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Careful diet is of utmost importance to
men and women past fifty years of age;
it keeps up their strength, and the oil
food in Scott’s Emulsion is a nourishing
food, a curative medicine and a sustaining
tonic to regulate the functions.
It contains the medicinal fats of pure
cod liver oil and science proves that they
furnish twice as much energy as other
foods—then too, it creates pure blood,
sharpens the appetite, relieves rheuma
tism, strengthens the body and alleviates
the ailments due to declining years.
Jcott's is free from wines, alcohol or
narmful drugs. Beware of substitutes.
Little Rock, June 18.—All the
county teachers institutes are in ses
sion rhrougnout the state, and the at
tendance is unusually large, and the
work of a very high standard, accord
ing to the statements of State Supt.
George B. Cook, and Rural Supervisor
J. L. Bond, who have attended a
number of them.
Another notable feature of the in
stitute work this year is the intro
duction of practical agricultural tech
ing by representatives of the U. S.
Agricultural Department, the Agr«
cultural Schools and the Agricultural
College of the University. At least
forty of the seventy-five counties are
being reached. In a number of the
counties the teachers are so
thoroughly aroused over the workj
that they ore voluntarily extending
the sessions to two weeks and even
a month at -Heir own expense.
Foley Cathartic Tablets are a spe-•
dally good little regulator that keeps j
your system in perfect working order.
No biliousness, no constipation, no1
distress after eating, no greasy, ■
gassy taste. A stout person who uses
them constantly will really feel thin-1
ned out more comfortable as a result;
of their use. Greeson Drug Co.—Aav ,
Dardanelle. June IS.—At a special
meeting of the Commercial Club in '
the Cunningham Hall yesterday after- ■
noon at 3 o'clock about 200 citizens |
agreed to formulate a plan by which ;
Dardanelle is to have an independent:
telephone system. A committee of:
five was appointed to confer with !
promoters of independent systems of 1
Russellville, Clarksville and other 1
towns on the Iron Mountain.
Subscribers to the Southwestern j
Telegraph & Telephone Company have I
been notified that on July 1 their I
rentals will be increased to $1.75 on ,
residences and $2.50 on business tele-j
It is thought that at least 60 per-1
cent of the telephones w:ll go out on I
the first.
Little Rock, June 18.—Those oppos-j
ed to the proposed bank guaranty act
are causing the examination to be
made of the I and R petition that has 1
been filed for it. The purpose is to;
determine if there are sufficient irreg-j
ular signatures to invalidate the peti-!
tion. No effort has L>een made to en-1
join the secretary of state from the
publication of the proposed act, and j
should it be decided to make a fight:
against it, the procedure will be to |
ask for an injunction against the cer-j
tifying out of the act for printing on!
the ticket in September.
Little Rock, June 18.—Acceptance
are being received by Mayor Taylor
for the conference that has been
called at the Little Rock city hall,
June 24, to boost Amendment No. 11,
the Rond Amendment. The indica
tions are that the meeting next Wed
nesday will be very largely attended.
So far as known, there is no special
antagonism to the measure. The fact
that a similar amendment was carried
two years ago, with majorities in 61
out of 75 counties, indicating that
there i« not any strong feeling
.gainst the present proposed amend
Give your hogs U. A. Thomas’ Im
proved Hog Powder. It makes them
fatten rapidly, thereby saving feed.
Prevents and cures Cholera. Guaran
teed by Chas. W. Jones.—lv
Morrilton's waterworks system was
sharply criticised in a report bv a
special committee of the city council
submitted at its last meetin. The re
port. in part, is as follows:
“Our first investigation was that of
the water system. We find this water
in very Lad condition, being pumped
directly from the muddy creek and
with no filtering whatever. We were
told by the manager of the water
works system that the filter was out
of order and that it was impossible
to filter the water at this time. The
manager has promised to begin at
once to give us clear water, by pump
ing day and night into a reservoir or
settling basin and then pump the wat
er into the stand pipe. This will en
able them to furnish clear water until
the filtering system can be repaired.
"We find that the Waterworks Co.
has IS hydrants in service, all in first
class shape, and we also find that
some of the hydrants are closer to
gether than needed. We find that the
water pressure is up to the standard
and we are assured by the manager
that in case of fire, if the stand pipe
was empty, that they could give direct
pressure from the pumps and could
furnish sufficient water for protection.
“We have inspected the property oi
the city fire company and find some
things badly needed. They have 1,000
feet of first-class hose that can he fit
ted into three lines; the hose cart is
in good repair, the hook and ladder!
truck is in bad oi’der and some of the ,
ladders misplaced, some repairs and j
parts are needed to complete the fire
machinery, some of the property be- |
longing to the city, such as rock wag- \
ons, etc., can not be found, and we j
understand that some of this property 1
is being used by parties out of the j
Bladder irritations, kidney troubles, |
lull headaches, weariness, pain in!
uack and sides, all shoy the kidneys j
need to he toned up, strengthened, j
•heir regular action restored. Foley
Kidney Pills will do it surely and
juickly. They give good health, free
lorn from pain, a. return of appetite
ind sound sleep. Try them. Greeson
Drug Co. (adv.)
Circuit Clerk J. H. Hartje will open
:he list of grand and petit jurors se
lected for the July term of circuit
•ourt on next Monday. The court will
convene on Monday, July 20.
Saved Girl’s Life
“I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re
ceived from the use of Thedford’s Black-Draught,” writes
Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky.
“It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds,
liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught
saved my little girl’s life. When she had the measles,
they went in on her, but one good dose of Thedford’s
Black-Draught made them break out, and she has had no
more trouble. I shall never be without
in my home.” For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi
ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar
ailments, Thedford’s Black-Draught has proved itself a safe,
reliable, gentle and valuable remedy.
If you suffer from any of these complaints, try Black
Draught It is a medicine of known merit Seventy-five
years of splendid success proves its value. Good for
young and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents.
One Lone Germ
Breeds Millions
A sore or cut
germs under the
If you don”
brer.lint? men
millions in a'
it lets the ^
r the Am. A
t stop its J
?rewllll»e \
few days, m
Stfjp the Breeding With DR. BELL'S
Antiseptic Salve t
It stops the breeding at once. It l<«**ps away all
other itertns. It soothes and heals :»s ur*1 as
you use it. A 2.rc. i x wui prevent hundreds
of dollars of trouble.
-Tell It By The Bell”
The grocers of Conway today
; agreed to close their stores at i
(o'clock every evening from July 1 to
| September 1. The agreement is a
follows: “We. the undersigned gro
cers, agree to close our stores at 7
o'clock p. m. every day except Satur
days, from July 1 until September 1."
i The following signed the agreement:
jj. H. Bailey Grocery- Cole & Co., Picr
jeey & Sons, W. A. Gibbon and I,. M.
Horses, cattle and sheep are kept
in good healthy condition by occasion-j
!al doses of B. A. Thomas' Improved
Stock Remedy. Guaranteed by Chas.
i V. Jones.—lv
Little Rock, June 23.—A movement
was started last night at the meeting
of the Little Rock city council for
the building of another bridge across
the Arkansas river at this point.
There are now three railroad and one
public bridge. The proposed new
bridge is to be built at the foot of
Broadway, and it is expected will cost
in the neighborhood of $600,000. An
improvement district is being formed,
and a considerable donation will bf
made by the county.
Texarkana, Tex., June 18.—Per
sistent and apparently well-authen
ticated rumor for the past several
days has it that Superintendent O.
L. Dunaway of the Texas public
schools, who has served four years
as such and was re-elected for an
other term by the School Board which
retired about a month ago, is slated
for removal by the new School Board.
The only active opposition to Mr.
Dunaway is said to come from a 1
secret religious organization known j
as the Knights of Luther, which is l
said to be strongly anti-catholic. It
is said they base their objection to
Mr. Dunaway on the fact that Mrs.!
Dunaway is of Catholic parentage,
although it is asseited she has never
been a communicant of that church.'
It is reported the congregation of j
the Pine Street Presbyterian church,
where Mr. Dunaway has taught a ]
class in Sunday school the past two :
years, on last Sunday passed strong
resolutions endorsing Mr. Dunaway’s'
views on religion and also his worth-!
iness and general fitness as a teacher, j
He has strong firiends in all the j
churches, and it is known these in-1
tend to make a determined fight to'
see that he is retained as superin
The above dispatch to the Gazette!
will be read with much interest in
Conway, Prof. Dunaway’s former
home, and the home of two of his
brothers and two sisters. Prof.
Dunaway’s wife is a daughter of
Jerry Scanlan, the well known mer
chant and political leader of Bee
Branch. Van Buren county.
Wake rfp your Liver. A lazy Liver
brings on the worst of diseases. Take
LIV-ER-LAX. Greeson Drug Com
pany. (adv.)
From Friday's Daily.
Mrs. Sallie Ix>ve, aged 32 years,
died yesterday afternoon at 5 o’clock
at her home near Linder. Funeral
services will be held this afternoon,
conducted by Rev. J. O. Cantrell.
Burial will be in Spring Hill ceme
tery. Mrs. lx>ve is survived*by her
husband, B. F. Love.
Children Cry
O A S T o R I A
Notice is hereby given that part
nership of Boydston & Adams has
been dissolved by mutual consent. J.
A. Boydston, who will continue the
business, assumes all of the firm’s
liabilities and all indebtedness due
to the firm should be paid to him.
June 19, 1914.
rort the purpose of ascertaining
whether it would he possible to se
cure a lower bid on the construction
of the proposed annexes to the public
school building, the board has em
ployed John ('. Hamilton to make an ’
estimate on the cost of the work, the i
bids submitted last Monday having I
been rejected on account of being,
about >4,000 above the estimates of
Architect C. L. Thompson. If it is
found that it will be possible to con
struct the annexes as planned within
the funds appropriated for the pur
pose, new bids will he called for, but
if not, the plans will be revised.
It has been definitely decided not to
attempt to borrow any additonal
funds for building purposes, as the
board considers that the indebtedness
to be created by the improvements on
the building as estimated will in
crease the debt to a point beyond
which''it would not be wise to go.
LIV-ER-LAX tones up the system,
stimulates the Liver to work in har
mony with the other organs. Guar
■ raced to give satisfaction. Grecson
Drug Co. (adv.)
reform’ paper is out
From Moiica7> Oailv.
First copies of the new state re
form paper, "The Arkansas Prog
ress,’’ were received in Conway Sat
! urday afternoon and the journal
made a good impression, judging from
the many complimentary remarks
jpassed upon it. It is a seven-column,
eight-page sheet and is well gotten up,
both editorially and mechanically.
Col. J. R. Taylor, former editor of the
Paragould Soliphone, is editor of the
Progress. David A. Gates, chairman
of ^he State Tax Commission, is pres
ident, and Col. George Thornburg, the
well known Masonic, prohibition and
church leader of Little Rock, is sec
retary of the corporation publishing
the paper,
The Progress has for the leading
article in its first issue a paper by
Dr. John W. Conger, president of
Central College of this city, on "The
Ethical Relation o‘f Our Schools.” Dr.
Conger urges a closer reiationsnip oe
tween the denominational institution
and the public or state schools, col
leges and universities. The religious
school, he says, has, however, a dis
tinctive place which cannot be filled
by any other institution. “The dis
tinctive function of the denomination
al colleges," l)r. Conger says, "is the;
first to spiritualize the educational
ideals of our whole educational sys
tem, and, in the second place, to pre
pare spiritual leaders, not only for
distinctive service in the church, but
for the state and for business enter
prises and for general educational
work. The small denominational col
lege has always furnished the great
leaders for our country in every line
of endeavor. Their graduates have
been the champion of reform in gov
ernment. religion, society and busi
ness. The state institutions are mar
shaling the masses of students and
are giving thorough equipment and
splendid instruction and should rec
ognize the value of the contribution of
the distinctively spiritual ideals of
the Christian college."
LIV-ER-LAX is guaranteed to re
lieve troubles resulting from a dis
ordered Liver. Pleasant to take and
perfectly harmless. For sale by Gree
son Drug Co. ^adv.)
Complimentary to her niece. Miss
Blanche Moore of Springfield. Mrs.
H. O. Moore last night entertained a
number of young people at her home
on Conway boulevard. The usual
party games were indulged in, after
which delicious refreshments were
B. A. Thomas’ Improved Poultry
Remedy makes old hens lay and young
chicks grow. Guaranteed by Chas. W
From Thursday’s Daily—
Miss Hallygene Gardner last even
ing entertained very pleasantly eight
couples at rook a ther home on Mitch
ell street, the guest of honor being
Miss Kathleen More of Fort Smith.
The hostess was assisted by Misses
May and Pearl Bolton. Refreshments
were served.
I»o you tliluh dm* watery, mattery
ar« natural? d<( J'»u
that styes, stranulaled lids. l»«or
Ml "tit, ttrowtlis. arc natural? I -c
i;tI s v it 1. and you have
Daglv Eye# agalu.
1—irmr»»™nmniiiM— inimTinwwn
Little Rock, June 2b.—There were
fewer changes made than expected in
the personnel of the St. Francis
l/ovce Hoard. There had been rumors
that Gov. Hays would make a clean
sweep, but he contented himself with
making only four changes. There
are twenty-four members of the
board, three from each of the eight
counties composing the district, and
the terms are for three years each.
Great interest attaches to thes ap
pointments, as the St. Francis I^evee
Board is looked upon as one of the
important political factors of North-j
east Arkansas. The appointments
made by Gov. Hays are as follows:
Mississippi County—W. D. Grav
ctte to succeed John A. Lovewell.
Cross County—D. S. Watrous to
succeed H. A. Black.
Phillips County— E. C. Horner, t
succeed himself.
Lee County—J. Lawson Hughes to
succeed H. Fletcher Roleson.
Poinsett County—Marion W. Hazel,
to succeed himself.
Crittenden County—J. M. McBee.
to succeed himself.
Craighead County—Thomas Bur
ress, to succeed W. M. Armstrong.
St. Francis County—F. W. DeRos
sitt, to succeed himself.
Messrs. Watrous. Hughes, Burress,
and Gravette, the new appointees, are
all partisans of Governor Hays. Thos.
Burress, the new member for Craig
head, is mayor of Jonesboro.
Plenty of peopHe—thousands of
them—have found that it is no longer
necessary to risk being “all knocked
out” by taking calomel when consti
nuted or suffering from a sluggish
Nowadays Dodson’s Liver Tone
takes the place of calomel.
What calomel does unpleasantly
and often with danger. Dodson’s
Liver Tone does for you safely and
pleasantly, with no pain and no gripe.
It does not interfere in any way with
your regular business, habits or diet.
Calomel is a poison, a form of mer
cury, a mineral. Dodson’s Liver Tone ;
is an all-vegetable liquid.
Ui course, tms rename remedy nas
its imitators. But Dodson's Liver
Tone has been made to take the
place of calomel right from the start.
The label on the bottle always has
said so. And it is widely known to
day how good Dodson’s Liver Tone
is as a remedy and that Dodson
never makes extravagant statements.
Me says that,it “livens the liver,’'
overcomes constipation agreeably and
makes you feel good, and if you are
not satisfied completely with it
Greeson Grug Company will hand
back the purchose price /50c.) to you
with a smile.
Such statements could not be made
without true merit to back them up
and it is easy for you to prove them
for yourself at no cost if not satisfied
and convinced. (advt.)
From Monday’s Dally
Mayor J. Frank Jones today an
nounced the appointment of a list of
delegates from Conway to attend the
meeting called by Mayor Charles E.
Taylor to be held at Little Rock Wed
nesday, June 24, for the purpose of
boosting and organizing a campaign
for the adoption of constitutional
amendment No. 14, J,he proposed bond
amendment. An amendment similar
to this one was proposed in 11>12 and
was carried by a majority of 28,000,
receiving majorities in 61 of the 75
counties, but was declared by the su
preme court to be inoperative on ac
count of five amendments being sub
mitted at the same election. Those
favoring the amendment immediately
made provision for its resubmission
and filed the necessary petitions over
a year ago.
The delegates appointed by Mayor
Jones from Conway are Wm J.
Grummer, A. J. Meadors, J. R. Don
nell, C. C. Denney, Wellington Rob
bins and C. J. Greene, aldermen; C.
E. Condray, city attorney; S. G.
Smith, R. W. Robins, W. H. Duncan,
W. M. Harrell, D. O. Harton, II. B.
Ingram, J. W. Holt, W. D. Cole, Jo
Frauenthal. F. E. Robins, Dr. G. S.
Brown, J. A. Pence and C. E. Dur
Miss Myrtle Thomas, daughter of
Mr. and Airs. J. D. Thomas and Paul
Jones, last evening at 8:45 were mar
ried at the home of Rev. J. Clarence
D v.-pon, who performed the cere
mony. It was the intention of the
young couple, said the bridegroom
[this morning, to keep the marriage a
secret for quite a while, but before
the ceremony was said, news of the
event had leaked but and friends were
FLYG-CURO srr.'ss
flies and mos
quitoes. Apptied with a hand A sprayer, only a
vci* min »pmy uvrr
the hairofthe animal^.
—not soaked to the
skin—It forms a pro
tective coating that\2
repels Insects."
The cost is trifling; (
time of applying lenC
than one minute;
lasts for sia to eight
hours —usually; there—
a:*' times during hot. -
sultry weather when-''
Ill I * R arc unusually —
vicious—'hen it may .ake a more frequent application
Three sU«e, 33 eta., 60 cto . II 00. Sprayer 50 eta.
Vlni-PTV’P Drr>tr '"'n . Conway. Ark
ready to congratulate the pair. Only
a few friends witnessed the ceremony.
Mr. .Tones is employed in the harness
shop of Chas. V. Douglass, and his
bride was a stenographer in the law
otli -e of Silas W. Rogers. They will
make their home in this city.
Washington dispatches today car
ry the information that George R.
Alewine has been appointed as post
master of Greenbrier, Faulkner coun
ty succeeding William M. Lyon.
While the appointment of Mr. Ale
wine, who is a former Normal student
and a progressive young citizen of
that vicinity, will doubtless prove sat
isfactory to the patrons of that office,
the news of Postmaster Lyon's retire
ment will be received with genuine
regret by his hundreds of friends.
For about 20 years Mr. Lyon has
rendered faithful and efficient ser
vice and has built up the office until
it is now one of the most important
in the county, having four rural
routes and several star routes. Per
sonally acquainted with eveiy man,
woman and child in a radius of 10
miles of Greenbrier, Mr. Lyon took
great pains to see that every letter,
paper and parcel which came to his
office was delivered promptly to the
correct addressee. If by chance the
Log Cabin Democrat failed to send sv
Greenbrier subscriber his paper, this
office was sure to hear from Mr.
Lyon, and if the missing paper did
not arrive by the following mail we
would hear again. It is this kind of
personal service in addition to the
regular duties of his position that has
made Postmaster Lyon a warm favor
ite with his patrons.
When the order was made classi
fying postmasters in fourth-clas3
offices in the civil service and the ex
aminations were held here last
winter, Mr. i.yon decided, on account
of impaired health, not to make ap
plication for re-appointm^nt. Physi
cally he is a man of immense pro
portions and aften calls himself the
“biggest Republican in the state.”
Of recent years his health has not
been so vigorous as formerly and he
is beginning to find it difficult to at
tend to the duties of the position with
his usual energy. Iiis many friends
wish for him, however, many remain
ing years of health and happiness.
Among other recent fourth-class
appointments for near-by postoffices
are the re-appointment of G. E.
Gentry at Guy and the appointment
of Frank J. McClure at Gleason and
Odes E. Roed at Austin, J.onoke
How's This?
We offer One 11unured Dollars Reward for any
ease or Catarrh that cannot be cured by Uailt
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known I\ j. Cheney
for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly hon
orable in all business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made by his firm.
National Hank of Commerce,
Toledo. Ohio.
Halls Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of thg
system. Testimonials sent free. Trice 75 cents pet
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall’s Family Tills for constipation.
From Monday's Dally.
Had you thought of it? These past
two or three weeks of temperatures
ranging above the 100-mark almost
daily were only spring weather.
Summer arrived at an early hour this
morning and some really warm days
may now be expected. According to
the almanac the sun reached its max
imum distance in its journey north
ward from tTte equator at 12:47 a. m.
today, and at that instant summer
was formally ushered in, to continue
for a period of three months. This
also has the distinction of being the
longest day in the year. In this lat
itude the period between sunrise and
sunset is 14 hours and 59 minutes,
and it will be only nine hours and one
minute from the time the sun goes
down this evening until it rises to
morrow morning.
Can Net and Do Not Touch the Liver
They may clear out the in* stin:\t tract,
but do not relieve the dui .med-up bile.
Years ago May Appie Root (railed l*o
dophyllin) was a last-resort bile s uiter.
It griped fearfully, but brought out the
bile. Podophyllin with the gripe taken
out ia now to be had under tho name

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