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THURSDAY. JUNE 11, 1908.
Entered at the Postoffice at Port Gibson, Miss,
second-class mail matter.
For Congress
We are authorized to announce
of Pike county, as a candidate for
Congress from the Seventh District.
We are authorized to announce
of Lincoln county, as a candidate
for Congress from the Seventh Dis
We are authorized to announce
of Amite county, as a candidate for
re-election for Congress from the
Seventh District.
Supreme Court Decisions.
Monday the supreme court af
firmed the case of Ruby F. Ray
vs. E. W. Harring. This suit in
volved about 500 acres of land
near Humphreys, this county.
Mrs. Amelia A. McLain, the
original owner of the property in
•question, at her death willed it to
her sister, Mrs. E. J. Rundeil,
who sold the property to her
son, E. W. Harring. After Mrs.
Rundell's death, Mrs. Ruby F.
Ray and Mrs. Hutchins, grand
children of Mrs. Rundeil, sued
Harring for a half interest in the
place, claiming that the will vest
ed only a life estate. The su
preme court affirmed the decision
of Chancellor Hicks, holding that
the will vested an estate in fee sim
ple, and that the property belongs
to Harring. Attorney H.
Mounger of Port Gibson represent
ed Harring.
Another case was that of Mrs.
Fannie M. Dennis et al vs Mrs. An
nie A. Murdoch, Mrs. Murdoch's
husband, W. B. Murdoch, former
ly a prosperous merchant and plan
ter of Westside, this county, left
his entire estate of considerable
value to his wife, to use as she
saw fit. If, however, at her death
there should remain anything, said
remnant was to be divided be
tween his other relatives. Mrs.
Dennis and other relatives of the
deceased, claiming that the prop
erty was being wasted by the ben
eficiary of the will, asked the
court to appoint a guardian.
Chancellor Hicks denied the pe
tition on the ground that the will
did not limit the beneficiary in her
expenditures. This decision was
sustained by the supreme court.
Martin & Frierson of Port Gib
son represented Mrs. Dennis, and
W. M. Williamson represented
Mrs. Murdoch.
Assessments Raised.
The railroad commission has in
creased the assessment of several
railroads and other public service
corporations in the state. Among
the number are the following :
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley:
Natchez division,raised from $9000
to $10,000.
American Express Company :
Flat valuation of $9915 raised to
Southern Express Company :
Flat valuation of $44,282 raised
to $66,423.
Cumberland Telephone and Tel
egraph Company: Valuation of
$699,524, raised 70 per cent.
American Telephone Company:
Valuation of $93^284 raised 50 per
Other corporations in which no
change was made are as follows:
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley:
Lake Cormorant division $7500.'
Helm division $6000, Baÿou Sara
division $6000. Tallahatchie divis
ion $9000. Main line $15,000.
Illinois Central: Main line $20,
Alabama and Vicksburg $15,000
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley:
Sunflower Eastern $2000, Minter
City and Southwestern $2000,
Helm and Northwestern $2000, Le
land and Southern $2000, Rosedale
and Dockery $5000, Mattson and
Lombardy $5000, Riverside divis
ion $9000.
The Old Ladies* Home Auxili
ary of Port Gibson had "tag day"
last Thursday, the occasion of the
Sbriners' gathering. The young
ladies were provided with green
tags which they proceeded to fas
ten to every man they met
amount asked for each tag was ten
cents, though in many cases they
received more. About $34 was real
teed for the association
Protestant Cemetttry Association
Endowment Fund.
Previously acknowledged-$7094.00
Franklin Lodge No. 5, I.
O. O. F ..
W. S. Craig .-.
Mrs. A. K. Brashear..
Miss Margaret Shreve.
In Memoriam, Mrs. Eliza
beth Belknap Thrasher,
by Judge Thrasher.
Capt. W. W. Moore -.
Inasmuch Circle of King's
Mrs. J. W. Heath-.
Miss Mary Person-.
Miss Mary Naasson.
Miss Fannie Naasson
Miss Roberta Person-.
Mrs. Win. Herlitz. .
Mrs. Robt. Anderson.
Mrs. R. W. Magruder.:.
Mrs. E. T. Hoopes .
Miss Lillie M. Hoopes .
Miss Lillie T. Mason..
Miss Lillie H. Mason.
Miss E. V. Loury - ..
Mrs. A. W. Simms.
Mrs. B. H. Morehead.
5 00
5 00
5 00
Buckien's Arnica Salve Wins.
Tom Moore, of Rural Route i, Cochran,
Ga., writes: "I had a bad sore come on
the instep of my foot and could find nothing
that would heaf it until I applied Buckien's
Arnica Salve. Less than half of a 25 cent
box won the day for me by affecting a per
fect cure." Sole under guarantee at all
drug stores.
Real Estate Transfers.
S. R. Young et ux to B. P.
Kendricks: Lot 11, square 15,
Martin, $50.
Erna H. Dudley to Silvia Tay
lor: Lot 11, square 7, the post
office of said village, $350.
R. W. Bruce to D. A. Lowe et
ux: Lot 4, Hermanville; $150.
T. M. Deloach to Charles S.
Thames: half interest in the
Tamar A. Davis; $305.
Mrs. Mary Hughes to H. W. M.
Drake: Greenwood plantation near
Westside; $12,000.
Russum Lodge Sons and Daugh
ters of Hope to China Grove Bap
tist Church: Lot 6, Block G. Rus
sum; $25.
L. J. Tamer et al to Nelson
Green et al, trustees: Part block I.
Russum; $50.
Samuel Johnson to Gracie
Mitchell et ux: His interest in
Sligo place near Russum; $50.
Mott's Nerverme Fills.
. The great iron and tonic restorative for
men and women, produces strength and
vitality, builds up the system and renews
the normal vigor. For sale by druggists
or mail, $1.00 per box, 6 boxes for $5.00.
Williams' M'f'g, Co., Props, Cleveland,
O. Sold at Pope's Drug Store.
Mr. William E, Parker.
The death of Mr. William E.
Parker last Saturday night, re
moves from Port Gibson one of its
most familiar figures. A native of
this place, he always took great
interest in everything connected
with the town. Years ago he was
a man of means,
money was invested in the Grand
Gulf & Port Gibson railroad which
was operated until bought by the
Y. & M. V. road about 1880. Dur
ing the war between the states the
running of trains on the road was
discontinued ; and at the close
of the war the citizenship of Port
Gibson was too disheartened and
depressed to attempt to re-estab
lish their shattered enterprises.
However, Mr. Parker, as president
of the company, succeeded in re
organizing the railroad and it was
successfully operated for about
fifteen years longer.
Mr. Parker was a devoted and
loyal friend, and, until confined to
his home a few years ago by failing
health, he was down town daily
with friends gathered around his
buggy discussing the issues of the
day on which he was well posted.
Much of his
Colored School Closing.
Port Gibson colored school No.
i had quite a successful closing on
Wednesday, the 3rd, at the First
Baptist church. There were three
graduates, Arthur Seniel, Clar
ence Moore and Orestes Johnson
Each of them acquitted himself
well in the essay read. The essays
are said to be among the best ever
delivered by graduates of the
school, and equal to any similar
school of the state. .The exercises
reflected credit on the trainers of
the pupils.
Rev. M. R. Dixon delivered the
annual address.
A large crowd was present,
mong which were several whites.
The order was exceptionably good,
and the music showed talent an^
Our line of trunks, suit cases,
telescopes and club bags is com
Heidenreich Bros,
Small Fire.
T »usdny rooming
c Vr.-s discovered
t four o'clock
burning tiie
cottage north cf the Wbeeless
Hotel on*Church street,
The fire
responded promptly
d put oui the i.bne, but not be
fore it bad pradically destroyed
the i ldjng Thé cottage
td'.'e ' about fou rooms and was
used «ui an annex to the hotel.
The loss will be about $500.
The close proximity cf the fire
to the hotel buiidiag endangered
that structure considerably. How
ever, no further damage was done.
Last Friday morning Rabbi S.
M. Reich confirmed n class at the
temple in the presence o'f many rel
atives and friends.
The class was composed of the
following :
Florence B. Lew, Lillie Hirsch
Welsch, Bernice R. Jalenak; Julius
Godchaux and Jacob Rosenthal.
Medals of efficiency in Sunday
School work were given to Flor
ence Levy, Bernice Jalenak, Lillie
Welsch, Ben nice Levy and Leo
The service was solemn and very
See our line of Wat
er Coolers .and Ice
Cream Freezers, all
Laz Levy's Sons
Fum.ile College Enlargement..
The Port Gibson Female College
has purchased what is known as
the Hughes cottage, just across the
street from the college, paying
$2500 for the property.
The school has been taxed to its
utmost capacity, and it is the inten
tion of the board of trustees to
build another dormitory as soon as
sufficient money can be raised. In
the mean time, however, to meet
the immediate needs, the cottage
was purchased.
Bank Declares Good Dividend.
The stock holders of the Pott
Gibson Bank met yesterday morn
ing and declared a dividend on the
year's earnings of 10 per cent, be
sides carrying over $3000 to un
divided profits. The total earn
ings of the year was between 17
and 18 per cent. The salary of
each of the employees was increas
ed $10 per month, and the old
board of directors was re-elected.
The dtrectors afterward met and
re-elected all of the officers.
Inspect our line of Clothing be
fore purchasing or placing an or
der. We can save you time and
money on your next suit.
Heidenreich Bros
Calcasieu Is Dry.
Lake Charles, La.,'June 9.—Re
turned from fifteen of the largest
boxes in the parish tonight give a
majority of 900 for prohibition.
The total vote is: For prohibi
tion, 1,505; against, 598.
The remaining boxes will swell
the majority to 1,500. As far as
heard from, every box in the parish
gave a majority for prohibition.
Lake Charles gave 5312 for prohi
bition and 388 against.
trT/ t

7 .
VI (t t
7 ,
V|T? 77 /a
Card of Thanks.
I wish to thus express tuy sincere
appicciarion io the fire department
and all citizens who so energetical
ly aided in saving my property and
the hotel building on the morning
of the fire.
Hotel Improvement.
Mr. Jacob Bernheimer is having
a third story built upon the main
building of the Wbeeless Hotel,
which is conducted by Mrs. J.' V.
Jarratt. The addition will mater
ially increase the capacity of the
Col. Lewis Guion of New Orleans
has been appointed by the presi
dent to succeed the late Gen. S. D.
Lee on the Vicksburg Park Com
Democratic Club Meeting.
The Port Gibson Democratic
Club is hereby called to meet at
the Court House on Friday night,
the 12th of June, 1908, at eight p.
m., for the purpose of electing del
egates to the County Convention
which will meet on the 15th. This
is an important meeting, and
should be well attended.
This nth day of June, 1908.
C. A. FRENCH, Ch'm.
W. W. Wander, Sec.
Just received a new
and complete line of
Harnessand Saddlery
Laz Levy's Sons
Just Received—A large lot of the
following bulbs : Roman and
Dutch Hyacinths, Paper White
Narcissus, Callas, Freesias, Lillies
of different kinds, and an assort
ment of different plants. Also de
signs, bouquets and cut flowers on
short notice.
W. H. WRIGHT, Florist,
Vicksburg, Miss,
Thu Peculiar Trait of a Peasant Show*
In u Cap of Tea.
Coming in tired from a long walk, I
went to my room to lie down, says a
writer in Harper's Lauir, and on my
way left a message for Mary: "TeÜ
Mary to make me a cup of tea—strong
and bring it upstairs."
In the course of time there appeared
at my door Mary's round, srailing face,
surrounded by ifc» ctnvy kinks of hair,
that, in turn, \
green and gold rcu t d butterfly which
was its daily ru
It's an Irish,
you, ma'am," .s
An 'Irish cup of tea,' Mary! And
what is that?"
"It's a cup lb
I laughed r.
Av 1 :
surmounted by the
i 9 Ut.
tea I'm bringin'
iut> the saucer,
' *1 cup of
uugly Dc
•Sit hat's
. Mary,
. t ' ' When
"■I. ye're
!tv' into
At!tin' a
r-.:i. At
,t, fill the
side me wl ■ ! • •
v..i t
: fx'
the kind «-f
is ft—the t-.-j •
"Oh, yes, :
ye give a < i:p . .
not givin' pi.
the saucer,
friend wid a
home it's ma:
cup runnir,' or, t
It is the fa..k'
man, Swede or
The Irish hart
and those of u
some of the most < I
only too apt to V.- '
virtues of the- ; :
They have many .
cup of tea is not a ha ! ».
national charact, r
> r.
Y. i-M :
. A-t ' f r Ger*
- Irish.
• faults
I- with
-hem are
• Ik .ictua.
.1: . -t girls.
. Tue Irish
lient of the
mV it dis
played in our kitchens. Generous to
lavishness, careless to rfeppiaes.,, quick
tempered, but kind-hoar,, d, end warm
as an Irish cup of tea hi warm, and just
about as much to be depended upon if
something of a more substantial nature
does not go with it.
But an Irish cup of tea is a good greet
ing to one who is tired or cold, and, as
we drain it, we find in the bottom of the
cup the pretty bit of Irish poetry:'
"A cup flowin' over for a friend."
! '
» ■
Public Speaking Interfered with by Irreg
ular Molars—Dentistry's Progress.
Speaking 1 with distinctness and com
fort depends much upon a full and even
set of teeth. If they are crowded and
irregular, or if there is now and then
one missing, it affects the voice at once
and is very annoying to others who are
obliged to listen to it. Publie speakers
often fail to produce the effect they de
sire upon their hearers iv ,m this cause
and are not conscious of i i, themselves.
Nothing contributes ta re > > the beauty
of the features than a perfect, regular,
clean set of teeth, while a neglected,
diseased mouth disgusts every beholder.
Such things are noticed nowadays much
more than formerly and good teeth and
a sweet breath are considered indis
pensable to every lady and gentleman.
Filling the teeth is the only means of
preserving them when decay com
mences. The science of dentistry is
now so far advanced that the skillful
operator can save and restore the teeth
even where they have been badly de
cayed and abcessed. Some wonderful
cases have been presented m the last
fsw years of teeth seemingly beyond
Vie hope of saving, where the science
*nd skill of modern dentistry has re
stored them agaik vu ^oefulness, much
to the joy and surprise of the patients.
Fifty years ago the great study of the
dentist was how to. make artificial
teeth; now, acoording to the Domestic
Monthly, all the resources of science
and art are brought to bear, and the
whole foree of dental education at the
present day is centering upon, the one
great work of saving the natural teeth.
Thinke It Saved His Life.
Lester M. Nelson, of Naples Maine, says
in a recent letter: "I have used Dr. King's
New, Discovery many years,, for coughs and
colds, and I think it saved my life. I have
found it a reliable remedy for throat and
lung complaints, and would no more be
without a bottle than I would be without
food. ' ' For nearly forty years New Discov
ery has stood at the head of throat and lung
remedies. As a preventive of pneumonia,
and healer of weak lungs it has no equal.
Sold under guarantee at all druggists. 50c
and $1.00. Trial bottle free.

Anyone wishing cemetery squares
cleaned up can have the work done
well and cheap by employing me.
Orders may be left with J. Jalenak.
|k 5 L~_..C-vfe
We want you
to deal with us
but not unless you are satisfied that you will get here the
purest and best drugs any druggist can supply. When
there is sickness in your house think about this.
We guarantee you absolute satisfaction or your mon
ey refunded.
We don't want your business unless we can have
your confidence.
Should you have cause to complain—come and tel!
us about it. We will make it right with you.
Isn't this a fair way to do business? Bring your
prescriptions and orders to us.
Pope Drug Company.
Prescription Druggists.
It Is a Very Lively Experience, TbOOgfe
Hardly a Vfç isaat One.
A cayman from a neighboring lagoon
had occasionally poached among our
ducks, says the engineer of an estate in
India, us r porte 1 in "Tales of Travel,
and we ha<l been for some days on the
lookout for him. One morning we dis
covered him lounging in one of the
ponds after a night's plunder.
I ran for my gun and fired at him.
The shot merely stirred the old rogue
up; he thrashed about in the water for
a minute, and then left the pond and
started for the morass.
I tried to get aim at his head, but was
unable to do so. At this moment David,
an African wainman, came up, and be
fore I realized his purpose, he had
thrown himself astride the crocodile,
grabbed his fore paws and held them
doubled up across the creature's back.
The beast was immediately thrown
upon his snout; and though able to
move his feet freely and slap his tail
about, he could not bulge half a yard,
his power being altogether spent in a
fruitless endeavor to . grub himself on
ward. He was obliged to move in a
circle, and of course was pretty nearly
confined to one spot.
The African kept his seat. He re*
ceived some hard jerks, but as his seat
was across the reptile's shoulders, ho
was well out of danger from jaws and
tail so long as he held on.
"Shoot 'im! Me got 'im!" the fellow
called to me.
t I reloaded my gun, and getting good
aim at the crocodile's head, soon put an
end to his mischief. The old fellow
pleasured fifteen feet.
Bun by Three Mon und with Occasional
Grades of Six Feet to the One Hundred.
A curious little railroad train goes
crawling up and down the mountain
from Très Pinos to Hurt's lime kiln in
the Gavilan range, San Benito county,
Cal., every day. It is probably the
■trangest railroad that was ever seen;
yet, until the Helena Independent no
ticed it, not a word was ever printed re
garding it. The train moves on a
curious single track and is drawn by
an engine set low on it. Both the engine
wheels and those which support the
cars have a single, pivot-like piece of
steel which sets in the slot track, for
it must be borne in mind that the track
has a slot in it not unlike that seen on
a cable track. In addition to this each
wheel has a flange on each side of it,
bo that it cannot get off the track, no
matter how abrupt the curves. The
road as completed is now nine miles
tong, but when pushed through as in
tended it will be fourteen miles in
length. Three men run it. These con
sist of an engineer, fireman and a
brakeman. In one place there is an
eight-hundred-foot grade mounted at
the rate of six feet to the one hundred,
yet the engine puffs right along with
Vhree loaded cars, not in the least both
ered in any way. There is one grade a
quarter of a mile long in which an aver
age of four feet is gained to the one
hundred. One curious thing about it is
that the wheels are in a sense rollers.
They reach from one side to the other.
The flanges hold them on, assisted by
the pivot, past which each half of the
wheel comes down.
Showing the condition of the
Port Gibson Bank,
On June 2, 1908.
Published by direction of Chapter 14 of Anno
tated Code of 1906.
Loans and Discounts on personal en
dorsements, real estate, or collateral
$ 217,799 22
14.424 9 °
11,500 00
Stocks and Bonds
Banking house, furniture aud fixtures 4,042 70
32.972 73
29.9S4 75
Due from other banks
Cash on hand
$ 3 iG- 7?4 30
$ 50,000 00
30,000 00
Capital Paid in
Undivided Profits less Expenses and
Taxes ..
Individual Deposits subject to check.. 219,960 90
10,763 40
Due other banks ...--
Bills payable and rediscounts
$310,724 30
Of the Above Amount of Loans and Discounts—
To Officers of the Bank.
To Directors of the Bank.
To Stockholders of the Bank
• 1.375 00
$ 300 00
I, B. H. Magruder Cashier Port Gibson Back
of Port Gibson, Mississippi, do hereby certify
that the foregoing is a true, full, and exact state
ment of the Assets and Liabilities of said Bank
on the day and date named therein, as shown
by the books of same.
B. H. MAGRUDER, Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary
Public in and for the County of Claiborne, Mis
sissippi, this the 6th day of June, 1908.
R. G. HASTINGS, Notary Public.
Examined and found correct.
This 8U» day of June, 1908.
... j
E. J. SMITH, Auditor.
Showing the condition of the
On June 2,1908.
Published by direction of Chapter 14 of Aunota
ed Code of 1906.
Loans and Di scoimts on personal en
dorsements. rex' estate or collateral
Stocks and Bonds.
Banking bouse, furniture and fixtures
Due from other bants.
Cash on Ifand....
$263,201 52
9,999 98
5,450 00
9.000 00
53-472 43
7.852 51
Î35 1 .97® 49
Capital Paid in.
Surplus ... ...
Undivided Profits less Expenses and
Taxes .......
t/ r ,000 00
14.500 00
19,406 48
Individual Deposits subje-t to check.. 237,102 54
5.877 07
Time certificates of deposit
Î35L9/6 49
Of the Above Amount of Loans and Discounts—
To Officers of the Bank.
To Directors of the Bank....
To Stockholders of the Bank
f 1.200 00
• 4176 13
. 23,600 00
I, J. M. Taylor. Cashier of the Mississippi
Southern Bank, of Port Gibsoh, Mississippi, do
hereby certify that the'f jregoing is a true, full
and exact statement of the Assets and Liabil
ities of said E:\nk cn the dr - and date named
therein, as shown by the books of same.
J. M. TAYLOR. Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary
Public in and for rite County of Cia-'horoe, Mis
sissippi, .hi- the 6th day o': Jur.e, 130S.
G. T WALK«, Notary Public.
Examined and found correct.
E. J. SMITH, Auditor.
This 8th day of June. 190S.
Showing the conditio» of the
Bank of Hermanvf lie
Oh June 2, 190S.
Published by direction of Chnpte ■ 14 of Anno
tated Cede cf ivC.
Loans aud Discounts on persona 1 , tu
. dorsemenls, real estate, cr collateral
Banking house, furniture and fixtures
Due from other banks .....
Cash on hand ....
î 73.319 71
2.613 39
4 129 18
. 6.6)9 34
. 1,908 99
$ 8S.620 61
Capital Paid in
Surplus .
Undivided Profits lc.-.* Expenses and
Taxes ...
$ 25.000 00
3.000 00
2,832 46
Individual Deposits subject to check.. 32,761 30
Bills payable and rediscounts
Cashier's checks.
25.000 00
26 85
$ SS.620 61
Of the Above Amount of Loans and Dis cot! at 3—
5 6,300 00
2.400 00 {
'930 00
L J. W. Clark. Jr., Cashie-' Bank of Hriiuan
ville, Mississippi, do hereby ce: tif> tn-at the fore
going is a true, full and exact statement of *he
Assets and Liabilities of said Bank ou uic djy
and date named therein, as shown by ihe books
of same.
Sworn to and subscribed before me. a legal of
ficer, in and for the County of Claiborne, Missis
sippi, this the 6th day of June, »908.
A. R. CHUNK. Justice of tile Peace.
To Officers of the Bank.
To Dtrectors of the Bank.
To Stockholders of the Bonk
J. W. CLARK. JR .Cashier.
Examined and found correct.
E. J. SMITH, Auditor.
Tiiis 6th day of June. 1908.
FOR SALK—Good double store
with upstair apartments, 117-118
Carroll street, Port Gibson, Miss.
Recently re-shingled, and re-fin
ished insîde. Will let it go at a
bargain. For prices and terms ap
ply to
FOR SALK.—One Bay Mare,
about 7 years old ; 15 hands high ;
works single or double ; in good
condition; - at a bargain. • Call or
wi ite
FOR SALE—One double Box
Munger revolving Press with Steam
Tramper, practically new.
sell cheap
FOR SALE. — A Combination
Horse—The splendid bay named
Billie, owned byB. T. Archer. For
price apply to H. C. Mounger and
J. T. Drake, Executors,
A tax of One Dollar has been
put on all dogs in the corporation
whether running at large or not.
I am now prepared for the above
amount to register your dog and
furnish you with a tag. Procure
the same at once and save your dog.
Notice of Sale.
No. 2034. $1819,63 and Costs.
S. Bernheimer & Sons
Eva N. Wood et al.
Under a decree rendered by the
Chancery Court of Claiborne Coun
ty, Mississippi, in the above styled
cause, on the 27'th day of April, A.
D. 1908. the undersigned special
commissioner will sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash,
iTonday, the 15th Day of June, A. D.
at the Court House of said County,
between the hours of u A. M. and
4P. M., the following described
real estate situated in the County
of Claiborne, State of Mississippi, to
satisfy said decree, tewit:
A tract in section 7, T. 12, R. 3
E. begin for survey thereof at an
Ironwood tree on the Grand Gulf
and Willow Springs road, marked
X))), thence N. W. 54 chains
to china stake X))), thence east
19.50 chains to forked Magnolia
X))) i Yi chains, thence S. 17^°
E. 67-25 chains to Elm X)))
said road, thence along said road to
place of beginning, containing 150
Also 30 acres in the sanw section
cut off the N. E- corner of C L
Snyder's place by a N. and S. line.
Also a part of section 6, T. 12, R.
3 E. being 100 acres cut of tlie west
side of said section; begin for sur
vey thereof at the point where the
West line of said section intersects
the middle of the Grand ôujf and
Rocky Springs road,
with said road N. 73°, ro' E-, 9.50
chains; N. 62^° E-, 7.10 chains,
to a point in said road frorii which
Red Oak marked x standing on the
North side of said road bears N.
9° W. 33 links, thence run parallel
with the W. line of said Section 6,
N. 18 0 W. 58 chains, marked X,
thence run due W. 17.65 chains, to
jbl stake on the W. line of' said Sec
tion 6, thence with said W. line of
said Section, S. 18 0 E. 63,25 chains
to the place of beginning.
Said Monday is the first day of
the June Term of Circuit Court of
said County.
run thence
Special Cammissioner and Chan
cery Clerk.
H. C. Moungf.r, Sol.
Trustee Sale
Norice is hereby given tfyat the
undersigned trustee in the matter of
the bankruptcy of Barber Brothers
will on June 9th, 1908. at or about
the hnu!
store house in Port Gibson,
issippi, lately occupied by the said
hanksrupîs. sell
to the hjgbe
certain slock of goods,
niefciytndi.se in his hauds
of 12 o'clock, noon, at the
ai public outerv
bidder for cash that
wares and
as such
State of Mississippi.
To William Nicholls, Defendant:
You are copmiauded to appear
before the Chancery Court of the
County of Claiborne, on the
First Monday in November, A. D.
to defend the suit in said court of
Ellen Nicholls
This 18th day of May, 1908.
A. K. BRASHEAR, Clerk.
wherein you are
—Good Canvas Tent, ioxio feet.
Apply at Reveille office.
We can
negotiate loans on farm lands, at
low rates and on long time. Not
more than forty per cent, of value
loaned, and only on first mortgage.
E. S. & J. T. & H. W. M. Drake
LOST—Gold cuff button
graved "L. L." Reward for return
to Reveille office.
Academy has money to lend
real estate. Apply to
A. K. BRASHEAR, Sec'y.
. . ..

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