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iccu dim ridiiy ixcuiiua-
Before the publication of another paper a New
Year will have dawned upon us, hence I take ad
vantage of this edition to return my thankstoagen
erous public for the very liberal patronage accord
ed me during 1901. This store has gained many
new and loyal customers, as it does every year,
thereby greatly enlarging the volume of our fast
and continually growing business.
Our aim is to give our customers a little more and
a little better than can be had in any other house.
All our winter goods at greatly reduced prices to
close out. preparatory for Spring 1902. Resolve to
do your buying at the progressive house of
FOR 19 OZ.
Just received ul Kuidlator'x
BuUnr Peiiec.t win.
Solid jrolil ciiiT buttons for
$1.50 ut Letters, thu Jeweler
The celebrated putir Sohuller
wagons ul Findlater's,
The cfiso of B in Rosseiin, who
was tried for murder on D'u.
20th. resulted in a verdiut of
Pear burners for the bnnuHt.
of tho old poor cow tit Haj,'el
stein's. Star and Loader Windmills
at ELMcAlpino's.
Just received this week a nice
lino of canned meats of all kinds
and something that will suit you
J. R. Gilbert & Co.
The case of Charley Duko.
who is now under bond for the
blling of John Hewitt, was con
tinned by thu stale until the
next term of court.
21j) is the number. Th best
plumbing at reasonable prices.
EL McAlpIuo.
Buck and Darling cook stoves
at Hugelstein's.
Call on Win Cameron & Co. for
your wire and fence post. A oir
of Butter Perfect galvanized wire
just received.
Abu Galloway, of Glen Cove.
Coleman county, passed through
Ban Angolo Thursday on his re
turn from a big deer hunt on
Devil's River. After spending
a few hours with relatives here,
he took the 1 1 tin for homo
Tim lollowiug shipments of
utile ar' reported: Duo. SOlli.
ii cur I rota H. G. During & Co
to Divis, McDonald & D.ivis.
hi.. Joseph, Mo.; 2 cars of cattle
lioni II. G. Dcariug, to Mallory
(! iiiiiniss'uti) Co. St. Joe, Mo.;
2 curs from R. fc. (Jainpncll to
(jodair Commission Co, St.
L mis. Mo ; -1 cars from Joe Mon
I'iguo to Godair Cora. Co., St.
Louis. Mo ; 1 car of hogs from
Kelix Mann to Ft. Worth L S.
Com Co. On Dec. 21st. 18 cars
cuttle from K. H. Henderson to
bcoit & Wooton, Ft. Worth.; 2
cars of cattle from Abo Moyors
to Rosenhanm Bros. Co., St Joe,
Mo On Dec. 24ih, 5 cars of
cattle from Sol Meyers to Ros
enbaumBros. & Co., St. Joe, Mo.
On Dec 26th, 1 car of hogs from
Felix Mann to.Ft. Wortn L. S.
Buggies, Buggies at llagel
Steve Killtnin at tho Legal
Tender Restaurant serves any
thing from a cup of crtffoo or a
sand witch to tho best meal in
the city.
Star and Leader Windmills
at EL McAl pine's.
Decorated lamps at J S.
Miles. Nothing nicer fora pros
out or lor ,onr parlor, prices
just right. Call and see me.
The young men gave a big
dance last night at tho Turn
Verein Hall and tho cukes for
t.lin hitumnt, fn rnishnrl hv Mrs.
E J Mellon were simply works
of art and beauty '
Mrs. Bertha McDermolt and
her loo little daughters left last
Friday tor Macon. Ga. to enjoy
a holiday outing. Tho through
car for Georgia, after a half doz
en lav overs on sido racks, man
aged to roue 1 1 Atlanta in about
four days time, Mrs. McDer
mott will return about the mid
die of noxt month.
Remember tho No. 21i) Ring
us up! And your burstod hj
drant will be rouai-od promptly.
E L McAIpiuu.
Toilet sets at J. S. Miles are
porfect beauties and are sold at
low prices. Call and see mo.
Mr. A. H. Weatherly. tho
former editor of Tho Press, is in
towu spending tho holidays with
Mrs. Weatherly. Ho looks ib
good natured mid happy as ever.
2 111 is the number. The host
plumbing at reasonable prices.
E l MuAlpine.
Austin Well Drilling machines
with and without Steam Power,
are the best. For stile by IS L
Mr. S. H. Riley is now sole
proprietor of Hie Robert Lee
Stage Line which runs daily
between Sun Angeloand Robert
Lee. Tho faro is $1.50 per single
trip. Office ul W .1 Ellis' stable.
Phone 44.
Call on Win Cameron & Co. for
your wire and fence post. A car
of Baker Perfect galvanized wire
jim received
Hi'.k-i, LI lies i ilKoUtei-i's
If you went to buy a Hon
whelp you would'nt accept a
kitten as a substitute, even if
the dealer urges you.
Now, don't accept a (substi
tute for
Watch our noxt advortlsomont.
It is bound to turn out a com
mon yellow cat, with nono of.
tho strength of tho Hon.
You want LION COFFEE because It Is LION COFFEE.
If, on tho other hand, you want a coffee which, in order to hido imperfectiono, la "highly
polished" with eggs and other preparations, then do not buy
If LION COFFEE were common, ordinary stuff, coffee drinkers would'nt insist on hav
ing it It is used in millions of homes becauso it is the best coffee In tho world for the
price. If you doubt this, take a single package homo and try it
fit fc,fr.er7 Sackee LION COFFEE you will find a fully Illustrated and descriptive
ShU . mi oosefP" jn ! n woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article
rfSi "coatnote to theit happmes, comfort and convenience, and which they may have by
wmply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from the wrappers of our one pound icaled
packages (which a the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
wooLsoN erica co.. tolcdo, otao.
A Mother s Medicine.
There is never any question ol
the VnlUO Of Dr. Prinri!iin fiiivni.
ite Prescription in the minds ol
mose wno nave used it as a pre
Punitive for tniitcrnlr.v. um! fm
the reason that every woman
wno una experienccu maternity
has a definite standard of coni
parison bv which shn mm mima
ure the differenco in her condi
tion With and wilhnnt. i.lin boiitlb
giving aid of "Favorite Prescript
For examnle. Mrs. K. R TfnP.
of Big Otter, Clay Co.. West Va .
writes ur. fierco as rollows:
I am the mother of live chil
drenandhavo been as High as
eight days in the doctor's luituls
and never less than two days un
lit tno utrtn or my last child.
Then 1 had used two bottles of
'Favorite Prescription' und tin
doctor was with mo only two
Every mother will appreciate
tho force of that testimony.
Thero is no chance for error or
forgetfulnoss In such a caso. It
is a plain statement of fact; one
hundred and ninety-two hours of
suffering reduced to two hours
by tho use of "Fa vorito Proserin
This shows what help "Favor
Ue Prescription" renders in ex
treme cases. In tho ordinary
caso of childbirth tho uso of this
medicine makes the baby's ad
vent practically painless. Thou
sands of women testify to this.
Mrs. W.J. Kidder, ot Hill Dale
Kami, Enosburg. Vt , says that
she was In last falling health and
with tho trial of motherhood oe
fore her. when she began the
uso of "Favorite Prescription "
Tho result was, to quote tho ox
act words of hor lottor: "I bo
gan to Improvo Immediately; mv
health became excollent and T
could do all mv own work. I
had a short easv rtonflnnmnnr.
anu navo a ncaithy baby boy."
ur. i'ierco'8 Favorite Proserin
tion by its remarkable tonic
properties, puts tho system on a
basis of sound health. Naturo
doos tho rest. Nervousness,
slooploHsuosB, morning sickness,
loss of nunotito. dnRnnnrlnnnv
and anxiety are all cured by tho
use oi "imvorito Prescription."
It gives great physical vigor and
muscular elasticity, which ox
plains the practically nainloss
birth hour. It also induces a
free How of tho nutritive score
tions so that tho mother is ahim
Idantly able to nurse and nourish
II Ul DilUU.
Is i. any wonder that many "
grateful woman's letter ends in
terms similar to that of Mrs. J
W. G. Stophens. of Mila. North
umberland Co., Va , who writes:
"I unhesitatingly advise oxpec
tant mothers to use Dr. Pierce's
Favorito Proscription."
(iagolstcin pays good prices
for old brass.
Baker Porfect wiro at Find
late r's.
First class plumb'ng. Low
price. Phono 2111. ELMcAlp'mo.
Decorated lamps at .J. S.
Miles. Nothing nicnr fora pres
ent or for your parlor, prices
just right. Call ai.d see mo.
Joe Movory, the night opera
tor at tho Santa Fe, bus returned
from his Christmas trip and
from his personal appearance it
is evident he interviewed Santa
Glaus as ho now looks like a sure
enough oflioial well groomed
with a bland smile for any ques
tion you may ask him.
A new lino of fresh crackers
and a large package of oatmeal
with a nico china bowl to go with
it, or thrown in, at J R. Gilbert
Buck and Darling cook stoves
at Hagplstein's.
DeiifnrHH Ommot bo Cured
By local applications as they
cannot reach the diseased por
ion of the ear. There h only
one way to euro d aluess, and
that f by constitutional renin
dies. Deafness is unused by an
inflamed condition of the mui-ous
lining of the Eustachian Tube
When this tube is inflamed jou
inivoa rumbling sound orimper
feet hcariusr, and when it is
entirely closed, Deafness is the
result, and unless tho luiliiuina
tion can be taken out and this
tubp restored to iu normal con
dition. hearing will bo destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ton
are caused by Catarrh which is
nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous xurfuces.
Wo will t.'ivo One llundrod
Dollars for any case of Doafuo'S
(caused by catarrh) that cannot
lie cured by Hairs IMtarrh Cure
Send for circulars, freo
F J Ciiknhy & Co . Toledo. O.
Sold bv DrngL'ist, 75c
Hull's Family Pills aio the best.
Tho iuilial party held at the
ro.Mdouon of Mr. and Mrs. J. .
Dabuev last Friday niiht. Deo.
20 in honor of Miss Mollio and
Miss Marshall Dabuey, was one
of the social events if the season.
Tho pirty was irotteu up by
Mrs. McOulluiiL'h. a nuico ot
Mr. and Mrs. Dibuey's, and the
program of tho evening di
played her line lusio Thorn
wore present tho following gen
tlemen: Howard Milield. S.
R. Gantt. A. E West. Will
F.irquhar, Frank Eul.v, A 15.
G.irnott, Gilmore Ga'Iii, L A.
Townsnnd. lim, Mcdi'iidon.
Rimer Cox, Rin Freelaud, N S.
Reoves. Thu folios ing ladies
wero p-osent: Misses Lila
March. Eldio DeBirry. Charlie
Clark. Ellen Keiinau, Leila Mc
Clondon, Mioses May Held, Kate
Flanagan, Florence and Kite
Felton, Maggie Win row. Poo
Eirly. Shaw Rives was the
Grand Marshall of tho evouing
and tho ladies say ho looked
simply lino.
Oystnrs, gime. tish and tho
best of ovorythlng served to
suit, by Steve Killman at the
Logal Tondnr Restaurant.
Bj'Io-j, li'iios at Hagol
stein's. Tibler's Buokoyo Pile Oint
mont, his boon thoroughly tested
for in my yoirs. andU a positive
euro for this mist distrosKinu
and euibimissing ol troubles.
Price, 50 cents in bottles. Tubes
73 cents. Fir sale by J. W
Harris & Co.
in -i i no dmibt but Vh8,f
ii Ulmis' uiially is a pretl
air tiii'-stM' und lie Knows hojf
iik' ii grc.it in.iny lmppy,
i'-n qii'ic m Miinborof tullof.
Miulc n.i ii- Hi!., vuii'ii this week
i ue ii . . i n wcro ho pleased
Hint Kiev .v niici taking otf
he iiij mi. ci cie well sewed
ii Bms will lie buys. Agf
liin'l cut a- llviiic w ith ii boy,
Ynii can .-el ixinicted, coat
nut vre.H hi iioncy at Adams'.
You Cain Scratch
Out the btot whlcli deHlcs the ctcA,
while af:c f & leaner, hut you caaT
scrntch out the poisons Hint unfile tti4
litiKxl. It secni.i rattier Hint you Kratc&
them iu, anil tlte irritation (rows wars
with cacti new attempt to relieve it
There Is only one thin; to do in such 4
case, ami tlint In to entirely cleanse th4
blool from the Infecting poison.
People who liave so (hired from di
eases caused by impure blood, or blood
poisoning, have found in Dr l'icrcetf
Golden Medical Discovery n certain ouel
enduring cure. Iitious and HiiitueuU
tuny nllcvlnle, hut they cannot cure.
The disease is iu the blood, and the cure
must be in ttie blood also "Goldak
Medical Discovery " eradicates from UM
blood the impurities and poisons wbjw
breed mid feed disease It increases flo
activity of the tdood-makiiiK (lands, aoA
K Tl MA it l.
SftsT ill mn w "V
Avoid Exposure
Kp tlis chnt, I'.ick nml lliriMt wurm, and thtro
will l llitlo tl.inCLT of colih, cousin, nntumuuU,
client or I iinir tiuublu.
in tu oirrEREHT colcrs
(Tailor Made)
Tliee vc-l re maile to kc p thcentlreappcrpni.
tion tjltlia hocly wurm the throat, elicit nnj buck.
1 hey liulil thu licut of the hotly unci ktcp out the cold,
Wovrn fahrlct Jo not ijlvo Mrcurlty In crunirlnu
film . CliimoltdiH-il It lthcltroMrrlntrr
ihiv iv rlictu trinncnts will keep you well, uul
lilp yw. enjoy the wlntirtlayi.
'Uoeiiy 6aucr& IJIuck, c!i:t3i.-o. u.s.a
For Sato V
Concho Drug Store,
San Angelo, Texas.
Mail orders promptly tilled. Sent
bust or cliosL measure.
blood, which, noiirislilnt,' each orgatb
builds up the whole body in health am
The cures efTected by "Golden Medio
Discovery" are pooitlve and permanent
In many casen of tliseosc; such oscczem,
tetter, pimples,' enfptions and rheumiU
tljni, an effectual cure liils leen found III
Dr. riercc .Golden Metllcnl Discover,
after all other medicineo and means Um
failrd to help or heal.
Sometimes a dealer tetnnted bv fik4
larger profits paitl,,'ij(T:M mtrHorloitt
tnelicines will offer lite customer a sutr'
stitute in place ,of "Golden Medical Dtk
covery " claiming that hi) knows it to M
"just as good." There is nothing gaiiun
by trading one thliiK for another whtcJI
is only "just iw good." There is ever'
tiling to risk la trading the " Discover.
wltli a world's' record o'ctires for a sultf
stittitt- with nothing but the uitsupportM'
claim of nu interested dealer behind U.
If you sire sick- you want to he cttre4i
That's why you want "Golden MeiliotlT
Diwovcry " and nothing else,
There is no alcohol in the "Disco?
cry," und it Is entirely free fiom opium,
cocaine, and ull'olher narcotics.
William Plotter, Ewj., of Krloak, MontMnL.
try Co.. Iowa, writei i 1 1 conklder your 'GoliM'
Medical IllKovtry ' one 6f the litut medicine tnt
the face or Hie enitli, While In the oiilIi.wA
llirec yenrii ngo, S got ioloiied with pol
Ivy. The poivn nettled, In my blood and ItA
tiorrors I nuircrtd cannot be told In wordf. J
thought I would ku ctnty. I could do nothlal
but xcrntcli. I wouM go to slccti scrnlclilMV
would wake up In tire morning and find ujyuif
KratchliiK. f ncratclied forclKlit moiilhi. liar
It not txen for Golden Medical Discovery'. r
would he hcmtchliiK vet. I tricil dlltcrcut klU'
of medicine, tried iHffcrent doclom, but all tl
relief they could give mc wai to iuak mf
pocket-book IlKhtvr. . ., .,
"I then Knnn taking I)r 1'lerce'n Oolieil'
Medical Discovery. Tuok fo"' bottles Willi,
any relief. Kept on taking it I took la sir
ten bottles and I not entirely cured. I caa ,
that If people would take jour medicine iusUcsr
of foolinir with some of the nuacks that lafr
the hinall nud lurnvr towns, disease would fu
like chalT before the wind "
"Por aliout one year nnd a half my face r''
very ldly broken out." writes Miss Cirri
AiItiniH, of 116 West Main Street. Ilattlecrcelr.
Mlclilcnu. " I spent n (treat deal of money wkr
doctors and fordtlTcrent kinds of medicine, dkT
received no bencut. At last I reau one 01 your
adveitUements In a lnper, nud obtained a botlU
of Uoctor Tierce's Oolden Medical Ulisovery,
lit fore I had taken one bottle of this mcdlcla
I noticed a ch.iui'e, nnd after taking IhrCi
bottles I wan cutlrely cured. I can well recoaM
mend I)r I'icrcc's Oohlen Medical Discovery M
any one sliullnrly niiuctcu "
Pkuij. On receipt of stamps to dafray
expense on mailing only, we will ecua
Doctor Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, containing 1008 pages. TLdi
book will prove a constant friend and
wise counselor to every man und woman.
It deals with the great and grave ques
tions of human origin and reproduction
in plain English. Send 21 one-csat
stamps for tuper covers, dr 31 stamps foi
cloth binding. Address Dr. R.V. Plerct
nuiTalo. N. Y.
( ';''.'.?7:----,,:w L'i-r.!! ,.,i"-'I
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