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PAID OUT $4,000
Tried Treatment for Three Years
but Couldn't Get Relief.
••Even My Own Folks Are Astonished
That I Am Able to Do My
Housework," Says Mrs.
Blalock. .
One of the most sensational state
ments yet published In connection
with Tanlac, was made by Mrs. V.
Blalock, residing at 104 Crawford
ftreet, Houston, Texas, a few days
ago, who said:
"I suffered so much from rheuma
tism and stomach trouble for the past
three years that I became despondent
and sometimes felt that life was hard
ly worth living,
feeling in my stomach no matter what
or how little I ate. My chest was full
of pain, my heart acted peculiar and
I could hardly get my breath at times.
I was tired all the time and' felt
weak and miserable that I could hard
ly stand on my feet.
> " Do you know I spent something
like four thousand dollars during
those three years for treatments and
medicines of various kinds but found
no relief.
I had a distressed
I started taking Tanlac
and began to improve with the first
few doses and even my own folks
now astonished that I am able in
short a time to do my own housework.
Somehow It just seemed to suit
case exactly and it makes me happy
to think how perfectly my health Is
being restored. I can eat anything I
want now and am not troubled any
more with shortness of breath or other
signs of indigestion. I have already
gained five pounds in weight and am
Improving every day.
There is a Tanlac dealer in your
The Trouble.
"Whatcha looking so blue about,
old top?"
"Oil, iny wife wants more clothes,
though all the year lier wardrobe has
been oversubscribed."
It is all right to conserve food by
eating corn, if we do not dine too often
with the chickens.
Don't Poison Baby.
AG ,° a 1 " 03 *; evei 7 mother thought her chüd must have
P ARE GORIC or laudanum to make it sleep. These drugs will produce
T0 ° MANY will produce the SLEEP
WfflCH THERE IS NO WAKING. Many are the children who
have been killed or whose health has been ruined for life by paregoric, lauda
num and morphine, e^ch of which is a narcotic product of opium. Druggists
are prohibited from selling either of the narcotics named to children at all or
to anybody without labelling them "poison." The definition of "narcotic
: A medicine which relieves pain and produces sleep , but which in poison
ous doses produces stupor , coma, convulsions and death." The taste and
smellof medicines containing opium are disguised, and sold under the names
of " Drops," " Cordials," « Soothing Syrups , 3 etc. You should not permit any
medicine to be given to your children without you or your physician know
of what it is composed. CASTORIA DOES NOT J V 3
CONTAIN NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature
of Chas. H. Fletcher.
Genuine Castoria always hears the signature of
Do Not Throw It Away Because It
Has Become Dirty, Says Specialist
of Agricultural Department.
Paraffin that has become unclean
through usage in canning and preserv
ing may be cleaned and reused.
Don't throw it away because dirt
and trash have become mixed with it.
Many times it can be cleaned with a
brush in cold water.
If this does not remove all the dirt,
Bays a specialist of the United States
department of agriculture, heat the
paraffin to boiling and strain it through
two or three thicknesses of cheese
cloth placed over a funnel, or a thin
layer of absorbent cotton over one
thickness of cheesecloth may be used
as the strainer.
One straining should be sufficient
ordinarily, but if the paraffin still Is
unclean, heat and strain again. Any
paraffin lodging in the strainer may
be recovered by heating the cloth and
pouring the hot liquid into another
A Ready-Witted Parson.
The evening lesson was from the
Book of Job and the minister had just
read :
Yea, the light of the wicked
shall be put out," when immediately
the church was in total darkness.
Brethren," said the minister with
scarcely a moment's pause, "in view of
the sudden and startling fulfillment
of this prophecy, we will spend a few
minutes in silent prayer for the elec
tric lighting company."—Boston Tran
Not Worth Fooling.
Harper—You can't fool all of the
people all of the time.
Sharper—I don't want to. Lots of
people haven't any money.
No Chance for Him Even Then.
"Does your husband talk In his
"Yes, but then he never gets the best
of me. So do I."
Some men drink for the shakes and
others shake for the drinks.
Holland has 6,583,226 people, 3,270,
859 of them females.
are the newest and
best in corn flakes
"My potato," he howled passionate
ly, throwing himself on his knees be
fore her, "do not taunt me thus! Let
me look Into thine orbs, shining like
radishes set in a bed of the finest
leaf-mold, and see truth revealed there
in ! Oh, do not send me away, I im
plore you. My parsnip—my onion, my
turnip-top, my holy little leek!"
She rose to her feet.
she hissed.
"Slug !
Allotment thief ! You dare to come to
me with vain compliments? But I can
see through you. You call me a chaste
potato, while at the same time, copying
the ways of the murderous green fly,
you seek to pull me down to your own
vile and stagnant level ! Begone I"
And he went.—London Ideas.

WIreworm !
Clear Skin and Good Hair by Using
Cuticura—Trial Free.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, the
Ointment to soothe and heal. Besides
these fragrant, super-creamy emol
lients* prevent little skin troubles be
coming serious by keeping the pores
free from obstruction. Nothing better
at any price for all toilet purposes.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
In Our Boarding House.
"That new couple look as if they had
some guilty secret."
They have."
They kept house once, but they don't
want to do anything that will add to
the landlady's power by letting her
know they didn't make a success of
it."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
. .
! ,iess
j their
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a Gen
eral Tonic because it contains the well
known tonic properties of QUININE and
IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives out
Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds
up the Whole System. 50 cents.
At the Summer Resort.
Stella—Hello, Frank.
Bella—Now, there you go calling
him Frank. I am his fiancee and I
want you to understand, dearie, that I
am the only one around her who has
the .Franking privilege.
If Worms or Tapeworm persist In
system, it is because you have not yet tried
the real Vermifuge, Dr. Peery's "Dead Shot."
One dose does the work. Adv.
Logic proves or disproves all things,
but accomplishes not any of them.
The Lost Words.
I shan't waste any words oa you."
"If you use any at all on me you
Plantation" Chill Tonic is guaranteed
to drive ajvay Chills and Fever or your
money refunded. Price 50 c.—Adv.
Have a Private Latch Key.
A teacher in an Indiana school says
that she used to think there was a
chance for careful, sanitary folk to es
cape germs, but since holding an ex
amination recently she has given up
hope. In this examination the question
was asked:
"What is bacteria, and how do they
enter the body?
And one eighth-grade pupil gave thç
discouraging answer :
"Bacteria is germs, and they get into
the human body by means of a rusty
nail."—Indwianapolis News.
• •
Splendid Medicine
For Kidneys, Liver
and Bladder
For the past twenty years I have been
acquainted'with your preparation, Swamp
Root, and all those who have had occa
sion to use such a medicine praise the
merits of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root; spe
cially has it been very useful in cases of
catarrh or inflammation of the bladder. I
firmly believe that it is a very valuable
medicine and recommendable for what it
is intended.
Very truly yours,
Alanreed, Texas.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about the kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be sure and
mention this paper. Regular fifty-cent
and one-dollar size bottles for sale at all
drug stores.— Adv.
Oct. 26, 1916.
Brought It Back.
Josiah," said Mrs. Hawbuck, "1
hope you kept your head while you
were in New York.
I did, Martha," was the humble re
ply, "but I guess it was only because
none o' them sharpers had any use
for it."

Morgiana poured oil on the forty
"What a waste of fat in war times,"
we protested.
Couldn't Be More So.
"Is tl^at woman a fitting companion
for my wife?"
Certainly she is; she'p her dress
The reason the big fish always gets
away Is because he Is usually cleverer QS
than the fisherman.

:■ ■ }\
• •• -j " ;
.' I
; > ,
I ?
8 s*:;«;:
l i

g : w&
* *3
Y I;
It 1 « generally recognized that the
type of cow best suited for the
age farmer, who does not specialize in
any line, is the cow that will yield a
considerable volume of milk and that
will take on flesh readily when not In
The illustration accompanying
this article shows two Shorthorn
that are fine examples of this combined
beef and milk type.
! ,iess of the udder is the evidence of
j their milk production and .anyone ex
perienced in the handling of beef cat
tle will readily recognize
characteristics of these two cows—and
that they have ample scale. The pro
duce from such cows as these grow
quickly into value as beef or breeding
animals, and the heifers may be relied
upon to perform creditably in the
The problem of disposing of the
male calves, which is encountered by
dairymen everywhere who rely upon
dairy cows of the so-called dairy
breeds, does not enter into th§ calcula
tions of the farmer or dairyman who
places his dependence on cows of the
type shown herewith. The male calves
from stich cows ns these are snapped
up by neighboring farmers or butch -
The size and full
tlie beef
Productive Soil Should Be Em
ployed for Making Food.
Sweet Clover, Red Clover and Grasses
Are Often Found Along High
ways and Can Be Cut for
Hay for Stock.
Many thousands of miles of road
sides are on productive soil and should
be used for food production. To use
the roadsides will involve little labor
and no large expenditure.
Some roadsides can be used to pro
duce hay. Such crops as sweet clover,
red clover and grasses are often found
growing rankly along the roads and
can be cut for hay. These crops are
usually allowed to waste, though some
farmers utilize them. One farmer in
Missouri always cuts the sweet clover
from roadsides adjacent to his farm
before It gets woody. Along lime
stone roads clover often grows more
rankly, owing to the sweetening effect
of the road dust on the soil acidity.
On some roadsides, by æ little seeding
or by clipping the weeds, the more
valuable liay crops can be produced.
Pasturing the roadsides usually of
fers the best way of utilizing them.
Many roadsides are too rough to he
mowed, and farm labor is scarce.
Many fine pasture plants grow along
the roads. Bluegrass and white clover j
frequently take the roadsides, to the !
Bermuda grass, !
Japan clover, and other plants of good !
grazing qualities are found along the J
Southern roads. \Vlld grasses through- ! sl
But other parts of the country are
abundant along roads. The pasturage be
of roadsides can be increased by keep
lng the weeds down by mowing occa
slonally with a machine or scythe. P
The farm pastures can be rested and
are not so liable to overgrazing when
the roadsides are used. Pasturing the
roadsides does not call for much labor.
exclusion of weeds.
Cattle and sheep can be grazed along
them and valuable beef, milk, wool,
and mutton produced. The old milch
cow may be tethered out, or the farm
cattle, herded by children, pastured
along the roads. The farm flock of
sheep will need to be herded, but will
clip the roadside more closely and re
tard the growth of noxious weeds.
Farmers who use these waste spaces
will help produce more food, eliminate
waste, produce cheaper milk and meat,
reduce weeds, remove a wintering
place for Insects, and in addition make
the roadsides and farmsteads more at
Pig Pen Wisdom.
Select a thoroughbred sire, if you
have to ('rive miles to get him. It will
make all the difference in the feeding
and growing capacity of the pigs.
Feed for Mutton.
Mutton sheep seldom make mutton
unless given .something to make It
Use More Horne Power.
Accomplish more work in a day by
QS * n £ more horsepower, and better im
iÿJL % •/.

ers and they are willing to pay a
premium for them.
Through the use of high-grade cows
of this type, and there are many thou
sands of such, in which Shorthorn
blood predominates, the farmer is as
sured of profits. If there is an occa
sional cow that does not yield a profit
able flow of milk, she readily con
verts the feed site consumes into beef
and is working toward the profit
mfi.rk through «ne channel or the other
all of the time. The great majority
of farmers are not inclined nor
equipped-to be specialists. Their ag
gregate incotpe Is made up from re
turns from diversified activities on the
farm. This being true, the dependable
type of cow Is what has been widely
heralded as the dual-purpose cow, of
which the Illustration is a fine ex
A striking example of this type IS
the Shorthorn cow, Oxford Maid,
owned in Iowa, with a weight of 1,850
pounds and a milk yield for thirty days
of 1,526 2-3 pounds and over 5,000
pounds in four months. If the farm
ers will more generally adopt for their
use cows of this combined utility, they
will find a surer and easier road to
1 prosperity.
L0SS of «T in skim milk
Chief Cause Probably Is Speed of Bowl
—When Turned Too Slow Milk
Does Not Skim Clean.
(Clemson College Bulletin.)
Every farmer who
uses a separator
to skim his milk shouidsgive close at
tention to see that he doe^i not lose fat
in the skim milk. A small percentage
of fat going into the skim milk contin
uously means a great loss for the
If a cow gives 5,000 pounds of milk
and four-tenths of 1 per cent is lost,
it would.mean for the year a loss of
about $8 per cow.
There may be many causes to
duce such a loss. Probably the chief
cause Is the speed of the bowl. If a
separator is turned too slowly, the
milk does not skim clean and fat
o' into the s]^lm milk. Another
cause might be the temperature of the
For close skimming milk should
be 85 degrees or above. Still another
cause Is an unbalanced bowl. See
that the separator gets plenty of oil
when running and do not neglect It
when it gets out of order.
Dose of Calomel and Santonin Is
Recommended—Remedies Should
Be Given in Thin Siop.
Hogs badly infested with
should be given four grains of calomel
and six grains of santonin for each 100 -
j Pound hog ; or two and one-holf grains
! santonin, one dram areca nut, two
! grains calomel and two drains sodium
! bicarbonate for each 300-pound shoat.
These remedies should be fed in a thin
sl °P- The slop should be made out of
ship-stuff or bran. The hogs should
be dieted for at least 24 hours,* then
gi^en the slop containing the proper
amount of medicine. If necessary
P eat ten days or two weeks.
Oats and Finely Cut Alfalfa Will Put
Them in Good, Vigorous Condi
tion for Breeding.
About a month before breeding time
brood sows that have been living
pasture since their pigs were weaned
may be started on a little grain. Oats
and finely cut alfalfa fed twice a day
In amounts which the sows will read
ily clean up will put them in good
condition for breeding. Larger and
more vigorous litters will be obtained
If the sow is in a vigorous condition
when bred. She should be gaining
in flesh at the time, not fat, but just
starting to get fat.
Self-Feeder Will Help.
The use of a self-feeder will help In
the labor problem, but a self-feeder
needs replenishing just the same
the feed bin.
Turkeys Subject to Disease.
Turkeys are subject to the same
diseases as other fowls when placed
under same condition^.
Sun for Chicks.
As the days get warmer, give the lit
tle chicks more chance to get cut in the
on the green grass. ^
New Discovery! Takes Place of Dangerous Calomel—It
Work Without Making You Sick—Eat Anything—It Can Not
Salivate—Don't Lose a Day's Work!
Puts Your Liver To
I discovered a vegetable compound that does
the work of dangerous, sickening calomel and I
want every reader of this paper to try a bottle
and if it doesn't straighten you up better and
quicker than salivating calomel just go back to
the store and get your money.
I guarantee- that one spoonful of Dodson's
Liver Tone will put your sluggish liver to work
and clean your thirty feet of bowels of the sour
bile and constipation poison which is clogging
your system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that one spoonful of this harmless
liquid liver medicine will relieve the headache, bil
iousness, coated tongue, ague, malaria, sour stom
ach or any other distress caused by a torpid liver
as quickly as a dose of vile, nauseating calomel,
besides it will not make you sick or keep you from
Most Probable.
May—Jack has an airship now.
Fay—Yes, I know. He promised to
drop in when lie gets around our way.
You will look ten years younger if you
darken your -ugly, grizzly, gray hairs by
using "La Creole" Hair Dressing.—Adv. :
Aroused, Then Mollified.
Mr. Rinks—I met a woman today !
time I thought a good deal of once.
Mrs. Binks—Oh, you did?
I used to do my very best to
please her." /
"Humph !"
"I did everything I could to win her
"My goodness!"
"And at last I flattered myself that
I succeeded."
"She granted all that I asked, and by
so doing made me the happiest man
"I asked her to come up to the house
with me today, but she had some shop
ping to do, and cannot get here until
supper time."
"Mr. Binks, I am going to my moth
"She isn't home, my dear. It was
your mother that I met. She gave me
you."—Pittsburgh Chronicle.
I Girls! Use Lemons! j
! Make a Bleaching, I
Beautifying Cream \
The juice of two fresh lemons strain
ed into a bottle containing three ounces
of orchard white makes a whole quar
ter pint of the most remarkable lemon
skin beautifier at about the cost one
must pay for a small jar of the ordi^
nary cold creams. Care shpukl be tak
en to strain the leinon juice through a
fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets in,
then this lotion will keep fresh for
months. Every woman knows that lem
on jolce Is used to bleach and remove
such blemishes as freckles, sallowness
and tan and is the ideal skin softener,
sinoothener and beautifier.
Just try It! Get three ounces of
orchard white at any pharmacy and
two lemons/from the grocer and make
up a quarter pint of this sweetjy fra
grant lemon lotion and massage It daily
Into the face, neck, arms and hands. It
naturally should help to soften, fresh
en, bleach and bring out the roses and
beauty of any skin. It is simply
velous to smoothen rough, red hands.
On Will
On Will Training.
Tlip magazines advertise many boobs
on will training. Each of them prom
ises to heal the sick self, to strengthen
the feeble knees, to turn the poor in
heart into dominating personalities, to
make live wires out of hand bound
brains. Pleasant is the picture, very
pleasant and alluring, which these ad
vertisements paint of the future. Your
Inhibitions shall be cast out of you,
they shall perhaps enter Into your
Gadarene competitors, who shall be
driven violently down a steep place
into the sea, leaving your once faint
heart free to win fair wages. Unless,
indeed, your competitors happen to
better their wills by buying and read
ing the same books, in which case the
future looks less clear.—The Ne.. Re
"I took first prize at the dog show,
remarked Flubdub.
"What were you entered as?" In
quired Wombat with an Irritating
smirk.—Kansas City Journal.
, The only difference between med
dling and investigation is that we al
ways investigate and the other fellow
What the kaiser can't get he Is will
ing that others shouldn't have.
•United States army has bought 4,000
Lewis machine guns.
Granulated Eyelids,
Eye« inflamed by expo-'
sure to San, Dost and Wind
Kir « r quickly relieved by Mariae
C y eS Price
Druggist* or by mail 50c per Bottle. Marine
Eye Salve in Tubes 25c. For Beak ei the Eye
EBEE ask Marine Eye Remedy Co«, Ckicaf«
P (hill Tonic
! * or years. F"or Malaria, CRills and Fever. Also
a t- me General Strengthening Tonic. 60c ini $1.00 it ill Dm« Store*
Bullets From Machine Guns Gave Odd
Impression to Aviator at Whom
They Were Aimed.
It will he easily understood, writes
Mr. C. G. Grey, in "Tales of the Fly
ing Service," that before a bullet that
has been shot straight upward begins
to fall there must be a point where it
stands dead still, and that for the last
part of its upward path it travels very
slowly. One officer of my acquaint
ance told me, after some months of
war. that his most curious experience
was when once, and once only, he dis
covered the exact extreme range point.
He was flying along quite peacefully
on a bright sunny morning at an alti
tude of a little over 8,000 feet, without
worrying about anything, when sudden
ly he saw something bright dart past
the side of the machine. He began to
look about him and saw, a shade be
low him and a trifle to one side, a
whole stream of little bright things glit
tering in the sun.
Then he realized that he had just
struck a level that happened to be the
extreme vertical range of a machine
gun that was making uncommonly
good shooting. Other bullets from
rifles and other machine guns also
flashed into view as he flew along, and
when his eyes caught the right focus
he could follow the slow, topmost part
of their movement for a considerable
distance. "It looked," he said, "just as
if it were raining upward," and the
phenomenon was so novel that he quite
forgot for a time that the "raindrops"
indicated that he was unpopular with
someone below.—Youth's Companion.
Flight of Time.
I saw him kiss you," cried her dear
est girl friend.
"I acknowledge It," she answered,
"Ooo-oo-ooh !
"Don't squeal. We are engaged.
"Since when?"
"Since then.
"Did he kiss you before or after he
proposed to you?"
"I can't tell you that. In the ex
citement of the moment I didn't keep
track of the minor details."—Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
• <
• •
That Solemn Expression.
Two sailors were coming along the
sidewalk just as a newly wedded cou
ple came out of the church to enter an
automobile. Said one sailor:
goes another poor devil launched upon !
the sea of matrimony." J*
' . ;
ies, said the other, "and he looks
as if he etpected to strike a mine any
Boston Transcript.
Advancing Civilization.
As a proof that civilization is ad
vancing, it may be pointéd out that
African traders, who used to supply
Uganda with rum, calico, brass wire
and beads, are now doing a flourish
ing trade in wrist watches.
Good health depends upon good diges
tion. Safeguard your digestion and you
safeguard your health. Wright's Indian
Vegetable Pills provide the safeguard. A
medicine as well as a purgative. Adv.
Training for "Punch.
An English youngster was asked to
give a definition of a lie.
It's a Hun truth, sir," he answered.
Wives are more , liberal than hus
bands. The wife who has a mind of
her own is apt to give her husband a
piece of it.
Widows frequently lead bachelors to
the marriage altar; they have been
there before and know; the way.
A man may speak several languages
and still nol be able to say anything
worth listening to.
Price 50c aoO H.OO.-AOv.
Spartan Women Suffered Untold Torturen
but who wants to be a Spartan? Take
"Femenina" for all female disorders.
Everybody believes in signs when he
pays 10 cents to get into a side show.
a day's work. I Want to see a bottle of this
derful liver medicine in every home here.
Calomel is poison—it's mercury—it attacks the
bones, often causing rheumatism. Calomel is dan
gerous. It sickens—while my Dodson's Liver
Tone is safe, pleasant and harmless. Eat any
thing afterwards, because it can not salivate. Give
it to the children because it doesn't upset the stom
ach or shock the liver. Take a spoonful tonight
and wake up feeling fine and ready for a full
day's work.
Get a bottle! Try it! If it doesn't do exactly
what I say, tell your dealer to hand your money
back. Every druggist and store keeper here knows
me and knows of my wonderful discovery of %
vegetable medicine that takes the place of danger
ous calomeL—Adv.
Such Is Life.
George," she said, "am I really and
truly your little popsy wopsy?"
"The sweetest peachy weachjr In ex
istence," declared George.
And you've never, never loved an
other girl?"
"There isn't another girl in the world
worth a thought, sweet."
"What makes you love më so,
"Just because I can't help it,
"Am I an angel, George?"
"An elf, petsie. The daintiest little
fairy that ever drew breath."
"Oh, my true knight!" she Sighed.
"Good night. Good night."
And five minutes later the daintiest
little fairy that ever drew breath was
snapping ma's head off because the
bread and cheese and pickled onions
were not laid out for supper; whilst
the true knight was whispering sweet
nothings to the golden-haired barmaid
at the Fan and Feathers, and asking
her if she had a fancy to go to the
pictures next Friday.—London Tit
He Was Sorry He Spoke.
"Why, you women ought to be thank*
ful that you do not live in foreign
countries, where they yoke up women
with mules and make them pull to
gether," said a rough opponent of worn*
an suffrage to a gentle, but strong
minded suffragist.
"You are married, are you not?" she
'Yes !" fie snapped.
she rejoined, "then foreign
countries are not the only ones in
which women are yoked with mules."
that your heart's all right,
nerve tonic. Price 50c and $ 1 . 00 .—Adv.
Take "Renovine"—a heart and
The average girl believes that an en
gagement is one continuous round of
pleasure. And very often it is.
Love isn't blind.
A girl in love can
see ten times more in the object of her
affection than anyone else can.
Sore Eye«, Blood-Shot Eyes. Watery Eye«,
Sticky Eyes, all healed promptly with night
ly applications of Roman Eye Balsam. AdT.
If worrying would keep a woman
thin, there would be no fat women.
Money buck without question
J* hunt's cure r»iis in the
treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA,
Ringwo rm,tetter or other (
itching: skin diseases. Price W
60c at druggists, or direct from {
k I. Richards Metficin« Co. ,$htraua,Ttx. I
Every,Woman Wants
Dmohred in water for douches «*rp«
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and mflam>
motion« r Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co. for teoTyeer«.
A healing wonder for bom] catarrh.
■nee »„J__ am V
F 6 old false teetb. Doeeot
matter if broken. Send by parcel poet and receive
J** nlE reference. Maaer'e
l^ulb Specialty, Î007 8, imÜSt, Philadelphia, Pa.
Good for Malaria, constipation
biliousness — a fine tonic.
Guaranteed or money back
AsK your dealer
Behrens Drug' Co..Waco.Tex.
W. N. U. f MEMPHIS, NO. 31-1917.

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