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the Week's Hows in S'iort Paragraphs (or
Our Refers.
A $50,000 Kire at GuuoImou -Merld
tnn Municipal Government—Value of i
I'enltentUry rmperty—Tragedy ut
Suit for Damages Again*! the I. C.
Mr-*. Gertrude Thompson til-d a suit
at .lavkscn Thur» lav for f»'tO,'H»it*gwtnat
the Illinois C**ntr»l Bailrow i If. 'lie
death of he, husband, Jtol* it'lb'.iup
•oa, on JnN 23,1806. Hhc claims same
■was caused by negligeuco. *'
Nafr Oracke«l
T* , .-4
jfhu Necurcit.
.-~.e of J. M. Boswell at
Louisville, Mi*»., whs cracked Thurs
day night and $1200 was taken there
from. No clew to the robbers. Blood
hounds were sent for aud au effort will
lie made to catch them.
Penitentiary OtBclat* .Sworn In.
The new peuiteutiary officials were
•worn in Friday and their bonds ap
proved. They are: Walter McLanrin,
warden; J. J. Kvaus. Jr., clerk; J. J.
Parcbman, dispatch sergeant. Com
plimentary resolution* w.-re adopted to
the retiring officials.
New Public Well at Hardis.
The new publie well which has been
iu the course of construction for the
past week at Hardi«, in the public
square noar the Illinois Central depot,
was finished Thursday. An abnudaut
•apply of wu!or was struck at 127 feet,
and the uew windmill pump will fur
nish an ample supply of water to meet
the demands of the citizens.
Capt. John B. Adaun?, an old reai
- * ' I Mmu Twm ir i,l iWt T IB«tl$Hlî»
from an overdose of Morphine taken
Weduesday, with suiei\d intent. He
bad been unwell for aevetal »lays and
his mind ha l become unbalanced.
Capt. Adams was a brave Confederate
Eoldicr, aud was noted for his honora
ide dealing* with his fellow-men. lie
leaves a wife and several children.
Mlntialppl Welt to tbe Front.
The Kailroad Age publishes the
number of mileage «)f railroads built
in tho Southern Hute* during 1396, in
which it will be seen that Mississippi
j„ well to the front: Maryland 17,
West Virginia 19, North Carolina 27,
South Carolina 9, Georgia 67J, Flori- '
da 80, Alabama 20, Mississippi 06J,
Louisiana 87j, Texas 77j, Arkansas
91J, and Kentucky 17.
A Prominent Citizen Commits Suicide.
Truftcdv ut funic».
A shooting affair occurred in the
suburbs of Tunica Thursday at 11
o'clock which resulted in the death of
8. D. King and woundiug of D. B.
Allen, both promineut. citizens and
planters. They mot iu Use road, whou
King drew hi* pist d nud »hot Allen iu
the cheek. Alloa then fired, striking
King iu the fuc » aud killing him in
stantly. Allen immediately g ive him
self up to Sheriff Hope.
Value of Penltcnrlaiy Properly.
Messrs. Hording aud Bankston, ap
poiuied to praise the State's penitentiary
and farming property, bavo reported
the total value n* certified, $327,206.
28. The chief items «re an follows;
Prison walls, including resl estate,
•181,068.22; Oakley plantation, $11,
251.75; ltunkin plantation, $27,288.88;
Belmont plantation, $14,617.74. The
balunce is for improvements owned by
the Stnto on the several places. It is
«roppring or renting aud for corn,
wotton reed, fodder aud tho like.
1800 Was n Prosperous Y. ar.
Tho year whiefo closed Thursday
night has been one of marked prosper
ity for Vicksburg, the snpamer,
tumn and winter having alike be -u
distinguished by an excellent trade
All commercial organization* report
satitifHctory results and a bright out
look. The city has leecivcd to date
68,723 bales of cotton, against 54,854
up to fame date last y tar, and all indi
cations point to a record breaking year
ia receipts, probably not less than 80,
000 bale-. This appears to bo dne to
_ ext. nsion of trade to uew territory.
Not a failure of importance has oc
curred duiiug the year.
Meridian'» Haute p it Government.
The officers elected' at the recen
city electiou were sworn in at Merid
ian Friday. Mayor Dial wa* first
■worn in by Chancery Clerk B. V.
White, and he then administered the
oath of offi -e to W. It. Nelson, mar
shal; Capt. J. A. Mooser, city clerk;
Henry B:ooke, treasurer, and the «1
dermen, A. U. George, ward one; E
H. Hart, ward two; Henry G. Meyer,
•ward three; W. G. Btuvenson, ward
four, and I. O. Harmon, ward five.
Mr. E. Hart, aldem«n from ward two,
was tho only new d»u to go in.
Colored Teachers' Lyceum.
Pursuant to a regular call by the
president, Rev. J. M. Williamson, the
Colored Teacher' Lyceum of Bolivar
county convenod at Mocnd D»T<*b
Wednesday, in the African Methodist
Episcopal church. The interesting
*nd instructive exercises were watched
with marked attention by a large and
appreciative audience. The regular
officers being absent, Prof. B. »
Brown of tha Bosedale school wa*
called to th » chair, and Mrs. H. C
Oarrett of the Duncan school was
chosen to act as secretary. Ih® °P«"*
iag exercise* coasiate 1 of singing, l«d
by Prof. A. L. Branford, aud the in
vocation by llov. A. M. Green. The
address of welcome was tuado by
Prof. A. L. Branford of tho Mound
liuvou school, re->ponso by Mrs. H. C.
A $50,000 Fire at riunuriou.
Gunnison was visited by a big ftra
Thursday night. It raged for three
hour«, burning more than two block*».
The lire originated in the up-stairs
portion of James Burt's store aud
spread over the entire front of North
The supposed cause was
8. M. Heaton'*
i Main street.
an exploding lamp,
gin was burned with about fifty bales
of cotton. Loss is estimated as fol
lows : James Burt, general merchan
dise, 80,000; Dan Lee, grocery, $2,
000; J. T. Tatum, barber shop, 8200;
C. Ferine, groe«?ry and fruit, 81,500;
C. B. Mockstrelh, 8500; Peu Goldman,
8500; C. But lean, $1,060; Dos Culos,
butcher shop, $200; Jake Jacobs,
8500, Wong Toy, $2,000; Max Gibber,
$500; Tatum, restaurant, $500; J. A.
Burt, four houses and various other
small losses. The largest loser was
J. C. lladgesky, owning nearly an en
tire block, all of which was consumed.
Too loss is thought to ho from $10,000
to 850,000, with a very small insnr
a nor.
Sew York'* Governor Inaugurated.
Frank S. Black, of Beuiselacr coun
ty, was inaugurated as governor of
the State of New Y'ork, in Albany,
Friday. The ceremony took place in
the assembly chamber of the capitol,
and was witnessed by a largo as em
binge. An invocation by Bishop W.
C. Doone, of the Epircopal diocese, of
Albauy, opened the ceremonies. Gov.
Levi P. Morton delivered an address
of considerable length, In the course
of which ho review®.! his administra
tion, the first under the uew constitu
tion, amt the legislation during the
same period, la conclusion, address
ing his successor, Gov. Morton said:
I may be permitted to congratulate
yon upon your «'. cession to the office
of governor, heartily, by reasou of the
fact that the financial aud administra
tive affairs of the State arc in a pros
perous aud easy condition; that you
will havu the support of the legislature,
both houses of which will accord with
the will of the people; that ther# are
in prospect no bitter contention* nor
controversies; no serious difference on
pnblic question«, to be fought out
through your administration." Gov.
Blaok reapouded briefly, speaking of
feeling of Jeep icsponsibility with
which ho asfmmed the dnties of tb*
office to which he had
u chosen,
*ud idedrimr hi* !»<«! efforts, to execute

C.ov. Ple*ree !uau*urat.<L
rrerP j cut and form were tf.rowu
t o the winds Friday at Lanaiug, Mich ,
jn the inauguration of Gov. Hazeti H.
pj n g rPC Hn< l the other State officers.
a comfortable crowd of curiou* peo
pi« had gathered in the executive of
flee and parfois at tho capitol, when
Mr. Pingreo arrived, accompanieJ by
Mrs. Pingree and n coterie of personal
friends. Shortly uft?r ho entered tho
executive parlors, aceompanh-d by re
tiling Governor Bieh and Commis
M. nir French of the State land office,
ulnreu* noon Chi. f Justice Long, of
lli. supreme court, administered the
oath if office. An introduction fol
lowed by the chief justice, and ull
prcM'ut shook hands with and ^con
gratulated ihe Dew governor, dims
began the gubernatorial career of a
man who i* considered one of the mort
unique personalities iu the United
States nud who holds at the bajne time
the office of mayor of Detroit and gov
ernor. Gov. Pin .rce is the avowed
champion of various State reforms,
chief of which is the retiring of a uni
form 2-cent fare from the ra lroads,
1 the railroad department is being
organised to that end.
* -
Two Suicides lu Austin.
FriJay morn ; ng at 8 o'clock, on
openiug the tailoring establishment of i
Gi orge Durt, a well-known mi lent of
Austin, Tex., hi* dead body was found
dangling from » clothed rack. Tae
rack huug so low that he has been
compelled to draw his feet up in order
to swing clear of the floor. He died
from strangulation. No cause was
known for tho suicide, a? no not j was
Ho fcal plenty, of money in
lauk and uu h ; s person.
Friday atternoon aaodier B nsation .
deveioped in tho finding ot the body of |
Howard M. Bell, a prominent drugg>t
of Austin, Tex., lying on top
of t'ie grand staud *t the old drill
grouuds of tho State troops, where it
had evidently lain for several day*.
By his tide waa u bottle of morphine,
about three-fourths empty, showiug
that he had destroyed himoelf.
Teachers in a Wreck.
A passenger train on the Ke"knk &
Wes'ern, southbound, 'was wrecked
Friday morning two miles south of
Norwalk, Iowa It was a heavy train,
loaded w ith teacher* going home fr .rn
the State association. The ground
under tho track wm softened by rain
so the rail* spread. One coach and
baggag6 car were tnrned upside down
and others tipped over. Several pas
brused. E-igene Chap
of Dr. R. Ü. Chapman,
sengers were
man, a »on fS ?
of Des Moines, was eenonriy out in
left temple and may die. Conductor
Ed Cavanaugh was also seriously bn t.
A relief train was sent from Des
Moines to bring the injured to Dee
Kit o Field's Astir* M:nt Home.
Gen. Charles H. l ay <»r, of Boston,
arrived iu Chicago, hri tay, from ba:i
F.iincisco, in charge of tha »ah: a of
the late Kate Field. He delivered
them t » Mias Lilliau Wlntuey, u friend
of Mm* Field, who will couvey them to
IcterestiB^iteiBi ot Happenings Thraaghoot
The Entire Country.
ColTee War Begun-Moonshlner* Cap
tured —She Died Drunk — Onu.lt i
Havings II. Iuk C.osed — A Request to
A .Spaniard a Suicide.
Capt. Morlies, a member of the war
rouucil, and president of the court be
fore which the Barcelona anarchists
were tried, committed tnicido at Mad
rid, last Saturday. The cause for his
self-defitruolion is not known.
Rank ('ashler Sulold**. »
Ileury HuateJ, cashier of the Union
County National Bank, Liberty, Ind.,
committed suicide Saturday by bang
ing. Mr. IIlisted »vas 07 year* of
age. His financial affairs are in good
condition, aud os his health was good
no motive can be assigned for tho act.
The Treaty Is all Right.
Tin officials of tho foreign office de
nied Saturday that the Morqni* of
Salisbury disapproved of auy features
of the proposed general arbitration
treaty between tire United States and
Great Britain, us reported from New
Coffee Mar iieguu.
Tin coffee war is on iu earnest at
Toledo, O. Friday the Arbueklea met
the oue-ccut reduction in package cof- g
fee iu»de by the Woolaon Company,
and Friday morning the latter cut a
balf-cent lower. They declare they
will keep prices under those of tb«
Arbueklea at any cost.
Louisville llrldge to l>e Hold.
Deputy Clerk Henry Cassia, of the
United State* district court, was ap
pointed by Judge Barr .Saturday
mor uing a* special commissioner
at Louisville, Kv., to sell the Ken
tacky and Indiana bridge property
within three month*. The upset price
is $1,700 006. '
_ is
Omaha Having* Rank Closed.
The Omaka Savings bank failed to
open its doors Saturday morning, and 1
and 4' in the hands of tho BtstoÜABfcv-
Win"«»" , ,, ,T rt *. ,
the clear,ng hou-e was
met unu.tul proceedings on a UoU
day. and it fa presumed that they took "
actum whma eaused tho saving* bank ß
to close
—— —
Robbed In.Karncst.
A special froin Lexmgtou, Ky., j
the Louisviîh» Time* says: Walter
Green, manager of "Th'J Burglar
Company, which played here J-ruloy
night, was sandbagged and robbed on
Walter strict at 12 30 o'clock a m. of
$200, the night's receipts.
plays the burglar in the piece and tho
member* thought the robbery V.is a
xw*e, hut it proved genuine,
Attempt to Kill Crclt Rhode*.
A plot to wreck Cedi Rhodes' train ^f
im its way from the north wns dis
covered at Cape Town Saturday, and
tlio extraordinary precaution* taken c
in consequence thwarted the plotters.
Seven detective*, who were put on the
cas«', have been shadowing three Oer
from the Transvaal. Bnrnor
< îreen
conuo^ts tho same men with the burn
ing of Rhode*' country-house a week
or so ago.
Steamers Collide.
Tbo Wilson lino steamer Hiudoo,
wbi'h left her dock at Brooklyn Sat
onlay afternoon for Hull, was in eol ia
i t> u will the Cromwell liner Creole,
al^o bunnd outward, at the entrance of
the main »hip cliunuel. The Hindoo's
B t ern »track the Creolo almost »mid
ßhip» on tho port side, and the Hindoo's
anchor caught in th rails and davit- of
«be Creole, carrying them awuy. The
Hindoo is b aking, but only m tho
fore peak. The Creole went to anchor
in the lower bay after the collision,
tud the Hindoo r?»nm«d to quarantine.
. ~ "
| Sh« »'«« l
The death of a moonshine* s d*-gh
ter is reported from Tiekanethy, Ga.,
under shocking circumstances. Mar
it tbe Newberry, aged 11 years, aud her
l>rot ber went out to get a bucket of
wafeti They f »and the ma*h n*or by
#nd drank of the liquor nutil they
could not move. The boy recovered,
but the girl died in horrible agonjû
No physician was wiibin reach. A
few days before • littli boy natn«*d
Garrett died from the same cause.
Tbe little giil was a mealier of a
school, which
nt-ijihboring Snn 'ey
t imed ont to attend her fuaeraL
Vlcc-I'resldent of a Hunk Suicide«.
William A. Hammond, l»te vice
president of the National Bank of Illi
nois, Chicago, committed auieide at an
early honr Saturday morning by
throwing himself into Lake Michigan.
He lelt his home on Greenwood boule
vard, Ev.tmton, shortly after 2 o clin k,
having previously kissed his two year
old boy good-bye, and be was not aceu
again alive. His bo.lv was discovered
in tbe lake at the foot of Church
street, Evanston. Sitnrday afternoon,
by two boys who were playing on the
A Deque t to Mankind.
The condition* of the will of M. Al
fred Nob. 1, of Stockholm, who reoent
i »timutod at
It bequeathed a fox.nnc,
$10,000,000, to tbe Stockholm Umver
■ity, have beim wade publie. It in an
nonueed that the inters** ou $2,003,
000 will l»e divided into five annual
be awarded to the person« making the
most important discoveries in physics,
chemistry, physiology or modiciac.
Prix© four will bo given to the perscu
making the Iwst literary contribution
upon the subject of physiology or
Prize five will be awarded
to any person who ha* achieved the
moat or done tbo best things looking
to the promotion of the cause of peace
throughout the world. All these
prizes will be open to auy person, any
wbero in tho worML_
Moonshiner* Captured.
Revenue officers Saturday male a
raid into the mountain 1 of Marion
county, Tenn., and captured the two
noted moonshiners of tbAt county, J.
R. Forbes and W.L. Devi*, who have
been operating an illicit > distillery for
a number of year#, au l who have
hitherto eluded the offi-ors. Tho
sixty-gallon »till was destroyed and
four hundred gallons of malt poured
on tho ground. The distillery was
located in a remote part of the moun
tainous district of the county, in the
ticinity of Tracy City and twelve
mrlcs from Sequatchie City,
whieky from this still has caused much
trouble at the new city aud Inman
Prizes one, two and three wdt

Finances for the New Year.
( The New York Financier of Satur
day says: The fir-t bank statement of
the new Year is of a »try favorable
character, a though it Covers but five
business days and the increase proba
bly represents arrangements to meet
the large dividend disbursements which
will be made this week and which
aggregate in New York inclusive of
government payments nearly $100,
ooo,000 for the month. The actual
g a j n reported by tho banks for the
week was only $214,000, which is very
] e8S than for any week since
reflect» in part the movement from the
interior which is sitting in toward this
center again, despite the bank failure*
in the West; hut the increase is also
connected with dividend disbursement«.
The absorption of this money is pla niy
shown iu the loan expautiou, the total
loan items «tending at $491,375,900,
reported one year ago this week. The
deposit expansion in tbo same time has
been 839,171,000, and the oish reserve
is also 813,500,000 h gh* r, so that the
banks began the new yea* in much
better-shape than they did hUN.
1 he plethora of money has bad. Eli
on cart money compare with a 4®5 per
rent rate during Jaauarv. 189«. Coru
quotations have droppod
" JtfuU ww rant., as compared with
ß au , 8 pi7 cen t. for Jannary, 189«.
But the money market one year ago
WM j n f RB different shape than at pres
ent, a* trade balance») siuee that time
have resulted in piliug up a large credit
j„ onr favor,whichkaa relieved
market from an absolute coilajwc.
The increase in. deposits
is 825,795,000 higher than
A Cruiser Soul to .lup in,
Tho cor respond eut of the Now York
Herald in Rio Janeiro, Brazil, tcle
grnpbed k Saturday, that "the govern
ment has »"Id the cruiser Ahuirautc
Barreto to Jaj an.
ernmeut lias accepted proposals from
aa Americuu firm for a supply of coal
^f or the nuvy. A serious election cn
conuter occurred iu the Campos dis
tr j et> State of Rio ilo Janeiro,
c u nfiict was between the locil police
aJ)( j fo-<leml troop* dispatched to tho
district to sec that fair elections were
The fight lasted some time, and
many were kiRad and wounded. Act
ing P.*csi.iet,t Piriera will issue, In the
official journal, Monday, a declaration
that be ha* the ri^ht, under the cou
ftitntion. to act iu hi* executive capac
itv without consulting hi* minister«.
It is possible that the cabinet will re
it is semi-officially stated that
iu the preseut crisis President Moraei
may resume office. "_
Tue Brazilian gov
si n.
FlUbuvtrr* Starved on an Islet.
Tbe filibusters who left Fernamlioa,
Fla., on the steamer Three Friend»,
about three weeks ago.bound for Cuba,
aud who after the failure of tho expe
dition, were landed on No Name Key,
have been in distree*, and at least two
of them have died, beciust. o* the pri
vation* that they bava b- en compelled
to ca lore No Name Key i* situated
about sixty mile« noth.-ast of Key
West Tho steamer Dauntless, which
left the port of Jacksonville, FIA,
Tuesday afternoon, reached the key,
where the men and cargo were left, and
succeeded in taking them aboard and
they are snppo*ed to be now on the
way to Cuba again.
UtMgtajr to *>« 8< «te* tary of Treasury.
Nelson Diugloy, Jr., will be the next
It h-ui beeu
secretary <» the treasury,
offered him au l'ho lnui accepted it.
Thia big ly import «at iaforaiatioa
oouk-s from a genlleman who i* emi
nently in a position to know whereof
be «peaks aud it cm b-J trusted in
tie i a member of the pros
out and the next hou -e of reprea -uU
lives and is authority for tho atatetm-nt
tliat Mr. D.ngley will not be tha ohrir
of tho wav» a:id mein* oomtnrite-j
tho next hooao--a position which
Inis bL-en eonoed-d to him from the
s*art—b cause ho i-t to bo the new sec
taiy of the trna**nrv
tr. iu
A Negro OowunllaSdclds.
A peqpliar suicide oocurro l in Op?
Hka, Ala , Suuday. Lem Jackson, ».
negro drayman, blew his brains out ou
account of grief over the doath of hi
mother, which occurred several day*
»go. All the details for self-de-droo
tion w^re arrange! with care. JYbis
so far aa Known, without parallel in
Alabama, as negroes do not let tbeir
grief take than to suoh extremes
Coafidüise in Belter Things, Despite
Sporadic Failures.
(lolid.iy Duilne«* Intensified by Kall«
ore«-Wheat the IllgheW Since June
• — TKu-reate In Atlantic Eiporti-Xo
Monetary t'iessure.
R. G. Dun & Co's, weekly reuew of
trade .ays: There have been more
commercial failures in I860 than in
any previous year, except 1893, about
14,890, against 13,197 last year; liabil
ities of about $225,000.000 against
$173,000,*)00 last year, an increase in
number of about 12 per cent and in
liabilities of 29 per cent. The holiday
mskes ii impossible to give exact fig
ures until next week, but the monthly
report* h rotofore prepared show that
the $30,000,000 of tho ex cuts over last
year was in tho months of August aud
September, in which manufacturing
liabilitief were $15,6)0,000 larger than
lost year, trading $10,100,000, and
broker* jiud other commercial $10,
300,000 larger. Of the latter doss
$1,041,410 out of about 88,000.000
were in those two months, of the man
nfsctnring class $24,910,350 out of
about 898,260,000 in the whole year
were in those two months, and
of the trading class
830 out of about
in the whole year The ratio of de
faulted liabilities to clearing house ex
change* was $4.37 per $1,000, agaiust
$3.25 last year ami $0.35 in 1893. The
average of defaulted liabilities per firm
in busiueas was $190.07 against $145.00
last year and $290.65 in 1893. The
exact statement by the States and by
the branches of business will be given
, next week. For the first time detailed
monthly statemouts aro also published
for the last quarter of tbo panic year
1893, sbowiug commercial liabilities
amounting to $01,000,060. The year
doses with an epedemio of failure«,
mainly at the Weat and in banks, loan
and trust companies or concerns de
pendent on them. The action of clear
ing houses in various places indicate*
no want of confidence aud several
banks which have failed will be
enabled to pay, in full, but
disclosures of uusouodneM in
a few widely known imttituUous in
issue* ha* eau-ed distrnstaud suspicion
whore it frequently undeserved. There
bu t been no monetary pressure to cause
trouble nor have important Western
products declined in value. There has
evidently been too liberal assistance
given by eoiue judiciary concern* to
speculative ojierations. No draio ou
Eastern funds has resulted since the
llr-t alarm at two largo failures and the
then aont has all returned.
Failures often grew more frequent as
annual settlements appromuhoJ. Holi
day dullness has beeu intensified by
the failures and the efforts of groat
couihiuat'ons to make new arrauge
men tM.
Wheat has raised to the highest
pôibt since June. 1892, because West
ern receipts in fl/d weeks have been
bat 13,280,001 bushel», against 22,
696,367 lust year.
11 >ur included, have,been in five week«
9,909,000 bushel» sgainst 10,613,249
hist vear. The exports from Now
YorkTu Dec mber were 5 per cent,
larger, and imports 12 per cent, small
er, than last year.
Atlantic exports,
Pac flc Railway Huit Dismissed.
The case of the Uaite«l States vs,
the Union Facifij Railway Company,
was dismissed by JaJge Hallet, iu the
United State« dis riet court, at Den
ver, Col , Friday. This action was
brought by the government on bch alf
of 2,300 people, for the purpose of
clearing titlos to land purchased from
the railroad, secured by the govern
ment grants. Jndge Hallet also de
clined to i sue an order compelling the
Uuion Paffüc, Denver & Gulf, to pay
taxe* ou Fullmau C'ir» used by the
railway company in Colorado.
A San Frarct eo Fa lure.
Barrett A Sherwood, tho oldest and
at one time the largest retail j -welrj
firm in California, failed in Huu Fran
cisco Friday. Tbe firm was started
over forty years ago by Robert She *
wood r.nd J. S. Barrett. Both men
became millionaires Barret died thir
ty years »go, and Sherwood retired te
dvvote his time to other large interests.
His nephew, W. J. Sherwood, succeed
ed him, and haa since conducted the
business. A long period of poor huai
ia the canoe of the failure.
Train \Vrecked by a Laadslldc.
Misaffiri Pacific freight train No.
landslide uear Now
218 ran into • , t
Haven, Mo, six miles west of St.
Louis, Sunday morning, killing Engi
neer Homnr Evan«, Fireman Henry
Hurkup au«l Head Brnkeman J. A. Mc
Queen, all of St. Louis. The locomo
tive and twelve cars went into the Mis
souri river, along which the track ran.
The landsi le was caused by the heavy
rain» of Saturday.
E. S. & J. T. DRAKE,
Port Gibson, - - Miss.
Practice in all the Conrta ot Claibom.
sad Jefferson Conntiea, and Feder*
sad Supreme Court# at Jacksom
Leal Estate for Sain.
• Union Central
• • • •
Life Insurance Co. '$
It Realizes the Highest Interest Rate ! Has tho
Lowest Death Rate ! Makes only tho
Safest Investments ! Gives
the Best Results !
ter The average Interest Bute for ten year» on actually in- ®
H vetted assets has been over rev» n per cent, and the death rats
& Ices than three-fourth of one |>cr cent.
te)'The receipts from interert fur twenty- fl va year» more
than paid all death loste«.
its interest receipts all of ita A
JVb othir C' »<
£ For several ytars has paid from
K death claims. Matured endowments and taxe«.
Ita int ha* accomplished *tteh » mult*.
«J. G. SPENCER, Agent,
Fort Gibson, Mias.
^ W- H. Tcgarden, Cenoral Agent, Jackson,Miss, ggg
Cotton Oil Co.'s
Ootton 8ecd Meal and Hulls Always on Hand,
Convenient for Wagons.
JNO. W. TODO, Manager.
Fred P. Fox, Ass't Manager.

J. W Tassos, Cashier
$. 8. Da***, Vlce-l'rea.
O. W. WmuN, Très.
Pi.xcTo**: — G . W. Wheel««, J.McC.MartlB.P.M. Hard'ag, Lee Elchai&oa, M. %■
Drake,Wm. Cabn, C. T. WoHhffigton, J. W. F«ree«, B. Thjwb'w.
Cojuumpondbiits—H anover National Bank, New York^Delta Trost and
Banking Company» Vickiburg; Union National Bank» New Orleans,
Will do a general banking burines». Will pay interest on aaving*
Will negotiate loaua on real estate for any amount. Special
to collections, payment of taxes, or auy other bnsiae«« entrusted to onr ca
Pays Highest Price for Cotton. Seed.
W« have on hand for *ale, at lowest ca»b price* In any qnantltT, CattemtUMf
Meal and Cotton Seed Hull* for feeding or fartiliaing pnrpoa«*.
Secy, and Mgr.
lawyer s,
Practica in all the courts of Claib
orne, Jefferson and Franklin counties,
*ud in the supreme and federal courts,
at Jackson.
Criminal, civil and chancery practice
attended to promptly.
Call and see us or writ« tu about
your caso.
Chas. D. Bloch,
General Insurance.
Respectfully solicit« patronage.
wiamruToa mnr,
Centrally Located,
Convenient to Railroad»,
And Steamboats.
Elegantly furnished with all modarn
improvements. Tabla onsnrpasaaA
Port Gibson, Miss.
>.u Lutkjw*d Boarding bchooi fo*
Begins 8epl 19th, 189«,
.. Principal
Next Bern ion
W. C. Guthbib, jl
L. 1. Pounnr, a. b.,
R. E. licKax,
Rt r. H. H. Bfwwwuai • Bible History
\t M Ka rfsanitLD ..Trep. i»'pt'ml
English, Clamical and Bn»<ns««
Course«. Remarkably healthy loo«»
tion in tha h»U ccamtry.
ArceMi'4-e on tha Y. à M. v.
1 Nantlhl
K. R. ßoptsrior instruction and diael
pline. Board and tmtioa for li
months $155. For catalogue addftai
Stcrelarj C-H Kcsltnj,
Port Gitxaon, Ml«».
9 . n. m tsuaaii, jo.
c. a. FKKXCH.
Will practice in conrta of Chubornfi
and adjoining counties aid in
supreme court at Jackson.
Dr. L. A. SMITH,
- - MISS.

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