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The Port Gibson reveille. [volume] (Port Gibson, Miss.) 1890-current, June 06, 1895, Image 2

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iif iiCITUlf.
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t. jusit ft. \m .
- i udin*
•' ?vi€ airil
P ; . y - - - jtHM
■k • vit nnJ pnassogof ; « I ** pr
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Mar, ■ •
, | (4 ,
Twotlilrds dear
ron M4f,
V « 70
9 2 «3
* gtnwritr
Kä,Än,r,.«r *
P»' iftSf »'inU'-H*. . • 3 (17th, 83d. 98th!
ffiS*'«*" "* w, .;.v;.v.-iWta*S.
ggwone d»y. - - • '»»k <»Ui>
Jr««, 1886.
ia Jttoe 7th; ne» ™oo«> iuna 224.
fall rtocr
v olomly—sprinkle 8 pm
Thret- fonrtba fkir
Clear after 10 a IU
I »
4 90
5 ^
Morri* ia now a anlrantat, i.t
$ 2 » *
, MI1.-I-..VC ol New OrUnh,
A r ' re till« week.
I'll«» King ia visiting relfttive In
Ikllclnu» i»«rl%H.
Mi(g Mamie .lone* of St - Blmo is flto
' ui .Mra..I. li.apciteof.
f ■'
HIMKrncstino Mooro »to« reliiruo«l
to Tftiani parish.
fruM » |r, P
UimJrssio I'crklftS i>f B«»lloh is villt
{,| her mini Mr*. Hr- Smith.
Hon. \\\ I', l'egrftln <»f V^ksUni-#
litre MoiiiUj nml Tucittitj'i
«Vo Fulkerson mine fr«»nt Helena
to attetnl hia uncle's luucral.
j si. Jonc» mut wife firrivoil Tuea
ftyolt » vidt tu C'»pt. >»»d Mrs. A. R.
w»t, or llciirj- Mftr«dutlk of TaDwIrh
this week visit 1 kg ' hontj
I ru here
I «Iu."
I Miste« llnttic ami Mary Person havtj
I rrtunicd froth visita to Row Orleans
I im] ilrtuphk
I \V P. Torte) of comity.
typlidatc lor ilic l«'gi«lature, waa lit
[ purl Gibaoîl XÎtlrt«Uÿ; • '
«Ml Mason departed SnmUy night
I to Franklin. La., where he has secured
tiitnaiioa as ilruggmt.
flUCrsig Ini* returned Iront Meri
Him «her«* he !•«* hcett taking a courao
it the commercial college. **
Major M. S. Ilasle fa in the city rc
preaeMtiiig n large Iron bridgo cotti
ia#v.~Vick*burg Post, 4th iuat.
Dr. Joseph Jones wife and daught
N,uf VVc*trt»ester, Penntylvani», tv«wc
tmu this week ot Dr. und Mr«. He
By invitation, cnnjjrofisinau SpénCcr
lut ÿituriUy id i ciutcit il big Demo
Wie meeting tu if*Ht rna, iit-aç (Jalla
b, Copia'» county itiitl uifsito a «hurt
Mr». If'ni. Ifalaoii, -Jr., neo Lofilie
Muldox, of Tcitaas pniisli, U viijliiig
lirr mother near UVst«i«lc. MlvècS
Fanrlie MaiMox, and Kruestiue Mettre
nl l'ori (Jilison reiitrmiil homo at the
«me tiOc Iront their pleaHift trip to
Among the educator* appointed to
►oiuluct Iraeliers' institutes 'tidfi' ahta
mcr.i» l*n*i. Henry iinghea of St. KI
mo,who,tor two veara past, baa bpcu
«I die trad of a large sc*io«tl at Lien
trrville. Tlii* i« quite an hfitior, oa
ftedally when eonfurrotl ou a limn «o
touaig »s Prof. Hughes. Ho left yea
kr«l»v to tnkc the "«•otKlucfora* fcoff rae"
at Oxford, prelimiimi y to ciiferhig oti
fci* Inwltute work.
fci* Inwltute work.
Blick berric« ar« 1 ripe.
The first ripe tomatoosof the season
ftcrc brought to town this week.
Our r«>|»orl of the procoediuga of
tirruil court, width Is still lu session,
tv,n he continued tieJH Week.
8 »n«lay was thd libtfeaf day of the
»riou in Poll (iihgrtu,- (lio thermotuet
tr ranging Irom 95 fo 91.
* k.^ Ur * J0 * rt * °f »upenrlsört will not
tow "gui» until August 5 th, having
wtlncd to pretermit the July meeting.
Bainfall in May.—I ll 1890, 4.58
55"! 189 L L 10 ; 1892, 2 52; 1898.
J j; 1891, 2.68 ; 1895, 3.28. Average,
*•" indies.
gradiug of Pi of. Regan'« ett
, , paper* i* nôY yef complote,
.. ia ® Progressed tnr enough to show
* ho will pass with a high average.
The Jcfforstjo comity board of sup
•*, in( uo « l»*t Monday ordered atr olce
" 1 <'u the question ot licensing the
() 0 °' 'iquor, fixing Juno 22ml aa tho
, t \ lesrn that the tempcranco
i , 0 l»io aro confident of victory.
fratjc W l T,VK Tho fjfemo
tn 0Xcc uiire committee ofClalborue
jiityarc hereby called to meet in
c °urt house Monday .futie 10 th, at
"■ J. McL. Martw, .
ii^ c J 10 *« with pleasure that Mias Sai
/j • Mrtîili of this paribh wa* one of
Pn.i, !° r * éoinffb'irtop» to the
,. ri Lihsna
Reveille which was pub
0,1 17th fttaf. Tho ©«lltioti
riJc L y Kotten up by the ladies ot
vitosoti «tid la a most creditable
-.T«°, rinilUcc from ovury point of viow.
Ie »'«s tiazette. '
Academy. —
fini: C0l J»nteuceincnt scfuiou will We
b Y ,i l Su »'J«y f«»rcuponf, Jiiiio lblli,
*tl ^ w "I Nktchcz.lollow
j| , , J*'* kjf a sermon to tbe Young
l)li.. ri ir,H,,ÄU A-aaociatbn. ty Itav.
^OberaehnHOi of Fat Cite.
LZ i 1 '!«*'l»y night, Juu 6 !Sth. ChXs.
tr J of Now Urlofltia' wifi tfoliv
Pr«*! U 1 * Co, ! ,rWc,,ccmu,,t nddresa iu the
k. . <en *tr fiiiurch. Mr. Rosen and
01 ,l )c »catleniy.
fak*?i iliUUal "'kletic uxliibitiou will
the „I' * CC 0rt ,,ic tdght of Juue I7th lit
*•* BfWnawu,,,. 6
trro both ex-students
'V«n. B fulkersou died t u Porl Gib
r %V ,,< *^ r0 of hi * broth«
Juti.! Sn! foei* .1 Monday!
J»am aiHl, 1896, m 2 o'clock * m
WM 4»dfkd T^wtiây. 'roorniu» £
bcP,v,bîtarla» church with Masoelc
RUbN. hcr. Êii, V tt. m«J
odiri clmrch offlcl.t„|, p^,J' r B JJ££
ÏÂ J ""*** 1 «nd tniablo lo Mirait.
1 no pAU-bcfli-m were Wm Onim k 1
U Ä j e 7 ®"* N - 8 . Walker!
*f V' " , n,t ' J * Wood. Durit, a
til© fuit cnil services Ui« principal bu«U
jBÜÏÏ^.*** «•«* « ■ mJktl
reaped to bis memory.
Tho deceased was born In Mercer
.«'»a' l *' n,m,c *J r i March 2 ril|, ig29
fl ". 1 .* 6 ^ r « ert * t ov £ d '° ° r *"d Ou If,and
wieubo lô Port Qtbaoii in 1849 Hi»
•pent hie life |fe merCauillc pursuit«
•omeiimea carrylug ou a baaiuoaa for
himself lu hla fearller manhood, but for
»he peat thirty yean serving aa book
Koepcr in ot..er eatabiiahmenta liefe,
lila aklll, accuracy aud trustworthy
Jucaa aa au accouuiaut Were highly
valtiod by Ida employer«.
**• on 1 t e^<K, ,ho Confederate army iu
1861 aa lieutenant lu (j«pt. a. J. Lew
U'* rortipauy, tffent through the siege
Port Hudson, I a, aud wa* thore
raptured 111 1868. From that lime un
til the return of peace he waa bold a
prisoner at Johnson's Maud, Fort Del
aware and elaewhere.
Mr. Fulkoraou waa a man of kind
heart, and leavea many frlçdda to la
men. Ida death. A aiater, Vira. Saille
r Cajto, and a brother. Opt. Ooo. ll.
Fillkeraou, besides other relative«, sur
vive him. v
A »XOüNCKSfKNT^Tm« WRFft—prof,
•faa. M. Taylor for the state ieiinto;
Froh H. L. Horton lor count)' Super-
iiilendcnt of cmtcatioii; ||. J. Goza
tor constable district 5 .
-•.Jlenry Cowan («Black Man") the
naver ol Jim Scotl appeared in court
yesterday mid withdrew Ida idea of
"tînt guilty of munter" and then plead-
ed guilty of innnalnughter. This heing
accepted by the district ailoruoy.Cow-
an waa remanded lo await sentence:
Skt Kkkk.—' l lio negro girl Mary
Dixon, whu kille«l an Inlaut (ililld of
Xlf. Ileury Kusterliug near Regaiitoii
by admiiiiateriug poiaou on tho 4 th of
laut January, wna dDchargc«! from
custody this week, a nolle proHOiftii be
ing euteretl on account of the prison
er's extreme youth («hoi« about ten
tcafa old) and ovulent incapacity to
hotuprclivml the criminal iiaturc other
Port Gififtn.s Rank.—A t theatoek
hoUtorS' auntial meeting on «he 3 rd, a
r«*port hraa recel vo«l Dorn the investi
{fitting Committee allowing tbe institu
tion lo bo iu a very aouiul and healthy
condition. No dividend was dcdarctl,
the profita« which were «ittall, being
came«! td the aurpUta fuiul. Thé »»me
director« rfud otflecra Wcro dotted for
the ensiling yeitr.
A copy of Siiakapt'ftfo*« vTorkS which
helonge(l Id the Into (jfctf. R.O.fIdin]th
reya qf Ulalhofrte countv, has fust
heeu restored to hi» son. . 1 . (Urne«
It mn phrey«, at tircenwoo«!, by Dftulel
Webster, tormerly captain ot the 1 st
Wisconsin Jigbt artillery. Capt. Wcb
»fer, who now Uvea iu Texas, saya (ho
l>dok ww given td hilft tho «fay aber
Vicksburg surrendered, by a soldier
who pt«!ke«l H up iu a street of that
city. '•__ __
• Pi'fiMc SpîUkino.— The c«ti4l«late»
from this cwtHvtr tor the two houses
of the state legislature have arranged
the following nppo(utmc»fa for jolut
discu»»ion :
ItiglcNHl«*, 3 P- n»-. «fuite ItHh.
Clark'« 8 hu|», 11 a. » 1 ».,' dense 22 od.
Mnrtiu, 8 p. an, June 22 nd.
Scti ich, *11 a. in , .Tune 27lh.
Uocky Spring«, Jmto 28th.
Hemin n ville, 9 p. W.* dune 29th.
». in., .1 til y 2 nd.
*B«dhel, 2 j
Husaum, 2 p. in, July 4th.
Fort (îibaon, 8 p. in, July 5th.
night be«
(•rand Lakcky— Friday night be«
tween 8 and 9 o'clock,wIdlo tho familÿ
wcro all atlcntliug scrthîé *t the tem
ntr Mrs.I^abetiberg'a fevidouco ou Mam
at i cot waa robbed of $65, the money
t»eiug taken ln»m a wardrobe. Iu leas
(bun an hour slier fbo theft, marshal
C. II. Phillips aocurod evidemns that
iurtirtod Inin in arresting on suspicion
a uegrrt woman name Patsoy lx>ve ;
but falling to And the money the mar
shal put hef under survolllaiico until
next ntoruing. She eluded tho «ifficcr»
however, »rid Ufzk tho 2 o'clock train
for Nat ehe* whotlcc «ho wua brought
back Sal unlay afternoon by MrlM.il
lipa. Ou I rial »»clore mayor Colsdn last
Moudav, the woman i
await the grand jury's »<>don. Later in
the day she was
having stolen «
was seul lojail to
the day she waa triod an » charge of
having stolen « watch from Mr. I eiinlM
some months ngo,nn«l Was fottod guilty
«ud fined fo r that offence.
for tB* Peteille.J
Religious Norrefc.—the fifth bdn
dny meeting ot tho Uulon Aaaociation
will meet with Fellowship ehureliefef
t^raon county, Satorday, Juue 2S«b.
' pcvottonal cxèrèl«!*, cöudtfded by
** e t ^ WoridHucaf in the churches; it*
éaoao atf<f eure. W. S. Rogcrt, 3. W.
M -i Tbo?i>ty <>f lhc ,ailv ,0 dL ' ftCülr,,,
j. \y. Ctowa, 8 . R Marlin.
8 Tho evil of au annual call
.prrarf of .ho go.pel .
if so, la ho that refuse* to * 1 /^
? W. W. Bolls, J. C. .
* H'hc need of disstininatiog ^»P'^
literalnro amoog the peo|/ 1 o. W. •
Thotnpsoir,' 8 . R- \ a 0 ,, S'
s. j.
n> f-r — " **l!rJ 0 ^L
We Can't Begin
all the good po"»*
that ts
To tell you
of our Clothing; cn . oug ï, !p
Stylish, ^ood fittmg dorab^
rr «î° ssrÄ n«
Your money Wck .f
Vtefesburg. Mis».
n, n M I^ Sr*K»cu.—On Monday
w« T THAa4.sp?ss:
,v u ;:: d 'T° d * ***> * ** «w™
b * 4h>n;
i * r - confined himself cmirelv
lo the financial question, «nd it be
mIfnèfu' ld | e, K * »tan iHat a
majDrtly.pl thpsc .vereinbar
ViCWf The »peccll
nuhit" . ° 1 ,,< t.. ,rom thai*gtand-'
new or nH OI | ,|f ! Ä4> lblng
ew or original,) and, notwTthahiiidiu*
cngtli, wlV^Uhtcued to with
clo^o attention through« n. /■ ',
From beginning to end the' orator
awurned that the hjipoflcb,» of .freo
coinage are such frblh scldab motives,
and he repeatedly declared that.he ha«(
uo hope of being abj 8 to eotiTcrt any
W these by bis spbCtli. iVhilo we ,teuy
that Mr. Money ktld ))ia followers are
" " .u moro pa»Holi<r In their ai.na
than those who are üttWHUng to see our
conutry dragged fato the gulf of a dc
precinted curircncy, he waa right
doubling Ida ability tt) win over
hla sound.money benrtfa to tho tree
coinage panacea.' So (*h«a wc cm,
learn, not otto of these fand there were
many proaent) wdfe at all shaken in
,tonvictlous by any argument
which he a«lvm»cetl.
The Ituvctlle doca not attempt a re
port of the speech, tor eveu to outlino
it iu a sntistaclory manner would re
quire at least two columns. It would
therefore In unfnlf to criticize Mr.
Money, but .this much may be said :
After iuviiiug Ida hearers to ask him
«lueations whenever they doubted or
tailed to understand Ida statements, he
should certainly halo treated the ques
tioners with due courtesy. Rut the tWo
who ventured to a« «k vulighteurhent
were so roughly handled that the rest
ot the audience wisely reirniutd from
interrupting the flow of hla ëlo
Upon I ho whole, the «porch
taking one, though presenting mtfhv
vulnerable points. Without donbi.
* majority of lus hearfcr», being al
rcady iu favor of freo Coinage, were
strengthened iu their devotion to the
cause. 'Phis wa»' to have been expect
cd, lor no mau who iimierstauds tho
the drift ot pul,lie opinion in our coiiu
ty will deny that Claiborne ia, by
overwhelming od«|a, n silver county.
Vet the poopln desire intoriuarton on
the shbjeci, and many ardent aitveritea
expressed regret that no sound tflbncy
orator had been soeuied to present tbe
other lidc of the question.
On mothm ot Mr. Burbcf ft resolu
tion wris d«lopicd' complimenting Mr.
Moticjr and thanking him for hia able
presentation ol the subject.
waa a
Wade, on behalt of the Democratic ex
csiitirc committee ot Jcffoisou county
came up yesllfday to confer with L.
P. William«, Jr., of the Claiborne coun
ty committee abotft a meeting to set
tle the manner it» Which tho senator
aud the floater froth theso, conutio*
«hall be nominated. 'The two gentc
mcti decided to hold the meeting at
llarrfstnn oil Wcdiieadav the 12lh
in*!., with I ltd fdflowlng «teîhgaics:
From Chtihoftie, L. I*. WHMiuii%k*ir
oliftirtnan ; J. P. Wilson,-^.; J. K,
Higlilcndcr, Lee llmuilton, J«ou;f : Mar
1 er.
From Jefferson, It fl. Waile;
iiian; W. II .Speneer.d. F;Ksrinjf, la. V.
«IrDotinlil, J. MiHufp»;
IFtt iiiiil«!r«l:tifd that tbe Jefferson
<Iele}fHt('a have ftjrcftdy l« , en t»i»lriict«?tl
l»v tlioir cxeciidvQ commiito in lavor
of Hllowltlf; Ik/ ill counties an equal
vuit:e iu nbuf!u>ttlu{r the caiididate« a
boV«» uauicd, <>no.of whom (the floatet)
w ill he a Jefferson totally ih*m, flml
the otln*r (the aenatoi) a Claiborne
pointy lumt^ .
Children Cry for Pitcher's CaStdrfe.
To the Voters of Claiborne Offifnty.
I have «oiicIu(1h( 1 to yield to the
tviaheä of inv friemid and announce
for the state aenate.
A* the time before electi«»h is so
abort —only 30 days—I shall bè till
able to tiiake n house to house Can
vass. It thiTüfore, beg to atate thot
I aland for the tree and unlimited
coinage of silver nt the ratio of 16
lo 1, without waiting for England's
any other country's agreement
I beliefe that n determined effort
should ho made ail along the line to
reduce the rate of tnxatmrr, which,
in these time» of low prices, hits IfO
come a heavy burden.
U elected, I promise my best ef
forts in behalf of the true filterest»
of our people. Respectfully,
J. If. Taylor.
Marriage License* l**»ie«f In May, *895.
A.lHie Carra war,
Ella Templetor,
Anna L. Tbompnoo,
Humic Ann Suitit.
Berk Tiekell,
J. F. Iriw.
F. A. EUia,
H. J. Harre!!,
Total, f
6 olobxd.
fttiit Roma Jobn*on,
China tf^aW, ,, ;• 3'****'
John Devi«,
loUi, «•
-; f. .
Strayed or Stot.Kr*.—From tho
Newman plsntatioff Mf Jefferson cotfti
ty, about two moirflia ago, one cheaf
sorrcl ihsre threo years °I«T. Ms*
nun. ,<ijl l.if. , Ho nurk.or brjmU
I, lotoiWr »•» grown for»,.. I wilt
nar a SuTublo reward forftcr recover)
kird foturu cither f6 ifays »tatitaf Or to
m'y fr.imO
fAe, Mi* 8 - May Hth.
Oftf Sfamp* »»»tf Envolopea Wanf«8
f bur *H kimfs of . 4 dd Ü. S. aAtfCta«
fbderaio *<*">?*• * ,ul * ,so &
eitlwr n»w or cancrllcl. *a*»t
^r*t«y rfti «nvelbp*. rtuwL fj»>n
you?oT<t irfrerr, #«h fitomp oif; t*6«r
Î843 to 1885 tfud bring or *c»d io u,c >
and i will m 6 *» l i ,or ! h Ä^
Dh. Henry C. P<>»%
Dr. Rcdu*' Drug Store;
VV. McL'a'a.
Strayed or Stolen
team thv ortéck place, about Ibta, rnttaa from
ton a«—. »" ~
licit, 1 fe» »" •*"* 14
uj,rk< àr brands rsiuaikWJ- A
high. No
liberal will be paid b« ^ tfrn ' .
Jan* >tb, l * 35
Word Buüûlàiî Contest.
Eight Prim Value «435.
t fi 3 Ç ^r»4a i«ad, rajoe. (£ 0 £. 0 C
E«J Pifxs, Ituro Pkiriili Ikiid, fjoe SlOo.OO
7 *. V" R, '' 10, ®' w Fl«rid* iuiidi Taia^, t M .00
4th fr.w, acuta' wsteti, «!nc. - ® *0.00
5<b Htzs, Urttaa' gold »ratob, - - - « H 5 .(j 0
6 Ui Pnxo, c 4 »u, value, » : i • 10.00
7tb Pr,*», t«4h, vaioo, ...... a .R.eo
Frias, a Florid» curiosity, value, . f B 00
Tot;il T»lue of Pr siM, - - I
Tbi* abort orlft-« *>« offort-d to thnw «hr.
con»,tucr or fntln the largest number of words
out ot Uie lvtteri found In the pries word
8 -E-N-a-T-O-B,
under the fullow'ag regulaitoos and ooadi
tiona :
ist. Tbe Cmt prize will be won be tbs largest
lUt. tbe second prigs by the uext ' largest list,
Slid ».o un tu tbe eighth.
9nd. Each contestant must send In Lis or her
lUt before Junt 1.VA, 1890..
Sfd. Tb«, list «f words mdst be written la Ink
<nd signed by tbe oobtestsm.
4th. Any English word foaad In the diction
ary can l»e used If It is composed of the letters
contained in tbe word Benatot- No abbrwria
lions nor names of persons or places.
6 th. Tbe state letters mrt-tt rtot bt Used twloe
.in the same word.
0th. Each contestant mn«t be or h écorne s
subscriber to tbe Wzkxlv OossriTCTiog for
one year, and must «end ids or her dollar to
pay for hia subscription with bis list of words
7«h. In «aie two or more prise winning lisle
contain the same Dumber of words, the obe
that U first rewired will be giren pn?fei nice
Erery contestant whose list contains as many
as ten oorreet words will receiTe a prize of aome
kind. . ; -
The Wekzly OogSTtTUTto* is an eight page
weekly, pubbshod at Mun'loello, Florida, in the
oenter of the liest section of the state,
issue gives Valuable information concerning
this section. Tbe prioe ie oue dollar. Become
a subscriber and try for a prise. Contest clos
es Joue iMb, 1895. Address
my.'4 :it • > giatlBtlla Fla.|
Bakery & Confectionery
Dealer in • • •
Oysters. .
Jj . :..
/ 5
• A" t -
k'bw about .to take your Summer outing,
ffctnember that trains of
railroad Ji ; I
' Aiül ^SfirnirtiiiK ftn«* will cöable you to roach
' fiwfiht aad Aim, 'Ri
Bc*o:t». Ask your local ticket agent for tlm«|
an» tourist rate«, and for a free copy of an
attractive pamphlet entitled. "Btttnmerluf
lik tho North.'' coutalulnz 1 LXst ot Rtwrt»,
Jlotrlf, Bâte», etc. in-lucMgan. Wisconsin.
JowiMind «lw Northwest, or address
« H. HANSON, o r.*., r. B.SOW»*.A^»r.a.,
r fhlnft Saw OataasA
the various Northern
é m m A n0tller ^
Strong p>oint
j '
: : or THt
v ff- • - ■
OAK, :
>' IX addition to IU perfect opera- »
.* • tion and durabilfty. ia that it
docs tbe work w!^ * he small- ■ -
i>( fatL

'means so much more tfcan'
'you imagine—serious and'
'fatal diseases result from'
' trifling ailments neglected. '
^ Don't play with Natures 1
' greatest gift—bs£hB;
If yni'afc feeling *
out cl sorts, weak .
aixf R-nerally ex * 1
hauste«), net vous, ,
bave no appetite
and tm'l work,,
begin at once tak
ing tbe most relia- ,
l, le sireiiKthenitiK
»rcthcine.which is,
8, own 's Iron Bit
ters. A few hot- ,
ties cure-benefit
comes (too tha,
verv first dose—«/
SM'f //.«<* r**r ,
Urtk. and it's
pteasaiK lo take. ,
: > Iron
1 -
I _ .
' mi l nfa rai lira
It Cures
' Neuratgia,
'Constipation, Bad Blood
, Malaria, Nervous tHmcnfs i
, Women's complaints.
Get ortty the (rcfuine—It has cr^*"*'l - H
• tines on-tnc wrapper. All oibc»> c"h
stitutes. 0<i rr-ccv* of te n jc sU>np» w* ,
» wilt iend set « I •* i B<ai*«)tui W o*l*l •
Fair Vt-WA md book—tree.
. . * *'*V » « * « *N ft*»'* <4
fCl«fricy end Liver
Pure Essex Pigs
tof 8aft. Prtoos to auit the timas.
June Stb, 1S 96—tf ^
Hoosxxxxtebs Cry fob Them — C om*
bination dipper, strainer, and fuonèl.
Most irsoful articlo of the kind ever
invented. Price 35 cent)».
Csa« Agent.
*^1 r tl yn (Y mmiiOi I
f 1
■ : 4W#
At Vely Low ÜT^t Hondiy, Tuesday and Wednesday
Oloserve Ô^refUlly These ï^rioea
6o pairs Child'â Oxfords, sizçg 2 to 5, worth 70c, now..
46 pairs Child'S Oxfords, sizes 8 to if, worth 75c, now_ a.
48 pairs Child's Tan Sandals, with buckle, tvprth
i .45c
50 c
. ; *75 c
•i* is* . 9 OC
1 . 25 ; ridw. ....ira»: ..
60 pairs Misses' Black Sandals, 12 to 2 , with buckle; worth i. 35 ; nbw...
48 pairs Tan Spring Heel Sandâls, 12 to 12 , with buckle, worth 1 . 25 , now.
72 pairs Ladias' Ökfords, flexible soles, Wörth I. 25 . reduced to......
60 pairs Ladies' Black Sandals, With càp toe and buckle, reduced from i .75 to............$ 1 . 2 $
72 pairs Ladies' Common Sense Hotjsc Oxfords, worth 1 . 50 , now-:.
48 pairs Boys' Lace Shoes, solid and flexible, reduced ffdtli i 00 to.
6 b pairs Men's Extta Lace Shoes, worih 2 . 5 b, ctit down td.
48 pairs Men's Kangarod, light and flexible, just for summer, would be cheap dt 2.75 .$j od
. f5c
a . 7 Sc
îi .$i.od
ifats ift *U the latest shades, and trithnied by dii expert tiulliher, after the latest fasll
ibnj material first-class, and prices cut down to suit hard timcS;
[email protected] in Stales and X-ow -Prices.
Always iLaep i Pali Black at Bnttorick'a Patterns, letropolitans and Deliieatora,
The Deering Ideal Mower
fi* •

* \
0 W
V /-1
fà v î
,• \
j be<^ t > arinoiih'cc to my friends and (>drons, that I am handling the Deering Ideal Mower again this
season and will continue to do so. . Will add that the Deering Ideal Mower is the latest impt^cmcnt
made by William Decrirtg & Co. on the new Deering machine, and ts the lightest draft of SM JJowcrg
combiné T The Ideâl was given highest houors at the World s I'atr because it showed a draft of only
85 ^ pounds against 152 pounds for its lightest conipititor of the same width arid cut. bmec the fair it .
has been winning "hands do\Vh" in every part of the world. BËHÊ
1'he Bicvcld Ball Bearing gives the Ideal the light draft it has. . .
contact into rolling contact irtd rffakes the Idea! Mowàt niove easily airtd quickly along through the most
difticult cfbps: ,
PBH The Serrated Ledgér Plates ■
l<pld tip the fine grasses 4 rid press against the knives. They make the Ideal ntt*ef the ||J
that can run slow and do as perfect work ki difficult grass, and the only one that can *op * ||
ton as ydrl Wish without backing. There arc many other points beartng upon £
ddne to others which ! will be glad to élioW any one wafiting a mower 1 also handle all parts «mm*
rrs »Hit mi* be deeded dt anytime and the Gering harvester oil which keeps the bearings cool, and t «- 11
best lubri«ting oil for any machinery. Fall payments accepted for mowers where security is given, o ffl
good paper. ; ^ Very Truly,
These steel balls change the sliding
Hotel Piazza*
Washington Street,
Leigh Pile Salve,
For all kinds of pile* »nd highly
commended by all who have used it.
t r y a bottle. Grffiranteed to give sat
infarction- Price, 50 cents and f 1 00 a
Leigh Pffe éalve Company,
Fat Safe by DR. W. D. BEDIM, P«>rt Oib«»*.
tplS-bm _ -
CcntiJfilÿ ixKatcd;
Convenient to Railroads
And Steamboats.
A New Hotel,
Elegantly furohbed wiU» aU modern improre
monts. Tablé niwurpaaawL
J. c. vVatKins,
fresl Mat Emporium !
fini Bleats of AD Kinds.
Special care taken in tbe ieteoiion of stock for
markvkrng. High price p*id tpr cattta.
O. A. FtaENCH,
Attorney * at j
PORT GIR80N, { Misa
Will practice in courts of Cl*ihorns and ad*
jotuioR conuties and )n the auprem# wort at
Jaok-on. mapi hi.
fiat ll Tube, Water Coolers, Hammock«, Croquet Seta, Toilet Set*
Fishing Tackle- , ■ ,
Fruit JabJ, Jelly Classes, Furnace«, PreKerving Kettles,
wax, fiitr* tops and Rubbers.
Ice Cream Freezer», Ice ChesU, Lemon Squeezers; W wo Dub Lovefs,
Wire Screen Cloth, Fly Fans.
Milk Crocks and Pans,
Printer», Ladies. Curd Preset**.
Lawn- Mowers, Rakes, Scythes, Gmm Hook«.
g m YToo«I- mowing machinoa aud rakes.
Inquiries and orders solicited.
gchwartz & Stewart,
*» JRjgfeilf 5i
jM ^
If mSb,
f -45A
N< nlilig f
; Churns Milk Rucket« and Skimmers, Uuttci
The renowned u»Hef
- J*
Tba Beal fiboea
tor tba Least Moaey
Om Om Mllllaa Peart* wear »be
W. L. Douglas 93 and 94 Sho*s.
All #4»Äee« are reaatlr #»1181^»»^«'
Tber Klr° the tasal rUuo for ta- mraer. I
Tfcey equal rut tore i!iom la a.7to »art 0«.
Tttflr wnarlng yualltl#« are unaurpawnl.
The price* are uniform - »tamped on aol*.
Tnt» SI to St OT, " , ° <hrr wa***
k If your Oeale; cannot sopplr T<** w ® ••**
ta $0,84,83.80 C»ri#ra*.rr»*ti
Knamelle« Celt a.« Kannaree.
ta* a iî , ». 7 «Jr«'r,^ ,
^ W. L. S.ug,«*,
BrAlitn, Wwas.
Traylor House,
8 bRT CffrWO.V.
Conveniently situated in
Business part of town.
MRS : . EMMA TRAYLOR, Proprietor.
We call »pecial attention of buyer*, i
interested in Freuch orgsndiee, dimi
ties, etc., to our large verities. They
Hehlenreich Bros.
«re beautifrtl
Residence and garden at Rosehi
farm, adjoining Port Gibson. Tu
rfCfes' in garden tract. Apply to
4J..P. Jk
Port l dip
ma r2(Mf
Children Cry for PHcbcr's

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