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Dr. Lyon’s
Tooth Powder
Cleanses, beautifies and
preserves the teeth and
purifies the breath
Used' by people of
refinement for almost i
Half a Century
If you expect to go housekeeping
temporarily and don’t care to invest
your’jmoney in furniture, see us. We
can furnish your room or house from
kitcijkn to parlor at a nominal rent. Old
phone 449, new phone 614.
121 Main Avenue.
“The Kodak Place.’
214 East Houston Street.
Eastman Kodaks from $l.OO to $35.
Fresh Films, Papers and all supplies.
High grade Developing and Printing.
We Irxvite
Our Out of Town Frieuda and Especially
Carnival Visitors
to call and inspect our stock of high grade
jewelry and precious stone, in which we
invite a comparison of prices.
While in the city let us took at your
jewels and reset any that are loose, or
repair your watch.
Fischer’s “tore
Largest Stock of Rare Drugs in City.
We Prepare the Celebrated
With the Imported uaiega.
Both Phones 224. Prompt Delivery.
Now Location, 510 E. HOUSTON ST.
(Opposite Moore Building.)
Reliable Cumpaniea, Careful Attention. New
Phone 3108. Old Phone 1282.
Successfully treated by open air, scientific
diet and other modern methode at the
Old Phono 1237-2 r.
ut Farmer Medical Director.
Houston and Stdadad Streets, Asn Antot'»
Superior training in all departments of busl
nets —Bookkeeping. Banking. Of.lce Train
lug. Shorthand. Typewriting, Telegraphy, Pen
manship. English Branches, Spanish, eta.
Write now for elegant catalogue.
Shafer A Downer. Proprietors.
Are cordially invited to come id and
look over the latest ideas in Jewelry,
Watches. Silverware, ete.. while in the |
city. All that is best and newest in
our line at the most reasonable priced |
The Bell Jewelry Co.
227 West Commerce Street.
All that is beautiful and
stylish in headwear
«• ( If U»« Uig « for unnatural
«4||Or)a 1 ft dUcbai gneJnSannuatioDM.
1/3HF W irritations or ukeiation*
aai to atrHtor*. of mucous membrane*, i
|| wamr | |o
Mrs. Yates Gholson will tell the story
of “Lohengrin’’ tomorrow afternoon
at 4:30 o’clock, at Carnegie library.
Mrs. Gholson's rare knowledge and ap
preciation of mnsie and all things per-
I taining thereto make her an admirable
interpreter of the Wagnerian operas.
The beautiful legend of “Lohengrin”
was selected as the most interesting to
children. All children are invited to at
The Austin Grammar School Mothers’
club will meet tomorrow afternoon at
3>ap o'clock. This will be the last
meeting of the season and officers for
the ensuing year will be elected.
Mrs. E. E. Hill>. 407 Dwyer avenue,
will entertain tomorrow afternoon with
a children's party, complimentary to
her little daughter Dorothy.
The newly-elected directorate of the
Woman’s club will meet for the. first
time tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock
at the Woman's club house. The board
consists of Miss M. Eleanor Bracken
ridge, Mrs. Conrad Schasse, Mrs. H. P.
Drought. Mrs. Nellie Jameson, Mrs. J.
H. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Rufus A. Lewis,
Mrs. L. E. Wolfe, Mrs. Solon Stewart,
Mrs. J. Noves Evans. Miss M. B. Fen
wick. Mrs. W. S. Whitworth. Mrs. C. R.
Clark, Mrs. Frank Curtis Smith. Mrs.
Ed McClannahan. Mrs. L. J. Hart. Mrs.
Eli Hertzberg. Mrs. F. W. McAllister.
Mrs. J. A. Daugherty. Mrs. Lucy S.
Bates. Mrs. Theodore Mumnie. Mrs. J.
8. Peter and Mrs. George R. Powell.
Mrs. Mary Elliott Howard was the
hostess of a prettv luncheon yesterday
at the St. Anthony hotel. Cavers were
laid for Gen. and’Mrs. John L. Bullis.
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Conrov. Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Reed Russell) Miss Sophie
Goggan, Mrs. Theodore Wint. Mrs. Con
rad Sehasse and the hostess.
The Women 'a Auxiliary of the Y. M.
C. A. will celebrate its twenty-first an
niversary with a reception to be given
tomorrow afternoon at the Y. M. C. A.
building from 4 to 6 o’clock.
Mrs. Solon Stewart is chairman of
the reception committee, and will be
assisted by a coterie of ladies, which
will include nil the charter members of
the organization.
Addresses will be made by Mrs. Sue
J Wash, the first president of the aux
iliary, and by Mts. G. B. Davis, the
second president, and also Mrs. Nellie
Jameson, Dr. Bliein and other promi
nent members of the auxiliary and the
Y. M. C. A. The musical program will
consist of a voeal solo by Miss Lucille
Harris and two instrumental selections
bv Kurt Heinrich.
Miss Winifred Simpson, who has been
the guest of Miss Ella Carr, 1210 Main
avenue, left last night for her home
in Toronto, Canada.
•The department of music of the Wo
man 's elub met yesterday afternoon
and elected officers for the ensuing
year. An excellent program was also
The officers elected were as fol
lows: Chairman. Mrs. T. E. Mumnie;
vice chairman, Mrs. W. O. Journeay;
secretary, Mrs. Margaret Olivejordan;
directors. Mrs. L. J. Hart, Mrs. Frank
Curtis Smith and Mrs. George Powell.
The program consisted of a bio-
A Skin bf Beauty Is a Joy Forever.'
DR. T. Felix Gouraud'a Oriental
Oraam or Magical Baautlflar.
18 Sd Rra.c.M Ton, PlmplaL
Freckles, Mota r.icbse,
J, °-o KaaU, suit skin
S«o = e-erp biemiek
, a Z7£») on Mauly. and de.
m c £0 detection. Il
Fr ■ VW hM Wood th, telt
B U "0/ °f 80 and
• g 1 V At to to harm leo w,
>l U.teHtobeaurlt
r oj / la properly made.
r-A e> IJ vi Accept no counter-
AY cp \ felt elmllar
k nune. Dr. L A.
Ujyi J \ Surra said to a
/Al I • l ’s4y of the baut
t' ) •“* (• paUenni
I y I 11 T / “Be you Indies
\ y -J 11 K. Will UM there
IV X J recommend
Cream’ nn the tenet harmful cf nil tbe
rilu y-eparauoc..”' For aale by all druscute and Fancy.
Goode Dealer, lu the United Stalo, Canada and (urope.
I’Jl T. HW Prop, 37 End Jimi Stmt IwTak
To Core Eczema
n>e HeUkelT* Ointment, quick in action,
permanent in reeult. Corea blotchy, rough
and pimpled akin, rimfwoim, tetter, etc.
la sold by all druggists, Me a box. The af.
fee ted parte thou Id be bathed with HobkoU’o
■ ed>Mt»4 Hoofr-»c a cake. Hmkoli** Mood
Liver rille. 36c a bottle. Book of teatlnioniala,
free johmbtox, uaLLowir a txiMraJU,
.. . . . J ■" L
* *
* *
211 Aveuue C *
!♦ i
,* SEE *
San Antonio s *
Finest Market
* J I
\ *
£ Where at all times you * J
* get the finest meats at ♦
* moderate prices.
* *!
I graphical sketch of Mozart by Mrs. J.
Kendrick Collins. Mrs. Margaret Olive
Jordan read an acrostic poem on Mo-
J zart; vocal solos were given by Mrs.
i C. C. Higgens and Miss Florence Con
verse. Instrumental selections were
given by Mrs. T. E. Mumnie aud Mrs.
Lewis kranis Beck.
Among the visitors present were Mrs.
I William Taylor of Mexico, Mrs. Ed
wards of Waco and Mrs. Paschal Tur
! ner of Uvalde.
The program was arranged by Mrs.
M. A. Brin, and Miss Io Fuller was ac
| eompanist for the afternoon.
Mrs. Will A. Morriss presided as
hostess and was assisted by Mrs. Guy
McFarland. Mrs. W. P. Lobban, Mrs.
| George Powell and Miss A. F. Allen.
The junior dancing set will entertain
at Elks' hall tomorrow evening from S
:to 10 o’clock. The chaperones will be
Mrs. .1. W. Terry. Mrs. Fred Hadra,
Airs. J. Noyes-Evans, Mrs. R. R. Rus
sell, Mrs. Lee Kilgore. Mrs. William
Pancoast, Mrs. Ed Glaze Mrs. B. L.
Naylor, Mrs. H. Partee. Mrs. J. M.
Chittim and Mrs. Ned Mcllhenny.
The grand march will be led by
Noyes-Evans and Miss Mildred Hadra
and the cotillion by Harry Drought and
Miss Marguerite Terry.
The Twentieth Century chib met yes
terday afternoon at the residence of
Mrs. E. J. H. Meier. Mrs. P. C. Blank
read a paper on “The Working Girl.”
Plans were made for a garden party to
lie given May 21 under the ausjuces of
the club and the Playgrounds associa
Miss A. Mylius returned home last
night from a three weeks’ visit to her
brother, N. Mylius at Yoakum.
Alois Braun has issued invitations to
a recital of his primary and intermedi
ate classes, at his studio, 206 West Com
merce street, Saturday eveniug. May 1,
at 8:15 o’clock. He will be assisted by
Charles Lee.
The following program will be ren
। Marche, by Malvier, Miss Goldie and
I Master William Lee. Merry Birds, by
; Kern, Miss Helen Candee. Merry Shep
■ herdess. by Krogmann, first piano Miss
j Louise Lucas, second piano Miss Mar
| guerite Gersdorff. Valse. by Gurlitt,
| first piano Miss Frieda Karotkin. see
' ond piano Miss Marie Brinkmann. Rou
।do all’ Ongarese, by J. N. Hummell,
Miss Rose Polonsky. “Dein.” tenor
I solo, by C. Bohm, Mr. Charles Lee.
Awakening of Spring, by Ph. E. Bach,
Miss Edna Katz, Miss Bessie Katz.
Miss Giesla Bauer. Miss Ida Riebe. An
dante. by Mozart Grieg. Miss Jimmy
Schultze, with second piano accompan
iment. Etude, by Heller. Miss Emma
Glaeser. Senate op 20 No. 3, by Kuh
! lau. Riedel, first piano Miss Bessie
Katz, second piano Miss Edna Katz.
Serenade, by Schubert-Liszt. Miss Gies
la Bauer. Soiree de Vienne, by Schu
bert. Miss Ida Riebe.
Mrs. Chas. Ogden. 519 West San Pe
dro place, will entertain the Friday
Bridge club tomorrow.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Paschal enter
tained last night with a beautifully ap
?ointed dinner, complimentary to Mrs.
'ranklin Weston William of Houstou,
tbe guest of Mrs. Roy W. Hearne.
The table was artistically decorated
in a color scheme of white and yellow
and green. A huge bowl of white phlox
was used in the eenter of the table,
and just above it. suspended from the
chandelier, was a brass bowl of ferns.
Yellow shaded candles in brass caudle
sticks were used the whole length of
the table. A course dinner was served.
Covers were laid for Mrs. Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Hearne, Mr. and
Mrs. George R. Gillette. Mr. and Mrs.
Carlos Bee, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Pas
chai, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Peacock,
Mrs. Manuel Yturri. Mis. Nellie Jame
son and Dr and Mrs. Paschal.
Professor aud Mrs. Wesley Peacock
will entertain tbe Peacock baseball
team with a banquet at the St. An
thony hotel tomorrow evening In honor
of their having won the pennant this
year. The chaperones will be Colonel
iind Mrs. Roy W. Hearne. Mrs. Frank
lin Weston Williams, Colonel George
Leroy Brown and Professor and Mis.
Wesley Peacock. ,
Mrs. C. B. Allen entertained at high
five this afternoon complimentary to
Mrs. O. B. Sawyer of Beaumont and Mrs
Franklin Weston Williams of Houston.
Nasturtiums and ferns were used in the
1 adornment of the house. The guests in
i eluded Mjs. Sawvcr and Mrs. Williams.
| Mrs. Roy W. Hearne. Mrs. Edward
Goldstein, Mrs. William King. Mrs. C.
' C Todd, Mrs. Flannery, Mrs. C. H.
i Bertrand. Mrs. Victor Beze, Mrs. J. M.
Cain. Mrs. Henrv Hart, Mrs. Myrtle
Nimeriek, Mrs. H. Goldsmith, Mrs. 8.
|J. Coleman. Mrs. J. J. King. Mrs. A.
A. Wilke, rs. J. M. Nix, Mrs. Dora
I Clarkson, Miss Dora Clarkson. Miss
Alice Clarkson, Miss Ethel Harrison.
| Miss Eudoehia Bell. Mrs. Theodore
| Mumnie, Mrs. J. J. Richardson, Mrs. J.
C. Storts. Miss Mildred Clark. Mrs. J.
i B. Morrow. Mrs. Bruce Albright, Mrs.
I Frank Winerich. Mrs. H. F. Affleck
and Mrs. E. F. Sawyer of Galveston.
The Government Hill Literary club
met yesterday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. A. J. Torbert. Tbe pro
gram was in charge of Mrs. H. H. Eye
man, and roll call was answered by
toasts to women. A discussion of “Do
mestic Economy and the Power of Elec
tricity in the Household’’ was taken
You dress your hair—
Your person —
Why not your face?
Can You Tell the Cause
of Your Trouble?
I Are you sometimes discouraged, aud
think you’ll never be any betterf
Can you tell the cause of your trouble
' or what makes you sick!
Do you know that about nine-tenths
, of all sickness is caused bv kidney trou
Have you ever to think that
| your kidneys may be the cause of your
poor health!
Most people do not realize how much
work the kidneys are required to do
I every day.
Every drop of blood-fa the body must
pass through and be fillered by the kid
neys thousands of times a day.
How can they do their work well if
they are sick!
If your kidneys need treatment. Dr.
, Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the woa-l»rful
kidney remedy, will prove to be just
. the medicine you need.
If you will write to Dr. Kilmer & ( 'o.,
Binghamton, N. Y., every reader of this
paper, who has not already tried
Swamp-Root, the great Kidney, Liver
and Bladder Remedy, may receive a
sample bottle by mail, absolutely free.
You ean purchase the regular 50e and
- $1 size bottles at all drug stores.
As he was boarding a West End
street car at the corner of Medina and
orales streets shortly after 6 o’clock
this morning, Ruben Fisher, a negro,
aged 55 years, dropped dead of heart
! failure.
Fisher, who resided at 726 Perez
sheet, had lived in San Antonio for
many years and was widely known.
He was in the employ of the Critzer
Bros, jewelry store, having worked
there for the last 20 years.
The aged negro is said to have been
'in ill health for the last few weeks.
Those who witnessed his sudden de
inise say he was reaching for the hand
holds on the car when he fell to the
ground, dying instantly. The remains
were viewed by Coroner Umscheid und
later removed to an undertaking es
( tablishment.
, ■ . .. o>.
+ ♦
♦ ♦♦ + + 4- + + 4’4'4--F4- + + + + <’
Boy, born April 26. to Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Hogan, 1&19 North Flores street.
Boy, born April 26. to Mr. aud Mrs.
Henry Strosaer, 224 Denver boulevard.
Girl, boru April 24. to Mr. and Mrs.
Fritz Huebner, 723 South Preoa street.
Boy, born April 23, to Mr. and Mrs.
M. Florcs, 211 Laredo street.
$250 Cash
Balance like rent, buys this absolute
ly new and modern residence, consist
ing o! five rooms, hall, bath, sewer,
electric lights, etc., screened through
out: front and rear galleries; on a
largo south front lot overlooking the
city. Cement walks to car line; one.
haif block away. As I own the above
property, I can save you money.
Old Phone 562. New Phone 2570.
427 Navarro Street.
—» a » ——
♦ +
Mrs. Annie M. Nichols, aged 33 years,
died April 28, at 315 Brackenridge ave
one. Interment. Galveston. Texas.
Dolores Ferrales, aged 79 years, died
April 28, dysentery, 1222 San Fernando
street. Interment, San Fernando cem
Mrs. M. J. Pratt, aged 45 years, died
April 27, at Santa Rosa hospital. In
terment. Lytle, Texas.
M. Meldraen. aged two years, died
April 27, gastro enteritis, (511 South San
Marcos street. Interment, San Fernando
Does This Suit You?
A. M. Fischer, the enterprising drug
gist of San Antonio, is having sueb a
large run on “HINDIPO,” the new
Nerve Tonic and Restorer, pnd hear it
so highly praised that he now offers to
guarantee it in every ease to cure all
forms of Kidney Troubles and Nervous
He pays for it if it does not give ,
you entire satisfaction.
If you use it, it is his risk, not yours. 1
A 50 cent box, Blue Lable Extra
Strength, $l.OO, will put life in a dead
one. Sent by mail under positive guar- j
For sale only by A. M. Fischer.
part in by the members present.
The club will meet next week at the
home of Mrs. Herbert Murphy, Carson
street, and tbe program will be in ■
charge of Miss Etheridge.
The ladies of the Woman’s Relief
Corps of the G. A. R, will give an ice
cream social tomorrow evening from 4 I
to 10 o’clock at the residence of Mrs. |
M. Kliue, corner of Eighth and Austin
Atari th. Xir JVm >lwa,s
Blgnatcr. / fl'
+ +
0 +
4> Dorado Taft. 4-
4- *
4- Lorado Taft, the noted Sculp- 4-
tor, who was recently awarded a +
+ contract for a statue of Colum- 4-
+ bus. to be erected in the plaza 4>
4> of the Union station in Washing- 4 1
4- ton, D. C„ was born in Elmwood. 4-
4- 111 . April 29. 1860. After gradu- 4>
4- attng from the University of 1111- 4 1
+ note in 1879. he studied art In 4>
4> Paris and other cities of Europe. 4-
+ Since 1886 he has been an in- 4-
4> structor In the Art Institute of 4> !
4- Chicago. His works are nunrar- ♦
4» ous and be f ew recr-lv-n se* -VaJ. r
District Attorney I. C. Baker re
turned last night after a camp of three
weeks near Llano. Mr. Baker was great
ly improved by the trip, but has not
yet fully recovered from his recent ill
ness. He was not at the court bouse
this morning, but will be in attendance
upon the new grand jury of the Thirty
seventh district court when it is organ
ized next Monday morning.
Associated Press.
New Oceans, Iji., April 29. —The
first shipment of cotton coming to New
' Orleans from Nicaragua reached here
on the steamer Ellis.
The shipment comprised four bales
which were grown on the experimental
1 farm at Campusan plantation near Ma-
was sent here for classifica
tion and analysis. Ten tons of cotton
seed are to be shipped to the plantation
on the return trip of the Ellis Satur
day. Those behind the plan for raising
cotton in Nicaragua declare there is lit
tle doubt but its culture there will
prove a success.
To Have a Clear
Velvety Completion
(From Chicago Record-Herald.)
Madame D'Mille. one of Paris’ most
famous beauties just passing through
Chicago, gives us a few valuable ideas
on skin treatment, as follows:
“Yes. 1 have just come from beauti
ful Japnn. and I must say the Japanese
women have many toilet formulas and
I ideas which American women should
“What do they use to make their
skin so soft and velvety!
“Any American woman can use tho
same treatment if she desires. Dis
solve a small original package of maya
tone in about eight ounces of witch
hazel. Massage the face, arms aud neek
| with this solution once or twice a day
and you will shortly find you have a
lovely, soft complexion, and then the
best of it all is that this solution pre
ventS the growth of hair, and is ab
solutely hafmless to the most delicate
skin. Make the solution yourself.
‘ ‘ Why, yes—of course, I use it. Just
see how beautifully soft my arms and
face are, and not a hair.
No—you will never use powder again,
and those stray hairs will soon be mis
sing from your face.’’
By Mme. D'Anjou.
If you need advice write to me.
I want all the readers of The Light
to bring their troubles to me. All
letters enclosing stamped envelope
will receive personal answer and
all communications will be held in
Papa: The father of a family cf
girls must not expect to be a man at
all—he must be one great and beau
tiful angel. No doubt you find your
self weary with the task of trailing
to parties after your daughters, but
all that is one of the sweet penalties
of fatherhood. A few years and tliav
will be In nests of their own and old
papa bird will wish they were bird
lings and back home asain. Heigh-ho,
how old we grow!
Dorothy and Wife—The Caucaire
tonic will develop the bust In nearly
every case. ■ There is no such thing
as an infalliable remedy for every
thing. But the Vaucaire tonic, prop
erly blended with faith and confi
dence, will do wonders. The formu
la: Four hundred grams of simple
sirup, ten grams of lactophosphate of
lime, ten of tincture of fennel, ten
grams of extract of gale-xa.
Take two soupspoonfuls in wa
ter before or after each meal.
For general emaciation the ton-,
ic is splendid. Massage at [
night with a mixture of equal parts
of lanolin and cocoabutter, and -tlco-
Model 320
Only 50; Hardly a Day's Selling
They are of rough straw, with a wide dull silk
There’s a clever droop to these new sailors that
gets away from the turn-up-brim-turned-down ef
And the head-size is a bit larger than the ordi
Two dollars each.
I , . •
White & burnt among them; there are fifty
blacks.. Frankly, we do not expect the fifty to
last all day.
That shipment (which we hear is the best so far)
of those remarkable hats at $5 to $7.50 should be en
route now.
Hats of German & French & Italian materials,
$5 I When they come, watch for a surprise.
Carriage Entrance Alamo Plaza
Associated Press.
Boston, Mass, April 29,-Governor
| Draper in a speech at the eighty sixth
annual meeting of the National Asso
'eiation of Cotton Manufacturers sound
ed a uote of warning against the rival
ry of Japan vesterday. He said Japan
is now a great competitor of America
in cotton manufactures and is rapidly
' decreasing the export of cotton goo s
, to China, indicating a very grave prop
osition for American manufacturers.
• • Because the cost of labor in Japan
is one fourth that in this country, he
said. ‘ ‘ the island empire has been able
1 to make great inroads on that branch
1 of the commerce of the United States,
I and is threatening to take away even
J more.’’ He suggested no remedy bu.
1 urged the manufacturers to endeavor to
win back tbe decreasing Pacific busi
The Best Plaster
A piece of flannel with tapes attached
for holding it in position, slightly damp
enad with Chamberlain’s Liniment and
bound on ovef the seat of pain is su
perior to any plaster.
Charged with having stolen two dia
mond rings, valued at $3OO, 18 months
ago while in Columbus, Texas. Ethel
Haulev, a 15-year-old negro girl, was
taken into custody by Detective Stowe
and Sheriff Mavs of Colorado county,
at 9 o’clock last night. Sheriff Mays
left early this morning for Columbus
with the prisoner.
Having learned that the girl was
working in San Antonio, Sheriff Mays
arrived here yesterday afternoon, and
with Detective Stowe soou located her
working for a family living on Herff
Don’t drug the Stomach, or stimulate
the Heart or Kidneys. That Is wrong
It is the weak nerves that are crying
out for help. Vitalize these weak Inside
controlling nerves with Dr. Shoop’s Re
storative. and see bow quickly good
health will come to you again. Teat It
and see! Sold by A. M. Fischer
hoi rubs or cold water baths In ths
morning will all help.
Troubled One—lt would be impossi
ble for you to make the rubber re
ducing garments. They are most dif
ficult' of manufacture, as seams
must be taped and boned. These gar
ments are worn next to the skin night
and day; the object is to induce a
constant and profuse perspiration.
The reduction would be permanent cf
course, although there can be no
guarantee that you will not gain
flesh again. It is customary for en
gaged couples to exchange osculatory
caresses when parting. Those who
wait to give the first kiss at the bri
dal altar seldom ever reach the altar
at all. That may sound like a flip
pancy. but it is a truth. The dread-,
ful prude is a degree worse than the
F. D. —A lotion which will banish 1
blackheads to oblivion: One dram of
boric acid, one ounce of alcohol, two I
ounce’s of rose water. Apply at night
with a bit of soft linen.
Pains of women, head pains, or any
pain stopped in 20 minutes sure, with Dr. '
Shoop's Pink Pain Tablets. See full for- :
inula on 25c box. Sold by A. M. Fischer '
APRIL 29. 1909.
Is headquarters for Wedding
Presents. We have them.
I y
Thousands of items to select
' *
from. We can suit vou, no
matter how much or how lit
tle you want to spend.
Chests of silver, sterling sil
verware in sets or Individual
pieces. Cut glass.
At the Sign of the Clock,
329 w. Commerce.
linnets Sood
to Eat i
1 Tomatoes. 3 for 10c. 5De to 7»c baaMiU
Alixed vegetable buncnea. 5c each.
Chile peppers. 5c a dosen.
Sweet peppers. 3 for ioc.
Lettuce. 5c aud 2 for sc.
Garlic. 15c a pound.
Cabbage, 5c a pound.
Water cress. 5c a bunch. 3 for 100
Celery. 10c a stalk.
Onions, 5c pound.
Egg plant, 15c tn 25c.
Sweet potatoes, 5c pound.
Pumpkin yams, 5c pound.
Irish potatoes, 5c pound.
Lecas, 5c u bunch.
Green onions, 6c a bunch.
Squash, 3 for 100.
Klpe pumpkins, 10c to 25c each.
Kershaws, 25c and 30c.
Lima beans. 20c a quart
Green beans, two quarts for 15c.
New potatoes. 10c quart.
Radishes, 5c a buncu.
Wax beans, 10c a quart.
Spinach, 10c a bag.
okra, 20c a quart
Heise radish. 15c a Dound 10c a bettic
, Mustard greens. 5c a bunch.
। Asparagus. 10c bunch.
English green peas. lUc quart, 3 for 250
I Rhubarb, ’oc pound.
Cucumuers. asc each.
Dewberries, 15c box, 2 for 25c.
Strawbei ries. 10c box. 3 for 25c.
pineapples. 15c and 25c. \
Grape fruit, luc to 20c each.
Bananas, 20c a dozen.
Oranges, 20c to 40c a du*en.
Lemons. 20c a dozen
Apples. 20c to 35c a doxen.
Cocoanuts. 10c each.
Dates. 10c a pound.
Pompano. 40c a pound
Spanish Mackerel. 35c a pound.
Lobsters. 35c and 50c a pound.
Red Snapper. 15c a pound.
Fish, mixed. 12 l-2c a pound.
Shrimp, 12V|C a pound
Oysters. 10c a dosen. 3 dezen for 25d
Fryers. €oc and 65c.
Broilers. 30c and 35c.
Hens. 45c to 65c.
Turkeys, 20c deessed. live weight l<d
Country eggs. 25c a dosen.
Yard eggs. 25c and 30c a dozen.
Creamery butter. He a pound
Honey, 15c and 20c a bottle.
Comb honey. It He a pound.
Saur kraut. 5c a pound
Sausage. 30c a pound.
Country butter. 20c to 35c pound.
Of course, the ipoor baker win get
all the blame and Jim Patten all tbe
E. Burnham’s
Dandrulf Remedy 30c
jfSkwC.it. Cleanse, tbe .calp—pre
vents the bait front fall
iß P romot ** **•
RW' Sy and renders it toft aud

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