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y ArrEByooN.oCT.it, \m.
ITeap»«® !> k,#e "* er '
" MOUTH bookd.
. 9:18 am
9:18 am
4:14 pm
11:43 pn
ocTO»**, 13#5
3 rd ; new moon, 18th.
full m f * ou
% rX.
Four fifth« olondy
Clear til' 9pm
I wo-thirda fair
Clear ,
0 t New Orleaus i* in

I 7S
4 »
L 44
8. My
I to-Jay
1,1 Gertie
Krauts of Fayette is vls
,I alia Cab"
Levy departed yesterday
d* ui Natchc*.
It HP*"
r a 00l i came dowu from Mem
g week on a short visit.
11 puller of Memphis i* vielt*
fc " 1 ami friends in tho country.
[ Merman went to Monroe,
Lt Monday U» » P ,ace »•
[ -ard to l«*™ t,mt Dr ' Lee * eU
U.tuvlllc coutiuuos vory ill with
n Watkins departed Monday to
U hi* pharmaceutical studies iu
L Orleans
L Oct»'I*
L| lii'iue
L fers"»
. . 1; K unian, Democratic nnnil*
[tor tlè« l< gistAturu in Warren couu
10 day.
Docker? uf Fayette re
Ft Klay or a visit to
L|u town
»1 on Spencer has abandoned agri
re am» gone to keep book* iu Mr.
ui ilurnianvillo.
lie»'» si ore
fcgBayllM» Mylw of NewOHe*"*
CiM ber aunt Mr*. J. W. Person,
"(hcr G eu. F. F. Myles was bere
who has been
liH Kate Sbaifer
,j,ig Mr». J. Ü. Allen and oilier re*
departed Monday l'or her home
kulivar county.
Hr,and vis J. D. Wheel***, Mr*.
L,u T.M. B' !», » ll.Shaifrr, 0.
Eher'iess. aud W. I». Pattcraou weru
Lv those who went up to nttonrt
I Bock-Morris wedding 111 \ kks
bv. Wm. Butko and wife, who
V» been engaged in
rk in China, and arc now absent
furlough, arrived from Georgia
lenlnv "ith their children and are
I'fillnt plantation, guests of Mr. J.
Bordoii, Mrs. Burke's uncle. Mrs.
ic, who was formerly "is* Addie
dun of Port Gibson, will be eordi
welcomed by her old friuuds here.
1 », On. 17 cotton quiet and steady ;
Eiug. 9 8-18. Tld* is au advance
loi « cent »it.ee lust Thursday's re
he newspapers every day report
sccidutital burning ot gin*. Keep
r gut insured.
niton I*» booming again this week
fanner» are happy.
11 a quarter of a cciil since Jàaiur
Middling has
^■.'hlr.u-I'H Davidnoii has begun work
|T> 10 -v Mscksinitli shop for J. B
^H:i - uh the lot east of Daughters of
a'".- Bail on Uavroll street.
IBi'v. <, \ (,aico of Ilornisftivlllo I*
^"»tiii« Mr. Eilt« in the protracted
sting going oil in the Method!*!
rch. Daily services aro held,morn
ami evening.
i venernblo negro named Jerry
ith, trim is iu town to-day,, claim*
1Û6 yems old. Jerry doos look
iqiisivd, hut most pooplo wouKl
gr him to be about 80 or 85.
Ik. EuiroR.—It was Harris' Missis
pi brigade, uot Humphreys', *• stat
u lut week's Reveille, that served
peu. Malione's division,
î »cs|)8Ct lully 1
T. M. Rea.
leference to tbe list ol public school
ks adapted l»v tho text book corn
ice lat»t week, aud published in
er column of the Rovelllo, will show
t only five changes were made from
old list. 1 U» action of the coin
•ee in retaining substantially *B the
book» will be spproved by the pa
!■ B. Cronin's old shop on
M ia being pulled down, the lot
ring been purchased by J. II. Dau*
h* This is nn old building. Forty
P year* ago the Inte Maj. J. 8 . .Mason
F» »lute there ami did a largo busi
K oilier merchants occupying It
pr the w«r. From 1876 to 18b7 it
kuted as the office of the Reveille.
F.U. Telegraph Co.— Manager B.
Chisholm thinks tho Western Union
bfutph company will have its "loop"
"" Martin to Fort Gibson completed
Nov. 1st. This will give direct
•tRctioii with New York, New Or*
mul the other great citio* vie
PM»», Miss. Mr. Chisholm w * 1
charge of the Port Gibsou office.
fbe Prcshytcnan congregation have
;e, "ly changed tho iiour for thei
filticnlay prayer inoeling from tho
poou to 7 SO p. m. Tho change to
["t-mectiugs ptoves lo he popular,
. ' ,a<1 resulted in an inerensod at*
Tho Methodist mid Chris
11 «rethren also Iiavo their prayer
' e,1 »g8 «t night.
Hit Rpvoille is roques'ed to note
death of Mr«. Etixaboth Watson
[ r »r.witeof Hon.E D.Farrar of New
^"u.and nie.!« of the late Gov.Ftoyd
Sh« died in New Orleans Sept»
' ü - «earing a husband anti three
:[» children, one of whom J* Mrs.
M'tsby of New York. The do*
many relative« in this conn*
' ,J d nlso in Jefferson and Adams.
*** a not of the hit* Cap».
Ï*» Hu a , of Dakota,
Mîm KstoJlo Morris ot Vicksbunr
" d J lr - Bock of Port üibsof
iro mai i led in th© former dir Tue»
;'»>■ "«* "*• Ocl.lt, ,1 ,h. rckldenüB ol
h, brltlo , parant,, \ tra j u) .
lu. Morn, The Vkk.bur# |(,„ w
-Tho ceremony, which took place
7:80 p rn., was followed by u very hand
uome rocopiion and banquof, at which
Iho hospiialtiy of Mr. and Mrs. Morris
was moat crcdliably display e d.
"The bildogroom ia au eaiiroable buu
inesu man of Port Gibsou, in ©very ro
apoct worthy ot the happiness he baa
' Kev. Dr. George Solomon, rabbi ol
temple Audio Chcsed, performed the
ccrcinouy, the coulraciing partie*
standing beucaih au arch of exquiaito
flower* at the tiiue, Tho wedding
march was beautifully retiderod by the
•'ring band iu attendance. The
■ pros
mita were uumeroua aud beautiful be
voud description. Many telegram« of
( ongral illation were also received by
the happy couple. The banquet was
followod by a ball, which was kept up
by the merry daucora uulil a lato hour
this morning.
The happy couple arrived at Port
Gibsou by the midnight tram, and
now domiciled iu the Levy building
Main street, next door to Mr. Marx's
reside u ou.
it ro
The Uc veille offer* con
grutulalluns aud good wishes.
For tbs Reveille.)
Lillio May, infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. McGoldrick, died Sept.
29th, 1896, at 4 o'clock a. n»., at the
bomo of Mr*. M. K. G<»za, mother of
Mr*. McGoldrick, near Sarepta church.
It* remains were placed iu ttie family
graveyard at Sarepta, iu the afternoon.
It wae a precious gift of God,
To ne a preoiooi jewel;
lt bae gone to rest beneath the eod,
It« spirit flown to Heaven,
A Friend.
The weather ornithines perfect for
gaiheriug the cotton, moat r f which
in this county will be picked out by
November 1st. This season's crop is
remarkably clean, owing to absence of
Notice to B hi dor Contractors.—
l will be nt 11 oily Hill Bayou at 2 p. in.
Friday Oct. 18th, 1896, to let out a
contract for repniring the bridge over
»aid Bayou, work to be awarded to
(he lowest contractor.
B. II. Shaifrk, M. B. S.
lion. J. G. Speucer haa made aome
speucliea during tho prescut cam
paign mid lie takes a moat matler-of
tact way of illustrating the difference
between taxation under the Democra
tic .administrations and those of the
carpel bagger», lie has his tax-rcceipl*
under both regimes, and always ex
hibits them to the audience. Under
Kepttbliraii rulo his taxes amounted to
about $21 on I lie $1000, while under
Democratic rulo ho pays about $18 on
Die same valuation. This is evidence
that cannot be got around.—Brcok
havcu Times.
Claiborne Telephone Company.
_I'lio stock holder* met iu Dr. Rcd
us' drug »lore Monday night, furinod
u permauent organization and elected
I lie following officers : J. Bcrnbeimer,
president ;C. A. French,vioo-presideni;
Win, Calm, treasurer ; W. D. Bed us,
secretary; C. It Nesmith, It. W. Mag
mder, C A. Gordon, L. 1*. Williams,
Jr., and II. Marx directors.
Messrs. V arx, lte.lus and Gordon
wore appointed a committee to
min the coat ol the m-ceasnry 111 ateri.il
and prepare a charter, with instruc
tions to report at * inerting to ho held
Thursday. The meeting whs held tliia
afternoon mid the .imtcrial ordered.
Lecturk-—I n tho c< urt house next
Tuesday, 22d inst., nt 8 p. in.. Dr. A. R.
McCurdy wdl deli vor hi* I anion» leo
Successful and Uusuccosaful Snc
lio is known from east to west,
from San Frnnrisco to New York.
From a largo number of press uotices
quote the following:
Dr. McCurdy is a humorist/'—Bluo
Rapids Times.
«Possessed of dramatic ability. —
Fort Scott Monitor.
"Nothing unsuccessful about in* lec
1 11 »*e. 5 *—San Francisco Journal.
For a ploasant and profitable even
ing go and hear him. Adults, 85cts. ;
children, 20cts. Tickets ntt bis office.
Buy a ticket and htvo a good laugh.
cess "
Mr. E. M. Barber, who recently vis
ited the town of Biloxi, has decided
to EO there to locale permanently and
expects lo start within tho next two
weeks. We condense from tho Biloxi
Herald the following notico ot Mr.
Barber's approaching removal :
"Tbo Gulf Coast bar is to have an
addition to its membership in the per
il Hon E. M. Barber, Fort Gibson.
not as an entire
Ho coinea among .
stranger, as his record in the legislat
ure stands as a card of favorable intro
duction. Mr. Barber will remove bis
family to Biloxi as soon ns ho can
make arrangements for their reception,
which assures us that they VT * l, be ( '°"'
Idl'd here before tbe ßnM 1 of the com
ing month. In the -pring Mr.Barbor
will erect a dwelling for his own use
and our people rau safely count hat a
progressive spirit is corning and they
wi/realixe that what is Port Gibsou s
loss will bo Biloxi's gain."
■notice.—A sorrel noree, with a h -
» 1 / white in bis face, aud branded L
U L „«• I.»™ "P A "8"" 1 f d bv
H ilnrt, near Rodney, and was ap
pratseii at $S0 by H. J. Hart and U.
W. Walker.
The owner
js requested to come for
ward prove property, pay charges and
take «»•« ""ï"'" 1 «way ^otherwise the
will bo disposed of »«wording 1
' II. B. Peg ram,
j. P. and Acting Ranger.
October 8t h, lWffi.
Don't^Fall Into
r. r;. « ' n ; coati, v«u...s
boy wears, when h . jj ( ll
s. r*«r. O"™", Sat *iUt ..
?" k rWÄ to", beiur »»•■>
We want yo„r
''" i|! WARN'ER * 8EARl.ES <'0
Vicksburg, Ml**.
for Pitcher'» Castorla.
Children Cry
Books adopted for Public Schools,
prices of same.
October, 1895, and
Lrehange Introduction Price to Mailing
Price /Wo*. Dealer ». Price,
iVame eg' Book* and Publitktrt.
Readers, First. .
Readers, Second.
Readers, Third.......
Readers, Fourth.
Speller, Primary.
Speller, Word Lesso
■Arithmetic, New Elementary
■Arithmetic, New Practical ...
( .Arithmetic, Mental...
Maury'»........Geography, Revised Elementary.. .28
•/ye'*.Geography, Primary..
HbbmII'i .....History of U. S., School.
Cooper's.History of U. S-, Our Country.
Lowry ÄtMcCardle's » of Miss, (with Civil Go
Peterman'».........Civil Government...
Sheldon's.Language Lessons, Part First....- .*8....
Reed& Kellogg's Grammar, Graded Lessons..
Reed h Kellogg's Grammar, Higher Lessons....30. .TToO. ." .50.63
Hutchinson's.Physiology,"Our Wonderful Bod
ies," I.
.Physiology, "Our Wonderful Bod
ies," II.
..Physiology,"How to Keep Well"
.First Steps in Scientific Knowl
edge (complete) .
.Physics, Elements of..
"Stories for Children," Eclectic
Writing Books (3, Vertical System).per do*. .96
• 2 5
• 2 S
• 5 °
not quoted
Manual (Miss ) .63.
» »5
V.) .50
. 60 .
•35. 4» .48.60
to be ascertained.
Ginn & Co.'s.
to be ascertained.
. .96
#QTPatrons of the County Schools who have children in the Second Grade for the
nuXt (i 895*'96) term will exchange Knox-Healh's Language for Sheldon's, paying 28
cents additional ; buying Frye's Primary Geography outright, for the same grade.
In the Fifth Grade, pupils will exchange Steele's Physiology for Blaisdell's, paying 30
cents additional ; Steele's Physics foi Bert's "First Step«," paying 35 cents addition^; and
Macy's Civil Government for Peterman's, paying 36 cents additional.
Your teachers will receive instructions for the books of the other grades.
I sincerely hope that patrons will make the exchanges and purchases, suggested a
bove, at ONCE, to prevent any delay in thh classifying of your children.
Consulting the interests of pupils and patrons, the foregoing were the only changes
made in the former text-books by the Committee. Respectfully,
CHAS. K. REGAN, Co. Supt.
October loth, 1895.
If your children are subject to croup
watch for the first symptom of the
disease—hoarseness. It Chamberlain'*
Cough Remedy ia given as soon as the
child becomes hoarse it will prevent
attack. Even after the croup? cough
has appeared the attack can always
be prevented by giving this remedy.
It is also invaluable for coldB and
whooping cough. For sale by Dr. W.
D. Redua druggist.
Coal Oil Johnny's Petroleum Soap
at fl. FrUhmau's. For laundry, bath,
toilet, shaving, washing luces aud flau*
licit. Has no equal.
Sealed Proposai* tor Repairing the
a,.«,,. XTiaa
Lhurcn at itOCay opnnss, IHISB.
Tbe underalvned committee will receive And
open bid« on Monday, November 4th. 1896, at
II o'clock a. m., for putting in repair, the
brick church at Rocky Spring*. Mlaa. For
Dorttcnlaru of necessary work to be done an
niy to either of the undersigned. The com
mil tee reserves the right to reject auy and all
hid« G. E. LuM, )
s' FARMER, VCoin.
C. K. BEGAN, )

Owing to my removal from Pori
Gibsotl my entirn household, din*
ing room and kitchen furniture is
, B . .. 1 « I- - ,at
for snle et» mas*«, or by the piece.
Must be sold at nnco
Oct. l?tb, 18C6.-31.
For Saie.
E. M. Barber.
Town Ordinance.
Be it ordained by the board of may
and alùermeu of the town of Port
Gibson, Mis*.. That the corporate
limits of said town be and the same
are hereby extended as follows,to wit:
Begin at the poiut where tbe Vazoo
& MisHissippi Valley railroad inter
sects the present corporate limits of
«aid town, on tbe west aide near the
depot of said railroad at lot "K K ;
thence up said railroad iu a norther
ly direction to the treatle where said
railroad crosses the Port Gibson Oil
Mill pond; thence in a northeasterly
direction, af right angles from aaid
railroad, to the Bayoo Pierre; thence
said bayou t:> where the t-aid Bay*
_Pierre intersect* the oorporate lim
its of said town, including all of the
real estate and appurtenances thereof
between aaid boundaries as above
described and ths present corporate
limits of said town.
Approved this 7th day of October,
1 1 r
H. U Colson, Mayor.
Notio* of Dissolution.
The copartnership heretofore ex
isting between the undersigned has
been disinlvod by mutual conaent.
8 . E. Dudley, Jr., will continue Iho
but- i ne*», «Bsuminc all liabilities
and collecting all imlebtednes*.
8. E. Dudley, Jr.,
, J. B. Dudley.
Herman ville, Miss., Ocl. 15 th, 1885 .— 4 t.
Btate and oounty taxe» for fiscal year 1896 are
now due Taxes unpaid on December 15th next
ÄSoUected ly' Wre* a. thela«rdr^te
Tax pavers are requested to "f ""7 *" a
puuctual iu their settlement«, " 11
' „..«hi« this vear to afford toe usual lectency
SSriTPT, »„a-.u-«.whh .»»»«
conn«« J - ,,l " ry rt 1 *KjSNi«ABD I T.X-OollMtflr.
$25 Reward!
I offer $25 for the arrest and
conviction of the person or persons
who recently choked down and cut
the throat of one of my mares on
the range near my place.
W. L. Taylor.
We offer for sale an elegant sub
urban residence, with nine
CHEAP and on easy terms.
We also have for sale a number
of vacant lots.
E. s. & J. T. DRAKE.
octt lm
for sale.
100.000 aracxrr
Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber,
Order* solicited for *ny amount.
Write for delivered price*.
orders for what you
them filled prompt
of Yellow Pi»« Laaber,
wmcmmm, «*».
Bend me your
need if you want
ly. Send to
Of Incorporation of the Claiborne Tele
phone Company.
Jacob Bcrnheimer, W. D. ReHus, Y7m. t'ahn,
Henry Marx, L. P. William«, Jr., 0. A. Gui
don, R. W Ma* ruder, C. R- Neemith and U-\.
French, and their '.MucUies aud <a. cea»«r*, be
and they *r<* h*-r.-by cbartoied and incorporat
ed as a body corporate, under the name aud
atyle of "The Olaiborae leiophone Compauj,"
for tho purpo*e<if carrying on a geitfai telo
phont biisine-.» iu the county <>f (.iaiborn© and
Other con 11 Met ui the stale of Mistu*aippi ; and
they aie hereby authorized and empowered to
build and commiet their line* from the town
ot Port Gibson to the village of Bussuin, and
from the town of Port Gibson to the village of
Martin, aud from Martin to the village ot Her
manvuio, and from Horimi villy to Wtliourilie,
and from Uernimiville to Carlisle, and from
lot t Gibso. to Grand Gair, and from i\.rvGib
ron *0 Iugieeide, aud from ln*;lem le to Rocky
apring«, and m»> conetract branch lure« to va
rmu other pm w of tne »aid county or other
count!«» in e»;d state, in the discretion of the
director« of »aid empauy. And a* such cor
poratmu, they »tnUl have »uooe«».on uot exce.-d
in* At'? J'*"; ma;, bave a commua seal, which
they may rhauge and may acquire by purcha«c
ur otherwise, and hold and own real aud p©r
»ou»l properly, nut exceeding fifty thousand
dollars m vatiie; «nay »tie and he »tied, may
plead and be impleaded in any coart in thi»
stale, aud may make contract* and contract
ed vitb touching thuir bn»ir.e*s; aud may make
■ by-laws tor tlie «overi meut of the comp toy
! and their a.T«irs, and do «Ü other acts Incident
V. »corporation, within the a*up* of their bnsi
t hat the capital slock of said c-mipauy shall
be ONii ïH .üSAND DOLLARS, luereosabje
tbe wUi of the stock-bolder», by a '.»o-thirds
majority of the stock-holders, 10 TWENTY
FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, or any lest sum;
mat said capital sto -1: sh.tll Le divided into
shales of iwentv Dollars each; thaï said com
pany may commence Luainess wher Five Huu
<ired liouars is subscribed, whiofi suui, as stib
scribid, tuay be called in as the directors may
That, iu conduotiug the affair* of said com
pany aud In all voles for director* and for any
oili-r pm post-, each stoex-hoider shall be en
titled to east one vole lot en It «-bare lie may
bold or th Oopttal stoc'l of Said company, esob
rhare eutitliug buu to one vote To make auy
valid election or to adopt any resolution or
in.-osure tjr the stock-holders, it shell al vrais
require not less th.tu a majority of stock at sacli
meeting ; at.d no uieccing »bail be valid, as a
quorum, to do busiot as or to do any
tuu company, unless the holders of
of the Mi.ii oj of steck shall be present or be
represented at euch meeitag ; provided that
such stoea-uol iers may attend auy meeting 01
the stock hoid.Ts aud vote either iu peraou or
by vrritUxi proxy.
That a meeting of the share-holders of toe
capital stock subscribed, hereby incorporated,
Khali be behl t r tbe purpose of srgaunting un
der thtir charter, at the town of Fort Gibson,
within thir y days after the appro/al by the
governor cl Muoissippi, or at such other time
as may be called by tliree of the said incorpor
ators or subscribers to tbe capital stock, ibat
aci r> bind
a majority
the dcmiuile of aaltl company e'isll be tl>« coun
ty ot CJaiborue, sta e of Mississippi, and tbe
stuck-bulders shall bold uiteiiugs ' I tbe town
of Fort Gibsou, at sneb time an may be Axed by
and prescribed by the board of directors of said
company. Called meetiaga may be held upon
tbe call of the president in aneb manner as
may be prescribed ia tbe by-law* of said com
pany. 8»id company shall liava and ex*-rome
»be rubt of eminent domain under tbe laws of
the state of Mississippi.
That tbe officers of sntd companr sha 1 be a
president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer
and five dlre'^tore, who shall bold their offices
for the term of one year, or until ttaetr eue
ceeeors are elected ; and the president, vice
president and secretary shall be members of
the board of directors, and the president shall
preside at ihe meetings of said directors, and
In his absence the vice-president shall preside,
and the secretary shall act as secretary of said
directors. That tbe above named incorpora
tors shall be aud remain the directors of »aid
company, nntll tb* Jr successors are elected.
Tbe directors shall enact all by-laws for the
management of tbe business of said compa
ny, and for the regulation and government of
tbe business and conduct of tbe affairs of the
company 1 bey shall fix in tbe by-laws the
number of directors necessary to consulate a
quorum for tbe transaction of business; they
«ball meet at such times as shall be fixed tu
the by-laws; provided tbe president may
them together at any time lu the manner
Tided In the by-laws. The board of directors
shall fix tbe compensation of the officers of
said company. Tbe duties of each of such
officers shall be such as are usually performed
by suet officers In similar companies, or os
mav be fixed by tbe director«, 'ibe treasurer
may be required by tbe directors to give bond
for the safe keeping of all money coming into
his Tiands belonging to the company, and for
tbe faithful discharge of hts dudes as treasu
rer. Buch bond so given shall be conditioned
the same ,is is required by law for county treas
urers in the state of Mnssissippt.and any breach
thereof shell subject the obligators to suit lu
the same manner as county treasurers are
subject to suit upon breach of any condition
of any bond given by them. The directors
shall report at such times, and in such man
ner as shall be provided In the by-laws, tbe
condition of the affairs of the company, and
shall permit free access to the books of tbe
company, to any stock-holder w a on ever any
stock-hotder may desire to Inspect tbe same.
The? shall declare and pay over, at such time
and in such manner aa shall be provide«! in
the bv laws, such dividends aa may accrue up
on the »bare wf each Stock-holder. A Mock
book shall be kept, by the secretary of all
stock holders of said company, and of tbe re
Muectlve amount of stock held by each; trans
fer* of stock may be made iu the manner pre
scribed in the by-law», and when mad*_R
be the duty of the secretary to enter the
the books of the company. H,h»w*
r stock-bolder shall desire to sell bis
stock, «he company shall bar® tlie * g,u .
onreha-ving »aid stock at the prtee offered to
be sold at by the stock holder, before any oth
er per so a can purchase tbe same. Before sell
inJta an? other person the stock-holder d«
SS.i to sell 0 « shall first offer h|« stock for
»ale to the company aud get ihedirectors re
fana! to pa reliai th«* stock offered for ssle by
him, for the price offered.
October 18th, 189*
nh all
same on
ever, «»>
I^OST.—In Fori Gibson Tuesday l»*t,
a gold cross, » 1*0 * pin w Bb P c *ri *®t*
îlîg. The finder will be hberally rv
warded upon returning *ame to tbe
Reveille office.
8*pt. »th, I«»
i » lb
The Newest, Freshest and Latest
Can Always To© Pound at
For the Next Two Weeks
We will sell the best clothing for Men, Boys and Youths
your money can buy.
For $6 we will sell you a Cheviot suit worth .... -
For 88 you can pet a splendid suit worth.
For $9.75 you can buy a square cut suit worth.
Boys' and Youths' Suits in proportion.
Who failed to attend our Grand Opening . . . _ . 1f n m!re n*v
Is invited to call MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
Every Lady
X-.ead.ers irr Stales and. XLsow Prices.
Always Keep a Pall Stock of Batterick'« Patterns, Metropolitan* and Delineator*,
Port Gibson Oil Works,
3ai T
J W aw •
Issva C*
53. b
Pays Highest Price for Cot*
We have on hand for sale, at lowest cash prices, in any quantity,
Cotton Seed M^al and Cotton Seed Hulls for feeding or fertilizing
Secretary and Manager.
When You Bu y
You aim to eet goods at the
When You Sell
You aim to get the highest
Market Price for your cotton.
That is HH Right,
It is Busines!
• ••
We can justly
claim to rank among th« most extensive and
Most Liberal Cotton Buyers
in Port Gibson, and when it comes to selling goods low, no house here
can discount onr prices. We want your cotton and we want your
Come and see us.
Leading Merchants & Cotton Buyers.
, shovel* and Tongs, Dog Iron*, Stove Pipe and El
bow*, Axes, Wood Saws, Firebricks.
Heating Stoves, Grates
We Have Them All !
and Staffers, Meat Choppers, Knives, Hand Corn
Powder, Shot and Caps, Etuniy and Loaded Shell*, Sue!)
and othor game Trap*. Hub», Spokes,
Also Sausage Grinders
Mill*, C»ke Pans.
Bag*. Reloading Tools, Coon, B&iver(
Rims and all Wagon and Carriage Material.
Schwartz 8c Stewart,
BEN E. LEVY, Embalmer and Manager.
« », Van^l s large ***n.rt*a*Bt of hurml cask* ta avw, »lai», a»« ri* 1 »»*»» *•**
BariMmfcHeMÄMtfea h**4. ^
ni t abat» b off!«* ft* t m «i»
C< b dTar/
©a ooctcT)'
1 »
1 -
A BOOR of indlvhlnat tipsiwiicc#. awl ramtàlr:'
oWrvstions of all cia**«*», by Wm H Cbvra
bliss. With over tto copiwplaU's sr.d I'boto
Engraving-, lacliirtlrg SS »oektv »k.tchss by
Dth E- roster, end aeartesmres by Julius Jaha,
Itinstraring the <1 fT.-rrnrr (kI.m cu real re»| ect
abllliy nn.t vulgar p 1 n Dik>i>.
Cnrioi!* fonixlnilon -intî riibcrli i»« mtWe up ef
tlia nitscKl high seelstr—■the soisl'et
IIuudred." Absarditle* < f it.» I'rmwnty.
Cloth, 410 pa^cs. SI fr '- bjr tust! nr jgsn*.
Pulitzer Building, New York.
HT Books published far authors.
»OBST ro»
Clslborn*. Jefferson, Copiah and Adams
1 }]
Yet haw of un th* charm <>( InnlllMS tMturas I»
svu-ri-a or ds-lrnyeA l.y an Impsrfeci complexion.
In tbl- re vins climate, » Is sb-oinielr necessary U»
protect the drllcals akin from sxWnial LrrttSUOu
an 1 ell
tb* cstebrat«* California iMSiitlOar will bo f.iund
an Ideal article for tbs Mlrt. By its u>*« lt»e clear,
health fnl complexion of y ««nth Is p re ss rv s*. Urn
•kin 1 ««coming smooth and of vetvsty texture, sod
ladles of mature years Will he charmed with Me
eodhig. soothing and a«ree»blt> effects.
A (SBgwesUoa. Cat! upon your druggist aud
mS«ÄÄ}Ä».ä"I£5 SÄ'
•Hier th#commend«tkm <4 MB. WsnTJsrry. Joe*
Hading and other orihrts of werfd wide fame: note
the nuqn*l (led endorsement of r«J*b#et*d pfcyi*
dans nmd chemist« and compere ramlla
CaawelltN« WHnveluehl#. In p r e ve n B m 0» rm •
via« ibe disagreeable ««Urta ol mm boni. pomm%
•vy, etc.
- "repaisd k> It«««* form ta pure whBs *«d
eat* .:•«# er«l«.r, «KioMtaly ;«* rfutired, and ta
dar lu while. h>»n# 4 »e aud »'Iasi« color.
Price, SO Conta per Bottle or Box.
Insurance Agent,
Uffice Upstairs Over Postoffiee.
Pkcenik of Brooklyn.
New Orleans Insurance Association
of New OrI aus.
Georgia Home, Columbus, Ga.
Phoenix ol Hartford.
«Mississippi Home of Vicksburg.
Ætna of Hartford.
Southern Insurance of New Orleans
American Fire of Philadelphia.
.Inns 24th. 1898.
Fwtj-FoartL Seasiot
Opens September uth, 1895 .
Tirent r-un« ScLools ii. C*".<*no*, Literature
,nd Arts. Speeial S^lioob at Law «aff PBlacr -
. Foil re>i p» of Irstruotor*. Mo * lHMlU.fi :,
Tutti«* free, v»Mpt '.n Lw Who« Î
Wopwi, ad»f
All *ino»*»S Nm tL«t ever.
,<»d. for cat' lofae tad u»«.oan .es-weta, so*
Cas voeux t R. B. ftruu,
U«'wai»> XiMlM.-pt.
FOR Sill, on Account at Hernial I
One Good PLEYEL PIANO. Cprtgli*. I vnl
.p—* 60 —rather than wove it, Ga«, j»*
jrnn os «y Woodlswn Flaatatioa aoajr fktb
Gibsop. FOMMwkMjglvw tMsaediaMb
'. X, ?R..FUFBtrtH

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