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Founded January 20. I*Bl.
Members Associated Press.
Evening Daily. Sunday Morning
G. D. ROBBINS Publisher
A. G. MUNRO Business Manager
E S O'REILLY Managing Editor
Business Office and Circulation De
ts-' trrent. both phone* 176
EJitorls! Depart men:, both phones. .133!>
By Carrier or Malt.
DIIv and Sunday, one year (In ad
rancel «’»
F .Hr and Sunday, one month '®c
Sundav Edition, one year
Single Copies. Dally or Sunday »c
Entered at the Rostofflce at San Antonio.
Texas, as Second-class Matter.
The S. C. Beckwith Special Agency,
Representatives. New Tork. Tribune
Building; Chicago. Tribune Building.
It Is important when desiring the ad
dress of your paner changed to give both
old and new addresses. Should delivery
be Irregular, please notify the office.
Either telephone. 17g.
Subscribers to the Light and Gaeette
arc requested to pay monly to regular
authorized collectors only. Do not pay
carriers, as errors are sure to result.
What a wonderful place the Yildiz
Kiosk must be,’ not to speak of what
it was in the days when Abdul Hamid
resided therein and was a live wire.
Gradually we are being informed as to
some of the mysteries of it. and they,|
as fast as revealed, throw more light,
upon the ex sultan and cause more won
der than ever that he held his job as
long as he did. |
Since the former sultan was shunted
ofi to Saloniea, taking eleven-some
hundredths of his harem with him.
searching parties have been poking
through the Yildiz Kiosk. Not the most
interesting happenings following their
invasion arc the occasional shooiugs out
of flocks of harem ladies, thenee to be
dispatched into the country in eaval
cades longer than an alderman’s funeral ;
procession. The inanimate things old
Abdul is said to have hidden away in
dicate that he was an easier mark for
agents for one thing and another than
a member of the civilized tribes of In
dians just after turning his allotment
of government land into cDiu of the
Among other things revealed by the
“search” thus far are IO.dOO revolvers
and 500 pianos. The 10.000 revolvers!
sounds reasonable enough, everything
considered, but what in the name of
Allah he wanted with 500 pianos stag
gers the understanding of the innocent
bystander. It's a erneh they were not
all put to use. or long before this he
would have been raving in a cell in
some asylum kiosk; furthermore, from
what we -know of harem accomplish
rnents music is not oue of them. To
play the piano would require training
and not coincide with the life of luxu
rious idleness portrayed in all the liters
hire on the subject. If the searchers
find a few hundred phonographs—and
that is to be expected—the music prob-1
lem would be solved more, to general -
satisfaction, granting the boss of the
establishment could have stood the 1
One thing left in doubt is where Ab
dul hid his pianos when he decamped.
The cables intimate they were con ■
eealed, but whether they were tucked
away behind the clock on the dining
room wall or buried in the potato bar
rel is not told.
However, the developments showing'
the old sultan merely as a collector of
anything most anybody had to sell arc
enough to make the American lightning
rod agents of the past rise from their
King Edward has appeared In
cognito in Paris after a long absence
from the music halls. Even a king'
can stand vaudeville once in a
Not content with their rake-off
those bucket shop operators convict
ed in Cincinnati were working a nat
urally crooked game unnaturally
France is on the verge of an in
dustrial upheaval, but such things
will hardly have any effect on the
American heiress hunting.
John D. Rockefeller is to have a
rainbow lake on bis new place. Docs
he figure on finding a pot of gold
every day?
Veouri wants to cheek cigarette
smoking, but she is likely to find it
more difficult than exposing graft
Seven Pittsburg grafters have join
ed other leading Pennsylvania citi
zens in the state prison.
When is a freckle worth six cents’
This question has nothing to do with
the age of Ann.
The answer is; A freckle is worth
six cents when it is on the face of a
red-beaded boy who happens to fall
into the hands of a gang of financiers
who don't know what to do to get
"fun’’ out of their money.
• • •
The great railroads of Missouri are
fighting in the courts to increase
the passenger rate from two cents
per mile to three cents. In fact they
have announced that they will charge
three cents and refy state law. The
state contends that three cents is an
extortionate rate. The governor of
Missouri, Mr. Hadley, was so indig
nant at the brazen conduct of the rail
roads that he went into court in per
soh and argued the case for the peo-1
pie. The courts are now trying to ‘
decide whether the railroads' shall
or shall not obey the written law.
» » •
The gentlemen who .operate the ’
Missouri railroads had a banquet at a !
fashionable hotel in St. Louis the oth
er night. They were desperate tor |
amusement, and as there was no Fa- ■
yma within call and no one had In
i vented a spectacle to equal Stanford 1
White’s girl pie, these gentlemen:
seized upon Harlow Rice, a red-head-'
ed. freckle-faced page, whose musical
voice had made him famous among l
patrons of the hotel. Harlow is a ;
mere baby boy. and the hotel people }
have dressed him up in a spiketail
coat and a high collar, and he goes
through the corridors singing names
of guests in a voice that is sweet
enough to grace a surpliced choir.
The railroad men seized upon Har
low. They plagued him about his I
freckles. He didn't mind. And. true
to the instinct of the hotel bell hop,
he figured that these foolish old men
could be made to pay for the fun i
they were having at his expense.
“How many freckles do you think.
I’ve got? Harlow asked them. There |
were all sorts of guesses. “Well. 1
how much will yer give me for every
one I'll count?”
“A penny a piece,” said the the
chairman, very fat and foolish. Har- 1
low said it was worth more to count
freckles, and he bid the price up to
six cents. Then Uhe railroad men
placed the boy before a mirror, and
the whole party began to count freck
les at six cents apiece. The nEisical
Harlow succeeded in checking on 902.
and that night took home to his 1
"mudder” tha sum of $54.12. which
the railroad men were glad enough to
pay for their "fun."
• • •
It is possible that these gentle
men prefer to charge an illegal pas
senger rate, not for profit, but fat
the sweet sake of amusement.
It is said the Wright brothers will'
make a flying visit in their native
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox. ,
Mben I shall meet God's generous dis- 1
Of all the riches in the heavenly
Those IcssA gods who act as reeom- i
For loneliness and loss upon this
Methinks abashed, and somewhat hesita.
My soul its wish an I longing will
Lest they reply, “There are no bsunl
ties waiting;
We gave on earth your portion and '
your share.”
Then shall I answer; “Yea. I lo re- !
The many blessings to nty life al- ।
My June -vis always longer than De-|
< •.n'e.i r;
My sun was always mightier than ।
my eloud.
My joy was ever deeper than my sor
My gain was ever greater than my
My yesterday seemed less than my to-1
The erown looked always larger than I
I the Cioss.
“I have known love in all its radiant ,
It sh<rt>e upon iny pathway to the i
1 tiod no r-ad that did not bi ion with
h mlcr
And intrant blossoms plant ? I Lv
some friend.
And those material things we call sue- ;
In modest measure crowned my 1
earthly lot.
Vet was there oi.e sweet happiness tbit
। “ blesses w
Tl" life of womu wkmh to me came
not.” •
Looking Ahead.
Tensbaw: 1 hear you are to wed;
1 01. Swinger. Mrs. Grasse. He's a uo ’
ble follow, every inch a soldier, born
to command. I
Widow (irasse; II'm! We'U see'
about that, Mr. Fenehaw; we'll seo
about that.—Exchange.
Force of Habit.
“The new singer in the choir pitches
all his music so high.”
‘•But. you know, he came from a
.baseball team.”—Baltimore American.
iCopyrtgnt. 1308. by Aincrlcan-Journal -Examiner.)
Two San Antonio attorneys enjoy the
unique distinction of having made the
most remarkable cateh last Sunday i
while fishing in the Medina river that
is on record if this state. V
Their catch consisted of a dried
Spanish mackerel. <hieh is. now hung
up at the Meager bar, where it is being ।
viewed by many curious'people. Both
swear to the story and to the genuine
ness of the catch.
“The time is past for people to re
gard the union labor man either as a
rough, uncouth individual or a rabid
individual who wanls to destroy, not
build up. and who has anarchistic* ten
dencies,” said a San Antonio man who
was mingling with the delegates at the
Bexar hotel gathered in the city to at ,
tend the meeting of the State Federa ।
tion of Labor.
“Look at these men,” said he. i
“They represent as fine a type of citi
zenship as we have. It would be hard ;
to pick them out from conpnereial men
or professional men, so far as outward :
appearance goes. Labor is coming into
its own. that is apparent from the type'
of the men that represent it.”
t r •
“West Gardendale.”
His Only Bent.
“But what can you do, young man’;
Haven’t you some special talent or
taste—some bent, as they say?”
Applicant (dubiously): “N—no. not
that 1 can think of—except that I am
a little bow-legged.”—Exchange.
Not a Case for a Surgeon.
A country parson was one day going
his usual round of visiting, when be
was stopped by one of his congregu
tion. an old farm hand, who said: “An’
hoo be yer darter this warning, yer
reverend I ’'
“My daughter!” exclaimed the par
son, rather surprised; “oh, she is quite
well, thank you.”
“Mhat!” eried the rustic, “quite,
well! Why, I haerd she bad a cycle
accident yesterday, an' busted her in
ner tubing!”—Argonaut.
Had Talent.
Judge: How many languages can
your husband speak?
Mrs. Trouble: Two, your honor;
English and profane.
“West Gardendale.”
The Attraction.
Swift: Joues and his wife seem to
be very fond of musical comedy.
Smith: Yes, indeed; his wife goes
. to see what the women in the audience
have on and Jones goes to see what
। the girls on the stage have off.
Outbursts of Everett True
My old Auut Jane has got a skiu
Yellow as sassafras,
And it has lots of Wrinkles in
Just like dried apples has;
I For boys she has no use—declares
They’re only good to lick—
' I guess it makes her glad that there's
j Some quiet boys when sick,
' My old Aunt .fane ain’t never bough
A hat that's up to date,
Her clothes don’t fit her like the;
Most Anything
A Word From Josh Wise.
“Tho’ a tailor
I may make them
look straight, a
man with bow legs
can none th’ easier
stop a pig in an al
ley. ’ *
Georgia man who can’t read or write
claims that his mark was forged to a
j land deed.
In New York a Chinaman shot a
white man. ♦ At length the Asiatic is
becoming assimilated.
Hostess: I hope you will like this
punch. My husband made it himself —
worked all afternoon over it.
Guest: Fine. We must congratulate
him. Where is he*
Hostess: Why, I’m sorry, but he's
just gone to bed.
San Antonio
21 Years Ago
(From The Light Miy 11, IS3S.
Federal court a 'journed this morning
until Monday.
C. H. Dennis, league umpire, will of
ficiate at the game here this afternoon.
First communion will be celebrated
at St. Joseph's Catholic church tomor
Houston defeated Sau Antonio yester
day by a score of 7 to 2.
Miss Mollie Smith, step daughter of
Col. Andrews, has been, elected sponsor
of the San Antonio Rifles.
General N. R. Sweitzer, formerly of
this military department, is in the city
on a visit.
Hon. John Hancock is in the city
from Austin.
L. Mahneke left this morning for an
Checa accqunt balances
Safe. Conservative. Accommodating
Both Fire and Burglar Proof Vaults in Fire Proof Building
321 E. Houston Street San Antonio. TexM
Will Handle All Your Business
Promptly and Cheerfully
W. T. McCampbell. Pres. J. H. Haile. Cashier
MAY if, 1909.
Her false curls do not mate;
She mopes around, and sniffs and sighs.
As useless as a stick—
But she eomes to, and simply flWs
To help a boy when sick.
My old- Aunt Jane don’t haw and hem,
She don’t sit back and scoff.
At nursing she shows all of them
Just where they must get ofi;
Though ma breaks down and pa gives up
Right on the job she ’ll stick—
A boy would be an onery pup
To knock Aunt Jane, when sick.
The Mombasa Liar had Roosevelt in
I danger from wild mullahs, although
they stay 1000 miles from where
will, hunt. Besides, they will rapidly
I increase that distance.
Mark Twain sings the praise
Of his farm and a half,
But all he’s apt .to raise,.
At farming's a laugh.
i Cable Note: King Meneiik of Abys
■ synia, who died recently, is sick again.
“The Americans are the most un
! happy people because they are the most
prosperous, freest and most highly ed
ucated.” That’s quoting enough to let
t you know another Chicago professor has
had his sav.
Taxicab fares in New 5 oik have
been raised, and without half the fuss
- the tariff builders aro making.
Old man in Massachusetts who adver
; tised for a young wife got 73 answers
in two days, which goes to show that
■ the girls down there are not as diffident
|as determined.
extensive trip through the north and
The grand jury will reconvene next
Emil Sebuetze has left for Eagle
Lieut. Chandler has been appointed
acting assistant quartermaster and
commissary of subsistanee.
H. 0. Thompson of the Floresvillt
Chronicle ’is a visitor in the city.

“West Gardendale.”
More Light.
Maud Muller sang as she raked the
j hay.
“With a little training,” she sigh
ed, “1 believe I'd make a fairly good
I gruss-hoppera singer.”
Just then the judge happened along
—aud the rest is history.—Chicago
Seed oats, Kansan ana Texas clipped
oats. M. Marucheau. Bot» phones.
“West Gardendale.”

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