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®Ii({ geueiity
A. i. WH&tTOl, Editor aid Proprietor.
I. R. OBISliEl, Pablishor and lasager
of lob Bepartaoat.
Subscription Per Tear, $2.00
Entered at the postotfioo at Port Gibson,Miss,
aa seonnd-elaaa mall matter,
Keep your gin insured. Within
the past week or ten days Mr«. Keth
ley, of Copiah county, and Dr. Ap
plewhite, of Lincoln, have lost their
gins by fire, aud neither one was in
an red.
The St. Loni* Republic, which has
bean a conspicuous free-silver shout
er, is now a convert to sound-money
ideas. The recent election has con
vinced it that Democmtio success is
impossible on a silver platform. Thero
will be more such converts before tho
campaign of 1896.
Probably the most blatant and eg
otistical ass at present extAnt on this
continent is Governor Pennoyer, the
proof of which assertion may bo
found in his Christmas day letter to
Mr. Cleveland. They must bo queer
peoplo in Oregon to cbooso such a
ranter for their governor.
JM. Beasley, a farmer who lives
twelve miles from Ilazlehurst, lost
$5,000 in gold about three weeks ago,
the money having been stolen from
its hiding place in tho loft of his
house. A farmer with that amount
of cash is a decidedly rare bird in
this part of the world now-a days.
The Texas Democoats who.in 1890
elected a governor by 182,434 major
ity, this year had 2,000 less titan a
majority over the combined Populist,
H'publican and Prohibition parties.
However, Mr. Culberson, the Dem
ocratic candidate bad about 60,000
plurality over hisPopulist comjietitor.
The massacre of nearlv 2000 un
arrmd and unresisting Chinese,—
men, women, aud children,—in Port
Arthur by tho victorious Japanese
troops, was ono of the most atrocious
crimes of this century. Evidently
the Japanese as yet Ituvo but u thin
varuish of civilisation over their na
tive barbarism.
'['he reported "ra(?o war* in Brooks
countv, Georgia, turns out to have
b eu liPle better than a massacre on 1
tho part of lawless white men.
One negro named Pike committed a
. . ,
murder and a mob thereupon a*
eemblod and killed five negroes who
where suspected of knowing where
1 ike was hidden, though there was
no proof of their gmlty knowledge.
That tho slaughter was without ex
«use is shown clearly by the later d«s
patches, which represent the better
ebuwof while people as being incensed
at the outrages and determined to
bring the perpetrators to justice,
Porthe sake of humanity oa well as
or the good name of Georgia,we hope
the white murderers as well as tlie
black one may be caught and pun
ished though it must Imi ncknowledg
cd that there is but little ground to
'Warrant any lively expectations that
this will be done.
A very mawkish scene look place
the other «lav before the Lexow in
vestigating committee in New York
when police cnpt.iin Creedon made
his confession. This perjurer nnd
self confessed bribe-giver nnd black
mailer 1 ms, it seems, n very honor
able war record, ami after he hnd
ended the tale ol his shame, here is
what happened :
Mr. Goff (who was conducting
the prosecution) apologized for caus
ing the captain the uupieat-antnev*
he had experienced. Tears suffused
Creedon'* eyes.
A sympathetic
tremor ran through the audienoe.
And,» continued Mr. Goff, «it
is the unanimous opinion of this
ooinmittee that in view of the splen
did services you have rendered your
cntinlry and to (lie committee, the
public interests will not be sub
served by' disturbing y*nu in your
present position as police captain.'
"Tlien there was a burst of np
plau*e, sucli ns no man conhl stop,
"Capt. Creedon arose. He looked
straight ahead. Tears filled his
eyes and his face twitched with e
motion. Then each member of the
committee, nnd counsel Goff, Je l
rome and Moss shook bis hand
warinlv. There was another buri-t
of applause and Cnpt, Creedon
walked Irom Ihe court room, cry
iog. Men, trembling m ith pent up
feelings, grasped his hand in sym
pathetic feeling."
4- - A few hours later superintendent
Byrne very properly suspended
Creedon from tho force for perjury
in swearing, at tlie time of bis ap
pointment as captain, that he had
paid no money for the place,where
as he acknowledged before the Lex
ow committee that he had bought
the appointment for $15,000. When
the committee learned that afler*
noon of Creedon'» suspenMon they
grew indignant, and summoning
Mr. Byrne before them, extracted
from him a promise that he would
obtain the disgraced policeman's
restirration a* captain. At this there
was more applause from the audi
TImi utmost that Creedon should
have got from the committee was
immunity from prosecution, in re
turn for his testimony, valuable as
it was lo tho committee though
damning to himself. To make nn
"honorable war record" n pretext
for putting hack into office a crim
finit « 1.0 had prostituted that office
lo ihe lowest purpose« is to confuse
in the popular mind all distinction
between right and wrong, and to in
vite a repetition of Ihe crimes lliat
have made the very name of police
ipan m/arnous in our grealest city.
4 4
II 4
1 »
Our Absurd Jury System.
The mistrial in the east of Kane
ami Th ri fîtley, the New Orleans coun
cilmen who had been indicted for
bribery, i* only vrlrnt might bo ex
pected under ouf irret ion tu jury sys
tem. Eight of the jurymen were in
favor of convict ion, bat the other four
stood out stubbornly fur accquitUl ;
the requirement of » unanimous ver
dict made it possible for these four to
effect a mistrial. Uniil the jury sys
tem is reformed so as to give two
third of the mumbers power to return
a verdict, such miscarriages of justice
will occur again and arain. No mat
ter how clear and direct the evidence
of his guilt, the accused only needs
otto friend on the Jury, and then he
may laugh at tile efforts of the courts
to punish him for his crimes.
Tlie requirement of unanimity was
pronounced by the historian Hallet»
a preposterous relic of barbarism.
Hentham in his "E«uy on the Art
of Packing Juries," also denounced
it as "barbarous.
Judge Cooley says that it is "repug
nant to all experience of human con
Oov. Carpenter, of Iowa, in 1876
culled it "an antique absurdity."
corner savs that it
is a "great source of corruption and
consequent denial of justice."
Similar testimony might be multi
pliât indefinitely ; but no argument
is needed to show the folly of a rule
of unanimity in the jury room. The
plainest man is able to see bow it ob
structs justice and how it shields
criminals; and we believe that public
opinion will not tolerate it much
In a speech in emigre"* Inst week,
Mr. Perkins, of California, delivered
the following convincing argument
in favor of governmental aid to the
Nicaragua canal :
The canal will pay, as an exhibi
tion of American enterprise, of A*
merienn skill and forethought and of
American nerve. It will pay be
cause it must receivo the cornmenda
tion of the world, as it will show that
*l. __ „ .... »• , I
tlw.e M « «real quwtlunI to be con
fihlrreu, great uork to OS done, after j
the consideration wits concluded, und !
there was a great people to cany it j
into effect." j
After rending this the dullest mind i
will see that the canal is bound to be
a paying enterprise. ,
J 1
The editor ol the Yazoo Senlinel
• •, 1 . . .
isei her n very narrow.,>niu<l,<l man j
or else be does not understand the '
needs of bis own section as well as '
in . .
. . . . I e .3': b '**® 8
the immigrants, and invite them to
come to old Knukin where as hearty
a welcome Await* them ns ever
they received anywhere.—Brandon
r i ■ , » , j
Judge Calhoun, of Jackson, says:
"Personally, I «spire to no office,
hnt I think the currency question, |
except it should embrace some a- i
f »
* .
4 *'
the need* of every locality in the
Buuth. He Pays:
"Blast the immigrants—we can
furn i H h a!| the poverty, the great
incentive to work ; what we want is
capital, and it don't usually come
j n nn immigrant train."
Capital does come in on im
migrant train. It come« in the
, !lflpo of mwe \ e nn( , brfljn Mn( ,
brawn and common sense to devd
op n ie richest section in the world,
a .id make it bring dollars to Hit*
pockets of the iudustrious and in
teiligeut farmer,
A Sensible View.
vowed populistic doctrine, no test
of Democracy ami to rny judgment,
as silly as to make the views of can
didates for state,office* on the Nica
raguan canal a test of Democratic
qualifications. As at present ad
vised, I shall support a gentleman
for governor whose opinions differ
from mine on the money questii n
as the night differs from the day.
1 c««'.<Hi»l , y indorse Gen. Walthall'»
o »nvictions on this question. Let
Democrats differ on sach questions,
nnt mR k® them a test of De
*not know much of Ihe fi
q fl md rt l question. My observation
that no man does But my con
v * c ti'>n is that every question is fi
nn **y solvable by the plain practi
CH * ^'Rse of ordinary people. It. is,
moreover, certain that national e
Cf » n,, mie questions have been better
cons «'er* I and explained by closet
lhmkprH had the interest of
,r . Mth amI ,,IP masses of the peo.
l ,,e ftl henr, > wi,h »»hope or expec
{nUon of future reward, than by tho
H«*ci»n, working for new leases
of P nwer nn<l interested more in the
P a ^ lon th . nn in th ® judgment ol
^odr constiluents."
•»iuo|d|<j puo|t*p»vv »reqXlH -»WJ *.P|J®M
japAio t j Ruinen uiBAJO *jö
In The New Constitution.
There are a great many things in the
new constitution which it would be well
tor prospective candidate* to examine.
Section 171 provides that no person
shall be eligible to the office of justice
of the peace who shall not have reside!
in the district two years next preceding
his election. Section 176 provides that
no person shall be a member of the
board of supervisors who is not a resi
dent freeholder in the district for which
he is chosen. J udges and chancellor*
are appointive under the new constitu
tion of Mississippi, but section 154 pro
vides that no person shall be eligible to
the office of judge of a circuit or chan
cery court who shall not have been a
practicing lawyer five years, who shall
not have attained the age of 26 years,
and who shall not have been five years
a citizen ot the state. Section 150 pro
vi les that no person shall be eligible to
the office of judge of the supra
who shall not have attained tl
30 years at the time of his appointment,
ai.d who shall not have been a practic
ing lawyer and ci then of tho State for
five years immediately precoding such
appointinen t. —J taka on Correspondent
N. 0. Picayune.
me court
the age of
; ,
a Pr»«tte« which hm Rcuiud a b«b
» * flt *? rrtT * t * ^ * ta * to ***
-Ajïî** 1 ® 5 !* an?0 , has taken place in
English banking circles withm a few
K or,n,-rl, th. balance,hcct ol a
j private bank was an unknown thing to
! the public, and the exhibition of one
it j would have been regarded as & sign of
j weakness. Borne heavy failures of pri
i Tate bankers showing unsatisfactory
be reTelatJon8 the business of this
, clafi " they began to
see the mistake of keeping their busi
J"""* ,n .*"» " p*
. don firm began to i&sue a balance sheet,
j Md , illce {£.„ t h. police b« grid
' oally become general, so that a recent
as ' number of the Economist, in its review
of bank balances, gives more than forty
of such accounts. The general result is
to show that the«« banks are in a very
sound condition, which, of course, must
tend to enlarge their business. Private
banks do not fill so large a space in the
financial world in this country as In
England, but they nevertheless do a
very large business, and some of them
are known the world over by their ex
tensive transactions. Occasionally the
country is startled by a failure among
them, producing very disastrous re
sults among their patrons. They de
pend upon the community at large for
their business, and would it not, asks
8 theBostonJournal.be sound policy to
publish balance sheets as their English
brethren do? Such a oourse would
prove beneficial to themselves as well
*■ to their patrons. The knowledge
that a balance sheet was expected I
would induce cautkm among the man- I
agers, and their business would be con- |
j ducted more conservatively and in the L
long run more successfully. The public
.annually intrusts immensi sums to pri- I
| vat« bankers and it is but Just that they
i should have more definite information
as to the financial condition of the par
ties to whom they loan their moan*. .
The Richest Church In ths World.
The Church of England i* In re
ality connected with the slate.
Therefore, she is given a social po
sition on a level with princes and
monnrohs. To this there is added an
accumulated fortune estimated at
$900,000,000. The yearly income
of this is $37,000,000. The so-called
Anglican Establishment is thus the
richest church in the world. The
individual income of its prelates is
equal tothat of nobles and million
aires. The bishops have even leg
islative power, and can make or un
make laws. The clergymen are men
of influence, and frequently high
society leaders. And all the rights
of the church are carefully protect
ed by law.- Ex.
What is more disgusting than to
sve an editor of small celebrity try
ing to re«d senator George out of
the Democratic party because of bis
views on the silver question.-—Hip*
ley .Sentinel.
What is more disgusting than to
see an editor of small celebrity try
ing to i net met John <4. Carlisle in
financial matters. The way some
of these 7x9 sheets talk, one would
think that the officers of the govern
ment were novices in finança com
pared to the editors of these same
sheet*.— Wesson Mirror.
f »
From tlie current comments of the
state pres*, on senator George'* recent
letter, it is vUihln to the naked eye
that be U going to have considerable
opposition lor rc-election to the Unit
ed States senate. Who will lead »ill
upon the battle ground and monture
Inures with the old commodore, is not
so dearly known, but the issue will be
solely upon bis free silver views. It is
believed by many Hint Gov. John hi.
öt one, who is strictly nil administra
tion man,will bo the senator's contest
ant.'—Eupora Progress.
Tho common housefly is often lit
erally devoi rol by parasites, and it
has been proved I hat these parasites
are also inf»st- d with minute crea
tures that threaten their destruction.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powtfer
A Fare Qrape Cream of Tartar Powacr.
ty-FIrs Feet lll K h and Thirty-rirs
Mile* Long.
Tke flume which conveys the water
from the mountains to the reservoir at
Hau Diego, CaL, is said by those who
know whereof they speak to be the
largest and longest thing of the kind in
the world. It is thirty-five miles long
and is composed almost wholly of red
In its course this monster flume
crosses 315 streams and canyons on
trestles, the longest of which is 1,7<X>
feet and 85 feet high. The tlmberF
u»ed in them were put togff aer on tho
ground and raised to their present posi
tion by horse pow£ r , »ays vhe St. Louis
Besides many trestles, this flume
passe- through eight tunnels, the
longest of these being 2,100 feet in
length. The tunnels are each six by six
feet in size, with convex roofs.
Each mile of the flume required on an
average 250,000 feet of lumber and
timbers of all kinds, that used in con
structing the water-box itself being of
redwood, two inches thick. :
Building a water-tight box thirty-five
miles long over fathomless chasms and
through the hearts of mountains is a
gigantic undertaking which many be
lieved could not be accomplished. The
result has proved different. _ ~r.
—. . ■■ — » ■■■ - . .
1 he blesaing of Pule<-tine is « small
falcon, or hawk, which dislroys tl\e
field mice. Wero tho hawks «*x
tirmioated tho human population
would bo obliged to abandon the
The chameleon'! eyes are »totaled
in bony sockets projecting from the
head. By this contrivance the ani
mal can see in any direction without
the slightest motion save of the eye.
Baeklen't Arnica Ealve,
The beat salve in the world for cuts
bruises,aoros, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sore«, tetter
- !i : i j 1 jj > 1 - ■ i.
blaios, corn«, and all skin eruption*,
and 'positively cure» pile«, or no pay
requireed. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refund
ed. Price 25 cent« per box. For
itlo by J. A. ShrtTê.
bauds, cbii
Tichenors Antiseptic,
Wouncrs, Bruises, Sprains, Burns, Scalds. Colic, ra
and for *«— ■ w "
I* itueqnakd by »ny remedy on the mn-ket, a»u ^ tt a Wr frisl.
refer to the following parties, aud, Indeed, to auy ÄH p RRf> gj|g MED. CO., b'td,
New Orleans, La
Manufacturer* and ProprMo«*
^ , a. it* behalf. Without any
1SÄ5ÄÄ-* sttfor ' , "* 1
be*» advertiaed nssedjr of th* "7 ^ DI(:KH
CUoa. Mia* , JnlyJ*. .
Every f*mlly »«» 'he 'and **** **£•?*_
,t f but it fib* to Five
Edward*, Mi»*., J»Jy Jb im4 \„
Tlehsnor'» AattsepU* .» O». tart-wl "round
medicine I n «' <K , Vïn^rlfh II
tiott* of it, but waa not pka J wîcKKItN.
* wood* are full
1 hare frrqncMlr naed Dr. Tichenor'a A..II
septio with great ancceat amt havs more r»»u
in it tbau any other medicine uawtflMiHn*.
% Ik lie UK«» ••If
Editor Clarion-Ledger, Jackwm, Mi*»
Utica, Maroii 12»h, IStri.
I have fonnd TiehenorV Autijeptio an e»oei
lent tiling for healing wound*. It prevent* and
allay* inflammation and heal* J^PjJJjjpEX.
Natelies, Mia*.. April 28, 188<s -
We cheerfnlly add onr teatimonial
to the aale of Dr. Ticheoor'a Antiaeptio Rcfr g
erant. Aa to IU merit*, the amount of it* »air*
50ct*. ft bottle by your druggist,
of 'em."
Beware of imitations ;
Amend Article 2, Sec. 4, to read
ni» 3rd lino which rends, "the »mir
I phal «hull hr nvaevaor and tax col
I lector," may he assessor and tax cd |
| ertor jf board of muV'*r nnd «Id
L r meii «Imll *n alert—furlliermor.- if !
, i ' . , m'* I
I "»'"''V I"*""» than till» marshal I.« j
®»WMWnnl l«l Co b-r or,
the same bond shall be given l»v I ha
party so chosen ill the sum of $2000. j
Further, the salary of the assessor
and lax collector to he paid bv the
hoard of mayor nnd aldermen, and
or may be clerk of the board of n.nv
or »...I »Worn, en. '
Appeal in Criminal Cases Any
one convicted «d a criminal offence
against the law of the slate by the
judgment of the mayor for the vio-,
lation of an ordinance thereof, may
appeal to the circuit court of
eounty upon his entering into bond
or recognizance in n sum, I« be pre
-cribed by the justice, mayor, or
police justice, of llotles« than one
Ini.itlr-il ilnllir. n»>r inor- lit«« fiv.
bundled dollars, will, sufficient stir
.comiilioiied for tlie payment of
the fine ami cost, and for the np
of the defend .nt at the
Amsndments to the Chsrter of th* Town
of Port Gibaon.
next term of the circuit court ; and
bia appearance in raid court the
«bail be tried anew, and die
pitted ol aa otln r cases pending in
said court ; and on d**fim t of such
defendant a forfeiture shall be en
tered against him ami bis sureticr ;
and on conviction ol such defend
ant in the circuit court, judgment
Khali be rendered on ruch bond f«»r
all costs in both courts. On the
trial in the circuit court of nny ea.-e
Mich appeal, the affidavit charg
ing the ufl-nse, and other proceed
ing«, may be amended at any time
bei »re verdict, so a« to bring
th« merits of the case fairly to
trial on the charge intended to be
embraced in the affidavit.
Amendment* to Charter of the Town
of Port Gibson, Mis*. :
Amend Sec. 8 to rend Election
for municipal officer* to be under
control of 3 commissioners, i ll nf
" ,wn '? ^ alf""«'"- P r '"VVJ*^*f
n«*ne of the 3 aldermen appointed
to hohl <*nid election are candidate«
lor uffii*« at the election. Further
provided, il the board of may
er and aldermen cannot select Irom
their number 3 aldermen wl o are
not candidate*, then the board shall
appoint and designate parties, qual
ified elector* and voter*, who shall
be sworu before bolding the elec
tion l»v some one competent to do'
, anil it H further ordered, that
all aldermen and commissioner*
-Mll.k.lb *rnh -, |.r..vi.l...l
iu statute* belore holding any dec
further, the assessor and tax collect
I Poor
Health :
tf mea
> you tinagins—serious x. od !
iJâwiLdl5Saçës result from'
y trilling ailments neglected. '
«r Don't play \vith Nature s J
greatest gift— hcalÜL i
so much more than
n ;
» » *
If yru are frelînç 1
ul oi sorts, weak .
and (te. «taj'.y •*
hauncil, uc: vo*s,
hs%e no iqipetlte
aud can't Mt-ork,,
at Miceiak
bi( the most relia- ,
l:l*s streo-jihecinç
medicH«i,v»ltich is.
H own t Srou BU
ter*. A lew hot- ,
•Jts cur«—heu(6t
coatM from the
'•try first dc«-rf
iurm't »t*i* Jv*r.
and It's
l>l«aaant lo Uku. ,
: Bitters
It Cures
, Dyspepsia, KJdusy end Uvar '
Neuralgia, Troubles,
'Coostipattoo, Bod Blood 1
» Malaria,
NarvÄ&a aliments «
Women'3 complaints.
Cet on.jr tb« *«nutas—U tw*rrosMcl red
line* m> Um wrepper. Ail MkCT. ate >»«b
•tltutes On receu>t of two *c sia/nre «•«
'will srud fet •( T«.t Bejutfliui World 1 !
Puir Vl<w* «.id took—ires.
Children Cry for Pttcherij Ctstoria.
For rheumatism I have found noth
ing equal to Chamberlain'* Pain Ba'ra
It relives the psin as soon as applied.
J. W. Young, West Liberty, W. Va.
Tire prompt relief it afford* is alone
worth many time* the cost, 60 ceuts.
Its continuedu«e wilt effect a perman
ent cure. For sale by Dr. W. D. He
Children Cry for Pttcheris Gestork
f*»rn* *«*r 1806 .
1>rooeedh,K "' rf lh * B°»ird
| 4 »h. /nreUhh.K record sad blank book* far
! . &h ' "»"»*«*»1 sad bltaks,#*«,
I ,
j JtojfUJ Mo rm.tm mm U obtained o. .p
Dec. 14,1894.-31. r * ^K. JONE.« Clsra.
j Trustes s Sale .
By vinue «fib« rowers «reiitrel in a de«! of
*™»* recorded in deed recur! book 3 F, p*ae
" ,:2, g,ven by W ' w * a,Ml w,,e - 1 w ' 11 *
Mon day, TU* 7th Dat or Jasuast, 1895,
* l ,h * fro »i hma of the «»art bon«« of cl«»
t»ts, «itasU-d in CUiborue comity, Mia*., Irv
wit j The cant half of «onlh went qn.rtcr and
north wret quarter of moth eut quai ter of wo
•ioh »it. lownalnp ten. rani;« five «*»«, contain-'
iog 12 » acre*, more or Ire*.
A Urge Tract of
„ . . . « . rj«.
UW* a*»Jkm.wa aa
tt , c ' Al ,hwood a.wi Oa la «» M*a inokaM; Urgs
j ÏStrtld cane reng^;
I " 4 J caiI inb-dtraled is farm* I« great ad
vwlUg# . rkia proprrty will 1 » aoid at(#3)
1111 1
If psrefcaaed oa a who»» wiikio FORTY DAI
^"Ä. 0 .'pp.r'
m ixiuomi ooowtv, mum.,
New Orleans, L*.
Nov. 3*-h. 1894.
Your Wife-
Will like It.
So will the Cook;
TV roar beOer half does the sooktng. that
i la su stltlltlonsJ reason wbjr there nhould
In jo or kitchen. Th« o*s of them prevent*
worry and dlasppota t—art . *.• *.•
To Rent or Leeas,
for One or Term of Year* ,
«Rose Hill" Plantation, half mile
frjm p ort Gibson ; nice residence,
birn and out-house,,and well wat
, . ,. . V. . .
ere( * Î suitable for cotton, stock or
truck farm ; fine land and in ex
cellent condition, and all under
goxl fence. Within five minutes'
walk to male and female colleges
anc j public school. Address
„... . WM _ il
le— nr n>rm, 1895:
,8, ' F'or keeping Ibepoor hoa*e fur ths year
2nd. For rmdicsl altcnlkm and turdieinv
Lock Box 38, Port Qibsoa.
BUT 23
„ A. K. JONES, Tra*tre.
0~. SI. 18«-« * f- T - *** 8u " Cihm -
SeeM Préposais
Fer repairing ths WlUi. Creek bri»l»re, *m»H
« T mm *. "f^ncstt. d* on nt« In *7 of.
^ V U»e Dosrd of 8aj-erri*.
or» M their Jsaaary term. IS5»5
A. K. JONES, Clerk.
i * nr U T tT, l I . TSTrr—'J
WftCAUAI 0 . llWJt MARKs^
MU 2 \:
The first of American Newspapers,
Charles A. Dana, Editor.
The American Constitution, the
American Idea, the American Spirit.
These first, last , and all the time Jar -
Daily, by mail
.• $6 a year
Daily and Sunday, by mail.$8
The Weekly..,.
• • * • •
* year
....$1 a year
* 1*110 Sunday Sun
T * th * greatest Sunday New spa ~
per in the world.
•oopy. By mail $2 a year
Address THE SUN, New York.
Price 5c.
Many t'entons
Arebre^adown frew mwnrwlt «w knulij
Brown*» Iron Bitter»
«WM» IMm, ttSsJn d lg lin ,
«»»■«wr Hä. eu*», qMjari*. iimEttosiiSS

.. it
J :
wS 1
jm.»« s JACK »»» apt C 1 04 K 1 .
mZ?S |5ÿ"*T«S
KÜH ÄSjpfÄäif ?5? AH:;
SïÇÂûÆ irosict ^
apt rat Ion. M*a Sen —
■ 1 St XA tMt+AV
Wmmm Fowdto.
w "
rpTtouSij/^f 1
Ha r a al aa a , b«auih>
popalar. Wets, a hoi
rmm au» m»mms
TW'j/fi.*/ » M»a*»a« o /**»—,
r^asf SU akin trrn»*loaa. »H*.
TImms tares at tB An« Mar*» or « JJr**.
.mi uunoi« aosv for 10 ots. 0*11 or »mu
KfisSF— r A. <T LA P jBTA ' K5K ~
fed* as! JTW**#
('«nntrjr ProdsM *oil<-lu-i
0 Potdras Hr
7 |.»a J fî ÿr i >4
mtSSfwn Wlaitow StUMtos ta town; car ! ALIE8S MtStOLU FManiL
eji i K&g jwfr », hSsS'
c«r°« «'«j- T V* nw-UNÏf 3 O' ler s, Pu m f
JlVa * 5 Wti W ,F»w"»»3
Wrets «a.
i Ajoura aot as. mm, ac.
M CSartrew
WAMTBIK ~ Hrnmm et pvrmm» rtth
_„w ,z "/
folios Arm« Co. S Docatnr St.
Christmas Goods and Novell
Of Every Description
JiM received, including a choice asaortnnnt of fire work,,
mad* low, in keeping with 4} cent cotton. Also a compute
Which I am ofleiing at lea* than ' RiMsket'' pricM. Give
will be treated right, «ml will find niy prît»*» amUj to the W-l ö»
Heating stoves, grates, shovels and tongs, dog irons, store
elbows, axe*, wood saws, firebrick».
Also itausage grinders and stuffier«, meat choppers, knives,bi
mills, cake pans. Powder, shot and caps, empty and loaded
shell bags, reloading tools, coon, beaver and other game traps
spokes, rims and aM wagon and carriage material.
We Have Thom All!
Schwartz 8c Stewart,
BEN R. LEVY, Imbalmer aad Manager.
Ksrpa on hsnfi a targe aMortmeot of banal «Miel« new, pi*in. Vf* v , L
Wooden coffin* made and trimmed toordt-r. Burial robe* con-tontly o* »**>- " ^
od embalm bodies for abipment lo all ooinU.
Indorsement of the MUTUAL
. Pori Gibson, Miss., January i;*.'*»
Messrs. IÏ. G. McLaurin and Bernard Forster, Special
It affords me pleasure to recommend your company • .
est terms. With us, the executors of the estate of John r.^"
ceased, it has been entirely honest and honorable in ever) rqpj
filling eveiy promise and obligation. Yours was the r
pany m which my father insured. I would further state
port going the rounds to the effect that The Mutual
money due the estate and requested that we take out ' 1 ', 1
ance instead, is entirely without foundation whatever - (
the only company of several in which my father wasinso |T ' j§
proofs and paid claim without expense to us. I considef
Life one ot the very BEST companies in every r cs Pf^; f
Most Respectfully, } M f T)' P ^
Executor of the Estate of John •
The false reports circulated by friends and agcn f5 ^
panics against The Mutual Life proves their inability •
oldest, largest and best company in the world.
H. G. McLAURlN, ^
„ ^ I Port Gibson, Miss., January
H. G. McLaurin, Special Agent: , t t. }f
« I carry a heavy line of insurance in The Mutua» i
-o. of New York, and find its methods fully up to * e ^
-bought in life insurance. I take pleasure in recomnum
pany t othc insuring public. Respectfully, J- Mct
w. L. D 0 ü 6 l|
.n 2 .°"Ü*-iÄS ,
LsmI Uoatj
* Wi
Over One
W. L
i ■ », i n t
m i nr r *o. ___ ,
or Saie bv S. BERNHEIMER *

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