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$60 Life Scholarships $25
Beginning April 10th, we are going to show our appie
ciation of the Very, V«ry Liberal patronage our Univer
sity has Always received, and on account of the recent
money panic, and sell a Limited number of $60 Life
Scholarships at $25. Buy one before they are sold, for
they will go fast at this price, and get ready for a good
position in the early fall.
and pay the balance on entering.
If you can't come at once pay us
Oh! Ham
The ham of hams—
We don't sell just "Ham.
Armour's "Star.
4 ^The Ham what^am.
CADE BROS., Port Gibson.
\<* ..FRENCH MARKET:-? it
^srs/irfirte mt us osf/ce v
$100.00 IN GOLD
To the first person who sends us the largest list of pure
English words composed from any or all of the letters con
tained in F-R-E-N-C-H M-A-R-K-E-T C-O-F-F-E-E
' Hundreds of other valuable presents will be given free to contestants.
Everyone who sends us in a list will receive a present.
There's but one condition. Each list of
words must be accompanied with a
Which will be found packed in every can of French Market Coffee.
but no list will be accepted unless a CONTEST YELLOW COUPON
with it. Contest closes September 1 st, 1908 .
For liâ of presents and particulars regarding content, ask your grocer, or write to
is the name of the best Cotton and Corn Cultivator on the
njarket. ,
is stamped on the blades and stencilled on the] handles of
the genuined.
All others are counterfeits and will not last.
Schwartz, & Stewart,
Natchez, Miss.
and Agents for the popular priced and high [grade Walter
A. Wood Mowing Machines and Rakes.
C. A, Goepel's Jewelry Stere
will be found to contain a handsome line of the
Jewelry, Cut Glass, Etc.
Especially is your atten
tion directed to my re
pair department,
is my specialty, and my
work is guaranteed.
Call and see me.
»Ö «c"S
Jewelry Store.
J. A. Martin Marble Works
Marble and Granite Monuments, Headstones, Etc.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Phone 475
one Block West of City Cemetery,
A Billion Dollar Session.
When, ten years ago, the appro
priation of a single Congress during
its two years' term aggregated a
billion dollars the country stood a
ghast at the contemplation of such
extravagance. The present Con
gress pormises to break all past re
cords by appropriating a billion dol
lars in a single session.
Although some of the congression
al leaders have sounded many notes
of warning during the session now
drawing to a close the houses of
Congress, urged on by the Admin
istration, have appropriated money
at a rate which will run the totals
up to the billion-dollar mark. The
fact that the country is facing a big
deficit in its revenues compared to
expenditures does not seem to cause
either Congressmen or the Admin
istration to hesitate.
Of course the country cannot go
on facing an annual deficit. When
the surplus which has existed hith
erto is all wiped out either the ex
penditures will have to be reduced
or some new sources of revenue will
have to be found. There will be
little desire on the part of the
deople to sanction an increase in the
tariff duties, and the prohibition
sentiment which is growing in the
country is not favorable to an in
crease in internal revenue taxes.
How then will the additional re
venue be provided? That is a prob
lem which public men shrink from
answering, for fear that there
should arise a fresh agitation for an
income tax or some similar form of
While it is reasonable to-expect
that the country's expenditures
should grow with the increase of
wealth and population, the appro
priations by Congress have grown
very much faster than has the
country, having, in fact, doubled
in ten years,
a halt should be called in the rate
of expenditure.—New Orleans
It is high time that
A Guaranteed Remedy.
The Hessig-Ellis Drug Company, of
Memphis, Tenn., who manufacture Dr.
Nott's Melon-Seed Compound Kidney and
Bladder Remedy, offer to give a free bottle
to all sufferers. This remedy is put up by
scientific chemists after the formula of an
eminent physician who rarely ever failed
to cure kidney and bladder diseases. It is
a well known establishment, and will do all
they say. Druggists sell this excellent
remedy at 50 cts. and $1 00 per bottle. If
you suffer from kidney or bladder troubles,
write to them for particulars.
Of Interest to Democrats.
The National Democratic Con
gressional Campaign Committee
has begun active operations at its
headquarters at Washington, D.
In addtion to its regular work,
it is now preparing Campaing hand
book which it hopes to have ready
for distribution by July 1—two or
three months earlier than hereto
The Committee is charged with
the duty of assisting, in every way
possible the election of a Democratic
We wish the active co-operation
of every voter in the United States
who believes, with us, that the elec
tion of a Democratid Congress
country. We must rely upon the
people to sustain our work by giving
information as to local conditions,
and suggestions for our guidance.
Each individual can at least aid us
by making a contribution,
do so and interest others in helping
us to?
We wish our Campaign hand
book distributed as generally as pos
sible, and we will furnish a copy,
as soon as published, to every one
who contributes to our Committee.
Send remittances to me at Wash
Will he
ington, D. C.
Mott's Nerverine Pills.
The great iron and tonic restorative for
men and women, produces strength and
vitality, builds up the system and renews
the normal vigor. For sale by druggists
or mail, $1.00 per box, 6 boxes for $5.00.
Williams' M'f'g, Co., Props, Cleveland,
O. Sold at Rope's Drug Store.
Economy of State Association.
The organization of a State Truck
Growers' Association would mean
much in the way of saving money.
Let us say for illustration that
there are 20 comunities interested in
trucking,and that there are 10 avail
able markets for their produce.
Say each of these 20 comunities
offers its produce by wire to each
of these 10 markets, there you have
200 telegrams at an average cost of
say 50c., each, or $100. Now let
the State Association handle the
matter. Each comunity wires its
offerings to the Central office,
that's 20 telegrams; the Central
office wires its offerings to each of
the ten markets, that's 10 telegrams
more, or 30 telegrams, at the same
v- i*
average of 50c., or $15, as against
$100 the other way, a saving of
$85. Let us suppose that it was
necessary to make this offer only
once a week during the shipping
season, and that the shipping season
lasted only 12 weeks. It's quite sim
ple : 13 times $85, or $1020.00
saved to the truckers on the one
item of telegrams during a season.
That is only on the telegrams
offering the produce, to say nothing
of other telegrams that follow in
completing transactions. The same
thing applies to postago.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment will
cure Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles,
It absorbs the tumors, allays itching at
once, acts as a poultice, gives instant re
lief. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is
prepared for Piles and itching of the pri
vate parts. Sold by druggists, mail 50c
and $1.00 Williams' M'f'g. Co., Props.,
Cleveland, O. Sold at Pope's Drug Store.
First Give Your Home a Thrifty
My argument is not to ride about
so much, trying to control some
market or other; but to go back
home and go to work first, to make
a respectable home that the strang
er passing will look upon with
pleasure. Build barns as you can,
poultry houses as you can, and
cattle sheds anyway. Raise
chickens as a sideline. Your wife
or daughter will help tend them,
and you can with the proceeds of
ten pay little bills with ease.
Make corn, and a lot of it; and
don't be afraid to feed it to your
hogs. I am straining every nerve
to make too much corn this season.
I think that by working this way 1
can make enough. I am trying to
make some peavine hay, too, this
season. There is no better feed
for horses in the > spring, in plow
time; and milk cows will yield
abundantly after being fed on it,
besides the fine manure is ready
for poor spots in the field. We
cannot make too much feed stuff.
Even if we should, there is a hun
dred men ready to buy.— Southern
Farm Gazette.
It Reached the Spot.
Mr. E. Humphrey, who owns a large gen
eral store at Omega, O., and is president of
the Adams County Telephone Co., as well
as of the Home Telephone Co., of Pike
County, O., says of Dr. King's New Dis
covery: "It saved my life once. At least
I think it did It seemed to reach the spot
—the very seat of my cough,—when every
thing else failed.' ' Dr. King's New Discov
ery not only reches the cough spot, it heals
the sore spots and the weak spots in throat,
lungs and chest. Sold under gurantee at
all drug stores. 50c. and $100. Trial bot
tle free.
Will Close Thursday.
The county white schools closed
today at the pavilion at Herman
University of Mississippi delivered
the annual address. There are
ten graduates,Jimmie Powell Lum,
Willie Goodrum, Susie May Fish
er, Edward Bernard Moore, Bessie
L. Harvey, Bessie Virginia Hous
ton, Mabel Young, Walter Ernest
Boren, Carlie Thornton,
Jones, Richard Belle Boren, Ber
tron Callender, Lurlee Norman,
Cassie Shields, Annie May Miller,
Kate Byrnes, Emily Margaret
Marling, Maud Selena Houston,
Bessie Virginia Houston, Velma
Malone, Etta Valentine, Candace
Middleton, Effie Knight.
Mr. J. M. Taylor will present
the medals and flag.
Prof G. G. Hurst of the
The World's Best Climate
is not entirely free from disease, on the high
elevations fevers prevail, while on the lower
levels malaria is encountered at a greater or
less extent, according to altitude. To over
come climate affections lassitude, malaria
jaundice, biliousness, fever ague, and gen
eral debility, the most effective remedy is
Electric Bitters, the great alterative and
blood purifier; The antidote for every form
of bodily weakness, nervousness, and insom
nia. Sold under gurantee at all drug stores.
Price. 50c.
Trustee Charles C. Smith, of
the State Penitentiary, was in the
city to-day, having returned from
Greenwood and Clarksdale, where
he, with President Montgomery,
went to sell the balance of the
State cotton. In this undertaking
they were successful, in a measure,
as they succeeded in selling the
two lots at figures above 10 cents.
The 338 bales of Belmont cotton,
at Greenwood, was sold to W. C.
Crsfig, of Vicksburg, for 11 cents,
while the 1,188 bales at Clarksdale
changed hands at 12 1-8 cents.
The sale will bring between $90,
090 and $100,000 into the public
till, the receipt of which will be
timely.—Jackson Column New Or
leans Picayune.
at all drug stores.
A Californian's Luck.
' 'The luckiest day of my life was when I
bought a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve;"
wrtxes Charles F. Budahn, of Tracy, Cali
fornia. "Two 25c. boxes cured me of an
annoying case of itching piles, weich had
troubled me for years and that yielded to
Sold under gurantee
no other treatment.
New Teachers for P. G. P. C.
There has been added to the
faculty of Port Gibson Female
College for the session of i9o8-'o9
a teacher specially of voice and
Miss Otta J. Stephens of Missouri
will hold the position. She is a
teacher of experience, but is now
studying in the New England con
servatory of Boston.
Another acquisition to the facul
ty is Miss Claribel Drake a grad
uate * # of Randolph-Macon Woman's
College, who is to teach Latin and
Tar and Canchalagua.
For the complete cure of Coughs, Colds,
Asthma and Bronchitis and all Lung com
plaints tending to Consumption, Liver
wort, Tar and Wild Cherry, have for
ages maintained an established reputation
as a standard Cough Remedy. It contains
no opium or harmful drug can be given
with safety to children. Price *1.00 Sold
by druggists.
Williams' M'f'g. Co., Props., Cleveland,
O. Sold at Pope's Drug Store.
Mrs. Edna Lea.
Mrs, Edna Lea died at her home
in Hermanville last Sunday evening
at eight o'clock, and the remains
were buried from the Methodist
church there the following morning
at ten o'clock.
The deceased leaves her husband,
J. F. Lea", and six children, the
oldest of which is fourteen years.
She has long resided at Herman
ville. She was a consistent mem
ber of the Methodist church. Rev.
J. H. Foreman, her pastor, officiat
ed at the funeral.
Will Go to Tennessee.
Prof. B. R. Smith, who has re
signed as principal of Chamber
lain-Hunt Academy, has accepted
a position in King's College Bris
tol, Tenn. This is near his old
home, and as soon as Chamberlain
Hunt closes he and his family will
go to Mr. Smith's new field of la
Have you neglected your Kidneys ? Have
you overworked your nervous system and
caused trouble with your kidneys and blad
der ? Have you pains in loins, side, back,
proins and bladder ? Have you a flabby ap
pearance of the face, especially under the
eyes ? Too frequent a desire to pass urine ?
If so, Williams' Kidney Pills will cure you,
—at Druggists . Price 50c.
Williams' M'f'g. Co., Props., Cleveland,
O. Sold at Pope's Drug store.
To His Excellency, James K. Var
danian, Governor of the State of
The petition of George Washing
ton and Austin Washington re
spectfully shows unto Your Ex
cellency, that they were convicted
in the Circuit Court of Claiborne
county, State of Mississippi, of
manslaughter on an indictment,
charging them with the murder of
one Will O'Quinn.
2nd. That at the time of the
killing petitioners were at a church
supper when O'Quinti, the deceased
and said George got into a difficul
ty. O'Quinn got George's head
under his arm and was pumelling
him, George, in the head and face
with a pair of brass or steel knucks.
George finally extricated his head,
drew a pistol from his inside vest
pocket and shot O'Quinn.
3rd. That George swore at the
trial of the case that he, George,
did the shooting and that Austin
had nothing to do with it; and
other evidence in the same effect
was introduced and only one wit
ness for the State swore that Aus
tin ran up aud shot O'Quitin in the
head while he and George were
4th. That the jury returning the
verdict against petitioners asked
the mercy of the Court.
5th. That petitioners are ne
groes, aged respectively 18 and 16
years, and that they have never
been charged with any offense
against the laws of Mississippi be
fore this.
6th. That petitioners have been
in the Claiborne county jail since
the first of January 1907 until
taken recently to the State Peni
tentiary and that there sentened to
serve a term of five years in the
state penitentiary.
7th. That Your Excellency is
referred to the record of the case
now on file m the Supreme Court
which will bear out the assertion
that it was impossible for both of
petitioners to be guilty of the crime
charged, and that other evidence
will be shown Your Excellency in
behalf of said petitioners.
8th. That petitioners are the
youngest children of their parents,
both of whom are aged and infirm
and dependant on the labor of pe
titioners for assistance in making a
living. And that this their petition
is signed by various and numerous
citizens of Claiborne County, Mis
Wherefore petitioners pray Your
Excellency, by virtue of the pow
resting in* you as Governor of
Mississippi, to extend to them exe
cutive clemency, and to grant unto
them and each of them, a parden
for the crime of which they have
been convicted. And as in duty
bound will ever pray, etc.
J. W. Pickett,
H. B. Hilton,
L. J. Curtis,
O. F. White,
A, L. Hunt,
and others.
State of Mississippi»
Claiborne County.
To Gov. E. F. Noel of the State of
Mississippi :
Dear Sir :—The undersigned
petitioners respectfully ask that
you pardon one Wesley Martin who
was convicted of forgery at the
January term of the Circtit Court
of Claiborne County, Miss., 1907,
and sent to the penitentiary to
serve a term of 4 years at hard la
bor ; and while the court may have
made a right judgment, it appears
to your petitioners that it is rather
severe, as the amount collected was
not more than eight or ten dollars,
and that the said Martin has been
confined 14 months and has made a
model prisoner, and we think he
has been sufficiently punished for
the crime, as the aggrieved parties
got their money back.
J. M. Coen,
A. J. Hodges,
H. M. Coen,
E. W. Foster,
C. H. Dungan,
and many others.
State of Mississippi,
Claiborne County.
The Board af Supervisors of said
County will receive bids, to be
opened at their June, 1908, meet
ing, for building a Cable Bridge
across Clark's Creek on the Bar
land road according to plans and
specifications on file in the Chan
cery Clerk's office, bond equal to
contract price, or certified check
of 5 per cent of contract price to
accompany each bid.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
By order of the Board.
A. K. BRASHEAR, Clerk.
C. C. McClure et al.
No. 2050.
Mrs. Blanche Painter.
Commissioner's Sale.
The undersigned appointed a
special commissioner by a decree
of the Chancery Court of Claiborne
County, Mississippi, on the 20th
day of April, A. D. 1908, will sell
at public auction, to the highest
and best bidder for cash, at the
front door of the Court House of
said County, on
Monday, the first day of June, A. D.
between the hours of 11 a. tu. and
4 P- m*.
real estate situated iu the County
of^Claiborne and State of Missis
sippi, to-wit :
The South West Quarter of the
South West Quarter of Section
Twenty-eight, and the South East
Quarter of Section Twenty-nine.
All.in Township Ten, Range Four
East, aggregating 200 acres, more
or less.
Witness my signature this ist day
of May, 1908.— 4t.
Special Commissioner and Chan
cery Clerk.
Hall & Reddock and H. C.
the following described
Notice to All Firms, Corpora
tions, Etc.
Pursuant to the provisions of
Section 3899 of the Code of 1906 I
hereby give notice that all Privi
lege Licenses will expire on May
i, 1908, and thef will have to be
renewed on that date. All who
fail to renew their licenses during
May will have to pay a damage
double the amount of the license.
—, Tax Collector.
By C. E. Mason,
Privilege Tax Notice.
I am required by law to give four
weeks' notice to all who are liable
for Privilege Tax that they must
pay same during the month of May.
Failure to comply, will subject von
to doufile damages. This is im
perative See Sec. 3901, Code
Take due notice and govern
yourselves accordingly.
City Tax Collector.
apr.9 4t
Notice to Creditors.
Letters testamentary were grant
ed to the undersigned upon the
estate of Mrs. A. L. McLean by
the Chancery Comt of Claiborne
county, Mississippi, upon the 2nd
day of May. 1908 All persons
having claims against said estate
are required to have the same pro
bated and registered hy the Chan
cery Clerk of Claiborne county,
Mississippi. A failure to do so for
a period of one year will bar any
claims against said estate.
Notice to Creditors.
Letters testamentry of the Estate
of Rhoda Er Hall, deceased, were
granted to the undersigned on the
27th day of April, A. D. 1908, by
the chancery court of Claiborne
county, Mississippi.
All persons having claims against
said estate are required to have the
sanie probated and registered by
the clerk of said court within one
Failure to probate and reg
ister within one year will bar the
Administrator, C. T. A.
French & Mounger.
paper Hanging
I am prepared to do paint
ing, papering, upholster
ing on short notice,
furniture made new.
work guaranteed. See me
before closing contract.
Rem Door 10 urdsors bomiod.
Hanging to Take Place.

***-C* 0 *^» 3 Sr ***** '
1 *%'
Before buving your Medals else
where give Hibou a, chance, as T
have cuts and prices to suit every
body. Medals to cost in Silver,
from 40c to $6.00. Gold, §oc to
$100.00. R. Plate, ioc to 50c.
All Engraving done free on all
Medals .bought from me.
The Jeweler.
Fruit Tress ana Rose Plants
I am prepared to supply yom
wants with first-class fruit trees
and rose plants true to name
Prices as low as good stock can be
It is a well known tact that air
varieties of fruit trees do not grow
and succeed on our soil. There
fore buj r your trees that have bet «
thoroughly acclimated and tested
Do not send your money to othei
states when you can get bettei
stock at home. Place your order?
for this fall with
Nurseryman and Beekeeper,
Port Gibson, Miss
Phone 195-4
- rr:Y.
■TU'ïÿy ^ A<*,
L. C Smith Bros.' & Typewriter.
Port Qibson, Miss.
Tin 1 Plumbing Shop
I have, opened a shop next
door to E.C. Jordan's Sale
Stable, and can answer
calls to rio any work in
my line. My work always
stands the test.and I guar
antee satisfaction.
Phone 233
d i
S i
I» I...
e *
SOULE COLLEGE is the Leading and
Highest Grade Business, Shorthand
English Training School in the Sooth.
It is recognized everywhere as a Wide
Awake, Practical, Reliable, Progressive
Popular and Successful Schoo* . It makes
no delusive promises to secure students.
SOULE COELEQB owns and occupies
the Piuest Business School Building in
America. 19 Experienced Teachers. Book
keepers and Stenographers recommended.
8«nd for New Illustrated Circular.
080. SOUEB & SONS.
The fine Chestnut Stallion, with
both saddle and harness qualities,
will make the season of 1908 in
this and adjoining counties. Ken
toka was sired by Kentoka, Sr.,
whose record was 2.24^ and is a
close descendant of Rehna, record
of 2 i 09 } 4 ,
Port Gibson,

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