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C ÎT43U3HEO 1890
31 ÎÎJiMTINUCD 1861.
188.. THURSDAY. MAY 25, 1916,
Kl Jfllfl-VOL. XXXIX, NO 10
A New Line of
• •I
Dress Goods,
Laces and
Baby Irish Lace,
Curtain Scrim,
Port Gibson, Miss.
While House Cafe
In^Kaufman Building, Opposite postoffice
ie delicaHe/
aie season
good, cheap lunchTTCuncnes se£t out to residence.
* Special attention to ladies
i a
Jurors and all others attending Court especially invited.
Chevrolet HutomobUe
H 3Q-f>or8e power
with Valye-in-Head Motor, a master
piece of an Eighty Million Dollar Com
pany, delivered anywhere in Jeffer
son or Claiborne County for
For information phone
F. R. HURLEY, Rodney, Miss.
my u- 2 ra
? m <
Sl j
C. A d .'*"
;■ v
Tsar Choice of Ninety-Four (94) Styles
Colors and
Sizes iu the
famous tine
of tJ Ranpsr ,r Bicycles, shown in full color in our big new Catalogue jnst off the pre»». There
are eiglity-three (83) others, also, shown at prices ranging from $W.75, $13.75, $15 .75
up. There is a MEAD Bicycle for over y rider, at a price made possible only by our
FACTOllT-DIRECT-TO-RlDER sales plan.
prUfl HR MRIIEY ^ ut wnte TODAY for this new Catalogue of "Ranger" Bicycles.
obilU HU InlfHh I Tires and Sundries at vria^ so iotP they will astonish you. Also,
full particulars of our great new offer to deliver to you all chargea prep aid yppy-ehoiee of any
of the 94 kindsof "RANGER" Bicycles you may select, for ONE MONTH'S If REE TRIAL.
This wonderful offer is absolutely genuine. No one criticises your choice if it's a "Ranger"—the
most popular, largest selling Bicycle iu the country.
T1BETC I IHDC IIiiiH lia» l|IL fta ! e with Coaster-Brakes,Inner Tubes, .Elee
I i Ilk VI LAInr df Btlllt ° Ujl"wW IlvcSiS trie Lighting dut fits, ali the newest ideas
in Bicycle equipment and Sundries, a9 well as the Repair Partsand Combination Offers for
refitting your oid Bicycle—nil shown fully illustrated, at HALF USUAL PRICES. Our new
Catalogue is the largest ever issued by any Bicycle concern. Even if you do not need r new
Bicycle now. or Repair Parts. Tires, etc., for your old Bicycle, you need this Catalogue to tell you
the prices you should pay when you do buy.
We want a Rider Agent in every neighborhood to ride
and exhibit the new "RAJIQER." You can select the
particular style suited to your own needs. Boys and young men in all parts of the country are
riding "Rangers" and biking ftrders from theirfriends. They make a good commission on every
sale and 6o can you. Our great output, perfected methods and machinery enable us to sell
"quality" Bicycles at prices below all competitors.
MOTORCYCLE AND AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIES. Our big, new Catalogue also gives large
space to these lines at Jowest prices. Thousandsof our "Bicycle" customers of a generation ago
are now buying their "Auto" Sundries of us, because they know "Mead" quality aud prices are
always right.
WUTE US TODAY. Do not delay. A postal request at a cost of one cent will bring you the
big catalogue. DO NOT BUY until you get it and our wonderful new offers aud prices.
State Democratic Convention Ad
opted Strong Administration
The Democratic State Conven
tion, in session at ]acksoo last
Thursday, adopted the following
"We, the Democracy of Missis
sippi in convention assembled,
cordially endorse the policies of
the Democratic uational adminis -1
tration aud heartily applaud the
patriotic, brave and masterly
statesmanship displayed by Pres
ident Wilson in tbe conduct of
both national and international af* i
"Graver questions bave press* |
ed upon our national government
during President Wilson's tenure
of the presidency than bave con
administration for j
more than half a century,
president's able
and forcetui !
leadership has brought about the
successful solution of many other
questions well toward final dispo
sition, always with distinction to
himself, credit to his party andjusko.
honor to bis couotry.
"The president has placed this I
country in the forefront of the real
Christian civilization. We
are J
fortunate in having had the presi-1
dent's clear mind, unfaltering
courage and great heart to guide! at
our country thru this crisis and
danger. Our need of him has
beeo and is great and probably
will be greater. I here should notjtures
be a change of tbe national admin* j
istratiou at ibis time of stress.
We heartily endorse the Dem
ocratic administration's record of
constructive legislative achieve -1
By that record it bas
proven that campaign promises |
cao be kept aod party pledges
£t fore eiectiop become party
obligation ? Ain>lèctibd?^tripc*r
lore :
voice an uoanimous de
mand of tbe Democrocy of this
state for tbe reDomination of
Woodrow Wilson by tbe Demo
cratic national convention at St.
Louis and we coufideotly predict
bis re-election next November oy
ao overwhelming majority, and
hereby instruct our delegates in
the natiooal convention to give
him their loyal support, and vote
as a unit ou all questions.
Public School Closing.
The closing exercises of tbe Port
Gibson High School takes place at
the opera house tonight. The
program will consist of music,
address to the graduates by Rev.
H. W. Wells, rector of the Episco
pal church, and tbe presentation
ôf diplomas. The graduates are
Cecilia Freeland, Nell Morehead,
Fannie Magruder, Libbie Pennlsi
and Herbert Levy.
The class exercises took place at
the school building at io o'clock
this morning,
sisted of well selected music and
tbe following numbers by tbe class:
Welcome Address, Miss Magru
Tbe program con
Class Will, Miss Pennisl.
Oration on Caesar, Miss More
Incantation, Mr. Levy.
Farewell, Miss Freeland.
The honor roll for the year is as
First Grade — Lucy Spencer,
Margaret Brownlee, Sarah Bed
ford, Karl Weil,
Gertrude Smith, John Wheeless.
Second Grade — Lucie Walne,
Sarah Shoaf, Virgil Wheeless,
Ruth Bock, Annie Smith, Billy
Gordon, Harry Owen, Elizabeth
Third Grade—Leon Wheeless,
Sarah Jane Pearson, Allah Lynn
Little, Marjorie Allen, Frances
Minnis, Perla Morris, Rath Daugh
erty, Randolph Anderson.
Fourth Grade— Kloise Smith,
Clara Price, Maggie Tillman, Hel
en Daugherty, Vernon May, Ev
elyn Heidenreicb, Cornelia Bailey,
Maggie Ungerer.
Fifth Grade — Geoige Walne,
Girault Anderson, May Helene
Bailey, Mary Belle Elliott, Lamar
Sixth Grade— Genie Morris,
Naomi Bock,
Eliaicolm Sbar
der, Julia M.
Robert Tilk
brougb, Nei'
Jarratt, Adol
Seven tîL-Jj
Lois Mosile?.

» j
ncy Morris,
Eighth Grade—Mary Kate Wat
j kins, Herbert Titcht.
First Year Higjj ccbool—Bessie
| Morris, Joe Pearson Chas. More
Second Year High School—Ce
cilia Freeland, Fannie Magruder.
The following pupils were never
-1 absent nor tardy dating the year:
Annie Smith, Gussle Smith, Mae
Smith, Robert Tillman, Neil Ma
gruder, George Walne, Wilmer
Rogers, Herbert Levy, Fannie
i Magruder, Cecilia Fieeland.
Eurolled during year, 140.
| Average attendange, 114.8.
C.-H. A. Commencement.
The thirty-seventh annual coin
j meuceuient exerciseLjjf Chamber
laln-Hunt Academy Will take place
! May 28tb-30tb. On Sunday morn
|lng, 28th, at n o'clock, at the
meucement sermon will be preached
by Dr. C. T. Thomson of Kosci
church the coni
He will also preach the
sermon to the Y. M. C. A. Sunday
I night at eight o'clock Dr. Thom
Json is the president elect aud will
take charge of the academy June
at 8 o'clock, the inter society jun
lor declamation contest will take
place, immediately after which th*
regular run of Monday night pic
notjtures will be shown. This contest,
always a spirited one. is for a gold
Monday night at the opera house
medal and is engaged in by three
[contestants from each society. Tbe
[winner will not be announced
until Tuesday m orning,
On Tuesday morning on the
campus of the academy the gradu
ating exercises will take place.
There will be a senior declamation
which the address to the graduates
will be delivered by Dr. Thornton
Whaling, president of Columbia
S. C., Thologlcal Seminary.
Whaling is an exceptionally gifted
speaker aud a treat Is in store for
all who will be so fortunate as to
hear him. After bis address med
als and diplomas will be delivered
and the year's work for tbe session
will be officially closed.
The graduating class this year
numbers about fourteen members
and their names will appear In
next week's paper. The first hon
or man this year is N. C. McLeod
and he is, in consequence of this
distinction, valedictorian of his
Tbe in
Tbe participants in the junior
declamation contest are K. M. Bai
ley, C. L. Denton, W. W. Weldon
from the Adelphic Society, and J.
E. Campbelle, D. R. Johnson and
J. D. Williams from the Colum
bian Society. The senior declaim
era, six in number and chosen in
the order of class standing, are W
F. Taylor, R. P. Park, C. J. Me
Atee, J. G. Orr, M. J. Dugan and
L. W. Ely.
To all of these exercises the
public is cordially invited and it is
hoped that as many as possible
will turn out and by their presence
coutiibute towards making them a
great success.
• Last Sunday afternoon, at the
home of the bride's father, tbe mar
riage vows between Miss Jennie
Shelton and Mr. Jbomas j. Se
grest were solemnized.
Miss Ruth Segrest, sister of the
groom, was bridesmaid and enter
ed with Mr. JohD Goodrum, of
Vicksburg, who was groomsman.
Following them came the bride
and groom; tbeoRev. S. R. Yeung
read the impressive services which
made tbe lives of these young
people as one.
Tbe bride is tbe attractive and
accomplished eldest daughter of
Mr. John W. Sbelton, of dark,
and bas been one of Jefferson
county's most progressive teachers.
Tbe groom'is a ptomisiog young
business man.
Immediately after tbe ceremony
tbe bridal couple l^ft for Louis,
Louisiana, where they Will make
their home.— Fayeîte Chronicle.
Interesting Letters from Different
Sections of the County, Written
by Our Regular Cor
Mrs. Newman of Fayette is vis
iting her son, Mr. A. L. Newman,
this week.
Prof. J. P. Dabney spent Friday
night in Utica.
Dr. M. J. Luster and sisters,
Misses Julia, Edith and Bernice, of
Reganton were town visitors this
Mrs. M. C. Shelby is visiting
her daughter, Mr. L. N. Whit
tington, of Gloster this week.
Miss Maggie McKewen is at
home after a pleasant school term
at Richey.
Miss Eddie Godard spent the
week end with friends at Fayette.
Prof. J. P. Dabney will leave in
few days for his home in Ken
tucky. Mr. Dabney will make the
trip through the country In his
Miss Eddie Godard was a pleas
ant Jackson visitor on Friday.
The Tom Thumb wedding, giv
en by Mrs. W. F. Gordon's and
Miss Grace Dudley's Sunday
school classes, was quite a success
and enjoyed by all.
Miss Abbie Armitage, the at
tractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. Armitage of Raymond, is
visiting relatives here this week.
Prof. G. L. Harrell of Millsaps
College and Miss. Conference lay
leader, filled Rev. B. W. Lewis'
appointment at Cayuga Sunday,
delivering a very forceful discourse
at tbe eleven o'clock service.
Mr. Marion Parks of Cayuga
visited his uncle, Hon. T. A. Lus
- ^veeic. .
• M *5 -
S 3 *.
Mr. and
dear little baby Gertrude of Han
klnson visited Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
Luster Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Foote spent
Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. J. S.
Robertson of Cayuga.
The Missionary Band of Duke
convened with Mrs. H. S. Foote
and her sister, Miss Mary Hively
at their home Saturday afternoon.
An interesting program was ren
dered by the enthusiastic band of
rs. E. L. Lum and
noble women.
Dr. M. J. Luster, accompanied
to Port Gibson this wtek, on busi
Mr. and Mrs. J. B-. .Foster and
children spent the week end with
relatives in Raymond this week.
by his sister, Miss Julia,
Two Port Gibson Men.
The deal was finally consummat
ed yesterday morning by which the
Bock-Fischel Dry Goods Com
pany, purchased tbe Sol Fried two
story brick building on China
street, for use of their rapidly
growing business. ■
The purchase price for the
building was $24,000 cash. Ac
cording to a statement of this suc
cessful dry goods firm, which has
been making headway in their
Washington street quarters
they were
quarters, due to their spreading
business. The building will be
remodeled aud made to conform
to dry goods house quarters. Tbe
story building adjoining the
main store, is included in tbe deal.
David Bock and L. R. Fiscbel
who compose tbe firm, with L. A.
Smith, Jr., secretary and treasurer,
are ai! popular men and good
citizens, and their success is a
credit to their sterling worth as
leading commercial men of she
city.—Vicksburg Herald, 241b.
Both Messrs. Bock and Smith
were formerly Port Gibson men,
aud their friends here are pleased
to learn of tbeir success.
posiie the Park hotel,
literally crowded into
Dr. H. G. Patterson, well known
veterinarian, will be here, a» Marx
stable, early in June. The date of
bis arrival will be announced later.
Carload Brood Mares, weighing
960 to 1000 lbs, all in foal, some
with colts by tbeir side, for sale
at Marx Stable.
Deposit with a Guaranteed Bank.
Our Deposits Guar
anteed by the Bank Depositors Guaranty Fund
of the State of Mississippi.
Certificate No. 81.
Dated January 20th. 1915
Open a Checking 1 Account with us. You can Bank by
Mail as well as in person.
Mississippi Southern Bank
Port Gibson, Miss.,
Depository State of Mississippi.
J. M. TAYLOR, Vice President-Manager
J. B. ALLEN, Active Vice President
G. W. WHEELESS, President
B. H. MAGRUDER, Cashier
W. C. GUTHRIE, Vice Prest.
R. G.HASTINGS, Ass'tCashier
Capital $50,000.00
Surplus $15,000.00
Deposits Guaranteed Under the Mississippi Banking Law of 1914.
What Is It
AU About?
> '
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question ? Are swords rattling, cannon rumbling, mailed armour
glistening just because Russia wanted to show her love for the little
brother—Servia. Tear aside the curtain of Europe's politics and see the
gnm and sinister game of chess that is being played. Srcupon what a slinC
yet desperate, excuse the sacred lives of millions are being sacrificed. Read the
P as f,°^ e hundred years, as written by some of the greatest
authorities the world has ever known, and learn the naked, shameful truth*
Ju St tc L get Y. ou sta £ ed a® a Review of Reviews subscriber, we make you
this extraordinary offer. We will give to you
FREE—"Europe at War
A big book and over 300 pages, size 10 x 7
inches, handsomely and durably bound in
cloth, containing the dramatic history of the
great events leading up to the present time ;
over 50 important and timely special artides
bt experts on the different phases of the con
flict; hundreds of graphic pictures, por
traits, photographs, diagrams, specially
drawn war maps, illuminating statistics
records, copies of official documents and dip
lomatic messages exchanged between the
powers—a clear, vivid, accurate,permanen
interesting and valuable record—a recor_
which once seen you will not willingly be
without. Europe's past and present are
dramatically pictured and presented.
dreds of illustrations graphically tell their
own stories. More fascinating than any
romance, here is a history so vrvid, so dra
matic, so stirring, so fascinating, so realistic,
so wonderfully presented, so thrillingly told
that it leaves an ineffaçable impression.
Your War News Clarified
It is not enough to read the daily news re
ports. Your ability to comprehend conditions
t, and to discuss them rationally depends on a
d true interpretation of the meaning and the
reason why" of events. In your mind you
ere must , bring order out of chaos and the
_ 'Review of Reviews" will do it for you.
y h
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your Coupon today—and f
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MB / Review
■ d
Wmg$ f Review«,
MBH ^30 Irviac PL.
|H/ New York
Send me, on ap
Prora], charges
by you. The
R : B'Sf Red Book.
Vf Europe at War"
f bound in doth. Also
enter my name for the
Review of Reviews for
rSSi * keep the
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■F* the magazine and retain the copy
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Mom ___
: Oh
HV Occupation _ _ _ _
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Wf ^Uwahippmg charges. The beaatlful 3-t
7 ***** «fr» f « w ««rts more. Foe
r a copy of this luxurious binding, change shorn
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