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The Board of Mayor and Aider
men met in regular session Jan, 3,
1916. Present, Mayor L-A. Smith,
Aldermen Jones, Gordon, Guthrie,
Bailey, Wharton and Alderman
elect J. W. Person.
The election commissioners re
ported as follows:
In accordance with your direct
ion, a special election was held on
Dec. 28,.1915, to elect an alderman
in place of L. B Allen, resigned.
At said election J. W. Person was
the only one voted for and he re
ceived 21. votes.
We the election commissioners
of said town do therefore : certify
that the said |. W. Person has
been duly elected alderman of the
town of Port Gibson, Miss., to
take the place ot L. B. Allen, re
Signed, J. N. BRASHEAR,
. Commissioners.
j. W. Person presented his bond
for $750, with Fidelltv & Deposit
Company of Maryland as surety,
which was approved and he was
sworn in as alderman for the un
expired term of L. B. Allen.
The action of the mayor and
clerk in issuing the following war
rants in vacation was approved:
Henry Appleton, labor.
Hd Willi., same. « •-»
S. C. Daniell, witnea.
Thos. Jackson, part salary ....
Thos. Butler, same.
N. K. Hawea, ..* . .
Randall Watkins, same ....
Alonzo Ward, same.
Isom Somers, same. »
The treasurer reported as fol
$ 2 25
10 00
20 00
a« 00
10 00
5 0°
2 00
BaU on hand, De c. 4,19*5 .•♦•••• 5 959 95
General ta*es.. . I 76
- foil taxes.
Street taxes . . . . .
' privilege taxes . . .
pines and costs . . .
Inter st on daily balances .
Tuition country children .
W. W. & E. L. cols. . . .
Transfer arcs and hydrants
Transfer water sprinkling.
154 75
25 45
\ 00
47 81
800 70
299 50
15 60
$ 5.084 71
5 6,044 66
Expenditures :
General fund..
W. W. &B. L. fund . . . .
School fund ........
Street fund.
Pire fund.
I 1.649 99
886 92
343 51
80 60
55 50
5 3.016 52
On hand Dec. 4,1915.
General fund. . . .
$ 1,264 26*
W. W. and E. L. fund . . . 2,513 77
School fund .....
Street fund.
Pire fund ......
Bond fund.
Sinking fund ....
180 68
607 54
712 49 *
793 00
909 90
S 3.028 14
$ 6,044 66
R. G. HASTINGS, Treaa.
- which report was received and filed
and ordered spread on the minutes
The Supt. of the E. L* & W. W.
plant reported as follows :
To Collect:
: bights..
jf g -WBter . . .....
miro'*** ..
Hydrants ..
Incandescents ....
Sale coal .......
Labor-repairs . . '.
Total to collect . .
Fuel ...» .
Salaries .......
Lines and mains .' . .
Machinery repairs....
Plant expense ......
Office .
Total expense.
- «
.... $ 526 30
.... 308 05
185 00
. . . . 90 m
. . . . 24 50
.... 52 20
5 50
-51091 55
$ 4*3 88
... 250 00
. . . 60 52
. . . 55 54
... 15 36
. . . i 35
. . . 3 00
•5 808 55
I 283 00
H. P. BRQWIfPSB, Supt.
which report was received and filed
and ordered spread on the minutes.
The marshal reported as follows:
To collect above expense . .
. . . .53416 76
. . . 25 45
.... I 00
.... 41 25
.... 154 75
53639 »?
A. A. MADDOX. Marshal.
which report was received and filed
and ordered spread on the minutes.
The chief of the fire department
reported the fires and alarms in
December and up to Jan. 3, 1916.
Was read and, on motion, received
and filed and referred to the fire
committee, It gave names of fire
men entitled to pay, which was
General taxe< . . .
Fines and coats . .
Impounding . . . .
Privilere taxes . . .
Street taxes ....
The Port Gibson Bank submit
ted ad offer to handle the funds of
the corporation for two years on
the same terms as heretofore, that
is 2 per cent interest on daily bal
payable monthly, which
was, on motion, accepted.
The mayor appointed the follow
ing committees for 1916:
Fire--Person, Wharton and Bal
Finance—Wharton, Gntbrie and
Sanitary—Bailey*, Person and
Waterworks and Electric Lights
_.Jones, Person and Gordon.
Gordon, Person and
4 On motion, the mayor and clerk
instructed to issue warrants
for interest $433» >o and $20.00 for
redemption of bond.
On motion the election of night
police was postponed until the
February mecliug.
On motion the Reveille was
elected to publish the proceedings,
etc., during 1916 for $50 per an
num, payable quarterly.
The following bills were allowed:
L. A. Smith, maydr.
Port Gibson Bank, rent ....
A. A. Maddox, salary.
C. H. Phillips, salary.
T. M. Rea, salary .......
H. R. Guthrie, salary.
C. A. Gordon, salary ......
J. M. Jones, salary.
T. T. Bailey, salary.
C. R. Whtrton, salary ....
J. W. Person, »alary.
Miss M. B. Gordon, rent . . .
J. L. Brown, winding clock. 4 58
10 00
ti 29
12 00
17 00
18 00
20 00
.... $ 10 00
. . . . 12 50
.... 75 00
.. v *. 50 00
.... 40 00
. . . . 5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
s 00
H. A. Marschalk, salary
T. V, Rush, salary. . . .
Jno. Welborne, salary .
Alouxo Ward, salary . .
Isom Somers, same . . .
H. D. Brownlee, salary..
Tom Butler, salary.
N. E. Hawes, salary ..
Randall Watkins, " ..
Thos Jackson, "
W. W. and B. L. Plant, arcs, etc.. . .
" ~- coal .
. . 25 00
. . 25 0°
. . 20 00
. . 299 50
. . 48 4S
. . 1118 84
26 65
64 3a
Southern Coal Co.,coal . .
Gen. Electric Ca, sundries .
Interstate Electric Co., sanie
B. J. Robinson, sundries . .
Claiborne Hardware Co., sundries .... 38 05
Ç. E- Morris, sundries ..........
B. P. Minnis, same . . ;..
H. D. Brownlee, stamps, etc .......
Cumb. Tel. Co., phones..
T. M. Rea, sundries.
Chas. Page, sweeping office ......
T. B. Helm, work.
A. A. Maddox, impounding.
J. R. Butler, special police..
J. T. Drake, insurance.
Bock's Department Store, sundries . . .
Reveille, printing.
J. N. Brashear, Com. Election.
R. J. Durr, same...
S. Bernheimer & Sons, oats.
Jim Jones, work.
Joe Welbora, same.
u •
9 97
I 25
9 35
5 98
2 30
a 95
I 00
5 00
8 30
100 00
15 95
3 00
3 00
18 75
I 25
3: 00
The Board then adjourned.
THOS. M. REA, Clerk.
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Food And Grain Crops Will Make
Agricultural South Independent,
Says H. G. Hastings
Atlanta, Ga.—(Special.)—The cred
it system under which the agricultu
ral south works and stays poor is an
alyzed in a striking way by H. G.
Hastings of Atlanta, chairman of the
agricultural committee of the Cham
ber of Commerce, and a mémber of
the executive council of the South
eastern Fair. He does not mince
words in talking about the situation.
"Every season during the last fifty
years," he says, "there has been trou
ble in the cotton belt whenever the
crop was large and the price low, or' -
the crop short. Each time the cry of
hard times goes up, and the reason
back of it is that the farmers cannot
get enough money to pay their debts
opt of their so-called cash crop—cot
ton. It is disheartening because it is
so absolutely unnecessary.
"A cotton farmer's debts are large
ly for food and grain, charged up
against him on the merchants' books
at two to three times the price that
those same items could be produced
on his own acres, and usually without
serious interference with a crop of cot
ton as ' large as he now makes.
"The trouble Is that most cotton
farmers owe their crop instead of
•owning it when made.
"The credit way looks the easy
way, but it strangles most farmers
before they get through life.
"I have said repeatedly in public
addresses that no state or section of
any country can be prosperous that
is regularly dependent on another
section for its food supplies. What
is true of § state or section is true
of the individual farmer.
The great exhibits of grain, hay
and food products shown at the South
eastern Fair held in Atlanta In No
vember, give the lie to the statement
that these things cannot be grown
here at home successfully and prof
itably. * w ,
A good big home garden kept
planted and rightly tended through
the season will produce half of the
living besides furnishing an abund
ance lor canning or drying from the
surplus. . , ,
"When we make our food and grain
will have few or no debts at the
will own instead of owe

store; we
our crops when made, and
wealth will accumulate in the south
instead of farm and crop mortgages."
Cut Your Store
Down One Half
Tens of thousands of fanners as well ai
town and city folks cut down their store
hill* one-half last-year and saved, money
in spite of generally short crops and re
duced wages.
Absolutely millions of dollars were
saved and countless families lived better
than ever before in the face of the cotton
crisis and general business depression.
How were these burdensome store bills
cut down? By the real money-saving
power of good home gardens, rightly
planted and kept planted and tended
through the season,
Hastings 1916 Seed Catalogue tells how
to cut store bills down; tells about gar
den and farm seeds of kinds and a qual
ity that cannot be bought from your mer
chant or druggist. It's full of garden and
farm information. It's free if you ask
for it Write for it now. H. G. HASTINGS
CO., Atlanta, Ga.—(Advt)
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wv *
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of the
To the Gallows* Foot—and After!
Would You Go There?
Would you stand by your lover's side in
the shadow of the gallows and try to pro
in the face of overwhelming
tect him
evidence of guilt?
Thousandth Woman
did, and never for s moment lost her loy
alty to her lover and friend though all the
evidence in the world seemed deaq
against him.
This is the story of the one woman in a
thousand. It is a great mystery story.
It is more—a character story so strong that
the reader hangs breathless on the fate of
the man and woman he knows and likes.
By Ernest W. Hornung
Author of "Raffle*,'"'The Amateur Cracksman,"Etc.
It is the new serial we have secured and
the first installment will appear in an
early issue. *
You Must Be Sure To Read It
Unusual Loquacity.
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the hill.
Now, that'-s strange.'?
What's strange?"
About the wagon's protest It has
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f ti
Precocious Infants.
Gyer—Some of those biblical chai*
acterfr-must have been precocious in
My er— What's the explanation?
Oyer—Well, take Job, for example.
The good book informs us that ha
cursed the day he was born.
Built Up Rural Communities.
What we need is good roads and
modern homes. Help the farmers se
cure these and you will do more to
ward building up the rural commun! .
tief (hgh any other two thin gs.
No Kick Coming.
First Traveler—How do you find
business in ygur line?
Second Traveler—Oh, I have no
cause for complaint I*m doing a rat
tling business.
First Traveler—What's your line?
Second Traveler—I'm one of the end
men In a minstrel show.
That Was Sufficient
Jack—That is my fiancee at the
piano. Isn't she a beauty?
Tom—She certainly la, but you
must remember that beauty ia only
akin deep.
Jack—Well, what do you think X am
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Trustee's Baie.
By virtue of the power vested in
me as trustee, appointed by the
Executive Committee of Education
of the Synod of Mississippi of the
Presbyterian Church in the United
States, under the terms of that
certain deed of trust executed by
John F. Weeks, an unmarried man,
on September 2nd, 1903, to Cham
berlain-Hunt Academy to secure
an indebtedness therein mentined,
due said Chamberlain-Hunt Acad
emy, said deed of trust being re
corded in book 3- R, pages 4, 5,
and 6 of the record of trust deeds
of Claiborne County, Mississippi,
and my appointment as trustee
under the terms thereof, being
dated December 18th, 1915, and
recorded in book 3-Z, page 309, of
the record of deeds of said county;
and by virtue of the further power
vested in me by that certain deed
of trust executed by the said John
F Weeks and G. R. Weeks, his
wife, on February 8, 1910, to the
undersigned as trustee to secure a
certain indebtedness therein men
tioned, due the said Chamberlain
Hunt Academy; said last named
deed of trust being given in re
newal and extension of said former
one, and being recorded in book
3-W, page 115 of the record of
trust deeds of said county; both of
said trust deeds being here referred
to; default having been made in
the payment of the indebtedness
secured by said deeds of trust, and
the Executive Committee of Ed
ucation of the Synod of Mississip
pi of the Presbyterian Church in
the United States, the legal bolder
of said indebtedness, having re
quested me to foreclose said deeds
of trust, I will on
nonday, January 14th, A. D. 1916,
sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash at the front
door of the Court House of Clai
borne County, Mississippi, within
the hours prescribed by law for the
sale of real estate under execution,
the following described real estate,
situate, lying and being in Clai
borne County. Mississippi, towit:
All that part of the estate of T. D.
Weeks, deceased, lying north of
the Port Gibson and Pattona pub
lic road; west of the lands of Dr.
A. L. Chapman and lands of Wm.
Cabn & Co.; sonth of lands of
Wm. Cabn & Co., lands of J. F.
Lee and lands of C. R. Anderson;
and east of the St. Elmo and Mar
tin (now Pattison) public road;
less two acres 1 >elonging to Mrs.
Mattie Fife and four acres belong
ing to Claiborne County, Missis
sippi. Said tract of land contains
Fifty acres, more or less, being
part of section 46, township 12,
range 4 east, and part of section 7,
township ii, range 4 east, and
possibly a small part of section 45,
township 12, range 4 east. This
is the land cQnveyed to the said
] obn F t Weeks by S. A. and L.
Townsend by deed of January 19,
1910, recorded in book 3-V, pages
151-2 of the record of deeds of said
connty and here referred to. The
above description covers and in
cludes all the lands conveyed by
the said John F. Weeks to Cham
berlain Hunt Academy by trust
deed of September, 2, 1903, re
corded In book 3-R, pages 4, 5 and
6 of the record of trust deeds of said
county, except the several parcels
of real estate released therefrom
by entries made on the margin of
the recoid where said instrument is
recorded, and the part released by
entry on the margin of book 3-S,
page 4fo of the record of deeds of
said connty.
This 28th day of December, A.
D. 1915 — 4 l
J. N. BRASHEAR, Trustee.
Trustee's Sale,
By virtue of the power vested in
me by that certain trust deed execu
ted upon the 19th day of February
A. D. 1906 to the udersigned trus
tee,by T* F.Jordan et nx. to secure
a debt therein mentioned and de
scribed which trust deed is here
referred to and is of record ia book
3-T, page 187 et seq., of the deed
records of Claiborne County, Mis
sissippi, and a renewal ot which Is
of record in Book 3- U, page 791
of said records, default having
been made in the payment ef said
debt, and S. E. Dudley the bolder
thereof having requested me to
foreclose the same, I will on
Monday, the Seventh Day of Febru*
ary. A. D. 1916 .
sell at public auction, to the high
est bidder for cash, at the front
door of the Court House of said
county, within the hours preseerib
ed by law for sales nuder execu
tion, the following land lying and
situate in said connty, towit; the
west half of the southeast quarter
of section 24, and the west half
the sontwest quarter of section 25,
and the north half of the southeast
quarter of section 24: all In town
ship 10, range 4 east, reference
being bad to said trust deed for
more particular description.
Jan.11 -4t
The State of Mississippi,
To Mrs. N. B. Wrlgbt:
Yon are commanded to appear
before the Chancery Court of the
Connty of Claiborne in said State,
on the second Monday of May, A.
D. 1916, to defend the suit In said
Court of the State Board of Bank
Examiners, wherein yon are a de
This 2 ist day of December, A.
D. 1015.
B. H. MOREHEAD, Clerk.
■.■■■■ n
-- -?•

Fine Lands
Produce Almost Anything,
Luxuriant Native Grasses
Ideal for Live Stock.
Mild Climate
Eradicating Cattle Ticke
Fine Roads
Law-Abiding Citizens
No Factions
Low Rate of Taxation
Annual County Fair
8 Months Graded Schools
Good Churches -
Population 2252
Water and Light Plant
Ice Factory
Oil Mill
Two Banks
Male and emale Collegae
(No Better in the Stats)
Graded Public Schott
Unusually Good Churchaa
No Saloons

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