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"Pape's Diapepsin" settles sour,
gassy stomachs in five
min utes—Tim e it!
You don't want a slow remedy when
your stomach is bad—or an uncertain
a harmful one—your stomach
is too valuable; you mustn't injure it.
Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its
speed in giving relief; its harmless
ness; its certain unfailing action in
regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.
Its millions of cures in indigestion,
dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach
trouble has made it famous the world
Keep this perfect stomach doctor in
your home—keep it handy—get a large
flfty-cent case from any dealer and
then if anyone should eat something
which doesn't agree with them; if
what they eat lays like lead, ferments
and sours and forms gas; causes head
ache, dizziness and nausea; eructa
tions of acid and undigested food—
remember as soon as Pape's Diapepsin
comes in contact with the stomach all
such distress vanishes. Its prompt
ness, certainty and ease in overcoming
the worst stomach disorders is a rev*
lation to those who try it.—Adv.
Innocent Merriment.
The following conversation was
overheard between two of Dr. Anna
Howard Shaw's little nieces, who were
seriously discussing votes for women.
"I sha'nt tell the girls at school that
I'm a suffragist," confided the elder
■ •
"I don't mind if they know I'm one,
burst out the smaller girl,
do you care for?"
"Because they will all laugh at me,
her sister admitted.
"Why, don't you know," came the
solemn reply, "that people have been
laughing at Aunt Anna for hundreds
and hundreds of years."

Take a Glass of Salts at Once If Your
Back Is Hurting or Kidneys and
Bladder Trouble You.
The American men and women must
guard constantly against Kidney trou
ble, because we eat too much and all
our food is rich. Our blood is filled
with uric acid which the kidneys
strive to filter out, they weaken from
overwork, become sluggish; the elimi
native tissues clog and the result is
kidney trouble, bladder weakness and
a general decline in health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps
o t lead; your back hurts or the urine
is cloudy, full of sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night; if you suffer
with sick headache or dizzy, nervous
spells, acid stomach, or you have rheu
matism when the weather is bad, get
from your pharmacist about four
ounces of Jad Salts; take a table
spoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your kid
neys will then act fine. This famous
salts Is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia,
and has been used for generations to
fluBh and stimulate clogged kidneys;
to neutralize the acids in the urine so
it no longer is a source of irritation,
thus ending bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, makes a delightful effervescent
lithla-water beverage, and belongs in
every home, because nobody can make
a mistake by having a good kidney
flushing any time.—Adv.
Evidently Hungry.
Waiter (to Westerner, who is in res
taurant with city niece)—Shall 1 bring
you a half portion, sir?
Westerner—A what?
Niece (interposing)—That is the
way you order in these places, uncle.
Westerner—Oh, it is! All right,
bring me a half-portion, and a quarter
section of beef and a few 'acres of
If cross, feverish, constipated,
give "California Syrup
of Figs."
▲ laxative today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, mother! If coat
ed, or your child is listless, cross, fev
erish, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat
heartily, full of cold or has sore throat
or any other children's ailment, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," then don't worry, because it is
perfectly harmless, and in a few hours
$ all this constipation poison, sour bile
and fermenting waste will gently
move out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside cleansing" is ofttlmes all
that is necessary. It should be the
first treatment given in any sickness.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask at the store for a 50-cent bottle of
California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children ol
all ages and for grown-ups plalnl:
printed on the bottle. Adv.
Now They Don't Speak.
'He says he can read much In my
"Between the lines, I suppose," sug
gested the other girL
is often followed fey pneumonia. Be
fore it is too late take Laxative Quini
dine Tablets. Gives prompt relief in
cases of Coughs, Colds, La Grippe and
Headache. Price 25c.—Adv.
"I have faUen arches. What shall
I do?"
"See the bu
> V s ( 4>-r r.Çfeiâa}. M
- j

: :
Cattle and Hogs in Feed Lot.
(Prepared by the United State« Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Cottonseed meal is one of the most
concentrated feedstuffs 'that can be
obtained today. It contains, according
to analyses made by the United States
department of agriculture, from 38 to
45 per cent of protein. The only feed
of vegetable origin which has anything
like this percentage is linseed-oil meal.
The relative prices of these two feeds
should be the chief factor in determin
ing for the farmer which one to use.
Cottonseed meal has, of course, been
fed extensively for many years in the
South, but its popularity in the North
And West is comparatively recent. In
the past a very large proportion of the
meal produced In this country has
been exported, Europe taking about
four hundred thousand tons in 1913,
despite the fact that its cost was con
siderably increased by the freight
across the ocean.
Experience in this country has
shown that cottonseed meal is not a
good feed for very young calves, or in
large quantities for bulls. It can be
fed to the latter, however, In quanti
ties of from two to three pounds a day
throughout the winter with little dan
ger. For breeding cows, on the other
hand, there is no feed which equals
cottonseed meal in small quantities.
About two pounds of the meal per
head a day, with some silage, stover,
or other farm roughage, will carry the
herd very economically through the
winter. A similar combination is also
economical for stocker cattle. Experi
ments in Alabama showed that cattle
which derived all their feed from
ranging in old cotton and cornstalk
fields and waste land lost about 103
poimds per head each winter, while
those which ran on a similar range,
hut received in addition 2.4 pounds
of cottonseed meal and 8.7 pounds
of cottonseed hulls, weighed as much
in the spring as they did in the previ
ous falL In Indiana, also, It has been
ascertained that the average rations
can be greatly Improved by the addi
tion of 2H pounds of cottonseed meal.
The meal acts as a stimulant to the
animal «" appetite and they consume
Mixture of Cottonseed Meal and Grain
Will Produce Egge at Com
paratively Low Cost.
It is more than a year since the
Clemson egg mash was given to South
Carolina farmers by the poultry hus
bandman of Clemson college. In that
time it has increased steadily in popu
larity and those who have used it
have reported the most satisfactory
results. With the approach of winter,
farmers are reminded that it requires
plenty of good feed to make hens lay
in cold weather. It is believed that
they can find nothing better for this
purpose than the ClemBon egg mash
and the formula for the mash Is again
brought to their attention.
Cottonseed meal
Cornmeal .
Ground oat« .
Wheat bran .
Wheat shorts ...
Ground lime rock (fertiliser lime) 16
Ground charcoal
Halt .
Keep this mash in the poultry
house before the hens all the time.
Use a covered box with slats around
It, or a hopper, so that the hens can
not soil or waste the mash. Do not
mix it with water and feed only once
a day, as in that case the hens would
overfeed and then stand about and
get chilled. When the mash is fed dry
the hens consume it gradually as na
ture Intended. The ground lime rock
is fertilizer lime, not the burnt lime
used in whitewashing. The ground
charcoal may be left out if it can
not be readily obtained, but always
add the salt.
Grain of Cowpeas and Kafir Are
Eaisly Digested by Fowls—8oy
Beans Also Are Excellent.
Cowpeas and kafir are both excel
lent feed for poultry. Experiments
made In feeding both to poultry have
shown that, fed in the grain, each kind
is more easily digested than if made
into meal and fed. This fact will
prove a great saving to those who
have both of these grains as feed for
Soy beans are a better feed than
grain yield, and yet cowpeas contain
more than twice the nitrogenous mat
ter contained in either corn or kafir.
because of their greater
Cows 8tand at Head.
The milk of cows, goats, mares and
camels is used as an article of food
consumption, but in the economy
of production cows stand at the head
cf the list of milk-producing animals.
Advantage With Guineas.
One advantage with guineas is their
ability to forage and take care of
Feeders Prepare in Advance.
Good feeders prepare in advance
tor their animals.
greater quantities of other feed and
make correspondingly larger gains.
In November, 1915, cottonseed meal
containing 41 per cent protein sold for
$35 to $40 per ton, and old process
linseed meal for $38 to $42 per ton.
Even at such prices, which are much
higher than the ordinary, it will usu
ally be profitable to use a small
amount of one of them in the ration
for fattening cattle. This is true espe
cially in those sections where the ra
tions are made up chiefly of carbona
ceous feeds such as corn, corn silage,
and corn stover, providing the price
of corn is not lower than 60 cents a
In Farmers' Bulletin 655, "Cotton
seed Meal for Feeding Beef Cattle,
the attention of feeders is called to
the following points:
L Do not feed young calves heavily
on cottonseed meal.
2. Secure prices on both cottonseed
meal and linseed meal and use the
cheaper feed.
3. If cottonseed meal does not cost
over $34 a ton it can probably be used
to advantage in wintering the breeding
4. By feeding a ration of two pounds
of cottonseed cake with corn silage,
or 2% pounds of cottonseed cake with
coarse roughages, such as oat straw,
corn stover, etc., mature cattle can he
wintered very economically.
5. One pound of cottonseed meal is
usually worth as much as two pounds
of corn for feeding cattle.
6. In sections where much corn, sto
ver, fodder, timothy or other carbohy
drate feeds are used, it is extremely
Important that some feed like cotton
seed meal be used.
7. Cottonseed meal stimulates the
appetite of fattening animals and
causes them to consume more feed and
likewise to make greater gains.
8. Heavy feeding of cottonseed meal
should be discontinued after 100 to
120 days where dry roughage is fed
and after 150 days where succulent
feeds are used.
9. Cottonseed cake can be used very
profitably as a supplemental feed for
fattening cattle on pasture.
Bronze Is Giant of Turkey Family anc'
Can Be Easily Grown—-Change
Gobblers Yearly.
(By A. B. AHRENS. Oklahoma Experi
ment Station.)
In dressing, turkeys shrink about
a third.
The Bronze is the giant of the tur
key family, and can be easily grown
in Oklahoma with proper care.
The parent stock must be strong
and vigorous, just the same as for
Hens are in profit until five years
of age.
Gobblers should be changed ever y
Hens must not be allowed to be
come too fat before the breeding sea
When the gobbler becomes too fat
Infertile eggs result.
Remember that turkeys are of a
roaming condition and must not be
kept in confinement
It is estimated that a breeding flock
of six turkeys should produce from
75 to 100 young.
Two-year-old toms to four-year-old
hens make the most reliable breeders.
Turkeys are reliable for both incu
bating and brooding.
It is a noted fact that if the gobbler
is present when the first clutch of
eggs is laid the second clutch will be
fertile without his presence.
Have Animals on Full Feed Before
Turning Them Into Corn-Small
Fields Are Favored.
When hogging down corn use pigs
weighing from 100 to 150 pounds. Turn
them into the corn when it is well
Have the hogs on full feed before
turning them into the corn. Feed
more protein supplement unless rape
or rye was seeded with the corn.
Use small fields—many farmers pro
fer ten acres or less. Let the brood
sows clean up after the fattening hogs.
Use 26-lnch woven wire for temporary
Price of Soy Bean Seed.
In localities where soy beans or
cowpeas are grown extensively experi
ence has shown that the price of the
seed on the home market holds up
well so long as there is local demand
enough to take all the seed grown, but
falls to about $1 a bushel when It be
comes necessary to ship to find a mar
keL '
Tubers of Uniform 8i?e.
Potatoes of uniform size, shape and
freedom from adhering clods of soil
bring a better price than do the field
run potatoes.
Profitable Flock of Hen».
On the average farm a flock of 106
to 150 hens Is more easily made profltr
able tha n one of a thousand.
Always Ready for Use.
Corn in the silo is like money in the
bank—ready for use when most
Designed Mainly for Proper Care
of Animals During Cold
Building 8uch as This Means In
creased Balance on the Right Side,
of the Ledger at the End of
the Year—Its Construc
tion Explained.
Mr. William A. Radford will answer
questions and give advice FREE OF
COST on all subjects pertaining to the
subject of building work on the farm, for
the readers of this paper. On account of
his wide experience as Editor, Author and
Manufacturer, he Is. without doubt, the
highest authority on all these subjects.
Address all Inquiries to William A. Rad
ford, No. 1817 Prairie avenue, Chicago.
111., and only inclose two-cent stamp for
reply. _
The hoghouse shown here Is de
signed to take care of quite a num
ber of hogs through the cold months.
It provides a place where the hogs
can be fattened for the market and
also where the breeding stock can be
kept. In the fall many of the hogs
that were intended for the market are
not fat enough so that a good profit
can be realized, and if a building such
as this is available they can be held
over till spring. The breeding stock
require warm quarters where they can
■ ■ j
develop plenty of vitality on a fairly
small amount of feed so that they can
have strong, healthy litters of pigs.
Outside pens are not shown in the
design but they may be provided in
any way that will be suitable for the
owner. Very often they are made as
rather long pens extending out from
the individual pens in the house. The
floor of these pens is often made of
concrete so that it can easily be kept
clean. The concrete for these pens
does not have to be of very good ma
terial and is often made of a lean mix
ture with the aggregatbank-run
gravel. It Is so easily repaired that
it is more economical to make the
floor in this way than to make It of
high-grade concrete. The pens pro
vide a yard where the pigs can get ex
two«:: PU« 1 XX»
$ ^GU.U
window rum
|fcnow|ü iwuj rtOQi
.Sunshine Wndow Detail
3iDtMi Window Detail
Doof Detail
eVC'EATTIU *4*0. C.
5HLATif!NG'\ v'O''
Guard Dikii
fit 1
^ '4*x4* PQ5X5
1 [ïti
■4 *4' .SILL
Hog House Details
4 t
4 4
4 V
I «
Cpo 55 Section
i «
Perspective View, Floor Plan and Construction Details of Winter Hog House.
ercise during the warmer days in win
ter. It is very essential to provide for
giving the hogs all the exercise possi
ble, as no animals are at their best
when they are getting no exercise.
Sunshine is provided in all parts of
the house by the windows on the roof.
This side of the roof is faced toward
the south, and the sunshine is admit
ted to both the front and the back of
the pens by the two rows of windows.
The windows along the side also help
in bringing plenty of sunshine into
the house.
All the windows are made In the
They have a galvanized
same way.
iron frame and the sash is also made
of the same material. This makes a
strong, substantial window that can
withstand the ravages of the elements.
This Is especially necessary in the
windows placed on the roof. A wood
window in this place would be
likely to retain the water after a
rain so that it would swell and warp
out of place.
The foundation and the floor of the
building is made of concrete so that
it can be readily cleaned. In each of
the pens Is placed a movable floor that
is made of planks. A concrete floor
is too cold for hogs to sleep on it
The planks can be readily taken out
of tbe way when the floor is to be
cleaned. The plank floor is held up
from the concrete by another plank
along the ends.
The walls of the building are made
double to that there will be no diffi
culty in keeping the house warm.
There snould be plenty of hogs in the
hoghouse in cold weather so that they
can keep warm, as the heating is ta
ken care of by their body beat. The
pens are 8 feet by 6 feet, which is
large enough to take care of a sow
and he* Utter. This size pen is also
large enough so that four or five
shoats can be kept in them for fatten
ing during the winter. These shoats
should be nearly the same size or
they may pile up and smother the
smaller ones. If more than lour or
five are placed in a pen, the same
thing may happen, even if the shoats
are almost of the same sise.
The feeding and litter alley rune
through the center of the house
lengthwise between the two rows of
pens. Very often a litter carrier Is
installed, though it is not as necessary
as in a dairy barn. Along each row of
pens is a gutter, and the concrete
floors of the pens are sloped slightly
so that they can be easily washed out
It is not absolutely necessary to have
the floors on a slant, as the pens are
swept out very often, anyway.
The partitions between the pens is
almost always made of tight boards
so that each pen will be easier to
keep warm. If hog wire is used it
is necessary to have the house full
in order to keep it warm.
Drafts must be prevented in hog
houses, as they are very dangerous
to hogs of all kinds. It is also es
sential that ventilation be provided.
One of the side windows can be left
slightly open at the top and the foul
air will be drawn off by the ventilator
on the roof.
As the most likely place to develop
drafts is along the sills, they are made
very carefully. They are imbedded in
fresh cement mortar and the mortar
is troweled against them on both the
inside and the outside. The "concrete
foundation walls are carried up 18
inches above grade so that no drafts
will be caused along the ground.
Wellington's Saloniki.
The allies' decision to hold Saloniki
has prompted memories of the famous
"lines of Torres Vedras," which Wel
lington, when compelled to retreat be
fore the overwhelming forces of Mas
sena, threw up in the autumn of 1810
to protect Lisbon and secure a bold on
Portuguese soil for future operations.
The lines were the greatest defenses
of the kind conceived until that time,
one, 29 miles long, stretching from A1
handa on the Tagu3 to the sea, a sec
ond running almost parallel with the
first but ten miles in the rear, and a
third, much shorter, extending from
Passo d'Arco to the coast. The whole
system fortified over five hundred
square miles of territory and present
ed a barrier against which Massena's
forces battered in vain. In March,
1811, his sadly depleted armies had to
retreat and Wellington issued from
his defenses to begin a new campaigr
that drove the enemy from the Span
ish peninsula.—London Chronicle.
Law of Compensation.
Old Mr. and Mrs. Muldoon were Ir.
close converse around the peat fire,
discussing the natural laws of com
pensation, though that wasn't exactly
what they called the- subject. "Just
fancy," exclaimed Bridget, "according
to this paper, when a man loses wan
of his senses another gets more de
velopcd. For Instance, a blind man
gets more sinse in hearing and touch."
Pat thought the matter over long and
anxiously. "Sure, an' it's quite true,"
he remarked, learnedly, after a while.
"Oi've noticed It meself. When a man
has got one leg shorter than t'other
begorra, the other's longer."
Lengthen the Life of Necktie.
A great many people who are users
of four-in-hand ties are more or less
bothered by the tie's becoming useless
after it has been worn a few times.
Take the wide end of the tie with
seam up and lay it flat upon a table.
Then thrust in the finger and seize
the lining. Take the silk cover in the
other hand and pull it over the lining,
about half of its length. A hot iron
is then run over the lining to straight
en it out.—Popular Science Monthly.
Norwegians In 'Civil War.
Of the Immigrants in America at the
time of the Civil war none were more
loyal than the Norwegians. Wiscon
sin furnished Abe Fifteenth, or Nor
wegian, regiment, which fought under
a peculiar flag. On one side was the
Stars and Stripes and bn the other the
emblem of Norway./'Through special
permission, the regiment carried this
color through the war.—Kansas City
I Guarantee "Dodson's Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had—Doesn't Make You Sick!
Stop using calomel! It makes you
sick. Don't lose a day's work. If you
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti
pated, listen to me!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it, breaking
it up. This is when you feel that aw
ful nausea and cramping. If you feel
"all knocked out," if your liver is tor
pid and bowels constipated or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's ' my guarantee—Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a
Hard to Fill.
"Mister Jedge," said the old colored
citizen who came into the Justice's
court leading a small negro by the
coat collar, "Mister Jedge, I wish you'd
please, suh, give dis boy ten years
whar de state'll furnish de vittles for

What do you mean?" asked the as
What has he been
tonished justice,
"Eatin' me out er house en home.
suh," was the reply, "wid dat appetite
er his. Why, Jedge, de appetite er de
whale dat swallowed Jonah couldn't
hoi' a candle to dat boy s'atin' ar
rayment. For de Lawd's sake, Jedge,
let de state feed him awhile; so's de
yuther chillun kin pick up en enjoy
When a Postcard Will Bring Free
Samples of Cuticura?
Which give quick relief for all itch
ing, burning, disfiguring skin troubles.
Bathe with the Cuticura Soap and hot
water. Dry and apply Cuticura Oint
ment to the afTected part. They stop
itching instantly and point to speedy
healment often when all else fails.
Free sample each by mall with Book,
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Nothing Doing.
'Put your car up for the winter
"No, I'd like to, but none of the
pawnbrokers are willing to lend me
any money on it."
is her hair. If yours is streaked with
ugly, grizzly, gray hairs, use "La Cre
ole" Hair Dressing and change it in
the natural way. Price $1.00.—Adv.
History repeats itself with the ex
ception of your private history, which
is repeated by the neighbor.
Kidney, Bladder and Uric Acid trou
bles bring misery to many. When
the kidneys are weak or diseased,
these natural filters do not cleanse
the blood sufficiently, and the poisons
are carried to all parts of the body.
There follow depression, aches and
pains, heaviness, drowsiness, irrita r
bility, headaches, chilliness and rheu
matism. In some people there are sharp
pains in the back and loins, distressing
bladder disorders and sometimes obsti
nate dropsy. The uric acid sometimes
forms into gravel or kidney stones.
When the uric acid affects the muscles
and Joints it causes lumbago, rheuma
tism, gout or sciatica. This is the time
to send Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y., 10c for large trial pack
age of "Anuric.
During digestion uric acid is ab
sorbed into the system from meat
His Place.
"I don't know what you will do
with my boy in your school. I am
sorry to say he is a chronic kicker."
"Just what we want. We'll put hint
on the -focttjall team."
To Fortify The System Against Grip
«ixen Grip is prevalent LAXATIVS BROMO
QUININE shoald be taken, as this combination
of Qninine with other ingrédients, destroys
germs, acts as a Tonic and Laxative and thus
keeps the system in condition to withstand
Colds, Grip and Influenza. There is only one
nature on box. «sc.
South Africa is expected to become
one of the great beef producing coun
tries in the world.
Pile. Relieved bvFjwt &»F&!g<S9L
AIIU cured in 6 to 14 d.y» bf PA ZO OIN TM BNT.
universal remedy lor «II lorn» ol Piles. Druggists
refond money If It tells. M)c.
Love is a dream; marriage is an
alarm clock.
alarm clock.
Cuba Lady Discovers New Remedy
For Croup—You Just Rub It On
you wish, and I will take pleasure In
a t. mm/ « TkvAa» .ml rw
Amly Wdl 0..r Tiro« ud Cl-t.
Then Cover With a Wenn
FUnnel Cloth.
Mrs. Ida Ford lives in Cuba, Mo.,
and not on the Island of Cuba, and her
discovery Is one that many other Mis
souri mothers have made since Vick's
Vap-O-Rub was Introduced here from
the South last winter. And this dis
covery is simply this:—that it is no
longer necessary to disturb the deli
cate little stomachs of the kiddies in
treating cold troubles. But let Mrs.
Ford speak for herself.
"I have tested Vap-O-Rub three
times on my little boy four years old
for croup, and can say I have never
used a medicine of greater value for
this trouble. It acted almost Imme
diately. My boy is subject to croup
and I have used almost every kind of
jnedicine one could buy for it, but it
was always about three days and
nights before I could get it checked,
Vick's Vap-O-Rub acted almost imme
diately. You may use this letter if
spoonful and if it doesn't straighten
you right up and make you feel fine
and vigorous I want you to go back to
the store and get your money,
son's Liver Tone is destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it cannot salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine for months. * Give It to
your children. It is harmless; doesn't
gripe and they like its pleasant taste.
Different Kinds.
"What possessed you to tell that
ugly Miss Flatter that she had a com
plexion of cream and peaches?"
"That was true enough. I meant
sour cream and yellow peaches/'
"My wife would rather go to the
movies than eat."
Mine would rather go there than
cook my dinner."

This Winter.
Knicker —Did the water pipe burst?
Bocker—Yes, and the landlord
charged extra because it made a rink.
The average walking pace of a
healthy man is 75 steps a minute.
To Cleanse
and Heal
Deep Cuts
h it
Hao* it on hand
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cuts, Burns,
Bruises, Sprains,
Strains, Stiff Neck, ^
Chilblains, Lame Back,
Old Sores, Open Wounds,
and all External Injuries.
Made Since 1846.
Ask Anybody
About it
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
G. C. Hsnfcrd Mfg. Co,
AII Hoqlprc
#111 Uwfllwl w
eaten, and even from some vegetable«.
The poor kidneys get tired and back
ache begins. This is a good time to
take "Anuric," the new discovery of
Dr. Pierce for Kidney trouble and Back
ache. Neglected kidney trouble is
responsible for many deaths, and In
surance Company examining doctors
always test the water of an applicant
before a policy will be issued. Have
you ever set aside a bottle of water
for twenty-four hours? A heavy sedi
ment or settling sometimes indicates
kidney trouble. If you wish to know
your condition send a sample of your
water to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y„ and describe symptoms.
It will be examined without any ex
pense to you, and Dr. Pierce or hia
medical staff will inform you truthfully.
Anuric is now for sale by dealers, In
60c pck'gs.
Stop scratching!
Resinol relieves
itching instantly
That itching, burning skin-trouble
which keeps you scratching and
digging, is a source of disgust to
others, as well as of torment to you.
Why don't you get rid of it by using *
Resinol Ointment ? Physicians have
prescribed it for over 20 year«. In
most cases, it stops itching instantly
and heals eruptions promptly. It is
very easy and economical to use.
you wish, and I will take pleasure In
answering any inquiries."
Vick's Vap-O-Rub is the invention of
a North Car0 „ na drugglat . He [oan4
how to combine Menthol and Camphor
with the volatile oils of Eucalyptus,
Thyme, Cubebs and Juniper in a salve
form, so that, when Vap-O-Rub is ap
plied externally, the body heat re
leases the ingredients in the form of
vapors. These vapors are inhaled
^ith every breath, through the air
passages, to the lungs, loosening the
phlegm, and, in addition, Vick's is ab
sorbed through the skin, taking out
the tightness and soreness. This
double action makes Vap-O-Rub useful
for a wide range of troubles. From
inflammations of the air passages,
such as head colds, catarrh, asthma,
acre throat, bronchitis or deep chest
colds., down to inflammations of the
skin and tissues, such as burns,
bruises, stings, piles and itchings. We
particularly recommend it for mothers
with, small children, as It can be used
freely, with perfect safety, on the
youngest member of the family. Three
sizes, 25e, 6®c or $1.00. The Vick
Chemical Company, G
boro, N. C

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