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r.nteml In the San AnceloPostOfltceas
Second claen mall matter.
VOL 6, NO 7.
Some Cough,
It you get tho wrong coueh remedy
and It falls, you Iobq time, lender
tho cough harder to cure, nnd arc
out your money.
There arc a good many wrong
cough remedies, but it la easy to
avoid them. Come hero nnd get our
Compound Syrupof White Pino and
you Will 130 suro 01 an cuucuvu,
scientific preparation, one that is
endorsed by hundreds of people
in this locality ana ono mat costs
you nothing it it ever falls.
Frlc 26c and SOc
nave not traded
you've missed
Concho Drug Store
6n Anrjiolo, Toxn
rrri. s&u.
,i jtm"
-liJBfc M
r '( i ii A- '
WJR' 3r ti"'p
Good Wines
and cordials.
Are finding greater favor hero
as a table beverage. Perhaps it
is because people are unding out
how good our Wines are.
And these goods are not at all
high priced. At a very little ex
pense two ar three brands can
be kept in tho house.
Whyskey and all good brands of
Wines and Whiskeys suitable for
banquets and festivities of all
kinds are in stock, also, mid now
is the time to supply your larder
with these good drink articles.
I keep tho best of everything
in my line. Phone No. 0.
Arc Light Saloon
Tom McClosky, Prop.
Wood! Wood!
At Low Prices.
Wood, per cord
Sawed blocks for heaters
per cord $4.50
Sawed and split for cooking
stoves, per cord fj.00
Wo give good measure.
Yard phone 105, at Terry, s
Open Day and Night.
Oysters and Chili
always on hand.
meals 25c.
Two doors above Press Oftlce.
nil Kinds ot Wood.
Wood, por cord SI-00
Sawed blocks for heaters.
per cord 4,0U
Sawed and split for cooking
sioves, per cord fi.OO
Yard phone 80. Leave orders
with August Balfan. at Legal
Tenner Saloon,
Some opinions w to tho best
plan ly which San Au-
celo can Increase
hor school
Tho Pit ess has taken occasion,
since tho last issue, to feel tho
public pulse on the school ques
tion. Tho oninion is univer-
cnl tVtrmicrhout the town that
something must be done to
reliove the crowded condition ol
the public school. Tho accomo
dations are inadequate to mo
needs of this rapidly growing
Tho Phess man asked quite a
number of leading, representa
tive citizens the question, "what
is your opinion of incorporation
for school purposes?" and follow
ing are fair samples of tho many
answers received.
A nrnminont nhvsician, who
has been here for years, said
"We are compelled to have more
school room. That is an absolute
necessity, and as to the best
means of getting it I believe that
incorporation for school purpos
es would perhaps be the fairest
wnv to all concerned." A lead.
ing lawyer, in high official posi
tion, said, "It is a fact that is
patent to all wo must have more
room. We must make better
arrangements for our school
children. Incorporation I o r
school purposes seems to me to
be about the most practicable
I solution of tho problem." Awell
known" merchant said, "I am in
tnvnf nf Inp.nrrin ratio f for all
purposes, municipal as well as
school. I amin favor of a town
Another, a big retail grocer,
said, "I am in favor of doing
every thing needful for the
school children Incorporation
for school purposes looks like
about the easiest way to provide
tho propor remedy.
These are but a few ol tne
opinions expressed. Not one
opposed the idea, and many were
infavor of incorporation lor an
"San Angelo has a corps of teach
ers to be proud of. Their work
is equal to the best any whore in
the state but they are at pres
ent laboring under difficulties.
Every grade and every room is
crowded to the utmost limit, and
if all the children entitled to the
privilege attended every day
they could not all be seated.
San Angelo is growing without
any boom, but a healthy steady
growth. Every year taxes still
further school facilities that
were no more than adequate five
years ago. The work of educa
tion is the most important work
in any comunity. San Angelo
must do something. What hIiiiII
it be?
For a glass of beer or fine
whiskey, goto Chas, Zenker's
Just received a car of cane
seed and seed corn at Rawls,
Sigman & Co.
Is often a run down system.
Wnnlmess. nervousness, lack of
appetite, energy and ambition,
If you
A car of "Yellow Kid" disc
plows, disc harrows, planters,
etc., atE. L. McAlpine.
G. W. Kemp came up from
Miles to have his arm, which was
broken lately, treated by a phy
sician Friday.
Bicycles, bicycles. See my
lino of "Rugby" bicycles
Prices to suit everyone. E. L.
McAlpine, Fair corner.
S.W. Holland, a Schleicher
county ranchman, and a good
friend of the Piiess, was dealing
with our merchants Friday.
High quality and high prices
may be the rule at some estab
lishments, but not at Mabsons.
Low prices and high quality our
Tho Ex-Confederate Associa-
elation of Coke, Concho and Run
nels county, will have a big re
union about May or June on the
Concho river, somewhere be
tween the Loomis and Eighteen
mile crossing. Tom Green
ought to be in it.
B. F. and H. O. Jameson, Okla-
homa stock farmers, were hero
last week prospecting and called
on tho Press Friday. They
wanted about 3 sections of good
farming land, but did not buy.
They reported farming opera
tions in a bad way, tho wheat
dying for the want of moisture.
The engine on Thursday
night's west bound broke don
seven miles out and tho train
stood on a trestle aoput two
hours until the engine-was- put
in shape to make the trip in.
A number of ladies with little
children on board were made
nervous over the delay.
T. C. Hunt and Homer Hodges
were in from Sterling City last
Friday. Mr. H. has noticed tho
Press agitation of the school
question and expressed his ap
preciation thereof. He remark
ed that San Angelo had every
thing necessary to make an edu
catioual center, a town of schools
that would attract the attention
of the best people of the state
and that the proper efforts of
any paper along the line of edu
cational work, would surely be
appreciated by a progressive
Some Society Notes
Socially speaking San Angelo
has been far from dull during
tho past six months. There have
been numerous affairs of more
or loss prominence, but here, as
elsewhere, dancing and cards
are tho leading diversions of
society's devotees.
San Angelo has quite a number
of nh do seiclo clubs that are
doing much for tho enjoyment of
her people socially. The San
Angelo Club porhaps heads the
list In point of members. It has
elegant club quarters, with nice
library facilities, and tho latest
magazines, periodicals and news
papers are always on its tables.
The membership embraces some
sixty odd names of men who are
among tho first in the various oc
cupations of the business world.
It has given many enjoyabl
Informal dances during tho sea
son, and a reception, last week,
that was notably successful and
Tho "Entre Nous" Club was
organized about four months ago,
and has added much to the sea
son's pleasure. It is composed
of several of San Angelo's most
charming youug ladles, and has
given two opon meetings that
were delghtful social succosses,
being occasions of unalloyed
Tho Twentieth Century Club,
composed of many of San Ange
la's charminir matrons, has also
added no little to tho sunny side
of life during its brief existence-
Tho United Daughters of the
Confederacy is another orgoniza-
tion that has placed the people of
our eity-under obligations- forK
several very enjoyable, as well as
instructive, entortainmonts.
This organization has dono and
Is doing much to preserve to the
children of tho south a true ac
count of tho valor, self sacrifice
and heioism of the soldiers of
the Confederacy, a heritage,
that in years to come, will be
claimed by a common country.
There Is also a plan on foot to
m-.mnize another purely social
club, but it is not yet fully decid
ed on.
Thero is still room in San
Angelo for another club, and
thero is need of it, and that is a
literary club. Such a club,
planned on tho right lines could
be made of vast benflt to San
15 Miiwites
sufficient to give you most
delicious tea biscuit using
Royal Baking Powder as di
rected. A pure, true leavener.
Angelo. Wo have young men
and women whoBoTerpsechorean
education is without a flaw. Wo
have them also who aro past
masters in handling certain
pieces of paste board whereon
aro numerous black and red
spots and pictures of royal per-
sonages. Now, whilo thoro aro
clubs whose sole purpose is to
maintain a high grade of pedal
dexterity for dancing purposes,
and other clubs in which tho
failure to stop a cinch is visited
with sudden and violent death,
wo have no club devoted to pure-
ly literary pursuits.
San Angelo has a number of
bright men and women who
could make a literary club a
source of wonderful improve
ment and enjoyment. Hero's
hoping she may soon havo one.
Valentine Day.
Friday, February 14th, tho
day sacred to tho memory of tho
good old St. Valentine, was
strenuously observed in San
Angelo by tho children and
youth, at least. Tho post office
did a huge business in ono cent
stamps and numberless alleg
ed comic pictures with doggerel
vorsos wero launched on their
smile provoking mission. Por
haps other valentines, of a more
sentimental nature were also
sent wo don't know how that Is
but if they wore not tho young
men wero quite neglectful of ono
ot tueir dearest privileges.
with disordered liver and kidney
often follow an attacn ui tun
wretched dlseaso. 'mo greuiusi
need then IsElecoric Bitters, tho
splendid tonic blood purmer, ana
regulator of Stomach, Liver and
Kidney. Thousands havo prov
on that tnoy wuuuujiuw,y
strengthen the nerves, build up
tho system, rnd restore tohealth
and strength after an attack of
Grip. If suffering, try them.
Only 50c. Perfect satisfaction
guaranteed by J. W. Harris.
$B$H $
The Martine Furniture House $
s in position to sell you any kind of Furniture at rock
bottom prices. It leads in this feature. Cheap fur
niture is a specialty, as there aro moro poor folks
than rich ones and we cater to the everyday trade.
A Complete lino of Queens ware, etc., on hand.
Also carry a complete line of sewing machino
needles of all kinds, oil, and attachments.
WALL PAPER, aVgreatlv reduced prices. 124c
for double rolls. Have some other papers that retail
anywhere from 40c, SOc and 05c, ray price is 15c, SOc,
25c and 30c per double roll.
... .. . A.
Lecture Thursday Niaht.
Tho lecturo delivered at tho
opera house last Thursday eve
ning, by Matilda Fletcher, was
onjoyed by quite a largo audience.
Tho lecturo was replete with wit,
humor and pathos, and also con
tained much scientific informa
tion. "The heart of a man" is a
very peculiar organ, viewed from
a sentimental stand point, and
the lecturer shed some light on
wiint is ni times, a rather dark
""" " - 1
subject. Sho also claims to havo
diEcovered that man is an angel.
If all the women went, around
talking that way the male half
of mankind would soon be wear-
in" larcor sized hats, and grow
several inches in height.
Fact Is, tho average woman
imagines that one of her heaven
sent missions is to prevent the
abnormal development of man's
phrenological bump of conceit,
and sho goes about tho job in a
erim, businesslike way that is
eminently successful, and often
leaves tho victim of hor ministra
tion feeling like a nickel with a
hole in it. Wo aro cordially in
favor of Matilda Fletcher's idea,
moro praise, and less blame.
You can hclj) any ono whom you
find Buncrintf from Inllamo'd throat,
laryntfoal trouble, bronchitis, coughs,
colds, etc., by advising tho use of
UP, tho groat remedy for coughs and
colds, l'rlcoii and fiO conts. 1-or
salo by J. W. Harris & Co.
An Ovcrsicht
In tho write up of the club re
ception, last week, the names of
Misses Maud Wells and Rose
Arozena wore unintentionally
omitted by tho printer in correct
ing tho proof
Chadbourne Street,
Phone 237.
Seed oats at Rawls, Sigman &
Judge C. E. Dubois camo in
from his visit east Friday morn
notton White Flour is tho Best
and cau bo found at A. D. White
Doc Rust and Dr. E. W.
Bryan ran down to Ballingor
and returned on Thursday
night's belated train.
Fifty dologatos, representing
tnirty-two counties, was tho
showing made by tho Populists
at their convention held at Dallas
News At Washington
Washington, Feb. 11. Repre
sentative Burgess today pre
sented a petition 'from citizens
of Jackson county asking for an
appropriation ol $100,000 for the
purpose of experimenting as to
tho best method of extermina
ting tho bol weevil. Also a
petition from citizens of Austin
county urging Congress to pass
a resolution of sympathy for tho
Tho Senate coinmitten of for
eign relations, will, within tho
next week or ton days, take up
the matter of the proposed in
ternational dam across tho Rio
Grande at El Paso. Senator
Bailey, who is a member of tho
committee, will look after tho
intoiosts tof the; measure and
will be assisted in every possi
way by Senator Culberson. The
principal opposition will como
from tho advocates of statehood
for Now Mexico, who will claim
tho right to construct dams,
which would render worthless
tho proposed structure at El
Commissioner of Indian af
fairs 'Jones has given formal
notice that tho now loasos of the
480,000 acres of Kiowa Indian
lands in Oklahoma, bordering on
Texas, will take effect April 1, as
originally proposed. I An effort
had boon made to havo the datQ
postponed somo months'. '
Senator Bailey's bill
priating SfcSO.OOO for a
building at Gainesville
tho Senate today. It
known that thoro will
is not
bo any
active opposition to the measure
in tho house, and its f rionds aro
hopoful of its final passage.
Representative Lewis (Ga.)
has introduced a bill requiring
tho payment of 2 por cont inter
est on Government funds in Na
tional banks.
A full lino of Hardware, Barb
ed wiro and poultry netting tf
E. L. McAlpine.
- .it
i -f i rt v ;
..... .v ;

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