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With Special Ladies' and Children's
Matinee Wednesday and Saturday.
Emma Bunting
In a Beautiful Production of
At Coxy Corners
With Special Scenery.
pMatinee 25c
r rices. Night 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c
Fl Advanced Vaudeville L
Excellent Music.
Admission 10 and 20c.
Reserved Opera Chairs.
Perfect Ventilation.
Matinee dally 3 p. m. Matinee
Saturday and Sunday 2:30 and
3:30. Night dally 8 and 9:15.
(Texas League)
San Antonio vs. Dallas
Tickets on Sale at Morris Block & Co.,
319 Alamo Plaza.
Phone .. 1626 Old. 1668 New
King-Adams Transfer Co.
And Staff of Expert Specialists,
or the treatment of all nervous,
chronic and special diseases of men
and women.
* and advice.
\00214 E Houston St. San Toy
1 I
. —
made jn meaiure at ready
t made prices.
216 East Commerce St.
UP Stairs. Old Phone.
Hydro Carbon Company
for <
Stores. Halls, Churches, Lodges and
Residences.. Better. Safer, Cheaper,
Common gas or Electric
Lighting and Cooking!
Let us "Show” you.
- I
Don’t send your plumes away to be
dyed when you can have It done at
home by the
New Process Laundry
“Call On Connelly”
Fant of every description. Electrical I
supplies, repair all kinds of electrical I
machinery, dynamos, motors, elevators.
218 East Commerce Street.
Local and Long Distance Phones.
New Phone 1533 Old Phone 469
Serving Banquets a Specialty
Kosher Meats and Sausages
, Ladies are invited to inspect my imported
321 South Alamo Street.
For Baseball Goods I
and Croquet
112 W. Commerce Street
The city taxes for fiscal year 1908
(beginning June 1, 1908, and ending
May 31, 1909) will be due and paya
ble at the office of the City Tax Col
lector, Room No. 16, City Hall from
April 1, 1909, to May 31, 1909. with
out Interest, penalty and costs there
on, If paid before the first day of
June, 1909.
City Tax Collector.
“West Gardendale.’’
How's thlsT A saving of from $lO
to $35 on your buggies at C. H. Dean's
as he must have more room.
“West Gardendale.”
C. H. Dean will take your horse In
a trade for a first-class buggy, phaeton,
carriage or wagon.
“West Gardendale.”
Little Soldiers
In your blood are the milllens
of corpuscles that defend you
against disease.
To make and keep these little soldiers
healthy and strong, is simply to make
and keep the blood of the right quality
and quantity.
This is just what Hood’s Sarsaparilla
does—it helps the little soldiers in your
blood to fight disease for you.
It cures scrofula, ecrema, eruptions,
catarrh, rheumatism, anemia, nervous
ness, dyspepsia, general debility, and
builds up the whole system.
Find Stolen Garden Hose—Some
where in San Antonio some person is
pining over the loss of a garden hose,
leastwise, some one hasn’t got it, since
two big chunks of the hollow junk were
found on a negro caught in the drag
net of Chief Van Riper’s men last
night. The negro said he wanted then:
to use as soda water straws, having
been afflicted, at the time they were
taken with a dry throat and a burning
thirst which he thought no less than
a hogshead of water would quench.
Carnation Social Club Dance, Satur
day, Mission Garden hall. Cooled by
electric fans. Admission, 21c. Full
“West Gardendale.”
Delivers a Deserter—Police Officer
C. N. Bustin. of Austin, yesterday de
livered a deserter to Fort Sain Houston.
The soldier was captured by Officer
Bustin in Austin several days ago. A
reward of $5O was paid for the cap
Clinton G. Brown —Attorney-»t Law
Alamo Bank building. Both phone*,
“West Gardendale.”
Prof. Baxter to Be Principal—Prof.
George E. Baxter has been appointed
principal of the new central rural
school at Sayers, the first of its kifid
in Bexar county. Prof. Baxter wa./for
mcrly of the Delaware county Schools,
New York, and for four years
principal of the.Sefma school in this
county. •
f • "
“Weef Gardendale.”
Moody Found Guilty—T. H. Moody,
charged with sodomy, was found guilty
in the Thirty-seventh district court yes
terday and given a term of five years '
in the penitentiary.
“West Gardendale.”
Case Dismissed —The cause of Fred
Salazer, charged with theft, was dis
missed in the Thirty-seventh district
.court on motion of the district attor
“West Gardendale.”
Will Refund Bonds —The county com
missioners have passed an order to re
fund bonds aggregating $540,000 in new
4 per cent bonds.
S. S. S. dance Sat. Muth’s Garden.
“West Gardendale.”
Divorce Suits—Suits for divorce
were filed in the Fifty-seventh district i
court yesterday as follows: Mary A.
Martin vs. Andrew Martin; Chas. Davis
vs. Georgie Davis.
“West Gardendale.”
Crowds Attended Revival Meeting— l
The meeting being held by Evangelist
Dickinson in the big gospel tent at
Colorado Street Baptist church is grow- j
1 iug in interest. The meeting was just
begun the first of the week and is ex i
; pected to run throughout next week. Al- ’
ready there have been several conver-
I sions and additions to the church. Rev.
i Dickinson has a fine voice and often
delights his audience with an occasional
I solo at the close of the sermon. Also a
l splendid chorus of voices is singing at
leach service.
Belknaps Smoker—The Belknap Rifle
' association gives a smoker at Turner
hall garden tonight in honor of John
F. Green, who has returned to San An
tonio after ten years’ service as vol
unteer officer, chief of scouts and as
. sistant chief of police at Manila, P. I.
' i a
Lecture on Alaska —Father M. P.
| Smith of Austin, an eloquent speaker,
I' who has spent years in the west, and
i who speaks from personal observation
and experience, gave a stereopticon
lecture at Carnegie hall last night on
1 1 Alaska and the Yukon Valley, with
i glimpses of California and its missions.
Kills the Dandruff Germ in Two Weeks
or Money Back.
Beware of the druggist who tells you
that any other hair tonic is just as
good as Parisian Sage. He knows bet
ter. The Bexar Drug Co. is the agent
for Parisian Sage, and they won’t try
to give you something just as good, be
cause he knows that Parisian Sage is
guaranteed to cure dandruff, stop fall
ing hair and cure all diseases of the
scalp in two weeks, or money back.
He knows that Parisian Sage is high
ly recommended as the most pleasant
and rejuvenating hair dressing known.
It makes the hair fluffy and beautiful,
and is not sticky or greasy. 50 cents
a large bottle at the Bexar Drug Co.,
or direct by express, all charges pre
paid, from the American makers, the
Giroux Mfg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Save Money By Buying Hay, Wood,
and Coal From Frank Marek Co,
This Week’s Specie!-- 4-fool Oak Wood, $5 Cord
J. K. Woods of Laredo iA business
visitor in the city.
Hugo Sachs of Galveston is spending
1 a few days here.
T. J. Bracken of Chicago is registered
at the St. Anthony.
C. G. Lewis of Houston spent yester
day in the city.
M. Little of Lampasas is here attend
-1 ing to business affairs.
E. Romero of Laredo arrived here yes
terday for a short stay.
W. A. Priddle of Beaumont is a guest
at the Menger.
J. C. Harris of El Pa«o is a business
visitor in the city.
B. G. Tartt of Galveston is in the
E. H. Letty of Dallas is here attend
ing to business affairs.
M. Gause of Dallas is in the city on
L. S. Sullivan of Victoria spent yes
terday in the city.
J. B. Sutherland of Fort Worth is
bere on business.
George W. Sanders, a prominent
stockman of Pearsall, arrived here yes
terday for a short stay. Mr. Sanders
is registered at the Bexar hotel.
Mrs. Annie Rabb of Fort Worth is
spending a few days in the city. She
is a guest at the Bexar hotel.
Rev. John J. Campbell of Ennis and
Rev. A. J. Hutcheson of Denison arriv
ed in the city this morning for a short
stay on clerical business. Both are reg
istered at the St. Anthony hotel.
J. B. Martindale, wife and child of
Martindale, Texas, are spending a few
days here. They are stopping at the
St. Anthony.
C. L. Bell and wife of Karnes City
are here for a short stay. They are
“West Gardendale.”
f "
Atf ordinance increasing the pound
limits to include the city limits; mak
'Jig unlawful the running at large with
. in said limits of certain animals there
' in named, and providing a penalty for
violations thereof.
Be it ordained by the City Council of
the City of San Antonio:
Section 1. That hereafter the pound
limits shall be co extensive with the
limits of the city, and it shall be un
lawful for horses, mules, jacks, jennets,
cattle, sheep, goats and swine to run at
large within such limits.
Section 2. The owner of any of said
animals, found running at large within
said limits, shall be deemed guilty of
an offense, and upon conviction be
fined in any sum not les than one dol
lar (1.00) nor more than twenty
($20.00) dollars.
Section 3. All ordinances and parts
of ordinances in conflict herewith are
I hereby repealed.
Passed and approved this 3d day of
I April, A. D. 1909. x
Attest: —
i FRED FRIES, City Clerk.
“West Gardendale.’
The program of the fourth annual
commencement of the Lakeside Classical
institute was rendered last evening be
fore a large audience at Beethoven hall.
Every number of the excellent and
varied program was given by the ca
dets, and in these exercises the various
drills of the military school played an
important part. Cadets in white duck
trousers and dress suits gave drills
from Buts’ manuel, regulation drills
and novelty drills, and the junior cadets
in costume sang and drilled in the “Lit
tle Blacksmiths” and the “Husking
An excellent feature of the program
was the singing by Cadet Matt Wall
of “When the Moon Plays Peek-a-
Boo,” followed by a clever monologue.
In a short closing address, J. W. Col
trane, principal of the institution,
pointed out the waifs of the school,
which is to make all-round boys, intel
lectually, physically, morally and so
cially in its own way.
Throughout the evening the Lakeside
orchestra gave a number of selections
under the direction of Prof. E. A. Roe-
I ers.
The following was the program:
Overture, Lakeside orchestra; grand
I chorus, Lakeside cadets; violin solo,
Oberlander (Joe Gungi). Cadet Sher
wood; cornet solo, Cliftonion Polka, Ca
det Gay Hugo; declamation, “Web
ster’s Reply to Haine,” Cadet Charles
Heimsatle, Butts’ manual, squad of
Company C; vocal selection, “When the
Moon Plays Peek-a-Boo,” Cadet Matt
Wall; characteristic chorus, “Little
Blacksmiths,” junior cadets; drill, Com
pany B; vocal solo, “Can’t You See I
Love,” Cadet Archie Ewing; declama
i tion, “Spartacus to the Gladiators,”
■ Cadet Hill Lea; chorus. “Huskin'
Bee,” junior cadets; silent drill, Com
' pany A.
Three thousand dollars was the pur
chase price paid early this week for
property described as lot 12 block 7,
on the northwest corner of Agarita ave
nue and Howard street, Summit Place,
which was transferred by Ed Roos to
Judge W. S. Fly, of the' Fourth court
of appeals.
Judge Fly has begun the construc
tion of a fine residence in Summit
Place, which will be excelled by none
in that portion of the Mtv.
Then Strength Returned and
This Bloodless Woman
Became Well.
Tonic Treatment Was What She Need
ed and Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills
Just Fitted Her Case.
There are many men, women and even
children suffering from anaemia, which
mehns “too little blood.” The disease
is well named for the patient actually
has a deficiency of blood which affects
every part of the body. There is a lack
of energy, a characteristic pallor, a
sense of suffocating after the least ex
ertion, generally described as a short
ness of breath. The disease comes on
gradually and is often well advanced
before it is recognized.
Too often medical treatment is un
satisfactory and the disease progresses
until it becomes hopeless. Tn the case
of young girls it often devolopes into
If the sufferers from a deficient blood
supply could only know it a large per
centage of cases could be quickly cured
for there is a remedy that is exactly
suited for their trouble and it is within
the reach of all. Dr. Williams’ Pink
Pills are an almost certain blood builder
and as a remedy for anaemic condi
tions will surprise by their marvelous
results patients who have failed to re
gain health, strength and color by the
use of other remedies. The following
cure is but one of thousands and further
proof, from your own locality, can be
had for the asking.
“I am glad to recommend Dr. Wil
liams’ Pink Pills,” says Mrs. Roderick
D. MacLeay of No. 8 Parkview avenue,
Buffalo, N. Y., “as they have been of
wonderful benefit to me. A few years
ago I was completely run down through
’ overwork and worry. My blood was
thin and watery and I was very pale.
T grew gradually worse for a year and
was weak and short of breath, espe
cially when I walked up stairs, which
I could not do without resting every
few steps. I could not even walk across
the room without having my heart flut
“I was under the doctorcare
throughout the entire winter. He said
I was in a fit state *to run into con
sumption and that I needed something
to build me up. I was not benefited
by his treatment and began using Dr.
Williams’ Pink Pills after \I had been
sick for six months. I noticed right
away that the pills were helping me,
for my cheeks began to have some
color and my strength returned. I was
completely cured after giving the piW
a thorough trial. I will be glad if,
through this statement my expe
rience, some other person afflicted as
I was is restored to health by the use
of Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills.”
If you are interested in the remedy
that cured Mrs. MacLeay, write today
for our booklet, “Diseases of the
Blood.” It is free and will be sent
postpaid. .
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills are always
the same and are sold only in pack
ages bearing the well-known trade
mark, “Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for
Pale People.” Pills sold in any other
package, or loose, by the dozen or hun
dred are not the same, whatever the
clerk tells you. The genuine are sold
by all druggists or will be sent by mail,
postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cents
per box, six boxes for $2.50, by the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schnectadv, N.
A new departure is being inaugurat
ed by the sneak thieves in San Au
tonio. The theft of garden hose dur
ing the last couple of weeks, judging
from the numerous reports received
daily at police headquarters, seems to
be the fancy.
The theft of bicycles, which was con
ducted in the city for several weeks
with such alarming regularity, has giv
en way to the stealing of garden hose.
Detectives instead of being kept busy
looking for various shaped handle
bars, sprockets and class of tires are
now keeping their eyes peeled for vari
ous sorts of garden hose, ranging from
black rubber to a white matted wicker
The reports received at headquar
ters would indicate that the Imae is
generally stolen after having been left
lying on the front lawn, following a
sprinkling of the grass during the pre
vious evening.
“West Gardendale.”
All creditors of the International
I Druggists Company are hereby notified
t hat the undersigned has been duly ap
| pointed receiver of the aforesaid cor
poration in San Antonio Drug Company
versus International Druggists Com
pany. No. 23,408, in the fifty-seventh
judicial court of Bexar county, Texas.
Creditors are ordered to intervene in
behalf of amounts due them.
E. Y. WALDRON, Receiver.
‘ ‘ West Ga rdendale. ’ ’
William Boltz.
Died in San Antonio, Texas, at
12:30 o’clock p. m., May 13, 1909, Wil
liam Boltz, aged 36 years. Funeral will
1 take place from residence, 438 East
i Crockett street, Saturday at 4 o’clock
p. m. Friends and acquaintances are
invited to attend. Interment old Luth
eran cemetery.
Main Avenue Realty Deal—George
B. Taliaferro, of city and W. J.
Burns, of Dubuque, la., yesterday
bought from L. J. Hart and Mrs. Rox
ana Gunter, a frontage of fifty-six feet
I on Main avenue, at the intersection of
Caretta street, the consideration being
$31,500. The property is occupied by a
two story building,
After=Supper Event No. 87
If there were no other attractions, the sale of Silk Remnants alone for this 87th sale
should prompt every woman who cares to embrace a saving opportunity to come to
the W. &M. Store Saturday night between 7 and 10 o’clock. But the Remnants
of Silk is just one feature —there are shoe values not obtainable at any other time —
there are 60 hats, worth $5.00 to $6.50, that will be offered at $3.00. And in the
Ready>to-Wear section, $3.95 Wash Skirts will be $2.59 and 75c Undermuslins at
50c and other equally attractive values. The Men’s and Boys’ Furnishings Store
will sprtead a feast of bargains, too. Men’s $l.OO Shirts will be 73c —the best styles
a dollar ever bought. At every turn throughout the store you’ll find opportunities
to buy seasonable, stylish, desirable* and wanted merchandise at less than usual
prices. These “After-Supper” Events lengthen your purse by shortening prices—
don’t miss this one, or any that follow.
2000 Silk Remnants ©d 25c and sOc a Yard
In Washable Lengths—Va.lues Up to $1 and $2
This is the “echo” from the May Silk Sale —the bargain finale of that great spring silk event. The choicest
silks in the sale were sold, leaving remnants that are the VERY CREAM OF SPRING STYLES —silks in
the best patterns and colorings. Lengths vary from small pieces suitable for fancy work up to sufficient quan
tities for waists and skirts. This great collection in two lots at 25c and 50c yard.
Lot I—Up1—Up to $l.OO Silks for 25c Lot 2 —Up to $2 Silks for 50c
Choose from fancy Taffetas, Messaline Stripes, Silk Solid-colored Messalines, Fancy Taffetas, Black Taffetas,
Grenadines, Foulard Silks, Printed Chinas, solid-col- Foulard Silks, Drapery Silks, Crepe de Chines, Satins,
ored Chinas, Satins, Pongee Silks, Fancy Nets, Shan- Persian Silks, Fancy Messalines, Shantungs, Louisienes,
tungs and scores of others worth up to Surahs, plain and fancy Nets, etc, values vyy
$l.OO a yard—at the “After Supper” 9 $l.OO to $2.00 yard—“ After Supper” your kll/*
event for choice, yard
Men’s $1 Negligee Shirts for 75c
Fine Madras and Percale Shirts, in light and dark fancy stripes and black figures. The popular coat-style,
with cuffs attached. No better shirts were ever sold at $l.O0 —we think there are but few lines at $1.25 that are
as good. At the “After Supper” event, the price will be 73c.
Men’s 50c Nainsook underwear— Men’s 50c Suspender, the “Pres- Men’s 25c fast black Lisle half
coat-style, sleeveless shirts; knee ~ .- „ „ hose —very elastic-and very light-
length drawers, “After Supper” at >dent ” brand, fancy st npes and solid weigbt _/ After Buuper ,“ 3 pair
25c garment. * colors *‘ After Supper 39c pair. f or 50c.
Boys’ $2.50 Wash Suits for $1.95
The W. & M. $2.50 Wash Suits for boys are recognized as being the height of good value at that price. We
want at least one hundred mothers who are not acquainted with these $2.50 suits to know about them—and this
is the inducement for introduction, 55c clipped from regular prices.
These suits are made of very fine linen in solid blue and tan and of gray rep. Russian and sailor stripes.
White or red braid finished. Sizes 2% to 9. “After Supper” $2.50 wash suits for $1.95.
Boy’s ssc soft Negligee Shirts, of Boy’s 50c auto caps, made of linen Boy’s 25c Suspenders, of good elas-
Madras and Sateen, collars ana White Pique —the cap that ev- tic web, with kid-leather ends and
cuffs attached. Solid blue, cream, 1 ’ -
black and Khaki—“ After Sup ery chap wants—“ After Sup in. strong clasps— After Sup
per” for P cr ” for special, for UV
Women Who Care to Save On Shoes
Should Not Overlook This Opportunity
Every woman will appreciate these shoes—and the savings, because they are the styles wanted now.
New. up-to-the-hour 1909 models, designed to meet the requirements of fashionable dressers. “After Supper”
prices are about one-fourth off —or near it.
Women’s Oxfords, in black and Women’s low cut footwear, made Women's two and three eyelet ties,
golden brown, vici kid; single and j n a y leathers, lightweight or welt- * n shiny and dull leather; hand
double soles, tipped vamps, Blucher . . . turned and extension soles, eithei
styles, with Cuban heels. A beau- ed Bole8 ’ new toe8 ’ new laBt8 ’ w,th plain or tipped vamps, all styles of
tiful variety of styles in all sizes. heels; black and tan. High heels. Dainty dress and substantial
Vaalues to $2.50 a pair—“Af- 1 QO grade footwear; values up toO AG walking shoes; values to $4.0 AG
ter Supper” for 1.00 $3. “After Supper” for ....4,40 “After Supper” for 0.40
Women’s Oxfords and Strap Sandals, of dongola kid, Boys’ Canvas Shoes—made of good strong canvas—don
in all weight soles plain and tipped toes, with com- b)e gol golid counterg with low heels. Shoes that
fortable heels. A long line of practical footwear suit- A —
able for house wean Values up to $2.00. 1 A O stan( J th « HARDEST KNOCKS—regularly $1.25 QC
“After Supper” for 1.4 j “ pair-“ After Supper” for 7JI
57.95 Lingerie Dresses 55.25
New Empire Dresses in ladies’ and misses’ sizes, made of soft, sheer
lingerie cloth, in white, pink, light blue and lilac—trimmed in dainty lace
and tucks $7.95 has been the price—your pick “After Supper at $5.25.
57.50 Jumper Dresses $4.95
A new line of Jumper Dresses for ladies and misses, made of light
weight linene, in tan, gray, pink, blue and white—trimmed in pipings and
braidings in contrasting shades. Good snappy styles. $7.50 will be the
price, but for Saturday “After Supper” the price will be $4.95.
$5 One-Piece Dresses $5.95
This is an Empire style, made of fast-coloredpercale, white ground with
pink, red and black stripes; trimmed in bands, pleats and buttons; ladies
and misses sizes. The best $5.00 dresses “After Supper” for $3.95.
$3.95 Wash Skirts for $2.59
Here is a white wash Skirt bargain that should make you hurry to get
it. Two styles —one a five-gore model trimmed with a wide fold and large
pearl buttons. The other is a gored model, each seam finished in narrow
band. Perfect fitting skirts—s3.9s is the regular price. “After Supper”
for $2.59
$7.50 Silk Petticoats $4.39
Fifty Petticoats of black taffeta silk—the “ warranted-to-wear” qual
ity—in a strictly tailored model. The woman who wants a serviceable and
perfect fitting silk petticoat and expected to pay $7.50 will find it here,
Saturday night at the “After Supper” event for $4.39 .
A Tetble of 75c Undermuslins a.t 50c
This lot includes Gowns, Drawers, Corset Covers and Chemise of cam
bric nainsook and longcloth, well made and trimmed with good washable
laces and embroideries. All new goods and new styles. Not a garment
worth less than 75c. “After Supper” choice for 50c.
Women’s 39c Union Suits 25c
A new summer style Union Suit for women—fine Swiss ribbed, crochet
finish around top and’armlets—regular and extra sizes—39c garments “Af
ter Supper” for 25c.
Here’s a Bargain: Dutch Collars 10c
Inst a lucky “find” bv our New York buver which you can share at the “After Supper” event. They are
made of fine lawn and trimmed with lace. Only two styles-that’s why the maker sold them for less than half
price. Usual 25c values—for 10c.
H Jabots to Match —Each 10c
10c to 20c Genuine Linen Torchon Lace 5c Yard
Fiftv nieces of genuine linen Torchon Lace Edges and Insertions in match patterns— % to 4 inches wide
neat patterns and designs-usually sold from 10c to 20c yard—“ After Supper for sc.
75c Sheer Cambric Corset Cover Embroidery 18c
Twenty five pieces of Corset Cover Einbroidery, sheer cambric, deep work—beaded neat floral designs—full
18 inches wide —regular price 25c yard. “After Supper” for 18c yard.
$5 to $6.50 Trimmed Hats for $3.00
How is it I Shapes were bought late—that means at near half of early season prices. And the flowers were
'mostlv sample lots. The untrimmed shapes alone are really $3.00 values. They are beautiful summer styles, of
rough straws, burnt, navy and brown shades, and black A few are made hats in light colors. 'Af
ter Supper” vour choice for $3.00. a
N. B.—Just sixty in all—come early if you appreciate first choice.
MAY 14. 1909.
New Dutch
Collar Pins
Oddities and novelties in jewelry
are daily added to the W. and M.
showing—last-minute styles are here
and specially priced for the “After
Supper” event.
Dutch Collar Pins—Pointed mini*
tures and imitation coral Oam-EA
oes. gold plated settings—. ...QVC
Beauty Pins—Heavy gold piste,
chased designs, two gjns to a C
set. Values up to 25c—choice... 3C
Cuff Buttons—Gold plated, also sil
ver and pearl dumb bells—big se
lection; values up to $l.O0 —
Bracelets—Gold wire adjustable,
signet top—chased design—
sl.oo values for £uC
Mennen's Talcum
Powder 10c
Mennen’s Talcum Powder—One of
the most favorably known toilet ar
ticles—will be on sale “After |A.
Supper” at |VC
Hind’s Honey and Almond Cream,
for the complexion; 50c sixes Qn_
for onC
Packer's Tar Soap—For the toilet
or bath—2sc cake 1 7 A
for lit
Perfect Nail Enamel, cake lA
form —no acid—for ~ IVL
Wash Belts
Wash Belts—Emb. and stitched—
large Pearl Buckle—patent lAn
clasp—2sc values for 1 V V

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