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1 SUBSCRIPTION, SI. 50 PmKR. ' Stock. Growers and. Breeders Journal. nirid in th sah anqilo postoitice An If
, ' TT . , CONB.CltiMILMATTII. CJ1-1 , J 1
iY, Nonpoi,
111. tir A (.! "i'jV;
.The lutlios prefer Wiley's, tho
puckugos uro simply exquisite
mid iciil n ensures.
Fresh stock every week of
Wiley's and other manufactures.
Yours to Please,
John Free land,
Tlio Confectioner
tine fruit.
and dealM in '
?, .- &
You'll think -You've
Yl'n wi-'ie m'IIIiii; gumlt.
ii I'luMji ou'll think j on
llHU- tl)lfll tllulll. TIlIM'
jusi h-ii1im1 sifie-ili fliip
inoiii (if Gi-orjilii Kibltiiii
'uin- Syrups. Mnple Svr
up, I'igmji'vi's .li'llli's and
Jiuiin, iiIho a I'lioh'i1 lliii
of t'ukt'h. ( Yiii'lo'i s tin tt
Cimilii't of .1.1 1 kinds. U'.'
tU so chi-ii) Hint tin
pOOl' ilS Wl'lt .1-. till' I'll li
maj 1'iijoy tin- jjomi
tliiilUH ol thin life. Call
mid mci' u mill Im coii-
J.H. Smith &E
?fa?K? (Sft. 4M 3S ". 1 J&
Tlio Sun Aiijf olo Carriage Works.
1', was uur good fortune to be
s iowii through the immense
establishment now known as the
.San Angolo Carriage works
which is operated by Mr. II. II.
Mitclioll un old resident of Mi) or
wood and probably known by
j every sheepman and cowman
within a hundred miles of ban
'Angolo, us an all round sheep
1 man and cowman,
i Mr Mitchell says he has got a
' tine outtit, and he sure has since
he purchased the stock and um
V'1 t si i chinery of J. It. Copoland. who
0. Wiley S GaJ2GrieSils long enjoyed the reputation
ill i.u riling uutiiuuiiauiiu nuyiio,
tlial were strictly tirst class and
something that would last.
The machinery wus in full
operation, u six horse powei
engine was hard at it but Mr
Mitchell said it was not houj
enough to pull the load and he
would put in u b liorso power
one at once, us everything is
done by machinery that is
Master Mechanic John M
Moody, lute ol Rau & Mood,
was in charge with a broad
smile to welcome every eus
tomer, and up stairs we went
where tlio.y put the timsl iog
touches to the new hacks and
delivery wagons. They are.
without a doubt, about as near
perfection as man din make
thorn, since not a stick of limb' r
parses the oagio eye ol Mr ('
M Copoland, tl.o must or wood
man, every piece of iron or siool
is carefully tested by John
James, the blacksmith who iii a
s mi Hi can not be excelled, he i-
assisted by Kinny Copoland.
Jack's son. and a stick of the
old block and when they strike
the lick they are in lor business
and a reputation.
Well Jack Brick, the well
known sign painter, transposes
a solid, substantial and a more
than duiable wagon into a thing
of beauty as he blends the colore
land attaches the emblems.
When it comes to horse shoe
nig Mr Mitchell paid special
stress on the merits of J M
Moody and Jim Bnird from
Commaiiche lie says that when
it conies to putting a shoe on a
hor-e that he did not think there
was any one could boat either
Moody or B.iird, they just know
their business.
They have got ubout between
L000 and 55000 worth or ma
chinery and il you want any re
pairing done, or our wagon tiro
reset without being all burnt up,
you will see by their regular
advertisement that thoy have a
isjUQO machine which will put
them on by cold shrinkage lor
$2 a sot.
Make Mitchell a visit and
make him show you through, he
wants to see all of his old
friends, and make a lot of new
ones too.
Cameron 8 Co Meet Competition
Wo carry tlio best stock in the
citv, we meet ali prices und all
figures, us we w.nt your trade
when you need any kind of Lum
ber cheap, call and see us.
Sales made by Hull man &
Clarke, Ibis week: 1500 head ol
aiieep sold to Curuttiors. of Irion
county, for Rutherford, at $1 60
per heud; 1B00 head of sheep to
Charley Aery, for B. F. Roby, of
Coleman at $2 25; T. A. Wil
liams'. now residence on Pulliam
street to Mr Day, of Hamilton
county, for $1000; Austin open
cer s new building on Mullin
street to Mr. E C. Crapps, of
Alabama for $550
The C. P. Aid society will givo
a crazy social at the home of L.
A. Hough, the evening of Nov.
22. Every body invited.
CpCjKK "jjK 3)
I sell wood any way you waul
it Sawed. Split, or in Cord
Lengths, and at Low Prices
I meet all prices on wood
and deliver it to any purl of
the city.
Oflie Kourtli bt.. opposite
oil tanks, south side of mil
roud. Phono 210.
Chas. Vollintine.
! New flrrivaiT
Fancy Cape Cod G run ber
berries, Frosh Grits. White
Scotch Outs. Bunner Oats
in 3 lb puckuges with dish,
pure fruit preserves in 1, 8,
5 and 15 pound packages,
also pure fruit Jellies, guar
anteed to be as good as the
best and sold at closo prices.
We ask you to inspect ou r
line of groceries und get
our prices before placing
your next order.
Yours for business,
I A. D. White & E
m Phono 7 7.
.. -jmt'
w - m.-JKL
wimm im
:M jL?
iH i
mBP 'Jit?
.vill tind it will bo to your
t to figure with Wm.
ron te uo if you want a
f lumber as they carry the
t slock in t'ne city and meet
Giveyoui orders for Christ
mas presents to the Prosby
torlan Ladies' Aid.
When you buy goods from
bHOb b I Otic you have none of
ty to consider whether you arc rii
take that on ourselves, for wc will
of shoes wc do not know to be right
which you pay lor it.
People who have little money to spend arc
the people who usually get the least value for it,
as many merchants take no pains to please that
class of trade and seem to think that any old thing
is good enough for you. If you spend $1.00 or
a S100.00 with us, wc take pains to treat you
courteously and give you all your money will
possibly buy. -
Sec our Child's Shoe made of good kid stock,
it has solid leather counter and all-leather bottom,
scIIf anywhere for 75c to 85c, sizes 5 to 8,
our price ? 50c
Our ladies' Box Calf and Kid Shoes, all solid
leather, any size, sells everywhere for S1.50,
our price - $1.25 Nj(,
btyle bvJ4, Ladies rud bhoc, coin toe, cloth or
plain kid top, all solid, turned soles, any size, and
a very dressy shoe, sells everywhere for S1.75 to
$2.00, our price - - $1.50
Wc sell the best working shoes for men at
prices fully 20 per cent cheaper than ou can buy
them anywhere. Every pair all solidlcathcr.
Well everything in shoes and boots and will
not sell any shoe which is not all leather.
Wcscll only good goods. Wcmind little things.
E. J. FARR5 prop.,
Opposite Landon Hotel. SAN ANGELO. TEXAS
Notice to Cotton Growers.
We will close our uin for the
season Dec 1st. 1901. We up
prec'ate the custom we have had
this souson, and trust wo may
bo favored with your patronage
the next season.
I. Wkioht it Son.
Car celebrated Hucks stoves
and ranges just received, O & G
Hugelstein Co.
Curd ol Tliuiikn
We wish io extend to our
munv friends in San Angolo and
nsnneiallv n the officers und
members of San Angolo Lodge
No. 570 A. F. & A M. our deep
est. heart felt thanks for the kind
uess, sympathy and honors ex
tended to us at the death of
husband and father.
Mrs J.B Smith and family.
Woodmen Unvcilina-
The custom of the Woodmen
of the World in erecting monu
ments to murk the resting place
of their deceased members was
carried out Sunday Nov. 10, at
Fuirmount Comolory
It was a duy sot apart by the
Woodmen of Sun Angolo to un
veil llie monument marking the
final resting place of Gotthold
Hubor, u member of tuo Sonora
Lodge, who died in Sun Angolo.
Between five and six hundred
people weie ussom blud to parti
cipato in the ceremonies.
The orator of the day wan tlio
Rev. A L. Burr, a mombor of
the order, und wo give a syuop
sis of his eloquent hdriiess.
"Under the dome of those
clear skies, in tho silent city of
Hit? dead, we meet, to uncover
tins monument to tho memory
of ono of our fmlen brothers.
"Tliis stone is tlio siler.t orator
of a life worthily lived.
"The play of his life is ended,
the curtain has lulleii, thu lights
ure out and all wo have beneath
this monument are the peaceful
ushes of I ho one wo loved
"Tins stone stunds for Love,
Honor und Rcmembaucc. Love
it immortul. It Is the very es
senco of life.
Before this stone crumbles by
tho touch of the fingers of time wo
shall have gone the same way.
The A'hito dove of peace will have
llown from our graves as tho
freed soul wings its way to too
land of rich rewards. Still this
stone will stand with arms point
ing heavenward, uur home.
The playful child maiks tho
place where it has planted the
scedb of its little garden expect
ing a ressurection, und so, wo
murk the resting pluceof the bod
ies of our loved ones in the full
hope of Ressurection and 1m
This monument stands for
changeless truth unmoved, it
rcMs in nisli of storm und roll
of thunder upright us truth it
stands, in summer's heat and
winter's cold In the sun's
scorching lieut and in the gloom
of night it is over the same, so.
wilh the true life of a noble
As this stone wus made sym
metrical und beautiful by the
rough blows of the quarry man
and the mote gentle touch of the
artist and sculptor, so, the one
fallen brolher'ts life was made
strong and beau til ul by the va
rying discipline of life.
Willi our order tliort ure no
monument lot us see typified the
soul of truth thutmudo.luckson's
name noble and tin mortal and
may the same heroic virtue ho
developed in our character."
Boforo tho coromonios.at the
cemetery wore conducted tho
members of tho ordor repaired
to their hall where tho wives ana
ladies of tlio Woodman circlo had
prepared a dinner and a repast
for tho inner man. About 150
members and friendu gathered
around tho taolns loaded with
tho good things of this work',
and thus, this noble ordor goes
on in making homes happy, and
dispersing good cheer to all.
Chancellor Commander Nich
ols and several other members
of tlio Sonora Lodge, wore pres
ent at the unveiling and took
part in tho ceremonies.
Oysters at Freelnnd's.
I havo made arraiigomonts
havo strictly fresh oysters
hiind regular.
Yours to pleaso,
John Fiikkiand,
Studobaker hacks, bu(
and wagons, Hagolfitein's.
When you want goodwills-
key, call on Chas. W, Zenker
he always keeps the best.
Candles at J li Smith & Co.
Wo keop fresh candy in stock
all the time. Nothing old and
stale. Everybody knows Blunlco
' Bios, candy, we handle it. J . H.
Smith & Co.
On Nov. -nd, dark bay Korse,
1 years old, gentle, right hip
slightly knocked down. Brand
J. H. U. J. conuqeted on left jaw.
Liberal reward will be paid for
him at new Texas Wagon Yard,
San Angolo m
Baker Perfect wire at Find-later'.!.
Men's Suits at Robertson's,
Men's suits, two extra good
values at 8.50 and $0.50.
J no D Robertson, J r.
Mr. 13. C. Crapps, of Geneva
county, Ala., is ono of our new
comers, who has decided to
cast his lot with us. He has
purchased ahouee and lot of Mr.
Austin Spencer in tho Spencer
uddition and Friday week ho ex
pects his family. Mr. Crapps
was a farmer in Alabama and
intends to purchaso a stock
farm near San Angolo, and peo
pie of his-class are what inako a
One car of the Celebrated
John Deer and Casaday
Plows, Cultivators, Disc
Harrows,. Planters, Etc.,
All' bought before the ad
vance in price. Also one
car of Baker Perfect Barb
ed Wire. At
&$r$ H
forgotten brothers or uumarl
graves. Even in the dist
Cuba and the far off Philippines
the soldier Woodmen's graves
are marked by enduring inonu
To sleet) tho sleep of tho just
benea'hc the monumental em
blemsof our craft is one of great
honor. Tho ax is laid at tho
root of each troo. In time each
tree will fall.
The Woodman wisely provides
for the comfort of his family,
when his time bus come to hill
The time is uncertain and may
come unexpectedly, as was the
case of our brother, und thus is
seen the need and wisdom of our
The ax cannot be a substitute
for tho cross but as a token of
industry and aggression it is one
of tho great factors in our mov
ing civilization. It romovos the
dark forests for agriculture as
education fells tho forests of
ignorance and vice.
Our order is ono for the com
mon people as well as for tho
rich. It's call, like that of Jesus,
is to the world's groat mnssos.
In tho smoke, din and dangor
!a great battle ono of the noble
sons of our south land stood uu
moved. Those who loved to fol
low and obey him said, "See! he
stands like a stonewall." Tho
name was over after justly his.
In this unbending, Immovable
The riiil-llnrinoiiii: Club.
The society hold a social in
Mr. Finger's music hull last
Wednesday witli immeuso suc
cess. The Soloists. Miss Dan
iels and Mrs. McAlpino wore in
exceptionally tir.e voico. The
now quartette, consistingof Drs.
MayliOld and Baker and Mrs.
Foreman and Wolff, was vocifer
ously applauded, and gained
golden opinions lrom all hear
ers. Miss Lola March, who sang
in duet form with Mra. McAl
pino. surprised all hearers with
tlio power of her tono and splen
did delivery. Sho wnsu marked
Miss Maud Wells, accompani
ed by Mrs. Fiudlutor upon tho
piuno, and Mr. C. J. Finger on
mo orgun. guineii an nouns in
the song "Jerusalem." Few
singers liuvo suoh 'a unarming
manner of rendering a song.
Mrs, Findlatur's manner of uo
coinpunying, loo. is exceptional
ly pleasing, and approving re
marks went round among tho
uudience. Miss Wells also up
poured in a puuo quartette und
a vocal trio, (a grand number)
with Mrs. McAlpino soprano,
and Al rs. Raiisome. who .should
be heard more oltoii.u.san alto.
This latter lady is a sweet song
stress. Mrs. Lucy Daniels brought
over .Mr. Walter Foreman as a
tenor in "My Desert Queen,"
and lie was warmly welcomed.
His voice is veiy sweet in tone.
Dr. Feicy Baker is a contrast to
him, inasmuch, as he is of broad
er register. His notos are ex
ceedingly manly and e'ear, and
lie did exceedingly woll. both m
qiiartotlo and duet.
Mr. Boy or and Miss McAl
pino furnished instrumental
music, in between, in grand
The people participating in
tho concert were us follows?
President, Mrs. J B Taylor;
vice president. Dr. O. B. Love;
musical director, Mr. C. J. . Fin
gor; secrotsry, Dr. Porcy Baker.
Leaders Mrs. Mo Alpine,
Miss M Daniels.
Accompanists Mrs. Findla
ter, piano; 0. J. Finger, organ.
Sopranos Mrs. McAlpino,
Mrs. F'indlator. Miss Maud
Wells, Miss. M. Daniels, Miss
Leila March.
Altos Mrs. J. B. Taylor,
Miss Jellerson. Mrs. Ransome,
Mrs. Prico.
First tenors Dr. Mayllold,
Mr. W. Foreman.
Second Tenors Dr. IVroy
Baker, Mr. C. Gantt, Mr. Alox,-!
First Bassos Mr. H. Wolff",
Mr. Leslie Armstrong, Mr. Jef
ferson. Socond Bassos Dr. O. B.
Love. Mr. Price.
Loader, Wind B. P. Bovor.
Ono Winchester rille, oatagon
barrel, somewhere in Mrs.
Mitchol's pasturo, near Picnic
Bond. Will pay $2-50 to Under
to roturn to this offlco or, Jami
Studobaker hacks, buggies
und wagons. Hugolstein's. , j
V ''VJ
' ' -fr ' . -.
-. 'V
. .
I", iiwi irir'-TTiirTniaigiirr"1 .7 riTrTr'7 i irirr t; ,7 si7n ""'

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