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lil SERIE!. — VOL. XXXIV. NO, 48
State nilitary History—Some of
His Errors Specified.
Capt. A. K. Jones, Commander
Claiborne Camp, • U.
Port Gibson, Miss.:
Dear Sir—Having been request
ed by Claiborne Camp, U. C. V.
to read carefully the official and
statistical register of the state of
Mississippi, edited, compiled and
published in 1908 by Hon. Dun
bar Rowland, LL. D., director of
archives and history, etc., and
make note of inaccuracies, if any,
in the command in which I served
to-wit, in the second battalion and
48th regiment; I will say that I
have carefully reviewed the chap
ter of militay annals of the state of
Mississippi, pages 511 10518, both
inclusive, and note the following
i. Taking the battalion, I find
the organization as given on page
517 incorrect and badly confused.
One company only is lettered. The
correct organization is as follows:
Company A, Jackson Boys,
Hinds County, Captain Kerr, Com
pany B., Rocky Point Rifles,
Attala County, Captain Love ;
Company C. Blewitt Guards,
Lowndes County, Captain Blewitt;
Company t), Dixie Boys, Yallabu
sha County, Captain Lee; Com
pany E, King Cotton Guards, War
ren County, Captain Crutcher;
Company F, Claiborne Volunteers.
Claiborne County, Captain Wil
c. v
The field officers as printed are
correct. Our captain, W. S. Wil
son, being major shows we must
have been in the organization ther
of. No notice of this company is
given, it being repeatedly stated
that the battalion was composed
of five companies only. We were
the sixth. No mention is made of
the mortal wounding of Major,
Lieutenant Colonel Wilson, Sep
tember 17, 1862. Nor of the fact
of Captain J. E. Martin, Lieuten
ant Floyd and other officers kill
ed in this battle.
Error. Oktibbeha Rescue com
pany, Captain Rogers, being plac
ed as part of this battalion at organ
This company joined some time
in 1862 and formed the 10th com
pany of the 48th regiment, not of
the battalion and was known as
company L. Prior to this the com
pany is listed as C, 14th regiment,
which was captured at Fort Don
aldson, February 15, 1862, the
regiment was declared exchanged
October 16, 1862. See page 606.
Error: Manloves' company of
Warren county is reported as part
of battalion.
This company joined at Williams
burg May 5, 1862, and became
Company G.
Error: The battalion including
ffve caippanies left the Rapidan
for the James April 6. The Bat
talion left Richmond not the Rapi
daD, and arrived at Yorktown, De
cember 13, 1861. Six companies,
A, B, C, D, E, F.
Error: (Yorktown.) They were
in Early's division, D. H. Hill's
We were in division of Gen. J.
E, Magruder. D. H Hill never
commanded a corps in Virginia,
nor one until 1863.
Error (Manassas!) In
cox's division and Wilcox was not
a major general until Gettysburg
campaign began. Same error oc
curred in the 12th regiment.
Error; Battle of Fair Oaks or
Seven Pines—casualties, 1 killed
26 wounded. Officially see vol. 8
war records—we lost 12 killed, 71
wounded, 4 missing or 87. No
excuse for his guess.
Company H (eighth company),
attached in time to go into this
battle, Captain L. C. Moore, com
We reach the 47th organization
$nd find it inaccurate and careless
ness is shown everywhere.
Error: This regiment, 48th, was
formed in Virginia early in 1863,
by adding new companies to the
second battalion of five companies.
The battalion was made into a
regiment in January, 1863, and was
known thereafter as the 48th in
fantry* Fact is, the battalion then
had nine companies. Captain J.
£. Martin's company joined in
Maryland, September, 1862, and
became I: Captain Martin was
killed September 17, 1862. The ad
dition of one company only was
needed and Captain Rogers' com
pany became L (By error we had
no company K.)
Error: Battle of Spottsylvania
C. H., May 12, 1864. Killed,
Lieutenant Neil Dawson, Lieuten
ant Dawson was killed June 6 at
Cold Harbor.
Error: same place, Lieut. S. B.
Walker, woundèd. Lieut. Walk
er was wounded at Cold Harbor,
not Spottsylvania, June 10, 1864.
Error: Battle on the Weldon
Railroad. Among the severely
wounded was Lieut. Archy Baugh.
Lieut. Baugh belonged to the 12th
regiment, not the 48th.
Error: Battle of Hatcher's Run,
October 27, 1864. Should read bat
tle of Burgess' Mill, October 27,
Error: Battle of Burgess' Mill,
February 7, 1865. Should read
Hatcher's Run, February 7, 1865.
This error occurs also in the 12th
and 16th regiments, history, dates
and places transposed.
Error: Posey's brigade was in
the attack of A. P. Hill's corps at
Gettysburg July 2.
The 48th regiment only adv
anced, joining Wright's Georgians
and advanced as far as they did.
The 19th regiment advanced near
ly as far as the 16th and got out of
the trenches. No attack was made
by the brigade as a whole.
Error is made, Fairview Rifles,
company G, i6tb regiment, is
stated as mustered in at Port Gib
son, March 10, 1861. It was mus
tered in May, 1861. The officers
of this company appear as when
commissioned in 1861. In a few
months all had resigned and new
officers were elected, G. H. Fulk
erson captain. No mention of
Error also to Captain A. K.
Jones being placed in command of
the 16th regiment at Fort Gregg.
Captain Jones commanded the 12th
regiment there.
Error: Page 716. Roster of
38th regiment. Columbia guards,
Company I, is located from Clai
borne county. No such company
was ever formed in that county nor
do the officers appear to be known
by any in Claiborne county.
Error: No mention is made of
one militia company from Clai
borne county. It was Company
E, Humphreys' battalion, and was
stationed at Mildale in 1862, P. C.
Hull and J. B. Mason as captains.
Error: In index, page 1287,
read 16th regiment for the 16th
brigade, (Gen. R. S. Ewell.)
Error; The names of many of
ficers are misspelled, wrong ini
tials given, viz: Captain H. L*
Coffee, Allen B, Coffee and H. T.
Coffee. He was Captain Holland
Coffee of the 48th regiment and of
Jackson, Miss.
Error: Lieut. James M. Creek
man was killed as Lieut. Creek
more. Lieut. S. D. McClellun
wounded as W. D. McClellan.
Port Gibson Rifles, Company
C-F, 10th regiment, it is inferred
that the original officers retained
their command at reorganization.
None but MeKeever were re-elect
ed and he resigned after Shiloh
battle. The company was then
commanded by assignment of W.
R. Daniels of Jackson as captain
and D. A. Campbell of Rankin
çoqnty as lieutenant.
Claiborne Light Infantry, Cap
tain A. J. Lewis, is the only offi
cer mentioned. Nor was mention
made of his promotion as major
and lieutenant colonel of the 14th
cavalry battalion.
Mr. Rowland refused the offer
of Captain A. K. Jones to place his
company roll the archives, saying
fie wanted original muster rolls
Reference is made to page 794
to Company C, Magruder's Parti
san Rangers, 4th Cavalry. The
outline given here was prepared
by myself for Hon. J. McC,
Martin of Port Gibson. This was
not by any means an original
roster, for it was made from pri
vate muster rolls» diaries and
statements. While it is about cor
rect it is not original. He omits
Lieutenant C. £. Buck as captain.
Field officers are sometimes
given. Staff of brigades, regi
ments, deparment officers ignored.
The Line is useless without de
partment work, and in the main the
work was arduous and thankless.
The commissary and Quart
ermasters should have been rec
ognized, so should the Staff. A
bad feature of this compilation is
that largely the officers named are
taken as commissioned originally.
Very few of them remained be
yond the first six months, some
resigned, some promoted and oth
ers not reelected. The true offi
cers in real command were those
elected in 1862 and theirs should
be the honorand glory. As it is but
few are known.
As you know,Captain, I enlisted
July, 1861. Our company was or
dered to Virginia and in November,
1861, became Company F of the 2d
battalion and retained the same
letter in the 48th regiment when
the battalion was created a regi
ment and I served continuously to
the surrender at Appomattot C.
H. April 10, 1865.
The inacurracies and the deadly
errors of my regiment I have cor
rected truthfully as you can see
and it required much patience and
research to reach the result. I
tendered Mr. Rowland the use of
my rosters of Claiborne * county
soldiers, asking that my work be
compared with those he was using
for joint perfection. The offer was
declined by post card, saying he
had some of them.
This correction is respectfully
Note.— T. B. Manlove is men
tioned as Lieutenant Colonel of
the Battalion. Taylor and Wilson
were the only Lieutenant Colonais
it ever had, both killed.
F. H. F.
I have read with interest what
Comrade Foote says about the er
rors he finds in Dr. Rowland's
book concerning his company and
regiment. An active participant
and giving his own experience, his
statements are authentic and reli
able; many of them to my person
al knowledge are true.
Com. Claiborne Camp, U. C. V.
Reports of Mayor and Other Offi
cers. Vagrant Ordinance.
(Concluded From Last Week)
The mayor reported as follows :
To the Honorable Board of Mayor
and Aldermen of the Town of
Port Gibson:
This I submit as my report for
the month of February, A. D. 1910.
In the mayor's court were tired
three cases ; two for assault and
battery and one for disturbing the
peace; two pleas of guilty and one
compromised: two reported by
Night Policeman Phillips and one
by Marshal Magruder. The fines
and costs amounted to eighteen
As it seems that we cannot get a
report from the state chemist with
reference to our well water, I ask
the board for authority to send a
sample to Dr, Meta of Tulane for
examination, after I have found
ont his charge. I do this because
I have bad complaint made to me
with reference to said water.
It Is reported that Bridewell's
lane needs working and I call the
street committee's attention to
I call the Superintendent's at
tention to the fire hydrant on the
East side of Church Street and
nearest to the railroad.
I would suggest that the fire
hose and apparatus be examined
every month.
I would suggest that oil the fire
hydrants be examined and that all
the water mainsbe flushed so as to
free them of any accumulation.
It is well for us to have the
town thoroughly cleaned and I
recommend that the public be noti
fied that wagons will call for trash
ou some dav to be selected by the
marshal, and especially for tin
cans, bottles and anything else in
which mosquitoes may breed.
I believe that it is well for us to
put on a sanitary inspector.
There were no complaints of
stock running on the streets during
the month of February.
It is well for the Board to con
sider the best method for having
the streets sprinkled during the
I would again urge the commit
tees to be as economical as consist
ent with the best interests of the
Town. _
I regret that I cannot recom
mend the offer of the Board of Super
visors to work the Town prisoners
as I do not think we have the leg
al authority to work the prisoners
in that manner, though two of the
best attorneys in town disagree
with me.
Respectfully submitted,
which report was received and filed
and ordered spread on the minutes.
The action of the mayor and
clerk in issuing the following war
rants during vacation was approved:
y. & M. v. R. R.
Jno Jackson . .
Wirt Adams . .
B H Morehead .
T Lamkin . . .
J I, Brown . . .
E Johnson . .
A M Miller . . .
H. D. Brownlee
A. M. Addison .
A. J. Rice. . . .
B. L. Green . .
W. A. Brown . .
E. J. Richardson . ; i
Isom Summers . . ,
J. J. McKinstry . . .
Mrs. Hattie Hart . .
Miss F. Naasson . . .
Miss M. Naasson . .
Miss E- If Staggers .
. . . . $ aos 25
. . . . 70 5
.... 12a 36
. . . . IX 00
.... 20 80
.... I 25
.... 2 25
. . . . 9 00
, . . . 9 55
. . . . 65*00
.... 30 00
.... 30 00
. . . . 30 00
. . . . 30 00
... i 75
. . . . 125 00
. . . . 50 00
. . . . 50 00
. . . . 50 00
, . • • SO °9
$ 900 36
The treasurer reported as follows:
Bal. on hand Feb. 4, 1910
Receipts :
Taxes . .
Poll taxes ......
Interest on daily bala
Street taxes . . . f .
Impounding . . . i .
Fines and costs . . .
Tuition .......
W. W. & E. If cols. . . .
Transfer arcs and hydrants
Coal for schools.
$12,808 57
. . . $ 518 60
209 5a
-s 98
nces .
3 00
2 25
6 go
81 08
838 87
284 50
18 60
$ i.gy iNo
$14.779 97
Expenditures :
W. W. & E. L. purposes . . $ 906 53
General fund . .
Fire fund . . . i
Street fund . . .
School fund . .
Bond fund . . .
Sinking fand
711 25
89 90
47 32
691 15
1178 78
24 90
. # . •
$ 3,649 83
On band Mch.j^r ^
General hiuu^V. . .
. . $11,371 8 i
544 69
. . 1,277 00
565 09
2 48*
458 44
W. W. and E. L. fund . . . 3,084 41*
Fire fund . . . .
Bond fund . . .
School fund . . .
Street fund . . .
Sinking fnnd
$14.779 97
R. G. HASTINGS, Treas.
which report was received and filed
and ordered-spread on the minutes.
The Supt. of the E. L- & W. W.
plant reported as follows :
Water.. , .
Arcs ...
Street incandescents
• • I 56a 15.
. . 236 30
. . 17a 00
. . 90 00
. . 24 50
Fuel .
Plant expense.
Machinery repairs.
Lines and mains.
Building improvement....
Water rnetçrs
$1,082 95
$ 360 00
315 00
21 80
19 5«
18 02
26 70
49 97
6 00
-$ 824 64
which report was received and filed
and ordered spread on theminufes,
The marshal reported as follows:
$ 518 60
3 00
2 25
6 00
Taxes . . . . .
Street tax . . .
Impounding . .
Fines and costs
R. W. MAGRUDER. Marshal.
which report was received and filed
and ordeied spread on the minutes.
The following bills were allowed:
The following ordinance was a
The following persons are and
shall be punished as vagrants, viz:
(a) Persons known as tramps,
wandering or strolling about in
idleness, who are able to work and
have no property to support them.
(b) Persons leading an idle, im
mortal or profligate life, who have
no property to support them, and
who are-able to work and do not
(c) All persons able to work
having no property to support
them, and who have no visible or
known means of a fair, honest
and reputable livelihood, The
term "visible and known means of
a fair, honest and refutable liveli
hood," as used in this section,
shall be constructed to mean reas
onably continuous employment at
some lawful occupation for reason
able compensation, or a fixed and
regular income from property or
other investment, which income is
sufficient for the support and main
tenance of such person.
(d) All able-bodied persons who
habitually loaf, loiter and idle in
the cities, towns.and villages, or a
bout steam-boat landings or rail
road stations or any othet, public
place in the state, for the larger
portion of their time, without any
regular employment and without
any visible means of support. An
offense under paragraph (d) of
this section shall be made out
whenever it is shown that any per
son has no visible means of support
and only occasionally has employ
ment at odd jobs, being for the
most of the time out of employ
(e) Persons trading or bartering
stolen property, or who unlawfully
sell or barter any vinous, alcoholic,
malt, intoxicating or spirtuous
(f) Every common gambler or
person who for the most part main
tains himself by gambling.
(g) Every able-bodied person
who shall go begging for a livli
(h) Every common prostitute.
(i) Every keeper of a house of
(j) Every keeper of a bouse of
gambling or gaming
(k) Every person who shall a
bandon his wife or family, without
just cause, leaving her or them
without support, or in danger of
becoming a public charge.
( l ) Every able-bodied person
who lives without employment or
labor, and who has no visible
means of support.
(m) All persons who are able to
work and do not work, but hire
out their minor children or allow
them to be hired out, and live upon
their wages.
(n) All persons over sixteen
years of age and under twenty-one,
able to work and who do not work,
and have no property to support
them,'and have not some known
visible means of a fair, honest, and
reputable livelihood, and whose
parents or those in loco parentis
are unable to support them, and
who are not in attendance upon
some educational institution.
Upon conviction of any person
on a charge of vagrancy, he shall
be fined not more than $50, or be
imprisoned not more than 30 days,
or by both such fine and imprison
(Concluded on Second Page)
Shoes to Last a Life-Time.
Say, Mr Shoedealer, would you rather
have your customers speak of your shoes
as wearing well, as not running down at
the heel, as turning water, and taking a
shine: or wag their heads and say nothing?
We'd rather have ours, at long intervals,
say: "We want some more paint, and we
want Devoe." We know it isn't in human
nature to paint very often; we don't ex
pect them to come very often; don't want
'em to. All we want is to paint what they
have to paint, whenever they paint it; the
longer the time, the surer they are to
come-back. There's business enough in
the world; there are houses enough to
paint; l«t 'em take their time.
If we were a shoemaker, we'd make
shoes to last half a life time, and shoe the
whole town.
Advice Concerning Stomach Troubles
and How to Remedy Them
Do not neglect indigestion which
leads to all sorts of ills and com
Ati eminent doctor
once said that ninety-five per cent
of all the ills of the human body
have their origin in a disordereed
A physician who made a special
ty of stomach troubles, particularly
dyspepsia, after years of study per
fected the formula from which
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets are made.
Our experience with Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets leads us to believe
them to be the greatest remedy
known for the relief of acute indi
gestion and chronic dyspepsia.
Their ingredients are soothing and
healing to the inflamed membranes
of the stomach. They are rich in
pepsin, one of the greatest diges
tive aids known to medicine.
The relief they afford is almost
immediate. Their use with per
sistency and regularity for a short
time brings about a cessation of
the pains'caused by stomach dis
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will
insure healthy appetite, aid diges
tion and promote nutrition,
evidence of our sincere faith in
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, we ask
you to try them at our risk. If
they do not give you entire satis
faction, we will return you the
money you paid us for them, with
out question or formality. They
come in three sizes, prices 25 cents,
50 cents and $1.00.
Remember you can obtain them
only at our store.
"The Rexall Store,
Pope Drug Co., Main St.
mm you
*kS'* Copyright 1909, by C. E. Zimmermao Co.—No. 56
HERB is certainty to the return from money
in the bank. Nothing increases with such steady
growth and as constant as dollars when deposit
ed in a reliable banking institution. In order tobe sure
what your harvest will be, you should have some money
in the bank.
t . ■'
' V
(Mississippi Southern Bank
port 6Cbson, (Miss.
Capital and Surplus,
$ 100 , 000.00
in all its branches well and cheaply done, and
of all kinds done in the most approved manner.
Fitting Up
My shop is being well fitted up for the business,
and I want your work.
fart dihrnt
iLccoqrjts limited.
G. W. WHEELESS, President
W. C. GUTHRIE, Vice President
B. H. MAGRUDER, Cashier
R. G. HASTINGS, Ass't Cashier
This name, when it appears on the fall-board of a pi
ano, is an absolute guarantee to the purchaser. When
the name FORBES appears in a contract or guarantee
covering the purchase of a piano, it means that the cus
tomer has received full value for every dollar invested and
absolute protection in every way in case of any posaible
Forbes than any other music house in the South.
More pianos are sold by the house of
E. E. Forbes Piano Co.,
C. J. ROBERTS, fUmager,
Jackson» Miss,
a Capitol St,

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