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Statisticians Find Substantial
Cause for Alarm.
Average Family To-Day Contains One
Person Less Than That of Fifty Years
Ago.—Parkhurst Deplores Decadence
of Home.
New York.—Tho Reverend Doc
tor Parkhurst, commenting on the
president's attitude toward the
present disinclination for largo fam
ilies, said, among other things:
As so-called clvilzation advances
the size of families diminishes.
Home was once a little republic;
now it Is a place for eating and
Theo the children were at home
except on a special occasion; now it
takes a special occasion to bring
them home.
With the advancement of women
in Industrial fields many of them bo
come only men of tho feminine gen*

* »

Washington.—Statisticians of the
government aro now demonstrating
tbat the number of children in
American lamillcs is gradually de
creasing, which fact is shown by
figures, and to which Prcsi
dent Roosevelt called attention a
day or two ago in a ringiog letter
deploriog the tendency of men and
to live lives of slnglo bles
According ta gaveramint statis
tics the average siza of families in
the United States hxs docreased
steadily in tho last fifty years,
census of 103 shows tha average siza
of tho United Stites family to be
In 1853 it was 5.6; in
i 7 persons.
I860. 5.3; in 1870, 5.1; iu 18*3, 5;
in 1890, 4.9.
The average siza of tha Unitad
States has inereisel since 1830 only
in North Dakota, Smth Dakota and
'.Oklahoma from 4.7 to 4.9, from 4.7
to 4.8, and from 4.1 to 4.G, respec
tivel y.
In each of the remaining States
ind territories tho average siza of
tbe family has decreiuad slightly
axcept in Connecticut and Rhode
Island, where it has remained sta
There was an increisa in the
iverage family sizz io 1330 from 1833
in all the States in tne western di
vi-ioo and in tlioie of tbe Sauth At
lantic and Southern Central di
The dccreasi in practically all
those States and Territories i§ due
lor tbe rncit pirt to differences in
tbe conditions of settlexeat now, as
compared with twent y years ago.
In newly settled communities the
the average sizî of the family is
mall at first, but increases steadily
until a rnaxi
as settlement goes on
is reached, after which it de
The census bureau admits that its
birth statistics are very ucsitisfac
Most of tha comparisons are
the birth rate und
made between
the death rate, and the percentages
given in those conditions.
The birth rate for the entire
United States in 1893 pjr
popu.ation was 26 9 10.
1039 oi pjpulatioc in 1933
27 2-10. In the northeastern di
1033 of
The birth
rate per
vision of States tbe birth rate per
1003 of population was as follows:
and 1900, Connecticut, 22.3
and 24; Maine 17.6 and 21.1; Mas
sachusetts 21.5 aud 24; New Hamp
shire, 18 and 21.3; New 5 r ork, 23.3
nnd 24.2; RhoJe Islund, 22.3 and
24.3; Vermont 18.3 and 21.3.
In the central and northern divis
ions the average birth rate for 1900
25.9 and for 1890 it was 26.8.
division the
In the souttern
average birth rate was, in 1900,
31.5, and in 1890 it was 30.1.
tne western
birth rate per 1000 was 22.8
division the
in 1900, and in 1890 it was 22.9.
By tbe birth places of mothers of
United States children these are the
percentages showing the births per
Reprieve to Doomed Man
Little Rock.— Governor Da vis bas
granted a reprieve of thirty days to
James Ruffin and Joy Green, the ne
have been
who were to
hanged at Star City, Lincoln coun
ty, for the murder of Doc McGee.
Green, in the jail at Star City, con
fessed that be alone was guilty of
the crime, and that Ruffin knew
nothing of it._
Another Alliance Proposed.
Panama.— Advices which reached
here fiom San J oso, Co^ta Rico, say
tbat a diplomatic mission from the
republic of Salvador arrived at San
Jose February 6, bringing several
proposal* for the formation of a
triple alliance between Salvador,
Honduras and Costa 111100 against
Guat*«aU* aud furmtr tbe pronl*'
miUoa tot lb* union of tbe Central
Aairllfttt MftlMlfi
1000 of population as based on the
census of 1900 :
Ireland, 317 per 1030; Germany,
36.2; England and Wales, 25.4; Can
ada, 37.9; Scandinavia, 46.7; Scot
land, 30,1; ltily, 60.9; France, 18.4;
Hungary, 63.5; Bohemia, 57; Rus
sia,64.6, and all othei countries 56.9.
Receives Deep Consideration By the
Committee on Judiciary.
Washington.—The senate commit
tee on judiciary continued its con
sideration of the trust question and
"especially concerned in
effort to eo amend the Littlefield bill
not to make it burdensome to
small corporations. It practically is
the unanimous opinion of the com
mittee that a bill should be enacted
into law, but there is much differ
to the phraseology to be
employed. There is also practical
Equnamity as to the desirability of
making the proposed law apply to
corporations which are capable of
becoming oppresilvc iu their opera
tions and are not extensive enough
to require close supervsion. The
committee is lied,n S a.fflculty .»
defining a line of demarcation b» j
the belief that |
euce as
the members express
a way will ba found ou t ot tha diffl
cult, and that tho b.ll w.M I£ »
modified us not to make it onerous
unon small concerns.
upon aman I
Warlike Preparations. I
Rome. I Italv was fully consulted
m the course of tbe Lamdcrff
Goluscbcwski conference on Mace- i
doniuand promised to support the
proposed action. Tbe scheme for
demand for the j
reform includes a
assembling of an international cou*
gross to adjust the details. This will
here they will remain while the
rnnwress is in session. Orders have
been given tc the Austrian Lloyds
Steamship Company at Triests to be
prepared at short notice to furnish
sufficieot transports to convey
]. irî r C antiv to Dalmatia. Leave of
absence bL been cancelled, the re
s-rves have been warned and the
railroads have been notified to be
ru ith Urge bodies of
ready to deal w
men and supplies.
r» ,• •
La Paz, Bolivia.—The Bohvtau j
government has delivered itsjreply
tha ultimatum presented by tbe
Brziiian minister, Sanor Santos Lis
Bolivia accepts unconditional
Balivia Accepts Ultimstum.
ly but under protest, all the Brazil
ian demands. The Bolivian expedi
tion, commanded by Gcaeral Paudo,
the president, will not cross lati
tude 10 degrees, 8 minutes, the '
south boundary of the contested
territory. Therefore, it is not prob
able that any collision between the
Brazilian aud Bolivian forces wil.
occur. It is generally supposed here j
the Acre revolutionists will
^ i I
surrender their arms to the Brazil- j
iaa troops immediately. |
Salt Lake Ciy.—Reed Smoot it is |
announced will go to Washington
next week to present his credentials ;
senator to succeed Senator R aw * j
The protests against my be- J
Smoot Goinj to Washington.
ing seated in the senate will makG
difference with my plans." said!
Mr. Smoot. "I expect to take my
seat and 1 do not anticipate acy so .
I see no reason
Nothing can
rious interference,
why there should b?.
be brought against me except tbat I
member of the Mormon
- Senator Carmack, |
urn a
Carmack's Dates.
_February 23,will address a Dem
ocratic club at Providence, R. 1., I
and on the day following he speaks
banquet at Spriugfield, Mass.,
tbe Sons of the American
at a
given by
Ladrones Play Havoc.
Manila.—A hundred ladrones at
tacked tbe town of Nojan, Island of
Mindanao. Constabulary repulsed
after a scattering fight wbict
lasted several hours, during wnich
killed and one|
one lad rone was
Free Delivery Routes.
Waebington.—Free delivery pos
tal service will be extended ou Juue
1, next, to Crowley, La.; South Mc
A lester, I. T„ and Hattiesburg,
Miss. _;
Pirates Captured.
Consttinople.—Tbe British gun
boat Harrier has captured in tht
Red Sea three piran ships with
their entire crews.
Militia Data Requested.
Washington.—Senator Morgan's
resolution calling ou the secretary
of tbe navy for the correspondence
of naval officers, in Colombia a waters
last year, has been reported favor
ably by the senate committee on na
val affirs with an araecdmsnt substi
tuting tbo president for the secre
tary and also making it s request to
h« «QoioUaä with "If net Ucomp&th
til with m pvfclll UtMfiit»."
of a
News of the Day and Notes by
the Way in the Magnolia State.
in Counties Where Whltecap Troubles
Prevailed.—An English Ship Carpenter
in Fit of Insanity Accuses His Wife of
Associating With "Jack the Ripper."
some time to come,
recently placed under bond by
[judge Powell, is still in Brook
haven. After consulting ttejodg«
and d,strict attorney K» ont tor
j home He had not
| ever, before he lost heart and rode |
counties state that the White Caps I
in both counties are thoroughly
frightened by the prosecutions that
have been instituted, and are main-1
Citizens of Franklin and Lincoln
ly concerned in keeping out of the
toils of the law. They are not med
itating any further outbreaks for
witnesses -.nj
lis, one of the main
the case ogainat the men who were 1
back to town and expr«ised his in
tent» » to
around "«»**"* J,' 1 " ^
negro Stewart Fairman, ana ro on<
I ^ offlcor8 know where he can
I be found. Tne men who were
placed under bond have sent word
to bitn to come on out home, aa t icy
i do not intend to harm um, u e j
sent them word that he was.su or- I
Ung from pneumonia and® r
j to undertake the trip. e j
them for their courtesy, however.
The collection of the notes give.
for subscriptions to the endowment i
fund of Mississippi College is going
on well. The whole amount sub
be scribed was about $60,000, and it
j was to be paid in five annual pay-j
ajments. Already about one-third of
of the amount has boen collected and
re- President Lowrey believes that by
the the beginning of next year at least
be one-half will have been paid. Many
of people are paying in advance. All
the notes are good, however, and by
January, 1995, the endowment for
the college will be raised to $100,
000. The institution bad $40,000
j * starte( j out to raise the ad
^ tG0 0(M) .
Endowmen Subscriptions.
Clinton College is
Baptist school and one of the old
institutions of learning in the
The raising of the endow-1
State. _
ment is thus a work undertaken
I strictly by tbe denomination. The
fop thig year i s about
lati- ^ highest ou record.
the ' •
Tried to Poison Rival.
Quite a sensational case came up
a t Canton a few days ago. The evi
j ence brought out the facts that
yym iam McKie, a negro, had at
Cebe Reid, an
I tempted to poison
j Qtber negro> Both men were in love
| tbo woman. McKie
bought a pint of whiskey and gave
It to one of bis friends and instruct
| ed hin; t0 g i ve Reid a drink, warn
ing tbo friend not to drink any of
; W hiskey himself. Reid was given
j the whiskey and the warning, with
J tbe reau n that the bottle of whiskey
taken to the mayor, who had it
ana i yze d. Finding strychnine in it,
kj ayor Yandel committed McKie to
N ail ' tc awP it an analysis from tbe
Stot3 co ll e ge.
Logger Drowned.
Mr. Forbes, of the FordsviHe
neighborhood, about eighteen miles
southwest of Columbia, while en-
gaged in floating logs dowu Sweet-
| water Creek to Pearl river, stepped
log which turned with him and
As he
I threw him into the water.
swimmer he was
on a
was but a poir
unable to save himself. A negro
| jumped into the water to rescue
Forbes, but the drowning man
struggled so frantically that the ne
gro barely escaped drowning him
self. However, he succeeded in
bringing tbe body of Forbes to ths
bank, where all efforts to revive the
unfortunate young man proved fu
Forbes was about 30 years of
He leaves a wife and several
a ß e -
Arbitrators to Settle.
With a v k cw of settling the differ
between contractor Larken
and Architect Gininini, who built
the new city hall, the mayor and
aldermon of Vicksburg have decid
ed to appoint a board cf arbitration,
consisting of three members, one lor
the city, one for the contractor and
the third to be selected by the first
two appointed, if ^differences cannot
be arranged.
Deputy Collector for Gulfport.
It is good news to the Gulfport
business men that a deputy collector
is to be appointed for that port,
will be in keeping with tho progress
cf She town. _
Collins to Have Light Plant.
The Collins Light and Fewer
Company 1» btlng crgaoUed ut Col
lto* by Jwa) capital lor ih* purpose
ItMtslllAtf w lUetrli light Md
Saw Hanging of John Brown.
It is a fact not generally known
that Hinde county bas two officials
who were present and witnessed
the execution of the famous John
Brown at Charleston, Va.
officials are County Superintendent
of Education C. S. North, of Kay
raond, and Sheriff R. J. Hardlug, of
Jackson. Colonel Harding wus a
youth at the time and a student of
the Virginia Military Acudemy,
and Mr. North was a boy, living on
bis father's plantation, close to the
spot where Brown gave up his life.
taken to the as ylum.
Candidates Lining Up.
^ ^ t0 , is0 am] the
^ (<) bu(J and bird , be .
t0 6ing , annou „ C emcnts for
| t cHlccs ltu i,i
Said Wife Was Dangerous.
Edward Bundy, an English car
penter. was taken before Judge An
I de-teon, ut Vicksburg, few days ago,
on habeas corpus proceedings and
declared a monomaniac on the sub
ject cf believing different people to
He is
be murderers and assassins,
said to have written a.letter stating
that he thought his wife
dangerous woman, and stated in
was a
-.nj court that she was formerly with
Bundy was
1 "Jack-the-Ripper.
in- „ e8timal , (l tbat there will
* 80U0 candidate, State, county,
legislative an I beat, before the pri
«« pullad oB next August.
Convocation at Yazoo City.
The CO nvocation which
icy wag ^ bave asscrab i e d in Yazoo City
e j the time cf Bishop Thompson's
or- I death, which necessitated a post
"poncraent, took place in Trinity
j cburc h, Y azoo City, on last Monday,
i «ou. S. D. McNair, for the last
eleven years t be cffiiccnt chancery
sub- clerk of Jefferson county, and one
it of tbe mosl popular men in the State
pay-j ha3 announce d that he will be a can
of dictate for railroad comraisisoner for
and lhe Sout hern district.
A number of clergymen from differ
ent parts of the State were present.
McNair for R. R. Commissioner.
lhe Sout hern district.
A \\hart Disaster,
The wharf cf N Seymour and Son,
oyster dealers, of Ocean Springs,
collapsed recently, precipitating
fifteen men and boys into the bay.
Fortunately the tide was low and nc
oue was drowned. Several were
more or less bruised by the fall,

An application has been granted
the Bank of Laurel to go into a Na
ît is the bank's inten
National Bank at Laurel.
tional bank.
tion to build a modern Dank build
ing, the present bui.ding having
been sold to the Laurel Y. M. C. A.
Stubbs Ont for District Attorney.
J. J. Stubbs, of Raleigh, Smith
county, has authorized the an
nouncement of his candidacy for dis
trict attorney for the Eighth ju
dicial district. He is now on a can
vassing tour. %
Remains of Young Hover Found.
The remains of George Haver, the
young man who was drowned in the
Yazoo canal near Vicksburg some
weeks ago,while returning in a skiff
from a hunt, have been found.
Ladies Will Edit Tiie Record.
The Gulfport Circle of the King's
Daughters will turn newspaper
women for one day scon,
edit, publish and circulate one issue
of the Record.
They will
Davidson Defends Sister at Cost of His
Brother's Life.
Memphis, Tenn.— A special from
t »
Clarksville, Tenn., says:
Davidson, who went to the Philip
pines as a member of company H,
First Tennessee volunteers, shot his
brother Al, six times, killing him
instantly. It is said that Al David
went to his home and attacked
his sister and father with a knife.
The girl ran to the home of Charles
Davidson for assistance, and the lat
ter armed himself with a revolver
and went to his father's house. Al,
it is claimed, attacked Charles with
the knife, whereupon the latter
tired six shots, all of which took,
passing through AI's
effect one
Stupendous Fraud.
St. Louis.—Investigations into the
failure of the get rich quick con
cerns show that the swindle is tbe
most gigantic in tho history of the
Mere than $23,000,000 has
been lo 3 t by the customers of these
so-called cooperative turf eompa
nies, and it may be that the loss will
foot up double that enormous sum.
Students to Study Plague.
Mexico.—Tha medical
students from Mexico City, whe are
coming to help fight tne plague, are
expected this week. The bout cf tne
board of health will take them off
tbe steamer at g cocsiderable dis
tance from this port. A w;ul known
retail merchant at U Piedra Island
ha* been removed to tbe lazarettc
suffering from tbe pligue. Hi* .hop
w*i burn*4, Oao of bl* clerk* e»f
fiid tb« to th* Uiwci.
Transpiracies of Note, News and
Views of National Interest.
Wqich is Said to Ba A Piece of Welcome
News to Railroads, and Also to Small
Shippers to Whom It Gives the Same
Advantages Enjoyed by Larger Firms.
Washington.—Under the opera
tion of a special order which cut off
ipportunity to offer amendments,
;he house by a vote of 241 to 6. has
passed the Elkins bill to probitit
rebates to shippers.
who voted against the bill
Democrats. Mr. Littlefield, of
The six mem
Maine,was present, but did not vote
either the rule or tho bill. A
jovernmeut official, who is in a po
sition tospeuk with knowledge and
this subject, said:
îuthority on
'The Elkins bill will be gladly wel
îomed by the railroads, as would
that makes it illegal for
iny measure
•,bem to give rebates. At the same
Time, this bill will prove a good
;bin s for the public as well as for
ihe railroads, because it is for the
.uterest of everyody that the same
rate should be charged to all ship
pers. The rate, as a general propo
sition, injures the smaller shipper
md benefits the large shipper. My
jwn împressiou, however, is that at
.he present time the payment of re
bates is growing less and less every
Anew division to be known as
:he division of hydrology has re
sently been organized in the hy
ircgraphic branch of the United
States geological survey. The work
* this division will include ihe
pothering and filing of well records
jf all kinds, the su y o
ind other problems relating ° *
lerground waters, and the inve i
nation of the s tratl f? ra P h y of the
water bearing and associated rocks.
[n addition to the gathering of sta
tistics relating to the flow, cost,
;tc., of the wells, it is hoped in the
future to give especial attention to
the geological features which gov
?rn or which are associated in any
way to the supply of water. The
division will be subdivided into two
sections, the eastern and the west
iin; the first embracing the Gulf
ind Mississippi river State and the
States to the east, aad the atccood
— bracinc tho remaining, "Recla
States and Territories, or
those having public lands,
charge of each section has beoc as
signed to a geologist; the western
iection to N. D. Darton, and tbe
eastern to M. L. Fuller. The office
charge of Mr. Fuller,
details are in
The exchange of places between
Col. Theodore A. Bingham, super
intendent of the White Housï build
ings and grounds, and Major
Thomas W. Symons, who bas for
I i been engaged on engi
work at Buffalo, N. Y ,
details are
some years
not unexpectedly.
Bingham was said to be wholly out
af kev with ths new movement for
the beautification of Washington,
and, being of a combative tempera
ent. has made the task of the
esthetic reformers needlessly diffi
cult. He had a design of his own
for the enlargement of the White
House which drew the tire of tbe
American Institute of Architects,
and was set aside in favor of Charles
He also differed radic
F. McKiao.
ally with the Burnham commission
f -f fnrthp nro
■the question of a site for the pro-1
posed memorial bridge, and also as
to the treatment to be £ iv ® n £ the
grounds south of the White House
and sweeping down the Fotomae.
Herbert W. Bowen, Venezuela's
representative in the peace negotia
tion at Washington, has signed with
each ot .he allie.' rcprc.entaUves
here a protocol providing for the
immediate raising of the Venezuelan
blockade and for the reference of
the question of preferential treat
ment of the claims of tbe allies
against Venezuela to The Hague Ar
bitration Tribunal.
The senate committee on corn
agreed to report adversely
tbe nomination of Dr. W. D. Cru#m
be collector ot the port of Charl
The vote on confirma
eston, S. C.
tion was 6 to 8^___
The house committee ou public
buildings and grounds is disposed
let the present appropriation
$200,000 for a public building site
New Orleans stand and not recom
mend an increase.
General William Booth,
mander-in-ebief of the Salvation
Army, and his son-in-law, ComJ
mander Booth-Tucker, in charge
the work of the army in the United
States, took luncheon with Presi
dent Roosevelt, a few days ago.
vited to meet the president 8 guests
were member» of the cabinet
»ome other distiogutehed men
public ftfiilr*, Tho pretident take*
ifai ilveUtit int*re*t in th* w*if*M
m AfffiVi -
Chairman Burrows, of the itoato
committee cm privilege* and elec
tions, has been authorised to report
adversely upon the claim for back
pay presented by the legal repre
sentatives of senators from Southern
States who entered coogress at the
time of the reconstruction, amount
ing to $86.000. These claims were
made for the entire congress to I
which the men were elected while
at the time they were paid only
from the time that the States were
restored to their full rights.
The speech delivered by Senator | p
Morgan on the Statehood bill is
said to have been a raàsterpiece and
replete with information bearing
this great question. It was the
fir 3 t great speech delivered by the
Alabama sage aince the suspension I is
of discussion on the isthmian canal
waterway. Mr. Morgan held that j has
the question of giving statehood
rights to the Tcrrit ries was net oue | the
of politics. He l»ad voted, he said,
for the admission of Washington be
cause he believed it was his duty to
do so, unmindful of what might be
the political effect. .
the one
hand and ridicule on the other, the
bill recently introduced by Senator I
Hanna for the pensioning of ex
slaves would seem to have a hard |
road to travel. Among the latest as
sailants of this piece of legislation is
Representative De Armcnd of Mis
A movement is on. to t to have ^
bill to pay the doc-1
congress pass a
tors' bills incurred b7 the Spanish |
soldiers as a result of their ser
A measure is now
vice in Cuba.
pending in tbe senate to pay the j
as medical expenses of sick office« and
re- enlisted men of the army while ab
hy- sent from duty with leave or on fur
lough. __
work T he principal issue storehouse of
ihe I ^ ar8eDal at Rock .
M been destroyed by
(j re . The contente were valued at fo
* , $i t 500,000 and included cavalry and
i- * n J equipment and 1,000,000 1
the | rounds 0 ( Krag-Jorgenson smokeless
Major William Hancock Clark, I
the el(le8t soa 0 j Captain William Clark,
to q{ tbe Lewig and Clark expedition,
gov- wU , have an important part in
any op6ning the exposition at Portland
The j a 1905 He j s a re8 ident of Wash- I
two j ^ n g^ on
^ n g^ on
I Tacked 0n To Postoffice I
Bi " ™
Washington.-The senate oomrait- |
J tee on postoffices and postroads bas j
decided to amend the postoffice ap
propriation bill by adding os
amendment the omnibus statehood
The vote on the motion to
8 to 5. Those who voted
proposition are Elkins,
I ^lltchell and Penrose, Republicans;
and Clay, Culberson, Dubolse, Sim- I *
mon3 and Taliaferro, Democrats.
Those who voted in the negative
were Beveridge, Deboe, Dollivtr, j
and Proctor, all Republicans,
Se ua t or Mason, chairman of tbe com
rc ittee, presided and did not vote.
I bill.
amend was
for the
. ...
Morgan For Canal Commissioners.
W ashington,.-W. S. Morgan, of
Neville, has been presented to the
pre8ident by the Tennessee delega
tion ag an applicant for a place on
tbe isthmian canal commission. Tbe
prcs ident said he had', reached no
(jgcision as to tbe commission yet, J
j aad the field was still open,
Ricotti Raising Troops.
I H°me.-Gen. Ricoltt Marita. , .
o£ the ot tbe great patriot
who n]aed a force 0 f Italian voluu
teer8 for Greece during the Greco
Turkigh war, is organizing a voun
| teer expedition to assist the Mace
donians in the rising aghast Tur
kish rule which is believed to be
| pending,
^ ^
New York.-Crowds of
of had invested in the Arnold C P
ny on going to tbe New York offices
| to withdraw their accounts found
tbe door locked and the rooms de
West Virginia Tragedy.
Roanoke, Va.— John Frith shot
and killed Witten Height and Frank
Williams at Eckman, W. Va. Frith
and Height were partners in a res
taurant business at Welch, a few
miles from Eckman. It was alleged
by Height that he had-discovered
Frith in his wife's chamber the pre
vious niffht.
Contracting For Mote.
Tacoma,Wash.— H. F. Krohnakyn,
of Seoul, Korea, has arrived in Ta
coma on his way to New York and
Philadelphia to contract for idols tc
be used in tbe heathen temples of
his country.
Seif c la Sofli,
Sofia,—Bulgaria bus proclaimed
several district* mi th* Maoe.onia*
frontier to In U » it«t« «J it«««.
Doings of a Busy World Told in
Pointed Paragraphs.
Condensed and Served While Hot To
Our Readers in Labor Saving Slices.-
Cream of Ute Dispatches From The
| p 0 ur Quarters of the Globe.
I is dead,
j has passed the house,
| the bill t(J pens i on ex-slaves,
passed a law regulating child labor.
fj be American legation will not
attend the memorial services over
The archduchess of Austria is
Field Marshal Sir John Simmons
The Elkins railroad rebate bill
Joe" Wheeler is in favor of
legislature has
Tbe Alabama
tbe wreck of the Maine.
I London exceed $165,000.
Tbe preg i den t 0 f Salvador de
| clareg thftt corap i e t e tranquility pre
Tbe forged J. P. Morgan notes in
vails in tnat country.
Premier Baltour is still trying to
explain away the alliance against
Yellow Tail won the Palace Hotel
stakes at Iugleside, but was disqual
| tfied.
It is hoped the senate committee
will increase the appropriation for
j j^ ew Orleans postoffice site.
pres , dept
Two Thunder Mountain mail car
of rlers have been lost in the rroun
. tein5>
by The bUmrd in Wyoming has been
at fo j, owe( j by 8UC h intensely cold
th as to cn danger stock,
1 weatÙe
Mr. Bryan says under no circum
stances will he again be a candidate
There have been severe losses in
Massachusetts and New York by the
turf speculation failures.
I McEnery is working for
gtay ot execu tion in the Homer
Byrd cage
in The . g sprea ding in Mex
haviniî appeared at Oso, State of
I suppress
Iiaenaen a rtnke.
Secretary of War Root has given
| ^ endorsement ^ a project for the
j teacbin gg "of r ,fl e shooting in tbe
I * The Frenc h cabinet's majority s
allegiance was shakeu by the pro
Q j lhe ministry to tax tbe pri
j manu f a cture of brandies.
Merchauts and professional men .
at Shreveport bave taken steps to
lawlessness during tbe
public schools.
Tbe New York police force ha«
begun the work of raiding turf in
vestment concerns.
Another pumping well has been
brought in' at Welch, La.
A bill for reconsideration of »
for equipping volunteer
troops has been favorably reported
to the Senate.
ïü reply to PraridentBjLS^
ator Hanna s y considèr
has to say is entitled to no cons.der
a n
J cial duties.
Mrs. Roosevelt is suffering from
overtaxing of her strength in so
The old contract botween inde
pendent anthracite miners and the
railroad, has been renewed.
, . Tfae Colomb i aD Miolster to Mexi
^ charK es made by Sen
Morgan m the United States
g tbat a Co i omb ian chief ex
ye ha(J sold 0 , :| a „ d abd i ca ted
for $1,000,000.
Vienna merchants declare the
Balkan crisis has been greatly over
drawn and tbat all the excitement ia
fictitious. -
qulred of
guburban add
L c()uld .. mail himself" to his desti
nat j on for three penco per mile.
A London business man who in
postoffice agency for (
discovered that
Ambassador Choate will direct
the dinner of tho American Society
in London to be given in honor of
President D. R. Francis of the
Wori's Fair Company.
King Edward plana another mag
nificent opening of parliament.
Queen Alexandria's ruling tbut
peeresses may wear their coronation
robes brings dismay to many of the
ladies of the court.
The president has signed the bill
providing for a department ot com
London women are complaining
against tbe ''gilded cads"
nov them on the streets and under
the laws of England are immune
from arrest.
The hazing of officer* in th«
Guards, England'* orao.it regiment,
occupied the atteutloa of the WrUleb
publie te tbe excluilno el tbe *»f
vipti ind the Viftwilw men.
who an-

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