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tLUfliONI*. NO 2Ç
Entered at the Postoffice at Port Gibson,Mis*
a* second-class mail matter
For Congress.
The Reveille is authorized to announce
as a candidats for Representative in Con
gress from the Seventh District, subject to
the Democratic Primary.
The foremost peace advocate in
this country has been VV. J. Bry
a I, and next to him is Henry Ford,
ship at his own
who equipped a
expense and sent a peace expedi
lion to Eu'Ope to sow the seed of
propaganda in neutral
a peace
Bryan quit the cabinet because
he believed iu peace rather than
war, and like Ford he was ridi
culed and abused by munitions
manufacturers and papers that
sympathize with or are under that
influence. Bryan gave up the I
most honorable place in tbe cabi- |
net in the interest of peace, while j
Ford is spending his millions in
the hope of slopping hostilities in |
These men were simply in ad
vance of tbe procession; were
leading while others were waiting
and thinking.—Jackson Clarion
As a matter ot fact every body
in this country bas wauted peace
since the war began; but Bryan,
Ford and a lew other misguided |
followers—oue from Mississippi,—
made monkeys of themselves, all
to no purpose. It seems now to
be left to President Wilson, tbe
man who Bryan and his followers I
thought would plunge tbe United
States into the conflict, to bring |
about tbe desired end.
It has been stated that hundreds
of unnecessary clerks are retained
in each department of tbe Federal
government at Washington in or -1
der to supply places for political I
hi'icbmen of senators and con
if this bè true, it is
lime for tbe people to ask why
pension list has grown to enor-1
this unnecessary expense.
mous proportions because each I
political party is afraid to call a !
May we not expect other
extravagances it political coward
ice continues to dominate our law
m iking bodies?
m iking bodies?
thing consumed is getting to be a I
Tbe increased price of every
serious problem. The cost of I
living is fully 25 per cent higher
now than it was a year ago, with
prospects of still greater increases
on all necessaries.
Some things,
especially in the line of clothing, |
are no longer available at any |
Tbe European war pro |
duced this condition, and tbe
longer it lasts the greater wifi
be the inconvenience and expense I
of living in the United States.
1 ruly "noone livethuuto himself.
—-. I
Tbe rumors of peace coming J
from Berlin give hope that the I
, „ a • , • tt
terrible conflict in Europe is near -1
and the loss of life and money, to J
say nothing ot tne general stagna
tion in everything pertaining to
civilization, has been incalculable.
ing the end.
in progress for almost two years.
The war has been
I». is an epoch in the world's bis
tory which will change to a great |
extent tbe future of every nation.
Ex-President Taft sees the ridic
ulous side to every question,
a recent address be said:
"During the past week I bave I
heard Mr. Bryan say that be would
t ot abolish tbe Monroe doctrine,
Of course the Monroe doctrine is
worthless without tbe element of
force behind it. Mr. Bryan wants
one, but—Oh, what's the use?'
Then tbe Taft laugh pealed and
rippied and flooded the conference
ball, says tbe dispatch.
Tbe threatened court-martial of
116 Texas guardsmen brought
them to realize that under tbe new
law there are do more tin soldiers.
Live Stock Men will Visit Till's
Stock Farm June 6th and
See Work of Experts.
On Tuesday, June 6tb, the Jef
ferson aud Claiborne couuty live
stock associations will meet at the
stock farm of C. A. Till, near Rus
sum, and see the results of expert
feeding of cattle, which has been
carried on under the direction of
Prof. I. W. Carpenter, director of
extension animal husbandry in this
state for the Department of Ag
riculture. *
In addition to Mr. Carpenter,
there will be several government
men present, among them being
Prof. E. R. Lloyd, Dr. E. Barnett,
Prof. Ricks and others.
An auction sale of Aberdeen
Augus cattle will be held at Vicks
burg on Monday before, and a
number of stock men attending
that sale are expected to come to
witness the demonstration.
A number of automobiles have
been promised to take the stock
men to Russuin. They all expect
to take a lunch with them and
I spend the day looking over the
| 'j'jjj f arm .
j i,j s s t oc k wonderfully, and every
| 0 f ca jd e should see what is being
Mr. Till is developing
one interested in the beef breeds
accomplished there.
Hermanville High School.
The closing exercises of tbe
Hermanville High School took
place last Friday evening, May
after a successful year's
2 6th,
There were six graduates :
| Misses Laura Greenlee, Willie Y.
Greenlee, Edith Fite, Cornelia
Griffin, and Rosa Abraham, and
Marion Speed.
An interesting program, with an
able address by Dr. H. W.
on "Where There's a
Will There's a Way," was enjoyed
Dr. Feather
by a * ar ß e audience.
stun stated that the most pathetic
thing in a child's life to tbe child
is when a thoughtless parent tells
it it cannot do some act which the
child wishes to do to help its
parent, but tbe really pathetic
thing is where the child has reach
e d the point where it feels its in
ability to do „any thing and no
longer endeavors to 4, accomplish
any task set it.
The school had an enrollment
of more than a hundred pupils last
session, and did fine work under
the able leadership of Prof. J. P
Dabney, and his able assistants.
a Dabney,
The Other Side.
Some time ago an article, at
tacking the conduct of automobile
drivers for their disregard of tbe
rights of others on public high
ways, appeared in the Reveille,
I Since then we have been told that
I there is another side to the quès
M* 00 » *bat tbe automobile owner
also has a complaint. He says
that it is by no means 'uncommon
for a vehicle to persistently keep
in the center of the road, its driver
| giving no heed to the born of tbe
This continues until tbe
| auto.
| driver » apparently tiring of tbe
1 pleasure be has had at tbe ex
pense the of inconvenienced unto
I him
mobilist, slowly turns aside to let
And in many other ways the
law-abiding automobilist has to
I suffer because of the wrong doings
J of others. Tbe reckless driver,
I w ^° cares nothing f° r consequen
|ces, is an outlaw, and is not only
a menace to public safety, but also
reflects upon tbe law-abiding aut
omobile owner whose rights are
J just as deserving of respect as those
of tbe great majority who cling to
the old method of travel. Let us be
able to make the distinction be
tween what we may call tbe legit
imate and tbe illegitimate automo
A Punctured Oil Boom.
Last Friday an oil promoter of
the boldest type struck Port Gib
There have been promoters
here before and they carried off
much innocent money, and others
and others still will do likewise,
but none before this - last one had
the boldness to tell us that oil had
been bored for and found right at
our door without our knowledge.
He declared that oil had been
struck at a depth of 250 feet
C. B. Allen's place, just across
Big Black, and to prove his
tion he carried a bottle of the c» ude
product to show the unbelieving,
should there be any so foolish. It
isn't difficult, however, to make
people believe oil stories, even to
<lie extent t liai it glows on trees,
aud in a very short time excite
ment was running high. Whether
the promoter, T. P. Thompson he
called himself, took order for "a
limited amonnt of stock," or
whether he boosted oil stock just
for the fun'of the thing is not
known—nor will it ever be.
Late in the afternoon the oil
market broke. The magnet fell
into the hands ot the law. He is
now at the Oakley state farm,
where, as W, B. Smith, he is serv
ing a two year sentence for* forg
ery, and from which place he re
cently escaped. *
Barlow Sale is Consummated.
The sale of 5,500 acres of land,
belonging to Dr. H. H. Barlow, to
Mr. M. B. Falle, has been consum
mated, and the deed Is of record.
The property in question In
cludes the home of Dr. Barlow at
Barlow, and all that lies contigu
ous. The price paid was $5 50 per
Mr. Falle is a large land owner,
having land in Texas and other
states. It is significant that a man
so well posted on land values all
over America should select Copiah
county as a good opening to make
a large invertment. His judgment
coincides with that of ail well in
formed men, that lands in this sec
tion are bound to advance. A
bright era seems to be dawning for
our vicinity. The eyes of North
ern and Eastern investors are
turned this way. In fact, it is well
known that the only available
cheap lands lie in the South.
Capt. Tucker, general manager
for Mr. Falle, will have general
supervision over the property ac
quired in Copiah county, and we
understand that Mr. A. B. Weeks
will be named as local manager. ,
■vu t t , I t
The place is to be converted into a
cattle and stock ranch. A carload
of mules has already been shipped
to the place.—Hazlehurst Courier.
Postal Savings.
Postal savings deposits have
never been as popular in the south
as in the north, due no doubt to
the larger number of foreigners in
the latter section; but this method
f . 1 j it I
sav nfc, money is gradually grow- 1 jj
ing In favor. The Port Gibson of
u»» « |
flee now lias on deposit about $IOO.
It has had more, but some has
been withdrawn. The Department I
has increased the amount which
IMS ,. s o making u
get children to save their pennies.
receive a card with a ten cent|soreand
received a savings account is open-lgiaor
Postmaster I to
will be received to as high as $1000.
A child may deposit a dime and
stamp. When nine stamps are
ed aud the child begins to draw
two per cent interest.
Magruder is expected to visit the
schools and tell the children how I
they may form the rnoneysavlng
thing required is a sufficient bond, jin
As soon as the savings justify,
the local banks may become the J of
government depository, the only
Picture of Local Church.
Picture of Local Church.
The Louisville Christian Ob- 1
server of last week contained a
picture of tbe Port Gibson Pres
byterian church with the following
Capping tbe tower of tbe First
Presbyterian church of Port -Gib
( I
son is a large band pointing toward
So far as is known this
is tbe only church in our country
that has such a striking spire.
The church has bad only seven
pastors in its long history: Dr.
Zebulon Butler, 1828-1860; Dr.
Robert Price, 1863-1870; Dr. D. |
A. Planck, 1873 1889; Rev. H. H.
Rrnffin . rQ * ' n- «« T7> I
Brownlee, 1890 1904, Dr. M. E.
Melvin, November, 1904-June,
__ J
1908; Rev. K. L. Benn, Septem— I
ber, 1909 October, 1910; and Rev.
W. r . Lfeson, june, 19H» lo the m
Tbe funeral service
ne muerai service 1
present time,
of Dr. Butler was tbe first held in
this building after it was complet- e
The sale of the Rowland place
to D. H. Browder was completed
Tuesday, A. J. S. Rowland sign
ing the deed to his property on
Bayou Pierre, east of Grindstone
Foard bridge, consisting of 519
acres of land. Mr. Rowland will
give possessioo on Jan. ist next.
„ . . ...
Mr. Rowland con.empla.es leav
mg the county with bis large fam
ily of twelve children. He was
born here and spent practically bis
whole life in Claiborne, where,
beginning 28 years ago without a
dollar, be has acquired both prop
erty and money.
Rowland Place Sold.
Came Near Losing Life.
A boy, recelessiy riding a bicycle
on tbe sidewalks, which is a viola
tion of town law, Sunday after
noon, came near losing bis life
under tbe wheels of an automile.
Had tbe driver of the car been
running bis machine rapidly the
accident could not have been
avoided. The boy was riding along
tbe Churco street walk at a high
rate of speed, and just as be at
tempted to cross Carroll street
at the Son residence, be ran al
most directly in front of the auto
mobile going west on that street.
Fortunately the low speed of tbe
gave the boy time to save him
srriI by falling into the ditch.
lbe driver of the car stopped
and gave the reckless rider a de
served rebuke.
Neither the name of the boy nor
the car driver is known.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to
in all its stages, and that is catarrh,
tarrh being greatly influenced by constitu
tional conditions requires constitutional
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally and acts thru the blood on the
mucous surfaces of the system thereby des
troying the foundation of the disease, giv
ing the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in the curative powers of Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address; F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tole
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
do, Ohio.
Country Has a Great Future.
Malcolm B. Faile ot New York,
who recently purchased the old
Barlow property in Copiah county
near Hazlehurst, came over in his
auto this week, and has been tbe
guest of tbe Park hotel for several
return yesterday said:
,, 1
"Mr. Burnett has some
fine stock.
the most attractive stock raising
country, with better lands and
more inducements than anywhere
in th ecountry. I am sure that this
country has a great future, if it is
properly looked after and induce
ments are made to bring buyers
days. Mr. Faile visited Palmyra
island, aod inspected tbe fine stock
of W. T. Burnett, and upon bis
Mississippi, to me, is
it • . . - . , . . . . 1
SaiC ^ a PP rec,ate fl bis Visit
jj ere> and never saw fiuer bulls than I
lbe WarreQ countv sloc k disnlav j u
lUe uarren county siock, display I
e<J bere * this week-^—Vidksfourg
M ,J I
I e '''
" Dangers of Draft.
" Dangers of Draft.
Drafts feel best when we are hot and
|neck, sore muscles or sometimes an attack j
of rheumatism. In such cases apply Sloan's |
Liniment. It stimulates circulation to the ,
cent|soreand painful part. The blood flows I
freely and in a short time the stiffness and |
pain leaves. Those suffering from neural
open-lgiaor neuralgic headache will find one or
two applications of Sloan's Liniment will
give relief. The agonizing pain gives way
I to a tingling sensation of comfort and |
warmth and quiet rest and sleep is possi
ble. Good for neuritis too.
I your druggist.
Price 25c. at I
Mrs. Kate Humphreys.
Mrs. Kate Humphreys, a native |
jin Jackson, at the home of ber|
daughter, Mrs. J. W. Jackson, I
early last Saturday morning and |
Mrs. Humphreys was 72 years I
J of Jefferson county but for several
years a resident of Claiborne, died
1 the remains were brought to Port
Gibson and buried tbe same after
She was a member of lbe |
The deceased leaves two daugh-J^*
of age.
Methodist church.
ters, Mrs. Jackson of Jackson and
Mrs. B. F. Trim of Port Gibson, I
and three sons, Daniel, Thomas
and Richard Humphreys,
last named is a resident ot Rus
Golds Quickly Relieved. j
| Many people cough and cough— from the
beginning of faH right through to spring,
I Others get cold after cold. Take Dr. |
King's New Discovery and you will get al-|
most immediate relief. It checks your
(cold, stops the racking, rasping, tissue, j
I tearing cough, heals the inflammation- 1
soothes the raw tubes. Easy to take an
tiseptic and healing. Get a 50c. bottle of
m r . King's New Discovery today. "It is
certainly a great medicine and I keep al
j^ Qtinually OQ handf .. writes
VV. C. Jesseman, Franconia, N. H. Mon
e y back if not satisfied.
Of Interest to Teachers.
Attention of all school teachers
this county Is called to the Sum
"er Normal to be held at the Ag
ricultural College, Miss , June 5th
to July 15th, 1916.
The new State Law for renewal I
of licenses allows teachers who reg
ister. promptly and do creditable
work lo have their licenses renew
, . . . . ,
ed. The new regulations just fa * I
sued by the State Board of Ex- j
aminers areas follows: |
1. An applicant for the renew- |
al of a County or State License ot *
the first or second grade, expiring
between April ist and October istj
ot any year, must take not less;
than three, nor more than four
hours a day in a summer school
for a term of six weeks during the
year in which the license expires.
2. An applicant for the renew
al of first or second grade Comity
or State License which expire* In
April of any year mav have same
renewed by attending a Summer
School dnring the yeat imnodiate
ly preceding, under the same con
ditious as set "foith in paragraph
3. One of the subjects taken by
the applicant must be in Education,
and one in Agriculture, Manual
Training, or Domestic Science.
The industrial subject may be
omitted if the applicant has had
college training in said subject. _
4 A license renewed under the
provisions of this Act is valid in
any county in the State.
5 An actual attendance upon
all lee*in► * and classes for twenty
five day* of the six weeks is re
quired for the renewal of a license,
time to he counted from the date
ot tegistration.
Certificates of the work
done, including the examination
grade* on each subject taken, must
be signed by the Director of the
Summer School, and by the in*
Structois in the different subjects.
7 A six weeks' coutse in an
approved school or college, cover
ng tlie requirements of the State
Board of Examiners as indicated
above will h
accepted as a basis
for renewal of license.
The fee for a professional license
is five dollars ($5.noj, and for a
renewal license is one and a half
dollars (£i 50).
A strong faculty has been
cured. Study, rest, recreation and
amusement periods provided by
this Summer School will
large attendance. Any teacher
who has not secured a bulletin giv
ing details of this work may obtain
same by writing Dr. J. C. Robert,
Director Summer School, Agricul
tural College, Miss.
Yours truly,
County Sup't. of Education.
Hssure a
For Your Child's Cough
If your child has a cold, nose runs or
coughs much get a small bottle of Dr. Bell's
Pine-Tar-Honey. Its a pleasant Pine-Tar
Honey syrup, just what children like and
j u St f h ® med jÇ ine }° soothe the cough and
check the cold. After taking, children stop
fretting, sleep good and are soon entirely
well. Insist on Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Hon
e ''' «c. at ,our druggist,
WH1 _
wnen W** 1 Fort (Jibson People Learn
the Importance of It?
, D , . . . , , ..
I Hackache Is only a simple thing
| a t first;
| may follow;
But if you find 'tis from the kid
That serious kidney troubles
That dropsy or Bright's disease
I may be the fatal end,
You will be glad to know the
following experience.
'Tis the honest statement of a
| resident of this locality.
Miss Sadie Nick, 603 Cemetery
St., Natchez
have taken Doan's Kidney Pills
anc j have found them to be just as
I advised. I have been obliged to
| H ve an inactive life and not getting
a sufficient amount of exrrcis
made my kidneys sluggish
found Doan's Kidney Pills to be
stimulant for the kidneys and
I very good for kidney trouble
Miss., says:
9 f
| Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy—
S ^ It ^ tl)e
that Miss Nick recommends^
Foster Milburn Co.,Props.,Buffalo,
I n. Y.
To all who do not want to be
cheated, is the opportunity to test
the merit and learn the value of a
modern Singer before sending awa>
for, or buying an inferior sewing
machine ät any price. You aie
slire to save money and avoid dis*
1 . :
o 1 Machine Co
linger Sewing Machine Lo.
Look for the familiar letter "S.
I am agent tor the following
periodjcals 6 . *
Saturday Evening Post
Ladies' Horae Journal
New Orleans Picayune
Memphis Commerical-Appeal
Memphis Mews-Scimitar
Jackson News.
B oard 0 f Supervisors of
Claiborne County, Miss., will re
ceive sealed bids to 2 o'clock P. M.
on th e their regular
June, 1916, meeting for all of the
mercllBntahle llmher on Ihe Scho 0l
Section In While Hall Swamp as
follows, towit: White Oak, Red
Oak, Overcup Oak, Cottonwood]
The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
By order of the Board. :
B. H. MOREHEAD, Clerk. {
Children Cry for Fletcher's
il :\h
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over SO years, has borne the signature of
^ und has been made under his per
' sonal supervision since its infancy.
a iTT ' AKow no one to deceive you in this.
AU Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good 99 are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
. What is CASTORIA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, *
prie. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant, ±c
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, TVind Colie, all Teething Troubles and
.. It *, re P la 1 tes the Stomach and Bowels,
îïwnSÎS® th , e E ood ' S lvin S healthy and natural sleep!
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend* V
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
G. W. WHEELESS, President
B. H. MAGRUDER, Cashier
W. C. GUTHRIE, Vice Prest.
R. G. HASTINGS, Ass'tCashier
Capital $50,000.00=
Surplus $15,000.00
Deposits Guaranteed Under the Mississippi Banking Law Gt 1914.
Telephones on
Farms at
If there is no telephone on your farm
write for our Free Booklet telling how you
may get Service at 50 cents per month
and up.
A postal will do!
Farmers' Line Department.
Discount on Early Ordeis
Acclimated trees from our Alabama Nurseries
Grand Bay, Alabama
We carry a full line of fruit, shade and-ornamenta
trees, flowering shrubs, roses and palms.
Gritfing Brothers
of the South

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fe; 3*-'

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