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Womin in Butine*«.
I Whit'« the matter with the women!
They are holding positions of trust by
toe thousand* la government, «täte,
city, commercial and profeailonal
»Joy, say*
th* Business Woman *
Millions of dollars have
passer! and ar* still passing dally
ttrough th*lr hamjs, and yet graft ■
the semblance t>f same has
been charged Against them.
V? i
i m
■Mrs. L C. Qlover, Vicc-Prcs- 1
ident Milwaukee, Wis., Business
Woman's Association, is another
«>ne of the million women who
have been restored to health by
using Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
Dear Mm. Pixkiiam: — I was mar
ried for several years and no children
Blessed my home. The doctor said I
Lad a complication of female troubles
«nd I could not have any children un
less I could be cured. He tried to cure
one, but after experimenting for sev
eral months, my husband became die
feasted, nnd one night when wc noticed
the testimonial of n woman who had
[been cured of similar troubla through
the use of I.ydia 1C. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, he went out
«nd bought a bottle for me. I used
jour medicine
months, improving steadily in health,
and in twenty two months a child
came. I cannot fully express the joy
and thankfulness that is in my heart.
Our home is a different place now, as
we have something to live for. nnd
all the credit is due to Lydia
E. Pink ham's Vegetable Com
pound. Yours very sincerely, Mas.
L. C. Glover, 614 Grove St. Milwaukee,
•Wig." Vice President, Milwaukee
Business Womnn's Association. — $5ooo
forfait ff original of obovo lottor proving gtnulno•
mot» cannot be produced
tor three and one-half
A l-arge Trial Box and book of In
structions absolutely Free and Post
paid enough to prove the value of
PaxtineToilet Antiseptic
1-tJU Pa*tine is li» powder
dissolve Hi
water — non-poisonous
KV and tar superior to liquid
■Ul antiseptics containing
«> alcohol which Irritates
Inllamed surfaces, and
NBL4 have no rlaanMng prop
t tri les. The contents
of every bo* crakes
HH more Antiseptic Solu
t' u " — but* longer —
goes further—has riore
JW uses In the family and
y/flxr doeimorsgoodthanany
syj antiseptic preparation
you can boy.
The formula of a noted Boston physician,
and used with great success as a Vaginal
Wash, for Leucorrhata, Pci vie Catarrh. Nasal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane.
In local treatment of female ills Faxtine is
invaluabl*. Used a« a Vaginal Wash wo
challenge th* world to produce its equal for
thoroughness. 11 is a revelation in cleansing
and healing power; it kills all germs which
cause inflammation and discharges.
All taadingdruggikts keep Faxtine; price.nOe.
ahox; if yours does not, send to us for It. Don't
take a substitute— there is nothing like Paxtlne.
Write for the Free Box of Paxtlne to-day.
R. PAXTON CO., 7 Pop# Bldg., Boston, Mass.
r « «'
: : OF ; :
Buggie», Road Wagon*. Surreys. Carl«. ®c.
or AM. Ki>na. Bam -«»
honor from farrlVillr «rl
trUd mi.lrrlul. HafUfac
»Ion «tiiHroolcrd or no «aie.
Han't full to »rlto u» for
< alulnfiir ■■* «rieft- W* eater »peelally
«to hnnfhera trade and know what they
rant XV ft HAVE THE GOODS- Wewan*
live denier». Get busy, i
• iiiii
F. A. AMES & CO.
84.00, 83.50, 83.00, 82.50
U JV22 SHOES TMmiïo.
W.L Douglas shoes
are worn by more ^
men than aDy other ^ _ Q
make, '.'he reason |Nk Bt
is, they hold their fry [T rfl)
longer, and have
greater intrinsic
value than any
other shoes. Jt
Tha DaLoach Patent Variable Friction Fees :
Saw Mill with » h p. cut» a,«» iret t*er day. ail
•Iff. .nd price, to .ult DeLoach shingle Min», !
Trimmer*. Planer»; Cora »nd Buhi
•i Water Wheel«, Lath Mill«, Wood Saws. ;
Out handsome new C.Ulo* will interret ,ou. \
DaLoach Mill Mtg. Co . Rox Sm. Attanu, Go.
i°s° *n l0D . *. 'fin
2100 *olion Ctitara - - 28.5J
Cypres* »a»h sad doori very ckssy
Wir* screeas aid doori cheap. !
h.p.lbwibsi co„Ltn»itad
m Bar»»»«
*** KÂ WritsfinrFriMfr
Seid Everyuhere. VM
I .»ok for natnr «»» |*j-li-f on
I>ou g laa uw« «'»t'oiia rnltakln, wliioli la
every where roiti-«Mla<l Inhatlie Unesl ratent
Leal lier yet MeSarel, fut Co or Eyltti utrd.
■•tuet t>r innfl.sr. ••ent* extra. Writ« for Cala ko«.
XV. X» DOUGLAS, Itrockton, M»«<
ut lam.
f*|B| Machinery
L'îMï Repaired 1
Gin ^ Mill
« « e
•X« Hobmaon'a
Violiaburg, Mit
Saw mills
v I u
S nd tor Catalogs*
Dropsy II
Removes all «welling In 8»oao
day» ; effcti* a iiermaBeKt cure
in So U» vs- Trial treat meat
givenfree. Nr 4 hii»gcaot>efa»ref
Writ« fir H. M. tiraan'» 8or»*%
SbmuIUIi, hoi JH.AtiVlS.»*
* -%
31ft of $11,000,000 In Check* Make* •
Columbian Student Angry.
With flushed face and flashing eye, j
Marcellu* Hartley Dodge, favorite
trandeon of Marcellus Hartley, the
lead millionaire, yeaterday was the
recipient of check* representing $11,*
000,000 from his classmates at the
class day exercises In Columbia uni*
verslty. That the reference to the
legacy ho will reçoive from the estate
of bis grandfather was not pleasing
to the young man was made manifest
He did not arise to accept the checks, I
but compelled Rol Cooper Magrue, the j
presentation orator, to carry them over
to where he was sitting and place
them In his hand. Neither did he ut
ter a word of acknowledgement of a
gift which recalled so unexpectedly
the death of his grandfather. j
It was a Joke designed by the grad- !
Not until Its effect was
uatlng class.
shown by their popular fellow student
did it dawn upon the student* that a
I breach of good taste had been com
I milted. In making the presentation
j Mr Magrue said:
''Although Mr. Dodge is a very hard
worker, we are afraid his path in lif*
will net be as smooth as we should
wish. Therefore, to assist him at the
outset of his stnigglo with tbe world,
we have taken up a collection and
raised $11.000,000, which is repre
sented by these thfee checks. I take
pleasure iu presenting them to you, sir,
as evidence of the interest of the class
in your welfare.
Mr. Dodge was evidently offended
and the other exercises were hurried
along.—New York Press.
• •
ßalvini, the Great Tragedian, Electrl
fled a New York Audience.
' Tomasso Salvini's proposed' tour tc
this country made A. E. Imncaster, the
New York poet and playwright, remis
appearance In this country I was dra
matic critic on the New York Herald,
led was sent to interview the Italian
tragedian. Salvinl had In his retinue
x dapper little interpreter named Ra
poni, who looked like a French dancing .
master. Nevertheless he was a good '
nterpreter and Invaluable to Salvinl. ;
The Interview had about ended when |
When Salvlna made his first
flaponl turned to mo and said: 'Signor
dalvlcl wishes to know if you will do
ilm the honor of drinking with him.''
Dt course I accepted, and Raponi led
:he way out to a little Italian wine
•oom in the neighborhood. Suddenly,
with hla glass of red wine half raised
:o his lips, Salvinl began to rpeak
•npidly and excitedly. 'Tell Mr. Lan
master.' repeated the interpreter, 'that
when I play "Othello" I will make his
îountrymen Jump from their seats!* i
Two evenings later I had the oppor
:unlty of putting Salvlni's prediction
to the test. Othello had reached that
wonderful climax In his jealous fury
when, with a cry that was electrical,
the audience at the Academy of Music 1
lumped to Its feet! There was noth
Ing in the historic world like it, and
nobody Wit the groat Salvinl could
have do ne It," _
FITS permanently cured. No fit« nr nerven«.
ness after Arst day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerv« lt««lorer.*2trialbottleand treatisefree
Dr. R. H. Emni. Ltd.. «31 Arcli St.. Tbila.. Pa
. . I j
OecMionally s -irl marrie* b«rnu*e «he
wants to marrv. but the majority marry
because thev don't want to remain «ingle. !
Ask Tear Dester For Allen*« Foot-K»«e
A powdor. It rests the feet. Cure« Corns, 1
bunions. Swollen, More,Hot. Cal lou«,Arhiinç
Aweatlr g Feet and Ingrowing Nails. Allen's .
Foot-Ease makes new or tight «hoes easy. At
A married man who own« an automobi'e
m in s position to acquire « lot of exper
"' ncf - S
«11 Druggists and Shoe store«, 25 cent«. Ac
eent no substitute. Hsmnle mailed Fass,
Address, Allen R. Olmsted,' LeRoy, N. Ï.
The Wonderful Cream Separator.
Doe« its work in thirty minutes and ;
leave« le«« -Gian 1 per cent, kutter fat.
The prive is ridiculously low, according to i
«ize, $2.75 to $6.00 each, and when you
have one you would not part therewith
for fifty times its cost.
jrsT send this TtoTiCF.
get their big catalogue, fully describing Ibis
remarkable Cream Separator, and hun
dreds of other too!« and farm seeds used
hy the farmer. fA.C.L.]
If people were compelled to give voice to
their thought« few men would have the
nerve to sing in public.
Wesley's Loving Cup.
A loving cup of old English Jack
wood. once owned by Bishop Asbury's
mother, and frequently used as a sac
1 ramental cup by John Wesley when
he administered the sacrament to the j
little band of Methodists at the As
bury home, has just been given to
th0 y Westleyan University, Middle
town. Conn. ■ , _ence,
It's the neglect of backache, side
adie, pain in the hips or loins that
finally prostrates the strongest body.
^ The kidney warniugs are
J'JSm serious — they tell you
that they are unable to
\ filter the body's waste
(m Ufa \ fln< * P 0 ** 011 f ro,n blood ;
M —the sewers are clogged
fï nnd Impurities are run
nlng wild to Impregnate ;
nerves, heart, brain nnd j
I / every organ of the body
I wi,h d l8cn8e elements,
\ Doan's Kidney Fills are
Y 3 quick to soothe and
\ y strengthen sick kidneys,
nnd help them free the
pfâj system from poison. Head
how valuable they are, even In cases
of long standing.
L. C. Lovell, of 415 North First St.,
j Spykane, Wash., says: "I have had
I trouble from my kidneys for tbe past
: ten years, it was caused by u strain
f(> nt tention But
! ° nl)l(l1 - 111110 ,, '
ns I neglected the trouble It became j
; , ln *|i nn v strain or n •
\ " nrso tt,1(l " or8e nnlU , , .
slight cold was sure to be followed by
I Bet ere pain Reran my back. Then the
«»vtlon of the kidney secrelions be
canie deranged and 1 was caused much
annoyance, besides loss of sleep.
! Doan's Kidney Fills were brought to
luv üotlc«, and after taking them a
»hört time their good effect was ap- !
parent. All tbe pain was removed
I from my back and the kidney serre- !
tlons became normal. Doan's Kidney
Fills do «11 that Is claimed for them."
A FREE TRIAL of this great remedy
wljlcli cured Mr. Ix»vell will be mailed
application to any part of the Uul- j
ted States. Address Foster Mllburn ]
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. For sale by all '
druggists, price 60 cents per box.
St. Louis Working Night and Day to Be in Readiness
For the Opening of the World's Fair on Saturday,
April 30th Next.
Æ7 &
XOJ4.. ,IK flr8t feW thousand cnr*
jf ■■ ¥ loads of the twenty thou
o M* O »and cnrs of exhibit* that
X * K Till arrive at (lie Worlds
'ytOW F» ir •" s *- Louis wi(h;n
the next few weeks have been re
i-elvenl nnd unloadeil. iJirge forces of
men are employed night and day In
receiving and placing the valuable
'products from many nations of the
world as they come In. Any one who
has not been over the Worlds Inlr
grounds cannot, with the wildest
stretch of Ills Imagination, realize tbe
magnificence of tbls latest nnd grent
jest of Universal Expositions,
Its thousand buildings spread out over
inn area of two square miles, enclosed
by six miles of fence, the great
World's Fair glistens In the sun, and
is the centre of interest to all this part
of the country.
The management has very consid
erately arranged many of tbe prin
cipal exhibit palaces in a compact
While there are more than
twenty-five biddings of considerable
size given up to exhibit purposes, tbe
very large buildings are some fifteen
in number; eight of these, the Palace
of Transportation. Machinery, Elec
tricity, Varied Industries, Education,
Jdjiuufactures, Mines and Metallurgy.
Liberal Arts, are situated In the nortb

1 ..—



* W-.
1 Ï >
I mk
M ' $
«• 4f,
■ ;
%y I

:>; : x
- 'tr*
i m

• /.'I A'-:



- 4*

' * X

■ ■■ •

■ ■
■ :

• V.

: -

■■ A
» .
--Copyrighted, 1904, by the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
- 't


eastern part of the grounds,
main entrance to the Exposition will
| e t the visitor into the centre of tbls
group. As each building covers from
t *igbt to fifteen acres nnd contains
several miles of aisles, lined on either
s j,i e by most interesting exhibits, the
visitor will see his time slipping away
wlt j, a world, ef things yet remaining

to be seen.
The Government has spent more on
this Exposition than Jt has ever
ded bcfore First, it gave $5,000.000
• , . f .. icmoülHon
to the general fund of the Exposition.
consideration that the city of St.
Louis would raise $10.000,000. This
. W as promptly done. Then,
m igi
n million aud ..half inoce for buildings
and exhibits, nnd a few »weeks ago do
elded to make a loan of $4,600.000 to
the Exposition In order to have the
plans carried out to their
com pi etene g a> The Government can
no t lose much on this investment at
St. Louis, for the reason tha* St. IahiIb
in Internnl revenue taxes for
half of Missouri alone.
the Government appropriated nenrly
the Plustern
over $13.000,000 a year,
j w j S ij | might describe the great
beauty of the- Government buOding.
it Is 800 feet long and stands on a
looking tbe grand group o
Admiral Alexeiefl a Master M3nd. a Ma«ler
Will and a Masterful Hand.
Admiral K. I. Alexeieff. described
Beveridge lu his book,
by Senator
"The Russian Advance." ns "aimaster
mind, a master will, altogether**
is the subject of an tn
terful man,
forming article by Charles Jobliston,
Jn jj arper - g Weekly. Admiral Alex
. .. . for Tearg at the build
eieff ha8 toUe<1 ror 7 " „ . . - ,
ing of a new region of Russian influ
a region nearly as large as tbe
of France aud Ger
combined area
many, and with a friuge of possible
future acquisitions many times grent
the whole of his life
er( on iy to see
W ork threatened with dissolution.
this lifework," says Mr. Johnston,
j ias accomplished miracles almost, fac
| ng conditions of great and unexpect
e d difficulty, amid surroundings alter
nately picturesque with the glamor of
fh e East and squalid with intrigue
nn d physical wretchedness. Through
a j] these difficulties Admiral Alex
0 i e ff has acted with constant resolu
tion, force, rapidity, nnd constructive
power. _
into n f ajre
fourteen y
* 5°^® Frost though, that he was boy
t M ^ At the tlme ^ bl8
. , wag g t x f ee f tall and
enlistment he was SIX reel I ..
weighed 1Ö0 pounds.—Kansas City
The Kaiser's New Motor Car.
<xh e German Emperor's new motor
ear has been built by an English firm
ward's "omnibus car." The body is
painted in ivory, blue and gold lined
(Ute the colors of the imperial train),
and tbe inside is upholstered In crim
*on leather, and looks very smart.—
London Dally Express.
—— .— —- —
In Russia altogether there are about
85,000 elementary schools, the total
eost of their maintenance being 50,
000.000 roubles, or about $27,000,000.
Youngest Cavalryman o I Civil War.
The death of Oscar Arion Frost, at
Ottawa, brings out tbe claim for him
that he' was the youngest cavalryman
He went
enlisted in tbe Civil War.
Ü tbe Third Missouri Cavalry at
and served
It cannot be cladmed
palaces. Near by are tbe Government
Fisheries building and sea coast de
fense guns.
The Ta lace of Agriculture is the
largest of the Exposition buildings
and stands In the central western
part of the grounds, upon a high ele
vation. This building cover* twenty
of ground, the equivalent of a
small farm, and contains many thou
sands of exhibits, not only from the
States of the United States but from
countries of the world,
of Horticulture stands directly south
of the Palace of Agriculture aud Is
The Palace
400 by 800 feet.
Tbe Palace of Art, composed of four
large pavilions. Is one of the most In
teresting parts of the Fair. The several
buildings contain a total of 135 gal
leries, filled with tbe priceless treas
ures of Europe and America, gathered
with great care by discriminating
committees. As an example of the care
with which these selections were
made, Italy may be taken as an ex
ample. Some four thousand paintings
were offered, yet only four hundred
could be selected. One of the four
buildings of tbe Palace of Art is de
voted entirely to statuary.
The Palace of Forestry. Fish and
Game Is in the western part of the
grounds, covering four acres.
new science of forestry has here a
most interesting exemplification.
In the central western part of tbo
grounds *re many of the Foreign Gov
ernment I'aviiions. Some fifty for
eign nations are taking active part in
the World's Fair, several of them
spending more than a half-million dol
lars each. These are England, France,
Germany, Brazil, Japau and China.
Japan alone has brought seventy
eight thousand exhibits.
The displays from tbe Philippine Isl
ands form a very attractive feature
of tbe Exposition. There are some
eighty thousand of these exhibits ar
ranged In buildings upon a reserva
tion of forty acres, lying west of the
Palace of Agriculture.
• About thirty acres are given up to
au exhibit of the North American In
dians, their industries aud home life.
A large space is devoted to the aerial
concourse. Here will be held tbe series
of airship trials and contests, upon
which the Exposition has planned to
expend $200.000. Of this sum, $100,
000 is to be given as a grand prize to
tbe aeronaut who will sail au airship
in the quickest time over a fourteen
mile course.
The quadrennial Olympic games are
to be held at the World's Fair this
year. A large building devoted to
Tb« Puma I» the Moat Sensitlva to tha
Influent)« of Melody.
Some very curious experiments have
recently been carried out in the Oer
Zoological Gardens in order to
ascertain the actual influence of music
The Instrument was
upon animals,
tbe violin and Herr Baker was the per
Of all the animals the puma was the
most sensitive to the musical Influ
ence. His moods changed rapidly, ac
cording to the nature of the melody,
the animal frequently becoming very
excited and nervous,
Frenchman," *.s tbe report says.
Leopards were entirely unconcerned,
but the lions appeared to be afraid, al
though their cubs wanted to dance
when the . usic became livelier. The
hyenas vere very much terrified, but
the monkeys were merely curious and
tbe monkeys were merly curious.
The experiments are to be continued,
and wi h a variety of instruments, in
order to distinguish between the men
tal states which are actually produced
by the music and those which are
merely tbe result of an unusual ex
perience.—Scientific J* merican.
just like a

To hear the music of sweet bells,
and also to test solid silver, lake a
solid-silver tablespoon, and tie two
cords of equal length to tbe bandle.
Hold tbe ends of tbe cords to each ear,
at the same time closing the ears with
the fingers. Then by a motion of the
body swing tbe spoon, letting it strike
tbe back of the chair or like wooden
object. You bare no Idea wbat sweet
music you will bear. Try it, and see.
—Woman's Home Companion.
A Gloomy Wedding Gift.
Two septuagenarians have just cele
brated their golden wedding, and
among their many presents was one
from a tombstone manu facturer, whose
gift took the form of a tombstone
with the names of tbe couple engraved
upon it. It will be at once erected
upon a spot which the recipients of the
gift have selected as their last rest
ing place.—Liverpool Post
Tbe cellar of the Bank of France re
sembles a large warehouse. Silver coin
is stored there lu 800 large barrels, /
physical culture exhibits Is situated In
the western part of the grounds, and
adjacent to It Is the flue large ath
letic field, with amphitheatre seating
twenty-seven thousand people. Upon
this field the games will take pluce dur
ing tbe summer.
In this hurried glance at tbe Exposi
tion of 11)04, we must not forget that
very interesting quarter, known ns the
Pike. This Is tbe aiuusoment street
of the Exposition. The visitor will
certainly open bis eyes In amazement
when he secs the array of amusements
spread out for his delectation. It is
a long story lu itself, to tell what has
been prepared for his entertainment.
The Pike is considerably more Chan a
mile long, and upon either side are ar
ranged about fifty elaborate and ex
tremely novel shows,
cover as many as ten or eleven acres
Some of their.
The World's Fair will open ou Sat
urday, April 30. with fitting ceremou
Upon that occasion an anthem
wrltteu by Edmund Clarence Stedmnn
will be sung by a chorus of six hun
dred voices. The music-by tbe em
Professor John K.
Inent composer,
Palue, of Harvard University—as well
as the poem, was written especially
for this occasion upon the Invitation
of tbe Exposition.

Frank Vander
stuckeu, director of the Cincinnati Or
chestra, has written a march, aud
Henry'K. Hadley, of New York, has
written a waits, also upon invitation
of tbe Exposition, for its musical pro
The central feature of the Expo
sition, or what Is Intended to be tbe
most beautiful scene in the whole
grand picture, Is made up of Cascade
Gardens, tbe Colonade of States and
the Hall of Festivals. The gardens
with their cascades aud statuary, and
the elaborate architectural features,
are nearly a half a mile from east to
west and represent an expenditure of
one million dollars. It is tbe most am
bitious scheme of formal gardening ever
undertakeu at an Exposition, or else
where. The Festival Hall, 200 feet
In diameter and 200 feet high, con
tains the largest organ in tbe world,
and has a seating capacity for thirty
five hundred people.
Practically all St. Louis is preparing
to accommodate World's Fair visi
tors. Tbe private homes will.be open
for tbe reception of guests throughout
the Exposition. The prices will be from
50c. to $1.50 per day for each person
for rooms. Restaurants are so plenti
ful that meals may be had in almost
any locality where the visitors may
happen to stop.
1 . . . . .. . ..—. .— ■* r»
This ProcfM Cmmi Their Kmlxxlon, ax
Does Muacular Activity.
That tbe processes of digestion, as
well as mental and muscular activity,
seem to cause the emission of N-rays,
is the conclusion reached by M. Lam
bert, in France, after a series of inter
esting experiments. He believes that
these curious rays are produced by
ferments, especially by those con
cerned in the digestion of albuminoid
matter. In his experiments on diges
tion/says a writer In Harper's Week
ly, M. Lambert placed a small quantity
of fibrin in tubes containing in one
case activated pancreatic juice, and
in another artificial gastric jnice made
by mixing five per cent, solution of
pepsin with a four per cent, solution
of hydrochloric acid. From these
tubes the N-rays were emitted, and
were detected not only by producing
Increased luminescence of a phos
phorescent screen, but also photo
graphically, thus removing the sub
jective element from the experiment.
As a result of these experiments, M.
Lambert believes that in the course
of digestion the fibrin undergoes
strains which act to produce N-rays.
Prospérons Yncatan.
Yucatan simply boils over with pros
perity. Her railways are paying, her
banks grow fat dividends, and her
multi millionaires are buying the best
there Is to be bad, whether it be lux
uries for the family or a first-class
abroad for their
Mexican Herald,
A Machiavellian Maxim.
Whatever is the occasion of another'*
advancement is the cause of his own
diminution.—From tbe Prince.
A City That Make» 8800,000 a Year.
The city of Nottingfiam, England,
had an income last year of $50U,UU0
from its public street car system, its
gas works, electric light plant, water
works and markets. This sum of
money was paid into the public treas
ury, instead of going to enrich a lew
private corporations. It is an illus
tration of the way in which public
ownership reduce* tbe taxation.
It costs New York five timet, as much
as it does London to maintain parks
and recreation grounds. ^


% . \
Y ¥

K -

. " A

i ? émm. -

Miss Marjory Hampton, 2G18 Third Avenue, New \ork City, writes:
• "Périma in a fine medicine to take any season of'the year.
• in the spring It tone a up the system and acts us a tonic, strengthening *
• me more than a vacation. In the fall and teinter 1 have found that tt •
• cures colds and catarrh and also find that it Is Invaluable to keep the |
• bowels regular, acting as n gentle stimulant on the system. In fact, I *
• consider tt a whole medicine chest. »— Miss Marjory Hampton.
tic and constipated; sometimes he is weak,
Taken i
: -
Blood Impurities of Springtime
—Cause, Prevention
and Cure.
Dr. Hartman's medical lectures are eag
erly scanned by many thousand readers.
One of the most timely and interesting
lectures he ever delivered was his recent
lecture on the blood impurities of spring.
The doctor said in substance that every
spring the blood is loaded with the effete
accumulations of winter, deranging the di
gestion, producing sluggishness of tne liver,
overtaxing the kidneys, interfering with
the action of the bowels and the proper
circulation of the blood.
This condition of things produces what
popularly known as spring fever, spring
malaria, nervous exhaustion, that tired
feeling, blood thickening and many other
Sometimes the victim is billious, dyspep
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We regret
Catarrh Cannot Ko Cnr» t
With i.ocjkIi applications at they cannot
roach the seat of the disea*». Ca'a^n 1« a
blood or constitutional dlseas«. and In order
to eure it you must take internal remedies.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
aots dlreotly on the blood and mucous snrfa -e
Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quae* medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the best physi
cians in this country for years, and is a reg
ular prescrlotion. It Is composed of the
best tonics known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, actln? dlreotly on the mu
cous surfaces. The perfeot combination df.
the two ingredients is what produces such
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tic and constipated; sometimes he is weak,
nervous and depressed, and again he may
hare eruptions, swellings and other blood
humors. Whichever it is, the cause is the
same—effete accumulations in the blood.
Nothing is more certain within the whole
range of medical science than that a course
of Peruna in early springtime will perfectly
and effectually prevent or cure this almost
universal affection.
Everybody feels it in some degree.
A great majority are disturbed consider
ably, while a large per cent, of the human
family are made very miserable by this
condition every spring.
Peruna will prevent it if taken in time.
Peruna will cure it if taken as directed.
Peruna is the ideal spring medicine of
the medical profession.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use of Peruna, write
at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full state
ment of j-our case and he will ce pleased
give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. iiartr-an, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium,
' - mrr-uxrjommumm
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result frorh a lack of
in the soil. Potash pio
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v a I u a b I e
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tillting value
of Potash.
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send them
free to any
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0 .
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of Pri work On Jok tnnwkert y
Look for th< 2:în of the PfiksM r l
the mm TOmR on the kuttow. />
0 4 T**(« «*. tfTtom.
Given Away
Writ» na or *•« «a
Aiabaefin« daoiu for
particulars ,-.od Pren moovU oord of
Tire Unitary Wall OoaUn
b«l l»a.cf,*int. h*rae«reaad0r«l | dawt
ideas 1 reo
tt 105 f??*erîL,8.t
WfT? - '*'**!*
ICI in i*iae. fk'U by drangt*»».
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