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Wife Cured by Lydia EL
Pinkham's Vegetable
Dee Moines, Iowa.—-" Pour years ago
I was very sick and my life was nearly
spent The doctors
stated that I would
never get well with
ou t an operation
and that without it
I would not live one
year. My husband
objected to any
operation and got
me some of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound. I took
it and commenced
to get better and am now well, am
stout and able to do my own housework.
I can recommend the Vegetable Com
pound to any woman who is sick and
run down as a wonderful strength and
health restorer. My husband says I
would have been in my grave ere this
if it had not been for your Vegetable
Compound."—Mrs. Blanche Jeffer
son, 703 Lyon SL, Des Moines, Iowa.
Before submitting to a surgical opera
tion it is wise to try to build up the
female system and cure its derange
ments with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound; it has saved many
women from surgical operations.
Write to the Lydia JE. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for
advice—it will be confidentiaL
À New Remedy for
Kidney, Bladder and
all Uric Acid Troubles
Dear Readers;
I appeal to those of you who are
bothered with kidney and bladder
trouble, that you give up the use of
harsh salts or alcoholic medicines and
in their place take a short treatment
of "Anuric.
Dr. Pierce's medicines for the past
twenty-five years with good results. I
suffered with kidney trouble for some
years. I recently heard of the newest
discovery of Dr. Pierce, namely, his
Anuric" Tablets. After using same
I am completely cured of my kidney
trouble. A doctor pronounced me a
well preserved woman for my age, all
due, I believe, to Dr. Pierce's aid.
If you suffer from backache, lum
bago, rheumatism, get "Anuric" now.
I have taken many of

no appetite, Indigestion, Flatulence, Sick
Headache, "all run down" or losing flesb, you
will find
Tuffs Pills
fust what you need. They tone up the week
stomach and bulk* up the flagging energies.
n Chill tonic
For MALARIA C ravâ? t
W. N. U. t MEMPHIS, NO. 18-1916.
Kansas City Women Opposed
To Giving Children Medicine
fhey Find "External" Treatment Better
Than Internal Medicines for
Children's Colds.
We give below letters from a num
ber of Kansas City, Mo., ladles who
were selected by their druggists to try
out Vap-O-Rub—the "outside" treat
ment for cold troubles, introduced in
Kansas City last winter. Vap-O-Rub is
the invention of a North Carolina
druggist It comes in salve ferfn, and
has a two-fold action—first, the body
heat releases the ingredients in the
form of vapors, that are Inhaled with
each breath—second, Vap-O-Rub is
absorbed through and stimulates the
skin, aiding the vapors inhaled to
relieve the congestion.
Mrs. James Hollens, 1928 Tracy
Ave., bas used Vick's herself for colds
In the chest and asthma, and has also
used it on her children, and "finds It
Mrs. Almira Turner, 1214 E. 24th
St, relieved h€r husband of bronchitis
with two nights' applications. She
also used on her four months old baby
for c jld and on the other children, and
says—"I find Vap-O-Rub does every
thing y?u say."
Mrs. T. L. Marshall, 139 N. Lawn
dale Ave., has two children, one six
dale Ave., has two children, one six
50c and $1.00.
• s
TheMildest of Bne Cut
- •
MadeinNcwOrhans mJ Inash cuHonuj x
K ING BEE is double-barreled in
tobacco quality. It is the coolest,
freshest smoke and the mellowest,
longest-lasting chew that comes in a five
cent package. Made in New Orleans.
W. R. Irby Branch, New Orleans
< -"j
Sauce for the Goose.
Look, mother," said little Bobby,
proudly exhibiting a hatful cf marbles.
I won all these from Willie Smith.
"Why, Bobbie," exclaimed his moth
er. "Don't you know it's wicked to
play marbles for keeps? Go right
over *o Willie's house and give him.
back every one of his marbles.
"Yes, mother," said the boy obedi
ently. "And shall I take that vase
you won at Mrs. Smith's whist party
and give it bbelr to her?"* * .
Golden Rule In Business.
You get your money's worth even
Hanford's Balsam is guaran
teed to cure ailments and injuries that
can be reached by external application
or your money will be refunded by the
dealer. Getting a bottle now Is like
taking out Insurance. Adv.
Taxis Come High.
Mollie—You were in a taxicab with
"And you kissed her?"
How much?"
"Eight dollars and forty cents'
There Is No Art in Taking Medicine.
Just follow directions on every bot
tle of "Plantation" Chill Tonic and
see how quickly those dreadful chills
will leave you. It leaves the liver In
healthy condition and yet contains no
Calomel. Price 50c.—Adv.
Somehow the average boy lacks a
mania for acquiring good-conduct
marks at school.
Nearly half of the employees in the
census bureau at Washington are
After Grip —
Winter Colds
Bad Blood
You are pale, thin, weak—with little
vitality. Your liver is sluggish and
the bad blood causes your stomach
muscles to lose their elasticity and be
come flabby—then indigestion.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery, purely vegetable and free from
alcohol or narcotics, is the great and
powerful blood purifier of today. Ex
tracted frem American forest herbs
and roots. Contains no alcohol. In
gredients printed on wrapper.
Taken as directed it will search
out impure and poisonous matter
throughout the system and eliminate
British Red Tape.
It is quite easy to be awarded the
Victoria Cross, the Distinguished Serv
ice Order, cr any other coveted dis
tinction, and net know anything about
it. You would think that the authori
ties w^uld communiqp,te the intelli
gence directly. Not a bit of it. You
must apply to them when you see
your name in the London Gazette cr
the newspapers, hut you will not hear
from them otherwise. « '
Among the "things tc worry about"
Luke McLukn has discovered that you
cau't drown a bedbug.
It's a poor brand of religion that
doesn't cause a man tc try to treat his
neighbors decently.
years old and one eight months old.
The baby last winter had an obstinate
cough for quite a while. Mrs. Mar
shall used Vap-O-Rub and writes—
"The cough soon yielded to this treat
ment after several different cough
medicines had been tried with no ef
fect. 1
Mrs. Marshall also writes—
"Vap-O-Rub appeals to us because the
delicate little stomachs are not be
ing loaded down with medicines con
taining upturn and other harmful in
Mr$. J. S. Hollis, 3622 Forest Ave.,
used. Vap-O-Rub for "a ..terrific cold—
could not breathe through my nose at
all—impossible to go to sleep. Used
Vick's Vap-O-Rub and in five minutes
was asleep and breathing easily."
Mrs. W. A. Winkler, 6228 E. 15th St.,
says—"My baby had a cold, almost
pneumonia. I used Vap-O-Rub on him
as directed, and in one day's time he
was better."
Mrs. Anna Taylor, 6040 Walrond
Ave., has four children, and says—"I
have never used anything as good for
coughs and colds as Vap-O-Rub." '*
Mrs. Harry Webb, 2123 E. 37th St.,
says—"Our little girl is very suscep
tible to colds, and In fact this is the
only winter and spring that she has es
caped pneumonia, and we believe it is
Vap-O-Rub that has kept her from a
spell this year.
50c and $1.00.
Three sizes—25c,
$ ;
■ ■
y v
y v
* '(SAVVY" ^
' Batters Who Make Their Hits Count.
"Gawy" Cravath of the champion Phillies holds the 1915 record for the
greatest number of runs driven In in one game. He hit home eight in the
contest with Cincinnati on August 8, tv ice sending three men over the plate
by doubling. The last major leaguer to turn this trick was Harry Davis, who
did it in 1890 against Brooklyn. Harry then was with the Giants. Fournier
of the White Sox set the American league record for the year when, on July
6, he batted in six tallies.
George Sisler of St Louis Browns Can
Play Any Position on Diamond—
Is Hard Hitter.
"How long do you think It will be
before baseball produces another
player like Ty Cobb?" someone asked
of a crowd of old-timars in the press
box during a recent fanning bee.
"Looks to me as if it had already
produced one," remarked George
Davis, scout and former manager of
the Giants. He was looking at Sisler,
the versatile young athlete of the
Browns. "There's about the best ball
player we've seen in years.
This brought on quite a discussion,
and after going all the way down the
line of new stars It was the unani
mous verdict that Sisler is by far the
greatest ballplayer discovered in recent
years. And this is not due entirely to
his versatility. Though he can play
any position on the diamond except
behind the bat be is a star in any
place they put him. v -
Sisler is a great pitcher, a dandy
first baseman, a corking good outfield
V-:*: ;
• t
George Staler. •
er and can play either second, short
or third as well as 90 per cent of the
men In the league. In addition to that
he hits well over .300.
Among Others Developed for Majors
Are. John Tener, Christy Mathew
son and Larrÿ Lajole.
The New England league goes out
of existence with a record to be proud
of in the way of developing talent for
the majors. The following are a few
of the men who started with the New
England league: John K. Tener,
president of the National league;
Christy Mathewson, Larry Lajoie,
"Rabbit" Mar&nville, Hugh Duffy,
Charley Farrell, Harry Davis, "StufTy"
Mclnnls, Martin Bergen, Jack Doyle,
Harry Lord, Ainsmith, Larry Gardner
and Henriksen.
Proud of His Pitchers.
Manager Herzog is particularly
proud of his pitching material, princi
pally youngsters, including Dale, for
merly of Montreal; Fred Tony,
Schneider, McKenery, Mitchell, Dowd,
Earl Mosley, formerly of the Indian
apolis and Newark Feds; Schultz and
Stanley Douglas.
Makes pitchers Work.
"Chick" Gandll reminds one of
George Stovall In one way. He makes
the pitchers cover first, and if the In
dian huriers fall to Improve In fielding
it will not be "Chick's" fault, for he'
absolutely declines to scoop a ground
er and dash for the sack himself.
Indians Are Fast. •
Manager Lee Fohl makes the pre
diction the Cleveland fans are going
to see the fastest base-running team
this year that has represented that
city since the days of Jack Powell.
Of the
Jimmy Callahan, leader of the Pi
rates, says that Joe Schultz, once with
the Brooklyn, will fill the gap at sec
ond base. Cal is trying to build up a
team of youngsters.
* * •
The struggle for the second-base po
sition ,on the Reds is all over. Bill
Rodgers will play the position.
* * *
The Pittsburgh National league club
has asked waivers on Infielder James
Smith, Catcher Fred Blackwell and
Pitcher Douglas.
e e
Beall, Kllllfer andVGriffith have
about been decided on as the Red out
field this season. /
• * *
Players of the Yankees believe that
before June 1 Frank Gilhooley will be
a more-talked-about tosser in Gotham
than ffenny Kauft.
• * *
Outfielder Shorten of the Red Sox
is said, to be one of the best young
players ever signed* by the Hub cham
pions. y
• * •
Connie Mack has forbidden golfing be
cause he believed it spoiled the batting
eye ot some ot his Athletics last sea
• * •
Clark Griffith has unearthed a prom
ising young catcher named Gharrity,
who played with Minneapolis last year.
Gharrity may fill the shoes of Catcher
Ainsmith of the Washingtons, as the
letter is troubled with his eyes.
• • *
"Ollie" O'Mara of the Brooklyn Na
tionals has rounded into great Bhape.
It will take some tall hustling on the
part of any recruit to oust the peppery
little shortstop from his regular job.
* • *
"Jimmy" Callahan reports the Pi
rates are In great shape. "Honus"
Wagner will be his able lieutenant,
and from all accounts the athletes will
surely be on their toes this year.
* • *
George Maisel, brother of Fritz of
the Yankees, has won the job of utility
outfielder with the Detroit Tigers.
* * *
Lefty Leifield, former Cub hurler, is
a member of the Jït. Paul A. A. team.
• * *
Clark Griffith has a youngster who
he thinks will be the talk of the cir
cuit. He is Charley Jamieson.
* » •
Hap Meyers, former Brooklyn out
fielder, is now a member of the San
Francisco Seals.
• • *
Manager Herzog of the Reds has re
leased Pitchers Dowd and Caporal.
Waivers have been obtained on both
men. Dowd goes back to Montreal
and Caporal returns to Elmira, in the
New York State league
• • •
Terry Turner of the Indians started
out with the Columbus team 15 years
ago, and he is still an artist in his
* * *
If Elmer Jacobs makes the team, Pi
rate fans will see Heine Zimmerman's
double. Jacobs carries a physique and
facial expression which greatly re
semble the eccentric Zim.
•_ * • ■«
Ira Thomas, Bush, Wyckoff and
Schang agree that Rttbe Bressler will
come back in great shape thhr season.
* • • ,

; Bill Martin, recruit shortstop of the
Giants' who'way with, lb« Braves last
year, has suffered three broken legs
In his short athletic career In college
and professional baseball.
• * •
Some of the experts are expecting
great things from Karl Adams, one of
Moran's young pitchers. They figure
the youngster as a regular slabman
before the season Is far advanced.
Free Pass Evil Is "Booed" by Every
Fan Who Really Loves Gam
Batter Always Anxious to
Boost Batting Average.
Whenever a batter receives a base
on balls, or Is hit by a pitched ball,
the manager of the team at bat may
have the alternative of permitting the
batter to take first base, as has been
customary under the present rules, or
he may put a base runner on first base
and permit the batter to continue at
bat. The base runner substituted shall
be permitted to re-enter the game at
any other time as a base runner, and
the batter shall not be forced out of
the game as is the custom under the
present rules when a man runs for
The rule above will accomplish
many things, make the game more
speedy, make for more control on the
part of the pitchers, make more and
better base running, make it necessary
to keep at least one lightninglike ryn
ner on the squad and do away with
Intentional passes.
Perhaps where it will make the big
gest hit with the players is that It
will make for bigger batting averages.
When a batter is hit by a pitched
ball or passed by being given four
balls, he Is not credited with a time at
bat, It is true, but, on the other hand,
it is a time he does not have a chance
to make a hit, and ever? batter wants
as many chances to boost his batting
averages as possible.
The free pass evil Is "booed" at by
every fan who really loves the game.
To not permit a brilliant hltsmith like
Cobb, to get a fair chance at making
a hit, when a hit means runs and per
haps the game, is something the fan
frowns upon.
He wants to see his hero stride up
to the plate, pick out one to his liking
and smash it out for a three-bagger
or a homer and send in runs ahead of
Demon Fence Buster and Macaroni
Consumer Was Kidded Out of
Majors by Paragraphers.
The humorous sport paragraphers
never did appeal to Ping Bodie's sense
of humor.
They grated on Ping's nerves so
long that they finally succeeded in
driving him from the big leagues.
Ping is on the coast now and doing
well, and according to reports from
that western extreme of the continent,
■ •
Ping Bodie.
Ping wouldn't return to the big show
even if he got thé opportunity.
Oqt on the coast the demon fence
buster and macaroni consumer Is
quoted as saying;
league stuff for mine. They kidded
me out of the majors and I'm through
yvith them. I'm content to play in the
minors, because here 'the fans are
kindly in their treatment toward me.
So are the players. The sticks are
good enough for me."
'No more big
Jimmy Callahan, New Manager of Pi
rates Disagrees With Former
Professor Taft's idea of voiceless
coaching, as expressed by the former
president at the recent National
league banquet, seems unpopular. Jim
my Callahan, new manager of the
Pittsburgh Pirates, is one manager
who has announced his stand against
quiet coaching.
"Noisy coachipg may not suit men
of a sensitive nature, but I believe the
fans generally in the United States
like it," said Callahan in reply to
Mr. Taft. "Half of the sport In the
game would be taken away by stop
ping the noise in connection with the
sport and I don't believe the men who
make baseball rules will ever legis
late out loud coaching.
Nerve is a vital essential for a ball
player, and If be has it the coaching
doesn't bother him. If he hasn't, then
he is one of the few who will object
to the loud coaching."
Tigers' Official Jester.
The Tigers are to have an official
jester this season, provided Rube Mar
shall stays with them, and they are
going to have one second to none of
the baseball clowns wbo already have
established big league reputations.
For some reason, the Jungaleers have
been blessed with very few of the
»funny fellows.
McGraw Sweet on Palmero.
Hank Palmero, the Cuban wonder,
is banking on making the New York
team this year. Palmero Is bigger and
heavier than he ever was before, and
his pitching has improved with his
strength. McGraw likes his actions
this spring and believes that he will
fill the shoes, of Rube Marquard
Don't Lose a Day's Work! If Your Liver Is Sluggish or Bowels
Constipated Take "Dodson's Liver Tone."—It's Fine!
You're bilious! Your liver is slug
gish! You feel lazy, dlazy and all
knocked, out Your head Is dull, your
tongue is coated; breath bad; stomach
sour and bowels constipated. But don't
take salivating calomel. It makes you
•I<&, you may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel crashes Into sour bile like
dynamite, breaking it up. That's when
you feel that awful nausea and cramp
ing. * -- ».
If you want to enjoy the nicest, gen
tlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced just take a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone. Your
druggist or dealer sells you a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone under
my personal money-back guarantee
that each spoonful will clean your
Catarrhal Fever,
Pink Eye, Shipping
Fever, Epizootic
And al% diseases of the horse affecting his throat speedily
cured; colts and horses in same stable kept from having
them by using Spobn's Distemper Compound, 3 to 8 doses
often cure; one bottle guaranteed to cure one case. Safe
for brood mares, baby colts, stallions, all ages and con
ditions. Most skillful scientific compound. 50c and $1
per bottle; $5 and $10 a dozen. Any druggist or deliv
ered by manufacturers. SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Goshen, jpd.
! JS
Sorry He Did It.
It was with considerable trepida
tion that we approached the shade of
Sir Francis Bacon, whom we had
crossed, the Styx to interview.
"Is it true," we asked, "that you
wrote the plays usually attributed to
"Yes," he replied, sadly. "It's true
enough, but since I've seen some of
the Broadway productions of my stufT
I'm not bragging about it."
Now Is the Time to Get Bid of These
Ugly Spots.
There's no longer the slightest need ot
reeling ashamed of your freckles, as the
to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othine—double
strength—from your druggist, and apply a
little of It night and morning and you
should soon see that even the worst freckles
have begun to disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished entirely. It is seldom
that more than one ounce is needed to com
pletely clear the skir. and gain a beautiful
clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double strength
othine, as »this is sold under guarantee of
money back if it fails to remove freckles.—
Modern Methods.
"Well, well. I see where another
member of the so-called upper class is
charged with murder."
"Does he accuse a mysterious 'little
man' from Afghanistan of inciting
him to commit the crime, or is he go
ing to enter the old-fashioned plea of
Itching and Irritation of the Scalp
With Cuticura. Trial Free.
On retiring lightly touch spots of dan
druff, itching and burning with Cuticura
Ointment. Next morning shampoo
thoroughly with Cuticura Soap and -hot
water. These super-creamy emollients
do much to keep the scalp clean and
healthy and to promote hair growth.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Something Accomplished.
Bacon—Do you believe he'll ever
;eam to write a good hand?
Egbert—No; I guess he'll be able to
make his mark.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the s/t
Signature of C&zXrffTi
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria

Mr.ny a man who thinks he's bril
liant is not even ordinarily bright.
"Femenina" is the wonder worker for all
female disorders. Price $x.oo and 50c. Adv.
If a feirl In love becomes thinner it's
a cas* of "loved and lost"
For thrush use Hanford's Balsam.
Get it info the bottom of the affected
part. Adv.
No, Jane, it isn't the bad eggs that !
^reduce tough chickens.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the j
original little liver pills put up 40 years !
ago. They regulate liver and'bowels.—Adv. ;
Skillful men should know how to dis
guise their skill.
To stop bleeding use Hanford's Bal
s&m. Adv.
Light moves 192,000 miles per sec
the easy way to
heal sick skins
Resino! Ointment, with Resinol
Soap, usually stops itching instantly.
Unless the trouble is due to some
serious internal disorder, it quickly
and easily heals most cases of ec
zema, rash, or similar tormenting
skin or scalp eruption, even when
. other treatments have, given little
relief. Physicians have prescribed
Resinol for over twenty years.
Reshiol Ointment U an excellent
healing ointment for burns,
scalds, wounds, etc., and with the
kelp of Resinol Soap, clears away
\ pimples and dandruff. Bold by all
sluggish liver better than a dose of
nasty calomel and that it won't make
you sick. ,
Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver
medicine. You'll know It next morn
ing because you will wake up feeling
fine, your liver will be working, your
headache and dizziness gone, your
stomach will be sweet and your bowels
regular. You will feel like working;
you'll be cheerful; full of vigor and
ambition. \ •
Dodson's Lïver Tone Is entirely
vegetable, therefore harmless and can
not salivate. Give it to your children !
Millicns of people are using Dodson's
Liver Tone instead of dangerous cal
omel now. Your druggist will tell you
that the sale of calomel is almost
stopped entirely here.
Tearful Note.
The Texas onion crop will be 187,220
bushels short of the 1915 crop, though
there has been, an increase of 12 per
cent in acreage, according to the esti
mate of the department of agriculture
just made public here. The depart
ment predicts that the state will pro
duce 1,935,972 bushels this year, about
55 per cent of normal. The total
acreage of the state in 1915 was 8,943
and this year is 10,057.
"Dinks thinks he knows it all."
"You're mistaken there. Whenever
he meets one he says: 'Well, how's
everything?' "
For instant relief and speedy cure
'Mississippi" Diarrhoea CordiaL
Price 50c and 25c.—Adv.
A man who ,thinks the world is
growing worse imagines he is growing
For bunions use Hanford's Balsam.
Apply It thoroughly for several nights
and rub in well. Adv.
Penny postage began in England in
Thousands Tell It
Why dally along with backache and
kidney or bladder troubles? Thousands
tell you how to find relief. Here's a
case to guide you. And it's only one
•of thousands. Forty thousand Ameri
can people are publicly praising Doan's
Kidney Pills. Surely it is worth the
while of any one who has a bad back,
who feels tired, nervous and run-down,
who endures distressing urinary disor
ders, to give Doan's Kidney Pills a trial.
A Mississippi Case
Mrs. John McDon- _ _ _ _ ^ „
aid, 120 Beatty St., TvffyPWircTdh s Slwy"
Jackson, Miss., says: I
"My back gave outj$i| ÇPJSf
couldn't get around.
When I stooped, Mk
sharp, cutting pains
seized me in my
back. My kidneys KaSST*
acted irregularly, too. fT ^« /\
For three years 1*1 j IV
suffered and nothing I 1
helped me until I got
Doan's Kidney Pills, i 'P'Y'a
T hey helped me
greatly, making my &
kidneys normal and
benefiting me in every way.
Get Doeu's at Any Store, 50c • Box
times I
Avoid the Knife!
It Has Saved Thousands
of Suffering Women.
Mr. W. F. Nelson, a merchant of Hbt
Tenn~ says that the daughter of one
his neighbors. Mr. James Roberts, was in
auch a condition with female trouble
an operation was advised, and the young
lady waa sent to Chattanooga tor its per»
formanco. She dreaded the operation,
and Stelia-Vitae having been recommend
ed, decided to try that first. She has taken
six bottles and is happily on the road to
recovery. She is able to do her usual work
and is in better health than for years be
fore, but continues to uso it. She write«
Stella Vitae will do all you claim." Her
father, saya "she began to improve at
once, after taking Stella-Vitae." Theus
ands of other women on the verge of seri
ous surgical operations are saved by a
timely use of Stella-Vrtae, the great fe
male remedy. Try Stelia-Vitae on our
money-back-if-not -benefited guarantee,
$1 at your dealer«.
Chattanooga. Toma , I

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