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CHEI8T CHCRCH Sunday School at 10 am
Morning Prayer l ll a m Holy Communion
Tt 3ho TnS20nth
OuUd meets everTsJIouday at 3 pm
Eev C a 1CoEIn Rector
Church every
m and
Preaching at the Methodist1
Sabbath by KevA A Wagnonat
730p mSabbath School 1000 a lLB
superintendent Prayer meeting jn reda3r
7 30 p m Senior League 4 00 p m 1st m
Sunday Junior League p m every ing they
Womans Home Mission Society 300 p m eachVi j tt >
production to San FranciSCO
Monday Choir Saturday 3 00 p m
every Sunday 10 oclock tm Superintendent
J H BowellSb Preaching first second and
fourth Sundays 11 oclock a m and 7 30 p m
by J 8 Lewis Pastor Prayer meeting4 every
Wednesday night 7 80 p m Ladies Aid Society
meets every Monday 330 oclock p m
Sabbath at 11 a m and730 pm prayer service
every Wednesday at 7 30 p m Rev R R
Rives Pastor Sabbath School at 9 45 a m
G W Brown Supt
Railwsy Time Card
Texas Pacific
So 1 Mail and Express 839 a m
No 3 Night Express 401 am
No 5 Gannon Ball 155 p m
No 1071 Q N Fast Mail 349 p m
No 2 Mail and Express 6 47 p m
No 4 Night Express 145 a m
No 6 Cannon Ball 164 p m
No 1041 G N Express 209 a ni
B T Hazard Local Agent
Jefferson Texas
M K Sc T
No 222 Mail and Express3 52 p m
No 224 Nignt Express 413 a m
No 221 Mail and Express 1043a m
No 223 Night Express 1256 a m
F M Pomeroy Local Agent
The Daughters of the American
Revolution elected a President this
titna without a revolutipn In fact
their convention might serve as an
example of peace to the Peace Con
The Charleston News and Cour
ier says that The best thing that
be said of automobiles 5b that
they will stand still without beiDg
hitched And one of the worst
things that can be said about them
is that they will so often stand still
when they are not hitched
Rosenthal s
We are getting lots of compliments
Two styles of winch is shown above is pleasing lots
of men who are mighty particular about their
Clothes We invite every man who has not yet
called on us to come around and try on some of
these Suits Make up your mind you are going to
look your verybest this season and let us help you
to do it
Rosenthal s
Six SimpIjejcJtitje
Editors and Proprietors
Friday May 31907
Austin and Vale Sts Jefferson Texas
Entered at the PostOfflce at Jefferson Texas
ai secondclass mall matter
Cople jcf the J effeeson Jimplecute in wrap
pen ready formatting can always be had at the
office by single copies or the dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
subscribers until a definite order to
discontinue is received and all arrears
are paid in full
Advertising Eates
Locals 5c par line each insertion Locals
will run one time only unless ordered to ran
Display advertising 7 cents per inch net sin
gle column each insertlontrun ol paper
Display advertising 10 cents per Inch single
column each insertion specified position
Carl of thanks 25 cents if not exceedinglO
Besolutions of respect 75 cents
Obituaries 75 cents
Mr Meyer the new Postmaster
General does not want to be called
Mr Postmaster General nor
does he want his secretrriw ad
dressed aB Mr First Assistant
Pbstmaster General If he suc
ceeds in this must needed reform
there will be mdre time for work
in the department
Mr Msyor Reyburn wants a two
million dollars Temple of Justice
erected in Philadelphia The
same amount expended in getting
justice from the grafters of the
State capital would find the people
more generous in their contribu
Mr Harriman is in danger of
demonstrating the truth of the old
maxim that Letters ase danger
ous even in the defense of liberty
This Captain of Finance seems to
have invited disasteT by means of a
stenographer and typewriter
Gilbertand Sullivan opera The
Mikado has been suppressed in
London in deference to the sensi
tiveness of Japan If the com
pany is looking for a money mak
stand should bring the
Tn ony verdict of guilt in the
Thaw tfi2 seems to have been
passed on L wyer Uelmas For
his crime againsi common sense
good judgment and fijoverworked
rhetoric he as been sentenced to
California and stay there
Secretary Taft in his Bpeech to
the Porto Ricans said I beg of
you not to think of those things
you do not haye This advice to
the majority of men would be to
to have them stop thinking al
Gladstone Dowie received but
one lonesome ten dollars from his
father the Prophet Elijah The
chances are that Gladstone will
continue to be the unkissed un
til he gets to work and increases
his pile
The Chief of Police of Chicago
has announced a determination to
make Chicago a safe place for
country people to visit He
should invent a newgas that can
be blown out with safety
A sea of hot water has been dis
covered near Galveston Texas but
there is no danger of Senator Bail
ey making an inspection of it He
has already had enough of that
Both the President and Senator
Foraker seem to have decided the
Brownsville case in advance of the
Senate investigation
Itching piles provoke profanity hot
profanity wont cure them Doanj
Ointment cures itching bleeding or pro
truding piles after ears of suffering
Sold by The J F Crow Drug Co
Jefferson Foundry and Ma
chine Shops
The establishment above named en
joys the distinction of being the oldest
manufactory of this fine old town in
upbuilding and support of which it has
plajed an important part and indeed
if reckoned from the time of its earliest
inception it is the pioneer machine
shop of the great Lone Star State
The plant was destroyed by fire in
the early eighties and rebuilt by the
late Green B McDonald and has ever
since been in the hands of his family
Upon the demise of Mr McDonald
pere in 1899 its management was as
sumed by E B and John McDonald
and by them jointly managed until two
years ago whea their interests were se
gregated the latter taking the Jefferson
Ice Light andPower Co which they
had recently promoted and built and
Mr E B McDonald becoming sole
owner of the shops
The plant manufactures fire brick
shingle mill machinery saw mill ma
chinery lumber buggies and all kinds
Abreast of all Her Compeers in the
List of Great and Glorious
Texas Cities
An Appreciation by Frank McDonald J Q < < V > VVVVVVVVSAiVVV V VVVVVV
rass goods cf all kinds and deals in
new and second hand machinery
It also manufactures grate bars re
pairs boilers does sheet iron
work and repairing of all kind always
haAing in mind its motto that Nothing
is too small for our careful atentton
Nothing too large for us to undertake
We think it appropos to here append
two letterrs from a well known mill
man of this section which tell a story
unnecessary to comment upon
The Glen Lumber Co
Kansas City Mo
Pine Ridge Tex Dec 01906
Jefferson Foundry and Machine Shops
Jefferson Texas
Gentlemen We received oar piston
rod nine hours aftar we started a man
from the mill after it and he drove 13
miles each way to hae the work done
e certainly do appreciate such prompt
ness and cannot commend you too
highly forsame So few repair shops
appreciate what it is for a mill to shut
down ahd when we find one that does
we feel that the mill men in general
should know of it
If all the mills within a convenient
radius of Jefferson knew of your facili
ties and promptness they would no
doubt give you all the work you could
do which they should do for I tell you
it io a great convenience to have a shop
near you on which you can depend for
promptness when in a great hurry and
at the same time fair treatment in
price Wishing you success end pledg
ing you all cur work in your line we
beg to remain your truly
Glenn Lumber Co
By Dodd Mgr
The Glen Lumber Co
Kansas City Mo
Jefferson Texas April 231903
Jeffirson Foundry Company Jefferson
Dear Sir We are sending you planer
cyclinder Please tarn it up and bal
ance it and we would thank you very
much if you can get this back to uathis
afternoon as we are veiy busy with the
machine Yours trulyGlen
Glen Lumber Co
Per Dodd
And it is not amiss to here mention
that Mr Dodds machine was sent him
at the very instant he expected it
The present sole proprietor of the
Jefferson Foundryand Machine Shops
albeit a young man is the oldest me
chanical engineer and machinist in
Eastern Texas and is a thorough mas
ter of every detail of the calling
Since as a todler of seven when he
began as a water watcher in the old
compress plant he has been an earnest
student oi this useful field and has
built up in it a fame for Jefferson
which is surpassed by no city
Dual conditions obtain to prevent
the writer of these articles to do
full justice to the splendid re
sources and Bright prospects of
this grand old town The multi
tudinous advantages of this portion
of Marion county cannot be pic
tured in the limitations of space
weekly afforded in this column and
must hence be treated of and in
continuous chapters
And the Jimplecute is also cir
cumscribed from any present expo
sition of the pending movements
looking to and backed by such per
sons as warrant the surety of en
tire success the rejuvenation of
great iron industry which once be
fore shed the color of bright pros
perity oyer the community lest
the premature discosure of their
broad guaged and wisdom con
ceived plans work to their possible
And concurrent and conmitaut
with these propitious developments
in the industrial Geld is the almost
assured fact that the Cypress river
will at the next session of Congress
receive the attention she has ever
been worthy of but has been so
long denied It is ironical to think
of the Trinitj receiving three quar
ters of a million dollars in one
bulk sum as it did at the last river
and harbor bill the Sabine was
cared for and private capital fear
lessly investing in navigation en
terprises in this little stream and
that the Cypress whose pellucid
watTS once floated more navigable
crat than any other Btream in
Texas should be overlooked An
expenditure of S20000 would make
the Cypress navigable for the larg
est draft vessels from its natural
head at Jefferson clear to its con
fluence with the waters of the Red
river and whilst the big brained
men of Jefferson and Marion coun
ty are bending every effort to se
cure this end it vehooves every
citizen to pitch in to the same end
The city has recently and is now
experiencing a moral wave which
is in touch with the spirit that is
making for a greater Jefferson
The Jimplecute readers well know
that this paper has never been in
tolerant in its leachments yet it
fully realizes and correctly reads
the handwriting on the wall which
plainly states that no community
in modern moral Texas can hope
to achieve civic greatness without
concomitant private morality and
chasity and hence we welcome the
present and kindred movements
To the desirable citizen who
wishes to combine the conditions
which make for material prosper
ity w ith the concomitants of Chris
tian and education opportunity Jef
ferson presents avenues seldom
surpassed She has six churches
with resident pastors and well at
tending congregations a first class
graded school with five teachers an
excellent waterworks and electric
ffgt light Bystem She is envi
roned byfi rich a land as lies un
der the surfT skXssed canopy of
Texas skies is populated by a gen
erous broadgauge whole atftirfid
people and that Jefferson will
soon again assume its ancient sway
as the metropolis of Northeast
Texas the writer firmly believes
Clark Boice Lumber Co
Whilst its rich environing lands and
their sturdy yeoman cultivators are
valuable assets and great supports to
any community it is the merry whirl of
the manufactory wheel and the vine
clad cottages of their workmen which
sings a sweeter song than the peans of
departed glory or the bolts of triumph
in war
And clustering close to the banks of
the Cypress river bordering on the
northern confines of the city Jefferson
can boast of a busy hive of industry
and the greatest manufactory of its
kind in Forth Texas
Beference is had to the vast plant of
the Clark Boice Lumber Co com
prising some dozen large buildings and
covering nearly 40 acres of ground Of
its buildings the splendidly appointed
saw and planing mills having a respec
tive daily cutting capacity of 45080 feet
in the saw mill and 60000 feet in the
planer are the largest and with Ub
splendid brick dry kiln building 50x100
feet in dimension are the most impor
tant of its plant And there is in ad
dition six large lumber sheds anti
commodious and complete office build
ing The company owns its own rail
road in the Jefferson Northwestern
Railroad which operates thirty miles
of track hauling timber from the com
panys vast timber domain and their
railroad has its own regularly laid out
yards and well equipped repair shops
on thVinmber company grounds The
immense output of the lumber company
iB marketed ia nearly every State and
is heralds afar the fame of Jefferson
to every cardinal point of the compass
The Clark Boyce Lumber Co was
established twenty years ago and for
two decades has been the financial
mainstay of the city it having con
stantly on its pay roll 200 well paid
hands whose wages have all that time
ramified through every artery of trade
and benefited every business and insti
tution of Jefferson
W F Jones
The nestor of the competent coterie
of county officials of Marion county Is
the gentleman above named wlio for
nearly a quarter of century has dis
charged the duties of County Clerk in a
thoroughly competent manner wholly
satisfactory to every citizen of the
county a record rarely matched in the
entire broad domain of the United
Mr Jones was first choBen to this of
fice in the fall of 1834 and in the long
lapse of years that has intervened since
that time has been regularly elected
And unlike so many long political in
cumbents he has never wavered in his
of mill It makes wheel ew York sole agents for the United
supplies gear j diligent work aa a public servant but
patterns on short notice and kseps in each succeeding year has brought to the Kemember the nameDoansand
stock Garfield injectors jet pumps and office thevaluejof additional experience take no other
and added to the filicitious courtesy
which has ever graced is extended in
cumbency of it
W F Jones was born in Marion
county Ga April 15 1841 his parents
removing to Louisiana when he was
five years of age and three years later
came to within five miles of Jefferson
where his father purchased a large
The outbreak of the war between the
States found him in the prime of vigor
ous manhood and he promptly enlisted
in the 7th Texas Infantry serving
through the bitter struggle and partici
pating in many desperately contested
battles and seiges
At the cessation of hostilities he re
turned to the home plantation took a
turn at a New Orleans business college
and for 16 years thereafter he was
bookkeeper for the G AKelly Foundry
Co at Kellyville and served for two
years thereafter in the same capacity
with I K Bivens of Atlanta when he
was elected County Clerk as first stated
Mr Jones innate affability and cour
tesy of demeanor coupled with
thorough competence are the twin
qualities which has won him the enco
nium of well done thou good and
faithful servant is emphatically ex
pressed at the polls for the last quarter
of a century
Davis Biggs
Like his colaborator in the onerous
and delicate duty of assessing the
county taxes the gentlemen above
named has long been an incumbent of
the office of tax assessor having been
first chosen to the office in 1900 and re
elected at every election since being
now serving his fourth term
Mr Biggs is native to North Carolina
and raised in Texas and for 30 years
past has been a resident of Jefferson
Although but 15 years of age at the
opening of the civil war he enlisted in
the fall of 1861 in the 30th Tenn Infan
fantry participating in many hotly con
tested battles and campaigns
He settled at Jefferson in 1868 for
nearly twonty years conducting a nurs
ery business here and for fifteen years
thereafter wos e n gaged in the trading
and dairy business
As was first stated he was elected Tax
Assessor and his successive reelection
to the office attests the painstaking
care with which he has discharged the
duties pertaining thereto
Geo F Moseley
There is no more ardent champion
and earnest advocate of Eastern Texas
and especially that poition tributary
to the city of Jefferson than the genial
and capable clerk of the District Court
Why said Mr Moseley with empha
sis compared with many sections of
the South this county is a veritable
garden of eden I know plenty of peo
ple from my native State Alabama
came here without a dollar and who
have acquired a comfortable compe
tence and today live in the lap of ap
proximate luxury The Jimplkcutb is
on the right track What Eastern
Texas needs is advertising and your
present plan seems a proper one that
may accomplish prodigiously good re
Geo F Moseley was born in Hunts
yille Ala Jan 11 1858 but educated
in Mississippi where his parents re
moved in 1857 The family removed to
a farm eight miles east of Jefferson in
January 1876 and for most of his use
ful years of life he has been an honest
tiller of the soil For several years
past he has resided in Jefferson and fol
lowed different mercantile lines until
May 1906 when he was elected Clerk of
the District Court of Marion county
Mr Mosely brought to the office a
genial manner which is the gentleman
of courtesy and which coupled with
thorough competency makes him a
most popular and capable incumbent of
the office
Tor Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of CtffideA
The richest men are those who
make the most of what they can
Danger to Delay
Kidney Diseases Are Too Danger
ous for Jefferson People to
The great danger of kidney troubles
is that they get a firm hold before the
sufferer recognizes them Health is
gradually undermined Backache head
ache nervousness lameness soreness
lumbago urinary troubles dropBy dia
betes and Bnghts disease follow in
merciless succession Dont neglect
your kidneys Cure the kidneys with
tbe certain and safe remedy Doans
Kidney Pills
William Potts machinist of 417 E
Locust street Marshall Tex says
For ten years I had attacks of back
ache some of them very severe after
hard days work or if I contracted
cold The latter was always sure to
settle in my loins and extra pains and
inconvenience ensued I knew from
the action of the kidney secreliojis
u hen these attacks were at their height
that there was something radically
wrong with my kidneys but until
procured Doans Kidney Pillls I was
disappointed in every pieparation
used I noticed the direct effect of
Doans Kidney Pills on the kidneys af
ter a dose or two and a continuation of
their use for some time absolutely rid
me of that last attack
Plenty more proof like this from Jeff
erson people Call at The J F Crow
Drug Cos store and askwhat their
customers report
For sale by all deacrs Price 50
cents FosterMilburn Co Buffalo
Ther6 Is a locomotive shortage in
Plover are unsually scarce In west
General John S Bubb is on the re
tired list
A 25000 club has been organized
at Ada I T
Scurvy prevails in the famine dis
tricts of Russia
Cotton ties have been advanced 1
cents per bundle
Oklahoma Is being flooded with
campaign literature
Cooper Tex is endeavoring to hav
a 160000 cotton mill
Lemons are abnormally high foi
this season of the year
At Alamo Ga J T Bright was ahol
and killed by H L Sears
Postmaster General Meyer denies
that he intends resigning
There are nearly 2000 patients in
the asylum at Terrell Tex
R E Higglns died suddenly at Fort
Worth from acute indigestion
It is now said Castro will retire aa
president of Venezuela May 23
Deputy Sheriff W E Tipton ol
Texico N M was shot to death
H P Stebbins a veteran western
journalist died near Perry Okla
Virgil Robinson ten years old walk
ed from Texarkana to Tulsa I T
Virginia Bradley the well known
horseman died at Greenway Va
The pope has instituted a new or
der Knights of the Holy Sepulcher
Lonnie Hall was shot at Dallas and
soon died E C Pate was arrested
Six small boys charged with theft
were arrested at one time at Dallas
The 16000 gin of the McKinney
Oil and Gin company was destroyed by
A vein of sulphur ten feet thick has
been discovered in Duval county Tex
In eighteen months 3741 new tele
phones have been installed at Dal
Hugh Browning a brakeman was
crushed to death by a train at Yoakum
The safe of the Katy railway at Ring
gold Tex was blown open and 100
J R Foraker brother of the senator
and a prominent attorney died at Cin
Senator Penrose was a caller at th <
white house He declined to be inter
In a shooting affray at an Ino joint
in Big Sandy Tex two negroes wera
A large cave has been found in Tur
key mountain seven miles south of
Tulsa I T
Four million bushels of coal started
down the Ohio river Thursday from
A shed fell on the little boy of G
W Ford of Reagan county Texas
killing him
Mrs Dan T Leary of Texarkana was
robbed of diamonds and jewelry val
ued at 8000 S
Stock and farmingInterests in the
San Angelo Tex section are In splen
did condition
Delegation from Texas to the South
ern Baptist convention at Richmond
Va numbers 125
W O Daniel a machinist became
entangled in machinery at Dallas Both
arms were broken
Buffalo Rochester and Pittsburg
Railroad company will Issue 135000
000 worth of bonds
A W Swope an Oklahoma pioneer
was found dead beside his team on a
road near Stillwater
The oil strike at Manner twenty
seven miles west of Muskogee Is caus
ing much extictement
Six Houston children were bitten by
a mad dog All were sent to the Pas
teur Institute at Austin
Andrew Carnegie has given 1000
to the Home of Needy Confederate
Wbmen at Richmond Va
At Bristol Tenn Noah Fulton shot
and killed John Johnson Five bul
lets entered Johnsons body
Over 300 railroad officials were
guests at the fifth annual banquet oi
the Pittsburg Traffic club
At Corona Kan a mob of negroes
attempted to lynch Joseph Bush
charged with train robbery
Part of a bridge and hundreds ol
tons of earth fell Into Little Otter riv
er atLawry Va damming it up
v Between Burnet and Lampasas
Tex a Central train went through
bridge Eight persons were hurt
Francis Murphy the apostle oi
temperance has retired from the plat
form and is living at Los Angeles
In the oratorical contest at New Or
leans between Tulane university and
University of TexaB the latter won
Colonel Robert E Lee grandson ol
the noted general will be orator at the
Confederate reunion in Richmond
Steamer Hamilton will make regulat
trips up the Sabine river from Long
view Tex twelve miles up the stream
The residence eighteen miles from
Gainesville Tex of R L Hickox
valued at 18000 was consumed by
About 100 summer cottages neai
Millers Lake Mass owned by Spirit
uallsts and valued at 115000 were
Henry Lewis a negro was killed
Dallas in a fight with another negio
Ten shots were fired The other par
ty escaped
General W S McCaskey former
commander of the department of Tex
as is now in charge of the department
of the Dakotas
Miss Belle Stroup who killed at Oil
City Pa Theodore S Rose and sui
cided left a will bequathlng her pro
perty to her sisters
It has Just been discovered that In
1861 the Eleventh Texas legislature
passed an act setting aside an acre In
the state cemetery at Austin lnwbioh
to bury Union soldiers
For Over Sixty Years
Mrs Wisslow8 Soothing Strop has been
used for over 60 years by millions of mothers
lor their children while teetEing with perfect
It soothes the child softens the gums
alleys all pain cures wind colic and 1b ihe best
remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately Sold hy Druggists
jn every part of the world Twentyfive cents
a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs Winslows
Soothing Synip and take no other kind
1 Guaranteed under the food and drugs act June
20th 1905 Senal number 109P
It is claimed by grocerymen in
Mexico that asparagus is being im
ported from France in large pack
ages and canned in the city
Jlflxicojunder American labels aB
though f iogfror California
NO 45
Job Office
Baking Powde
is so perfect in its make so
simple in use that begin
ners in cooking may work with it
successfully It makes home baking
easy and makes nicer better food
than the bakers Nothing can be
substituted for it in making quickly
and perfectly delicate hot biscuit
j hot breads muffins cake and pastry
ji Price Bakinq powder Co Chicago
Get Sight With Man
A religion that fails to make a
man pay his debts promptly and
cheerfully isnt worth worth wag
ging around in the ve t pocket
There are men who profess great
interest in the work of the church
the mention of whose names would
give an army of bill collectors ner
vous prostration any time Get
right with God is advice that ev
ery sensible man should heed
and tbe first step in that direction
is to get right withyour fellow
man Honey Grove Signal
Seller from Rheumatic Pains
I suffered with rheumatism for over
two years says Mr Holland Curry a
patrolman of Key West Fla Some
times it settled in my knees and lamed
me so 1 could hardly walk at other
times it would be in my feet and hands
so I was incapacitated for dnty One
night when I was in severe pain and
lame from it my wife went to the drug
store here and came back with a bottle
of Chamberlains Pain Balm I was
rubbed with it and found the pain had
nearly gone during the night I kept
on using it for a little more than two
weeks and fonnd that it drove the rheu
matism away I have not had any
trouble horn that diseaee for over three
months For sale by all druggists
When a man fails everybody is
ready to give the reason for it
When a man succeeds everybody
is ready to express surprise
Beuitla Tha Kind You Hava Alrajs Bonjjil
If the innocent purchaser law
were repealed itwould suddedly
educate a lot of men who now pro
fess ignorancs
List of patents granted to Texas
inventors this week Reported by
C A Snow Co patent attor
neys Washington D C
Henry Yturri San Antonio trap
John Hoy8e Sherman combina
tion device John A Nabors Ver
non means for protecting river
banks Charles H Miller Bowie
sashfastener Edward Kneezell
1 Paso tobaccopipe A King
Sa n Antonio railway track con
struction Nathan P Dazey Dal
las churn John M Cohron Fort
Worth spring bed Thomas F
Butler Dallas ice saw Joseph L
Anders Pittsburg root and stalk
pulling machine
For copy of any of above patents
send ten cents in postage stamps
with date of this paper to C A
Snow Co Washington D C
Remarkable Kescue
That truth is stranger thanfiction
has once more been demonstrated in the
little town of Fedora Tenn the resi
dence of C V Pepper He writes I wa8
in bed entirely disabled with hemor
rages of the lungs and throat Doctors
failed to help me and all hope had fled
when I began taking Dr Kings New
Discovery Then instant relief came
J he coughing Boon ceased the bleeding
diminimshed rapidlyandm three weeks
I was able to go to work Guaranteed
cure for coughs and colds 50c and 100
at W J Sedberrys drug store Trial
bottle free
A Vermont gardener has suc
ceeded in raising from a patch of
ground three by twenty feet nearly
four bushels of onions At this
rate an acre would produce 2904
bushels which would bring about
Coffins Caskets and Funeral Supplies
PHONES Store 97 Res 58

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