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The Log Cabin Democrat.
THE LOG CABIN, EBT'D 1870 j Consolidat'd
THE DEMOCRAT. EST'D 1888 \ SIPT 3,1801
Passed Away on Train West
of Little Rock.
Famous Georgia Evangelist Died of Heart
Disease While En Route to His
Old Home.
Little Rock, Oct. 15.—Rev. Sam
P. Jones, famous as an evangelist,
died at 6 o’clock this morning on
a Rock Island passenger train, 60
miles west of Little Rock. Heart
disease caused his death.
With Mr. Jones when he died
were Mrs. Jones, his wife; Mrs.
Anna Pyron, his daughter, and
Miss Julia Jones, another daugh
ter, and Rev. Walt Holcomb, who
has been with Mr. Jones for the
past five years.
The party left Oklahoma City
last night en route for Carters
ville, Ga.. in order that tomorrow,
October 16, the fifty-ninth anni
versary of his birth, might be cele
brated in his own home, surround
ed by the members ox his family,
as has been the custom for years.
Mr. Jones was an early riser,
and he left his berth at 5 o’clock
this morning. He had been up an
hour when he was suddenly seized
with pains in his abdomen. One
of his daughters, Mrs. Pyron, se
cured for hint a cup of hot water,
which he drank and then seemed
better. In a few moments he was
attacked anew and suffered consid
erably. Nothing could be done to
improve his condition, and within
three-quarters of an hour death en
sued while his head rested in Mr.
Holcomb’s arms. Mr. Jones had
not been in ill health recently, and
his unexpected prostration and
death were a great shock.
Residence Property Burned
Thursday Night.
E J. Vaughn and Mrs. Reyburn Peay Lose
Property in Fire Originating in a
Defective Flue.
Fire last Thursday night destroy
ed two residences on Center street,
belonging to K. J. Vaughn and
Mrs. Reyburn Peay of Little Rock.
The loss was about f 2000, on which
there was $1200 insurance.
The fire was discovered about!
8:30 o’clock in the roof of the
Vaughn residence. It originated
from a defective flue in the sout -
l west room. A stove had just been
■ put up and the first fire of theseas
9 on built in it, and shortly after
wards the occupants discovered the '
upper part of the building in flames.
The fire had made such progress j
that it was impossible to save any
^>f the contents of the house.
m The flames were communicated
from the Vaughn house to a cottage
belonging to Mrs. Reyburn Peay
of Little Rock, situated about 40
feet north. This house was occu
pied by Rev. J. I«. Bryant and fam
ily and everal boarding students
of Hendrix College. Nearly all
of Mr. Bryant's effects were saved.
Mr. Vaughn carried £400 and
Mrs. Peay $800 insurance on the
property burned.
Much comment has been mage
kOver the f ct that the Peay cottage
fcrould have been easily saved with
wveu one line of hose and an ad
equate water pressure, had the city
been equipped with waterworks.
Other adjacent property was also
threatened, and if the wind had
been stronger, they would doubt
less have been burned.
Dr. Westerfield to Remain Here.
The many friends over the conn
ty of Dr. J. S. Westerfield will be
glad to learn that he has definitely
decided to remain in Conway. Dr.
Westerfield spent several weeks in
Atkins recently, with a view to lo
cating there, but soon concluded
that Conway was the place lor him.
Viewer’s Report Confirmed.
i In county court Monday Judge
Wilson confirmed the report here
tofore filed by the viewers in Drain
age District Number Two. 'Phis
report recommends and provides
for the digging of a ditch to drain
Tupelo pond and adjacent territory
west of Conway.
New Church Organized.
Rev. F. S. H. Johnston, pastor
of the local Methodist church, as
sisted in the organization of a new
church three miles north of this
city last Sunday. The church is
called Macedonia.
Nearly 1400 Bales Received Here In Four
Days During Past Week.
The movement for the last four
days of last week was very rapid,
nearly 1400 hales being received
here during that time. The move
ment, however, was almost jntire
ly stopped by the rains this week.
The market has been tending
upward during the week, and last
Friday the ii cent mark wasreach
ed. Since then it suffered a de
cline and the price offered yester
day was 10)4 cents for middling,
about 35 points better than the
price of a week ago.
Up to Tuesday night 3676 bales
had been bought here, an increase
of 1000 bales over the same date
last year. The price being paid
is 135 points better than that of
yesterday a year ago.
Weather Conditions Alarming.
The continued rains since Sun
day have done an enormous
amount of damage to the cotton
crop, according to The Log Cabin
Democrat’s correspondents over
the county. Local cotton men also
take a very pessimistic view of the
situation. They especially fear
the result of the damage by rain in
case picking is resumed before the
cotton has time to dry. A number
of merchants, as well as the man
agement of the local oil mill, ex
pressed the opinion to The Log
Cabin Democrat, that if cotton is
picked before it is allowed to be
come completely dry, not only will
the staple be of a much lower
grade, but the seed will be practic
ally worthless The local buyers
state that they are now forced to
sell according to grade instead of
average receipts and that even if
the market should remain around
the eleven-cent mark for middling
cotton, not more than seven or
eight cents could be paid for cotton
picked immediately after the pres
ent wet spell.
J. E. Turnage Shot and Seriously Wound
ed by Ed Starnes.
Last Friday afternoon about one
o’clock a pistol duel took place on
Main street in front of J. W. Mas
on’s store, between J. E. Turnage
and Ed Starnes. Five or six shots
were tired and when the smoke of
battle had cleared away it was
found that Turnage was seriously
wounded, one ball penetrating his
side and passing around to the
back, while another had entered
the thigh and ranged down.
Starnes was not hit. The wound
ed man was taken immediately to
Doss’ furniture store and medical
aid summoned. It was at first
thought the shots would prove fat
al but the wounded man soon ral
lied and was removed to his home
where he is now receiving the best
ol care and attention, and should
no complications occur he will be
out again in a few' weeks.
Starnes was taken custody by
Constable Lowers, who in company
with J. D. Harrison, took him to
Searcy and placed him in jail.
Monday he was brought back here
and admitted to bail in the sum of
£1000. his preliminary trial being
set for Saturday, October 13.—
Beebe News, Oct. ir.
Traveling Libraries.
The Conway Shakespeare Club
will receive applications for travel
ing libraries, for the year 1906-7.
No library to be kept longer than
three months. Applications will
be hied in the order received and
should be addressed to Mrs. J. F.
Weinmann. librarian, Conway,
New Wood Yard.
J. R. I vie has purchased the
necessary machinery lor cutting
and splitting wood and w ill put in
a wood yard in the rear of J. T.
Phelps' property on North Front
street. This is an industry much
needed here, and will doubtless be
a paying one.
Ladies Serve Lunch
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church served lunch yesterday af
ternoon and evening in the Con
way Mercantile Co. building, the
proceeds going to the church.
Skating Rink Sold.
Frank Durham and Geo. Shaw
have sold the skating rink in the
Halter building to Frank Morgan,
Jr., who will conduct it in the fu
Fine List of Attractions for En- i
suing Year.
Course Opens Tuesday, October 30, with
Entertainment by Juanita Boyn
ton Company.
A fine list of attractions has
been secured by the committee in
charge of the Hendrix College
lecture course for the season of 1
1806-07. The course is a varied j
one, and includes some celebrities
in the field of entertainment.
The opening attraction will be
given Tuesday night, October 30,
by the Juanita Boynto;, Company.
This is a talented musical and
dramatic company, composed of
Juanita Boynton, reader; Ethel
Johnson, soprano: Pallas Brown,
violinist: and Annie Lewis Vivian,
pianist. The opening feature is
one of the most expensive and
said to be one of the best on the
I he next attraction win oe me
Wm. Owen Shakepearan Compa
ny, composed ot ten splendid
dramatists, who render several
Shakespearean plays. Their most
successful play is Romeo and Juliet,
and this will probably be the one
given here.
In the latter part of January
“The Floyds’’ will appear. This
entertainment is composed of won
derful features of magic, inter
spersed with some spectacular il
lusions, and comes recommended
as a high-class attraction.
The only lecture in the course
will be delivered in February by
Rev. Mattison W. Chase. Dr.
Chase _ has several popular sub
jects for his lectures, and press
comments show that he has made
a very favorable impression wher
ever he has appeared. His lec
tures are popularly characterized
as “eloquent iuterminglings of
philosphy, wit, sentiment and
common sense.’’
Herbert A. Sprague, the well
known impersonator, will close
the course in March. As a char
acter impersonator, he is aid to
have in no superior, and he may be
trusted to please the most critical.
The committee in charge of
course has arranged to have every
attraction reach Conway on the
morning train. This will elim
inate the disappointments of last
season, when the lecturers attempt
ed to get here on the evening
trains, which were generally late.
They also have the promise of the
Bureau that no appointments will
be cancelled, unless for providen
tial cause.
Reduction in Assessment of Conway Mer
cantile Co’s Stock Refused.
The county court last week de
nied the petition of J, K. Martin.
I as president of the Conway Mer
i cantile Co., to reduce their assess
ment of their stock of merchandise
from $1000 to $500. The petition
recited that the stock was assessed
too high in comparison to the aver
age assessment of the city. An
appeal to circuit court was asked
for and granted.
Rev. Hurt Returns.
Rev. John Jeter Hurt returned
Saturday night from his former
home at Ballsville, Ya., after an
absence of about six weeks. He
I has not yet entirely recovered from
i a severe illness undergone while
away, but was able to preach to
his congregation at the Baptist
church Sunday morning.
j --
Circus Here Yesterday
Gollmar Bros, show exhibited to
a large crowd in this city yester
day. On account of the bad
weather and muddy condition of
the grounds, only one perform
ance was given. The exhibition
was a very creditable one, the
show being free from objectional
Ten-Cent Tea.
The woman’s home mission so
ciety of the Methodist church will
give a ten-cent tea at the residence
of Mrs. Kffie Lincoln next Tuesday,
from 3 to 5 in the afternoon and
from 7 to 10:30 in the evening.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
One black and white female set
ter dog about eight months old.
Answers to name of Rena, Please
return to W. L- Durham, Conway,
Ark. S-tf.
Votes Cast Up to Tuesday Night in Our
Popularity Contest,
The standing of the contestants
up to Tuesday night was as follows
Conway Young Ladies.
Miss Dorsey Morgan .22S0
Miss Evie Shaw.1420
Miss Gertie Douglass .1245
Miss Delia Pence. 1-25
Miss Blanche Apple.1200
Miss Verdie Maddox.1100
Miss Minnie Livingston .... 1 100
Miss Nelle Hicks. 700
Miss Frances Markham. 420
Out-of-Conway Young Ladies.
Miss Jewel Snow, Yilonia. . . . 1S70
Miss Nora Hilliard, R. F. D.
No. 4, Conway.17O0
Miss Clyda Shaw, R. F. D.
No. 4, Conway. 1420
Miss Mattie Robinson,Green
Miss Georgia Oliver, R. F. D.
No. 1, Conway. 100
Miss Ellen Cartwright, Nay
1 o r
Little Rock Party Wants to Sell Lots Here
Which do not Exist.
Oscar H. Winn of Little Rock
has written parties in this city of
fering to sell certain lots in the
city which do not appear on the
map, and according to real estate
men, never existed. Mr. Winn
doubtless has deeds to the property,
however, and is acting in good
The property offered for sale is
said to lie in Yau hn’s addition to
the city. It is described as lots
numbered from 7 to 12 inclusive,
in blocks 4, 5 and 10 of this addi
tion. In the original Vaughn's
addition, which is now nearly all
included in the Hendrix College
campus, all but the three blocks
mentioned above were divided in
to 12 lots each, but blocks 4, 5 and
10 contained only six lots. Some
12 or 15 years ago, however, the
assessor in making up his assess
ment placed lots 7 to 12 in each of
these blocks on the tax books. Of
course, no taxes were paid on them
and they were forfeited to the state
at the delinquent tax sale. It is
supposed that Mr. Winn obtained
them through the state land office,
but he evidently has acquired title
to property that never existed.
Business Transacted at October Term
Which was Convened Monday.
The October term of the Faulk
ner probate court was convened at
the court house Monday. Judge W. j
B. Wilson presiding.
Mrs. Kate Sloan, widow of the
deceased, was appointed adminis
tratrix of the estate of the late Jno.
J. A. Hopkins was appointed
administrator of the estate of Wal
ter J. L. Hopkins, deceased.
The estate of J. D. Townsend, j
deceased, was vested in the widow, '
Martha A. Townsend, and the
minor children.
Christian Loetscher, ’guardian,
was ordered to pay to Edward
Loetscher, minor, $100, it being
represented to the court that said
minor was married and the money
' was necessary lor his maintenance
! and support.
The report ot the -<ale of land
belonging to Carroll Clifton, minor,
was confirmed.
, The report of the sale of land
I belonging to Clint and Lona Ven
able, minors was also confirmed.
Several settlements were present
ed to the court and continued for
U. D. C. Officers Elected
The Robert E. Lee Chapter l .
D. C. held their opening meeting
for the season 1906-7 at the resi
dence of Mrs. J. A. Pence, last
Wednesday afternoon.
The following officers were elect
! ed for the year
Miss Nellie Raudell, president;
Mrs. J. A. Pence, vice president
Mrs. J. F. Weinman, recording
secretary; Miss Delia Pence,corres
ponding secretary; Mrs. W. I).
Cole, treasurer; Miss Bessie Ran
dell, historian. Delegates to the
state convention are: Mrs. R. E.
I Cole and Mrs. H. E. Cureton.
Store Front Remodeled
The front of the store occupied
by John F. Weinmann has been
remodeled and much improved in
Andrew Kennard Met Death at
Little Rock.
D. 0 Harton, Jr., a Conway Boy in Charge
of Car, but in No Way Responsible
For Accident
A Little Rock street ear in charge j
of 1). O. Harton, Jr., a Conway
boy, as conductor, ran over and
killed a man Sunday. Mr. Har
ton, however, was on the rear of
car and was in no way responsible
for the accident.
The man killed was Andrew
Kennard, a blacksmith employed
in the Iron Mountain shops. He
was struck by a street car at the
corner of Sixth and Main streets
Sunday afternoon shortly after i
o'clock, and was almost instantly
killed. The body was taken to i
Healy & Roth's undertaking es
tablishment, where it remained un
til after ie o’clock Monday before
it was identified.
After several hundred people had
viewed the body and none could
identify it the method of attempt
ing identification by means of the
marks “C-2” on his collar and
shirt was tried. Drivers for nu
merous laundries were called, but
it remained for a driver for Frank’s
laundry to say that he remembered
having delivered laundry bearing
these marks for a man at John Far
mer’s barber shop, at 1204 West
i Markham street. Mr. Farmer was
then called and he identified the
| body as that of Mr. Kennard.
Mr. Kennard had alighted from
! a north-bound car at the corner of
! Sixth and Main streets and went
I around the rear to cross to the
! west side of the street. East Four
teenth street car No 234, in charge
of Motorman J. L. Waller and
Conductor D. O. Harton, was go
I ing south, and as Mr. Kennard
! stepped around the end of the car
! from which he had alighted he was
! struck by the south-bound car.
| He never regained consciousness,
1 and died in about ten minutes af
; ter being struck.
A True Test of Axle Grease.
A good way to find out the dur
ability of different Axle Grease is
advised by The Joseph Dixon
Crucible Company of Jersey City.
This Company makes a Graphite
Axle Grease which they have
named *lEverlasting;” to show its
lasting power they suggest putting
their Graphite Axle Grease on both
axles on one side of the wagon,
while the axles on the other side of
the wagon are to be greased with
some other Axle Grease. It is then
easy to see which grease lasts the
longest by noticing which side of
the wagon needs first attention.
A test of this kind should appeal
to all who use Axle Grease in any
The Dixon Company further of
fers to supply a free can of their
grease for this test on receipt of a
postal card addressed to their office
at Jersey City. X. J. it
I'p to Tuesday night] Conway
merchants have bought cotton as
1000 1905
Frauenthal & Schwarz 1529 1125
vS. G. Smith.1005 f>25
J. F. Weinmann. 246 112
W. M. Harrell & Co... 492 315
Martin & Ilarton. 230 203
J. S. Moore & Son.... 154 264
Conway Mercantile Co. 16
Total.3676 2660
I’rice of middling yesterday;
io'4c; same date last year, 9.40c.
Number of bales received during
week ending Tuesday, 1397.
Number received same week last
year, 927.
Price of cotton seed yesterday,
$1 r.oo per ton.
L. E. Milligan Held for Assault tj Kill, and
Prosecuting Witness Put Under
Peace Bond.
< )n Tuesday the preliniinary
trial ol L. 1C. Milligan, charged
with an assault with intent to kill,
alleged to have been committed
upon J. C. Herring, was held be
fore Esq. E. L. Smith of Walker
township. The case was original
ly brought before before Esq. M.
B. Lit n, but a change of venue
was taken by the defendant to Esq.
Milligan was charged with hav
ing shot at Herring about tw’O
weeks ago twice, with a pistol.
| Milligan and Herring had been on
| bad terms for some time, and Her
| ring testified that he was passing
by Milligan’s field, unarmed, and
stopped to talk with Milligan, when
Milligan began firing on him.
Milligan testified that Herring was
armed with a pistol and fired one
shot at him before he fired upon
i Herring.
i ne magistrate neui .viuugan to
await the action of the grand jury,
permitting him to go upon his own
recognizance for $100, and also
placed Milligan and Herring each
under a $500 peace bond. Milli
igan was represented at the exam
i ination by Col. G. W. Bruce, and
the State was represented by Depu
ty Prosecuting Attorney Robins.
City Mule Team Sold.
The team of mules belonging to
the city were sold to a I.ittle Rock
buyer Saturday, the consideration
i being #325. The improvement
committee was given authority to
make the sale by the council sev
eral weeks ago. The mules were
bought in the spring of 1905 at a
cost of $320.
I ---
Marriage Licenses.
During the past week County
Clerk J. H. Hartje issued marriage
licenses to the following:
Ira 1„. Kvans, 24, to Miss
' Frankie Cargle, 19, Conway.
I C. B. Yancy, 21, to Miss Jane
Lee, 21, Damascus.
New Grits, Hominy, Oats,
E££=0=See, (2ream of Wheat,
Shredded Wheat Buscuit and
California Canned and E vapo=
rated Fruits.
All this year’s crop. Also September
catch Mackerel, Schrimp, Lob
ster and Devilled Crcbs.
Let us do your grocery business and
you will get nothing but the best that
can be had. :::::::::
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