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$Itc lUmlle.
â. C. WflABTOS.
Snhrcrintion l*er 17«? r. $2.00
IKmered Ml the Post 'Hire at Per*
(Jib-tori, Mi**.. as -croud class matter ]
New York, Massachusetts, Iowa, Virgin
ia and Maryland, Democratic. Ohio
and Pennsylvania, Republican.
The election* yesterday ^resulted
in gre.-it victories forth** Democrats.
They were successful in New York,
Massachusetts, Iowa. Maryland,
Virginia, and, of course, in all oth
er southern states where elections
were held. The Republicans ear
ned Ohio and probably Pennsylva
nia by reduced majorities.
Flower, Democrat, elected gov
ernor of New York by a majority of
from 25,000 up.
Boies. Democrat, re elected gov
ernor of Iowa by a majority of from
8 ,OoO to 10,iXiÖ. Last election lie
received only ( 1,100 majority, be
fore which time state had til ways
berm reliably Republican.
Russell, Democratic candidate
for g-rvehinr, carries Massachusetts
by O.iHK) majority.
McKinley. Republican, beats
Campbell for governor of Ohio by
jtrohably 15,000 majority'. The leg
islature is Republican with Koraker
men 20 in the majority, thus prob
ably insuring tin* defeat of John
S.terman for the U. S. senate. The
Democrats Inst Ohio, through the
silver question
Returns from Pennsylvania indef
inite, hut state probably Republi
can by small majority.
Democrats carried everything in
eight in Virginia, Maryland and
New Jersey. Frank Brown carries
Maryland for governor bv from 15,
000 to 20 , 000 .
Republicans carried .South Dako
ta, Colorado and Nebraska,as usual.
Farmer's Alliance vote lost heav
ily in Kansas and Republicans made
corresponding gains. The'former
expected to carry at least 15 coun- j
tics, but so lar as heard from have :
captured only 2 .
Light vote polled in Mississippi.
O. R. Byrnes, Jr., straight white
Democratic candidate for the legis
lature, probably beaten by (J F.
Bmvles, negro, at Natchez.
The vote for the regular ticket
in Claiborne was as follows :
Di.-t. 1 . Fort Gibson...
2 . Ingleside. ....
.'I. Rocky Springs
*• 4. Fattona.
5. Brandywine...
. 25«)

4 4
tit) !
Itrooks Story, brother of Eugene
who was*hanged at Lexington lately,
has been arrested as one of the par
ties who robbed the Durant express
office. He is said to have confessed
and implicated Hebe Russell and
another party of Attala county.
Under the head of "Italic Recip
rocity," the Louisville Time» says:
The American hog can now visit
Italy but be must first get himself
killed and carry a certificate of good
health. Italians arc welcomed to
New Orleans on the same condition.
Thut is reciprocity.
Tlu* anti-lottery camp in Louisiana
is *in a row over C'apt. T. S. Adams,
the candidate selected for governor.
I'he Nichols administration want
Senator Murphy J. Foster for gov
ernor.'- It is not believed that Adams
will comply with the request to with
draw. The lottery men arc of course
jubi ant over the prospects for a free
Tlml steamer Oliver Beirne, en
route from St. Louis to New Orleans
to enter the Bayou Sara trade, was
bur.led to the water'* edge while
tied up for the; night at Milliken's
La., Thursday. Thirty per
sons reported miming mit of twenty
five cabin and one-hundred deck
I tasse tiger*. Among the dead are
1rs. Waddell, an 83-year-old lady
lrom Stu Louis.ç the 17-year-old son
of Clerk Kutricken, the pantryman,
chambermaid, and « colored nnrsj of
Mrs. Frazier,r df Ntatoftem? < Mrs.
Frazier and child had a narrow es
cape. The mate distinguished him
self by rushing back through the
flames, to rescue a baby that had
boon left in the cabin, and then slid
ing down a guy rope and swimming
to shore,, bolding , the infant by its
clothes in his teeth. 7<K> bales of
cotton and 100 tons of tu iscel lançons
freight lost Boat had just taken
201) imles for A. S. Colthurp & Co.,
of Millikens Bend. This is the lirst
river disaster of the season. Others
may be oxpeeted to follow.
Satisfied With Himself.
We would rather he the devil
than a sanctimonious cuss .—Oxford
i »
Where the Boys Are.
Parents, where are your boys at
night?— CoringtoH Co. Journal.
A* parents, wc give it up. But
judging our boys by other parents'
boys, we would say thuv are around
sitting up with Komeotlier parents'
girls when they aro imt making
Romo bowl at homo .—Meridian
T , , j »h« Cniiilal com
Tho entiles at t ne cn pi tat com
merci nl college this year have each j
month «hiubled those «if correspond
ing nuuitli* of last year. Thus Hie
n log re** of this snleiulnl institution
i* ftemlilv k. nnng pace with it*
^.Ini.li.liûi'Utaii u-UiMwiwian.'Ucv
The mining troubles in Hast Ten
nessee broke out afresh Friday night,
when the miners released the con
victs from both stockades near Brice*
ville, furnished them with citizen's
clothes and bn mod the buildings
where they bad been confined. The
* J origin of thit* trouble dates back some
time, and the legislature of Tennes
see may thank itself for the disgrace
that has been brought upon the state.
Convicts have long been worked in
the mines to the displacement of
When the latter
honest miners,
driven to desperation, took the mat
ter into titer own hands last summer,
trouble was averted by the governor's
agreeing to call tl«3 legislature to
gether and endeavor to right the
wrong. The legislature met, but
through petty jealousies and pig
headed conceit, decided it could do
nothing, and adjourned after doing
it for several weeks. Friday night
witnessed the result. The iaw-i of
the state have bjen trampled under
foot. A horde of hardened criminals
have been turned loose upon a de
fenceless pooplo, and the next few
weeks will probably report some of
the most monstrous crimes in the
annals of Tennessee.
Convict labor should not be allowed
to compete with honest labor to any
greater extent than absolutely neces
sary. The convicts must be kept at
work, of course. The question then
becomes, in what branch of labor
may they be employed to least con
flict with honest men ? Upon pub
lic works, unquestionably — works
i that the state would prolmbly not
otherwise undertake. There must
always be a conflict of greater or les.;
extent, but a commonwealth that al
lows greedy corporations to utilize its
criminals to starve out honest men,
deserves all the disgrace and shame
! that violation of law brings upon it.
j .
: *' iis
The United States must make it
hot for Chili or our national honor
will bo sullied. It will be remember
ed the trouble arose over an attack
made upon a party of American sail
ors from the Baltimore, who were on
shore at Valparaiso. A stiff fight
onstted, in w hich one American was
killed, several were injured, aud a
great many arrested, while but few
of the Chilians were taken into cus
tody. Chili has been mad ever since
thought our minister, the
! "gifted'' Patrick Egan, of land league
! aud agitator fame, rather sided with
Balmaceda's party. Uncle Sam's
demand for an apology for the mur
der of one of his citizens was met
with an emphatic refusal. Now, it
is claimed, there is nothing to be
done except for the president to eon
centrate our naval vessels at Valpa
raiso, and by a display of force com
pel an apology. But those who
Know assert that Chili is not given to
attacks of sudden fright, and that
_although conscious of lighting with
out the slightest hope of success, she
will still go into war with the inten
tion of doing nil the damage she can.
Instead of .sitting quietly at honicand
waiting to be bombarded, she may
send a few of her gunboats to our
Pacific coast and attack »Sali Fran
cisco and other ci'ies.
The situation is interesting, to say
the least. We may have some
thing to talk about all winter. Scv
oral of our war ships have already
started for the scene of action, but
cannot hope to do anything for two
or three weeks. The United States
is embarrassed by having no coaling
station convenient to Chilian waters
Elegant double wedding at Temple
B'Nai Israel, Natchez, Wcdm -day
cvcuing. Mr. Ahe II. (;eis. nberger
nud '..iss .Fnlianiui Slilenker nud *-r.
.luliiis Lcvile, ol Monroe, aud Miw
Retta Slilenker were married, hack
p*rt\* was proceeded up the aisle tiv
four bridesmniils. tour groomsmen nud
three Ushers, making the entire party
number twenty-six people. The Grilles
were similarly attired in Faille silk cn
train , trimmed with lace. Diamond
ornaments. Mr. Byron Levy was a
motig the guests from a distance.
Of the Ncwinan-Mos« wedding, to
which many of the guests of the Fei
blemnn-t 'aliii impti»ls liurrie*! from
Port Gibson,a dispatch from Edw ards,
Thursday, says :
' Air. B.Newman,of New Orleans.
La., was married to tlie beautiful ami
lovely Miss Carrie Moss, at twelve
o'clock to-day. Tho ceremony took
place, at the residence of the bride's pa
rents^ Mr.'tuid Mrs. L. A. Moss, and
was qonfliicled.by.tlio K«*v. Dr. Max
ilcllqr, of New Orleans. The groom,
MrvNewinan, is a young business man
of the Crescent City, of good standing
in the commercial world. The bride,
Miss Carrie, was reared in this place
from childhood ami was loved and
idolized by nil who knew lier, was a
favorite in society for lier lovely ami
kind disposition ami this community
wishes her and lier husband God-speed
through their life's journey. The wed
ding was n quiet affair, only relatives
being invited, and about fifty ot them
wore present from New Orleans, Port
Gibson and other places. About one
hundred telegrams of cungratiilntions
ou the happy event were received
from friends aud relatives not present.
A grent many costly presents were
made to tb3 bride and groom.
They leave to-night for New Orleans,
their future home."
The marriage of Miss El odie Bar
riere sml Mr. Edwin Howard McCu
lob, at Notre Dame church. New Or
leans, last week, i* noted ns a splendid
affair. The Xetc Delta thus describes
the bride:
"The beauty, the aristocratic grace
ami dignity of Hie hrhlo, inspired eu -
tliusisstic murmur* ofadmiraiion. She
is a tali, brilliant, brunette, with eyes
ot oriental beamy, graceful coutour
nn( l c h'g» ,,t cardagu. Her brtdal nt
jj pc W as especially tvell adapted lor
OIlc P ,„lowed with such royal grace*,
nor f roc k was made of Regent 0i5k »
court traiu. The front of the dress
wa* (rimmed with the genuine Chan
Min lire. The flmmec and festoons of
were elaborately iiilerinmgled
with a flornl vine of Illy of Ihe valley
A Louis XVI
nn<i orange blossom*,
jacket, mi l lace amt pearl bust, high
neck, puffed sleeves, united in making
this wedding frock novel and effective.
"This marriage unites two ot the
most distinguished tninilies of Ixiuisi
fina. The bride is connected with the
blue Mood aristocracy ot France. The
groom is likewise notod lor a proud
ancestry, distinguished lor its brilliant
literary talents and legal dignity.*'
The groom lias relatives in I'ort (Jib
son and tlie eonutv.
Fiuhi.kman-Caiin.—A very pretty
wedding orenred at the residence ot
of Mr.ami Mrs. WilPam Culm on Wed
nesday evening. Oct. 28, which bleu de« I
into «me life that of Mr. Thomiui J.
Fciblcinan, of Now Orleans, and that
of MissCoraI.ee Calm, of Port Gib
son. The charming bride so becom
ingly attired never looked lovelier »ban
when leaning on the arm of Iter manly
spouse, she spoke the words dial made
her wile. The initial admonitions ns
addressed to the couple by Rev. Max
Heller were couched in such elegant
diet uni as to call forth murmurs of ap
probation aud praise.
Alter the congratulai tons had been
received and an inspection of some ot
the costly presents, (he guests were in
vited into the spacious dining-room,
which had been titled up into a bower
of mosses and roses over which the i
chitrin ot parti colored lanterns ami
fairy lamps sited a soli mellow lustre,
where an elegant supper ot costly and
rare viands arrested the attention of
■ he ,ihm. lor KT.nl bran. Then
u. b.»„|H,r. oi ,|N,rkiiu<f rii»ni>i>!(iw
the bride and groom were toasted and
sentiments of love and respect from all
were indulged in. Thu amateur toast
er indulged in home made poet rv, prêt
ty, effective and amusing, while mine
host m a charmingly facetious way re
marked 11 .at "lie hint seen many mobs,
but never one that pleased him as did
tills one." Numerous friends nud rel
atives from abroad were in attend

finer, attesting their love and happi
ness tor (lie couple. Over three hun
dred telegrams were received from
through them their congratulations.
The bride and groom lelt lor an ex
tended trip, whilst a large party of
friends mid relatb-ns lelt ou I lie same
train for Edwards to sue and p ri ici
pate in I lie nuptials of Mr. Ariei New
iiiaii, of New Orleans, to Miss t'nrric
.Moss^rf Ktlwaid^^.
Madam Rumor announces the mar
riage at ail early dale, of one of the
most charming girls in the county and j
aa equally popular young gentleman.
Hugh Richardson, son of [/e
Richardson, the wealthy Vicksburg
merchant, is at Princeton studying
for the Presbyterian mini-try.
The late revival lias had a bright
euing effect upon the Sunday
sebmds. The Presbyterian last
Sunday bad an attendance of 12U
und the Methodist 8 ).
.. . , , , , ,, -/
Imt I,.- .l.-. li.x-.l ll.c- rail JMl- I
I.y exlenile .1 !.. him from fix- <-!•«»• i
at Aljfi- r». '""'.I- mm li,
uralllMKl « Ins . ... in r.-.,,;
man. in fort Oil«...,, .
Rev. Arthur Howard N« *11 in
formed bis congregation. Sundav,
The young ladies wi'l organize a
brandi of the King's Daughters
next Saturday. They have recent
ly organiz d a bible class lli.il meets
once a week.
• jj ie y me, ting last
\v c ,| ne »day night, L I P. llitt van
| tn .|,lo president, J. T. Drake sec
; r ,,j nr .. a ml J. \V. IVr.-on, treasurer,
Another iiieelii»*» ti»-nig!it.
* ^ .
Preachr - * ,u '. hristian Hturen
Hnmlay morning and ingiit.
Ri:v.:ii.i.e askrd f »r the
. I the tony or im re who
j |,, 1Vt . ri t cnl'y uai.eil with the \lelb
. ,„j lsl < :„, n :h, that friends at a dis
! ,. |||W . , n ioI,| g ; ,i„ idea of hmv
„ n ..,,| v u „ r churches liava been
" lr ,. n ,; 1 | 1) .ii. d, but Br-.lher Jones
pri . fem . d ljl>t tu have them pub
!• . .
ls " ' •
Forty persons wen* received into
(lie Presbyterian ctitirtli last Haltir
day ami Sunday. Tlic bllrnving
aru the names; Messrs. J. II.
Danjean, William Ilugbe*. William
S. Itob », R. F. G rdmi, Ben .More
licit«!, Jr. L. P. Williams, S B. Pat
(i. W.
| Wood, Lacy
Wo.nl, Mack Wood,
Philip Wilkinson, II. Goepel, J. A.
Craig; Mrs. L. P. Williams, Mr*
J. 11. Danjean, Mr*. S B Patter
son, Mr*. Mary K. Vanhook, Mr*.
Helen K. Mason ; Misses Clarissa
ami Mary Hughes, Ora Bobo, Sadi«;
Butler, Maria M«»rebead, Rulli Me
Alpine, Lula, Mary nml Berta Per
son, KHa Williams, Jennie and
Mary Sevier, Maggie Stowers, Liz
zie Graddick, Helen Brownlee,
Laura Martin, Maggie Hann, Mary
and Nannie Magruder, Mary Foote,
Sadie Harris.
Capt. J. C!. Voting, another « Id
resident of Yazoo City, «lied on I lie
27th nit
Hon. G. W Shaekluford and Dr
J. A. Watson, dentist, died at Lex
ington Hat unlay.
Dr. R Abbey, who died recently
at Yazoo City, was the oldest Meth
odist minister in the state.
At Jackson, M »inlay, Mr*. Mary
Jane Robins n, wife of the late John
W. Robinson. . lie was a niece of
ex Governor Robert Patton, of Ala
bama, and of Mrs. Edmund Rich
»fdaon, of this slate,
Pt BLic Schools. —For this scholas
tic year the county school board fixe«!
the length of the free school term at
five mouths, and established G7 schools,
32 white and 35 coloml.
The winter term began last Monday,
on d av 2 (i white and 31 coloml
^ schools openetl. The others will
. V;..,
n ,
r' ,lrd ult. J. N Bi-ashear, Ji., t. K.
Ke^an, and J. 1. Drake, the county ex
ammers, examine«! 88 amluanto. 4.
white, aiul « 4 rioted, and granted h- J
Arnheim, the Tailor, Chicago,
Latest styles! Perfect fit! Take
off your old togt,put on the
Dry Goods?
Oh, well, now ! We just have
the handsomest and most com-^ ^
plete selection in the state. Let 1
your wife get a decent dress.
Laz. Levy's Sons,
Port Gibson,
Why Don't You Inspect Our Stock
Gents' Furnishing Goods?
Have every thing yrti need at
prices as low as your cisterns.
On the Installment Plan !
Small cash payment — balance
on long time. See how it works.
'censes to the following:
on long time. See
N. F. Davenport, Misses Anna Hull,
Nellie llann, M. II. XiUMon. G. C.
Moms. Lucie Colson, Katie McMur
ch>\ Cornelia began, b. S. Gordon,
Bottie Young, Antonia Ashley; and
D. O. Fcrkins and h. Berry,
Rt (iro ,| c _ W . T. Turner, ifL.
s , A M
I'..v ,, , * , .... '
J"'- 'L boni. KW. Bentley, J. . sing,
Mrs. M. A. Carpenter, and Mr*. . I.
A L Brown.
Long list ot names of colored teachers
who received second and third grade
Card From IVii»» Compton.
Mr. Editor:
May 1 ask for space in your columns
to say to those interested in the affairs
of Fort Gibson Female College, that
the school is fully organized in every
id add that the teach
department. I wi*
ers have more than met even expecta
tion and requirement : the pupils are
doing most excellent work, and whilst
our attendance is not solange as we
cx|iected, it is increasing, and we hope,
w ith less stringency in financial mat
ters, before the close of the term to
reach a maximum number.
M. E. Compton
Nov. I lH'.U.
An Opsn Letter from Rev. Geo. S. Inge
to Certain Ladies of Port Gibson.
f'ol.VMBl'*, Min*., Oct. 21, 1 *Siit.
Your note of presentation, and gift
of china-ware fish service received this j
a. in. Someone has said, "great sor-j
row laughs, great joy wwps, an l great
gratitude is dumb." I realize the
truth of the latter parti*m ol this utter*
ancc now. My heart overflnvs with
gratitude, yet I can only sav "Th inks. |
God bless yon,thanks.'' One of the trea -
urea of inetnorv. which will bojeal
)v ; s ,|ie
hia ' V UU !.. fort llilrm.
M „ y ( «,„• rf * M | ..Hits ever
, h ,,f p , lcc
w >w |„, arH Jtll A.m
Yours gratefully an 1 siuce vly in
Christian love an l lab ».-,
G. S. IXilK.
The entertainment on !a*t Tttf*liy
'»«Ht was quits a *uccc«iH
»»is realizing a nice sum of in »nev
from the prucee*ls. The dramatic club
reudeted an interesting play, after
which a most sumptuous siqqier wa*
f u || wed by dancing until long
j| ie - wce sina
The M:i
very pleasant guests of Mr. and
Mrs. B<Hietiheimer for the-past Week.
Miss Ixrna Martin, from near Hazle
hurst, was installe I as principal of the
Hermanville school on last Monday and
we predict for the patrons of the school
a prosperous session.
W. G. Herrington and G W. Rob
ertson made a flying tnp toCopiah on
last Sunday on a visit to their parents. I
J. T. Lewi», Jerry Grilling and Sain !
Price. »! Martin, were up a the en.ee
tamment. ,
II. V 1» T . ... p
* ' done* and Miss ran me
N\ tison attended the Merchants Jubl- (
lee in Favette on last Thursday night,
Miss \\ illieTrotter, of Bolton, is now
teaching the school at Cleveland,
ing the place of Miss Hattie Benson of,
Water Valley, who, to the regret of her
many fneuds, had to return home on
acc'iuut t'f I he illnex of lier rootlwr.
Our town coutumes to improve.
Dudlev Bros are makimr nranantions
Lfuatey un>s., are tnaKiii a prti«i .Ilions
build a new residence.
Home of our fanners lost heavily in
the burning of E. D. Jones gin on last
week, losing from three to toil bales of
cittnn ooch with no insurance *
Mi«a Kate Mills-,ns of Ilimston
MISS Kate Mllisaps, Ol ItEmSlOn
and Misses Truly, Whitney and Dar
«len, of Fayette, chapnroned by Mrs.
Prof. S. F.
A by 's girl bun] from Fayette was
present and rendered some very sweet
music, aud altogether the evening pass
mi oft' very pleasantly.
Mrs. Asher and her charming daugh
ter. Miss Heltna, from Vazwt'ity, have
P ^
Kate Darden, were among the guests j
at the cnterUiinment last Tuesday « r
. J J
lltght. •' I
The young people are under Listing
obligations to Me«* Magw. Lobdell t
and Griffing for the splendid music
rendered by th m for the dance last
Week ^
. , , ...
Mrs. Conn «ml her daughter. Miss
A.U. to tlœclelinlit of their mwy •
friend*, returned lesne a few «lays past, i
where they will spend most of the win- !
) , j
A « ... n it a '
Ç. C. Smith, of Metaleb, made a
L visit into our neighborhood on !
i j
Rff® 1 }' e *®*
Mrs. Dr. Dudlcv and her little son, ! w
Lynn, who bwoUe. absent fur .1«, i
past few months, have returned home, j
An rleotion *iil bebtld at (be mayor x office,
Port (iR»x..u, Mix**., on Monday, Dec. 7. 1*91,
for one Mayor amt xix Aldermen. Tb'xeleetiou !
will be o.m<loo«ed «.».lor the i»ew cotuimniioa ; r
and will be xupervued by Aldermen Oihuou. i W
AUen and Rtohxrdxon >
By order of the Board of Mayor and Alder
F. H. FOOTE, Clerk.
Ni.v 8,1891.

'ävuIII kiff
\ \i
!_ . c , .
Fancy and Staple
nnpppi cc
> "
Dry Coeds
Charter Oak Stoves
—A N|»—
>ol ioiiK.
0 »
* oak ;
1 à ItiMNXvare.
' 1
7 ' -'-hiJ
r ' v - ■ • '
I H&'
'n r
* \
(mplsm 9 Li
ANS» —
. N \ .MtA .
* 2 > 0
X3Iorses, Cattle <Sz ^o-altT-y.
' 7-j
LOJAi» wmian kcocd, i 83 i.
r«!iu|H-ruiar»- u I«il »pw^atly f«»rtliv IIkvkii.i.k
a* s j>. hi. -iuily, froin lw;-l m-lf-ri-elsieriua
iiMiruuK'iii-, In tl»vii|>eii air.
4 ,
X. « M,,oti Nov. Istt ; Ut^qr Full Uoou
lâtli ; last i|r ZSr.l.
no«-. »n.
J J!' jij
3 ra w tv.r
araMiHi roaorroaea, t"M.
Higbcat temperature m «lex. (i*th
ms - Oo* JtiZ ^"'ï
or.U-t ,uii> nn«* ' ^ *7«i-a.ihU).|
l*w* daily mmT ft dug. ( 0 , d
I xniniM-r <iav» wjien ntiii Ml . . 4
! «Iwi»» Um "w«ia
, . .. ' _ . „
in* : Highest temperature, *S w|Ml:lot8
a t, 3t <le^WM ; nwaleal «laily variai ton, »*
( | egrot>; dally mrUt!«». Ä «ieircw;
daya wtu-a^miwra'an: fall t* M dc«n«a or
lower, 0 ; clear orfatr Says, SA; «Minlw«* «larx.
fill-!s;<layH when rain fell, S; rainfall ilnrinsj
*«î lache.; anacmt fall la «m
1 ' ' ' _ " .j
Z* \
U TA1EO * J * l îr*!** lpr î; . l -
0 UaUaima tnaaiy. | lor
Tu the IkwtotaMc Board rn Mayor anil Alder-]
inen «»I.thet t«rn >»f fort tiitxwni, lu t lie c,iu:i- 4
tv and itatu afureautd :
ll(!nt "' ^ t,fwn hereby peutton y >uri
honorable txvty to (traut unto M«»x** IVvlxcIi, >
* r**ton* «»f Mtld town, allmiw I» xrll Uy
l " »'*> 'i»*ntUy I«» ,Uan oiw pallor.,
Yiiini )4 »nil N;iiriltioQ4 liquopis «1 bis prm i t I
oianc <»( biiciiiem for Mich «Hk.oii the xouth tax#
. Tit»:aa<>M.
«KT. M%tc MIN.
-js ;o m>
•ju , 7»
81 N* 40
2*J •_' < 'l^ar
NOVEMltKU. tsot.
vinoil* anti xpirlhion« Itquon«, m bis preseia
place of biii>iH«Ni (orMteJi HMk-,on the southeast
C<truer of North squire No. 1, on the xoutli
corner .»f the tn eraectton of Farmer an t
j (.'armit »tn-ets, *>( sam town, fronii*; aat'i
« r *™ 11 !"^l vc J'S ÜSÄ? ff' rr
J tue 81st ilxy of IJ.fCvmber, A D. 1*91, and mu
I do h«*n»l»y r'c-amoaud liiin U» l»e <>t rmsl
reputation and » *ub.-r and suitable puraon to
t •" d "'" Uul3, buuml wc
oxter, Win R Klein, Bun Brown,
*«;VFite5r. Wm R KM«, Bun Brown,
Muse Wdxcu, ww Douib>, p c *ubirlur, lleuij
^ Hl1 * l,lvn * win uiil, Cornel I ns Gab
bl*ix, John howard, John s<w»H, guo lu-ntlcrw».,
ll»<»-» bel», linudy youint. rUlbda:nlrùUr, harry
• "'"'yl «j 1 ^ "Ä ÏZl "Ltn
i in ', laill , i.' htram J in Hiiat,'r. i jan»^ p irkcr, j T
! enmhi, j d wbeelet». j lumL 1 du n wann, t a
j aium, I» r levy, j d wuod, ui kaufmau Jr, nbe
' tiuthe, I p williama, wj ma*»»», Nmmri rsa, I m
tiutduurvtuti, j b iK-nlfiirek h, « mtuk-r, d h
! ••«"h, w j o i^al, I zadek, Jaco,» riieman. e
j rttuinan, henry wasauin, a).* uilivir, g w wIim
less, e a ibomaa, thosryau, ax walker, n kiefur,
! w <t patterxun, eluu« f wtieulrm, loulxabrabaiu,
kaufnixu, loch levy, h x levy, wtllla liinton,
r It * v, Jno c xhelton, b h levy, janiux xeott, a
p in'voy. j w Johtixon, Jacob burnhoimer. o a
COSO**, xtupben achlllig, t p wllliantx, Jr, louix
moxuly, f«rd Jone«, mbert lunxelr.davuhinton,
x bloiuquls:. ti m'doutai I, rohert <Ult, Jim
! j.ihn-ton. r f vratoou, henry dark, a a ball,
; r |cbard inoxeluy, o»<»riU thaler, m depeder, tin
i W i|ibunx, a r campbull, pbit trailer, p kelMy
> landen >n.
i Child r ei >y for Pitcher's Castorla.
w. a rttikwsM,
Phoenix In-nra»ce, ot Br»»«»klyw,
New Oih-an* lii-nirance A'-social ion, of
New Orleans,
(Jcorgia Homo Insurance, of Coliini
Ims. Uvorgia,
Phoenix Insurance, of Hartford,'
Missis-ippi Home Inmyr Virlt A ii-][
Aetna Imoiraa««», 4.f llaittord,
Southern Insurance, of New Urbans.
B-pt Sth. »890. _(3 m,V..
. ^ lles ^ rTI
tüSüU. a .u'w
''' SZiO:
R«-IW . »£&»***•
tfcmnl« fw, at J. A. Sknm* Dn« Mm.
tmomac parkin
old Pvrsou ItmldliiK, Opj>*N»i»f H Marx u 8ul>Io
Maloug ol tin* aoünu« » «.peuialty Fitgiur
n,-p»l.inK «ihI cUamnK Writ Sonr. «
Tin* t»ti or MiMnwrn, i
Io Thonnn» Eagle-ton and Adeline Terry: )
«étfauia •« tb« M Monday of x«.renitwr, |
i»|,m aNnw if any y«m**n »to ♦e #»- 1
n<a In allnwwl ax Mtated, and uiil adnni.iiitiii
lor dUcLanwd.
(X , 14. 1HH-4,
Of Claiborne and adjoining coun
> W l . infnrm vr>„
ucs * VVe Dc ß to »«Mon« you tlwt
we aro in the market .fiocootton,
I • I ,
snort staple, at liberal
A It. JUNES, <
To Planters
Ask Your DealerFor
FEATHER BOXE la made from Em
OalllM—nattm' i own laaab wt . and atronarot
elastic rorntt-rlal. Beat wear*of whip# mode
E-I'ä'-A *«"' SfVS
SSTÄf Ä" r E * T H E R B 01 E.
'Ll* Levy's Sons are just in re
ceipt of one car of furniture,
sisting of bed room sets, parlor
suits,dining room suits,fancy rock
ers, willow rockers, and everything
in the furniture line to furnish a
Maresl MaresI Mares!
Just arrived from St Louis,
car load of mares which I offer
my customers at extremely low
figures—according to price of cot
ton, M
Large lot Loaded and Emply Stalls,
" . . . _ .
keîtaiîs. Dopant «, American Weed
.u'w trap Powders. Shot, Caps. Wads,
Cartridges of all sises.
MhdIp and Rrparh I naiiiitff Cun«
WUZZIC oflU UiCdCll - LOaU 1 flu bullS,
*• 1 *l 1 an *• nil
^ 51,5,311,1 M 11 ! Mh

Reiinirinc of Fire At ins a Specialty.
_ Hnliafaction Ouarant.i.
i rrn at PI ICC L11IQ PIIT1IUP
) Mn5l"lLnuu linlil LulllilUi
| Ä A
#»- 1 ^
Ifartuoiiims and Accoidcon*, Batij«»«
Violins, Bow*, Stiing*, Ant harps.
V £

Oppoxlp' 8 . Purubcimrr A 8 »>ux.
A New Gunsmith in Town.
Exp*r« (canimjiUi, !»•» openul a xliop 1"
n ar of J. B Cniinn'x blackxaiUh »hop «* M"
x«re#l, and ia prupartd n»M«cn«e all W,M * .
hix liitS tn a (borongkly aorkmaallk« o»*»»*»*' •
G MX, i.Ltolo, xuwiii* iaa< hinex, #'e. owrt '•
oil and rupaired MalWaclion RMiawirud nr
palrotta*.e reepoi'tfully exlkiied.
4rf*l7-i f
Something nice -Br* i , e«l M"T*
erel in Toncolo 8.1 utc for rate **
K«d !•)•'*.

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