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ly and the season for
Millinery Fall Dress Goods
Coats and Tailor Made Suits
Wei not lit HI Late bit ill
ConsessionsRIGHT NOW in prices
of all of these lines Do not wait till the
lines are broken in sizes and Styles but
come NOW it will be TO YOUR
North Dakota is the greatest
of all prospective coal fields in
this country It is estimated
that she can supply 499996000
short tons Wyoming Montana
Illinois and Colorado follow
Ends Winter Troubles
To many winter is a season of trou
ble The ffostbitlen toes and fingers
chapped hands and lips chilblains
old soreB red and rotiuli skins prove
ibis But such troubles fly before
Bucklena Arnica Salve a trial convin
res Greatest healer of Burns Bolls
Piles Cuts Sore Bruises Eczema and
Sprains Only 25u at VV 1 Sedberrys
A French investigator has
given Julius Ceasar the credit for
being one of the earliest and
most earnest opponents of the
race suicide
Make TJp Your Own Iiud
When in the need of a cough medicine
If yon buy lr Behe PineTarHoney
we guarantee yon get the best
Trinity Corporation New
York the richest church in the
United States has filed plans to
have another branch church and
rectory at Washington Hights
N Y to cost over 400000
You Can Always Get
The best cough medicine if you ask for
Dr Bells PineTarHoney and look for
the bell on the bottle Guaranteed to
give satisfaction Sold everywhere
Fifteen years ago Moscow
started a city pawnshop Since
then it has lent more then 27
000 000 on nearly 7000000 art
icles left in pawn
Children Cry
The Prince of Wales is the ow
ner of one of the largest collec
tions of post card in the world
It consists of more than 10000
The noninterestbearing and unsecured deposits o this bank are
protected by the GUARANTY FUND of the STATE OF TEXAS
Some Items for This Week
Fresh Concord Grapes per basket 50c
Fresh Tokay Grapes per basket GOc
Apple per pk 50c
Colorado Cabbage per lb 5c
Assisted Fancy Cakes per lb 20c
25ct Can Coffee 20c
30ct Can Coffee 25c
100 Can Coffee 90c
Lamp Chimneys 5c
New Cranberries and Celery for Sale
Our Store is securely screened and is kept clean and
sanitary No flies in our sugar barrel or anywhere else
Freedelivery Phone No 80 Vale street
First Train Dec 6th Ore City to
Celebrate Mining Activities
Will Begin at Once
The early completion of the
Port Bolivar Iron Ore railroad to
the heart of the iron ore beds of
East Texas will mark the begin
ning of a new era of development
in East Texas heretofore not
dreamed of
It has already been markedby
the building of a thriving town
qf everal hundred souls several
stores planing mill and cotton
gin all built and in operation
long in advance of the advent of
the railway
This town of Ore City which
is to be the concentrating point
of the Iron Ore industry to be
carried on along modern lines by
The Ore City Co and interests
owning in excess of two hundred
million tons of the finest iron ore
to be found in the United States
A great washing and crushing
plant for refining this ore will be
established near Ore City which
when refined is to be hauled to
Port Bolivar and thence trans
shipped by ore carrying vessels
directly to the blast furnaces in
While this is a tremendous step
forward in the development of
the East Texas Iron Ore deposits
and will prove a highly profita
ble business as well as give per
manet and lucrative employment
to many workmen its profits
will compare as pennies to 10
bills with that to be made when
the blast furnaces and rolling
mills are erected in the heart of
the East Texas iron ore country
as they will ultimately be
The inauguration and success
ful prosecution of this first de
velopment work at Ore City
means the upbuilding in north
east Texas of a great manufac
turing metropolis thickly girted
with factories and teeming with
life It means the building of a
model city of beautful homes
substantial business houseswide
streets and shady boulevards
parks and recreation resorts
Ore City is preparing to com
memorate the completion of the
Iron Ore Kailway with a great
celebration on December 12th
On that date special trains will
be run over the M K T and
M E T to the junction of the
Iron Ore R R and all lines en
tering Longview where the Iron
Ore R R connects with the
Santa Pe I G N and T P
and especially low round trip
rates have been promised From
Longview the crowds will be
taken on special trains over the
Iron Ore Railway to Ore City
Here they will see a town but a
few months old which already
numbersfiftyodd residences and
nearly a dozen business houses
and manufacturing industries
with numerous others to be
erected as soon as material can
be hauled in over the newly com
pleted line
At Ore City the visitors will
see the nucleus of what is to be
a model city in all that the name
implies Broad well graded
streets which have already been
laid off and business and resi
dential lots graded and ready
for the structures which will
soon adorn them Here they
will find themselves in the midst
of an old settled agricultural
section settled by a thrifty set
of farmers each of whom owns
and works his own farm Here
is the center of the great fruit
belt of East Texas the home of
the Elbeata peach and the finest
fruit berry and truck country to
be found anywhere Also im
mediately adjoning Ore City are
some of the finest pine and hard
wood forests in the world and
already one big corporation is
having the ground cleared for a
big saw and planing mill dry
kilns and wood working plant
The coming of the railroad into
this section will mean not alone
the development of the iron in
Give prompt relief from BACKACHE
BLADDER and all annoying URINARY
IRREGULARITIES A positive boon to
S ADavis 627 Washington St Conncrsvilla
Ind is in his85th year llo writes us IhaTg
lately suffered much from my Jidcovs and blad
der IhadseTerebaclca < hesaudro > kidneyaction
was too frequent cauins no to losa much sleep
at night and m mv blaader there was constant
pain I took Foley Xidney Pills for some time
and am now free of all trouble and nnrain able to
bo up and around Foley Lidnoy Pills have raj
highest recommendation
dustry on a big scale but will
mean a great impetus to agri
culture and timbering pursuits
The hardwood forest will mean
the establishment of wagon and
furniture factories spoke and
handle plants etc and the fact
that it is a favored fruit and
vegetable country will mean the
establishment of box and crate
factories and canning factories
to take care of the excess of fruits
not shippedJE resh
Ore City believes in her future
and her people want everyone in
Texas to come to Ore City on the
12th oft December and see for
themselves the wonderful strides
He town has madeTin1 the1 first
few onths of its exiateaee i
A big barbecue and basket pic
nic will be held in the shady
groves adjoining the town and
the visitors will have the inner
man amply looked af ter and the
brass band which meets you at
the train will furnish music
while you are satisfying your ap
petite and quenching your thirst
from the nearby springt
Every citizen of Texas inter
ested in the welfare and material
advancement of this great state
should be sure to attend this cel
ebration at Ore City and seethe
nucleus of what seems certain
to be the nextf great industrial
movement of the entire south
west and one which prbmises to
be far reaching in its beneficial
A High Grade Blood Pnrifler
Go to Allen Urqunarts drug stoie
and buy i bottle of B B B Botanic
Blood Balm It will purify and enrich
your blood and build up your weakened
brokendown system B B B is guar
anteed to cure all blood diseases and
skin humors such as
Rheumatism Eating Sores
Syphilitic Blood Poison
Itching Humors
Risings and bumps
Bone Pains
Pimples Old Sores
Scrofula or Kernels
bnperating Sores Boils Carbuncles
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by killing the poison humor and ex
pelling it from the system B B B is
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therefore it cures and heals all sores
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ple free by writingBlood Balm Co
Atlanta Ga
Announcement Bridge
Matrimonially speaking of the
past week was an intensely in
teresting one to society indeed
so swiftly has one announcement
followed another this season
that every one is in a constant
state of pleasurable excitement
as to who next
Of course there are always
interesting little rumors flying
around but Friday afternoon at
Miss Arabelle Gibbons bridge
there was a genuine suprise in
store for the guests in the an
nouncement of the engagement
and approaching marriage of
Miss Mable Jeanetfe Clapper
and George A Gitibons Jr
which was made by the hostess
in the most delightful and origi
nal manner
To begin with there were
nine tables of players and the
game was played in the midst of
lovely blossoms principally yel
low in the big living room while
in the adjoining roonjs pink and
red flowers were in eridence
Tallies in the formof enlarged
question marks hinted of some
thing out of the ordiiary but no
mention was made of the inter
esting bit of news until the be
ginning of the first game when
at each table the gueit holding an
ace of hearts suddenly discover
ed something unusuil in its ap
pearance then like a wave of
electricity the annoucement
spread from table taxable until
the whole room was in a flutter
Upon each ace appeared a tiny
Cupid while through me ace was
an arrow and the side toe name
of the young people andjthe date
of the wedding January 31
About sixteen additional
guests joined the players after
the game when a salad and ice
course was served and the sou
venirs awarded Mrsl C H
Markham winning the highest
score and receiving a silver fili
gree vase and Miss Agnes Car
ter the consolation a vase of sim
ilar desisgn
Miss Clapper is the daughter
of Mr and Mrs J E I Clapper
recently of Lafayette Ind but
now residents of Houston and
has already become a favorite in
the younger set while kr Gib
bons is the son of Mis G A
Gibbons and prominent y identifi
ed with the business aid social
life of the city The adding in
January will be among the not
able events of the Neij Year
Houston Post
Mr Gibbons will bt remem
bered as the genial bst man
at the CollinsSprong nuptials
last year i
Pospects for next gears su
tt0L I
gar crops are bright p uba
Hs Opposed to the Policy of Legis
lative Rest The Wrongs
and How to Remedy
In the Sunday papers Judge
Ramsey gave to the public the
platform on which he will make
the race for governor before the
Democratic primary next year
It was all that his most ardent
admirers could have wished jfor
a paper of high character set
ting forth clearly his views upou
public questions and free from
demagogic plauditude There
was no sop to any clan or class
but a platform if carried into
execution will be good for the
whole state
He comes out clearly against
the policy of legislative rest
the meaningless slogan of the
present governor He claims
and correctly so that if we have
faulty laws that it will take leg
islative action to correct them
and that if we are in need of
other laws they should be enact
ed In this respect he says
I recognize that the govern
ment cannot do all for our people
that their destiny lies largely in
their own hands and that peo
ple and lessons of religion hon
esty courage truthfulness and
fidelity must be taught in the
church in the schools and above
all at the fireside But just
laws enacted in a spirit of fair
ness justly and fairly enforced
can aid much to promote the in
terest of society and achieve the
well being of our citizenship I
am not one of those who believe
that there remains nothing to be
done for the people of Texas ex
cept to fill the office and spend
the mone collected from the peo
ple in taxes
I am unalterable opposed to a
policy of mere negation and to
Legislative paralysis and Gov
ernmental inactivity
It would be as idle even if it
could be truly stated that we
have many foolish and faulty
laws to sit down in helples de
spair and feebleness and say that
we decline to do anything as it
would be for the farmer to aban
don his crop and turn out his
field because it was overgrown
with weeds and poisoned with
brambles and briars
In brief Judge Eamsey favors
1 Adherence to party plat
2 Opposed to unlimited use
of money in elections and in fa
vor of further restrictions
thrown around the ballot to pro
tect it
3 A stricter rule in relation
to the payment of poll taxes
4 Laws for the protection of
labor among them and employ
ers compensation act
5 Change in the court pro
6 Favors the resubmission of
the prohibition amendment
7 The regulation of the liquor
traffic removal of the saloons
from the residence sections of
the cities limiting their number
increasing the tax daylight clos
ing law the unbroken package
law prevent drinking on premi
ses where sold
8 In favor of nominations by
majority vote
9 A liberal policy toward our
10 The encouragement of ag
11 In favor of the initiative
and referendum and restricted
use of the recall
12 To encourage irrigation
and conservation of our natural
13 Highest development of
the Confederate Home
14 Good roads
15 The employment of as
many of the State cenvicts as
possible within the walls of the
16 The encouragementof capi
tal by just and wise laws
17 Enforcement of all crimi
nal laws
18 Opposed to the combina
tion of license lucre and liquor
19 Given above
20 Opposed to political pro
scription Wills Point Chronicle
A Terrible Blunder
to ueglect liver trouble Never do it
Take Dr Kings New Life Pills on the
first signs of constipation biliousness
or inactive bowls and prevpnt virulent
indigestou jaundice or gall stones
They regulate liver stomach bowels
and build up your health Only 25c at
W J Sedberrys
On the prairie lands in the
Western provinces of Canada up
ward of one million Americans
have settled
When you have a bilious attack give
Chamberlains Tablets a trial They
are excellent For sale by Allen
Urquhnrt and all druggest
I 1 ne Loo
1 alwavs feels
It confident of 1
I pure and wiiolesome
APure GrapeCreaiR artar
No A Film
I Baking Powder
I Made front Grapes
s m ss msssssmm
B Youngbldbd Director of
Texas Experiment Station at the
Agricultural and Mechanical
College of Texas has recieved
about sixty five pounds of seed
of a number of rare varieties of
Egyptian cotton and he will make
a trial of this in Texas at the
various experiment stations
There is a great deal of dis
cussion regarding the Egyptian
cotton and Mr Youngblood has
had much correspondence on the
subject He has exchanged let
ters with Argyle McLochan
agent of the Bureau of the Plant
Industries Western Agricultural
Extension of the United States
Department of Agriculture who
is located at Bard Cal and it is
from him that the seed have
been recieved He has written
also to the American consul at
Alexandria Egypt for seed and
is corresponding with the sub
ject Director Youngblood has
received a large number of in
quiries regarding Egyptian seed
We offer One Hundred Dollars Bewardfbr any
case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by Halls
Catarrh Cure F J CHENEY < J CO ToIedoO
We the undersigned have known F J Cheney
lor the last 15 years and believe him perfectly
honorable in all business transactionsand finan
daily able to carry out any obligations made by
his firm Walding Kinnan < Makvin
Wholesale Druggists Toledo 0
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfac ot
the system Testimonials sent free Price 75
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Take Halls Family Pills for constipation
A merchant in Georgia has
this sign over his door Automo
biles and funerals on the instil
ment plan when in need of
either or both call on me
No Calomel Necessary
The injurious effect and unpleasant
ness of taking calomel is done away
with by Simmons Liver Purifier the
mildest known liver medicine yet the
most thorough in action Put up In
yellow tin boxes only Tried once used
The easiest word to pronounce
in the English language is said
to be murmur It is simply
an expulsion of che breath re
Never can tell when youll mash a
finger or suffer a cut bruise burn or
Bcald Be prepared Dr Thomas
Electric Oil instantly relieves the pain
quickly cures the wound
Joseph W Bailey was elected
United States Senator at the age
of 38 years and 3 months Mor
ris Sheppard if he is elected will
be 38 years and 8 months old
Eespectfully referred to the
newspaper critics of Mr Shep
pard who imagine he is too young
for the place Pittsburg Gazette
We wish to call your attention to the
fact thatmost infectious deseases such
as whooping cough diptheria and scar
tel fever are contracted when the child
has a cold Chamberlains Cough R9
medy will quickly cure a cold and great
ly lessen the danger of contractine
these diseases This remedy Is fam
ous for its cures of rolds It contains
no opium or other narcotic and may bo
given to a child with implicit confi
dence Sold by Allen TJrquhart and all
There are now 14000 acres
under fruit cultivation in Ireland
a large increase on previous to
Antiseptic Remedies
Destroy disease germs Dr Bells Anti
Pain is an antiseptic remedy for extern
al and internal pains relief is almost
instantenous Sold by all dealers
When Her Back Aches
A Woman JFinds All Her Energy
and Ambition Slipping Away
Jefferson women know how the aches
and pains that come when the kidneys
fail make life a bureen Backache hip
pains headaches dizzy spells distress
ing urinary troubles all tell of sick kid
neys and warn you of the stealthy ap
proach of dropsy of Brights diBease
Doans Kidney Pills are for the kidneys
only They attack kidney diseases by
striking at the cause
Can Jefferson sufferers desire stronger
proof than thiB womans word
Mrs E II Rogers 407 Lake Bt Mar
shall Texas says Words but feebly
express my highopiuion of Doans Kid
ney Pills About six months ago I had
pains in the small of my back that rob
bed me of my rest I felt tired and
weary lacked ambition and was all run
down Learning of Doans Kidney Pills
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supply I Received good results from
the first and after I had used the con
tents of several boxes I was cured
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ties without the slightest inconveni
ence and am in excellent health
For sale by all dealerSf Price 50 cents
FosterMilburu Co Buffalo New York
sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
Dec 12th
1 iV 1
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