything
to prevent it But when the Pres
ident said he was going to press
the bitter cup to the lips of these
same good negro lovingOhians
they raised Isuch a howl as never
been beard in all this land Even
his soninlaw tells bim if be
makes the appointment it will
make Ohio go Democratic Tho
same strenuous man who discon
tinued the postoffice in Mississippi
and ordered the fort at Brownsville
closed is now vascilating hesitat
ing and ehieing off and will end
the matter by not appointing the
colored brother because he fears
Ohio will go Democratic With
all his boasted honesty it is poli
tics after all The Ohio Senators
are sitting back casting smiling
glances at the precedent They
know he is up against it If he is
nervy and is right he should go
ahead What is good enough for
Charleston ie good enough for the to
great negtoloving Cincinnati It
may be bitter but give the dose
Then they will know how it feels
Nothing like bringing a thing
square home
It is to be hoped present
Legislature will submit to the peo
pie ofthe State the question of ex
empting factories from taxation for
a long period of years Nothing ii
lost by the State in doing this The
necessary advance on all other
property by reason of bringing in
all kindsof faotories will necessar
ily make the tax valups many
time larger than they are now It
is in no sense protection therefore
cannot be classed as Republican
ism It is simply offering induce
ment in a strict business way to in
duce factories to come to the State
and the of
develop great resources
Louisiana has embod
the State
ied the exemption in her constitu
tion therefore Texas mutt offer
just as good inducement as our
sister state left in the
or get great
rush of new enterprises It is a
selfevident proposition that the
cotton factory is coming to the cot
ton therefore Texas should be in a
position to catch every one offered
The Slate should not be hampered
by shortsighted would be states
men who only take sides because
they must think it is popular The
present Legislature should not fail
to come to the best interest ofthe
State by offering the greatest in
ducements possible to induce every
class of factory to come in and lo
The Jimplecute announces good
news for Jefferson as follows The
following telegram was received
from Hon Morris Sheppard on
Tuesday Cypress bayou gets
810000 and an another examina
tion This put Cypress bayou on
the list of live rivers The pub
lisher of the Citizen left Jefferson
in 1854 and at time the citizens of
Jefferson were holding meetings
and passing resolutions concerning
the navigation of Big Cypress
bayou Steamboats carrying two
or three thousand bales of cotton
were then running to Jefferson part
of the year We are glad they
have an appropriation and trust
they may succeed with the work
Colorado TexaB Citizun
Ben M Baker of the Citizen is
an old time Jeffersonian and friend
of the late Ward Taylor who la
bored so faithful for Jefforson and
navigation of Cypress bayou and
the same is still kept up by the
present Ward Taylor his son and
we hope to yet Bee steamboat trade
revived as in the palmy days of
our city
When a 75 bale of cotton ii
made into spool thread it brings the
manufacturers 2400 and it would
be a 50 bale at the factory closo
to the cotton fields DallaB News
At this rate what would cotton
be selling at per pound No won
der cotton can be shipped thous
and of mileB paying the freight
both wnys and yet the factory
owners soon becomes millionaires
In Memorium
Miss Cora Pollard died January 21st
1907 aged 14 years
So quickly and unexpected has death
entered and broloe forever the ties that
held this happy tamily together that it
seems almost incredible Only a few
weeks ago this family little thought so
soon they would have to give up their
daughter which was the idol of their
home She was laid to rest at Harleton
with peace and contentment written on
her face Cora was a sweet girl she
was loved by all who know her She
always had a pleasant word for every
one she was just in the bloom of life it
waB so hard to look on her sweet face
and say farewell Gods will be done
not ours Let us live in a way that we
can meet Cora in the sweet bye and bye
where we will never have to say fare
well She leaves father mother broth
ers sister and a host of relatives and
friends te mourn herdeatb May Gods
blessing rest on the bereaved family in
tbeir sad hour of trouble for God saw
to take from them this bright jewel
Ob father mother do not weep for
Cora is at rest A Feiend
Jefferson Texas
The editor of the Memphis Tenn
Times writes In my opinion Fo
leys Honey and Tar is the best remedy
for coughs colds and lung trouble and
my own personal knowledge Foleys
Honey and Tar has accomplished many
permanent cures that have been little
short of the marvelous Kefuse any
but tho genuine in the vellow package
F Crow Co
The bubonic plegue is on the
increase at Rio de Janeiro
Lagrlppc and Pneumonia
Foleys Honey and Tar cures la grippe
coughs and prevents pneumonia Re
fuse any but the genuine in the yellow
package J F Crow Drug Co
Jefferson in the State of Texas at the close
of business Jan JG 1907 Xo 7123
Loans and discounts SHS3G4 SO
Overdrafts secured and unsecured 1062 Sfl
S bonds to secure circulation 0250 00
Premiums on U S bonds 210 91
Bonds securities etc 2 > 00 00
Bankini house furniture and fixtures 2000 00
Due from National Banks not reserve
agents 105T99 53
from approved reserve agents 01174 22
Checks and other cash items S2 29
Notes of other National Banks 1000 00
Fractional paper currency nickels
and cents 11143
Lawful JIoneyReseuveis Bisk viz
Specie SI03I0S3
Legal tender notes 2010 00 1S330 35
Total S3 > 2ite > 9G
Capital ktock piid in S 25 000 00
fcurplus fund 10000 00
Undivided profits less expenses and
taxes paid llSGG 90
to other National Bant 322 10
Individual deposits subject to check 503 399 90
Total SvS2 s 90
State of Texas County of Marion ss I II A
Spelling Cashier of the abov c named bank do
sokmnh sn ear that the above statement is true
the best of my knowkdge and belief
Sub cnbcd and sworn to before me this 1st
of Feb 1907 S W MOSELEY
tary Public
Correct Attest
B FROGERS Directors
Paper read hy Mrs R W Vinson be
fore the Marion County Teachers In
stitute Sept 4 1906
This is such a broad subject embrac
ing fas it does so many branches of
study I find some difficulty in deciding
what line of thought to follow that will
bring Jthe greatestgood to the greatest
number of my fellow teachers who are
A primary conree includes reading
writing spelling language number
work or as some teachers prefer to
call it aiithraetic naturestudy physi
ology sense training drawing music
and construction work We may not
teach all of these branches in our coun
ty schools but a primary teacher
should have some knowledge of each of
I will speak first of the influence and
responsibility of the teacher She
comes into contact with little children
at the most impressible age The im
pression made at this period of their
school life affect to some extent their
entire future and what their impres
sions shall be depends more upon the
teacher than upon all the other influ
ences in their school life See to it
fellowteachers that these young plas
tic minds and loving hearts are filled
with beautiful thoughts with high
ideals and a love of truth and goodness
Impress upon them the importance of
cultivating honesty justice kindness
courtesy respect for God and self
The responsiblity resting upon a pri
mary teacher of today demands the
best she can give and in order that
she meet this demand she needs thor
ough preparation for hei work She
needs to grow continually both men
tally and spiritually she needs to know
the educational value of each branch to
be taught and to understand the fund
amental laws underlying the teaching
process She needs to keep abreast of
the educational thought of today she
must be in harmony with the environ
ment and in sympathy with her pupils
she must study the child and its envi
Reading is the most important study
with which the child has to deal in the
first three years of his school life It is
the key to his education
The art being once mastered all liter
ature is within his reach and he passes
from an dependent to an independent
stage hence it is of vital importance
that the teacher be skilled in methods
to enable the child to learn rapidly
with the least expenditure of time and
nerve force
There can be no arbitrary rules laid
down as to the use of this or that meth
od how long to continue one or the
other how much of one to give or how
much of another to omit One thing
however is certain There is not now
and never can be any one method that
will cover the teaching of reading and
make the work equally easy and pleas
ant for all pupils
Children enter the lowest primary
grades at ageB varying from five to eight
years They have known great differ
ences both in birth and home training
they are by nature differently endowed
Some are distinctly eyeminded others
are markedly earminded Some have
perfect eyesight and hearing others
have defective senses Some are wide
awake seeing and hearing everythiug
about them quickly and in detail oth
ers seem to be in a half dreamy state
So long as the teacher has such com
plex and varying elements in the school
and that will be so loug as there are
schools their must be an adaption of
methods to suit the n eeds of the school
and of the indviduul The responsibil
ity of the choice of methods rests cer
tainly upon the teacher
It is often claimed that little oneB
come to school knowing nothing at
all This is a mistake They have a
most valuable fund of knowledge with
which to begin school life Their heads
are well filled with ideas they have
gathered from their environment ideas
of home and family playthings and
games birds fish trees flower and
other things too numerous to mention
They have acquired a stock of possi
bly a thousand words several hundreds
of which they use freely in conversa
tion but they know nothing of the full
value of books A great incentive to be
kept before the interestine class to
stimulate effort is when you have
learned to read you will find so many
delightful things in books
There is no fixed law and no uniform
practice as to what shall be used as the
basis of the earliest reading lessons
Some teachers prefer to select from the
stock of ideas and words already known
tha child This leaves hut one new
thing to teach and that is the form of
the word however some successful
primary teachers prefer to draw mater
ial for the earliest lessons from some
thing entirely strange to the child
claiming that novelty len a interest I
prefer to begin with familiar words us
ing tangible objects as illustrations
There are various methods hv which
the beginners of reading may be
taught viz The Alphabet Method the
Word Method the Phonic Method the
Sentence Method theEclectric Method
which is a union of the other four
Some writers on reading refer to a
thought method which is hut another
name for the sentence method and to
an action method This so called ac
tion method is not really broad enough
be spoken of as a separate method
is valuable as a device for lending
interest to the reading lesson
The alphabet method teaches one
method at a time until the entire alpha
bet is learned Then short syllables
are taught as ab ab at at etc Spell
ing becomes all important in this
method and as long as educators be
lieved reading to be an outgrowth of
spelling its use was universal
The word method uses the single
word as a unit In practice the entire
word is taught without any reference to
the letters that compose it Words
having a definite idea hack of them the
meaning appeals to the child and he
learns the word form with less trouble
than be does a single letter These
words have to be combined Into sen
tences for there is no reading possible
until a new thought is expressed Fi
nally words must be separated into
their elements to help the child to the
independent spelling and pronouncia
tion of new words
In the phonic method sound is the
basis of instruction Teach first the
sound of single letters combine sounds
Nursing baby
Its a heavy strain on mother
Her system is called upon to supply
nourishment for two
Some form of nourishment that will
be easily taken up by mothers system
is needed
Scotts Emulsion contains the
greatest possible amount of nourish
ment in easily digested form
Mother and baby are wonderfully
helped by its use
to make syllables upon which to build
The objection to the exclusive use of
the phonic method iB it is tco slow It
takes weeks and months to master all
the sounds and symbols children must
have to interpret sentences independ
ently Their thought power is weak
ened and they gain little or nothing
from the literary standpoint until the
first three years of school life are gone
The sentence method uses the entire
sentence as the starting point A child
will recognize the form of a short sen
tence as a whole as easily as he will
longer single words but this method
must not be used exclusively because a
child must be taught to pronounce new
words for himself
The eclective method is a judicious
blending of the four Combining them
gives the child the benefit of the best in
each and relieves of the objectionable
features of all
The best results iu reading seems to
be obtained by beginning with the sen
tence method and by using sentences
given by the pupils themselves in reply
to questions from the teacher
Make no attempt to define the terms
statement or sentence Children
learn the meaning of these terms from
constant use The period question
mark and exclamation point are the
punctuation marks used during the
first year and three facts in regards to
tbe use of capitals in writing Give
two or three new words each day using
them in short sentences until the claBB
becomes familiar with their forms Re
view every few days giving no new
words The causes of hesitation repeti
tion stumbling and mistakes for the
first three years are selfconsciousness
and uncertainity of the words forms
We all know the best way to prevent
had habits is to establish good ones
Cultivate clear articulation and distinct
enunciation by means of phonics insist
upon a pleasant voice easy manner
and natural expression in oral reading
Children should be trained to read for
the author and to the teacher and class
with the purpose of pleasing them Re
member learning to read must precede
reading tolearn and learning what is
best to read
Lessons in phonics add interest pro
mote flexibility of the organs of speech
and give clear enunciation Th e teach
er needs to understand the position of
the vocal organs in order to show pu
pils how to produce the sounds of the
vowel s and consonants and children
need correct ear training as the basis
of future work in phonics Ten min
utes a day is sufficient time to devote
to this exercise
I use script in the early lessons in
order to give interest to the lessons and
to get children to concentrate their at
tention upon the form of the words and
the sentence It enables tbe teacher to
give any amount of original work and
it makes tbe drill work far more effec
tive The blackboard should be used
for onehalf of the daily lessons during
tbe first year The transition from
script to print can be made easy and
natuial by using the chart and by dis
tributing the letters of the alphabet for
busy work
The use of the chart or primer or
both in addition to tbe board lends
in the raindsof the children an air of
greater importance to the lessons and
furnishes variety Do not put off the
use of the primer too long It is a
great event for a child to own a book
Even in the first day if possible use a
primer picture for a talking lesson An
informal talking exercise should always
precede any formal reading lesson and
a conversonal tene should always be
used in these lessons
There is one work in all primary work
that cannot be too strongly emphasized
That is review Make these reviews in
teresting by changing tbe plans and the
questions lelttng the children take
turns in conductiug them having
script today print today print tomor
row and both the next da but review
and do not hurry No where can the
maxim Make haste slowly be more
applicable than in teaching primary
Rest and Sleep
Few escape those miseries of winter
bad cold a distressing cough Many
remedies are recommended but tbe
one quickest and best of all is Simmons
Cough Syrup Soothing and healing to
the lungs and bronchial passages it
stops the cough at once and gives you
weicome rest and peaceful sleep
Squire W W Wythe postmas
tcr at Kellyville was in Tuesday
and we are sorry to see that he is
suffering with an attack of the
grippe but hope he will soon get
over it We learn from him that
tbe prerient freeze had damaged his
strawberry crop that was full of
half grown berries They came so
early on account of the mild
weather we have had but the sec
ond crop will come after the cold
weather has passed
Willie wailed and Winnie wheezed
while winter winds wnined weirdly
Willie wriggled while Winnie wheezed
wretchedly Wisdom whispers winter
winds work wheezes Wherefore we
write Use Kennedy Laxative Cough
Sjrup Nothing else so good Sold
by J F Crow Drug Co
J W Clinkscales left at the
Jimp office last Friday a huge
turnip ofthe flat variety It was
larger round than a dinner plate
and weighed 6 12 pounds
Some Truthi from W F F
To the JiMPLEcnrn and its readers
Well brother farmer we are on hand
again and we want to have our
delegates on hand at the county Union
Saturday 9h Let us go to work at the
beginning of this year and do some
thing for our selves and our brother
Let every member of the Farmers Un
ion make it a point to come and do his
part There is sotaetaing to do in every
thing you need not think you can get
something for nothing like some of us
do I am sorry to say Some people
would not do if they had every thing
their way and we all know that dont
we Brother there is one thing we all
know we are the very fellaw the mos
quito is looking for until he bites you
and then he dont know us any more
and thatiB the way with our candidates
Just as soon as they are elected they go
to work for their benefit not the peoples
If you dont think so I will prove it in
my next letter Just take the farming
class of people and let them start some
thing and see how many of their class
class sniff their nose up we cannot de
ny that but on the other hand lot some
moneyed man find you have got some
money and he will show you some way
can put your money with him to double
your money He can get us in easy and
kick us out easy when he gets what he
wants There is but one difference in a
farmer an a moneyed man and if you
dont know the difference I will tell you
in my next letter the same way with an
office seeker and an office holder There
is one thing we tax payers and readers
of the Jimp would like to have and that
is have the proceedings of the county
and district court published so we will
know something of our county affairs
That is what we have officials for and
what we take our county paper for I
wish to say a word to the commission
ers and county judge not but what they
know their business but we wish you
would fall on the Louisiana plan of tbe
public roads Tax each man liable to
road duty bo much road tax and ill will
have to sip out of the same dish and
we would have better roads Let men
who are over age have nothing to do
with the road whatever neither work
nor boss Let us have less public roads
and better ones not every road to a gm
or a little store but a public road
good by with best wiyhes to all
Chronic Constipation Cnrea
One who suffers from chronic consti
pation is in danger of many serious ail
ments Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
cures chronic constipation as it aids di
gestion and stimulates the liver and
bowels restoring the natural action of
these organs Commence taking it to
day and you will feel better at once
Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup does not
nauseate or gripe and is very pleasant
to take Refuse substitutes J F
Crow Drug Co
List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Jef
ferson Marion county Texas Thurs
day Feb 7 1007
Calhe Rose
Miss Mary Win
Messas Bissie Saglass
Mr O Ray
Mrs S F Robinson
Lucile Rose
Tom Patten colored
Wash McCown
George Murry
Richard Lockett
Miss Merlee Jones
Mrs Henrietta Johnson
R L Holf
Geo E Howard
Laura Edward
Miss AngieE Dobrds
W H Boykin
James Edwards
Mrs S P Bayley
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say Advertised
Hal Singleton P M
A Stltcli In Time
will save nine So will a bottle of Bal
lards Horehound Syrup always kept on
hand saves many spells of sickness A
sure cure for coughs colds bronchitis
and whooping cough Mrs S Hot
Springs Ark writes I keep a bottle
of Ballards Horehound Syrup in my
medicine chest and thank my fore
thought times It has prevented many
severe spella of sickness Sold by W
J Sedberry
We learn from Judge Rowell the
court of appeals at Dallas reversed
the ruling of Judge Turner in the
ense of Chas and Will Proctor and
allowed bail which was placed at
2500 each and soon as the man
date reaches here from Dallas the
bondsmen will go to Linden to fix
the bond
Dont Be Irritable
An irritated skin makes an irritable
person and an irritable person gather
much trouble unto himself or herself as
the case may be Moral Use Hunts
Cure one box of which is absolutely
and unquahfidely guaranteed to cure
any form of skin trouble Any kind of
itching known is relieved at once and
Dont fail to attend Rosenfeid
Co s Clearance Sale Now lo
cated at old stand of A Ripinski
Good goods at low prices
There is no satisfaction
keener than being dry
and comfortable
out in
hardest storm
On sale everywhere
Federal Jurors
United States op America 1
Eastern District of TexaB J
To the Honorable Judge of the United
States District Court presiding for the
Eastern Distirct of Texas
We tbe undersigned Clerk and Jury
Commissioner respectfully represent
that pursuant to your order of file date
January 17 1007 made at Sherman
Texas we have placed in the Jury Box
Five Hundred and Three names in the
manner prescribed by law and there
from drawn the following Sixtyfive
names to serve as Grand and Petit Ju
rors for the February Term A D 1907
of the District and Circuit Court of the
United States for tbe Eastern District
of Texas from the counties of Marion
Morris Harrison Cass Hopkins Camp
and Upshur to serve as Grand and Pet
it Jurors at said term of Court towit
John L Garrison Marshall Harrison
Co Ed Bird Coffeeville Upshur Co
Spencpr Ford Lodi Marion Co B
Phillips West Mountain Upshur Co
Chas Smith Cumby Hopkins Co Otis
Oden Queen City Cass Co Issac Lee
Wright Sulphur Springs Hopkins Co
Marvin Matins Como Hopkins Co
W C Barnwell Gilmer Upshur Co
M Chapman Daingerfielil Morris Co
H M Clark Naples Morris Co J
Sheffield Linden Cass Co S H McCul
loch Kellyville Marion Co R B Lan
caster Marshall Harrison Co W
Griffin Pittsburg Camp Co A J Askue
Pittsburg Camp Co J M Moss Tjra
Hopkins Co J H Bass Hallville Har
rison Co J W Glass Omaha Morris
Co Will Barnett Penn Hopkins Co
J T Latham Linden Cass Co D
Key Marshall Harrison Co T H Dav
is Gilmer Upshur Co R A Caldwell
Leesburg Camp Co S S Buckhalter
Anti Cass Co J F Robinson Kings
Farm Cass Co Joe Post Pine Forest
Hopkius Co S J Eubanks Hughes
Springs Cass Co George Long Was
kom Harrison Co J W Rogers Hall
ville Harrison Co Bill North Sulphur
Springs Hopkins Co S T Cope Pine
Camp Co J H McCulIen Omaha Mor
ris Co J D Bryant Queen City Cass
Co O L Johnson Atlanta Cass Co
G W Croft Hallville Harrison Co
Robert Hunter Miller Grove Hopkins
Co Elias Brooks Smithland Marion
Co S E Wood Marshall Harrison Co
D A Russell Cason Morris Co Claud
Walker Glenwocd Upsbur Co J D
Boon Linden Cass Co Thurston Gal
loway Naples Morris Co George Hud
son Jefferson Marion Co Richard
Oliver Diana Upshur Co J M Riddle
Omaha Morris Co Joshua Calloway
Woodlawn Harrison Co J O Dolla
hite Hallville Harrison Co W W
Baird Pittsburg Camp Co Lit Wo
mack Marshall Harrison Co Thos
Russell Pittsburg Camp Co Elmer
Brown Queen City Cass Co W
White Atlanta Cass Co J J McGar
ity Como Hopkins Co A Rosenthal
Jefferson Marrison Co J H Shackel
ford Lafayette J W Taylor Simpson
ville Upshur co Sterling Wallace Ed
Davis JeffersonGeorge Cotton sulphur
Springs H O Rice Marshall W H Min
ter Como John Burns Miller Grove
Hopkins Co J D Vick Pittsburg
Having sealed up said boxcontaining
four hundred and thirtyeight names of
persons not drawn we deposited the
same with the clerk of said court
Restectfully submitted
A O Brackett U S District Clerk
by W E Singleton Deputy
J M Beware U S Jury Commis
sioner Jefferson Texas
Jefferson January 22d 1907
Skin Disease of Twenty Tears Stand
ing Cured
I want you to know how much Cham
berlains Salve has done forme It has
cured my face of a skin disepse ofal
most twenty years standing I have
been treated by several as tmart phy
sicians we have in this country and
they did me no good but two boxes of
this salve has cured me Mrs Fannie
Griffen Troy Ala Chamberlains
Salve is for sale by all druggists
Ladies and Childrens Millinery
We still have some fine Millin
er for ladies and children which
must go Never have had such a
chance to get millinery as cheap as
now Give us a call and convince
yourself Rosenfeld Co
It Knocks the Itch
It may not cure all your ills but it
does core one of tbe worst It cures
any form of itch ever known no matter
what its called where tbe sensation is
itch it knock it Eczema ring
worms are cured by one box Its
guaranteed and its name is Hnnts
The following subscribers have
thanks for payment of subscription
J D ShackelfordPrince Brown
J L Cruwford D W Luster T J
Mott John Hasty W W Wythe
Mrs M E Murray M M Morgan
Mrs Eiiza Jones MrsM JGilhpr
John SSummers
Chamberlhlns CoiigIi Remedy a
We prefer Chamberlains Cough
Remedy to ans other for children
says Mr L J Woodbury of
Mich It has also done the work for
us in hard colds and and take
croup we
pleasure in recommending it For
sale by all druggists
For Eent
The 6tore in white brick on Polk
street recently occupied by B
Wolf is for rent
All headaches go
When you grow wiser
And learn to use
Early Riser
DeWitts Little Early Risers safe
sure pills
A killing occurred at Winnsboro
Saturday in which Dick
Milamwas shot and killed his son
W A Milam seriously woundeda d
both John and Amos Wofford fatal
ly shot and dying later
1 lils Hay Interest Ton
No is
one immune from kidney
trouble sc jubt remember that Foleys
Kidney Cure will stop the irregularities
and cure any case of kidney and blad
der trouble thatis not beyond the reach
of medicine J F Crow Drug Co
Dont fail to attend Rosenfield
Co s Clearance Sale Now lo
cated at old stand of RipinBki
Good goods at low prices
A healthy man is a king in his own
right an unhealthy man Is an unhappy
slave Burdock Blood Bitters builds
up souud health keep you well tor
sale by the J F Crow Drug Co
Mrs J B Whitfield went to
Marshall Thursday to visit Mrs A
G Carter
Shoes for men shoes for women
and shoes for children at greatly
reduced prices at
to H
Accidents will happen but the best
regulated families keep Dr Thomas
Oil for such emergencies It
subdues the pain and heais tbe
For sale by the J F Crow Drug Co
Itch cured in 30 minutes by
Woolfords Sanitary Lotion Nev
er fails Sold by W J Sedberry
druggist m29
An honest workman never steals
his employers time
Recently we stated that we made
Diamond Brand shoes in all grades
for everybody at all prices and for every
purpose showing that this resulted in benefit
to the wearer because it saves all waste
But we make more line shoes
than any other house in the West
Diamond Brand shoes are sold in the
largest cities of this country The Styles are
correct the workmanship of the highest
grade and the leather specially selected
We Pay Railroad Fare Both Way
Some business colleges have
been tfiering to pay railroad fare
to theii school providing you
rolled and paid in your hard earned
cash so you could not get away
without losing what you had paid
in Tbe Tyler Commercial Col
lege of Tyler Texas takes no ad
vantage ef anyone If upon arriv
ing and investigating their work
thoroughly it is found not to be
as advertised the student pays in
nothing to the school but the
school pays all car faro from the
Btudents home to the school and
return They also give a guaran
tee that if at the completion of the
couse the student has not found
that the work is all that is claimed
for it in their advertising matter
he presents a written statement to
this effect and receives every cent
of tuition paid Thus you see
this commercial school based on
progressive honest business meth
ods asks no one to take chances
on glaring statements made in ad
vertising matter of rebate coupons
discount drafts or special rateB but
gives a guarantee that makes the
student cafe before be has paid in
one cent and a second guarantee
that makes him absolutely safe af
ter he has paid in his money and
finished his course These two
guarantees are enough to convince
any fair minded person that this
school puts nothing in print that
does not make good the statements
in its advertising matter can al
ways be relied upon Its exclu
sive control in this section ofthe
fiiiuin < Ityrnp Simpifld Short
hand and Practical Bookkeeping
its thoroughly equipped employ
ment bureau gives it a great ad
vantage over other commercial
school It can turn out a practical
bookkeeper or stenographer by the
use of these systems in about half
the timd required by schools teach
ing other systems Write for
their free catalogue which will
give you full and detailed informa
tion of this most successful insti
tution and will also show you how
you can greatly increase your earn
ing capacity
Having sold my farm I am offer
ing for sale cheap my mules and
buggy horse miik cows hogs
some corn fit hogs that I will
furnish to parties wanting same
dressed Will weigh from 90 to
200 pounds Also 90 bushels
Peerless cotton seed the earliest
cotton grown extra long staple
the kind to beat the boll weevil
with See me or write me on
route 2 six miles north of Jeffer
son H D Hall
A liquid cold relief with
a laxative
principle which drives out the cold
tnrough a copious action of tbe bowels
and a healing principle which lingers
in the throat and stops the cough
that is Kennedys Laxative Cough Sy
rup Safe and sure in its action pleas
ant to take and conforms to the Na
tional Pure Food and Drug Law Con
tains no opiates Sold by J F Crow
Drug Co
A shooting occurred in the Neal
saloon at Marshall on the 4th inst
Gus Jones drew a knife and was
Ehot in the right leg with bird shot
from a Bhntgun in the hands of
Sam Van Nest both well known
young men of that city Van Nest
was plnced under 8300 bond
Dont Put Off
until tomorrow what you can do today
If you are suffering from a torpid liver
or constipation dont wait until tomor
row to get help
Buy a bottle of Herbine and get that
liver working right Promptness about
health saves many sick spells Mrs
Ida Gresham Point Tex writes I
used Herbine in my family for six
years and find it does all it claims to
do Sold by W J Sedberry
Got out of my pasture eight
miles weft of Jefferson known as
the Webb farm yellow spotted
steer 5 year old marked swallow
fork in both ear3 Will pay a lib
eral reward for him
fl2 C A Rowell
W D Fason brought u > in a
peculiar shaped gourd of the small
ornamental kind It had grown
in the shape of a dumb bell but
one of the bells had caught in a
place as it grew and this caused
them to grow in bent shape
Use a little Kodol after your meals
and it will be
found to afford a prompt
and efficient relief Kodol nearly ap
proximates the digestive juices It di
gests what you eat It is sold on a
guaranteed plan Sold here by J F
Crow Drug Co
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
Druggists refund money if it fails to
cure EW Groves signature is on each
The national hou = e of rrpreaen
tatives has passed a bill consoli
dating all the pension agencies into
one to be at
Mr Qodd returned from Kansas
City Saturday after a weeks stay
with Mr Gunter president ofthe
Glen Lumber Co
Mr Canady and wife returned
lo Glen altera two weeks vacation
Mr and Mrs Soramers and Del
bert Dr Carroll and Mr Jones
attended services at Kellyville
Sunday after which they spent the
day with Mrs Sommeis mother
Mrs Gause
Mr Dodd went to Texaikana
Sunday to meet a carload of mules
he bought while in Kansas City
Herbert Brown was a visitor in
Marshall Sunday
Horace Nelson was at Lodwick
Sunday Everybody is wondering
what her name is
Mr Merrell arrived at Glen
Thursday from Kansas
Mr and Mrs Sommera were
trading in Jefferson Thursday
Mr Dodd weni to MiJ bail
Thursday to close ntftrfffimner
Everybody that has hoga to kill
are taking advantage of these cold
nights You Kxow Who
For Sale
I wish to sell some household
goodB as follows Three large bed
steads one small bedstead two
washstands one with marble top
one washtub five chairs six nice
oil painted pictures one little
closet one small trunk one nice
clotbesrack two nice extension
table one large workbench some
tools and some paint one large
chest one large business dek one
large stepladder and some smooth
ing irons
f26 Mrs Theresia Gillman
What to Do When Bilious
The right thing to do when you feel
bilious is to take of Chamberlains
Stomach and Liver Tablets They will
cleanse the stomach and regulate the
liver and bowels Try it Price 25
tents Samples free at all druggists
A bill has been introduced in
both branches of our legislature
appropriating 100000 to extermi
nate the destructive wolves
meaning of coure the four legged
ones 1 per head for the coyote
and 5 per head for lobo wolf
scalps Colorado Citizen
840 Estate of 1
Robert McCin deceased J
In the County Court Marion County
Texas February Term 1907
All persons having claims against the
Estate of Robert McCain deceased are
required to present them to me duly
authenticated and in the time pre
scribed by law
Admn Estate Robert McCain
Piles of people have piles Why suf
fer from piles when you can use De
Witts Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve
and get relief Nothing else bo good
Beware of imitations See that the
name is stamped on each box Sold by
J F Crow Drug Co
Washington is demanding aey
enlyfive cent gas while if all the
gas wasted in Congress were only
illuminating the city would be
dazzing bright
For Rheumatic Sufferers
The quick relief from pain afforded
by applying Chamberlains Pain Balm
makes it a favorite with sufferers from
rheumatism sciatica lame back lum
bafio aud deep seated and muscular
pains For sale by all druggists
Suffered day and night the torment
of itching piles Nothing helped me un
til I used Doans Oinment It cured
me permanently Hon John R Gar
rett Girard Ala For sale by the J F
Crow Drug Co
We have had in the course of
time the stone age and the iron age
but will the present age be known
as the electric or the concrete age
Harsh physics react weakens the
bowels cause chronic constipation
Doans Regulets operate easily tone
the stomach cure constipation 25c
Ask your druggist for them For sale
hy the J F Crow
Only a few more SnudayB and then
It is the day when we all turn out
In new spring apparel As the day
falls so much
earlier this year many
may forget until too late to place or
ders for the
occasion That no
MAN may be LEFT
has his Spring line now open for in
spectou and invites you to call and
look them over If you have a
special shape or pattern in view its
stage plank and ahinclea be can
show it He represents the best
there in tailoring and guarantees
every coat vest or pants to be a
perfect fit and made to please you
or no eale He
will brini his sam
ples to your office or residence if
you prefer to make selection and

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