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TUB San ftnoelo Press,
Krinimu Bmith. H.O Paihoni
Ban s(ki. Tkc wj. i!0, moi
Subtcriptiou, per vcar, ' ' ' Sl50
Arrives 1:20 a. m.
Leaves 4.00 p. m
Arrives 5:15 p. m.
Leaves 8:20 u. m.
The Han Ani-lo Vrcxu alms lo bo In har
mony with Win rtrnlliR poojilo of thp (Croat
territory of Bouthwoht Tci.w, anil Urn
Jooal newspaper of tula fortllo Hoollon of
eountry IticoHiuinu aro duvotcd to Stock
crowrrx, JJrnoilcr infl Ii'artnliiif iiowb, In
repcriMl with Homo, Industrial and useful
UucttiotK and Information. Wlion udrlco
fflnform.itlon In & -Urod, always onoloao two
o stamp for potao it d stationery, und
your answer will bo nl'hcr thfouiih tho col
unm of iho rrrm.or by mail M Boon iw
practicable Simply addrcsn as abovo
"otniotcd, Kdllor of l'rowt,
StinAnjrofo In ft roeorouH Utile
eltv of C2i)0 potiulatlon, very nonrly
2000 fi'ot Jilwvo Ui'o itoa IotoI. whl h
uiakuH it Jin ideal place for tho in
valid, m tlm yrnnn, dry jUtnotqmur
b not too raro for UiObo BUffdrlnK
with nny chugh or lung affection,
while it pIho rapidly ouroH tho rhcu
tnfttlc or thofio with HyHlcmH loaded
with mnlnrla.
It Ih an ldoai hu&lth rcnort, furti
Ifhod by nature, at tho forks of tho
North and South Concho rivers, two
ptrcatiiH of pure Hprliitf water.
.Tim land of Tom (iioon county and
tho (,'ri'iit Concho country Ih uuiir
paHHed for fertility, yluidlnu cotton,
corn, outH, wheat, ryo, barloy, nnd
all KirtH of fruits and vokcIiiIiIuh
p-ow in abundance.
If you want any Hpoclitl informa
tion rotfiTdinu landH, ouUlo, olimiito
lioalth or looatlon Tho 1'ronx will
gladly aid you If It can. Simply on
oIohc two 12 cent Htampa for poatai;o
jtnd Btationcry and addroau Tlio
Aur-lin Spcticor. tlio. Land Aijont,
will be nloasod V6 nntiwor anj quoa-
tion by eorroHiMJiidohoo, will boII or
trade, and aho'iild i'du conclude to
' -eiBit San Anirelo kindly oall and lot
wie nhow you tf,o opqntry. ,
Tlo Land ARunt,
Prom JanuMy 1 up to and in
'eluding tho weekending Decem
ber 14, tho total rccoipts of cat
tlo in tho quarantine division at
St. Louis ampuptod to 17,158
cars, as against 15,410 cars re
ceived during tho correspond
ing period of 1000, a balance in
Javor of thoprosontyearof 1,7 7
cars. The comparison shows
that the greatest number ot cars
came from tho Indian Territory,
with Toxas hoxt and Arkansas
third In ordor. Following is a
tabulated comparison of whence
tho receipts originated during
tho period in question for tho
two years, 1900 and 1001:
(001 1000.
Texah .7.0.71 0,700
Indian TerriUn-y...B,3aO 0,81)0
Arkansas 007 1,200
MlHBlHBlppI 97 225
TonncHBeo 79 118
Alabama 9 M
Louisiana M M8
Total ..!7,iriJt loVUfl
-L. S, Koportor.
The people on tho quarantine
lino are in protty hard shapo, no
crops, walor scarco, grass gone.
Thousands of poor cattlo. Too
Canyon City Slayor says one
man, Mr. Rosier, from Jack
son county, his 018 head woro
condom nod ati licky and conld
not jut- over Mr. Lostor had
nrithf r "rasn nor water in Jack
son com ty. no ho could not tako
"" ' 'k, and vluit can ho do.
Out or li00 head inspected only
11 passed Ono man brought up
111) liwul and sold thorn at $10
each after paying $14 for thorn
besidos $108 freight. Tho bo
low quarantine people havo lots
of hard luck stories to toll.
Boston, Mass., Dec. 18, 1901.
Tho market continuos strong,
with a steady demand This do
inand i?- not pnly from consum
ers, but also from dealers thorn
selves; and thol.ittor havo been
bnyir: both in this markot, and
In nun rn niarkotti. Tho mar
tot ib steadily hardening, and on
ii few specialties such is B
Bupors and staple territories,
sllfjhtly bottor prices aroclaltnod
to havo boon secured. Tho
strong closing of tho London
sales on last Saturday strength
oils tho confldorico of tho trado.
Tho selections of wools on tho
whole, wore poor throughout tho
sales. On tho host merinos and
flnocrossnn'ds prices closed itt
an advance of 5 per cent above
opening rate', hut lower grades
of morlnos and low crossbreds
closed at par to fi por cent lower
than at tho opening
Thorocolpts ol wool in Boston
this week amounted to 14,485
bales, against 8,812 bales la.it
week, and 0,522 bales a year ago.
Tho salos of Ihn week in Bos
ton amounted to 4 000.000 pounds
domestic and 470.000 pounds
foreign, making a touil of 5.070,
000 pounds, against a total of
5 815.000 for tho previous week,
and a total of 8.800.000 for the
corresponding week last year.
The sales sinot' January 1
amount to 20 ,020.000 pounds,
against 144.471.400 pounds for
the oorru&Uouaii'g period ol mst
It has been almost a quarter
of a century since Texas grass
cuttle have sold in the market
for $7 per cwt. William Anson,
tho stockman ol Coleman, who
has been in tho city and vicinity
for sevoral days, received a
mossugo Thurisduy from his
commission houho stating that
one ol ills steers weighing 1G70
pounds Mr Aiibon said on
showing The Expiess represen
laiivo the mowijre: "This steer
was a three year old lust, summer
and lias run on the grass all of
his life and never saw the inside
of a feed lot. He was a three
quarter grade Ileroford and I
havo demonstrated what I havo
long contended was possible,
i. e., that Texas can ruiso as
good beof as can bo found any
whoro, I am a Horoford man,
of course, and am naturally
proud that I havo boon ablo to
contribute something to tho
victory achieved for this brood
at tho International Exposition.
I do not boliovo that outsido of
tho prize winners any nativos
have sold for raoro monoy than
this steer and especially at Kan
sas City, which is ono of tho
leadiug markets for Toxas cattlo.
What has boon donoonco may bo
done again. Individually I feel
encouraged to greator offorts, as
In my efforts to provo my con
tention, I havo not had tho on
couragomont I folt I should
havo." Mr. Anson's victory is
ono ot which ho may well bo
proud and should be encouraging
to ovory stockman who has boon
putting monov in good hulls,
providing sufllciont pasturago
and studing tho sciontilic
methods of breeding and feed
ing. Mr. Anson is to bo
gratulated. San Antonio
Many of tho Larimdr county
farmers who havo hithorto fed
lambs aro feeding cattlo instead
this season, says tho Donver
Record Stockman. Lamb food
lug on a largo scalo, was not
considorcd practicable, in view
of tho losses sustained last
season, tho high prices askod
for lambs by tho rango mon and
tho oxcosslvoly high prico of
corn, Tho lattor product wont
up to $1.40 por cwt., laid down
in Part Collins last week. Tho
numbor of lambs on feed in
Larimer county this season is
estimated at 80,000. In feeding
those wheat, barloy and oats
largely Uiko tho placo of corn.
It is oxpected that fat lambs
will bo high by tho timo tho
shipping season opens, and lhat
those who uo loci will malce a
good profit.
Ovor 8,000 head of cattlo havo
boon shipped to Fort Collins for
feeding this season. Thoy are
composed principally of 2 and
3 year old hoifors, bought in the
drouth strickon sections of Kan
sas and Missouri, and woro laid
down horo at from $20 to $24 por
head. They aro not being fed
for beof, but for the gonoral
stock markot uoxt sumtnor. If
tho grass springs up woll in tho
drouth strickon districts next
season, It Is oxpected that there
will boa domand for this stock
to ship back again at pricos that
will pay tho foedoas at Port Col
litis a good profit
Tho largo amount of feeding
being done, coupled with tho
early wintor, has stiffened tho
hay markot Alfalfa hay is
now worth $-1 por ton in tho
stack in and around Port Col
lins, and many aro buying up
large quantities m anticipation
of a further advanco Tho snow
now lios abouf u foot deep, both
on tho plains and mountain
ranges, so that rango cattlo will
havo to bo fodor suffer sovoro-
FOR UARNCQQ wmISuHIo Botm Mexican MwdatiK Me
run nHnllCOO ment hjtwt what you nwL It tnkm offeo
t onoo, aod you will bo aatonlxbod to boo how quickly It boala tore.
it's thfis way :
You can burn yourself with Fire, with
Powder, etc., or you can scald yourself
with Steam or Hot Water, but there is
only one proper way to cure a burn or
scald and that is by usinj
Mustang Liniment.
It gives immediate relief. Got a piece of soft old
, linen cloth, sat urate it with this liniment nnd bind
loosely upon tho wound. You can havo no ndequato
idea what an excellent remedy this is for a burn until
you havo tried it.
APHUI TIP If you havo o bird niTllctixl with Itoun or any
lUlVL. Iir otlior jxHiltry rilxeaco uko Mexican MustAog
LlnlmouU It U callud n btanijid nunuly by jxntltry broolorm.
A. J. BAKER 8c CO.,
A. J. BAKER, the PrxxMom of tbln lianh hMbcen resident cltltcnof Ban
Anvelo for 11 jrenrH, He was r,ommlK.oucr of tlio Oencrl Urrt Ottlcp of Triad for
four yearH In woll known an a safe and con'-crvatlvp danker
We Respectfully Solicit Deposits from ail Persons.
Moneys loaned on Conservative Basis
Manchester, Vt., Dec. 17. In
a lettor dated December 1. re-'
ceivod by a rosidentof this plaice
today, from Captain John Cobb
of Casablanca. Morocco, Oaptain
Cobb said ho expected to re
ceive from tho interior about
December 10 a lino Aiubian sad
dle horso, which is to bo shipped
to Washington for Presidont
Roosevelt's personal use.
Captain Cobb Is native uf Clin
ton, Conn., but has boon located
in Morocco for more than thirty
years, and claims to knuw iuoio
in regard to tlio African caravan
trado than any foreigner in Mo
rocco. Captain Cobb is ,ow
nearly 80 years of age
Austin. Tox.. Dec IH The
railroad commission of Texas
yesterday issued its annual state
raont of the number of miles of
now railroad boinsr constructed
in this state during thoyoarond
ing December !1, 1001. Com
plete returns from every unl
way company which has built
new main trackage in Texas din
ing tho year havo bt on received,
and thoy show that tho total
number of tniios built during
tho year, including Iho fow ro
maiuing days of this month, is
f!J7. malting tho total railway
mileage in Texas at tho closo of
tlio year 10,520
w COfflPflNY,
Vlakera of
The Gallup Saddle.
J S. YIIL.ES, Aeent,e
Has just received 15 sad
dies of abovo make, also
threo side-saddles and throe
boy's saddles made by samo
people. Ho invites yon to
call and soo thorn.
At present a claim it made
that there are over 400.000 Ango
ra goats in tho United States,
and that the annual production
of mohair is over a million
Probably the largest dealer
in tho use of mohair in Iho state
of Maine is George B. Goodall,
ol Sanlord. who usos during tho
year some mi'lion pounds, which
is chiefly Imported from Turkey
or New Mexico; and yot that
bought by him in tho United
states Is said to equal, whore
cire has been given to tho ani
mals, that which is imported.
Aside from the mohair com
manding good prices, tho meat
ol tho animal, known as either
Angola mutton or Angora veni
son, will always find a ready
marKot at good prices. It js
iruothat tho skins aro of too
delicate a nature to bo used for
leather purposes, but thoy are
used in book blndories nnd aro
always in domand.
Tho average length of the mo
hair h four and a half inches
and in many cases it is found
necessary to shear twice each
year. Thoy subsist on a very
little grain in tho wintor and
plenty of straw. They do bet
tor if thoy aro not horded, and
should, undor uo conditions, bo
subject to restraint.
Tho majority of the Angora
pelts which aro sola in this coun
try come from tho Capo of Good
Hope, nnd undressed soil from
$1.50 and $8 50 each, according
to tho size of tho skin and length
pf tho ileeco. The average price
for a good buck will bo $50 to
$100. and that of a doo, $10 to
"It often made my hoart
ache," writes L O. OvorstruU
of Elgin, Tonn , "to hear my
wife cough until it soemed her
weak and soro lungs would
collapse. Good doctors said she
was so far gone with Consump
tion that no medicino or earthly
holp could save her, but a 'friend
recommended Dr. King's Now
Discovery and porsistont uso of
this oxcollunt medicine saved
her life " It's absolutely guar
anteed for Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, Asthma and .all Throat
and Lung diseases. 50c and $1,
at J. W. Harris & Co. Trial
bottles Jfeo.
A New Worm Killer.
The vetorinary department of
tho Cotton and Wool
Koportor has suggested
all of the medicaments for
worms from timo to lime, ana
in many instances has led the
other papers in this respect,
and this month wo havo to in
troduce a now roraody for stom
ach worms (strongyjus contor
tus). The now drug is called
"picronltrato of potassium"
and is drawu to our attention by
tho Auualos do Med. Vol., of
Franco. Tho worm reforred to
was ravaging a flock of 100 sheep
causing emaciation and auaemiu.
Tho worm was found numerous
in the paunch and abdouiou
after death Tho ad ministration
of ton centigrammes of picroni
ttaloof potassium dissolved in
50 grammes of water had io
suits Improvemont followed
In a few days and tho un
tiro Uock was treated success
fully. Two years aftorwards
two outbreaks of verminous
puouuionia, duo to tho prcsouce
of iilaria bronchalis found in
tho lungs and stomach after
post mortem examinations, woro
treated unsuccessfully by fuml
gallons with phcuic acid, tar
intortracheal injections of tur
pontine, animal oil etc., five
grammes of tho picronitrato of
potash solution woro then in
jected into tho trachea with ro
markable results Forty to fifty
grammes were at tho same timo
given internally and tlio result
was entire success. In vormi
nous pneumonia in cattle, 150
to 200 grammes
fpti n cm inilup
results. For tho samo worm
I Ur V U tlllllllisi
troubles piorato of potash was
formerly recommended by Zuru,
but has boon tried with little
success in this country. A
centigramme is tho ono lain
d red th part of a gramme, which
is equal to about 15 grains,
Troy. Ten centigram mos, is
thoroforo. eoual to ono and
ono half grains, Troy, and should
bo mixed in ono and one-hair
ounces of wator to equal the
50 grammes mentioned abovo
Mexican ICoot INIIh.
ThcBo ptllH, cotittng only 35 conta a
box, aro tho Utont vogotablo dis
covery for cloanulDB, rouovatinij,
Btrcnpthonlng and roRulatlng tho
Hvor and bowoln. Bottor hoalth In
variably follows their uho.
Hacks. Hacks at Hacjelstoin's.
I The Holidays
Win deserved
popularity for
U. S- Keciian, G. F-A
Every woman Iovm to think of tho
timo when a soil llllla body, all her
own. will nestle In her bosom, fully
satisfying tho yearning which lies In
Iheheartof 6ery good woman. But
yet there Is a black cloud hovering
about the pretty picture In her mind
which fills her with terror. Tho
dred of childbirth lakes away much
at the joy of motherhood. And yet It
need not b sa. For sometlmo there
has ben upon Iho market, well-known
-and recommended by physicians, a
liniment called
Homer's Friend
which makes childbirth as simple and
easy as rature Intended It. It Is a
strengthening, penetrating liniment,
which the skin readily absorbs. It
gives the musctesetasticlty and vigor,
prevents aore breasts, morning sick
ness and tho loss of the girlish figure.
An IntetllRont mother In Putter, Pa.,
aayn " Were I toned Molher'aKrland
again,! would obtain 0 bottles If I had
to pay $3 pvr bottle for It."
Oct Mother! Prlend at the draft
store. $1 perbottl.
Atlanta, Go.
Writ for our frre lltuttrited book, Befor.
Jliby It Horn4
Por himilv nsn in nnmberles".
ways Bollard's Snow Liniment
i a tiRofnl and valuable remedy.
Price. 25 and 50 cents. For Ralo
by .1 W Harr's & Co
Cord Wood. 5
S Cord Wood Sawed :3
Er Cord Wood Sawed 3
S and Split.
S Call up phone 19,
I 6. H. RUST. I
Tho Press office for Job Work
are Coming. &
sssss ""sHtXsssssH
'''u ')s7 flssssassm
You want to havo good timo and onjoy
yoursolvos, with your friends. Now is
the timo to eat, drink and bo merry.
The Depot Saloon,
has tho best Wines, Liquors and Bran
dios to be had in San Angelo
Wo caior to both tho jug and bottle
trade and there is no nicer present than
a fine bottle of Brookwood Whiskoy.
Come and see us
rrobahlo Kecolpt thlH Year.
Tho year 1901 will make now
records in receipts at Kausas
City of cattle, calves, hogs and 1
numberof cars received. Esti-
mating only 40,000 cattle for tho
remainder of this month, tho
year's total would bo 1,980.000.
Tho previous large year was
1900 when 1,070.000 arrived.
Tho total receipts of calves this
year will be around 120,000 ex
ceeding the provious big year,
1900, by closo to 13,000. Hog
receipts, with reduced supplies
from now until tho first of tho
year, will run out at least 8,700.
000, whoroas the previous big
year, that of 1BQ8, recorded loss
that by 3 678.000. Tho total
numbor of cars will not fall short
of 185.000. The year 1900, with
128,892, holds tho record pre
viously. Shoop receipts will
probably not got over 980.000
and havo beon oxceeded twioo
previously. Horses and mules
will show a deficit from last year
of about 8,000. Telegram
Praise tho bridge that carries
you ovor either a flood or cough.
Ballard's llorohound Syrup has
brought so many ovor throat
and lung troubles, such as
coughs, colds, bronchitis, etc.,
that its praises aro sung every
whoro, Prico, 25 und 50 cents
I For sale by J. W. Harris & Co.
i-rf; 1 -
, r .i- . 1
t 1 "-
"? 'JJ 'IIHWJi.'ii Li n 1 um

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